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The Ramvelkys War, also known as the Ramvelkys Galactic War and the War of Ramvelkys, was a war that started between the Trilx Federation and the Urhawk Union. The fighting was mostly based in the Ramvelkys Galaxy.

A picture of Ramvelkys Galaxy and the major powers (pre-Ramvelkys War)








Southern FactionEdit

Eastern OrganizationEdit

Before the WarEdit

The Trilx and the Sylits evolved on the same planet, Rambanda. They entered the Tribal Era around the same time. The Trilx founded the Trilklantrantaraw tribe and the main Sylits (the ones that ended up being the modern-day Sylits) founded the Vetrexananton tribe. At first, they were the best of allies. Soon, they went to war a few times in the Tribal Era and became rivals. During the Sixth Regional War (between Vetrexananton tribe and Narshawshablarkin tribe), the Trilx left the continent they evolved on. They settled near the Cybuntas (another race whose home was Rambanda). They became advanced and entered Civilization.

Eventually, Veatrex (evolved Vetrexananton tribe) met the Trilx and Cybuntas again. The Trilx and Sylits went to war. The Cybuntas left the planet during this war in new spaceships. The Trilx, who were nearly defeated, found Cybunta spaceships, made more, and left the planet.

The Trilx made their homeworld the planet Serostrat. They became allies with the Cybuntas, and were growing. Then Veatrex, now called Sylits, contacted them. They said they wanted peace. The Trilx attacked the Cybuntas, because they thought (correctly) that the Cybuntas had told the Sylits where the Trilx were. The Sylits defended the Cybuntas, and the Trilx's attack was thrown back. They left that part of the galaxy to avoid the Sylits.

49 years ago, the Sylit and Trilx met again. They both had become bigger, especially the Trilx. They both decided to keep peace. The Sylit government did not tell the citizens about this encounter, and the Trilx government did the same. But the Trilx and Sylits were uneasy about the peace, and tension between the 2 was growing.

Start of WarEdit

Just this week, the Trilx Federation (made up of the Trilx and many conquered space races) decided to expand the part of their empire on Veshius Arm. But colonies of the Urhawk Union were in the way. The Trilx Federation sent many fleets to destroy the UU (Urhawk Union) colonies.

The UU contacted the Sylit Republic when this happened because the Sylit Republic is the UU's only major ally. The Sylit Republic contacted the Trilx Federation and asked them to stop the attack on the UU colonies. The Trilx Federation thought that the Sylit Republic was trying to stand between the Trilx and galactic domination. The Trilx declared war on the Sylit Republic in an act of rage.

Section 1Edit

Section 1 is the beginning of the war.

Battle of MestraEdit

The first battle of the Ramvelkys War was at the UU colony of Mestra. Sylit fleets orbited the UU colonies of Veshius Arm since the TF declared war. At Mestra, a Trilx fleet prepared to attack.

A Trilx fleet attacked the colony of Mestra and the Sylit fleet there. This battle was gruesome, and it showed the strength of the Trilx and the Sylits. Finally, the Sylit fleet was destroyed. Trilx ground troops were deployed to the planet's surface to take over the colony. As the Trilx were taking the Urhawk leader of the colony hostage, Yellow Team (a SCWM-3000 VTRON squadron) shot down the Trilx troopers and destroyed the Trilx dropship. Another Sylit fleet arrived and the Trilx retreated from the planet, now knowing the Sylit's strength.

Clash at AtrasymEdit

When the Trilx attacked the UU colony of Atrasym, the Sylits were better prepared. The colony was protected by a Syplasma shield, one UU fleet, and a Sylit fleet. The Trilx were quickly thrown back, but soon were back with reinforcements.

Led by Commander Tyrint and his ship, Trident, another Trilx fleet came back for Atrasym. After passing the SR and UU fleets, the Trilx fleet couldn't get through the Syplasma shield. The Trilx decided to lay down a siege of the colony, so they would have to take down the shield for supplies.

Trident vs. WhirlwindEdit

As Commander Tyrint and his fleet held Atrasym in the siege, High Captain Cycklos attacked. Atrasym was rapidly losing supplies and all attempts to provide needed materials were failures. So Cycklos led an attack, with his ship Whirlwind, to break the siege. To prevent failure, he came with a major Sylit fleet, Omega Fleet. It was Commander Tyrint's fleet against High Captain Cycklos's fleet. It was Commander Tyrint against High Captain Cycklos. It was Trident against Whirlwind.

