The Ramvelkys Seclusion is the seclusion of the Sylit Republic and the rest of the Ramvelkys Alliance to make up their losses to the Cognatus and Xhodocto, while in protection from enemies.

Assassination of DondrikEdit

Only hours into the Seclusion, a terrible event took place. Krescent, a Gnosh bounty hunter, was hired to kill the Grand Admiral of the Sylit Republic, Dondrik. After two failed attempts during the Ramvelkys War, Krescent succeeded. While Dondrik was returning from a meeting with the leaders of some of SR's allies, his ship, the Veatrex-II, stopped at a small colony to refuel. While it was refueling, Krescent infiltrated the ship and stealthily made his way to Grand Admiral Dondrik's office. Krescent entered the air vents and found himself above Dondrik. Krescent took one shot at Dondrik's head, and Dondrik was killed. Krescent escaped without a problem.

Vice Admiral Aturox, being Vice Admiral, was promoted to Grand Admiral. However, since the Devastation of the Sylit Republic in the Intergalactic War, Aturox had been missing. High Captain Cycklos was promoted to Grand Admiral temporarily.

Duel in Veatrex CityEdit

Aturox, after returning from an unknown planet that he was stuck on, tracked down Krescent to Veatrex City when he heard of Dondrik's death. Aturox and Krescent started dueling with blasters in a parking garage, where they had both parked their vehicles, and moved up to the top of the building. Aturox's left hand was injured and his left blaster was broken when Krescent hit his hand with a blast, so Aturox put away his other blaster and took out his Lightning Striker. The duel carried on to the tops of other buildings, and Aturox was able to slice both of Krescent's blasters. Krescent took out his own Lightning Striker, and they battled once more.

Krescent was unable to hold back Aturox's Krutanie Meca techniques and Krescent was forced to jump onto a flying car, then to jump into the parking garage, on the level where they had started the duel. When Aturox followed him into the building, he was almost hit as Krescent sped out of the building, in his vehicles, trying to hit Aturox. However, Aturox rolled to the side and cut the engine and jet thrusters of Krescent's vehicle, and Krescent plummeted to the ground below.

Knowing that Krescent had probably survived, Aturox jumped to the ground to find him. When Aturox came upon Krescent's vehicle, Krescent appeared behind Aturox and nearly killed him with a strike to the head. But Aturox dodged and the duel restarted.

They fought throughout the streets of Veatrex City, clashing their swords with each other. They continued onto a garbage ramp, which started while they were upon it. Garbage fell down the ramp at a rapid speed, and they tried to jump off the ramp. However, high walls rose and surrounded the ramp to keep the garbage from falling, and Krescent and Aturox were forced to run down the ramp towards the garbage shredder. With the garbage falling towards them only feet away, both Aturox and Krescent managed to jump over the shredder onto the ground once more.

Again they clashed their Lightning Strikers. But Aturox started to overwhelm Krescent. But the Syndicate agent wasn't going down without a fight. He unexpectedly unlocked his leg armor and hurled it at Aturox, knocking his opponent to the ground. He dashed and jumped, his Striker pointing at Aturox, speeding towards him. Aturox managed to roll and dodge the attack, spinning behind Krescent and, spinning his Striker in the Krutanie Meca form, he quickly slashed downwards, cutting off Krescent's left arm. The Gnosh howled with anger, pain, and fear. He swung at Aturox with a new power, unleashing his hatred. Aturox managed to parry the blows at first, but had to resort to dodging them after the strikes increased in power. Krescent let out a great swipe, which would have killed Aturox, had he not managed to sidestep. However, the blade caught his armor and penetrated, and it was his turn to howl with pain.

