Apocalypse Come[]

Catalis III was a world on the frontlines. Originally a shining example of prestige, a glob of nectar dew resting on the petals of the rose that is the Imperium. But with that rose withering, the dew was now waning in its lustre, restingon the drying petals as the flower decayed and receded. Catalis III was made more vunerable as the Imperium receded, staring dow nthe encorachment of horror and usurper alike withing to capitalise on the withering legacy of the Draconid Imperium.

Like a menacing inset seeking to collect the sweet nectar for itsefl, an emormous and viciou construct left hyperspace in orbit, placing itself within one thousand kilometres. As if the planet was shuddering at its approach, the seas rose underneath it and the ground began to crack. This structure was of such scale it could easily pass off as a planetoid belonging to the planet itself. The ground groaned, splitting as fissures erupted, launching jets of molten rock int othe air across the hemisphere, the orbit of the eldritch construct meant its effects swept across the planet as it swung itself around, a sweeping tide of destruction that wracked cities and farms across the surface.

Citizens peeked out of windows to see it looming ominously overhead. Holo-images were taken as for a brief moment, it orbited to block out the sun over the capital city and its surrounding provinces. The darkness spread panic as following the dakness was a meteor shower that rained across the daylight hemisphere. Striking plazas and homes alike, the pods sat in city centres and in shops, some landing amongs fields, drawing curiosity despite the best wishes of the local planetary garrison.

One pod landed within a fast food resturaunt in the capital. One citizen, a Solinkidor named Alle-Anna was interrupted from her business lunch with two friends when the pod landed on the other side of the resturaunt form her. She stood up, as everyon eelse did to stare at the object that interrupted her meal. The front opened, exposing everyone ot the sight of four sets of eyes that glared down menacingly at everyone.

Throwing themsleves out of the pod were four Draconizane of intimidating physical profole, their muscles pressed against their armour and clothing as they threw themselves out and jumped to crush anyone in the room. Alle-Anna panicked and ran just as on of the beasts cruashed one of her friends under their foot, grinding the reamins int othe cafe floor before sharply turning their gaze to Alle and her friend, now panicking as everyone else did. Alle and her friend ran outside but quickly had to duck int oan alleyway as another crazed Draconizane charged down the street. On the rooftops a pair were firing their plasma weapons wildly, targeting residences, skycars and anyone in the screat, screaming and roaring. Alle felt herself yanked backwards as she saw her fiend in the grip of another of these monsters. The Draconizane's teeth embedded into the woman's shoulder as she screamed as loudly as she could. Alle had to let go and managed to dart into a fire exit as the Draconizane's tail crashed into the wall, shaking the building.

She heard moer banging and snarling, a fist managed to create a hole in the wall, forcing Alle to run, knocking down doors ot escape the warrior who was forcefully smashing his way though the building trying to claw her, diving into an apartment she saw four citizens who appeared to be strugglinh to stand up. Bursting in they all looked at her and thats' when she felt the chill dow nher spine - each one was wide-eyed and their pupils were narrow to thep oint they were almost unnoticeable. Drooling with lips pulled back to reveal grating teeth, they all looked at her with that same expression. Seeing this, Alle panicked and ran out of the room and down the corridor, running as fast as she could before she saw a door ahead opening and revealing another with that exact same look, running toward sher and foaming at the mouth as if they were some rabid aninal. She tried to run back but quickly stopped as she saw the other four coming at her. She felt a sharp pain in her back, falling to her knees before she felt another pain in her legs, the crazed citizens were punching and kicking her, breaking her bones, destryoing her body as she screamed. As she died she could hear laughter resonate thoughout the walls of the apartment block.


The crazed warriors continued to charge though the screetss, screaming and rabid as they crushed civillians or tore them apart. Most used some form of melee weapon while others were armed with plasma rifles, but gun or sword, they screamed with rage all the same.

In the chaos a squad of marines had set up a fortification within a bank. Many of them looked outside to see the hordes of Draconizane charging forward while accompanied by former citizens, crazed and consumed by the same thirst for blood as their warrior counterparts. Elyos, one of the marines stationed in the ruined bank fired a gun emplacement to mow down the warriors. Despite the strange chariot that brought them and the speed at which they had reduced this proud city to a nightmare, the warriors were little more than fodder for the guns. Albeit rather durable fodder, the warriors indured an inordinary amount of gunshot, several warriors taking a dozen plasma rounds before collapsing, the citizens themselves endured shots that should have killed them twiyet soemhow they continued to charge, driven by a collective madness and desire to destroy. Realising there was no hope for the citizens that were now running crazed, Elyos mowed them down as well, supplied by Tyren with fresh power-packs.

Tyren - How many are there?
Elyos - No idea. They're crawling like termites out of the woodwork.
Tyren - Wait are you enjoying this?
Elyos - Maybe, feels good to mow down some monsters once-in-a-while.
Tyren - Screw that I want evac? Where's that medvac?
Orias - Offer patience, and Uriel will provide.

Orias was the unit's chaplain, a devout man of the paragon's cult. Tyran and Elyos merely looked at him as if he did this regularly, themselves not so enthusiastic about their emperor's supposed divinity.

