The Girdo Resistance, is a recent rebellion against the Coalition of Delpha. Founded by two arms of rebels: Rammashe (Rambo), Apollo (Libertus), Tazch'xatri (Salsetthe), Floon (Cephalodian), John Trebber (Human); as well as Arnas, Alessa and Sarec of the Draconid Resistance. The resistance fighters eventually found themselves joining the Girdo Imperials.

They have a small but strong fleet, and the captains who control the ships are all highly skilled because they survived longer than the others. However, with dwindling resources each member shares their technology, creating hybrid ships like the Adelphi/Cephalodian AR-12 cruisers (with distinctive bioarmour). Biotechnology is being researched due to its ability to grow. The AR-12 is also armed with stolen coalition tech, including 4 photonic cannons.

Members Edit

  • Girdo Imperials
  • Escaped rebels
    • Cephalodians
    • Humans
    • Rambo
    • Libertus
      • Adelphi
  • Allies
    • Salsetthe
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