An alternative version of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. It is, the same DCP, no more good, no more evil. But instead of allying with the Rambo Nation, who introduced the DCP to the War of Ages, the DCP decided to conquer them, in the best interests of survival (as the DCP are expansionist). This DCP parallels the main DCP almost equally in technology, even people, but it is larger.

Size Edit

Before the Mach of the Apocalypse in this timeline, the DCP was twice the size of the DCP from the main universe, due to a lack of the Dark Era and all the absorbed empires. It had spread around most of the Gigaquadrant, but due to the Xhodocto, now is crammed into the Girdo galaxy, which had phased into a pocket universe.

Most of the SporeWiki and Fanfic empires had been absorbed, and by the relocation of Girdo and its separation from the universe, only the DCP and Girdo resistance remains.

History Edit

First Contact with the Rambo Nation - 685 ACS Edit

Before the moment below, this timeline, and the original timeline were one, but in this slight change to history, the rivers of time forked into two. The First Contact between the DCP and Rambo, a history changing moment for both timelines occurred just like it did the original reality. Captain Kilnok was in command of the Star Sailor, exploring the Quadrant Galaxies. Captain Rambam of the USS Luna, representing the Rambo Nation was sent to greet them. The initial meeting was pleasant. But this didn't hold for long. When the Rambo Nation warned the DCP about the Tigris War, the DCP sent third battlefleet to aid them in the Battle of Tircos. But in this battle, the DCP tricked the Rambo Nation and turned against their new ally, glassing Tircos and killing Captain Rambam.

Invasion of the Quadrants and Tigris war - 685 to 690 ACS Edit

War was declared. But unfortunately, half the Rambo fleet was engaging The Congregation in the Tigris War. After leading a massive assault on the Quadrant galaxies, caught between two sides, the Rambo fell quickly. By the time DCP had reached Dinoman82, the Rambo Nation was so desperate the inhabitants destroyed their own homeworld. Any resistances were crushed within weeks and Rambo space had been absorbed. The Rambo were now a member of the Coalition.

When the DCP regained resources they invaded the Tigris galaxy to fight other threats. Finding more Rambo colonies, the DCP started to attack each one. Their ally, the Cianju Alliance offered help to the Rambo, driving the DCP away until the Xhodocto had awoken, when the Cianju returned to fight the greater foe. During the Scourge, the DCP escaped to Universe 66501 just as it did in the main timeline.

Cyrannus invaded - 700 ACS Edit

The War of Ages continued, but without a strong alliance between the Cianju, Rambo and DCP, various empires such as the Church of Spode, Ponsisosa and Grox were crushed, because they were fighting non-aligned. However, the United Lanat Empire, also enemies with the Rambo decided to join forces conquering the rest of the Quadrants.

But during the Truce, the DCP expanded into various old territories, and that is when they met the Capricorn Sector Alliance (rather later than in the main timeline). The CSA was gripped in a war with the Trucinex and Vartekians, one far longer than the main timeline. The war had grown grim, and gritty. Mistaking DCP ships for Trucinex, the war torn CSA attacked a DCP exploration cruiser. To the rage of the Coalition, they attacked the entire CSA with nearly a million Dreadnoughts, the already devastated CSA had no chance. The 12 colonies now lie in ruins, and Caprica's system destroyed by a star buster. The Libertus survive, and like the Rambo, was absorbed. The Vartekians and Trucinex allied with the DCP and Capricorn space was shared out between the three.

Much of the events of the main timelines Dark Era never occurred, the Intergalactic War, DCP Civil War, Nanohorde plague were unheard of. However, a Girdo ship, the Premier, newly exploring the Milky Way hovered over Mirenton. The DCP fired on it with full force, destroying it quickly, as they were holding a summit with the Trucinex, ULE and Vartekians. Realizing how hostile the universe was, the Girdo retreated to within the Girdo galaxy and had to withdraw all intergalactic expeditions. The Imperial Civil War never occurred, as the Tokzhalan never formed.

The Rebellion - 707 ACS Edit

And so, rather more soon, the DCP became a Tier 1 civilization. When the March occurred, with no Onuris, the entire Milky Way united with the DCP to drive the Xhodocto back.

