Ramuno is a Rambo Serindia hailing from the Rambo Capital who became a politician after serving at Rambo Command. At first he became the Rambo representative for the Unified Nation of Ottzello (UNO), but after relations turned low between the two powers despite his best efforts, he was assigned as Governor of Aegimi, something he views as a slight.


Early lifeEdit

Ramuno was born around 70 BQF, at the Rambo Capital in a common family. In youth, he grew up at his parents farm, learning to use nature to survive when luxury and comfort are far away. When he grew older he joined Rambo Command, as a soldier. Over time he rose to the rank of sergeant, a rank he held as he fought during the Algernon; witnessing the hardness of war he fought for his Nation. After the war he went to military academy at Rambo City, graduating from a special education he became a military advisor to his superiors, which eventually led to his promotion as government representative around 25 BQF. Staying normally at Rambo Command, he enjoyed his position for years, until he grew bored of his work and he grew disgusted by events like the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF and the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF. .



Aide to governor Ramuno

In the early month of the war in 04 AQF, a new position came free for Ramuno, and he accepted it. He was to become the ambassador for the Unified Nation of Ottzello (UNO), working to improve the galactic relations between the UNO and Rambo with as goal to accomplish a joined operation with fleets and military. Sadly things turned differently for the UNO and relations between the two powers grew low, even though with the best efforts of Ramuno. Instead the government decided to send Ramuno to Aegimi, to keep the peace at the Ancientia refugees adopted home world, something Ramuno took as a slight.

With the end of Rambo Nation in 21 AQF (2819), Ramuno left Aegimi and became governor of Eris. By July 2820 he travelled to Impaerusqiantia where he pledged his support and joined the Dinotopian Republic.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ramuno is friendly and eager to learn about new species and cultures, though hailing from the capital he is often considered a bit arrogant and posh at the outer colonies like Aegimi and Javan due to his accent and manners.

He is quite happy with himself as well, proud of his accomplishments which also lead him to viewed as arrogant by others. He is often described by other highborn nobles within the Nation as an incapable ruler, as many believe he allows Ramthas Coldbreath to have a great voice in politics than is good for him. Some even accuse him as believing himself better as the Ancientia, him being a Serindia and all, though those are often staunch supporters of Ramthas Coldbreath.

Ramuno instead hopes to make the best of his assigned position, something that was forced upon him by the Government. He enjoys reading and walking the courtyard, meeting the Ancientia citizens who labor at the fishing boats to hunt for Karpraids, something he took a liking for eating with a fine glass of vintage Serindia Wine. These traits and his interests in the common people make him actually quite loved by the Ancientia at Aegimi and a very capable ruler.



Blue faceDoes I trust


Blue faceWatch your tongue!


Orange faceDon’t let the bed bugs bite!

  • BaladruilI don’t like hedge knights and adventurers


A good man, not so good a ruler

- Ny'Les


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