The Ranbing system is a highly valuable system to say the least. The planets in it where rich with ores and other useful materials as well as being able to support life. But more important than the systems economic value is its strategic one. Ranbing is located in an area that borders the Traish and Denhser sector making it a perfect place to set up a monitoring base to help keep watch of both sectors. On top of that Ranbing is close to a wormhole leading to the Cyrannus galaxy and whoever controlled the system would have control and easy access to the wormhole. Yes, the Ranbing system is very valuable. Perhaps valuable enough to go to War over...


The United Lanat Empire had long believed that they had rights to the Ranbing system but never took the time to colonize it properly. But after signs of several United Mirus Council patrols in the system the ULE decided it would be best to colonize it proper. ULE high command sent newly appointed Admiral Reli'Omr to scout out the system several days before the colonization process took place.

The Admiral and his ship, the Evening Star, had been in the system for two days scanning the area. Nothing out of the ordinary of exciting had happened and Reli'Omr was about to give his final report to high command before his ship picked up several signals entering the system.

Tralor Crewmember - "Sir, we are picking up some signals. They seem to be ships."
Reli'Omr - "Really? Whose ships?"
Tralor Crewmember - "Not sure but I believe they might belong to the United Mirus Council. They have been- wait they are sending us a hail."
Reli'Omr - "Pull it up. Lets see they have to say for themselves."

Reli'Omr sat back in his chair as an image of a Plaidonir came up on screen.

Admiral Essina - "Hello, this is Admiral Essina of the United Mirus Council. May I ask who I am speaking to and why a United Lanat vessel is patrolling our system?"
Reli'Omr - "I am Admiral Reli'Omr and may I ask what you mean by your system? The Ranbing system lawfully belongs to the United Lanat Empire!"
Essina - "Is that so? Well, our territory marker said this planet was neutral and thus free for the taking. So, in that case might I suggest that you go on and leave?"
Reli'Omr - "No, we will do nothing of it! I've been stationed here for several days preparing the area for colonization. By order of the United Lanat Empire I command you to leave!"

A frown grew on Essina's face.

Essina - "Oh...I see. I should of suspected that of a Tralor. So...aggressive. No matter. We suspected this so we decided to bring along some motivation."

Essina cut the message. Reli'Omr didn't know what Essina met by 'motivation' but he had an idea. Then, after several minutes Reli'Omr's radar started picking up more signals.

Tralor Crewmember - "Sir...more ships are incoming..."
Reli'Omr - "How many more?" Tralor Crewmember - "Quite a bit more, sir."

Just then fifty UMC Warships formed up by Essina's ship and started to target their weapon systems at the Evening Star.

Reli'Omr - "Dammit! Get me Essina back on screen! I will not stand for this treat!"

The crewmember simply nodded and send a hail to Essina's ship.

Essina - "Admiral."
Reli'Omr - "What do you think you're doing? Trying to start a War? Order your ships to power down their weapons and leave ULE space!"
Essina - "Ahahaha. you humor me Admiral but no. The UMC is now in control of this system and it is you who must leave. Also, I don't think you are in much of a position to make demands, Admiral."

Admiral Reli'Omr growled and shut off communications with Essina.

Reli'Omr - "Damned fools. Alright, pull back the ship and contact high command. Tell them that the United Mirus Council are claiming this system and are threatening us. We cannot allow this system to fall into the hands of an empire that has shown itself to be anti-Lanat. This system is far too valuable for them to have control of."
Tralor crewmember - "Yes sir."

Reli'Omr sat down in his command chair and looked on at the UMC ships before him. He knew that this whole dispute had the chance to spiral into a nasty War.

Part OneEdit

Lines in the sandEdit

In responds to the United Mirus Council's attempt to scare the ULE out of the Ranbing system the United Lanat high command had a good number of ships relocate and be placed under the command of Admiral Reli'Omr. This, however, didn't seem to phase Admiral Essina of the United Mirus Council and he continued to have his force stay put in the system.

After several hours of intense silence from both sides Admiral Essina sent a transmission to Reli'Omr.

