Ramtilsae Serahna Le Rambo, often just named Ramtilsae is a Rambo Nation princess and member of the Royal Family. She is the daughter of Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, though their relation is a bit strained sometimes. She is seen as a princess of the Pantorilisea as well. As a niece of Empress Ramashe and princess Ramtailia- she soon became involved in the Rambo politics and Royal affairs.

A kind and eager individual, Ramtilsae is rather shy and rather preserved in giving her opinion. Instead she wished to learn more of the Nation and those outside the Nation' borders. As such she is remained at Orbispira for a while where she learned much about the Cyrannus Galaxy and her inhabitants.

When her niece Ramtailia neglected her claim to the throne, Ramtilsae became next in line if something would happen to Empress Ramashe if she had no heir of her own.


Early History (21 BQF - 04 BQF)[]

Ramtilsae was born in 21 BQF in the Pantorilisea City, located in the cold and frozen polar lands in the north of the Rambo Capital of Rambo Nation. During her childhood Ramtilsae lived a life of peace and wealth- as only child of her parents she recieved all she wanted and due to her education and manner of raising her in morals Ramtilsae never became arrogant. Instead she became humble and kind, believing to be blessed by the Rambo Gods for such a happy life. During her childhood and following teenager years she visited her nieces, Ramtailia and Ramashe quite often and became good friends with them.

During her teenage years, when she reached the age of 16 (7 BQF) she was send to the Dissia System where she was to attend the high school of Koerband, capitol colony of the Dissia System. The study was difficult and sometimes harsh and Ramtilsae remained there for a while, as she was forced to do one year twice due to bad results at exams. None the less her teachers recognised her as very smart and clever, and with additional subjects she passed her exams a year later with good results.

First Galactic War (04 BQF - 03 BQF)[]

Ramtilsae is taken captive by Captian Tul and recognized by the Lizardian Commander

When the Imperial Alliance arose and bombed the High Council of Rambo Nation- the goverment at that time was killed in the following explosion. Among them her uncle, the late Emperor Dino Le Rambo. Unalbe to get to teh Rambo Capital at once, she was forced to remain at Koerbnad. However during the war the entire Dissia System came under attack by [[Creature:Tralor|Tralor (-allies of the IA) and Imperial forces. Trapped at Koerband she was forced to remain hidden in special bunkers.

Managing to stay hidden during most of the assault the Dissia System eventually fell to the supreme numbers of the Tralor. Forced out of the bunkers she faced the conquestors of Koerband, Tralor and Lizardians rounded up the civilians of Koerband. When her friend was threatened as well as her son, she asked captain Tul to spare their lives and to become his slave. She formed a plan to disable the Tralor from functioning from the inside, but her plans were thwarted by the arrival of the Lizardian Commander- who recognized her instantly. She was then taken by Captain Tul with a chrushing and painful grip to an old Rambo Space Dock. There she was interrogated and tortured into revealing information about Rambo Nation. She was later send on transport to the Tralor Emperor, but during the trip the USS Dallas arrived with Captain Ramcard- who engaged the Tralor vessel. During the resque attempt a she liberated from the Tralor and brought back to Rambo Nation where she could recover.

Princess Ramtilsae her new appearance, after the events of the Tralor Invasion.

After her recover she took some lessons from Judge Magister Ramgaarbath in sword fighting and studied diplomacy. Near the end of the Galactic War she graduated and became a representive for Rambo Nation- to visit the allies of Rambo Nation in name of Empress Ramashe. She also changed her appearance and began carrying a Royal Sword at all times. Shortly after she recieved word that one of her nieces, Ramtailia neglected all claims to the throne and as such Ramtilsae became Princess of Rambo Nation and heir to the throne if something would happen to Ramashe.

Princess of the Nation (03 BQF - 05 AQF/02 NE)[]

A few years after the first war, a second war broke out between the Rambo and the Imperial Alliance. Ramtilsae- however was not really involved in the Second Galactic War and mostly remained at the Rambo Capital in safety.

After the war Ramtilsae went on her very first Visit, she was escorted by Captain Rambas II of the USS Hood- to meet with representatives of the CSA. During the travel they discovered an ancient structure. Upon exploring and talking to the shortly arrived Captain Rambam, Ramtilsae was captured by the unknown aliens and brough to an underground dome/shelter. After Rambam learned of this- he vowed to free her. The Unknown alien captain took her deep into the Shrine of Selenyia where she witnessed some curious wonders- and after being freed by Rambam, she continued her state visit to the CSA with Captain Rambas II. However, her freedom was not for long, upon her return to the Rambo Capitol she was taken hostage by the Syndicate and brought to the Syndicate HQ in Quadrant 89 for slavery. But Rambam came to her resque once again and eventually she returned to the Capital where she recieved a lecture by the Empress to be more careful.

