Ramtainus is a captain in service of Rambo Nation. Though in origin an explorer in hart, he was drawn into the Tigris War and various conflicts with the Tralor. Due to his noble birth in House Ramveral, Ramtainus eventually became the Lord of Rambo Prime, acting as bannerman of House Le Rambo and the Royal Dynasty. He is the elder brother of Ramburgo Ramveral. Loyal to the Empress he looked in awe when the Empire took control over his beloved Empire. Though his trust never wavered in his Empress he also saw the Empire as an oppertunity for a new era of peace and prosparity for the Rambo.

He is the long time commander of the USS Charleston, an Excelsior class. During the Dark Times Ramtainus was promoted to vice-admiral and is one of the older captains still in service. He took command of a Preator-class star destroyer named the Tormentor and tolerated the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, often seen as pro-Imperial as he began to accept them.

Ramtainus was the first Rambo to ever engage the mystical Quashowan in 07 AQF, onboard the Angforst. Though the planned failed and the station was destroyed, leaving the fate of Ramtainus a mystery.


Early years (148 BQF-100 BQF)[]

Ramtainus was born at 148 BQF, in the time Rambo Nation experienced a economic growth, shortly after the Noble Alliance was formed. At the age of 22 he joined the Rambo Academy in 126 BQF, where he experienced a great time of joy and parties. During class he grew interessted in exploration and science lessons.

Around 120 BQF Ramtainus was promoted to ensign and served onboard various vessels before he achieved the rank of captain in 54 BQF. He eventually became lord of Rambo Prime due to his family heritage, taking their own sigil together with his brother Ramburgo the two became the rulers of Rambo Prime. Ramtainus often came at odd with Argathon Froramsilia, head of House Froromsilia and Director of the Cooperation, considering him untrustworthy and lower in nobility, the two are often at odds but seem to hold a certain respect for eachother. The two wouldn't cross paths for over a century as Ramtainus joined the Rambo Navy and allowed Ram'Ain, stewart of Rambo Prime ruling the planet with his consent, though Ramtainus was often consulted for most matters of importance.

Captain of the USS Charleston[]


Upon his promotion to captain he recieved command of the USS Charleston, an Excelsior class. Ramtainus participated in the Algernon War in 52 BQF and afterwards returned to exploration mission in 24 BQF. The USS Charleston was vital in the exploration of southern sectors of the Tigris Galaxy and aided Rambo explorers in setting up colonies. During those explorations Ramtainus made first contact with the HarbronrSauriens and Thellirians.

Tigris War[]

Sadly in 21 BQF the Tigris Galaxy came under attack by the dreaded Xhodocto and Ramtainus recieved command of a task force to battle the Congegration forces entering Rambo space in the Tigris Galaxy. Soon the entire galaxy was drawn intowar. Ramtainus did become a key figure in the war, being the mastermind behind the succesfull Overlord Phase 02 and the fragile alliance between the Cianju Alliance and Rambo Nation. For a while Rambo Nation was succesfull and holding off the Congregation, but when the Xhodocto Commander Dhazhrak invaded Rambo space, the Fall of Ramirith and the Invasion of Ramhall ended the peacefull ways of Rambo Nation, and his carreer in the Tigris System. Following the loss of two important colonies Rambo Nation faced heavy casualties and was eventually forced to abandon the colonies in the Tigris Galaxy. Ramtainus returned back to the Quadrants upon the Rambo their defeat in the Tigris Galaxy.

Imperials and Tralor[]

Around 16 BQF Ramtainus returned to the Quadrants and participated in numerous conflicts during the Lizardian Threat. Although Ramtainus was often send to function on the front lines, he is more a diplomat then a warrior and disliked fighting the Lizardians.

USS Charleston vs Tralor Ships

When the Imperial Alliance killed the High Council in 6 BQF, and the Tralor Empire attacked Ramtainus was assigned to the 8th Fleet under command of Judge Magister Ramhis. He then entered the Quadrantia-Mirus wormhole and faced the Tralor Fleet. During the battle the Rambo lost and Judge Magister Ramhis ordered the Deep Space Colonie being blown up by a Planet Buster, moments later it happened. While the fleet withdrawn to Rambo Space they were caught up in a battle between Rambo and Imperial forces in the Dissia System. During the fight Tralor boarders entered the ship but were stopped and 2 of them were caught.

After the borders were stopped and brought to an nearby station, Judge Magister Ramhis interrogated them, and one of them escaped. The other Tralor claimed to be a Tralor Rebel and shorlty afterward Ramtainus was given the order by Ramhis to return to the Dissia System. Although he wouldn't admit it to the Juge, he thought he has lost him mind.

USS Charleston heavily damaged and crippled after an attack by a Lanat Cruiser who fires from outside the image.

Upon arriving the Tralor had already invaded the Dissia System and the Capitol of Koerband had almost fallen, however the Tralor needed to go to the communication tower and so he brought the Charleston in orbit. However the ship was forced to leave orbit by Lanat Class cruisers of the Tralor and when Judge Ramhis returned to the ship it was taken under fire, and even a Tralor Rebel ship, whom arrived as reinforcements, chrashed into the Charleston. When a Lanat Cruiser targeted the Charleston and fired three concussion missile the Charleston was heavily damaged and left driftless. However soon the USS Sovereign and a few Galaxy Class arrived as reinforcements and tagged the ship away.