Elyos - He had bether provide something soon chaplain. I do not know how much longer we can hold out!
Orias - Patience child, Uriel always provides for the faithful.
Tyren - I could do with some more power-packs then.

Tyren smirked as there was a thud on the floors above. This sound caused Elyos to stop and look up, furrowing his brow in confusion. Orias, not manning one of the guns, proceeded forward to investigate the noise. As he approached the door to the stairway that should have led to offices, he ducked as a brutsih fist almost smasked into his face. He jumped back in panic as a crazed warrior made his presence known and opened his jaws with a savage roar, showering Orias' helmet in gunky saliva. Orias screamed "Uriel take you!" as he retaliated with a swing of the warhammer firmly in his hand, smacking the warrior in the side of the skull and sending them to one knee and supported by their hand. Orias swung again, a downwards motion to crush the warrior's skull.

He did not expect what came next. The warrior grabbed the head of the hammer and pulled it down, lunging forward and biting Orias in the arm, applying pressure to the vunerable area they had beitten into, causing Orias to scream before tossing him aside and charging for the gun emplacement. Tyren turned around and shouted to alert his partner, lifting a plasma rifle and firing several plasma rounds into the warrior, but not before the warrior managed to reach close enough to swing a blade in their hand and cut into Tyren's stomach, clashing against thep lating but stumbling the marine. Elyos left the turret and picked up a pistol, firing several shots as the warrior buried its teeth into Tyren#'s neck before it died, falling on top of him.

Orias gasped as he roused from unconsiousness, reaching out for his arm in some kind of instinctive reaction to tend to the wound. Elyos was busy trying to lift the corpse off from Tyren's body. As he roused himself he felt strange, he looked to the two of them. Elyos looked different, he could hear the thumping of the man's heart, something about him seemed...weak. It was not easy to point out but something in Orias' mind began to fester. For every second he looked at the man he felt disgusted, nauseated, soemthing about Elyos reviled him here and now and he slowly stood up. Something in his mind compelled him, for whatever reason, Elyos had to die.

As Orias stood up he stumbled, he felt an ich in his muscles, in his blood, something knawed at him, feeding this hate. An itch he felt deep in his being. As he composed himself he gripped his hammer. This was no ordinary warhammer, a chaplain's warhammer was a symbol, a chaplain like him was both an ordainer in sanctifying the deeds of the devine paragon, and a tool to deliver his wrath to the Imperium's enemies. The head was etched with several patterns, the flat end was etched an angered Draconid face surrounded with dancing geometric patterns. he held up his hammer, the itch intensified. becoming intolerable. he rushed forward and swung the hammer left-to-right while Elyos was off-guard and smacked him in the back of the head, causing a crack in the ceramic plating. Gripping with both hands, Orias kept swinging, smashing away, caring not for the well-being of his victim. In doing so he felt a sense of relief, the itch receded as blood trickeled from Elyos body and across the marble floor. he stood in the pool, feeling relieved, as if a great weight was lifted from his body.

Some part of him tried crying out to tell him what he had done, but a dominating feeling inside him rose up and dislodged this guilt, a feeling that made hi mrealise he had performed a mercy, a generous act to this soldier. Ytren had managed to remove the body from on top of him, his own muscles twitching, in his constricting pupils Orias saw that same euphoria, they both realised the same thing and came to the same conclusion. The warrior, once a heathen, Orias felt guilt for hitting him, and Teyran felt guilty for delivering wounding blows. Something inside them did not question their act, did not tell them that a moment before this lost warrior was trying to spill their blood. They both agreed sidlently - they would avenge him. Inside himself, Orias discarded what he once believed, considering the word of Uriel a lie, releasing this "taint" in a bellowing roar, joined by Tyren and several outside.

No Better View[]

A tall Draconizane figure emerged from a forcefield barrier and onto an exposed balcony that overlooked the planet. The figure, a gigantic monster of a being that stood large enough that his kin's eyes met his elbows when looking straight, armour of advanced and intricate design that covered his torso and legs, but left his head and arms exposed to the world, exposing the taut and volumous muscle wrapped around his skeleton and firmly pressed against his scaly body of deep dark red, looked down upon the world that nature had allowed him to make. He looked slightly downward towards the cracked hellscape that had been created by the mere presence of the very object he walked upon. Where he looked it was hidden fro mthe parent star's view, the landscape black as space itself save for the embers of cities still clinging to existence and the channels of red-hot lava that spread themselves across this cracked surface like sickly veins. Embracing the moment he spread a pair of enormous bat-like wings amd puffed out his immense chest as the silent chill of the vacuum touched his skin.

There was no sound in this airless void, no screams from below but the titan could feel it nonetheless and it brought forth a smile across his scarred and chiseled snout. Laxing his shoulders he took several steps before perching atop the balcony's ledge and without hesitation and without doubt, propelled himself away fro mthe station's vicinity. There was purpose to his insanity, he gocused on the planet below, not caring for the cradle he jumped from as he descended, the sun rising to greet him as he came closer and closer, he began to feel the sting of its intense light as the heat greeted him and charred his scales from crimson to black, scarring his armour. Despite this beating the Draconizane did not care, he merely drifted as the star's rays assaulted him, drifting towards the hemisphere that it illuminated.