Aturox then regained his form, and came flying towards Krescent, dashing quick and lethal strikes. Krescent found the power to block the first dozen, but soon found himself being knocked around by the quick lashes. Finally, Aturox sliced off Krescent's hand, and Krescent fell to his knees, bloody and terrified. With a quick slash, his head came off. Krescent was finished, and Aturox scowled with the deepest hatred he had ever known. In a rage, he cut Krescent up into a dozen pieces, and threw them into the garbage vehicle, which was still nearby. And he walked away.

Aturox's Short RuleEdit

Aturox, now Grand Admiral, led the Sylit Republic onto a steady path to economic recovery. He was considered better than many leaders in just a few weeks. He increased trade and other relations with empires of the Ramvelkys Alliance. But, unfortunately, his period of rule was over quickly, as Dondrik's period of leadership had almost been over when he died. Aturox decided not to run for Grand Admiral and Emperor after this period, he kept his position as Vice Admiral, while a Captain was voted to the position of Grand Admiral.

Election and Rule of NarodenEdit

Naroden, an efficient Captain of SESEP, ran for Grand Admiral and was elected after he promised "strength and power to SR!" Naroden started out his 7-year period well, increasing diplomacy with nations of the Ramvelkys Alliance. Then, he increased the number of SEO-1 Battle droids, and increased defenses on more colonies in Ramvelkys.

Then the unexpected came. Naroden ordered an attack on a minor colony of the Blockade Establishment. The colony was wiped out in a matter of minutes. Soon, the BlocEstab contacted SR, wondering about its colony. And Naroden declared war.

Within a week, nearly a hundred BlocEstab colonies were under control of SR, with no SR colonies taken. The war was going well. But now rumors of war were spreading through the SR, as Naroden hadn't told his nation of the battles with the BE.

Soon, nearly half of the Blocade Establishment's colonies were under the SR's control. Ranaurat Kingdom soon declared war on the SR, and soon the RK had lost many colonies too. Finally, the BlocEstab couldn't take anymore losses, and signed the SR Settlement to become part of SR. After 2 more weeks, the RK had to sign the Settlement, to prevent its destruction.

Soon, Naroden had convinced Rykel, the leader of the Urhawk Union, to join SR and its cause. Naroden decided to change SR into the United Veatrex Federation, to fit their position better, as they were now made up of many more species than just Sylits. The Urhawk Union then decided to join the UVF, to make them stronger.

The UVF then took a bold move. They attacked the Trilx Federation. The TF had been preparing for the assault, after watching the UVF take down the nations of the Galactic Center. The UVF hit the Trilx hard, now with more ships, better ships, more soldiers, better soldiers, and a better plan. The Trilx fought back valiantly, but were overwhelmed by the sheer power of the UVF and it's military.

Naroden offered the Trilx Federation the chance to join the UVF, but the Trilx declined, and fled from Ramvelkys, sending a message to their unknown allies to see if they would shelter them. The UVF sent no pursuit, not caring much of the TF.

And then Naroden's career ended.

In his quest for dominance, he made a mistake. He went against his people and their allies. He sent out SESEP legions to invade the Skyren Authority. They rammed into the nation, quickly defeating them. Naroden asked if the SA would join the UVF, but they declined, saying they would not be led by a tyrant. This angered Naroden, and he gathered forces. But he never got the chance to finish the SE off.

The citizens of the UVF were outrageously furious towards their leader, who had promised them power, but not in this way. After a vote to kick Naroden out of his period of leadership, the result came in. 98.9% yes, 1.1% no. Naroden lot his position of power, and Aturox took charge. He had Naroden executed for his crimes.

True Period of StrengthEdit

Aturox took command of the UVF, apologizing immensely towards the Skyren, even helping them rebuild their colonies, and helping them regenerate their military. He offered the BE and RK their freedom from the UVF, but thwy both declined, seeing that this new leader would be a better ruler than they had ever had. Even the Skyren, after it rebuilt itself, joined the UVF. The UVF whad now doubled in population and strength. Aturox decided that, after about a year and a half of seclusion, enough was enough. The Ramvelkys Shield opened.

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