The stars shall shout our might!

- Empress Minarela

The Regellis Star Empire is a large regional superpower native to Quadrant 89 in the Cyrandia Cluster. The Star Empire is made up of two species, the xenophobic and mysterious Vulrulan and the warlike Ch'Havran. The discovery of extinct Rambulan technology propelled the Star Empire to great power, and in recent years, the Regellis has expanded greatly.

The Star Empire is led by an Empress, currently Minarela, who rules with force, oppression and charm. Meanwhile, the captains in the Regellis Imperial Fleet maintain the empire's growing borders, protecting the Regellis population by systematically conquering other species using a mixture of subterfuge and infiltration.

Though native to Quadrant 89, they have also begun to establish a presence in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the Cyranai Galaxy and the Quadrant 82.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Regellis Beginnings

The Regellis Star Empire discovers a Rambulan ship.

The Regellis Star Empire existed for centuries as a very minor, unnoticeable empire with only a handful of technologies with elevated it above the status of a planetary civilization. The Vulrulan reached space around 45 BQF, though only managed to colonise their nearby moon, which was inhabited by the Ch'Havran. Stumbling upon them the Vulrulan recognised them as great miners and builders and the two made an alliance. As such the Regellis Star Empire was formed.

However, this all changed in the year 04 AQF (03 BNE) when a Rambulan warship crash-landed on the Empire's homeworld of Regellis after attempting to escape the damage being dealt upon their civilization by the Quadrantia AI device, which had all but destroyed the Rambulan race.

Within a few months, the Regellis Star Empire grew swiftly outward using assimilated technology found on the crashed Rambulan ship. Because their space was close to Rambulan space, they quickly found more and more Rambulan technology, even inventing new and mighty starships used to both expand and protect the growing Star Empire. Their current starships, the Hunter-class was upgraded with warp engines and a cloaking device like all other Star Navy ships.

A New Threat

Two D'deridex Cruisers attack and destroy an Imperial corvette.

Furthermore the title of Praetor was introduced, a figure leading the Regellis Senate, though of course remaining under the control of the Empress. The new praetor ordered the expansion of their territory and the observation of new alien races found outside Regellis borders. The Regellis studied the data of other empires found in the databases of Rambulan found devices, as such the Regellis have quite the knowledge over other nearby empires, though a bit outdated the information can play a vital role for the expansion of the Regellis Star Empire.

Testing their Neighbours Edit

In the year 01 NE, Empress Minerala decided to improve security around the borders of the Star Empire in order to protect itself against the rumours of vastly powerful empires that lay just outside the borders. Her paranoia proved correct when a long Imperial frigate accidentally wandered into Regellis space, thinking that the area was long abandoned since the fall of the Rambulans. Nevertheless, two nearby ships, including the D'deridex-class Talon ambushed the Imperial frigate and destroyed it. With prove of hostile aliens intruding on their space, the Empress began to expand the borders of the Star Empire.

USS Eagle boom

Destroying the USS Eagle

To the Empire' surprise a Rambo vessel entered Regellis space, nearby captain Draloth patrolled the border onboard his Hunter-class ship. Cloacking Draloth managed to engage the USS Eagle by surprise and managed to destroy the Rambo Constitution-refit class with three torpedoes. Afterwards Draloth managed to download some data from the USS Eagle her damaged computers, and send the information to the Empress herself. Unknown to Draloth - he managed to kill the well known Rambo captain Ramikku, which will surely draw more attention from both Rambo Nation and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. However it seemed both the Empire and the Rambo left their territories alone and the Regellis continued their daily matters.

