Raptor Squadron is a joined elite Imperial-Legatus squadron formed after the conclusive events of the "Struggle of being a Half-Elf" storyline and the increasing threat and power of the Cyrandia Resistance. The squadron original purpose excisted out of a single goal, hunting down and destroy the various Resistance cells that pose a threat to the Imperial Order.

Led by the cruel and strict mandator Camron Dar, notable members of the joint Imperial-Legatus sqaudron include the loyal and brave commander Vitiian Rax and the notorious Lady Astrosia.

The original Raptor Squadron ceased to excist after the Empire and Legatus forces lost their flagship and hold over the Rambo Capital in September 2820.



Original Raptor Squadron Fleet

The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus goes to war against the New Cyrannian Republic in 20 AQF with the destruction of Mou'Cyran during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, killing the majority of the New Republic government including president Nexarón Valkistair. With this act the Second Great Cyrannus War breaks out and plunges the Cyrandia Cluster one again into war. In the background of the war, the Cyrandia Resistance still seeks to combat the Empire ever since their appearance during the battle Capricaerón. An annoyance to the Empire but not classified as a severe threat to Imperial interesst for decades though this all changed after the destruction of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation and a group of dissidents escaping the Legatus Finduilica and joining the Resistance cell; the Rambo Loyalist.

High Imperial authorities began to see the Resistance as a possible threat that should be dealt with before they gained to much power. Under direction of Grand Mandators Deoclet Caesarius and Schlimm Eklig Statthalter the Raptor Squadron Initiative was raised. A joint Imperial-Legatus task force with a single goal, hunt and bring down the Cyrandia Resistance while the main forces engaged the New Republic. Led by mandator Camron Dar the classes assigned to the squadron include light cruisers and Gozanti-classes, the flotilla is mobile, requires little resources and is easily resupplied instead of a Imperator-class star destroyer. Imperial personnel assigned to the squadron are the elite commander Vitiian Rax. Legatus personnel assigned to the squadron include the mysterious and notorious Lady Astrosia, her right hand sergeant Verico and captain Nanda Tessala of the Provocateur.

Fighting the Resistance[]

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Tar Kuuran

Raptor Squadron at Tar Kuuran

By april 21 AQF, the squadron began its hunt as Mandator Dar send them to track down resistance privateers that were active during the Skirmish at Corthon in the opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Commander Rax and Lady Astrosia identified their targets as Corva and Tironus Manition and tracked their whereabouts to the criminal stronghold Tar Kuuraen. Disturbing their meeting with New Republic agent Rhavor Aldorón sergeant Verico attempted to arrest them in the Jonalek Tavern though the group eluded him. Outside the tavern they were awaited by Lady Astrosia who led them run to the nearby docks for commander Rax to arrest them. During the ensuing fire fight the Falcon-group managed to escape the Imperial forces though were cornered in the air by the light cruiser Provocateur under command of captain Nanda Tessala. Nearly disabling their CC-10 cruisers Stench rammed the Falcon into the Provocateur, sacrificing himself and enabling Corva and Tironus Manition to escape Tar Kuuran. Astrosia and Rax were pleased with the events, hoping that the escaping privateers would lead them to the whereabouts and current position of the Cyrandia Resistance and their highest wanted priority, General Sesoka who hopefully after torture would reveal the identities of the other as of yet unknown resistance leaders.

Concur Refuel Depot Aftermath and Ozdudrahk

Refuel and resupply by Smogash Transport

Shortly after the theft of two modified Dreadnought-Class command destroyers Mandator Camron Dar dispatched Lady Astrosia to investigate Resistance presence. To her luck, she encountered a lone Consular-class of Lusitania Squadron and engaged the vessel. During the battle she managed to place a tracking device on the hull of the Resistance vessel before she allowed it to escape unharmed. Astrosia managed to track the vessel to Ozdudrahk and informed Mandator Dar who arrived with part of the Raptor fleet near Ozdudrahk. Recieving supplies and fuel from the civilian Smogash Transports Raptor Squadron prepared itself to invade Ozdudrahk and destroy the Resistance presence there.