As he approached, the pink membrane that was this planet's atmosphere now visible on the horizon, he began to hear it, a shriek too faint for mortal ears, growing louder and louder as he descended further and further, the star now above him beating its light against his back. His front was no more sheltered as the shriek grew, what little air now surrounded him began to sear his flesh, his velocity and its presence igniting him and surrounding him in flickering red tongues. The shriek became a roar as he fell further and further, looking though the red air he could see a cancerous grey sprawl beneath him, stretching out across the dry landscape around it.

Further and further he plummeted, but the roar around him was met with anothe rsound - roars and screams not from the wind, but from the ants that crawled across this steel tumour, lashing out and tearing each other apart. Shrieks that accompanied the sound of plasma launched from the mouths of mortal tools then met his ears, he couldsee streets, buildings, he fell further towards an open area. Narrowing his eyes and focusing his vision he saw tanks rolling through, turning their flattened heads and pointing their throats towards numerous targets, roaring at them with bursts of plasma or beams of light as lethal as the light that had before burned his skin.

He was falling so fast that it was all a flash for the insects that crawled though this blighed construct he had simply appeared, in that brief moment he had turned himself around, swapping his head and his feet just before he landed, the force of his velocity crushed the tank underneath him so extremely that he was level with the ground once he had landed, the more distant halves of the tank went flying, his impact was met with a shockwave that roared with flame and swept though the twisted ruins. Buildings were toppled backwards, cars, tanks and aircraft found themselves flying away from the point of the titan's impact.

The giant stood crouched, his fist in the ground, the epicentre of the glistening obsidian crater he had created, a mark o nthe land that stretched some three hundred metres from him in all directions. There was no tank where he landed, no bodies, whatever had been around the area this crater made up no longer existed. The Draconizane lifted his head to look outward, seeing that he could see no buildings beyond the crater's rim. As he stood up his tattered body reformed, stitching itself back up and rebuilding lost flesh. His char-black scales sizzled, regrowing the dead layer which spread across the ruined surface of each scale like spilled paint.

As he stood up, the Draconizane let out a bellowing laughter and began to lift off the ground as if lady gravity no longer cared to hold him down. With gravity defied he levitated up and over the crater, landing his feet softly on the rim of it to look around. There were no bodies, no wrecks, but the ground was scorched where the victims' shadows lay. Looking up, the titan studied in awe as red hot embers descended from the sky like luminous snowflakes. He was alone in the new ruin he carved, the only evidence of life was in the seared shadows of those unlucky enough to be where they stood, where they died, as if the blast ejected their souls and embedded them into the ground as the body was vapourised. The titan paced with pounding steps though the ruins he had crafted with a neager smile on his snout, exposing a set of vicious and jagged teeth.

Reaching for his back he drew a sword of obsidian black, a strange language extending from the crossguard and up the flat of the blade. He took a moment to enbrace the drawing of this sword - large enough to count as a greatsword by many lesser beings but to which he held one-handed with ease. As the moment passed he lunged the sword downwards and into the obsidian-like ground and vanished in a burst of black smoke, a sinister laugh carried in the wind that was preceded by a single sentence.

Let the carnage flow!

Let Carnage Flow![]

ANother city was holding out its best against the onslaught. Berserkers both Draconizane and maddened local swarmed the streets, shrugging off runds from the defending Imperials. Tanks, fast-attack vehicles and snipers were deployed thoughout the city and in choke points so as ot stem the attackers but even this was proving futile as some of the berserkers resorted to climbing building facades in order to pull snipers and rocket troopers out of windows or feast on their flesh inside the commandeered apartment units. Despite their best efforts, the local defenders could not withstand the madness they were holding back, the hordes of crazed warriors and madly drafted civilians slowly but surely overrunning checkpoints and machinegun nests in their pursuit to spill further blood.

Within one of the apartment buildings that had been deserted by the defenders, somethign emerged, billowing clouds of toxic black smoke that burned whoever it touched. As soldiers approached, the fog eating at hazard armour, were greeted by the front of the building exploding outwards, sending several tonnes of debris flying forward, hitting several of the response unit. Standing in the opening, fist clenched and in the air, teeth bared and jaws dripping with blood was a Draconizane of immense proprotions, resting a gigantic sword over his right shoulder. Even for his size one could say he posessed a considerable amount of muscle ,evident by looking at his exposed arms where mucle tissue pressed tightly against a skin of dark red scales.

Th titan lowered his fist, standing far taller than any soldier who made up the response unit, each step cracking the ground beneath him. As he stepped int othe street proper he lowered his sword form his back and swung it in a right-to-left ssiagonal motion that sent a red-hot shockwave radiating outwards and sending several defenders flying backwards and into walls. SOme osldier were left standing and the titan swung his blade down, causing the edge to hit the ground and create a rock-cracking shockwave that stumbled others. He lifted his sword up and snarled, looking down on the survivors.

