Raven Team was the improvised callsign used by the squad of Loyalist soldiers and recruits that participated during the siege of Isle Blue and first named by private Yosh Vanderhoek. During the siege, the unit was officially formed and became a well known and deployed unit serving the Rambo Loyalist and the Cyrandia Resistance at large. Deployed during various campaings throughout the Second Great Cyrannus War Raven Team became well trained and experienced.


Origin during the siege of Isle Blue

Yvenne, Anessa and Yosh laid the foundation of "Raven Team" when they discovered Relocation Valley

Raven Team was officially formed during the siege of Isle Blue. During the siege, a trooper squad was assigned to sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera on January the 2nd. Her squad, composed of both elves and humans advanced over the eastern route through the swamps towards the main Imperial stronghold on Isle Blue but was faced with heavy resistance by the Imperial forces. Pinned down to a lone hill (dubbed Loyalist Hill). Yvenne and her team were taken under fire for days, even losing Walker 05 and taking casualties. They stuck on the hill until Lord General Jar'Dris Ravencrow lifted the siege on January the 5th. His granddaughter, Anessa Ravencrow made some comments about Yvenne being a half-elf and decided to assign her to the sergeant while he send her on a scouting missions towards some nearby hills. Yvenne took private Yosh Vanderhoek with her as well, who served with her during the siege and before back in the Finduila Sector.

Raven Team Assembled, Plerax Base March 2820

The three of them discovered Relocation Valley and the remains of the Bluedion species but were soon taken under fire once again by the Imperials. During the skirmish, Yosh made fun of Raven Team's position and soon after Yvenne and her squad adopted the name Raven Team. Anessa designed the logo for the team. Raven Team was saved by captain Komamuka Sajin and and the team later participated in the taking of Imperial facillity.

Days later, on 10 january Raven Team escaped Isle Blue with their U-Wing and safely arrived onboard the Dreadnought-class Bismarck during the Battle of Isle Blue. They later escaped safely into the Quadrant Galaxies by wormhole while onboard the dreadnought.

Missions in the Quadrants

Raven Team meets Judie and Watcher on Umbrax, April 2820

By March 2820, the various members of Raven Team were introduced to each other on Plerax Base. There, for the next few months Raven Team trained together in all sorts of tactics, but also training together in combat and executing of missions. Raven Teams first Quadrantia deployment was in April 2820 (22AQF) when they were send as reinforcements to Umbrax after the Loyalist there suffered a setback by a rampaging Spinoluap dinosaur that destroyed the Loyalist camp. Arriving with Sc130s Raven Team soon took control over the mission and deployed guerillia tactics against the Imperial forces. This allowed others to convince Judge Magister Ramhis to pledge his seventh Legion to the Loyalist cause and together with the native Velocitar Umbrax was liberated form Imperial control.

Attacking the forces at Pauvenris Prison

Shorlty after, Raven Team played a vital role in sabotaging the ShadowForge at Impaerusqiantia and later in the liberation of the planet as well. In September 2820, Raven Team fought during the battle of Pauvenris and played a vital role in ensuring a costly victory. During the battle Ravne Team sieged the ICS Provocateur and upon arrival at Pauvenris decided to detonate the subspace mines within its cargo holds. Yosh stunned Yvenne and sacrifaced his life, an act that destroyed the ICS Athena and the ICS Poseidon, opening the lines of the Imperial forces. After landing on the surface Raven Team fought to liberate the prison and its prisoners and with aid of Civlrozed liberated princess Ramanei Joy Feather.


The following individuals are members of Raven Team:

Name/Race/Rank/Status Name/Race/Rank/Status Name/Race/Rank/Satus Name/Race/Rank/Status
Komamuka SajinLarge.png Yvenne ThalyssaeraLarge.png Anessa RavencrowLarge.png Creckagni ShatterhornLarge.png
Komamuka Sajin
Antromorphic Wolf
Yvenne Thalyssaera
Anessa Ravencrow
Carnthedain Elf
Creckagni Shatterhorn
OaksterOwlaronLarge.png Private Phoebe BarasklARGE.png Private Yosh VanderhoekLarge.png Amdír WindrunnerLarge.png
Phoebe Barask
Private Medic
Yosh Vanderhoek
Amdír Windrunner
Carnthedain Elf


The following equipment is associated with Raven Team:

Name/Type/Status Name/Type/Status
LoyalistATBTLarge.png LoyalistUWing.png
Walker 05
All Terrain Battle Tank
Raven One


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