Battle of Ozdudrahk

Soon after, Astrosia led the attack on Ozdudrahk, arriving over the city she bombarded the various hangars that harboured Resistance/Loyalist crafts before engaging the Loyalist One, a modified Munificent-class frigate. To thwart her plans, Ser Ramniels Ramcelsior onboard one of the CS14-class cruisers rammed one of the Arquitens-class light cruisers, allowing the Loyalist One to escape the planet and the Imperial trap. Astrosia and her forces did manage to capture a large number of Loyalist troopers and destroyed all of the CS14-class blockade runners. Pleased she informed Mandator Dar who informed her to rendesvouz with the rest of Raptor Squadron. As commander Vitiian Rax was absent from Ozdudrahk she was closing in on the position of General Sesoka. Mandator Dar believed the Rambo Loyalist forces had been reduced and were posed no serious threat anymore and as such attention could be diverted to track down the General, his forces and Blazing Squadron.

Fall of Rambo Nation and aftermath

Engaging Malegras onboard the Galathynia

Raptor Squadron temporarily discontinued their search for Sesoka and his Resistance forces to aid admiral Valindor Palenix, commanding officer of the Executor to secure the Rambo Capital. Closing the ranks of the Imperial fleet that arrived at the capital Raptor Squadron hunted down any Resistance/New Republic stragglers and managed to capture various rebel insurgents. As such Raptor Squadron took part in the fall of Rambo Nation and considered it one of their greatest accomplishments. Raptor Squadron, backed by two Interdictor-classes were send into New Republic space where they surprised and trapped renegade Rambo officer Commodore Malegras. The Interdictors used their gravity wells to pull out the Galathynia from hyperspace, crippling the vessel by overloading its engines before disabling furhter by opening fire. Lady Astrosia herself boarded the might Rambo Caradhras-Class and fought with Malegras onboard the bridge where she managed to defeat the cyborg officer and captured him.

Starbase 33 falls, signalling the Imperial control over the Gorge

Shorlty after, Raptor Squadron was dispatched by Imperial Command to secure the (in)famous Gorge where various former Rambo starbases refused to acknowledge Imperial authority of their once proud Nation. Amongst them was starbase 33, a military installation that found itself under assault by Raptor Squadron. Lady Astrosia put all its commander in front of the firing squad and executed the renegade Rambo officers. This brutal act ensured the surrender of the entire Gorge as many commanders lost their morale to fight against an enemy without remorse for a Nation and Monarch that were gone. Shortly afterwards, due to the actions of Idris Vanguinar, lieutenant Vax Trask lost his prisoner Malegras while temporarily commanding starbase 33. At the same time, most of Raptor Squadron was engaged in the Second Battle of Lianna to fully siege control of the former Rambo Nation territories and stations.

Raptor Nest and its escorts destroy the Q-Dagian and Plutanios population

During the battle Lady Astrosia and commander Rax teamed up again and together with Verico they stormed the halls of Lianna. Sieging the bridge, the trio and their troops were cornered by the arrival of NCR troops and Apaltar, who was killed in the battle.

Quadrantia Contingency Plan

Battle of Eris, May 2820

Simultaneously with their mission to hunt down the Cyrandia Resistance within the Cyrandia Cluster, Mandator Dar executed his Quadrantia Contingency Plan as well. Raptor Squadron played a role in forcefully moving the Q-Ortella population to Jatooine and later on destroyed the civilian transports housing the Q-Dagian and Plutanios populations.

It was later dispatched to the planet Aegimi where they exterminated the Whitharia population. After an assault on the Mandator it made a small stop at Pauvenris where they send the cadet Sia to the salt mines as punishment for it. Continuing its way westward it headed for Yarchadia and laid siege to the planet and destroyed its population. It returned just in time in mid may 2820 to defend the shipyards of Eris against Rambo Loyalist forces under Commodore Malegras, forcing him to retreat.