Omega Fleet crushed the blockade around Atrasym and few Trilx ships survived. But among the survivors was Tyrint. As Omega Fleet was giving Atrasym the supplies, Tyrint returned with a new, more powerful fleet. This time, the Trilx held the advantage. But the Sylits knew that if the Trilx fleet's leader was killed, the Trilx would have to surrender Atrasym. Yellow Team (the SCWM-3000 VTRON squad) boarded Trident and made their way to the control center. Tyrint was not there. One of the VTRONs noticed a message on one of the computer screens. "Escape Pod launched!" is what it said. They knew that Tyrint had gotten away.

But with Tyrint gone, the Trilx fleet retreated from the system. Atrasym was free from the siege.

Help from Skyren AuthorityEdit

The Trilx Federation has conquered many species, and the Skyren were one of them. But the Skyren were the only ones to win their independence. They quickly grew by taking nearby Trilx colonies, and eventually cut a line in the middle of the Trilxs' empire, which cut lots of trade between Trilx planets. When the Skyren Authority heard of the new war, they immediately sent fleets to aid SR and UU.

A Skyren fleet came in time to help the Sylit Republic in a battle at the UU colony, Rethabia. The Trilx came with a massive fleet, hoping to win a victory. High Captain Cycklos and his fleet immediately retreated from the system, but first took many UU citizens with them. The Skyren fleet stayed on course and stayed to battle the Trilx. After a short battle above Rethabia, the Skyren fleet retreated and the Trilx took the planet.

Expansion of Veshius ArmEdit

After the taking of Atrasym, the Sylit Republic evacuated all Urhawks in the UU colonies of Veshius Arm. The Trilx Federation quickly took the abandoned colonies, now fulfilling what they originally intended to do (take the UU colonies). But now, the war was raging through the galaxy. They knew it was too late to apologize. So they did what they always do- kept fighting.

Section 2Edit

Section 2 started with the Invasion of Lucidia Zone and the Blockade Establishment joining the war.

Invasion of Lucidia ZoneEdit

After the unsuccessful attacks at the UU colonies of Veshius Arm, the Trilx changed their plans. They led 3 fleets of over 15,000,000 ships each to attack the northern part of the SR, Lucidia Zone.

Lucidia Fleet was ready for the attack. The Trilx pounded into Lucidia Fleet, and pushed them back farther into Lucidia Zone. Lucidia Fleet was ordered to retreat, and the Trilx took control of Lucidia Zone. This was major hit to the Sylit Republic, and they are preparing to lead a massive attack to take back Lucidia Zone.

Blockade Establishment joins the WarEdit

The Blockade Establishment, an empire that controls about 60% of the Galactic Center, decided to join the war so they could make themselves known throughout the Universe. The Blockade Establishment is made up of a few different species that have great psychic and psionic abilities. They decided not to join the Trilx or Sylits, and instead made their own side in the war.

The first thing they did was attack the Trilx fleet moving to Lucidia Zone. Their space fleet was quickly destroyed, and they only slightly damaged the fleet. But the Trilx immediately declared war on the Establishment.

Battle of FlauratEdit

After the Trilx took Lucidia Zone, they cut the fleet in half. One half stayed in Lucidia Zone, while the other half attacked the Blockade Establishment planet of Flaurat. The Establishment fleet that guarded Flaurat was destroyed, and the Trilx invaded the main colony on the planet. But they had made a mistake. The Establishment ground troopers were probably the most powerful in Ramvelkys Galaxy. Less than 5 Trilx made it off the planet alive, but the Trilx stayed just outside the Galactic Center. Just outside the Blockade Establishment.

A Vital MistakeEdit

Sending half of the Trilx fleet to Flaurat was a horrible mistake for the Trilx. As soon as the half-fleet left Lucidia Zone, the Sylit Republic attacked with 2 major fleets, and crushed the Trilx in Lucidia Zone. But the Trilx had a plan.

A Transmission from the TrilxEdit

After the liberation of Lucidia Zone, the Trilx sent a transmission to the Sylit Republic. They commanded them to surrender. The Sylit Republic refused, unless the Trilx would give the UU colonies, back and pay the UU 10,000,000,000 Sporebucks. The Trilx declined the offer, and said the Sylits would pay. And the Sylits would....

Capture of Aquarius ZoneEdit

Aquarius Zone was the most important trade zone of the Sylit Republic. It produced the most spice and best spice of the whole Sylit Republic. It was only out-populated by Rambanda Zone. And the Trilx knew this. Leading over 100,000,000 ships, the Trilx struck Aquarius Zone.

Aquarius Fleet was crushed, and a few minor Sylit fleets were also destroyed. The Trilx took over the planets of Aquarius Zone and stopped all trade in the zone. The Sylits could not risk an attack, as even more Trilx ships were arriving. Aquarius Zone had little hope.