She however did not listen to her niece- instead she went to explore the Ancient Structure found on the Capital. Upon entering it she explored and discovered the Shrine of the Ultimate God and later met with the Ancrevialicia- the Amazones of the Ultimate One. Ramtilsae managed to convince them to return to the surface world where they entered the Rambo society. Later on, during the Intergalactic War (0 BQF/01 BQF)- Ramtilsae was invited by her close friend, Sola Naberraé (-the URC representative to Rambo Nation) to her wedding with Admiral Cretacea. Ramtilsae had a very good time at the wedding as she loves peaceful- happy times such as on the colony of Ramaprica, where the wedding took place.

After the Intergalactic War tensions between Rowar and the Cyroenia Shipyards were rising and the Aviadactyl Senator was forced to step down from his position in the Cyrandia Alliance. Ramtilsae followed him up and became the new representative of Rambo Nation for the Cyrandia Alliance.

When travelling for the CA, she often uses the Spirit of the Serindia as her personal ship.

Orbispira, Ramtilsae her new home

Around the same time Ramtilsae bought an appartment at Orbispira to intergrate and learn more of the URC and their way of living. It later proved vital for the immense trust the two empires build between them.

Ramtilsae visits Corunnia

She later confronted the Rambo Senate about the Confederacy threat to the URC and Rambo. In her opinion it could mean the end of peace so short after the sudden fall of the Imperial Alliance and the sudden dissapearance of their leader- the Unknown Entity.

When the Great Cyrannus War (04 AQF) broke out the planet Yudumarth was blockaded shortly after the bombing of Orbispira. Ramtilsae feared this new war was going to the worse one until now and would engulf the Quadrants into a new crisis- which could perhaps change the Cyrandia Alliance forever. During the war she worked hard to prevent an escalation of the war- if Rambo Nation and the Hutter Kingdom would also attack the Confederacy- peace would not be reached. During the first year of the war Ramtilsae held strong to her hopes of reaching a peaceful solution. Sadly all efforts faiiled and the Rambo was involved in a full scale war against the Confederate threat.

Ryderallo monster unleashed on Orbispira

Her work let her eventually to Corunnia, the newly opened Senate of the URC and she visited in hopes of finding a peacefull conclusion to the dreaded war.

Ramtilsae later returned to the Rambo Capital on a brief holiday away from her busy job, while there she met with Apollo and his new assistant, Athan Apostila. The two became great friends on the trip and remained close friends- some suspect even a romantic interesst. After returning to Orbispira, Ramtilsae remained there for most of the time of the Great Cyrannus War.

Ramaith, crown prince of Rambo Nation his funeral

She often had diners and meetings with Athan Aposila, who seemed to become her boyfriend (much to the delight of gossips). When in the second month of 05 AQF a beast called the Ryderallo was brought to Orbispira and sentenced to death Ramtilsae whas filled with shock and surprise. Together with Athan she confronted Senator Guolivian about her doubts and concerns. Yet it seemed the creature was already on the loose and was headed to the Senator, wanting to take revenge. Just in time they managed to get into an Emergency Bunker. After the beast was defeated and brought away to a resevate Ramtilsae returned to her appartment and filled in a report of the events for Rambo Nation.

Later on, near the end of the second month of 01 NE Ramtilsae was present at the funeral of her niece her son, Ramaith. He seemingly died of somekind of virus and Ramtilsae was very sad about it, as it devastated Ramashe. Further more Ramtilsae became concerned about Ramashe her health and her mental condition. When in 01 NE the Nation was attacked by the Empire during the Dark Times she witnessed in shock the signing of the Concordat. A treaty that turned the Nation into a "protectrate" of the Empire. While Ramashe had to submit to the Emperor Ramtilsae began searching for means to work with the Empire and against them in secret.

She continued this secretive role well into 02 NE- though dissaproved of an armed rebellion like the New Rambo Resistance wanted.

Crowned as Regent of the Empire

After Ramashe was abducted by a Paradox creature known as Gogmaloe Ramtilsae was made Regent of the Nation. This meant Ramtilsae now ruled over Rambo Nation until Ramashe was either found alive or dead. She didn't like it, as she never desired to rule over Rambo Nation. Especialley with the current situation, with new threats at many corners Ramtilsae hoped that both vice-admiral Ramcard and Marscalcus Kya would give her good advice on what to do. Further more she hoped that Garlboz would remain loyal to her rule and not to undermine it.

