Elimate your weakness of trust, choke on your desires and disgusts.
- Kithanan

The year is 2893. The Andromeda Galaxy was a gleaming diamond in a sea of darkness and chaos. Alien races and foreign civilizations had once come together to stabilize the political affairs of Andromeda and protect it from both external and internal threat. War had become a discouraged thought, with the heroes of Andromeda fighting for unity and peace amongst the Gigaquadrant, who had come to respect the Andromedan powers for their efforts and assistance in outside conflicts. A beautiful rose at its peak could not be compared to the stylish and traditional beauty of Andromeda's passion and devotion, as well as alien architectures and technologies. A galaxy of knights and brave warriors, dedicated to preserving all that was Andromedan and proud to die for what they believed in. Demons, criminals, rebellions, insurrections, none of it could topple the proud, united society of Andromeda. The Brood of War, a nation of proud, fearless warriors who spent their entire lives training their bodies to extend beyond the limits of normal beings and become the most powerful fighters within existence to defend what they hold dear. The Draconid Imperium, an ancient and technologically beautiful society of proud nobles who wished to bring order and prosperity to all who pledged their name under Andromeda. The Divinarium, an empire who promised death to all those who opposed the name of Spode and guaranteed assistance to all those who they saw as worthy allies and friends. These three empires were Andromeda's finest, the protectors of the Andromedan dream...

No longer.

From the dream that was once Andromeda spawned a nightmare. A former utopia, free for all nations to co-exist, has descended into a devastating spiral of carnage and destruction. Sophisticated societies have crumbled and shattered into criminal organizations and gangs that have dispersed themselves all over the galaxy. Order had been lost and broken beyond repair, stomped upon by greed and criminal warfare. Even the larger influences within Andromeda were not spared from this dystopian fate. The Brood of War, perhaps the largest military organization of old Andromeda, no longer stands and has fallen to the point where Zazane, former warriors of honour, have taken up the mantra of criminals, murderers and raiders. The Imperium stands as a struggling empire, trying to contain the plague of crime and war within the galaxy but with every one threat neutralized, another ten erupted from the ashes. The Divinarium had also suffered the wrath of this downfall, with many turning away from Spode and forming their own gangs and organizations to preserve themselves, what was once one of the most technologically powerful Andromedan influences has now become a small shadow of its former self. But it was not only the appearance of galaxy-wide crime that made this former "Garden of Eden" into the "Pit of Tartarus". Eldritch abominations, Lovecraftian monsters and chaos-seeking demons reigned as the highest authority within Andromeda, with chaotic influences such as the Mali'Nar becoming the dominant rulers over several Segmentums. It seemed as if Andromeda's light has finally blown, plunging the bright and prosperous into darkness and depression.


The story is just beginning.


Episode 1Edit

An introduction into the world of Dysnomia, where Andromeda's society has collapsed, demons and criminals wreck havoc all across and there are only so few sanctuaries of hope. Here, we are introduced to the main character of the story, Kithanan, as well as his loyal crew mate Quendor Telnhao and a mysterious, shapeshifting Zazane assassin known as Sakura who works for an organization known as the Corporation. We also take a glimpse at the current state of the Grand Inquisition, who have sent their own super-powered assassin after Kithanan, and an agent of a rivalling organization known as the Syndicate. Alongside this, we are given a flashback into the past surrounding the Inquisition's downfall and a hint at how they have came to exist in this era of chaos...

Episode 2Edit





Where Kithanan's life and involvement has been dedicated to order and the return of Andromeda's power, there are some who have no moral compass and revel in the darkness that has stained the galaxy. This story follows the life of an ambiguous character, nicknamed Incognito. A serial killer.

Caretaker to DemonsEdit

Not everyone is violent and ruthless in this new universe, and not everyone has the ability to take on entire armies on their lonesome. Alessa Ultanos is one of those people. More a victim than a survivor, Alessa now comes to grips with this new world she has no choice of living in. And the nightmarish charges her own father has entrusted to her.

Furia Ex DeusEdit

The Draconid Imperium is fighting a losing war to stay alive in an ever-darkening galaxy. Spearheading the attempts to preserve what is left as a new, darker and more powerful paragon who is not above getting his hands dirty.

Post Tenebras LuxEdit

Even though Andromeda has fallen into darkness, some hope for light to return to the galaxy. The demigod, Kithworto is among those who wish to return Andromeda to its former greatness, even if it is to destroy enemies and allies alike.

The BlueEdit

Andromeda finds itself engulfed in days dark and mystery, where today could be one's last day of living within whatever slum they had taken shelter within alongside the many other hapless victims of Andromeda's downwards spiral of disaster and catastrophe. However, what of outside of Andromeda? The title of flame-bearer of the Gigaquadrant's majesty and power had been passed down to perhaps a more unexpected region of the Universal community; the Borealis Galaxy, once a shadow within the Gigaquadrant's cosmos of light, now prospers and has become a respected and renowned symbol of hope for all those that seek to find Paradise. How far has Borealis come, but more importantly, how far has its heroes come?

Naval TraditionEdit

The colonies of the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation in Andromeda have survived the onslaught and now stand in a fragile union as Andromeda continues its descent into oblivion. Some have stayed true to the Federation's values of liberty and honor, while others have learned to adapt to the ever-worsening galaxy.



  • The name of the series, Dysnomia, was chosen by Imperios and was named after the Greek daemon of lawlessness, which is one of the main themes of the fiction, as well as one of the moons of the dwarf planet Eris, the most massive dwarf planet in the solar system.