Draconizane - Is this the best you have to challenge me? Pathetic. All of you! Noe of you are worthy to even grease my boots with your blood!

SOme managed ot stand up and promptly ran as fast as they could, however as they did so they found themselves flying backwards in a way beyond their own motivation towards the titan, met with a swing fro mhis sword which bisected each one as they made contact with it, blood spraying out from their bodies before being drawn into the now-glowing glyphs engraved ont ohis sword, clouds of red blood dancing around his blade before being absorbed inside. The blade's wielder chuckled and swung again, the arc sending a shockwave that cleaved though surrounding buildings, causing them to topple and break down above where he cut.

The ground rumbled as tanks emerged from one of the highway entrances. The Draconizane smirked and rather than running away he ran straight for them. Thunderous blasts ejected fro mthe mouths of their turrets and straight at him, hitting him and causing his body to jolt, but overall this creature did nto care, each blow made him angrier and faster. His first move was to step on the front of one of the tanks, compacting its frame instantly while his sword cut into another on his right, slicing it in half. He leapt up and to the side, his wings opening and his tail swinging around to bat three of the tanks aside, crushign them against each other and into a wall. He descended ont oanother tank with his full weight, crushing that one as well, the bursts of blood fro mthe mutilated occupants was sucked otu of the tank and int ohis blade.

He leapt again, up onto a wall and rebounding off ,the impact of his foot creating a shockwave that caused the building's frame ot buckle and collapse as he shot like a dart at another tank, the blade pircing the barrel as if it were amde of tissue-paper, he landed next to it and lifted his sword, the tank still embedded, turning the combintation into a crude hammer that he smasked into another tank. He lifted the hammer up and swung it in a sweeping motion as several soldiers attemtped to flank him, the tank coming off and colliding with another squad.

choing above the screams of the panicked soldiers was the booming laughter of this assailant. In a swift motion he jumped again and bounded off several buildings - each crumbling like the first - towards the city centre.

Bounding off a tall glass office building he had spotted a titanic statue of Uriel. Beaming with jok he propelled himself forward, punching though the statue's torso and causing the surrounding material to melt after he passed through. He rolled into another squad of soldiers, crushing them instantly befor ehe somersaulted back to his feet, swinging his sword behind himself to cut the plinth the partially-melted statue was on and caused it to slip, before it fell he swung his sword in an upwards motion and then t ohis right, cutting the statue explosively int oseveral golden pieces that descended towards the ground. As the first pieces hit the ground, the titan twisted his sword and planted it into the ground firmly, causing a shockwave to resonate though the ground, shattering the base's plinth and buckling the supports of al lthe buildings around the plaza, which fell as if submitting to the belief that none of them were worthy to exist in his presence, sending dust and rubble thoughout the streets. This Draconiane warlord however, stood with bloodthirsty glee in his eyes as carnage unfolded around him, not giving a care for the debris or the dust that would have reverted any normal, unerable air-breathing being into a spluttering and suffocating heap of flesh.

Only one thing in his silhouette was visisble to any who dared to look into the cloud of dust that surrounded him; his burning red eyes.

Dear Governor[]

Not all the planet was lost, not yet. Keeping away from the threats below, bristling with guns to protect it from aircraft and flying raiders, kept aloft by magnetic drives that allowed it to sail the lower atmosphere silently and gracefuilly, was an airborne facility. This had become one of the last refuges of power for the planetary government, a safe haven from the expanding plague and hellscape below.

Rubbing his neck as he walked down a gilded corridor, a relic of an ancient time, was a Terratrix. His outfit indicated him a man of status, a navy blue dress-coat trimmed with silver, a nicely-made waistcoat and some ragged trousers that were rolled up at the knee. The seal he wore on his coar indicated he was a prefect, a rare position in these times for an alien. His dulled teal feathers were ragged and unkempt despite best efforts. Beside him was a Sankana, slim and nimble with a spindly frame covered with a formal outfit, she looked like she had a meagre diet. While he had the means ot dress to impress, she made do with a drab suit that was frayed at the ends of the sleeves, at the base of the jacket and at the base of the trousers. She carried with herself a tablet device and frantically spoke ot the prefect as the two walked down the corridor, giving him numbers, pleas. She was keeping him informed but from the look on his face the prefect seemed to rather not want to know. All this death and misery was getting on his nerves and after she delivered a report of another lost city he let out a panicked squawk at her, causing her to jump backwards.

Eliveth - Please. Lestha...I have had enough bad news....for today.
Lestha - But sir, the people--
Eliveth - We're all dying, I just want a resolution, preferably where i'm not bowing to some monster feeling proud of this massacre that just came about.
Lestha - Then erm, perhaps you should cancel going into your office today.

Eliveth stopped for a brief moment and turned around to look directly at her with a scowl emerging over his won feathered features.

Eliveth - Why?
Lestha - Well...