One of her first acts as Regent was to give the designs of the new Acclamator class to the Empire as a sign of cooperation and acceptation on both sides. This way Ramtilsae encouraged the acceptation between the Nation and the Empire- in hopes of restoring the once trust between the two Nations. The Empire was happy with these efficient designs- something they have not done due to their current developments of larger vessels.

In her first month as Regent Ramtilsae had a hard time focusing on the many troublesome news reaching. Rambo Intelligence provided her with many dangerous and classified information as a sudden attack by the Quadrantia Federation (-formerly unknown in excistence to the Nation) and their allies, the Quadrantia Loron took possesion over the Q21 Space Station and Wormhole, leaving the Deep Space Colonial Sector vulnrable and without a re-supply of stocks.

Ramtilsae was also troubled by other recent events. like the ever dangerous present threat of the Quadrantia Grox, an unstable relation with former allies the Hutter Kingdom, a pre-emptive strike by Mortikran a month earlier on a New Rambo Resistance, rumors in Q21 about the Drakodominatus Tyranny who enslave all in their path and not to mention the friction between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth- with one of their members, the Draconid Imperium having three colonies in Q82 guarding the wormhole into Andromeda. With current relations between them one could only wonder when the Empire would either siege or blockade them, bringing new tensions to the already tension rich Quadrants.

Founder and Ramtilsae send Claire on her new mission

Ramtilsae hoped to find her niece soon, though a search party was not yet started as they had no clue where to start. The Quadrants are a large place for a single ship to search and the fleet was needed to guard the Rambo territories. The Regent was suprised when she heard that the Empire was involved in a battle at the former Confederatre capital of Carindes- as well as sending the dreaded Tyrant to deal with the threat.

Ramtilsae was also informed about internal troubles of the Cognatus Empire as one of their three leaders was killed by a seemingly new entity. Ramtilsae sighted, she was unsure what to do and decided to do little with all these reports as re-taking the Q82-Q21 wormhole was a prime objective, as well as finding her niece before the Rambo population would get uneasy.

When 06 AQF/03 NE finally started with only rumors reaching the Nation about external threats Ramtilsae was pleased when the Founder informed her that he knew where Ramashe could be. Ramtilsae agreed to all his ideas and summoned Claire Rambo who they dispatched onboard a large battlestation to resque Ramashe and bring her back to the Capital. Though they also gave her orders to lift a blockade of the wormhole in Q21 and locate the Zevian Skull and bring it back to the Nation as well.

In the second month of 03 NE, her niece Ramashe was returned to the Capital. Delighted upon her return Ramtilsea laid down her function as Regent and returned to her position as Princess of the Nation.

After the death of her father in 12 AQF, Ramtilsae went into hiding due to Rambert Ramveral usurping the throne, she feared for her own life and vanished.

Abilities and Traits[]

Ramtilsae has a kind and humble spirit. She is very kind to others and is very eager to learn new things -a trait shown when she migrated to Orbispira for a while. Though humble and kind, she is also rather shy and preserved in giving her opinion. Over the course of years she learned much about politics and how to deal with senators, governors and ambassadors or representatives of the Nation or from beyond the Nation' borders.

Sadly she lacks any experience or knowlegde in militairy matters- unlike her niece Ramashe who is both skilled in politics and militairy matters.

Her hobbies include listening to music, observing the local wildlife on the Rambo Capital and flying above the plains. Further mores she also likes to keep herself in shape by doing running and sports (-to her own humble opinion it keeps her sexy).



LoveRelation.pngI love them and will protect whenever I can

  • Empress Ramashe - My Empress and niece, she rocks!
  • The Founder - My wise foster grandfather and wise mentor
  • Athan Apostila - He is one attractive dude. Sadly since the forming of the Empire I haven't heard of him and fear the worse


Green face.pngThey rock!

  • Marscalcus Kya - The highest militairy officer within the Nation. Yet young though promising none the less
  • Vice-admiral Rambas - No matter his leaving, he will always remain my friend
  • Captain Ramcard - The greatest of all officers within the Nation. I feel honored to be saved by him once!
  • Captain Rambam † - A savior and great captain and friend. His deeds will not be forgotten!
  • Admiral Cretacea - A strong and impressive Libertus
  • Sola Naberraé - A magnificent and strong woman, glad to consider her a friend!


Yellow face.pngNot sure of them


Red face.pngFoolish scum to stand against the will of the Nation!


My dear niece, a capable politician and kind spirit

- Empress Ramashe

The perfect candidate to rule over the "Rambo Protectrate". Without knowledge at militairy matters she will become the perfect puppet of the Emperor

- Garlboz

Hahahaha, they give this Ramboidae the throne? How easy it will be to conquer the Nation now!

- Morgandaûr

I hope she hasn't found someone else...

- Athan Apostila



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