If things had turned out slightly differently.

Introduction Edit

This idea was first thought up by Cyrannian, however, Wormulon has continued on with it.

Similar to The Legacy, this fiction takes place in other possible timelines. While The Legacy exists in possible timelines of the future, Realities Altered, takes place in alternate timelines decided in the past. To the inhabitants of these realities, they are as real to them as they are to the inhabitants of this version of events. And just like The Legacy, new timelines can be written over and over.

Radically different Edit

These alternative timelines diverged from the main one millions to billions of years before most of SporeWiki's species had evolved. These universes are extremely different.

  • Truly Alien Universe - A universe where electromagnetism is the dominant force, not gravity, and most life exists as massive minds the size of galaxies which fight using their own bodies and minds as weapons.

Very different Edit

These timelines occured in the SporeWiki Species earlier several thousand years history, changing their ways, culture and other things. Empires who are strong allies in the main one might be bitter enemies or even extinct.

Mirrored realities Edit

The final section includes the past thousand years or so, the history is less altered than above, but details are quite different. The characters may live parallel lives in this version of events.

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