Black Market Dealings[]

Kol Daren visited one of the black market hideouts in a star system not far from Imperial space. The place is busy after an influx of items from the Imperium over the past few months. Looking around Kol Daren, growled as he budged past a few lower alien races in search of some specific items he heard about that was getting sold. Several aliens, wary of his reputation, kept their distance. In a quiet corner of the market was a droid selling genetic samples sourced from a large variety of aliens, He noticed and walked over, pushing over an alien that looked physically strong, but was scared of what Kol had just done and ran away. Kol wandered over and leaned in, examining the samples.

Kol - Do you have any...Zazane, here?
Droid - Customer Identified: Kol Daren. Welcome sir, we currently have a few samples however the scarcity of Zazane genetic tissue has caused a price rise over the past 3 days.
Kol - Price raise? And how the hell do Zazane samples grow scarce?

Kol Daren snarled and then stood back up.

Droid - Increased interest from certain parties.
Kol - Certain parties? Hmph. Give me what samples you have, droid.
Droid - Processing now.

To Kol's right a group of aliens were muttering. One of which was a Kroogvont; A yellow frog-like alien guarded by two larger Val’Kar. None of the three looked like natives of Borealis. Kol turned his head slowly to the muttering aliens, and he snarled loudly

Kol - Hey, you three! Get over here!

The group stopped talking abruptly, the Kroogvont had a frustrated look in his eye when turned and he saw the alien who barked at him.

Kroogvont - I'm sorry, what?
Droid - Price comes in at four medium supply crates at 12,000 sporebucks each. Total price comes to 48,000 sporebucks.
Kol - Hold my order, droid...*turns to the group* I said, come over here!
Kroogvont - I am conducting important business, so why should I?
Kol - Because if you don't, you really will regret it. Tell me what you lot are muttering about.
Val'Kar - The boss said no.

The Kroogvont's contact looks over and was frozen in fear to see Kol snarling and marching over to them. He shook his head at the Kroogvont with his eyes bulging as Kol approached with pounding steps.

Kol - Excuse me?
Kroogvont - Erm... I.. er

The merchant croaked. The Val'Kar primd their rifles, keeping alert. Kol looked at the pair of bodyguards with a smile.

Kol - Oh, how cute.

He chuckled and stretched out his hand, and then clenching, he caused the rifles to implode on themselves.

Merchant - Please... Go easy on him Mr. Daren, he is a foreigner to these regions, he does not fully know about your reputation...
Kol - Hmph. What were you lot talking about?

The Kroovont croaked again in panic.

Kol - Answer me!
Merchant - This gentlemen was offering me some... erm very rare euipment... or so he said.
Kroogvont - I er...hopre you're *croaks, now quivering* paying for those..
Kol - Rare equipment? I presume stolen. From whom, may I ask?
Kroogvont - If I tell you can you keep it quiet? I don't want the owners to know they... have a lot of ears.
Kol - Do you take me for an idiot? Course I'll keep quiet.
Kroogvont - A friend of mine managed to 'procure' these from the Imperium, Inquisition-grade. ‘’’Draonid’’’ Imperium, that is.
Kol - Draconid Imperium? Hmmm...They are new to me. But they sound...somewhat strong. And what is the Inquisition?
Kroogvont - An order of zealous warriors. The Imperium likes to give them some of the best tech and training money can buy, I hear they're psychic too.
Kol - Best tech money can buy? Psychic? Hmm...Where did you manage to get these parts?
Kroogvont - Trade secret.

Kol grabbed the Kroogvont, growling angrily and his tail swaying, knocking over several people.

Kol - I ask you again, where did you get those parts!?
Kroogvont - I... I can't say!

The Val'Kar drew close-combat weapons and struck at Kol Daren. They staggered back as their blades shattered on his skin. He dropped the Kroogvont and turned to the Val'kar, before within several seconds, blood and organs were splattered everywhere over the marketplace. he turned back to Kroogvont who scrabbled backward.

Kol - You were saying?
Kroogvont - Please... Just let me go... PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!
Merchant - For crying out loud Grott just tell him!
Kol - Yes, listen to the merchant!

In a small fit of anger, Kol Daren raised his leg and crushed Grott's head beneath his foot, growling and roaring in utter rage.

Mercant - ...Pun intended?
Kol - Quiet. Tell me where I can find the Imperium, and the Inquisition, before you share the same fate.
Merchant - The Imperium has colonies a few-dozen parsecs away but they're from Andromeda originally.
Kol - Andromeda?
Merchant - Yeah, they control a wormhole that allows them to travel between there and here in rapid time. Rumours have been spreading that one of their senior members, some bitch named 'Arsac' managed to fight Capastrus the emotionless and win, and she was still in fighting condition afterward.
Kol - Tell me...where can I locate this wormhole? It may be of use to me.
Merchant - It is in the core of their territory here about 100 parsecs from this system. I hear the only people to use it are the ones the Imperium allows so *shrugs*.
Kol - Arsac, huh? She sounds like a real tough woman. Reminds me somewhat of a Zazane.
Merchant - If rumours are true, fighting someone of Capastrus' nature is a day-job for her. So I'm sure she is.
Kol - You're serious? Hmph. I will find that bitch and see what she is really capable of.

He turned back to the droid and walked over

Kol - Pass me my samples now.
Droid - Your purchases are ready for collection, please provide the fee of 48,000 sporebucks.

Kol growled and punched the droid, sending his fist straight through it. The droid’s owner emerged from the back of the shop look at the scene.

Kol - Wrong answer.
Merchant - What did you just do to my--

His eyes widened when he noticed who it was and muttered ‘Blast’.

Kol - You're going to help me bring those crates to my ship.
Merchant - ...Thank you for making me waste my money. Look.. I... I purchased that droid so this wouldn't... erm.. happen...?
Kol - Excuse me?
Merchant - These samples weren't cheap, not since those other Draconis came along.
Kol - Wait, Draconis are looking for Zazane samples?
Merchant - They looked like Draconis, but they had red scales. They bought 10 crates of samples 6 hours before you arrived.
Kol - Hmph. Any idea who they were? Did they give any identity at all?
Merchant - None whatsoever, but they had very large wallets <<Whoever they were, they were far better customers than you>>
Kol - I can read your mind, you ungrateful shrimp! Now just help me with getting these crates to my ship!
Merchant - They paid me, alright! I have some service droids who can help you out.
Kol - Fine. Get them to take my crates to my ship, seeing as you don't want to break your back.

