Power, control, domain... Born from shadows

- Aliankanv


What rule the realityEdit

The universe, no, the reality, is ruled by only one thing, power. It doesn't matter how kind of power is, military, economic, religious, it doesn't matter, while is power. That was the first lesson that I learnt, as a child my parents teach me that, with power, you can have everything that you want. But the power is not enough, if you have power you need to know how to use it, that was the second lesson. I learnt that you need to know how to use the power if you want to use it, you need control, power and control, the keys of ambition. The keys of domain.

I learnt that in my years of youth, while I was taught how to rule an empire, a civilization. My parents weren't bad with me, they only wanted that I have ambition, that I have domain, they gave me my name, a name that nobody remembers nowadays. Aliankanv X, that is my name now, but most people now call me Dark Shadow. I became the power. Power, control, domain... born from shadows, it is a cool name I think.

Maybe it is a bad idea write this story. But it is the true story. My path to the shadows, a path that cross two universes, several galaxies, thousands of stars and millions of souls. This is my rise, the Rise of the Shadow.

The young conquerorEdit

Most of sensible beings think that a ruler start his way to the power when he is an adult, but it is not true. Just think about our Emperor, eternity to him, and myself. My parents educated me to be a conqueror, a master of society. From the beginning I learnt how to manipulate the people, it was funny. My schoolmates always did what I want, my professors always thought that I was the ideal student, I was surrounded by idiots.

Someday, in my path to the power, I started to believe that there were no intelligent men and women in the universe, everybody were so manipulable, so pathetic. Then the reality surprise me, I meet some people that weren't stupid, Neliara, Aniaf and Tuedelm, my future lover, bodyguard and priest respectively.

In my years as a teenager things went better and better, president of school council, prize to the most intelligent student, more desired men in the galaxy, it was fantastic. I became the future master of the galaxy.


But with years came the questions, questions to myself. Why did I want domain? I had everything what I want, what did I want then? I always consider myself not too different from a machine, I solve problems with logic not with stupid feelings.

So I thought what kind of objective I had to find. I needed an objective that would be achieved through intelligence, something that no one had done before, something that would give eternity to my name. Then I did the observations. First of all I discovered that there was nothing like a reason of life, the reality was indifferent about us. Second, the living beings are naturally, depth in their souls, warlike, ambitious and selfish, they are their own enemies and someone have to control their nature. Third, there were nothing like peace, peace were mayfly, like flower was beautiful and easy to broke.

The reply was quickly. There were no objective, so I needed to create on myself. There were no peace so I needed to create it. The peace was mayfly so I needed to create an eternal one. That was my objective, create the eternal peace.

And so, I needed how to create it. I observed how my schoolmates compete between them to achieve the pinnacle of power, I read how when a leader become a governor others fight him to steal the position of power. That made me think, if someone is enough powerful, if there is an abyss between him and the populace, then who were going to try to defeat him? The peace would be achieved through the exaltation of the leader. And I was going to be that leader.

I became after years of manipulation, intimidation and demonstrations of power and intelligence, the Supreme Chancellor, with my old pals as my advisors. I create the peace, I became the peace.

And then the hell started.

The PathEdit

Is this the end?Edit

"Year 22776: Unknown universe"

'Alright, so is this the end?' said Neliara as she drank another sip of her drink.

The sweet and deadly voice reverberated in my dark and empty room, the Supreme Chancellor's room of the small arc, the arc where thousand of men and women of six different species awaited their salvation. Salvation, I think that was an accurate name to the huge starship, that was one of the ten cities sized arcs which slowly moved to the secret place, escaping from the incommensurable fleet that moved even slower, conquering and destroying colony per colony, planet per planet, star per star. Nobody, in thousands of years had seen such power in the whole galaxy. Maybe the Ancients were more powerful, but the Dominion, my beloved Dominion, never had seen something so amazing, and horrific.

I was looking the holographic projection of the civilian ships, the red cloud of enemies were approaching, I remember the bright red, the panic of my people. I did my calculations, I was confident about them, they always were exact, my ships would arrive to the objective in twenty days, and the Extragalactics would attack them in less than a month. Questions attacked my head. Could I find a way to use the portal in less than ten days? Would the portal work? I hate don't have the answers, I hated myself in that moment, but anyway, I hadn't more options.