Gaining PowerEdit


Regellis Fleet arrives in Q82

In 02 NE a lone D'deridex-class under the command of Drelath discovered a wormhole leading from Quadrant 89 into the Cyranai Galaxy. The Empress ordered to explore the wormhole and the captain obeyed. Arriving in the Cyranai Galaxy the Regellis soon encountered a massive alien ship approaching. The vessel claimed to belong to the Bisistar - an aggressive Capricyránae species. Drelath ordered a tactical alert but it seemed the Bisistar only wished to ascertain what the intentions of the Regellis were. Drelath claimed they came in peace. The Bisistar responded by identifying himself as Illas-Tei and asking if he could speak to talk to the leader of the Regellis. Drelath complied and made a connection possible. The Empress agreed to an alliance and allowed the Bisistar to travel with Drelath to Regellis space. Though they did not suspect any hostile intentions, the Regellis brought a new threat to the Quadrants, as the Bisistar had never interacted with the Quadrants.


The Bounty seriouslsy damages a Regellis Dreadnought

The exploration efforts of the Star Empire eventually led to a fragile yet promising trade with the Icolian from Quadrant 21 who they encountered exploring the Unclaimed Territories in Quadrant 82. Promising them information and intel over Rambo Nation's temporal weapons the Icolian agreed to build an artificial-wormhole for them.

Yet the Icolian warned them to keep their end of the bargain. While the Regellis began searching for the temporal ships of Rambo Nation, back in Quadrant 89 something unexpected happened. In the fourth month of 03 Ne/06 AQF a new kind of Hutter starship attacked a Regellis Dreadnought class, which was studying the Green Fog Nebula. The attack was a complete surprise for the entire higher command structure of the Empire. With this unprovoked Hutter attack, the Regellis began to believe that it was possibly the start of an invasion. The Regellis soon began reinforcing their fleets to counter-attack a possible invasion.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

Early Conflicts

The CRS Nova is attacked by a Regellis Warbird.

While the military command of the Star Empire began to prepare for a possible Hutter invasion, scientists discovered a new wormhole in Regellis space, connecting the Star Empire and the previously unexplored Cyrannus Galaxy. Without the aid of the Icolian, the Regellis entered the wormhole and began to establish colonies on the other side, in a region of Cyrannus known as Odysseia. Within a month, the growing Regellis presence in the region garnered the attention of the native Jenassian Regency. Though both factions distrusted each other, a non-aggression pact was signed soon after first contact. However, contact with the New Cyrannian Republic was much more violent with a Regellis warbird seriously damaging a Republic starship, damaging relations between the two powers.

Soon after a botched attempt to invade Mou'Cyran, the Regellis were contacted by the newly discovered Aekite Union, allies of the New Republic and a rising galactic power. Impressed with the Union's bravado, Empress Minerala agreed to engage in an informal non-aggression pact, with the possibility of more formal relations in the future. Over the next several months, relations between the Regellians and the Jenassians increased to a point where a military alliance known as the Rihanae Pact was signed primarily to prevent the expansion of the New Republic into the Odysseia Region.

Fall of the Pact

The fleet of the Rihanae Pact collapses.

I knew this Pact was a mistake! These Cyrannians cannot be trusted, Jenassians and Rihan alike. If you cannot defend the planet, raze it and return to the Quadrants immediately, I will not have Vulrulan blood spilled over this petty war!

- Empress Minerala during the Sacking of Rihanae

Though the Pact would launch several successful attacks against the New Republic during the ensuing New Cyrandia Wars, the military might and territorial strength of the Republic quickly turned the tables on the Regellians and their Jenassian allies. Simultaneously, the Rihan people conquered by the Regellians several years previously began to question their membership in both the Pact and the Star Empire, resulting in several small scale rebellions breaking out across the Star Empire's Cyrannian colonies. These rebellions would come to a head in 05 NE when the disgruntled Rihan admiral Tvrae Saeihr, in conjunction with the Republic, launched a decisive attack on Rihanae ultimately breaking the back of the Pact and resulting in the departure of most Rihanae colonies to the Republic's fold.

Defeated in their conflict, the Star Empire agreed to sign a non-aggression pact with the Republic with the foreign policy of Empress Minerala instead turning to the Quadrants, ultimately leading to the end of the alliance between the Star Empire and the Jenassians.

