Ramtorrian Ramricus is a Rambo Serindia male in long-time service of Rambo Command. Starting onboard starships for years he eventually became a sitting rock within Rambo Command, knowing how things work and why. After the death of vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral, Ramtorrian Ramricus was promoted to replace the former vice-admiral, the fitting candidate to fill in the gap in admiralty. His promotion came with the responsibility as chief-of-operations.


USS Intrepid

Born in 88 BQF at the Rambo Capital in a common family of farmers, Ramtorrian had a good youth, filled with joy and pleasure and the chance to go to school and study. Eventually drafted into service in Rambo Command, he felt proud to service his beloved Rambo Nation and the Royal Dynasty. When the Algernon War broke out in 52 BQF, Ramtorrian saw combat at the front lines against the brutal Quadrantia Algernon onboard the USS Intrepid, an Excelsior-Class battlecruiser as an lieutenant-commander. When the Algernon War ended in 25 BQF, Ramtorarrian was promoted to the rank of commander and became the executive officer onboard the Intrepid. Returning to scientific mission, the Intrepid investigated the anomalies surrounding the Quadrantia Grox territories.

Battle against the Trucinex

In 07 BQF, Ramtorrian was the captain of the Intrepid and participated in the Trucinex War that was raging on in the Cyrannus Galaxy, including the final battle above Nex. Though he saw no conflict during the First Galactic War in 04 BQF, he did participate in the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF against the Imperial Alliance. As a reward for his actions and service record, Ramtorrian recieved a promotion to rear-admiral and was assigned to the Rambo Command Department (RCD) where he spearheaded, oversaw and designed strategies during the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF, sadly, with all his experience and caution he was unable to predict the coming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat in 05 AQF. Afterwards he remained at his position until 07 AQF, after vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral perished onboard the Angforst at hands of the Quashowan, he was requested to replace Ramveral and recieved his promotion at the fourth month of 07 AQF by both vice-admiral Ramcard and Marscalcus Kya.

Maryah and Ramashe discuss Project Exodus, Ramtorrian is named liason at Rambo's behalve

Since then, Ramtorrian Ramricus assigned and oversaw all Rambo Command operations, movements, regulations and directions from its HQ in Rambo City. During the 12th month of 07 AQF, Ramtorrian escorted Empress Ramashe to New Draka, where she met with Empress Maryah to pledge Rambo Nation's aid in the Fiction:Indoctrinate Collective's massive new undertaking, Project Exodus. Ramtorrian was named the lasion between Rambo Nation and the Collective and was ordered by Ramashe to aid the Collective in any way possible if in the Rambo's capabilities to do so. Ramtorrian was happy with this new assignment, it allowed him to leave the Rambo Capital and visit New Draka, a planet not formerly visited by any Rambo. After the events of Project Exodus, Ramtorrian returned to the Rambo Capital where he was present in the first month of 08 AQF to witness the promotion to captain of his 20 years old star pupil, Aur'Luthiaen.

Tertius Bellum[]

Main article: Tertius Bellum

The delegates meet on Lianna to discuss the situation.

In february of 08 AQF, during the outbreak of the Tertius Bellum, Ramtorian attented a diplomatic meeting at Lianna-station, as a convoy of Rambo Command. The meeting was hosted by captain Rambas II, at behalf of the New Cyrannian Republic to hold a session with the Lianna Initiative. Their plan was to retake Concordia from the Cognatus Empire, though mutual distrust seemed to prevent a joint operation. Luckily diplomacy prevailed and a joined operation began that saw the Concordian Liberation, and in his hopes perhaps the first steps to rebuild the once grand Cyrandia Alliance!

During the Umbra du Elen'nathien Ramtorrian suddenly found himself in command of Rambo Command after High King Rambert Ramveral send Marscalcus to prison. Within days Rambert fell in battle, and with him Rambo Nation. With the subsequent rule of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Ramtorrian's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramtorrian Ramricus is a loyal, honest and proud Serindia. Believing fully in his own capabilities and that of the Navy, he feels Rambo Nation is the pride to serve in. His service record is an impressive sign of a long-time serving officer, participating in both explorations and combat Ramtorrian knows fully well the dangers Rambo officers and crewman face every day in the void of space in the Quadrant Galaxies and beyond.

He despises the Quadrantia Algernon, witnissing their horrors from close during the Algernon War and never fully believed they all vanished during the First Galactic War in 04 BQF. He is also distrustful of Cyrannians after their betrayal in 05 AQF, and finds it difficult to fully respect and trust members of the New Cyrannian Republic, though did stood at the foundations of exchanges and joined operations.

He himself enjoys walking in gardens, sitting at his farm in his adopted house at the Badlands Sector and enjoying working on it once in a while as a holiday. He enjoys drinking Serindia Wine and Amiearia Brandy, though is secretly fond of Cyrandia Lagoon as well. He delicacy is Matakoro patatoes and Karpraid Dish, a feat he often claims you can wake him from his sleep for it. Ramtorrian wears a heavily decorated and impressive golden/blue armor. Though not from a noble house, he wears the ancient armor, honoring his family and their involvement as knights in the Serindia Wars. He also carries the blue emerald sword, often lighting up in moon light, earning him the nickname the Shittering Knight. He has an unspecified number of children and grandchildren, his beloved wife is still alive as well though refuses to live on the Rambo Capital.



Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them

  • Empress Ramashe - All hail the Empress!
  • Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo - The true Hand of the Monarch!
  • Marscalcus Kya - For one so young, she does a great job of leading Rambo Command
  • Vice-admiral Ramcard - A true hero of Rambo Nation

Yellow face.pngGreat to meet you again!

  • Garan Andarch - For a Libertus, he is a fine example of a Rambo officer
  • Aur'Luthiaen - Another fine example of a Rambo officer

Orange face.pngBlergh!



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