The Dinotopian Republic suffers a painful defeat at Bikasulam, August 2820

In June 2820, Raptor Squadron suffered it first defeat during the Battle of Impaerusqiantia and was forced to retreat to the capital regions of subjugated Rambo Nation space. To hinder the Loyalist advance against the Empire Lady Astrosia managed to cripple the Dinotopian Republic navy in orbit of Bikasulam before they could take an active role in the war against the Empire. Succeeding in destroying three of their five star destroyers in service, the Dinotopians were unable to aid the Loyalists for a prolonged period of time and face the threat of an Imperial invasion. The only obstacle left to retake complete dominance over the Quadrants was the Civatron and their Pact.

Raptor Nest fall in battle

During a scouting patrol the ICS Provocateur was sieged by the Rambo Loyalist and later destroyed during the Siege of Pauvenris where it self destruct, taking the Autokrator star destroyerss ICS Athena and the ICS Poseidon with her.

Mere days later, Raptor Squadron lost their flagship, the ICS Raptor Nest during the battle of the Rambo Capital. With Mandator Camron Dar fleeing the battle and with Astrosia her withdrawal to Legatus space, the original Raptor Squadron ceased to excist as most of their assets were destroyed with few remaining.


Due to its unique status and initiative of being the first joint Imperial-Legatus task force, it was initially commanded by a mandator for the time being. Using the mandator's explicit knowledge about the resistance and their way of thinking he wielded the squadron with deadly precision.

Camron Dar (Imperial)Large.png Name:Mandator Camron Dar
Birthdate: Unknown

Camron Dar is a former rebel leader on Yudumarth and former associate of the criminal organisation known as the The Syndicate until he was eventually caught by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Imprisoned he eventually pledged his loyalty to the Empire and became a powerful asset within the Imperial Intelligence. Due to his efforts the Intelligence managed to get the schematics of the Yurrus-class and with Camron Dar leading the negotiations they managed to convince the Lizardian to sell the design to the Empire and the only reason the Lizardian weren't yet conquered by the Empire.

Camron Dar's chance of glory came in 21 AQF when the Raptor Squadron was raised, gaining a promotion to mandator he commands the squadron to hunt down the resistance. He is the now currently unofficial governor of Yudumarth as well though the planet is not (yet) under Imperial rule.

He is often described as having an aura of ruthlessness with a his sharp memory, rarely forgetting a slight or event. A determined man with an iron will and tremendous ambition. He can be charming and charismatic one moment, while cold and harsh the other. He has a dominating personal presence, deeply persuasive and a keen tactician and politician.

Mandator Camron Dar with his main enforces, Lady Astrosia

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Military and Defense[]

Raptor squadron is a small, secretive, effective and specialised squadron within the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Its complement varied over time.


The personnel of Raptor Squadron hail from the Empire and the Legatus, the second in command is known as the Raptoriaen Secundus. The CO's are the commanding officers of starships within the squadron while the XO are the executive officers and often the second in command of a starship.

Name/Rank/Role/Status Name/Cell/Role/Status Name/Cell/Role/Status Name/Cell/Role/Status Name/Cell/Role/Status
Vitiian Rax
Empire's Fury ASP squadron
Raptoriaen Secundus
Lady AstrosiaLarge.png
Dark Lady
Legatus Enforcer
Raptoriaen Tertium
Nanda TessalaLarge.png
Nanda Tessala
CO Provocateur
XO of the Crimson Talon
Vax TraskLarge.png
Vax Trask
Empire's Fury ASP Squadron
Swain TaviraLarge.png
Swain Tavira
Navigational officer
onboard Crimson Talon
Timothy WinthazenLarge.png
Timothy Winthazen
Navigational officer
onboard Crimson Talon
Sergeant Verico (helmet)Large.png
battalion commander
light cruiser
Class: Arquitens-class
Length: 330 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive

The Arquintens-class light cruiser is a warship deployed by the Legatus Finduilica and their most common ship in use. Often deployed on border patrols, leading small task forces and to intercept those crossing Legatus borders the ships are feared for their ambitious officers and its impressive weaponry. Relative agile the ship can match and keep up with most shuttles and can carry at least three ASP-fighters as part of its armanent.