Lestha led him to his door and very quietly twisted the knob, opening it just slightly. Eliveth peeked through the crack, his lower beak quivering from anxiousness about what Lestha was trying ot show him. Looking inside, Eliveth lost the ability to keep his beak closed, his lower beak hanging and trembling a few centimetres fro mclosing as his pupils narrowed, shocked and frightened by the room's current occupant; Sitting behind the desk, her wings outstretched to instill intimidation to those who saw her and provide a sense of pride within herself, a Draconis of mixed colours; black, purple, and crimson-toned scales merged into one another in an attractive and venomous pattern upon her hide, she sat casually within the seat although her brow was lowered, her eyes narrowed, and her face a scowl. Recognising the kind of being it was, Eliveth pulled his head back and could feel his heart racing as he clutched his chest, colour being lost fro mhis feathers, he looked at Lestha with eyes of terror.

Eliveth - Lestha...Can you quickly requisition a shuttle for imemdiate departure.
Lestha - She is expecting you prefect.
Eliveth - Frankly my dear, I no longer care. While she is here and while the planet is under siege, I would rather not be. now can you please requisition a shuttle

Lestha nodded and tapped into a device she was holding, she nudged the governor to promply head down the hall towards a landing bay attached to the outer hull of the carrier.

??? - Cease.

The voice called from within the office, loud yet not angered, although both Eliveth and Lestha could both detect the tones of eager carnage in its sheer volume. The woman that sat within the office was expecting Eliveth, and if he were to disobey her order, he would surely face whatever consequences she had in mind. Eliveth froze in place as the voice echoed i nthe corrdior, Lestha suddenly felt like she had her hand pressed against a statue as Eliveth started blubbering, his pupils were like pinpricks fro mthe horror

Eliveth - Paragon...paragon please spare my soul...
Lestha - Prefect...prefect your shuttle is coming.
??? - You. May. Enter.
'Eliveth - She heard, by Uriel's name she heard...

With a loud gulp, Eliveth slowly turned around and walked timidly back to the office, where the door was still slightly ajar. His hand trembled as he reached for the knob and pushed the door open, revealing himself to this figure sitting in the office and in full desplay of his petrified state. As Eliveth entered the room he lowered his head, struggling to do so form the shock he had induced himself into.

Eliveth - M-my mistress. You-- you wished ot see me.
??? - Yes. I did. Please, take a seat before you fall over.
Eliveth - Mistres i-if I may... you...you are in the seat I use.
??? - Oh am I? Well, let's fix that shall we.

The Draconis stood from where she sat and stepped aside, allowing space for Eliveth to come and retake his place. She wore an intimidating smile across her face, one not accustomed to her character would have recognized this as a casual and benevolent grin. Eliveth nodded quietly and walked over to the chair, secretly surprised that she let him sit in it without much quarrel, or was this part of some plan of hers? He arranged his suit before sitting down withi nthe indentation the Draconis had made during her time resting in it, all the while looking at the Draconis as if wary of what was on her mind. After settling a little, and reaslising the seat was stil lvery warm, hecleared his throat.

Eliveth - You requested my audience, mistress? ??? - That's correct, I did. Would you mind, Prefect Eliveth, telling me what the situation is? Because it appears to not be very... beneficial to our cause.
Eliveth - We are - he let out a nervous cough as he spoke - being forced back. The enemy has deployaed some maddening plague amongst the population that is driving all infectees berserk.
??? - - uld be aiming for the beast's heart?
Eliveth - Advisors tell me our ground-to-orbit weapons have done no damage to the vessel in orbit my lady and orbiting sattellites are unresponsive. ??? - Is that so? What do you plan to do next?
Eliveth - Erm...well-- wwe are-- We are still working on that.

The Draconis grinned and leaned forward onto Eliveth's desk, her hand supporting her body as her face approached his, she licked her chops eagerly, her teeth and tongue gleaming wetly while her reptilian eyes narrowed and locked with his. Eliveth scrambled back in hsi chair at this sight, looking worried.

Eliveth - M-most of our forces are retaining what control we have on the cities that still survive! The soldiers are fighting their best I swear to you, I swear to your father we are doing all we can!
??? - Prefect Eliveth, do you know who I am?
Eliveth - Y-you are one of our lord Uriel's sacred spawn are you not, milady?
??? - If I am, do not generalize me as such. What is my name, Prefect?

Eliveth paused for a few minutes, observing the Draconis closely, looking at the details and the patterns on her scales, her narrowed eyes, her open wings and her vicious and intimidating smile. His eyes could not pry themselves away from those savage teeth that glistened fro mthe light above. With a gulp, Eliveth answered:

Eliveth - Je-Jevimira Ultanos?
Jenvimira - That's right. Jenvimira Ultanos. Your goddess. From now on, you shall not swear by Uriel's name, for you do not deserve the right to speak of him. Instead, you shall swear by my name and will, and you shall refer to me as your goddess as Uriel shan't save you here. Now stand.

Eliveth lowered his head in submission and moved his arms to push himself out of his seat, pushing himself forward and onto weak knees, feeling too ashamed to look Jenvimira in the eyes. As he left the seat and walked aside, Jenvimira took her place upon his seat and smiled as she leaned backwards, lifting her feet and resting them upon Eliveth's desk, knocking away his possessions as she did so. Closing her eyes, she let out a lustful sigh and spoke out towards Eliveth with a sultry tone.