Battle of PenshumEdit

Penshum is an important colony of the Sylits. The Trilx led a fleet to take this colony. The Sylits were tired of having to defend their lands, but still defended Penshum. The Trilx and Sylit fleets fought and fought for hours, neither winning. But Vice Admiral Aturox, second in command of the Sylit Republic, came to aid the SR fleet. With Aturox there, the Sylit fleets demolished the enemy fleet. The Sylits were planning something different. Something that wasn't defending their colonies.

Invading the TrilxEdit

The Sylits had new game plan. Why defend your colonies when you can make your enemies defend theirs? And that is what the Sylits did. Leading Scorpio Fleet, the Sylits entered Trilx space. Using their Syplasma to their advantage, they took many Trilx colonies in mere hours. Receiving messages from their superiors, the Trilx left Aquarius Zone and came to fight Scorpio Fleet. But Scorpio Fleet was already on its way back. The Sylits were liking this new and simple plan.

Invading the Trilx 2Edit

Again, the Sylits sent Scorpio Fleet to attack the Trilx, but this time the Skyren Authority was helping. With the Sylits attacking from outside the Trilx and the Skyren Authority attacking from the inside, Trilx colonies were taken left and right. The Sylits and Skyren did not kill the citizens of these colonies, but let them leave or stay. Soon, there were hundreds of millions of Trilx ships chasing the Sylits and Skyren, but they always evaded the Trilx, until Commander Tyrint returned. Soon Scorpio Fleet was surrounded, while the Skyren had gotten away. The Trilx destroyed Scorpio Fleet mercilessly.

Assassination AttemptEdit

After the Sylits and Skyren invaded the Trilx, a bounty hunter attempted to assassinate Grand Admiral Dondrik, leader of the Sylit Republic. When Dondrik was walking to the Admiral's Acropolis (SR's capitol) from the great Flame Fortress (greatest Eterfiammatheistic temple in the Sylit Republic), the bounty hunter shot with a long-range plasma rifle. The hunter was hiding on a building near the middle of Veatrex City (capital city of SR). The shot was thrown off it's course by a flying car and it missed Dondrik by over 15 feet. Dondrik's 2 bodyguards quickly shot at the bounty hunter, who fled from the scene. The bounty hunter was identified as a Gnosh. His name was not found, nor was his employer.

Quadrantia Federation arrives!!!Edit

Quadriantia Fleet 02

Quadrantia Fleet led by Huttelett

As Rambo Nation learned of the war the Sylit Republic was in (thanks to a transmission of the Zazane), the Rambo arranged an emergency meeting with the Quadrantia Senate. After a few hours of debate, the Rambo managed to get their vote and the various representatives agreed to aid the Sylits, as they had come to their aid in the Second Galactic War. They immediatly sent a decent Task Force under command of the Hutter Captain Huttlett to aid the Sylit Republic. They have arrived at the Sylit homeworld where they await further command from the Sylit Republic. They are eager to participate in battle, as it is the same fleet who participated in the DCP Civil War, which recently ended.

Meanwhile, in the Quadrant Galaxies Rambo Nation secured the Sylit colonies there, to protect them from a possible invasion by the Trilx.

The United Republic of Cyrannus attacks! Edit

Spore 2010-05-22 17-54-13

A Hunter Class destroying a Trilx Fleet

Since the Sylits and the URC are close allies, the URC was glad to send ships to the war. The first engagement occurred when a Trilx fleet was about to invade a Sylit colony, until a single Hunter Class Star Destroyer jumped into orbit and easily wiped out the Trilx Fleet. More reinforcements arrived later to kept the colony for the allies

Attack of PuritauranEdit

After the defeat of the Trilx fleet by the URC, the Trilx led an attack on the Blockade Establishment. They tore down the planet Puritauran's defenses and led a ground invasion. The Blockade Establishment quickly showed the Trilx something: the troopers of the Establishment. The whole Trilx invasion squad was obliterated, and the fleet of the Trilx somehow crashed into the ground. There was nothing wrong with the ship- the Establishment soldiers has used their great mind powers to force the ships to the ground!

Section 3Edit

Section starts with the Zazane joining the Southern Faction and Ranaurat Kingdom joining the Center Foundation.