During the repairs of the ship Captain Ramtainus went to the Great Liberary were he studied new information about the Tigris War. During the Galactic War Captain Ramtainus remained at the Capitol Planet as the USS Charleston was not yet repaired around that time. During the repairs, the USS Charleston was the first ship in the Rambo Space Fleet to recieve the V2 status, and then joined the 1st fleet of Rambo Nation.

Tralor Civil War[]

Siege of Traloria

However, his time in the 1st fleet was short, as Rambo Nation became involved in the Tralor Civil War, which started with the Freedom Force losing at Anio and the Blockade of Ramsoria Run. Upon a Freedom Force attack on a ULA colonie, Rambo Command sended Ramuchi and Ramtainus to lead a massive fleet to invade the colonie of Traloria, a wealthy yet heavily defended colonie.

Together they formed a plan that succeeded with aid of a space captain, and Traloria fell into hands of Rambo Nation. This was the first counter attack against the crual Tralor!!! He was also given a special mission by the Empress herself, if possible he was to take Captain Tul into custody. Later during the war, he led the Rambo attack on Unibonia's Fortress, which after a disastrous loss of ground forces came under Rambo custody.

The USS Charleson get damaged by a Tralor attack

Ramtainus recieved a call from Rambo Command, a Tralor fleet was approaching Traloria and Ramtainus was ordered to evacuate Traloria and taking all Rambo Nation forces with him. Surprised he none the less followed the orders and within an hour over 95% of the forces at Traloria were on route to Rambo Space. Watching the last ships leaving Traloria various Tralor ships approached Traloria and Ramtainus covered the evacuating sips by using the USS Charleston as cover. During the evacuation the ship became damaged but Ramtainus none the less managed to escape towards Rambo space.

Great Cyrannus War[]

Battle of Rambo Prime

Captain Ramtainus returned to the Rambo Capital and recieve a medal of honor and enjoyed some free time. Returning to duty he found himself escorting civilian transport during the more dangerous sectors of Rambo Nation and was quite happy with the new duties the crew recieved after so many battles. Yet, later on in the year 04 AQF he was called in the defense of Rambo Prime, which came under attack by Admiral Lizaconda of the Confederacy. During the battle he managed to damage the admirals ship, the Liberty II and with efforts of the other captains and the Suiliagothrond Battlestation they forced the enemy fleet to withdraw.

Battle of Proogency

After the battle he was called back to the Shipyards of Rowar, as the USS Charleson was scheduled to recieve the Mk. II status and needed an overhaul. The overhaul laster only a few days, and with her new maiden voyage she was send to Proogency, as it was under attack by a joined fleet of Confederate and Grox ships. Together with Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A and a unidentified Yuniliage Captain of the USS Shark they engaged the enemy fleet. Sadly, with no experience with the Grox captain Ramtainus learned a lesson about the Grox, and almost lost his life due to it. As he wanted to push through the enemy lines to safe personnel and civilian, a Grox dreadnough opened fire and crippled the recently overhauled USS Charleston and heavily damaged her saucer. Forced to retreat with covering fire of the USS Enterprise-A and the USS Shark they witnessed a large explosion at the surface, marking the destruction of the listening post at Proogency.

After the battle he returned to the shipyards to recieve repairs to his ship, and to have medical care for his minor injuries.

Vice-Admiral of Rambo Nation (01 NE-current)[]


Ramtainus was eventually promoted to the rank of vice-admiral, becoming one of the highest authorities within Rambo Command. Ramtianus, after the "protectrate" of Rambo Nation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus have shown himself to be pro-Imperial and took command of a new ship, a Praetor-class star destroyer.

Dark Times[]

Promotion to vice-admiral

During the remaining of the Great Cyrannus War Ramtainus remained in Rambo space, aiding colonies in need or transporting delegates from one place to another. When in the fourth month 05 AQF/01 NE Rambo Nation was attacked by the newly formed Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Ramtainus arrived to late to participate in the battle of the Rambo Capital. Ramashe had already signed the Concordat and Rambo Nation was forced to surrender. Rambo Nation became a protectrate of the Empire and her power and influance diminished.

In the fifth month of 01 NE Ramtainus was summoned by Garlboz for a meeting where he recieved his promotion to vice-admiral and listened to the news of Kya becoming the new Marscalcus. After the meeting Rambo Command was informed the Hutters blockaded the Quadrantia 82-89 wormhole, leaving the 89 colonies without a decent supply for goods and trade. Ramtainus was ordered by Kya to solve the problem and was allowed to take command of a second vessel, the Preator class Tormentor.