Society and Culture Edit

The society of the Regellis Star Empire is firmly built on the cultural and religious differences that exist between the Empire's species, the misunderstood Havran, the zealous Vulrulan and the secretive Rihanae.

Ch'Havran society revolves around a strong work-ethic being demanded by countless centuries of hard-working individuals. There is a common phrase among their people that "A Ch'Havran without work is not a Ch'Havran at all.". This mentality serves as a cornerstone in the live of a Ch'Havran and is one of the primary reasons why the more powerful Vulrulan view their dark cousins with respect. The sense of work-ethic the Ch'Havran possess is one of the primary reasons behind the explosive growth in the Star Empire in reason years.

The society of the Vulrulan is far different than that of the Ch'Havran. Often seen as the Basileus of the Quadrants, the Vulrulan are an incredibly xenophobic species, viewing alien life (with the notable exception of the Ch'Havran) with hostility and distrust. Despite this, they are more than willing to ally with a species more powerful than the Star Empire and work from within their civilisation to diminish its threat. Many Vulrulan enjoy fine clothes, fine music and fine foods, as opposed to the humble Ch'Havran. The Vulrulan are often considered zealous believers in the ancient god Artmyris and seek his return.


We are not slaves!


Name - Havran

Homeworld - Havran

Affiliation - Regellis Star Empire

A passionate and intimidating people, the Havren are native to the bleak and barren moon of Havran, which orbits the Vulrulan homeworld of Regellis. The two species share an odd relationship, though they both respect each other much more than they would respect an alien species, the Vulrulan have long used the Ch'Havran in warfare and mining. They possess great telepathic powers, which they can use offensively against an enemy. The Ch'Havran's alliance with the Vulrulan is strong and forms the bedrock from which the foundations of the Star Empire are built. The Havran are rarely found in high-ranking positions of power such as starship captains or colonial administrators, but are often found in the fields of warfare and mining, as well as using their great intellect to develop new technology and ships for the Star Empire.

Havren (1)
Havren (2)

We will endure, for we are Rihanae. Our dominance is assured.


Name - Rihanae

Homeworld - Rihan, Cyrannus Galaxy

Affiliation - Regellis Star Empire

The Rihanae are a humanoid species native to the Cyrannus Galaxy that joined the Regellis Star Empire when it began colonising the galaxy. Native to the tropical world of Rihan, the Rihanae are known for their greenish skin colour and technological supremacy. Categorised by their passionate, artistic and pragmatic native, the Rihanae are brought up with the conviction that they are the universe's master race and their membership in the Star Empire only functions to amass greater power. Due to their suspicion of strangers, the Rihanae are seen by many as xenophobic but are much less homogenous than the Vulrulan and many Rihanae individuals welcome alien culture. Nevertheless, there are rumours that this mysterious species seeks to control the Star Empire from within. The Rihanae are almost singularly responsible for the quick development and advancement of the Star Empire and have changed the once small civilisation into one of the superpowers of the Cyrandia Cluster.

Though they are distrusted by other species for their perceived suspicion and xenophobia, it is a little known fact that a Rihanae is generally uncomfortable with lying, with most instead bending the truth for their own benefit. Rihanae life revolves around family and the community, with most Rihanae being strong believers in the state and what it stands for. This leads in to their general support of their military and their insistence on public service. Before the inclusion of the Rihanae Star Empire into the Regellis, the Rihanae were led by the Praetorate, though his power is now under that of Empress Minerala.


Our Empire shall be mighty and feared!


Name - Vulrulan

Homeworld - Regellis

Affiliation - Regellis Star Empire

The Vulrulan are a mysterious and hostile humanoid race, natives to Regellis. The Vulrulan are about 2.2 meters in height. Having pointed ears gives the Vulrulan improved hearings, though also made them vulnrable to high pitched sounds.