Zazane AllianceEdit

There was a pounding at Dondrik’s door. Dondrik looked up at the entrance. “Come in!” he said. The doors opened and Dondrik was shocked at the sight he saw. Three Zazane stood in the room. One of them was the infamous Moxix the Butcher, the current king of the Zazane Empire. “Dondrik, we meet again.” said Moxix, getting out his sword. Dondrik's bodyguards got tense and Dondrik charged his blaster. “Get out of my office, scum!” ordered Dondrik, pointing his blaster at Moxix. “Try your best, freak!” exclaimed one of Moxix’s soldiers. “Enough, Tazu!” demanded the Zazane on Moxix’s left, General Thang Hokbu. Thang worked directly under Moxix and was in charge of Rambanda when the Zazane had control of the Sylit Republic. But that is in the past now. “Dondrik, I…” Moxix was interrupted. “You fool! Take your best shot!” laughed Tazu. Tazu aimed his gun at Dondrik. Moxix quickly drew his sword and spun round in a circle. Tazu dropped down dead as the sword has sliced through his neck. Moxix then looked at Dondrik and lifted up his sword. Dondrik was prepared to fire his blaster. Then, Moxix stuck the sword into the floor and was kneeling. “Dondrik, the Zazane Empire and I want to join the Southern Faction.” explained Moxix. Dondrik couldn’t believe the nerve of Moxix. The Zazane had messed with him before, he won’t let that happen again. “Why do you want to join, Loronic filth?” asked an angry Dondrik. Moxix looked up at Dondrik. “We want to help you. What’s so wrong with that?” answered Moxix. “No! Tell me the real reason!” shouted Dondrik, aiming the blaster at Moxix’s head. “Go ahead. Shoot me. If you do, you’ll lose yourself a very powerful ally.” explained Moxix. Dondrik knew he had the power to end Moxix’s life. But he was reluctant as he knew how strong the Zazane were and how good an ally they’d be. “What do you want in return?” asked Dondrik. “We want you to give us the conquered territory of the Trilx Federation. That way, we can both be happy. We get more territory and you win the war. What do you say?” proposed Moxix. Dondrik thought for a while. Then he answered, the blaster aiming at Moxix’s head again. “You’d better not be playing games with me! Do you understand?!” threatened Dondrik. Moxix pulled the sword out of the floor and put it back in its scabbard. “You won’t regret our alliance.” said Moxix, walking out of the room with Thang. Dondrik put away his blaster, left with Tazu’s beheaded body in his office. Dondrik sat back in his chair and sighed. “I hope I can trust him.” Dondrik thought to himself.

Addition to the Center FoundationEdit

Ranaurat Kingdom, the sixth Ramvelkys power, joined the Ramvelkys War on the Blockade Establishment's team. They called this group the Center Foundation. They started by attacking the Urhawk Union. The Urhawks knew of the Center Foundation's strength on ground, so the UU kept the Ranaurat fleet in space. The Ranaurats were beaten, but had established themselves in the Ramvelkys War.

Second Assassination AttemptEdit

As Dondrik was praying in the Flame Fortress, the same Gnosh bounty hunter was hanging on one of the window frames outside the church, watching Dondrik. As Dondrik was getting up to leave, the Gnosh bounty hunter jumped through the window and fired two blasts at Dondrik. The first hit Dondrik square in the chest, making him lurch back and fall. The second bullet was stopped in midair. Impossibly, it turned around and headed for the Gnosh bounty hunter. It hit him exactly where it hit Dondrik, and he fell to the ground. One of Dondrik's bodyguards, who had been placed outside the church, ran in when he heard the shots. But the only one there was Dondrik, and a pool of blood where the bounty hunter had been. Dondrik was gravely hurt and no one knows whether he will survive or not.

Aid from the GatorsapiensEdit

Queen Venus of the Gatorsapiens contacted the Sylit Republic and requested to join Southern Faction. The Sylits agreed to let them and the Gatorsapiens joined the war.

Battle of RambandaEdit

Using a discovered wormhole, the Trilx Federation calculated its target to just 39 parsecs from Rambanda, the Sylit's homeworld and capital. Leading tens of millions of ships, the Trilx attacked Rambanda after using the wormhole. The Trilx couldn't knock down the Syplasma shield, even with over 30,000,000 ships shooting directly at it. Over 5 different Sylit fleets attacked the Trilx fleets, and the Trilx and Sylits interlocked in a great struggle. Then the Sylits performed a risky move!

Taking the greatest risk ever performed in Sylit history, the Sylits removed their fleets from the battle, making the Trilx think they surrendered Rambanda, and the war. But an STL superweapon was being launched from Ocula. The STL hit the Trilx fleet, causing the predicted supernova. The Sylits sent Syplasma all around the Trilx fleet, so they couldn't move. The supernova destroyed every single Trilx ship in the fleet. But the supernova absorbed the Syplasma. And the supernova was heading towards Rambanda.