'If this is our end, we will end with a smile in the face and alcohol in our system' I replied pouring another cup.

Neriala curled her luscious lips in a smile. My lover were very damn good making any situation sensual, even if it was a conversation about the end of the world as we know it.

'I have to accept, honey, that you have style when we are talking about our dying time'

I cursed her goddammit sweet voice.

'Oh, come on' I said 'I always have style!'

And so the journey started, my path to the darkness.

Gate of the AncientsEdit

Year 22776: Unknown universe, Ancient's Gate

I continue sighing even today when I think in the Gate. The huge black ring lazily rotating around the spiral of light and hot matter of a quasar, the ostentatious modesty of the most powerful machine in the whole galaxy, indifferently devouring entire stellar systems as an energy source, showing the incredible power of the Ancients.

I remember the exact moment when I looked at it, I couldn't appreciate the magnificence of what I was seeing, it was like look a sacred relic of a god, and in a way, I was seeing a relic of the gods. I always loved the old saying, "Any Sufficient Advanced Aliens Are Indistinguishable From Gods", as a child I always imagine that if such beings exist I would be able to some day became in one. That was my dream.

There is a difference between objectives and dreams, the dreams are something unattainable, impossible, so good that could't be real. The objectives are not real, yet.

'If you are going to continue looking that dumb big object like you look at me I am going to kill you' Neriala was very jealous, I can't fell in love with a machine, right?

The following week my scientists worked all day and night long trying to activate the fantastic machine. It was easier than I imagined, the machine operated with simple binary system, any advanced civilization would activate it if they could achieve the ring-like structure. In ten days the portal opened, in ten days the Extragalctics attacked.

Battle in the GateEdit

It was funny in retrospective how fast the arcs, the pinnacle of our technology just fell like flies in the deep of the space. The huge Extragalctics' fleet appear from the hyperspace at the same time, in seconds the space itself was warping around our ships, spears of a mile long flew toward us to 99% of the speed of the light, concentrated lasers with the power of supernovas teared our ships apart. Incredible power, gorgeous power.

I remember perfectly the shouts, the hysteria, the pain. The symphony of the chaos, it was funny, very funny. Somebody was asking me what we could do, someone was giving orders instead of me, I was just paralyzed, my plans failed, my only hope disappeared, leaving only fear, only amusement to the damned reality. Neliara was crying orders to the our small military escort of some tens of thousands battleships, Tudelem was praying to some Dark God that he worshiped, Aniaf was just standing there as he mimicked a rock.

And I? I was laughing as I remembered my B-plan, I was laughing as my sanity disappeared, as I find the true truth about the reality.

Natural Selection, that was, just that. The strong, the smart, the adaptable survived as the others just die. The reality cleaned itself from the rubbish that somebody thought that was intelligent life, the weak and stupid, those who didn't are capable to break the rules to survive don't deserve to live, and the fate was in charge of purge the reality of them.

But I didn't mind break the rules, I didn't mind make sacrifices, I couldn't allow the fate to kill me, I was going to defeat the fate. I ordered to Tudelem to prepare the Ultimate Bloodbath, I never understood how the hell the true name spelled, but "Ultimate Bloodbath" was a very accurate name.

Soldiers, civilians, politicians, anyone who weren't an adept to the Dark Arts that Tudelem had become a master years ago, was sacrificed in a dark ritual, the energy of their lives became in more power to us, the adepts, the strong men and women, those who will survive. The energy was overwhelming, delicious, irresistible, I never felt so much pleasure as that moment. Absolute power, the absolute power was ours, it was mine.

A flash of light, the sensation of the godhood in my body, and the enemy's ships started to explode.

Only one arc left, my arc. Only ten thousand survived, the ten thousand more powerful, the ten thousand who defeated the fate. We could use that power to destroy the Extragalactics, we could conquer the galaxy, we could conquer the universe. But I knew that these universe wasn't our home anymore, the reality was expecting us to go another place, another universe to be purged.

I was the peace, I was the power, I was the bringer of justice and another universe needed me to clean it from the weak, from the stupid, from those who didn't deserve to live.

