Ramthas Coldbreath is a mysterious and powerful Rambo Ancientia mage whom specializes in ice based magic. Often referred as the Frost Mage, his constant use and consuming of arcane magic to power his own changed his appearance, wearing dark blue frozen colored armor and a darker skin, most feel cold and fresh when he is near.

Claiming that he has the best interests for his people, his true motives might be darker.


Born at the Ancientia home world in Quadrant 21, Ramthas even in his youth became a devoted and fanatic follower of the Atlantica. Somewhere around 0 BQF, around the time various Atlantica and Oikoumene artifacts and structures were found within the Cyrandia Cluster, Ramthas found an ancient book in the libraries of Horus, using arcane magic he became a powerful mage, specializing in ice based magic, since often referred by others as the Frost Mage.

Whitharia became the second victims of the Contingency Plan of Camron Dar

He soon left Ancientia Prime and wandered the Quadrant Galaxies in search of more knowledge, among his travels he encountered the Rambo Serindia wizard Ramgasdruil and the sorcerer of Carnthedain, the evil Morgandaûr. After the disappearance of his people in 2798 (0 AQF), he settled himself at their new adopted homeworld, Aegimi where people saw him as a saint and many placed their trust in him, believing him to be a beacon of hope and light, though his motives are far darker as he is a little bit to much interested in the ruins near Frostkeep.

To his surprise, in may 2810 (12 AQF) he was summoned to Court and was named Grand Maester of Rambo Nation by High King Rambert Ramveral. In 2820 (22AQF) he was present on Aegimi when Mandator Camron Dar exterminated the Whitharia population.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramthas Coldbreath is a cunning and calculating male Ancientia, born in a prominent family he studied the law and politics of both his people and the Church of Horus. Often mistrusted due to his eagerness and hunger for knowledge, this all changed when he became an ice mage after his discovery of the book. Since then, many admired him for his appearance, a dark deep blue frozen colored armor, blue light emerging from it to haunt his enemies or give his people hope. At Aegimi, he loves his position and admiration as a saint, something he prefers to keep. Due to his consumption of arcane magic his skin turned frozen dark, and being in his present makes other feel cold, earning him the nick name of Coldbreath.



Blue face.pngBeware of the cold darkness


Orange face.pngMay the cold death be upon you!


A cold person, one I cannot say I fully trust

- Anciaddwia


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