Jenvimira - Now, rub your goddess' feet if you wish to see the light of another day, my dear subject. You have demanded me to stand, and I have grown tired.

Eliveth looked at her with concern. Despite a brief spurt of protest, interrupted by his conscience, he could not refuse her. She was one of Uriel's own, with doctrine widespread that to protest against this divine family who ruled was tantamount to blasphemy. Seeing no other option, Elivath approached and cringed, looking at Jenvimira's feet resting on his desk, he momentarily turned to see articles strewn on the floor fro mwhere she had brushed them away to make room for those massive talons of hers. With a weary sigh he hesitantly approached and rubbed his hands, unzipping the boots she wore and moved to slip them off before she kicked them off her feet herself, giving ELiveth an expectant look as she leaned back. After another sight, ELiveth reached out to caress the toes between his fingers. Jenvimira gasped out contently as he passed his hands over the underside of her feet and smiled widely, baring her piranha-like jaws with a satisfied expression strewn across her face. Her toes wiggled and twitched playfully as he passed his fingers between them, and she spoke out in an ironically loud whisper.

Jenvimira - You will continue to lead the fight, my subject, and you will succeed. You will not only push back the invaders, but destroy the heart of their invasion. If you fail, it shan't be just my feet you will be massaging, but my throat and belly.
Elivath - You are asking for the impossible my lady...
Jenvimira - It is "goddess" from now on, cretin. And whatever I ask is not impossible, it is only the will and competence of those whom I ask that gets in the way. You will prove useful and succeed my subject, or you will be devoured whole.

Elivath winced as the prospect, unconsciously pressing his fingers in a way that in the toes of a normal Draconis would have caused a spike of discomfort.

Eliveth - As you command, my goddess.
Jenvimira - Mmm, but just so you know, after this is all over, my dear cretin, you shan't be posted elsewhere. You shall be given the blessing of residing as a eunach within my godly residence, slave.
Eliveth - I feel honoured, my goddess.

Elifeth's caressings of Jenvimira's feet became rougher after he heard this, he had replied in a sarcastic tone realising that in fulfilling this woman's wishes he had condemned himself to a life of servitude. That is, of course, if he survived this invasion. Jenvimira nonetheless enjoyed the embracing upon her feet, letting out a quiet moan as he continued to massage her feet before she looked towards him once more with her slitted eyes. Oddly she seemed to indulge the discomfort and pain he was attempting to afflict upon her. Eliveth momentarily turned to Lestha who was standing in the doorway.

Eliveth - Lestha, please inform the soldiers ot redouble their efforts and for our commanders ot find some way of destryoing the behemoth in orbit. ANd...please tell no one of this.
Lestha - Understood prefect, I shall delete today's security recordings promptly.
Eliveth - ...Good girl.
Jenvimira - On the contrary, my dears, show this footage publicly. Let it be seen throughout your cities, throughout all settlements, let your soldiers know who they really serve.
Eliveth - Are you serious my goddess?
Jenvimira - Would I not be?
Eliveth - I worry you desire to humiliate me and destroy my reputation.
Jenvimira - I will end your life if you would prefer it.

Eliveth was silent for a moment, his head swimming in thoughts, chaotic ones that confined to a more straightforward one as he looked at her and studied her immense and intimidating frame.

Eliveth - Wh-what will you do with my soul should I desire death, my goddess? Jenvimira - Devour it, and allow it to digest for millennia to come. What else would there be? Eliveth - I suppose as your eunach I can enjoy the comfort and security of your erm...divinity. Jenvimira - You shall taste the finest ales and foods throughout the galaxy, my dear, and you will have the gift of witnessing my godly form for the rest of your miniscule life.

Eliveth quickly turned back to Lestha who was waiting with one hand resting on the doorframe, hanging on his next words. But she knew what was coming, she could see the immense feelings of submissal in his eyes and across his feathered face. After all, while demons and madmen empowered with dark energies ran amok in this galaxy, there were still some merits to existing. Especially if death is more tormenting than life.

Eliveth - Lestha, I redact my request...broadcast the office's security recording.
Lestha - As you desire, governor.

Lestha nodded and left the office, leaving Eliveth to shamefully carress the feet of the Draconis that sat in his chair. Within the space of an hour, ELiveth Garvabbe had transformed frm a weary planetary prefect into the unwilling servant of Draconis who claimed to be a goddess, kept in line by the threat of suffering for millenia within her innards.