Saving RambandaEdit

As the supernova came closer, it seemed Rambanda was lost. Nothing could stop the supernova headed for the planet with billions of inhabitants. But someone came to help.

Thousands of ships entered Ramstra start system. They were owned by the Blockade Establishment and Ranaurat Kingdom. They were going to save Rambanda. Using their mind powers, the hundreds of thousands of Ranaurats, Aurants, Tauraw, and Xaurax pushed back the supernova. And just like that, within minutes, Rambanda was saved. Ranaurat Kingdom and the Blockade Establishment called a truce and decided to leave the war. And peace was held between Southern Faction and the Center Foundation.

Hopeful Truce with the TrilxEdit

After the truce between Southern Faction and Center Foundation, they called for a truce with the Trilx and Eastern Organization. The Trilx laughed when they heard this and screamed in the Sylits' faces. The Ramvelkys War continued.

Section 4Edit

Section 3 was the shortest section but effected the Sylits the most. It ended when the Trilx rejected the truce with Southern Faction and Center Foundation. Section 4 started with the siege of Neptunium.

Siege of NeptuniumEdit

After the Battle of Rambanda, the Trilx led a massive fleet to place a siege on Neptunium, the Sylits' most important colony. The Sylits and Trilx battled for a while, and the Trilx destroyed the Sylit fleets. The Trilx were winning the Ramvelkys War.

Battle of MazyonEdit

The Trilx led another fleet on Mazyon, the fifth most important colony of the Sylits. The Trilx fleet was losing at first, but they finally took the upper hand. Forcing the Sylits to retreat, the Trilx took control of Mazyon.

Taking of Lucidia ZoneEdit

After Mazyon, the Trilx decided they wanted something bigger. They wanted Lucidia Zone, and they took it. The Trilx fleets crushed the Sylits in Lucidia Zone and they took hold of it, all trade, the colonies, and the citizens. The Sylits were getting angry. And weak....

Victory at Aquarius ZoneEdit

After Lucidia Zone, the Trilx wanted even more. And they were going to get it. They led about 10,000,000 ships to battle at Aquarius Zone. And they failed.

The Sylits, who were getting furious, were prepared. With over 80,000,000 ships and 250,000 SCWM-2000 VTRONs, the Sylits stood their ground.

After a battle lasting 16 hours, the Sylits emerged victorious. This battle gave the Sylits hope.

Recovery of Grand Admiral DondrikEdit

After being shot by a bounty hunter, who was identified as Krescent of the Syndicate, Grand Admiral Dondrik was rushed to the hospital. He entered a 2-week coma, and woke up to witness the saving of Rambanda. After being bedridden for nearly 2 more weeks, he suddenly made a miraculous recovery. Believed to be saved by the Flame, Grand Admiral Dondrik gave a great speech to the Sylit Republic, a speech that left many in tears. Before a rallying cry, "It's better that thousands die, as long as the species lives on!", he announced that he was planning a way to end the Ramvelkys War.

Section 5Edit

Section 4 consisted of many battles won by the Trilx and the Trilx getting the upper hand. Section 5 is the last section of the Ramvelkys War.

Invading the Trilx 3Edit

After this speech, Grand Admiral Dondrik led 2 fleets of about 120,000,000 ships into Trilx territory. The leader of the Skyren told Dondrik that they would attack from the inside. The fleets took Trilx colonies by the dozens, but the Trilx sent fleets to catch them.

Eventually, the Trilx had the Skyren and Sylit fleets cornered. Looking as if the fleets and Grand Admiral Dondrik were going to die, Vice Admiral Aturox came with reinforcements to take down the prideful Trilx. The Trilx were losing the battle, but Dondrik got a message saying that the Trilx were bringing reinforcements. Relaying this message to High Captain Cycklos, Cycklos came to intercept the fleet with his own fleet. The Trilx fleet was led by Commander Tyrint. Again, Cycklos and Tyrint fought.

Cycklos's fleet destroyed Tyrint's and Tyrint was killed by Cycklos. Cycklos then flew to the battle that Aturox and Dondrik were in.

Making a BaseEdit

One of the colonies the Sylits took, Barkum, was a perfect place for a base. The Sylits set up a massive base on Barkum, and kept their ships here. They called for more units and fleets. They started to build a massive fleet- called the Supreme Fleet of the Sylits. They were getting ready to attack Serostrat, the capital of the Trilx. They were trying to end the Ramvelkys War.