The merchant grumbles, pressing a few buttons on his wrist-computer calling for two droids pick up the boxes.

Merchant - Will you at least <<pay me out of courtesy? Yeah right.>>... I guess not.
Kol - You know that you said you didn't want to break your back with work?
Merchant - Kinda... because I have a shop to run and you just busted my clerk droid.
Kol - Well, you're going out of business for a while.

Kol closed in on the merchant, and all everybody else could hear were shrieks of pain for about a minute before Kol walked away with the merchant’s wrist computer.

Kol - I'd get a medic if I were you, before you bleed to death. If you're lucky, you may walk again.

Kol walked away, now in control of the droids. The shop’s merchant whimpered in extreme pain, he struggled up to the counter pressing a but

Crossing the Gap[]

Kol Daren had returned to his throne. He now knew how to get to the wormhole and Androemda but he still had a problem: Terella's mind revealed that all ships needed clearence by the Imperium; clearence he did not have. After some time thinking it dawned on him that his only option was to continue hiding.

On the fringes of imperial space he discreetly managed to sneal aboard a docked a freighter boudn for Andromeda. teh cargo hold was dark and spacious eve nafter being loaded, there was plenty of oppertunity to hide amongst the cracks. it was a couple of days before the freighter came close to the wormhole, he had to keep hidden. Guards had been patrolling the lower decks and one or two wer used as a meal for the XHT he had managed to sneak within some of the shipping crates. To him all the containers held junk, no real value.

As the vessel approached the wormhole to Andromeda the ship's captain was sure everything was up to code on board. Down below in the cargohold a lone guard, a mercenary from the Imperium's borealis colonies, looked between the shipping containers. He passed a scanner over the containers one-by one, making sure nothing unexpected was aboard. A tiny insect crawled out from udner one of the containers and he hastily crushes it with his foot. As he ground it into the metal flooring there is hot breathing going down his neck, and feral sounds ould be heard right up close in his ear. Nervous he puleld out a transciever attacked to his belt

Guard - Commander Aralag. We're going to need a nanite cloud down here, we managed to pick up some insects from our last stop.
Commander - What kind of insects?
Guard - Uh.. hold on..

As he looked around The growling stopped, and he could no longer feel its breathing, the creature seemingly disappeared. Looking down he lifted his foot up to examine the remains of the insect he had crushhed.

Guard - Small ones. Vermin. Also can you have someone from engineering check the ventilation in deck 17 section 5?
Commander - I'll forward that report to enginnering.

The guard nods to himself and continued scanning. The scanner picked up a biological signature between two shipping containers. he slotted the scanner onto his belt and lifted his SMG. Calling out if anyoen was there. he was unaware that A rather large HXT sat stealthily between the containers, hidden almost completely by the shadows. The mercenary peered in, narrowing his eyes trying to get a better look. he activated a light attached to his gun and shined it down the crevice. The XHT suddenly appeared in his view. He fired his SMG in a burst rather hastily to hit the target. Reacting to the shot it slowly lifted its head and it stood at full height, towering over the guard who activated his communicator, the same man as before.

Guard - Commander... H-have confirmation on insect problem.
Commander - And?

As the guard was distracted by the HXT in front of him, a rather thick tail wrapped itself around the guard's snout, silencing him. He struggled and grunted frantically, trying to pry the tail from his snout and he dropped his gun in the process. the tail begonged to kol daren who moved his head to the communicator and mimicked the guard's voice.

Kol - And there is no real problem, its sorted. I managed to round them up in a box and kill them. I'll clean up the mess.
Commander - Oh... alright. I expect a report before we pass through the gatweway.
Kol - Of course, if I find anymore I'll report back to you. For now I think the problem's over.

The guard continued to struggle with muffled grunts. unable to inch the tail. Tehse were heard on th other end and whe nthe commander asked Kol simply replied it was machinery. The communicator blinked off as the commander ended the transmission at his end. Kol smirked and removed the communciator from the guard.

Kol - You're lucky I haven't killed you, insect.

The guard continued to struggle by digging his claws in. Kol could feel nothing and instead he tightened his tail more, breaking the bones in the guard's muzzle. The cracks forced the guard to let out a muffled and gargled scream as his head was slowly crushed. The tail tightened even more, snapping the guard's muzzle in two before being let go go with the body kicked away skull was fractured and his muzzle had caved in. He was bleeding from the face and the damage had reached to the skull cavity. He starerd down at the corpse when the captain prepared an announcement.

Kol - Hmph, I hope the enemies in Andromeda are more impressive.
Captain - Attention all crew, we are due at the Praetorian gateway within the hour.
Kol - An hour...until I can release the bloodshed. If you're still alive, I'll allow you to watch... Heh, I doubt you'll survive even half an hour.

He chuckled and pet the large HXT as other HXTs followed up from behind him

As the ship approached the wormhole Kol Daren kept up the ruse that the guard was still alive. Listening to a boracast from the wormhole's traffic control he learned they were about to scan the ship. He outstretched his hand, slowing the life signals of his HXTs and making them almost undetectable to the scan. Despite his efforts the scans still picked something up. Kol felt confident he had won as the ship passed throguh the wormhole. A grey cloud passed through the cargohold. It washed over Kol and his HXTs doing no damage apart from killing bacteria and other microbes that were on theri skin. Kol felt sure of himself that that he could not fail. The ship plotted a course for a location within the imperium's mid-rim. activating transwarp to continue along the network.

On the bridge, Captain Terepalinus, a Drallivian several centuries old, assured himself of a safe journey and told the bridge crew that he would be in his quarters for a few hours. he stood up from his chair and his security chief saluted him. As he walked out the door, a booming voice could be heard over all communicators and communication systems onboard the ship.

Kol - Mortals, you were stupid enough to believe the lies I fed you, and now you shall pay dearly.
Captain - Commander what was that?

A large number of HXTs swarmed the lower levels of the ship, making their way up quickly and slaughtering any crewmen they could find.

Commander - Sir.... We have an infestation. A big one..
Captain - What!
Commander - We're losing contact with the lower decks. Engaging lockdown protocols!
Kol - This is Kol Daren, the Lord of Zazane, and soon-to-be God of the Universe. You have led me straight to Andromeda, where a galaxy-wide cleansing shall commence.

The captain sat back down in his chair and opened a communication channel.

