Why are we still here? We can still feel the pain...still feel the loved ones we lost with us today. Still it echoes in our minds, the screams of those whom we lost. We're already demons.

- Refuge of Ottzello representative

The Refuge of Ottzello is an organisation of refugees from the Unified Nation of Ottzello, created following the Score Settling Incident in which the Unified Nation was destroyed by Da Rogue Boyz. Fleeing extinction, the Refuge was created by Tuolog, the only surviving UNOL member, the Refuge takes residence within parts of the Polar Crystal Alliance and remains hidden from the Rogue Boyz.

The Refuge has very little society of its own. Though it retains much of the technology and weaponry used by UNO, it exists as a collective that resides within the governments of which ever empire controls the colonies or region they are residing in. They retain a group mind with UNOS, but it exerts no control over the people, and exists largely for communication purposes.

The Refuge plans to one day claim revenge on the Rogue Boyz. Many serve as mercenaries or soldiers within the Aegis Guard. They swear allegiance to the PCA with high respect for it as UNO had, but their main purpose for living is vengeance.


Following the destruction of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, the single surviving member of UNOL - Tuolog - rushed to deactivate and disconnect as many AIs as he could prior to Da Propa Big Rogue Geek taking them over, and ordering refugees to leave. The new nanomachines system that he used did not exert any control, and was only used for communication with one another and for keeping track of those members. This was to ensure that the system could never be used for enslaving people again, should someone else attempt to use their AIs to slave their people.

As the conquering took place, many refugees found their ships destroyed as they left, while others became food for the Rogue Boyz, who would kill any that were not enslaved by their reprogrammed UNOS. The resulting conflicts were bloody, and left with even fewer surviving refugees.

Tuolog mobilised the AIs, and re-attached them to new warships. He contacted the PCA to inform them that there were a small percentage of UNO members who had survived and were not slaves. Though he attempted to calm them down, many refugees fought with one another, or left to attempt to fight Loron. To satisfy their rage without reprogramming the system once more, Tuolog allowed many of them to join the armies of the Polar Crystal Alliance, such as the Aegis Guard, or other mercenary groups, in the hopes they could fight and kill Loron.

After Da Reckoning, the Refuge led a revolution against the newly reformed UNO.



Aside from the Loron, the Refuge of Ottzello features every species member from the Unified Nation. They feature far fewer nanomachines, only used for security purposes.

Much like in UNO, each member has engineered inside them a zero-point electric generator as an internal organ of most species. This is an electrochemical gland (electricity conducted through chemicals and solutions) that functionally gives them a power generator within their own bodies. This is used to power the technology that they use, as well as cybernetic organs.


The Refuge of Ottzello is completely subordinate to a few elected leaders and Tuolog. When taking refuge within colonies for other PCA members, they typically adhere to their laws and leaders.


The Refuge uses piece of UNO technology primarily, and many of the engineers create and sell new nanotechnology and spacetime technology throughout the Crystal Alliance. As it does not have the resources that UNO once had, most of its technology is created from scavenged parts.


The Refuge does not partake in warfare in the same way that UNO did, as it lacks the resources or desire to enter war. It may contribute troops towards the PCA's Aegis Guard, which are reminiscent of UNO's soldiers, but it does not have its own official military.


Most refugees do not have their own society, and fully integrate into the society of whoever accepts them. Areas owned solely by the Refuge have a society similar to that of UNO's before destruction.


Refugees both migrate to worlds controlled by the PCA and live in their own space stations. Typically, refugees do not live in the megastructures UNO once lived in, but in shanty towns or in cramped spaces, with a very low standard of living.




- Venoriel


Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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