Battle of Gradia SystemEdit

The Supreme Fleet of the Sylits was ready. Gradia System, a system near Vrank-4 System (capital Trilx system) wasn't. And the Sylits struck.

The Supreme Fleet of the Sylits invaded Gradia System and took the Trilx bases there. They covered the system in Syplasma to protect from any attacks from the Trilx. It happened quickly and quietly.

Invasion of Jikria SystemEdit

Again the Sylits struck! Jikria, another system near Vrank-4, was the Sylits' target. They invaded it, but not without cost. Commander Nyrash, a valuable officer in the Sylit Republic, was killed, as were a few others. But the deaths were worth it. It's better that thousands die, as long as the species lives on.

Taking of Brajuan SystemEdit

With the Supreme Fleet, the Sylits could not be stopped. They invaded Brajuan System and took the Trilx planets there. After 2 more systems taken, the Sylits would have the Vrank-4 System surrounded by Sylit systems. And the Ramvelkys War might be over!

Attack on Hiviria SystemEdit

The Supreme Fleet of the Sylits moved on to Hiviria System, and the Trilx were ready. Mustering up 100,000,000 ships, they fought back. They laid out a protective shield around their base on Hiviria and surrounded it with ground troops. As the Supreme Fleet battled the Trilx, SCWM-3000 VTRONs were dispatched to the planet's surface. After a battle on ground that lasted 6 hours, the VTRONs advanced and broke the control panel that kept the base's shield up. The Sylits entered the base and claimed Hiviria System for themselves.

Battle of Fury IV - Part 1Edit

The Zazane’s new home world, Fury IV, was surrounded by ships sent by the Trilx Federation. Moxix wasn’t prepared to give up his planet to the Trilx and hadn’t seen bloodshed in a while. On Manjavaro, the large underwater city built by the Zazane Empire, General Thang was directing an attack. “Right, men, the Trilx Federation has Fury IV surrounded! As always, I expect you to fight for your empire and for our mighty God, Umbrux! Men, I want you to destroy those ships!” ordered Thang. Trilx ships sped over the underwater city. The Trilx didn’t know that the Zazane had their city underwater and were expecting it to appear on land. Suddenly, thousands of Zazane battleships flew into the sky and started to fire their rapid-fire extermination blasters at the enemy ships. Thang was riding in his trademark battleship and was doing well. Suddenly, one of his battleship’s wings were blasted by a Trilx enemy. “Screw that! Prepare to die!” laughed Thang as he sped towards the Trilx ship. Suddenly, there was a large explosion. The sky was filled with lasers and blaster fire. The Trilx’s ship was destroyed on collision with Thang’s battleship. But where was Thang? Without Thang, the Zazane Empire would lose Fury IV.

Battle of Fury IV - Part 2Edit

Down on the island of Katauraka, near the city of Manjavaro, General Thang landed badly. He had jumped out of his battleship and landed in the jungle. Not even the Zazane know what lurked in these jungles. Thang stood up on his uneasy legs, as the shock of landing had traumatized him a bit. He shook his head and took out his sword. He heard roaring in the jungles. Suddenly, a large group of three-eyed leopards surrounded him. Thang prepared himself. “You may be fast, but I am supreme!” he shouted. One of the leopards pounced towards him. Thang delivered a killer blow, disembowelling the leopard. Then the other leopards attacked. Blood went everywhere. After 2 hours of attacking and defending, Thang had finally killed all the leopards. He was now seriously wounded and his sword was damaged. The dogfights between the Zazane and the Trilx carried on. Meanwhile, a large familiar object came towards Fury IV. It was the Zazane Mothership. Moxix watched as the Trilx turned to fight the Mothership. “You fools! You will pay for attacking my planet!” screamed Moxix. The Zazane Mothership unleashed the Zazane Super-Fleet and many rounds of rapid-fire extermination blasters. The Trilx ships were quickly destroyed. Now Moxix had to deal with the Trilx ships that weren't in Fury’s orbit. The Zazane on the planet were still fighting them. “Activate your Ghost systems!” ordered Moxix. The Zazane ships turned to ghosts. They can now go through anything made of matter. If something were to touch the ships while their Ghost systems were on, they would be destroyed while the Zazane ships would still be working. Quickly, the Zazane ships finished off the Trilx attack and went back down to Manjavaro. Moxix beamed down onto Katauraka, knowing that was where Thang was. He saw Thang lying in a pool of both his and the leopards’ blood. Moxix walked over to Thang. “Get up,” ordered Moxix. Thang looked up at Moxix. “Take a hike, Moxix, you bastard!” exclaimed Thang. Moxix drew his sword. Thang closed his eyes, waiting for the final blow. But it didn’t happen. Instead, Moxix plunged the sword into one of the leopards’ bodies and held out his hand. “Take my hand,” said Moxix. Thang grabbed Moxix’s hand and stood up. “Let me make one thing clear. You are a brave and loyal friend, Thang. You are lucky I didn’t stab you when you insulted me,” explained Moxix before grabbing his sword and walking away. Thang spat blood out of his mouth and laughed up at the sky.