Captain - This is Captain Terepalinus and I am asking what you are talking about.
Commander - God of the universe?... Please..
Kol - It may not seem like I tell truth, but your kin shall be washed away like a stain from the universe, and your perverse biodiversity removed without question.
Commander Relonus - he's playing mind-games captain. Don't listen to him.
Kol - For that is the will of the Universe. I bring only peace to it. In order to bring peace, I must destroy the source of violence. Which would be you.
Captain - You misunderstand. We are merchants not soldiers!
Kol - No, you misunderstand. I do not refer to your job or position, I refer to your very existence.
Captain - Commander Relonus I want a security detail down to the lower decks to apprehend our stowaway.
Relonus - Understood sir.
Kol - Good luck getting it, scum.

Kol raised a hand, and the lockdown was uplifted, allowing the HXTs to proceed*. the captain panicked and dug his claws into the leather armrests on his chair.

Captain - Lock down the bridge NOW!
Relonus - He's somehow dsiabled lockdown protocols, the creatures are flooding the lower decks captain!
Kol - You hear the screeches of my creations. That is the sound of cleansing.

Terepalinus became desperate. he lifted himself from his cahir and headed over to a weapon cabinet with a front wall of glass. He walked over and without hesitation he smashed it open with his elbow, taking out the handgun from inside.

Captain - Commander I want you to send a message to the exonet. Warn Domestic Security of this attack. This man's claims end here!
Relonus - Yes sir.

Without warning, Kol he materialised in front of Relonus, standing a metre above him with a devilish grin on his face. Relonus warily asked for Terepalinus's attention who turned around and dropped his jaw a the sight of a mutated Zazane over metre taller than any he had seen before, razor-sharp and jagged spikes protruded form hi body.

Relonus - As security chief of this vessel... I-i demand that you cooperate and and...

Kol pushed him right into the captain and walks forward, a condemning look in his eyes. Relonus bumped into the captain, who helpped him up and aimed his pistol at Kol's face with his arm shaking.

Captain - S-stay back! We don't want trouble..
Kol - You filthy creatures. Trembling in fear as you face a higher power that you cannot possibly comprehend.
Captain - Please, show mercy.
Kol - I will do what your guard did to one of my creations.

He grabbed a crew member and after he histed the mup he threw him to the floor violently, before smashing his foot straight through their torso. The look of terror on his face grew as he watchesd the act in horror.

Kol - Crush you like bugs.
Captain - You are sick!
Kol - Not as sick as the dirt that resides in the universe.

Relonus pried the gun from the captain's hand and fires several shots at Kol, Who turned to Relonus and closed his palm, shattering the gun in the process. After watching the gun break in his hand Relonus gathered the courage to wrest himself from the captain's supporty and leaped at Kol who simply outstretched his arm and literally punchesd through the back of Relonus' skull, with his body hanging off his arm. The captain backs away, stumbling over and breathing rapidlyy as kol brought his arm back and kicked the body away. he walkedo ver to the captain who's chest now pounded with fear. As he backed away he could feel the wall behind him.

Kol - You shall watch, captain, at the price of not being able to interfere...

He forcefully grabs the captain's shouldersa and without hesitation, ignoring the pleas, he wrenched away the captain's arms andslapped him to the ground with one of the dismembered limbs, laughing as he turned and walks away while HXTs flooded against the crew. This had caused the captain to roar in pain. As he lay bleeding she coughed and opened his mouth.

Captain - L-lifefather.. s-spit on you!
Kol - Your God is nothing but a myth. He shall not help you. What you call a god, I call simply wasted hope amongst primitive bacteria.
Captain - I did not ask him to help... But I ask him t-to grant me p.. peace in p...paradise...
Kol - There is no paradise for scum, only for me and my children.
Captain - You l-lie!
Captain - Wait... Ch-children? <<there is no chance this... beast can be like the creators, or Drakon>>
Kol - Yes, I do this for the good of my children. There is so much war and violence in the Universe, I wish to end it all, so that my children can grow in peace.
Captain - Then you are not like the lifefather. Where you see cruelty or abscence I see wisdom. Drakon wanted us to live in a world where evil existed, so we could develop. He w-wanted us to grou up to know there was such thing as right and wrong, that there are consequences to our actions.
Kol - The consequence to my actions are that I shall be eradicating the dirt which infests the future playground of my spawn, and make the Universe a much more peaceful place. Drakon, he is a false god. An idol you worshipped while you bathed in your own shit under a burning sun.

As the captain bled-out from his wounds he looked up at Kol Daren. Who had turned around and was now bent over the captain to whisper into his ear. Kol - There is no Drakon, there is no paradise.

He opened his mouth a little and his long tongue extended, piercing into the captain's ear like a blade, cutting through his skull and brain. Terepalinus scremed in agony as his skull was destroyed by the blade-like tongue.

Kol - I just hope you knew that...vermin.

He stood up and started to laugh, soon bellowing through the ship as the HXTs feasted off the crewmen they had flayed. But murdering the ship's crew was not enough. he walked over to a navviaation console and worked to find a map. A cremember lay half-eaten beside him. With no knowledge on how to work Draconid computers he hoisted the alien up by the neck and stared deep into his eye, probing the mind and garnering what knowledge he coudl find on how to work the console. Satisfied he liftes his finger with a smirk and squeezed the neck, crushing the life from his victim and pulverising the spine. As the body stopped moving he threw to the side. He managed to access the conssole and looked at a map of the surrounding space. Noticing a colonised system charted only a couple of light-years away he altered the controls so the autopilot flew there instead. A sinsiter grin spread across his face, for soon an entire planet would feel his wrath.

Purging of Imsiria III[]

Arriving on the outskirts of the Imsiria system, Kol directed the ship on a collision course for one of the largest settlements of the third planet. The freighter roared down and became partially-buried in the very heart of the city, destroying soem of the larger buildings on the way down and shattering the glass of every building within a kilometre. The impact itself was met with hundreds of HXTs swarming fro mthe crash site. The local population never stood a chance but further out the city prepared itself to contain the threat.