Essina - "Admiral, this whole ordeal has the chance of throwing both our empires into War. The wise decision would be to just let us have the system."
Reli'Omr - "No, the wise decision would be for you to leave. You should already consider yourself lucky that we didn't blow your pathetic fleet to the next galaxy when you locked your weapons onto my ship the first time."
Essina - "I was only taking...necessary precaution. You where getting aggressive and senseless as is usual with your kind and could of attacked at any moment."
Reli'Omr - "What? Usual of my kind?"
Essina - "Figure it out, Admiral. Now if you will excuse me I have work to do."

Essina closed the transmission leaving Reli'Omr fairly annoyed. After several moments Reli'Omr spoke up.

Reli'Omr - "Alright. I have a feeling this standoff is going to last awhile. Keep a sharp watch on the UMC's movement and if they seem to be getting into a battle formation take them down but do so if you are absolutely positive they are going to attack. We have orders to avoid confrontation if possible."
Crewmember - "Yes sir."

Reli'Omr leaned back in his chair while rubbing his head. He had hoped that this was going to be a simple scouting mission but now its turned into a massive standoff between two empires. And to make matters worse ULE high command has intrusted him to make sure this is resolved without violence. This wasn't a responsibility he was thrilled to have.

Rising TensionsEdit

Several days had passed since the start of the conflict and both sides showed no signs of wavering. There had been several attempts to negotiate but every time it ended up in one side getting offended and making the situation even worse than it already was.

The United Mirus Council had tried to send a few transports down to one of the inhabitable planets but every time they did so the ULE ships would lock there weapons on the transport. Essina was an ambitious admiral but he wasn't about to sacrifice his men so he called for the transports to return to hanger. The ULE refused to give the UMC an inch and the UMC refused to back down.

Tensions where extremely high and at this point violence could break out at any moment.

Shot in the DarkEdit

Admiral Reli'Omr was tired and on edge as the first week of the dispute came to a close. The admiral had only allowed himself three hours of sleep a day because he felt that it was important that he be ready at a moments notice in case something important happened. Reli'Omr had tried to negotiate with the United Mirus Council but every time he just ended up getting shut down and now Admiral Essina was refusing to respond to his transmissions. Reli'Omr was doing his best to prevent a firefight from breaking out but it would seem that the UMC was dead set on trying to provoke the ULE. Quite an odd move on the UMC's part as the United Lanat Empire had both the size and technological advantage if they went to War. While the UMC would surely give the ULE a hard fight they had almost no chance of winning in the long run. Reli'Omr only hoped that the United Mirus Council would come to their senses and leave the system soon.

Reli'Omr leaned back into his chair when all of the sudden his ship was hit with a bast of energy causing it to rock slightly.

Reli'Omr - "What was that? Don't tell me they just fired at us!"
Tralor Crewmember - "They did, sir. But it was a relatively weak bast from what appeared to be from a scientific laser. Not a military grade one."
Reli'Omr - "The fools are threatening us! I will not have any of this! Call the fleet and order-"

Before Reli'Omr could finish his order he was cut off by an incoming transmission from Admiral Essina.

Admiral Essina - "Admiral, I am terribly sorry about that misfire."
Reli'Omr - "Misfire? Do you take me for a fool? You purposely fired on my ship!"
Essina - "No, I didn't. A recruit was on the bridge doing a training exercise accidently hit the wrong button. And besides, if I ordered my ship to attack you we wouldn't be having this conversation now would we?"
Reli'Omr - "I don't believe you. Tell me why I shouldn't order my forces to lay waste to you right now?"
Essina - "Because, Admiral, you don't want to be responsible for starting a War."
Reli'Omr - "Hmph. Fine but keep in mind that at the slightest suspicious movement I'm giving the kill order."
Essina - "Good. Now, might a make a suggestion? Leave the system and let us have it."
Reli'Omr - "No. Sorry."

Reli'Omr closed the transmission. He wasn't sure if Essina was telling the truth. He probably wasn't but he didn't want to take the chance for starting a War. It would be best to resolve this without violence. Reli'Omr decided it would be best to send a report of the deteriorating conditions to high command and then get a few hours rest.

Part TwoEdit

Hostile NegotiationsEdit

Coming soon!

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