Battle of SorkaEdit

Sorka, a Sylits colony on Nikris Arm, was under attack. Trilx ships swarm around it and Sylit ships were destroyed. The Trilx sent squadrons of ground troopers to take Sorka and add it to the Federation's empire.

UU ships sped towards Sorka. When Trilx ships came into sight, the UU captain nodded. And the lasers fired. The Trilx fleet engaged the UU fleet and the ground troopers lost their signal with the Trilx fleet. With no one to guide them into the Sorka base, the ground troopers could do nothing. Ursians, UU special troopers, were sent to the ground to kill the Trilx soldiers. After a short battle, the Trilx fleet retreated and the ground troopers were killed.

First attack at the Quadrantia Task ForceEdit

Trilx attack Quadrantia 01

A Hutter ship is attacked by Trilx vessels

Even as the Quadrantia Federation sent a Task Force, the Trilx did not yet dare to attack them at all, and there presence meant that no attacks were happening (or so the Quadrantia Captain believed). This was not true at all as the Trilx were waiting there change to strike.

Concurrent at the Battle of Sorka, a Hutter ship was sent to scout the area when suddenly two Trilx ships appeared out of nowhere and engaged the Hutter ship. Taken by surprise, the Hutter vessel was unable to strike back and soon was crippled. The Trilx, as clever as always, boarded the vessel, killed the entire crew, and managed to download some part of the database that was not yet deleted. After receiving this information, boarders went back to there own ships and reopened fire at the already crippled Hutter ship. Unable to take any more damage, the Warp Coil overloaded and the ensuing explosion destroyed the Hutter ship and all evidence of a Trilx attack at a Hutter ship, part of the Quadrantia Task Force.

Battle of AositEdit

Aosit, a planet on Klius Arm of Ramvelkys Galaxy, was home to the Danas. The Trilx, hoping to expand their land before the end of the Ramvelkys War, attacked this planet. The Danas weren't advanced and were easily taken, but the Sylits led a fleet to help the Danas fight back. The Trilx and Sylits clashed, but the Danas gave the Sylits the upper hand. The Sylits beat the Trilx fleet.

Battle of Tramsa SystemEdit

The Supreme Fleet of the Sylits, after the invasion of Hiviria System, waited and regenerated their fleet. After about a week, they were ready. They attacked Tramsa System, the last system around Vrank-4 System. And for the first time in a while, they failed.

The Trilx were prepared and had nearly a billion ships, outnumbered 6 to 1. But they had a plan. They split up the billion into 5 parts. parts would wait on each of the Tramsa planets. The other would wait for the Supreme Fleet. The first fleet was crushed, but dealt some damage to the Supreme Fleet. When the Supreme Fleet went for the main Trilx colony, the Trilx fleet there attacked. They also dealt damage, but were losing. Another Trilx fleet came from another planet in the star system, and then another. They lost, but many shios in the Supreme Fleet were destroyed. The last fleet attacked but was quickly destroyed. The Sylit Republic had taken the last system around Vrank-4. Around Serostrat. Around the Trilx. Around the end of the Ramvelkys War.

Battle of Vrank-4 SystemEdit

Leading the Supreme Fleet of the Sylit, Grand Admiral Dondrik entered Vrank-4 System. Only a few hunded thousand Trilx fought back, so Vrank-4 System was invaded with ease. But the Sylits hadn't gone for Serostrat. They predicted they could take it the next day very quickly.

Battle of Serostrat - Part 1Edit

After the quick invasion of Vrank-4 System, the Sylits thought that Serostrat could have no defenses, or they would have battled the Sylits. So the Sylits took less than half of the Supreme Fleet to take Serostrat.

The Sylits entered the atmosphere of Serostrat with about 2,575,505,000 ships. As they entered the planet's orbit, a Trilx fleet came from Serostrat and took on the Sylit fleet. The fleet was destroyed quickly and the Sylits figured out that the ships were robotic, and they were decoys. Taking the Sylits by surprise, a Trilx fleet of over 1,000,000,000 ships came to attack the Sylits from behind. And the battle started.