Out of the city centre, several draconis clad in light armour had set up barricades from forcefields. Firing at HXTs who were chaseing after the more vunerable who fled out of the city. While the HXTs were chasing after more vulnerable citizens, Kol Daren levitated downwards until his claws touched the ground and observed the monastery. The monastery had been designed to be defenseable; built on a raised area of ground militia had opened windows and gathered behind the parapets on the roof to engae the HXTs. Despite being reminded of the war-curches the Zazane had built in ages past, he found it ammusing the citizensbelieved they could hold out. A cardre of Draconis clad in gleaming, armour trimmed with gold and embossed with numerous dragon motifs emerged from the front door and stood to stand against the invaders. They struck with a wide varaiety of weapons and hit with the grace of weapon-masters. One of them shouted to inspire his compartiots. Seeing and oppertunity Kol made his appearance known to them, accompanied by several large HXTs at his side

Inquisitor - Stand your ground! Let the lifefather's light be your shield and his passion be your sword!
Kol - So, you decided to put on your best suits for your funerals?

One of them turned to glare at him, pulling a longsword fro mthe torso fo a HXT.

Inquisitor - You... This act of bloodshed is your doing.
Kol - You call this bloodshed?

He chuckled and stepped forward

Kol - This is simply cleaning the filth from under my foot.
Inquisitor 2 - You stand before the righteous agents of the Grand Inquisition, and you dare consider us and all these people dirt?
Kol - You stand before the Lord of Zazane, the God of the known Universe, and dare claim yourself anything more than dirt?
Inquisitor - *snarls* You are no god. Begone from this holy place, the higher powers have already condemned you for this day and... You killed everyone aboard that ship.
Kol - Yes, I did. And there was nothing they could do as the iron fist of cleansing washed them away like a persistant stain.
Inquisitor 3 - This one thinks himself a god, a purger. You are powerful, yes, but you are mad to compare youself to the higher powers!
Kol - *starts to laugh, amused* Higher powers? Don't tell me, Drakon. If Drakon existed, he would've saved you from your fate which is to befall you.

Down the road a small group of transformed Zazane tore through the barricades.

Inquisitor - Only a fool places his fate and his entire life in the hands of gods.
Kol - And only fools challenge the hand of God.
Inquisitor - You are mistaken, we do not expect the lifefather to save us, that would be naive. His words inspire us, empower us. The teachings made us who we are. Whether we live or die is not up to him.
Kol - Then it shall be your own fault that you die this day.

He smirks as converted Zazane begin charging towards them. The inquisitors readied their weapons. After making a declaration the leader of the group roared audiably calling for some in the group to charge at Kol Daren. He charged towards the ones coming at him and reponse. A long pair of spikes erupted from his wrists, he before slashed in an X shape, slicing some of them in half. Tw of them managed to dodge it, they flanked him and lunged theri swords towards his back. Suddenly, two converted Zazane grabbed their swords and fight against the Inquisitors, as Kol simply smirked. One of the inquisitors twisted around the Zazane, extending a diamond-hard wrist blade and plinged it into the spine of his attacker while the other flipped and thrusted his foot at the other Zazane's face.

Kol - Even now, Inquisitors fare poorly against Zazane. It seems that is a fact you have to live with.

He walks towards the main group, opening his palms. From a blacony above the main door a group of Zazane fired at Kol. One of the inquisitors managed to trip his attacker, slamming the head to pieces with his hammer. The inquistor looked up at Kol and inhaled deeply. Lifting his hammer from the mess. He swung it up and charged with the intent to flank Kol Daren. Intrigued by a few of the defenders, he raised his arms, and three small yet sharp, spines fired towards the group of Zazane. he closed his palm which shattered the hammer. two of the spines hit their targets while another was embedded in the wall. The inquistor was somehow unphaseded from the destruction of his weapon and inaheled once again. Exhaling, his breath became a jet of fire that engulfed Kol Daren. With Kol engulfed in flames, he walked towards the Inquisitor, his body set on fire amd giving it a demonic image to the Inquisitor's eyes.

Kol - I will break your soul!
Inquisitor - Rot in the void, abomination!

He leaped at Kol, extending his claws with the intent to embed them in the torso. Kol clenched his fists and stood there, with two long spikes bursting from his torso, stabbing through the Inquisitor's arms painfully, while they can both hear the sound of rabid Zazane tearing apart the balcony defenders. The Inquisitor stoodd with the open wounds on his arms, breathing through his teeth.

Inquisitor - Is that all you have?
Kol - No.

Kol had a blank look on his face as he pointef to the Inquisitor's stomach, revealing a deep slash. The Inquisitor still stood defiantly depsite the injuries, claiming he had suffered worse. Kol teleported over and batted the Inquisitor, revealing the slash was deeper than first thought, as his body seperated in two. One by one the Inquisitors fought valiantly, but each eventually became overcome. Muffled chanting could be heard from inside the monasery.

Kol turned and ran into the monastery, claws extended, and screaming is soon heard within. There were more inquisitors inside who were pouring from the underlevels. Kol's own forces clashed, turning the monastery halls into a battlegrond. Those who coudl run fled into the catacombs beneath. As the monastery was cleared, Kol headed down into the depths. Unlike the cathedral the walls were thick and low

Kol - I have a message for all those inside here. You may hide below the floor, in hopes to continue your pathetic and worthless existence. But in the end, all is dust before the might of Kol, Lord of Zazane!
Echo - You stalk the halls of the righteous, lord of Zazane. We work in the dark places to bring out the light. We are of the Grand Inquisition. A select few who have marched through hellfire a thousand times over. We do not fear you. We revile you.
Kol - And learn this, darkwalkers. I do not care for what you see in me, whether I be fear, disgust or ally. You fate is clear; you shall die in cowardice.
Echo - So speaks a man born from a hidden past. You wear it like a pair of gloves. What you were is part of you, what you desired was born of hubris.
Kol - What I desired shall be my destiny. My past is of no real concern. All I care is for the future. I could tell you about my past as I hunt for you, but I'm sure it would only fall upon ignorant ears.
Echo - You are in our realm now. A domain of shadows and secrets, twisting paths and haunted lives. In the darkness we are the shadows who creep behind the evil ones.
Kol - What makes me evil in your eyes? I do this for the future of my children, for their safety. It is you who is preventing that future.
Echo - You stalk the halls of lost children. Born powerless and raised with a desire for change. They desire light and peace. A thousand stories all the same; children abandoned and without hope. Left to die. We are their light, we care for them, nurture them, and empower them.
Kol - Then it seems me and you are not so different. The real difference is, I have the true power to make a difference. Thus, I am a god, while you are all hopefuls.
Echo - You misunderstand us. Power over reality or power over perception, it is all the same. Every soul you see in these halls, clad in sanctified armour is each a lost child. We are not gods no, do we wish to be? No.
Kol - I shall not have my children be lost like you. I shall have them cared for, without fearing danger or death. You prove threat to their welfare, and thus you must be removed.
Echo - The cult of Drakon teches that the Lifefather let us run frelly, let us reisk ourselves because otherwise woe would grow up soft and weak. Without threats there is no reason to be strong. nature itself shown this.
Echo - Without risk, without a reson there is no purpose in life. Drakon knew this, our ancestors knew it, and true parents know this.
Kol - You dare question my parenting, when you yourself have no parent aside from some elder figure who wrote a book? He is no god, he has achieved nothing aside from decieving you.
Echo - Look at each of us in the order. All are stronger than the norm. Our minds are enigmas, we are more attuned to our own bodies, we are... better.
Kol - And you say what I am doing to my race is wrong? Hypocrits.
Echo - Would a parent really kill to make their world a better place for their child? What does a child learn when he cannot fight his own battles?
Kol - In my perfect world, a child will not need to fight his own battles, as there will be no battles to fight.
Echo - Without challenges how does one improve themselves? What is the point of life?
Kol - Utopia.
Echo - Are you sure you are not creating a world where your own children have no reason to do anything?
Kol - My children shall live happy lives. You are not one to question, filth.
Echo - One must always question.
Kol - One must learn when to keep their mouth shut.