A Just Reward[]

Relonis was one of the last few cities on the planet tha had remained standing from the the onslaught wrought the invaders. Set within a fortified building within the heart of the city was a command centre coordinating defences and battallions thoughout the city. The war was dire and the local garrison had thrown together all they could in the hopes of driving the invaders back. Several officers observed a holographic table displaying a map of the region but despite all their efforts, they all felt desperate as news of an even more powerful Draconizane warrior had reached the base

Prefect Eliveth,, fearful of his new master's desires for him had relocated himself and his aide to this command centre in order to better ccordinate local defences. Stress was getting to him as these past few days had worm his feathers further. As Eliveth had thought himself saved, or at least as safe as possible upon this hellhole of a world, he heard soldiers and official personnel, who were once conversing and discussing their fate and that of their families, silence themselves. An overwhelming sense of dread had entered the room, or at least amplified the already daunting atmosphere, in the form of the dark Draconis goddess, Jenvimira, who wore a fiery scowl across her face. Upon her appearence, Eliveth turned to look at Jenvimira, that scowl turning his spine to ice and driving all blood fro mhis face as his lower beak quivered, he let out a quiet, panicked squawk when he saw her, flanked by her personal guards. Eliveth quickly descended to one knee and the other officers followed out of fear.

Eliveth - M-My goddess! I assure you that you did not need to walk among us just to review our progress!
Jenvimira - If that is so, why have we not attained territorial dominance over this world? Why have we not reclaimed it? Why are you still fighting?
Eliveth - Erm, err...complications.
Jenvimira - ...Complications?
Eliveth - A warrior, my goddess. Capable of annihilating entire cities on his own. Our forces have no chance.
Jenvimira - If... that is so, then I have no need for your forces.
Eliveth - I...I-I do not follow...
Jenvimira - If your soldiers, your war machines cannot reclaim this world, then... I am afraid I must reclaim it myself.
Eliveth - You...you would do this for us, my goddess?

Jenvimira took a step forward while looking down to Eliveth, an intimidating smile spreading across her snout and a malicious glimmer in her eyes.

Jenvimira - Your goddess shall reward you for your competence and achievement accordingly, you need not worry, cretin.

Eliveth was startled and somewhat surprised, he looked up to Jevimira with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Eliveth - You mean...You mean...I no longer need fear for my life here? You will grant me a bed in your divine residence?
Jenvimira - Precisely... You need not fear for your life, and you shall be gifted with a bed...

With those words, Jenvimira closed her eyes, which began to illuminate fiercely with a purple flame, and the goddess spread her arms outward as if engaging within a mantra. Her tail coiled itself around her legs and she bared her teeth, salivating in a feral, untamed manner. Slowly, she opened her eyes once more, her flesh igniting with a purple-tainted flame before eventually becoming a being of fire. The shock of the sight caused Eliveth to stumble backwards as he watched her, unsure of what was happening. The spectre that was Jenvimira began to shift and contort itself, increasing its size, the legs that Jenvimira once possessed merging into what became a single colossal tail. Her spectral image expanded further, the flames melting the material of the ceiling to give her room, the writhing tail shifted about, crushing equiment as it tried to fit itself into the confined space.

As the spectre stopped growing she opened its wings out and arched its back, the fire that engulfed her body shed itself and fell to the floor like a burning discarded sheet of skin to reveal Jenvimira in her full form; an impressive muscular tone across her torso and continuing though her gigantic tail. Eliveth backed away but quickly found himself pressing his back against the rock-hard scaled material of Jenvimira's snakelike lower body. The tail shifted itself as if to push him towards her.

The titanic Draconis, covered in brilliant purple and black scales lowered herself towards him. ELiveth felt a chil las he looked ot see various gashing mouths over her torso. He felt the tip of her tail start curling around him before lifting him up and sespite his squawks and struggles she continued ot raise him to eye level and then further up, opening her jaws to reveal the multiple rows of pointed teeth that lined the interior of her mouth as a snaking tongue rose up, the tail dangling him over her mouth before letting go and abandoninghim to fal linto her maw, snapping her jaws shut with a thunderous slam. There was a slight look of satisfaction as she gulped before lowering her head to look forwards. Reaching out she pulled herself though one of the floors and squeezedo ut of the building, an immense crash as she made her own exit though its walls, leaving the ruined command centre t othe surviving occupants, some of which did not appear to have survived witnessing her transformation.

Among the crushed and burned bodies lay Lestha, who's body was smeared in an arc behind where ELiveth had been standing when he had been initially blocked by Jenvimira's tail. Her body twisted and destroyed, but her datapad and scattered terracotta feathers were a clear sign of the poor soul


The warrior's heart raced as he sprinted though the dead metropolis, brought to extinction by his rage and malice, carving a swathe of death with little care, only interested in the copious essences and fluids that flowed in his wake as his sword's shockwave swings cleaved buildings and annihilated tanks, anythign that stood in his way. THere wa sno stopping him, every roadblock was but another obstacle not for him to evade or divert himself from, but to destroy. As the blood flowed, a grievosu smile was spread across this Draconizane's snout, the scent of alien blood, ash and burning fuel was as orgasmic to his nostrils as any scented boquet would be to any rational being. These smell of death and ruin were his soothing aromas.