When the Sylits started to take the upper hand, another Trilx fleet came to attack. The fleet consisted of over a billion ships. With these attacks, the Sylits were weakened. By this time, the rest of the Supreme fleet came, led by Vice Admiral Aturox and High Captain Cycklos.

Battle of Serostrat - Part 2Edit

When the rest of the Supreme fleet came, more Trilx came. The Trilx had their planet heavily defended and the Sylits couldn't take it over. The Sylits couldn't retreat, but they couldn't keep fighting. And suddenly, there was a large barrage of blasts from outside the planet. The Zazane had come to help the Sylits.

With the Zazane Mothership and Zazane Super Fleet on the Sylits' side, the Trilx were dealt a large blow. But they quickly recuperated. With nearly 2 billion more ships, each equipped with burst beams, even more powerful than Shatter beams. These Burst beams could take out the Shidium-made battleships of the Zazane Super Fleet. But even more Trilx came, and the battle became more intense.

Battle of Serostrat - Part 3Edit

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The URC aids the Sylits

As the battle became more intense, a powerful ally came to aid the Sylits, the United Republic of Cyrannus. A fleet of 60,000 Star Destroyers jumped into orbit over Serostrat and began to fire on the Trilx Fleet.

The Trilx responded by firing burst beams on the Republic Fleet, however the large capital ships shields were too powerful and the survived the attack, many smaller frigates however were destroyed. Captain Biplo of the CSS Gone in the Wind, decided that the most effective way to destroy the Trilx fleet was by using thermonuclear missiles. Every ship in the fleet fired 30 nukes at the Trilx... The resulting fireball of a thousand detonation of 50 megaton nuclear weapons wiped out 60% of the Trilx Fleet, many Trilx turned on the shields at full power and survived the blast.

Before the URC could launch the second wave, they received an emergency transmission from Cyrannus, and so they apologized to the Sylits and jumped home to Caprica.

Battle of Serostrat - Part 4Edit

Even more Trilx came after the blow the URC landed. To try to end the war, Grand Admiral Dondrik led a SCWM-3000 VTRON squad into Lantrantaraw City, the capital city of the Trilx Federation, battling Trilx troopers. Meanwhile, in the air and space, the Trilx started to gain the upper hand. Finally, Dondrik and the squad entered the capitol building. They made their way through the halls and eventually to the president's office, where President Brilin, leader of the Trilx, was. Dondrik and his squad entered the room and shot the president's bodyguards. They turned their guns to Brilin.

"Surrender the war, Brilin, and this will all be over," said Dondrik.

"I guess we have lost, haven't we?" sighed Brilin. "Ya know, I didn't want to do this! The people voted it!"

"I understand, Brilin. We would like to make a truce, and maybe even an alliance, between our two species. We will let you live your normal lives, unless you do something like attacking the UU!" said Dondrik.

"You are not keeping us under your control?" asked Brilin, surprised.

"No. We are not that kind of people. We would not enslave you like the DCP! You are very lucky that we are the ones you battled with!" said Dondrik.

Battle of Serostrat - Part 5Edit

When the Trilx surrendered, which President Brilin announced to all the Trilx, Dondrik called to Moxix from the battle.

When Moxix and Dondrik were in the courtyard in front of the Trilx capitol, they started their conversation.

"As you remember, Moxix, I agreed to give you the Trilx's land in return for your aid- which we were very thankful for," said Dondrik. Moxix nodded his head, remembering the agreement.

"And, as the War is now over, that would mean you get all the land," said Dondrik.

Moxix nodded again and said, greedily, "You have been a good ally, Dondrik. Now give me the land!" Moxix took out the Sword of Conquer, and brought it high above his head. As he was about to bring it down, Dondrik took out his blaster from behind his back, smiled, and shot Moxix straight in the face. Moxix dropped the Sword of Conquer, and dropped on his knees.

"I'm sorry, Moxix. But your people need a new leader for the war with the Xhodocto. You- you are too weak. You are too selfish. I can only hope your people gain a better ruler," said Dondrik. Moxix's body fell from its knees to the ground. The War was over, and Moxix was dead. Dondrik smiled happily and went to discuss things with Brilin.


The Sylits and Trilx made a truce, as did the Blockade Establishment, Ranaurat Kingdom, Urhawk Union, and Skyren Authority. The made an alliance, called the Ramvelkys Alliance. It is an alliance of nations only in Ramvelkys Galaxy. They think that if they put their minds together, they can do incredible things. Grand Admiral Dondrik sent a transmission to all allies that helped in the war, and their relationship strengthened even more. The Ramvelkys Alliance had decided to send in troops from every nation to help in the new war with the Xhodocto.

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