Kol's HXTs flooded the catacombs, everyone they found was gutted and after searching through the tunnels, Kol found himself in a large chamber. Sitting at the back of the room was an aged Draconis. Between him and Kol was a Zen garden and at the very back a group of children hid behind a group of inquisitors. The elder smiled when Kol arrived.

Elder - Welcome to m paradise Kol Daren.
Kol - Your paradise should not exist...filth.
Elder - But here I am at peace. While you.. I can feel rage coarsing through your veins.
Kol - What you see as rage, is what really is desire.
Elder - So quick to judge. You said yourself, pwerhaps we are not so different.
Kol - Perhaps not. But the thought sickens me, to be compared to bottomfeeding scum like yourself.

As Kol stepped on the sand his foot was engulfed. The same went for the other foot. The ground itself appeared to be pull him in. The elder smiled gently, watching as Kol Daren slowly sank. A pair of inquisitors walked onto the sand keeping their distance and staying firmly on top.

Elder - Your confidence has clouded you.
Kol - Yes, it seems so. You have won.
Elder - We are not cold-hearted murderers. These chidlren, I care for them, my brothers care for them.
Kol - Your 'care' will have them killed later in future.
Elder - They know this.

He looked over to the children adn back to Kol. The sand had reached up to his waist.

Elder - But they are not frightened.
Kol - Only fools know no fear.
Elder - Death claims us all eventually. I myself am over five centuries old. One must focus oon the present to exxcel, rather than worry when or how their final day would come.
Kol - If you do not look towards how you may die, you have no knowledge of how to prevent it.
Elder - Why would I want to? To fear death is to fear risk.
Kol - And why would you so happily throw your worthless life away?
Elder - There are billions out there who fear having everything taken away. Death is inevitable for them. But both the cult and the order teach that what matters is what you do in the present.
Kol - What I do in the present...is for the good of the future.
Elder - We all desire to change the future.

As Kol sank to have his head sticking out from the garden the elder closed his eyes. Kol stopped sinking.

Elder - I want you to end this. I know those creatures respond to you.
Kol - Yes, they do. But what makes you think I'd have them stop?

The Elder stood up and walked across the apparently-firm garden. He stops and kneeled down in front of Kol's head. All of a sudden, Kol's hand bursts from the sand, gripping onto the elder's snout as he quickly hoists himself out and roars. The inquisitors drew theri weapons.

Kol - You are an old fool, nothing but dirt.

He kicked the elder away. he extended his claws to slaughter the others. After recovering the Elder reached out and the sand quickly begins to suck Kol down once again. Kol threw his limbs back, blasting the sand away before slicing at blinded Inquisitors. he watched the carnage and concentrating, the rocks around the Zen garden shuddered and launched themselves at Kol Daren who let the rocks bash against him as he walked towards the children. The elder screamed, summoning a wall of rock between Kol and the children. He simply slammed his body against the wall causing it to shatter and walked behind it. The children backed against the wall. Aa inquisitor still able to stand ran to throw himself in front of the children. Kol stoppped and lookd own at the inquisitor who glared up at him.

Kol - Would you really give your life up for something so pointless? You know you'll die, and so will these children. Why don't you just go?
Inquisitor - I would rather they die from long, memory-filled lives than slaughtered in their infancy by you...
Kol - You will die, and then they will die. Get out, if you don't want their last sights being your guts thrown at their faces. You want to change the universe? Start by looking at how many lives you are ruining from your carnage!
Kol - You are but dirt to me. Understand that.

Kol growled and opened his mouth, exhaling a black, demonic fire right into the Inquisitor's face. The inquisitor shielded his face and bared his teeth as the fire burned away at his scales, holding out as long as he could before he collapsed to the floor. Not from pain or blood los but from his very brain being burned to a crisp. Kol chuckled and extended his claws, and looked to the children.

Outside, the elder can hear screams and gushing sounds. Overcome by emotion the elder shuddered on the ground. The screams pierced the deepest reaches of his heart. he sslowly draws a knife and muttered to Drakon to be forgiven. In a minute or so, the screaming was silenced, but still sounds of blood dripping could be heard. Kol stepped out from behind the rock wall drenched in blood.

Elder - I hope you are pleased with what you have done. Those children.. such promise.. murdered because only you thought they did not deserve to live!
Kol - Another filthy generation of shit has just been exterminated. Of course I am pleased. The only children that deserve life are my own. Pfft, not afraid to die...I proved them wrong, by having them hear each other's screams.
Elder - If you must know I watched over every one of those killed behind that wall...All of them had such promise. Five hundred years... Enjoy your shameless and bloodthirsty life because I s-swear that one day. One day. This will come back on you.

He coughed and lifted the dagger to hang over his torso and tore away his breastplate. Kol chucked and threw a skull from one of the older children at the elder, still stained with blood. The elder looked down at the skull and he closed his eyes from the emotional pain.

