Recon Squadron is a Cyrandia Resistance starfighter squadron formed shortly after its formation. The squadron is tasked for reconnaissance missions, participates in battles and supporting capital ships. However its unique and well known to be one of the more classified cells within the Resistance, often carrying out covert ops missions involving their starfighters.

With one carrier and 12 Reconnaissance-class fighters, with a crew complement of 3 per fighter the squadron is well trained and independent as their CS-16 class provides all they need.


SGCW Labyrinth of War 04

Joining forces with the Raptor in 21 AQF

Shortly after the forming of the Cyrandia Resistance, Colonel Perreri Ackdool understood the need of an elite covert strike team to carry out duties and missions that the common fleets and personnel should remain unaware of. In the following years, after getting his hands on the modfied CS16-class he dubbed the Château de Montségur and operated independent from Resistance Command and carried out missions with their stolen Reconnaissance-class heavy-duty multipurpose starfighters.

With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 21 AQF, Recon Squadron set out to do their duties for the Resistance as it headed deep into Imperial territory to operate behind enemy lines. During one of those duties, they intercepted an Imperial transmission involving the Auethnen Raptor, not hesistating a moment colonel Ackdool dispatched six Reconnassaince-class starfighters that aided the vessel in need. Engaging the ASP-fighters, the Gozanti-class and the light cruiser they managed to open a line in the Imperial lines and escaped the sight together with the Raptor.


Arrival at Andustar

Ackdool later met with Kara and Aoirtae though refused them to leave their vessel to protect the secrecy of his squadron. He later escorted the Raptor towards the Resistance fleet where Recon Squadron was present during a meeting deciding whether or not provide aid at Coruanthor. Recon Squadron participated in the battle of Coruanthor moments later and various Reconnassaince-class heavy starfighters provided an escort for the Raptor, allowing them to safely reach the surface and end the battle. Afterwards the squadron was dispatched to find a suitable base for the Resistance. After locating various locations they rendezvoused with General Sesoka in orbit above Andustar. Since then, the squadron has been involved in various assaults against Imperial patrols and failed recon missions to locate missing resistance cells.


Recon Squadron prepares to depart after stealing fuel and ammunition supplies

By January 6 2820, Colonel Perreri Ackdool finally recieved permission from General Sesoka to investigate resistance activity within the Space in Between. Much to the dismay of lieutenant Tatsu Irana, the colonel and the Château set course towards Ozdudrahk to gain access into the Space in Between. Near Ozdurahk, Recon Squadron engaged a Saurien Sector Corporation freighter convoy to steal fuel and ammunition for the Resistance. Disabling one of the large Kounotori-class, commanded by S'aur as well as two of the three Gozanti-class escorts Recon Squadron docked with the large freighter to be refueled. Afterwards Recon Squadron entered the Corridor and headed towards Isle Blue. Upon their arrival, the Loyalist fleet was already under siege by the Imperial task force under admiral Apticyus' command. Deploying their fighters Recon Squadron managed to open a hole in the Imperial lines and managed to join the Loyalist forces into their exodus into the Quadrant Galaxies.

By March 2820 Recon Squadron was deployed along the (in)famous Gorge and assaulted and disabled starbase 04 in an effort to disrupt Imperial activities in the vicinity and draw their forces away from the eastern colonial sectors.


Recon sqaudron is considered a small yet effective rebel cell or squadron. It operates on directions from Resistance Command and is commanded by Colonel Perreri Ackdool, a Mon Nadhar.

Perreri AckdoolLarge Name:Colonel Perreri Ackdool

Birthdate: Unknown

Perreri Ackdool is a stern, proud and gifted strategist within the Cyrandia Resistance holding the rank of Colonel (navy equilevant is captain). One of the early officers joining the Resistance upon its formation, Perreri understood the need for a department tasked with more covert operations that could act independant from the main fleets or larger cells. They could even execute the more discussionable or immoral missions of the Resistance.

Perreri handpicked each and every member of the squadron upon the assesments made by Resistance Command about their personnel. To ensure its secrecy Perreri ordered that the squadron acts independent from the other cells and that his own personnel doesn't socialze with other squadrons and cells as well.

Perreri is feared for his bad moods when the cell runs out of coffee which the Colonel badly needs in the morning.

Perreri Ackdool

Military and DefenseEdit

Recon squadron is a rather small Resistance Cell due to its unique mission objectives and roles within the Resistance. Highly trained and adepted to each other, it is rather unknown to other rebel cells and are dictated not to interact with other cells unless required. Socializing with other cells is forbidden due to the more secretive nature of the Squadron.

Its personnel excists out of a variation of species hailing from either the Cyrannus Galaxy, Quadrant Galaxies and beyond.

Tatsu Irana Rebel Lt Name:Tatsu Irana
Rank: Lieutenant
Role:Recon Leader
Status: Alive

Tatsu Irana is a female Chinawkya that once served within the navy of Rambo Nation before she decided to join the Resistance. A gifted starship pilot Tatsu soon proved herself to be a very capable fighter pilot and was handpicked by Colonel Perriti Ackdool to serve as his left hand and assigned her as the fighter pilot leader of Recon Squadron.

Overall she is the third in command of the entire squadron. Caring for her fellow pilots, Tatsu is bold, reckless and refuses to accept an Imperial victory unless all the odds are against her. She is a decent tactician and knows when to retreat instead of pressing on as it would allow them to fight another day.

Tatsu Irana Rebel
Recon Sqaudron PilotLarge Recon Squadron Pilot
Recon Squadron Co-Pilot
Recon Squadron Gunner

The Recon Sqaudron Pilots, co-pilots and gunners all wear the same dark colored uniform with the white shoulder and ellbow protectors.
Their flightsuite fits tight and keeps them warm and isolated when piloting their fighters. They are however not space worthy.
At the right side they carry a fire arm to protect themselves. The helmets are integrated with the systems of their Reconessaince-fighters to optimise their performance as a team.

Recon Sqaudron Pilot


Starship classes
Length: 145 meters
Weaponry: Turbolasers, torpedoes

The CS16-class is a modified version of the CS-line of corvettes. The CS16 version is marked by a large satelitte dish on its back, capable of recieving and transmiting, intercepting large amount of coded long range transmissions and data which the Recon Squadron uses to execute covert operation. It hangar bay on both sides harbours Recon-squadrons heavy fighters and includes a small maintaince section to repair the fighters if damaged.

Its engines allow it to make quick hyperspace jumps. The ship is modified to substain her crew for quite some time, having large numbers of quarters, storage for food and materials as well as a sporting complex to keep its fighter pilots and crew in shape.

CS 16
Heavy Fighters
Length: 15.6 meters
Weaponry: Heavy laser cannons, torpedoes

The Reconnaissance-class starfighter is a heavy-duty multipurpose model of fighter. Deployed for both intense battle and long range space missions. Its two powerful engines allows it to propel itself into hyperspace. It is manned by a crew of three: a pilot, co-pilot, and a tail gunner and one astromech droid.

Its nose contains long range scanners and sensors, its wings can fold and contain its forward laser cannons.

Recon squadron uses these fighters to operate far from their CS16-class to prevent their home base from being drawn into battle. They are known to execute precision missions against larger capital ships of the Empire.

Reconnaissance-Class (blue)Blue Model
Reconnaissance-Class (Red)
Red Model
Ships Deployed
  • Corvettes
    • 1 CS16-class
      • Château de Montségur
  • Starfighters
    • 12 Reconnaissance-class


  • The CS16-class is actually a building instead of a UFO model in the sporepedia.

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