The class features a traingular shap with three cylindrical engines, its bow is cleaved in into two prongs.

Legatus Arquitens-class (1).png
Class: Gozantia-class
Length: 63.7 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive

The Gozanti-Class cruiser is a slow but heavily armored starship deployed by the Imperial Navy in the Legatus Finduilica vassal. It can both be deployed as a cruiser, freighter and as troop transport, making the vessel ideal for both patrol and interceptions as well as transporting cargo and material around the area. It can carry at least two walkers underneath it when it acts as a transport, or at least four fighters when carrying out patrol and intercept tasks.

It is armed with two turbolaster batteries and has strong shieldings and hull plates. With its three engines it is rather slow and not that agile though its powerful armor allows it to take a punch.

Gozanti-Class cruiser.png
Class: Yurrus-Class
Length: 780 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive

The Yurrus-Class was an experimental Lizardian design of around the time of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF. The design was eventually sold to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and adopted into service and produced on a larger scale since 21 AQF to liberate the larger star destroyers from patrol and guard duties along borders and planets.

Though it is equipped with shielding technology the vessel is not build for combat but rather for support and cannot hold on long against battle cruisers. As such it requires an escort of either the Arquitens or Gozanti-classes. It size and design make it a perfect carrier though a bit slow in manouvering. Its massive lower shuttle bay can house over 80 star fighters.

Yurrus-Class (Imperial).png
Shuttles and support vehicles
ASP Interceptor.png
ASP/ln starfighter
Interceptor starfighter
Class: ASP/line starfighter
Length: 9.9 metres
Speed: Impulse

The Advanced Space-Superiority Platform/line Starfighter, commonly known as an ASP fighter, is the mainstay space superiority starfighter utilised by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. ASP fighters are ubiquitous throughout Imperial space, even in distant territories such as Legatus Finduilica. However, lacking a hyperdrive, they are equipped only for short-range missions, though unlike previous models of the ASP line, on-board deflector shields are installed on each, with further technological innovations being considered as the Second Great War drags on.

TIE Fighter.png
ASP Interceptor (in).png
ASP/in interceptor
Class: ASP/in starfighter
Length: 9.5 metres
Speed: Impulse

The Advanced Space-Superiority Platform/interceptor Starfighter, commonly known as an ASP interceptor, is an advanced starfighter design introduced during the first year of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Considered to be one of, if not the, fastest starfighter in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the ASP interceptor is a marked improvement over the ASP fighter, and is thus generally entrusted only in the hands of the Empires most seasoned pilots. Commander Rax commands the Empire's Fury, an elite ASP interceptor squadron.

TIE Interceptor.png
Class: Sentinel-class
Length: 38 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive

The Sentinel-class, also known as the Imperial landing craft was a large scale troop transport issued by the Legatus Finduilica, and later the Empire as well. With its folding wing configuration it was based upon the Korvalus-class shuttle. In addition to its heavy armor plates it is also equipped with four deflector shield projectors. Though rather large and heavy weight the class remains quite agile and fast.

It relies on a crew consisting of a pilot, co-pilot/sensor officer as well as at least two gunners. The shuttle however could be manned by a single pilot as well. The shuttle contains a lot of sitting space for troopers though also include toilet facilities/refresher. It is able to carry up to at least 75 troopers.

Within Raptor-squadron the class can either dock within the Yurrus-class or between the two prongs of an Arquitens-class light cruiser.

Wings flying configuration
Wigs folded configuration
Ships Deployed



Starfighters and Support Vehicles

  • ASP Fighters
  • ASP Interceptors
    • Empire's Fury special forces squadron
  • Sentinal-class shuttles

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