Elder - Have you not a care?
Kol - I find it amusing, watching scum cry over other scum. You're all the same.
Elder - Everyone here, myself included, the order gave us all a second chance at life when society rejected us... Why do I bother. Go! Walk down the path of damnation! You see me as dirt but I see you as heartless scum.
Kol - And I do not care. Ram that knife into your chest already, I am tired of you.
Elder - You think you deserve offspring? You, who would kill billions just so your unborn children can live in tranqulity. Get out of my sight, If I must die I will not do so to satsify the likes of you!
Kol - Whatever. You have lost everything. Try and reclaim what dignity you never even had.

The elder waved his hand dimissively, expeting Kol Daren to leave. Kol snorted and spat at the elder, who could still smell the blood of infants from it. Kol takes his leave, teleporting from the monastery and to thep lanet outside. The defences were overrun and the populstion could not hold out. Satisfied he teleported to another planet within the system to continue his sinister work.

Hunting through the Ruins[]

Word of Imsiria's decimation spread throughout the sub-sector. Hearing the news, Arsac gathered an expedition to the planet's surface. When she arrived in the system she was contacted by a patrol on the system's outer edge. Confirming her identity as High Inquisitor she learned that the devastation occured after a freighter crash-landed in the heart of the primary settlement of Arvina. Reports were that other settlements further from the epicentre had time to prepare. The sheer number of HXTs, reported to have been expanding exponentially were overwhelming outlying settlements and orbital defences had been picking off HXT broods detected in the countryside from orbit.

Arsac wanted to learn more, as there were also reports of a "Zazane-restrictive mutagenic plague" raging across the planet. With information in mind, Arsac agreed to travel with an inquisitor cadre to secure Aravina with more on the way. What intrigued her were recordings fro mthep lanet mentioning the prescence of a "God-Zazane" that had hit a few hotspots amongst the swarms.

Arsac and her team - two inquisitors and a fireteam of amrines - landed and saw the state of Arvina. At the epicentre the city was ravaged, bodies lay in the streets, some half-eaten. As they hiked through the rubble they used fusion weapons to quickly pick off packs of HXTs still roaming the streets for prey. They saw the ruins of the monastery in the distance and, hopeful of survivors, trekked towards it. Upon reaching the main door they spotted signs of battle. The two inquisitors with Arsac noticed the corpses of altered Zazane. Teh team were unsure what to think, concerned that all Zazane refugees were in danger.

They headed deeper into the monastery to find the halls littered with corpses. They discovered the population had made a desperate last stand and there were mroe HXTs waiting inside. The group were accompanied by marine units who extracted tissue samples from the XHT and Zazazne corpses. After several samples were collected the marines headed outside while the inquisitors headed int othe tunnels beneath the monastery. With Arsac's help the inquisitors managed to easily find their way through the labarynth of tunnels to reach the central chamber. There, the elder was still alive, weak and muttering to himself. Arsac peered over to him, unacertain how he would respond after the recent events.

Arsac - Hello?
Elder - Shh! the children... they are sleeping...I didn't want to disturb them, not after what transpired here. No I let them rest at the back of the room...
Inquisitor - What happened to him?
Arsac - Inquisitor?

The elder turned to Arsac, his face was pale with horror. He cracked a pained smile as he continued to speak weakly.

Elder - These... Zazane. They came and disturbed the children. I could not let them.
Arsac - Zazane?
Inquisitor - Probably the ones outside.
Inquisitor 2 - What about those aliens strewn across the city? They looked familiar.
Elder - One of them came forward, said he would cleanse us all.

Arsac saw the pain in his eyes. She apprached him and kneeled to his level. She focused his attention on her using soem very simpel techniques. One of the Inquisitors peered through the hole in the rock face that had been created during the attack. She cringed in disgust at the bloodied sight. The other inqusititor caleld out with curiosity to her.

Arsac - Elder. What exactly happened here?
Inquisitor - Oh they're sleeping all right. Whatever reached them tore them apart. Quite literally.
Arsac - Elder. What happened!
Elder - All those behind the wall. They were practcally my own offspring, such potential and he... he...

Suddenly, Kol Daren stepped out of the darkness, throwing one of the Inquisitors away while chuckling. Arsac turned to Kol, she snarled and stood between him and the elder in a vain attempt to protect him.

Kol - I killed them. It is no use trying to stand up to me, mortal. You'll get the same result as everybody else did.
Arsac - ''Mortal'? Don't tell me, you have passed the immortality point.
Kol - I am beyond immortality, pest. I am a GOD!

KolDaren roared tremendously, he started to levitate as the sound of his roar rocked the chamber. Arsac snorted with amusement, smirking. Kol's display was something she found predictable rather than frightening or impressive.

Arsac - Nice trick.
Kol - That was what your Inquisitor buddies said right before I slaughtered their weak guts.
Arsac - I remmeber now, you were on the Katha Raemis. You were asking the admiral about the inquisition.
Kol - You must be that bitch dog, Arsac.
Arsac - How colourful.
Kol - Not really, all of you look the same to me. And yet you go around waving your pathetic battle scars like they were a flag. Arsac - You might want to reconsider that statement.
Inquisitor - Mistress, don't let him get to you. He's just trying to stare you down, no surprise really.
Kol - Oh really? Like that robotic eye? You know, if you were stronger you would still be able to see properly. And if you were stronger...

He looked down at her with a cold look on his face.

Kol - You wouldn't have let these people die.
Arsac - You think I regret this eye? Yest it may be different but do I consider losing it a failure? No. I entrusted these inquistors to safeguard these people. They died standing for what they believed.
Kol - No, you entrusted them and they failed. That is all. And you know who killed them? Me. You sent them to die. Their graves rest on YOUR shoulders.
Arsac - I see no falures. All I see is a sick freak who revels in tough challenges and brutal killings. All I see, Kol Daren, is a lost Zazane. Who's desire for power killed the good that remained in him long ago.
Kol - Well judging from your reputation, I'd say you're quit the hypocrit. I am no lost Zazane, I am the perfect Zazane. The next step in evolution, a God amongst men if you will! I am the incarnate of perfection itself, and you are the dirty filth that pollutes my domain.

Arsac lowered her head, and quietly chuckled to herself.

