There are countless universes in the great pattern of the multiverse. And every one has an opposite, where heroes become tyrants and tyrants become heroes.

- Unknown

The Mirror Universe is a parallel universe that exists on a different dimensional plane than the Gigaquadrant. It is unknown if these two realities diverged at any particular point in history, but it is clear that they couldn't be more different, as each individual who can be classified as being "good" becomes "evil", and vice versa.

Unlike the primary universe, which is home to countless separate sovereign civilisations, the Mirror Universe is dominated by a single Gigaquadrantic Hegemony.

Any member of the Fiction Universe can join the Mirror Universe with opposite versions of their own characters, provided they ask permission from one of the administrators.





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The dating system in the Mirror Universe is centred on the formation of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, with "BHR" corresponding to years before Hegemony rule and "HR" corresponding to years during it. The Mirror Universe is currently in the late 228th century.

Before Hegemony Rule[]

  • Unknown, billions BHR - The Venhokwe Brotherhood begins the externation of the O.R.I.G.I.N. Corporate. They begin reverse engineering O.R.I.G.I.N. systems and inadvertently create the Mechanivirus, which destroys them.
  • Unknown, millions BHR - Scorpio destroys the archaic Enigmyte Empire and takes over the Medes Galaxy.
  • c. 1600 BHR - The Libertus Empire conquers the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim of the Cyrannica Galaxy.
  • 560 BHR - The Libertus Empire has conquered 60% of Cyrannica by this year.
  • 76 BHR - Under heavy Libertus attack, the Neraida Gigamatrix flees into space unknown.
  • 10 BHR - Contact is made with the Serindian Empire, which had become space-faring much earlier than in the prime universe.
  • 0 BHR - After a brief war, a covenant is signed and the Cyrannica-Quadrantia Hegemony (the direct predecessor to the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, to the point where they are seen as the same entity) is formed.

Hegemony Rule[]

First Age (0 HR - 10000 HR)
  • 0 HR - Scorpio lends his services to the Hegemony.
  • 100 HR - The Hegemony spies founded the Shadow Force.
  • 150 HR - Approximately 85% of the Cyrandia Cluster is under the Cyrannica-Quadrantia Empire.
  • 280 HR - Contact is made with the Empire of Dranvamus.
  • 291 HR - The Cyrannica-Quadrantia Empire, with aid from Dranvamus, conquer the Bisistar.
  • 400 HR - By this year, the Cyrannica-Quadrantia Hegemony has evolved into the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony we know today, due to the absorption of the Dranvamus Galaxy.
  • 400 HR - 1000 HR - The Bodes Galaxy is conquered.
  • 1020 HR - 1500 HR - The Ramvelkys Galaxy is conquered.
  • 1400 HR - 2710 HR - The Black Eye and Plazith Rim Galaxies are conquered. The Plazith Rim Directive, controlled by artificial intelligences found in that galaxy, is formed.
  • 2710 HR - 3500 HR - No major galaxies are conquered due to a massive internal rebellion lasting centuries.
  • 3590 HR - 5000 HR - The Kraw Galaxy, Tigris and Corias are conquered.
  • 5700 HR - 6550 HR - Mirus and the Sana and Forma Galaxies are conquered.
  • 6535 HR - The Hegemony, ruled previously by exclusively Libertus Emperors, gains its first Serindia leader, Emperor Ramatinea, who rules for 750 years.
  • 6550 HR - 7285 HR - The Kread and Phradox Galaxies are conquered.
  • 7285 HR - Emperor Ramatinea dies in his sleep; the Hegemony comes close to breaking into civil war with no successor being named. Ultimately the Cretacea family gain control over the Hegemony. Instead of continuing the ancient tradition of conquering other galaxies, the new Empress Io, leads the Hegemony to a golden age, consolidating its power, improving the lives of its citizens and ensuring supremacy in their space.
  • 7286 HR - 9776 HR - The rule of Empress Io.
Second Age
  • 10000 HR - The Hegemony celebrates its first 10000 years.
  • 10087 HR - Contact is made with the Hegemony's greatest threat yet: the Simhaslaeo Neraida, who had settled in the Simhaslaeo Galaxy after fleeing from Cyrannica millenia ago. The Great War begins, lasting 9510 years.
  • 16170 HR - The Grox in the Girdo Galaxy disappear and the intergalactic communication relays connecting it to the rest of the universe are destroyed. For an unknown reason, many individuals flee to the Simhaslaeo Galaxy, where they are forced to remain in hiding from the Neraida.
  • 19597 HR - After countless star systems are raveged, the Hegemony emerges victorious from the Great War, completely annihilating the Neraida and conquering the Simhaslaeo Galaxy. The sparsely-populated Simhaslaeo Province is founded.
Third Age
  • 20000 HR - The Hegemony celebrates its first 20000 years. (Roughly 1 BC/1 AD in the Human calendar)
  • 20500 HR - Emperor Lincolo II becomes leader of the Hegemony. His rule lasts 650 years.
  • 20973 HR - Xonexi, capital of the Hegemony is attacked by terrorists from the Bunsen Galaxy. This begins a campaign that lasts to this day.
  • 21150 HR - Empress Coailon I takes command of the Hegemony. Her rule lasts 980 years.
  • 22622 HR - Empress Minerva IV becomes leader of the Hegemony.
  • 22733 HR - A criminal syndicate known as the Serpent's Head makes a bid for power, attempting to combat the Hegemony's rule in Dranvamus. The secret war continues for several decades and ends in the Head's almost complete destruction.
  • 22754 HR - Aedanius I is born.
  • 22764 HR - Orion halts Scorpio's experiments in the Medes Galaxy, and as a result, Scorpio begins hunting Orion and his army.
  • 22769 HR - Visible Apalarchy activity begins, starting with the destruction of all brown dwarf stars in the Girdo Galaxy and the threatening of any ships from outside that try to investigate.
  • 22772 HR - Aedanius I becomes Emperor. Minerva IV is assassinated.
  • 22777 HR - Aliankanv arrive to the First Gigaquadrant. He annexed his nation to the Hegemony.
  • 22779 HR - Led by Ziosac'Easri, the Zio'Aeni Republic submits to the Hegemony.
  • 22781 HR - Aliankanv takes the command of the Shadow Force. The Polymorphs takes the highest spheres of the Shadow Force power.
  • 22789 HR - Current Year

Civilisations and Factions[]




  • Viscount Lorrelas
  • Viscount Lieutenant Samenor

Serpent's Head

Yasuul Legion


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