The Vulrulan are blue skinned and dislike hot temperatures, though they also dislike extreme cold temperatures. The Vulrulan have green colored blood, possibly due to the oxygen levels on Regilles. The Vulrulan are physically not very strong compared to other humanoids found in the Quadrants, though they have stronger bones compared to other humanoids. The Vulrulan also have a bad temper, quick to anger and they consider themselves to be the supreme beings and servants of the Atlantica Artmyris, who they consider there God.

Upon reaching space due to discovery of a chrashed Rambulan ship, they adopted the technology and it brought them to space. Now they wish to see the return of the Rambulans, who they began to consider as demi-gods.

Though young in space, they have proven to be very capable warriors and tacticians as they claimed most of the former Rambulan territories without other empires of Quadrant 89 knowing it. Now in 01 NE the Vulrulan and their allies, the Ch'Havran are preparing themselves to enter the quadrantia affairs!


The Regellis Star Empire is a constitutional monarchy, much like the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Empress Minarela represents the executive body of the Star Empire, but she leaves the running of the empire into the hands of her most trusted political advisors and allies. However, as per Vulrulan custom, she remains suspicious of all those who serve beneath her and thus is often seen to hold complete power over the Star Empire.

Despite these claims, the Regellis Senatus also holds power in enacting and voting on laws, as well as advising the Empress if she seeks consul. Leading the Senate is a Praeminister, a post currently held by a male Vulrulan known as D'virem. Key to the success of the Praeminister is a good relation with the current sovereign. A strong relationship, like the one D'virem and Minarela share, between the two officials is key to the stability of the Regellis government.


Empress Minarela

It is not wise to anger me.

  • Name - Minarela
  • Age - 37
  • Affiliation - Regellis Star Empire

Empress Minarela is the young, ambitious and ruthless leader of the Regellis Star Empire, having grown in political power greatly since the discovery of the Rambulan ship. She is a member of a fairly common aristocratic subspecies of Vulrulan. With the power the ship possessed used to better the Star Empire, Minarela turned it into one of the most powerful civilizations in Quadrant 89, though her secretive manipulations have hidden the Star Empire from the eyes of the other inhabitants of the galaxy.

She is not afraid to use violence or assassinations to get what she wants, and senators that disagree with her often turn up missing, or even worse. Nevertheless, she cares deeply about her people and looks forward to the future of the Empire.



Regellis, the capital of the empire.

The Regellis Star Empire's growth has been extreme in the years since the destruction of their Rambulan forebears. Absorbing much of Rambulan space, the Star Empire is now one of the largest empires in Quadrant 89. Despite their size and military power, few know about the existence of the Star Empire, believed only to be space myths of a faction commandeering Rambulan technology.

Native to the system of Regellis, the two species of the Star Empire, the Ch'Havran and the Vulrulan have long had a stable peace. However, it is clear to the Ch'Havran that the Vulrulan see themselves as being allies, and yet superior. This has created a minor wedge in the worlds of the Star Empire, though it remains strong and ever expanding.



The Regellis Star Empire fields many advanced starships, most devoted exclusively to military affairs. Many features of Regellis ship designs were reverse engineered from the extinct Rambulan empire, though in recent years, the Regellis have begun to expand upon what the Rambulans discovered, developing new technologies and starships more deadly than before.

Because of the emphasis on space combat, the Star Empire fields only a small number of standing armies, which are made up of mostly augmented Ch'Havran soldiers.





Yellow faceI suppose we can work something out.

  • Rambulan† - We owe them so much. We have took their mantle as our own.
  • Bisistar - A new and alien species.
  • Icolian - They make us feel uneasy.


Orange faceBah! Foolish primitives.


Red facePrepare to be destroyed for the glory of the Star Empire!

  • None yet



- Bisistar

You get nothing, children.

- Catulus

Zealous and aggressive. They have been identified as deluded, to the point of overlooking major obstacles in an effort to concentrate on a single goal.

- Mercuris Federation

Brave, sophisticated, but ignorant. They could be useful.

- Mentracus

They should all be destroyed in the name of the Melody

- Hutter



  • The Regellis Star Empire are primarily based on the Romulans from Star Trek.

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