Kol - But what surprises me, is that you haven't tried killing me yet. I do wonder, why do you not attempt such a pointless feat?
Arsac - I apologise. Even after all these years it still entertains me when I encounter anyone who considers themselves 'perfect'.
Kol - I'd like you to prove me wrong.
Arsac - You seem to fail to understand exactly why the 'weak filth' continue to spread and dominate. You fail to understand why men like the elder would give their lives to save a few children even if death is inevitable. To be perfect is to be flawless and to be flawless is to be without fault. We all have our faults... even gods.
Kol - Oh no, I understand. And personally. I think its shit. A product of hopeless parasites looking for purpose or an act that will have them remembered. Nobody will remember those children, not even me.
Arsac - What of the elder? What of the records of those children? Even if he dies the records will exist for eternity. Either here or on Alcanti.
Kol - What remains here will be consumed and disposed of by my creations outside, as will all of the mortal population in this galaxy and the others.
Inquisitor - Mistress there is no point in talking to this slime. he's made up his mind so getting him to repent is impossible. Kol - Fine. Do with me as you will. Come here and kill me, scoundrel.
Inquisitor - With pleasure, zealot scum.
Arsac - Brother no! Stand down!
Kol - No, go on. I won't even fight back.

Kol approached Arsac in an attempt at intimidation. The Inquisitor apprached and drew his power sword. Arsac barred him by reaching out and placing her hand firmly on his chest.

Kol - What? Are you afraid of some simple zealot scum?
Arsac - You have something planned. Your mouth reeks of deceit.
Elder - You.. you destroyed my home... broke my mind....Killed my charges, slugtered by brothers and left me to rot...
Kol - And I'm supposed to feel guilty? You are vermin.
Elder - I hope there is a special place in the void for you! Drakon himself is looking like a better god than you!
Kol - You are the demons that plague this Universe. You plague the Universe with your constant ages of violence and death. I am putting an end to that for the good of my own children.
Arsac - So the truth comes out!
Kol - You think I was going to lie about my goals?
Arsac - All you want is an empty universe populated by your own twisted offspring. The very thought of you with children sigusts even me.
Kol - But what are you going to do about it? Come on, feel free to take a shot. I won't dodge.

The Elder managed to gain enough strength to forces his hand to the floor. The rock wall behind him cracked and the chunks flew at kol Daren. he simply stood as rocks bashed against his person and looked blankly. As the rocks broke apart he continued to focus, the rocks hit Kol again getting smaller and smaller but having no effect.

Kol - Those rocks represent the planets I shall cleanse. They shall tremble and break before me, the God of Perfection, and the Lord of all the Universe.
Arsac - Your only achievement will be to carve a path of blood across the universe. The scars will heal behind you, what you want is impossible.
Kol - Are you willing to allow me to try that, then?
??? - She's right. the Imperium will rebuild behind you, it has doen so before.

Upon hearing the strange voice, Arsac pulled out her fusion pistol and aimed it toward the doorway.

??? - Of course, there are other ways o purifying the universe...
Kol - Hmph. Reveal yourself.

Out of the doorway Vedrix appeared. Volakrus' right-hand was flanked by several descended Khaxvis who entered the room with her. She smiled and looked at both Kol and Arsac. The latter pointed a fusion pistol in her direction.

Vedrix - ...And my master, can provide the means.
Kol - You...I know you. From the market. I felt a similar presence.
Arsac - Your master is nothing but delusioned filth, just like him.
Vedrix - Do you see what I have to put up with?
Kol - This bitch dares call me zealot, and yet she is oh so faithful to her "Imperium" and "Drakon". Goes to show how much of a hypocrit she really is.
Vedrix - It's relative.

One of her soldiers walked over to the weakened elder. The inqusitors ran to aid him only for the khaxvis to physically throw them off and across the room.

Vedrix - Don't hurt them too much, he wants them alive.
Kol - Hmph. All mortals are scum to me. They deserve worse than death. But your master...his presence washes over you. You are unlike others. You are not mortal, but yet you are still weak...I shall spare your life for now.
Vedrix - Smart move. I may be weak to your eyes but I am still stronger than these animals. The poor dears don't even see the beauty of cybernetics.
Kol - Bah, cybernetics. A poor excuse to try and achieve godhood. No, I am more interested in the energies that surround you...I presume from your master.
Vedrix - Indeed, how about we talk abotu this somewhere outside of the inqusition's ears?
Kol - This does not make me your friend. But I will gladly assist in washing away this "Imperium" scum.

Kol grabbed Arsac and threw her to the floor. She lay helpless as her colleagues and the elder were subdued by Vedrix's escorts and hauled outside. As she lay, Kol Daren lowered his facr right in front of hers.

Kol - You, you little whore...You and I will meet again...

Kol stood up and Vedrix cleared her throat as the last of her secort took the inquisitors outside of the central chamber. She gave a mocking look to Arsac before leaving the main chamber.

Vedrix - First thing's first, my lord doesn't want the Imperium to die. he wants to conquer it. Heal it and make it stronger.
But if that means disposing of the weak, then so be it.
Kol - I want the Imperium gone. But your master intrigues me. I will keep sparing the Imperium at the back of my mind for now.
Vedrix - I suppose that is workable.

Perfection and Consumption[]

The group headed outside. When they were a short distance from the monastery, Vedrix pulled out a holoprojector. She told Kol that Volkarus was interested in speaking to him. She activated the portable device and a hologram of Volkarus appeared. Unsurprisingly he had once again taken his pre-Alcanti form.

Volkarus - So, this is Kol Daren? *smiles* I applaud you so far.
Kol - Give me your name, seeing as you are so familiar with myself.
Volkarus - I am Volkarus Khaxvis. head of the foremr House Haxvis and rightful heir to the Imperium. I see you are aquainted with Vedrix.
Kol - Heh, Khaxvis. That name is familiar. They were at the blackmarket, buying genetic samples of Zazane.
Volkarus - A little project of mine. A few Zazane liberated themselves from the Brood of War and pledged themselves to me. I, in turn, want to make them the gods of war they make themselves out to be. What nature wanted them to be!
Kol - War. War disgusts me. So useless and pointless, it influences people. I wish the end of war. But it seems both myself and you have similar goals for the Zazane.
Volkarus - Interesting coming from a man who only a few days ago murdered an entire planet's worth of people. Kol - That was not war. That was pest control.
Volkarus - It is still death, and pest control can be considered a war on vermin. Still, you are right that we both have plans.
Kol - You dare question my goals...You should be considered lucky I attended to your silly little audience.

Vokarus' eyse flashed red with frustration.