Another goliath bound after being ambushed on a rooftop. Soldiers were fodder, but as he sprinted for the next rooftop, a colossal tail smashed int othe roof, creating a shockwave that, surprisingly, the Draconizane weathered; merely staggering with irritance whilist various peripherals - antennae, sattellite dishes, clotheslines, ventilation units and the like - were blown off and sent tumbling towards the street. Following the tail with his eyes the warrior turned around to see rising behind him a terrifying amalgam of Draconis and snake. Enormous wings protruded from the titanic frame, arms the size of oil pipelines reaching out and wrapping themselves around the building. Fanning open was an intimidating cobra-like hood that stopped at the top of the monster's skull, a mouth filled with several rows of teeth each one the size of the champion's forearm. Running down her body were decorative patterns of crimson, red and black scales, mixed with glowing yellow veins that pulsed with an infernal light.

Looking down from her face, the champion noticed several snapping maws on her torso and down her arms. Most would have turned, panicked and run from this snake-demon but not the champion. Instead he lifted his glowing sword, the inscriptions down the flat of its blade now glowing an intense yellow, he pounced; slying towards the monstrosity's shoulder with his blade reaching out from the side of his body. One of the titan's hands moed itself and atempted ot reach for him, but too slow as the blade cut into her shoulder, causing the monster to let out an ear-shattering screech as she turned around, swinging her hand as the champion came back in order to swat him like a fly.

The hand however only jsut missed him and he ran down her arm, keeping his blade below his body and carving a bloody canyon though it, quickly leaping as another hand reached ot swat him as he was close ot the shoulder. As he flew though the air however his vision became dominated by an open maw, the beast had reared its head and lunged forward with the intention of clamping hi mwithin a sea of teeth. The champion reached a foot forward and was only jsut able to bounce himself off the maw, but the clamping jaws trapped his tail, slicing the end off which caused him to lose focus and felt a large mass - the mosnter's snout - bat him away.

He spent a moment in disorientation, the wind ushing over his head as he flew head-first over the ruins. As he soared over the city, he looked back to see the demon chasing him, wings open and reaching far while her tail swam though the air in an eerie grace, she had her arms outstretched, evidently intending to grab him as it got close enough. Regaining his sense of bearings, the Draconizane twisted his body and turned himself around to greet the demon and held his swoard ready, spending but a microsecond in preparation as he felt thr hand smack into his body and quite quickly soon after into a concrete wall.

He shook his head in confusion, with his body still firmly-pressed against its palm he felt his body ruch at the brick wall again, and then through it, sending him flying across what may have once been an office building. He had no time to gain his bearings, as looking though across the building ot outside, his world darkened as the tail once again came into view, slamming into the building and shaking the entire structure. The tail repeated this action several times, each slam of the tail warping the structure and sending a shattering shockwave that shattered furniture and equipment while causing the champion to stagger. He growled fiercely, after another slam he took a step forward, the pounding steps he made cracked the concrete floor as he ran for the tail as it retreated for another pound. As it came towards him again he swung his sword in unison, the strength and energy of the wsing creating a shockwave that met the shockwave of the tail impacting the outer wall. The clashing shockwaves met with a deafening boom, passing though each other and hitting their targets. The champion however had misjusged his position and was met with an impact force that was multiplied by the shockwave the monster's tail had created. Upon getting hit, both were thrown back and the building was torn apart, toppling. THe champion struggled to escape and ran up the now-almost-vertical floor, jumpoing out of a plate glass window and soaring into the air, letting out a sinsiter and boastful laugh.

He spent but a momeent soaring before his world was darkened once again and the goliath's tail slammed into his skull from above, sending hi mrocketing down towards the rubble with explosive force that created a blast wave of rubble and dust as both of them landed.

The tail rose once more, and the chempion looked up ot se the creature growling above him, her titanic frame blotting out the sun to his left. He heard a scraping noise around him a sshe growled, looking ot his side he saw her tail encroaching inwards, grinding rubble beneath its mass as the tail penned him in. The champion struggled ot stand, immediately greeted with a fist descending towards him, slamming against the ground beside him which he stood a brief second ago. In seconds the tail was inches from him, in a moment of haste, the Draconizane drew his sword and swung it in a wide arc, slicing into the serpentine draconis' tail and singing the insides of it. For several minutes, the warrior battled the tail as its tip repeatedly tried ot crush him under its weight and momentum, succeeding in not only cuting it but slicing the tip off.

He managed to jump out of his pen of fleshy walls, slicing another chunk off the tail as it tried ot bat him to the floor. Out of fury the creature uncurled its tail, sweeping it around her; tripping up buildings and sweeping away trees and tanks that dared stood defiantly in its way. The creature fell onto its hands in order to reach the champion and as wel las swinging its arms ot hit him, it also opened its jaws sevveral times in an attempt to crush him between her brutal teeth, snapping several times but finally managing to slam her palm down on him after several minutes of frantic combat and pinning him down. it slammed itsp alm down on him several times, which - while drawing blood - did not seem to make the champion any less exited.

As he lay too weak ot resist, he felt it scoop him up. His smile became a snarl and he spun himself around within her grip, his sword dicing her hand and allowing him to fall to be greeted by her otherp alm which bounced him into the air and left him at her mercy as her jaws opened up and engulfed his world, slaming shut and leaving him to rest on her tongue for a brief moment before a flcik of it sent him tumbling into the abyssal pit behind it.

Need More Than That[]