The Ramvelkys Galaxy is a small galaxy near the Milky Way. It is the home of the United Veatrex Federation, which completely controls it. It has about 378,000 star systems, and about 850,000 planets.


  • United Veatrex Federation
  • Sunspeeder Empire
  • Frug Empire
  • Wortgon Empire
  • Ferinus Indoles Empire
  • Fraze Empire
  • Wizon Empire
  • Shael Empire
  • Gooplet Empire


  • Galactic Center
  • Veatrex Arm
  • Klius Arm
  • Veshius Arm
  • Strewus Arm
  • Nikris Arm

Galactic CoreEdit

The Galactic Core is a massive wormhole leading to a wormhole in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Also Colonized byEdit

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