Formation of the Girdo Resistance Edit

Girdo Resistance

Distracted by the old force, the Rambo and Libertus slaves still found friendship in this reality, and were able to plot an escape. Rammashe and Cretacious, both descended from once powerful families, were now slaves aboard the Regent's ship, who turned out to be Regent Kilnok himself. Locked in chains that cause pain if one struggled, there hopes of escape had dwindled to nothing. They were far more hardened after years of squalid conditions; however, they were thinner and had lost all hope of the future. Regent Kilnok, their best friend the other timeline, was their hated foe.

The Republic of Excaretra (Which was also known as the Salsetthe Republic.) had managed to negotiate peace with the DCP. However, in truth they were planning a plot. Tazch'xatri, chief of security had managed to set Rammashe and Cretacious, as well as some other slaves free. Humans had been conquered by the DCP, and John Rilkinson also escaped. The four set up the Resistance. The Resistance Remnant escaped to the Girdo galaxy and joined the Girdo Empire which had expanded into Girdo. Meanwhile, the March of the Apocalypse was starting to turn bad for the DCP, and their Dimensional Gates were opening again, only to find the Xhodocto invading those universes as well. The DCP was strong, they had conquered nearly every SporeWiki and fanfic empire, but the Xhodocto and other Tier 0 civilizations were in heavy conflict (being the only last ones standing, and they wouldn't help), and far outmatched the Coalition. The DCP soon followed the Resistances tail to the Girdo, the final haven...

Invasion of the Girdo - 708 ACS Edit

Oh did the Girdo fight well to trap the DCP between the Resistance and the Xhodocto, now plaguing most of the universe, but after intense battles, the DCP overwhelmed their Hyperluminal Defense Stations by ghost phasing. Now the galaxy is split in half, yet is one of the few galaxies left safe from the Xhodocto, with the DCP fully relocating to the Girdo.

When the Girdo galaxy is in danger, it phases into a pocket universe. It is unknown why this process occurs, but many put it to the Xynaxes. By now, the entire DCP had colonized the Girdo, as the entire universe was undergoing a Scourge, ripped into the firestorms of hell just as it did in the other reality. However, as soon as the Xhodocto reached the Girdo it phased out. The DCP, Girdo and Resistance are now sandwiched into small galaxy. But to the surprise of the Resistance, the DCP did not attack; instead they discovered the portal, called Spore Henge, which leads to six other dimensions. The DCP has started moving through the portal, remaining vigilant on what is before them...

part 2 - Realities crossroad Edit

Now the time has come when the Coalition of Delpha makes contact with the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Original First Gigaquadrant Edit

As the Coalition of Delpha shifted through Spore Henge, the crew were surprised to discover it led to a planet on the other side, surrounded by ships and command modules, all trying their best to scan. But as the ship Mirenton's Blood passed through, its quantum number phased into the other reality, creating a "Quantum boom", a huge flash of energy. The ship survived, and the crew quickly scanned the area, to find those on the other side had been turned to metal and had fused to the ground.

Xigor, who was working in the science station onboard the ship, the Mirenton's Blood, soon realized they had entered another Quantum Reality, he was excited, soon the rest of the scientists aboard were. It might be another line of time, but it existed in the same spacetime, they had arrived in the Girdo galaxy. Because their subspace receiver was on the same bandwidth of the DCP's from this timeline, they quickly intercepted the Seven Starr Alliance database, and downloaded the entire data package. In this timeline, they discovered the DCP had allied with the enemies from the timeline they had emerged from, in this timeline, the Xhodocto had lost.

But things like the Nanohorde, DCO Civil War and various other events became apparent. Xigor was surprised to find the Emperor, and Warlord Kilnok existed here as well. When this information returned to the Council of War in the isolated Girdo galaxy, the members were shocked. In either timelines, the DCP had been successful, but more so in their own, however, this ultimately led to their demise, as without Onuris, every empire in the universe was fighting the Xhodocto independently, and this is why, even the Tier U and 0 civilizations were dying. This other DCP, was still luckier.

But the Coalition is expansionist, now confined to a dimensional bubble that surrounds the Girdo, it would not live up to its full potential. The time was now to move into the new reality. The Coalition of Delpha soon learned about the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets, now weak, the DCP should have dispensed with it when it had the chance.

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