Just the beginningEdit

Traveling between universes is not pleasurable. I don't know exactly how it works, as a kid I always enjoyed more the xenopsychology than the astrophysics and the multiple dimensions mathematic, but I remembered the basic idea, your three-dimensional particles became in four-, five-, etcetera-dimensional particles. Imagine a piece of paper, two-dimensional stuff, then suddenly every point in the piece of paper expanded into a dimension that the paper never understood, a third dimension. When I was young my head hurt every time I thought about it, but now I understood.

It is really painful.

The next thing that I remember is being in the cabin of the arc, looking a strange depth darkness, the darkness of another universe. The henchman confirmed my suppositions, the place where we were wasn't our galaxy, neither our home universe, it was a new one, a universe waiting to be conquered.

The lone arc moved for a few days, searching a star which could provide us with solar energy or a planet to colonize, or at least a lonely celestial object which we could consume and transform into energy. When we found a beauty stellar system something catch my attention, a message sent to us by subspace, a message from the local inhabitants.

I pushed an holographic button and the image of a exotic creature that the ship crew never saw in their life appeared. It was a golden being with reptilian features. With feathers adorning it's head and tail, the being also wore a uniform baring the insignia of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, I couldn't avoid seeing the insignia, it was quite an impressive design.

The golden being talked first, the voice was something that the arc's crew never listened before.

'I am Gianne Inviá of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony. You will identify yourselves or be fired upon for the glory of the Emperor!'

I had to think fast. Gigaquadrantic Hegemony. Emperor. Be fired.

'Greetings my lady, we are the Dominion, our people have escaped from an alternative universe, we are looking for temporary political asylum' I said with my most charismatic voice.

'Political asylum? What benefit do your people have that could possibly benefit the Hegemony?' said Gianne. So this empire was enough powerful and efficient to don't help strangers without a reason, it was a very respectful thing.

'Well, we don't have any kind of knowledge about this universe, but we are available to the Emperor, is there any way that our people can be attached to the glorious Hegemony?' I can remember how my crew gasped. I tried to keep a straight face.

'The Hegemony is the sole legitimate civilisation in this universe. From the moment you entered our domain, you have been attached to the Hegemony. I congratulate you for your good fortunes' said Gianne, at that moment I gasp too. The only legitimate empire in the universe, eh?

I had to continue the conversation. I had to think. I had to got more information.

'We are glad to now be members of such glorious empire, we in our whole life didn't meet a empire with so much power. Could you send us the laws and codes that we must follow to be worthy members of the Hegemony and perhaps the location of the nearer starport?' I said, mentally praying to the Dark Gods of the Chaos, Madness and Amusement.

Gianne interacted with a holo display and sent over the relevant information to Aliankanv, directing the fleet to the nearest Hegemony planet. My inner self sighed in relief.

'Very kind of you ma'am, I expect see you soon in the future' I said. Gianne nodded and closed the transmission.

When the image of the golden being vanquished I leaned back in my chair, long time since I had to use all my talents diplomats at a time. Suddenly a mad laugh escaped from my lips, and became stronger and stronger until everyone in the cabin cringed, it was like I had gone mad. But no, I hadn't lost my mind, I was more sane than ever.

'Aliankanv, did you notice what you did? You made us kneel before a stranger, you just removed our freedom!' exclaimed Neliara.

'No, I just saved our lives' I said calmly 'Now we have to create our peace here, in this universe. Our home galaxy is doomed, if we defeat the Extargalctics another thread will appear, stronger, our peace need something else, and the Hegemony will be that something else. If you want to give up and became simple citizens or even became rebels I won't stop you, but you have to decide now.'

'I will always cover your back, Alankanv' said Aniaf.

'I won't allow you see again that Gianne, I need to keep an eye on you' said Neliara.

'Whatever, I need to investigate this universe' replied Tudelem.

I smiled. It wasn't the end after all, it was just the beginning.

'Ok, everybody, let's see how much changes we can make in this universe in a life time, maybe the future men and women of the Gigaquadrant will thank us'

The PlanEdit

The Gigaquadrantic HegemonyEdit

The Shadow ForceEdit

The EmperorEdit

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The RiseEdit

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