Volkarus - Take that is a passing comment. You should be grateful Vedrix considered looking for you at all!
Kol - Hmph, you're lucky her head is still intact after taking those samples I need from the blackmarket.
Vedrix - It's not like the merchant knew who I was.
Volkarus - Enough! Vedrix, my dear, have those aquisitions of yours prepared for transit. I have a proposition for the Zazane.
Kol - It had better be good.

Vedrix bowed to Volkarus and headed toward the shuttle, calling out to her comapnions in High Dracid to load their captives aboard.

Volkarus - "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". We both despise the weak, they are a blight on the universe so why fight about it?
Kol - Because one of us is stronger.
Volkarus - That may be... It would be so much easier if we joined forces .Together we could be unstoppable. Nothing could stand in our way, the universe could be ours!
Kol - If that is your proposition, I am not convinced. I am more interested in your "experiments" with the Zazane.
Volkarus - Ah yes... Apparently you have yet to have success.
Kol - Hmph. I simply need to speed up the process. It is not a total failure.
Volkarus - Because you lack the resources. Resources my house has spent millennia building up.
Kol - So, what do you want from me?
Volakrus - You are... interesting. Your genetics would be of great use in the project and we both stand to benefit. Kol - ...Fine. I shall assist.
Volkarus - You hold youself back, we could do so, so much you and I. We could achieve perfection for both our kind.
Kol - Fine. But this shall only be temporary. I hope you know that.

Moxix listened to the conversation and his voice emerged within Volkarus' head as the conversation finished. Volkaru turned the emitter off at his end and smiled.

Moxix - Hohoho...this "Kol Daren" is an interesting being.
Volkarus - Yes, and once we are done with him, think of the power he could grant us!
Moxix - If he WANTS to grant you any. He could kill you in seconds. His power even makes me shudder.
Volakrus - Who says I would ask? But yes, he is indeed powerful.
Moxix - Be careful. Your head holds both of us now.
Volkarus - For now we can enjoy those inquisitors.

Back on the planet, Vedrix returned to Kol Daren confident they were ready to leave. She pickedu p the holoprojector fro mthe floor.

Vedrix - Kol Daren, how did things go?
Kol - Your master is mad. And pompous. But I will indeed assist you.
Vedrix - Good. We shall head to the fleet where my lord resides and there, the work can begin.

Kol budged past her on the way to the shuttle and managed to knock her over. She snarled as she landed within the rubble. As they left, Arsac emerged from the monastery to see the shuttle and Vedix turned to her and fired a bolt of lighting, which was dodged. throwing her arm at the shuttle door in frustation, she threw another bolt as the shuttle lifted off with her and Kol Daren inside. Unkown to them Arsac had just enough time to pull out a gun and fire a tracer at the shuttle's hull. The vessel returned to orbit as the reacer activated on it's underside.

Kol he sat silently, yet awake, inside the shuttle. he stares dbout. To break the uneasy silence, Vedrix leaned towards him slightly.

Vedrix - A word of caution, it would not hurt to be more courteous around my brothers and sisters.
Kol - Don't speak to me. You're simply a tool.
Vedrix - You are charming...
Kol - Word of caution, you should learn when to keep your disgusting mouth shut.
Vedirx - Just remember that when he is not around, I am Volakrus' voice.
Kol - I treat you like Volkarus, then.
Vedrix - I take it by your standards that is no improvement.
Kol - Why should I be courteous to mere filth who want to get their hands on my body for their own usage in war?
Vedrix - Beause that 'filth' desires godhood, same as you.
Kol - So you need the help of a true god to achieve it.
Vedrix - My lord likes taking every oppertunity he can. Oh he could achive godhood without you, I am sure of it.
Kol - Hmph. So that is why you cling onto him.
Vedrix - I am confident in my lord's abiliteis if that is what you mean.
Kol - No, you're a greedy bitch who wants nothing but his so-called power.
Vedrix - Is this how you entice all women you meet?
Kol - Who said I was enticing you?
Vedrix - Well for one you have this fascination with Zazane women.
Kol - I need vessels for my spawn. And you are not Zazane.
Vedrix - My lord overcame that boundary.
Kol - I want natural children, not moving mannequins.
Vedrix - Urgh, you Zazane and your obsession with natural birth, No wonder you are dying out.

Kol suddenly grabbed her throat and brings her close to his face.

Kol - Remember when I said to keep your filthy, whorish mouth shut? This is one of those times.

He violently let go, looking away from her with disgust.

Khaxvis - You did take it too far madam.
Vedrix - Silence! I feel the need for a cold shower.
Kol - Because you are so filthy and disgusting? Do not worry, I can cleanse you if you wish.

The bodygaurd shook his head at her slightly as an indicator it would nto be best to reply to the comment. She sighed with a tone of annoyance.

Vedrix - Just... try to be a little more polite around my lord? You really don't want to see what happens to people who piss him off.

Upon mentioning this the other Khaxvis in the shuttle shuddered with disgust.

Kol - Tell me, why would I concern myself with that?
Khaxvis - We would rather not say...
Kol - Do not make me ask again.
Verix - Forgive them, but for most of us what he does to afailures is discomfoting to most. Those inquisitors we brough aboard, they will share the same fate. Except their case will be somewhat more extreme.
Kol - Tell me what. He. Does.
Khaxvis - The most that most of us hear are the blood-curdling scremas that come from his quarters.
Vedrix - My lord gained the power to take someone's flesh and power through touching them.
Kol - Is that so? Hmm...I wonder what bizarre force granted him such power.
Vedrix - He hasn't told any of us.
Kol - It reminds me...of a plague of undeath that swept the Universe some time ago. Halted me in my experiments. A man known as...Moxix, the Butcher, was at fault.
Khaxvis - Some of those Zazane mentioned a 'Moxix'.
Kol - Hmph. But I do not fear him. At least...not anymore. As he is dead.
Khaxvis - Well those Inquisitors in the back are his next meal.
Kol - Gruesome. I wonder...if he had found those children, would he have brought himself to have them...slaughtered.

Everyone except for Kol looked at each other with conern. There was a feeling of uneasiness about the question.

Khaxvis - Probably. But from what I hear it is the more senior inquisitors he enjoys the most.
Kol - Hmph. I would have all Inquisitor scum crushed. And I will.

The journey to the crusier continued to be awkward, and unknow nto everyone the tracer Arsac had planted remained as they passed through the gateway network, away fro mthe Inner-Rim and out into the uncharted regions of space. There, the enormous fleet that was host to the most of the Khaxvis Resurgence.


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