Lifting the Hutter blockade

Inspecting the vessel and getting used to her movement and tactical abilities Ramtainus was given clearance by Kya to break the Hutter Blockade, which they lifted at their side of the Quadrant 82-89 wormhole. The travel to the wormhole to two days, as the wormhole was located at the Wormhole Plateau. There he was joined by two Ifrit-class star destroyers and the USS Cybele. Ramtainus decided to enter the wormhole first and ordered the Hutters to break the blockade.

Attacked by the QF and the QL in Q21

The Hutters, naturally refused and began firing upon the Tormentor. Yet the shields holded and allowed the other ships to exit the wormhole as well. As the USS Cybele opened fire at a Raptor-class, the two Ifrit-class star destroyers took battle positions and prepared to open fire. In return the Hutter lifted the blockade and returned to their own territory.

Ramtainus travelled to the colonies and delivered the supplies to the colonies in aid. He later travelled to Quadrant 21 and the Deep Space Sector to deliver badly needed supplies and commerce. However arriving in Q21 he found himself under attack by both the Quadrantia Federation and the Quadrantia Loron. Taking damage he was forced to flee to the nearby Deep Space Colonial Sector. Protecting the Colonial Sector for a few months it was soon time for action. As supplies dwindled at the colonial sector Ramtainus was happy to learn that Claire Rambo onboard the Suiliagothrond II was coming to his aid.

Rambo Command Emergency session is disturbed!

Their plan was simple, Ramtainus took his fleet of damaged star destroyers and attacked first, taking attention away from the wormhole. At the same time the Suiliagothrond II would exit the wormhole and charged her cannon and fired at the QF fleet while Ramtainus and his fleet moved away from the firing zone. The attack was a succes, the stations attack incernated two third of the QF fleet and all vessels retreated. The wormhole was cleared and Ramtainus thanked Claire for this. Afterwards he left for Q82 again to make new plans and discuss recent events with his fellow collegues at the Rambo Capital.

Ramtainus sends Trabl into the desert!

In the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF the Rambo Capital was shocked by a terrorist bombing at a passenger liner- killing innocent civilians. Shocked he was summoned by Marscalcus Kya who called for an emergency meeting with fellow admirals Ramaxar and Ramtainus. During the meeting they expressed their concerns that they weren't sure who actually was behind the terrorist bombing. Before they could discuss the fact further, a lone freighter suddenly hovered in front of the admiral's chamber and opened fire. While Kya, Ramcard and Ramtainus managed to take cover, Admiral Ramaxar was unable to do and was killed in the attack. Ramtainus was hit by a stray bullet who penetrated his shoulder, injured Ramtainus was furious and wanted to know how the Nation was to reply. Ramtainus agreed to occupy Yudumarth when it was discovered the bomb was hailing from that planet. During the fifth month of 06 AQF Ramtainus travelled to Yudumarth where he tasked fleet captain Trabl to take his troopers into the desert to wipe out the rebels and find Aur'Lumniassa. Further more he claimed that he would take control over Yudumarth defenses while Trabl was out playing in the desert.

A mere month later, Ramtainus was recalled to the Rambo Capital again.

Ortum a Dynastia[]

Main article: Ortum a Dynastia & Voyages of Enterprise.

Ramtainus, Ramcard and Kya meet

During the 12th month of 06 AQF Kya confronted her two vice-admirals, Ramcard and Ramtainus Ramveral for a weekly meeting. While Kya wished to discuss recent events and the outbreak of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, a possible threat for the Quadrant Galaxies where Rambo Command had to prepare themselves for. However Ramtainus instead brought in the topic about an upcoming request to lift the "protectrate" of Rambo Nation. Furious Ramtainus claimed that the Empire was their only protection against threats from beyond, with their fleet spread very thin after five battles and the invasion of the Empire, Ramtainus believed that a singel Quadrantia Grox sphere could cause significant devastation upon outer colonial regions.

Kya was being scolded by Ramtainus for not advising the High Council on this matter and he left while muttering about returning to Rambo Prime, leaving a confused Ramcard and Kya behind. During lunch at the first day of 07 AQF, Ramtianus med with Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior and Lord Argathon Froramsilia to discuss the events at Koerband and the creation of a private fleet for Rambo Prime. The elderly Ramtterson didn't want to hear of it and Ramtainus soon left in anger, leaving a concerned Ramtterson and Argathon behind.

A tactical conversation with the Chavelli onboard Angforst

During the first month of 07 AQF, concerned by internal threats like the Viral-Outbreak at Koerband, he recieved a transmission while at Rambo Prime from the Chavelli. A patrolling Hecatoncheir-Class was destroyed by a mysterious Quashowan-dreadnought, and the Chavelli were affraid they were the next target.

End of Ramtainus and the Angforst?

Ramtainus ordered captain James Rambo of the Enterprise to remain in orbit of Chavelli while he himself took the Tormentor and the Angforst to rendevouz with diplomat Valchi and fleet-captain Mjärt near Aecor. During the meeting, Ramtainus assured the Chavelli that Angforst would take care of the dreadnought. Upon the outbreak of the battle, Ramtainus heavily underrestimated the Quashowan dreadnought when it destroyed the Tormentor in a single shot, powering up the main weapon it overloaded when the Quashowan-dreadnought fired six beams of pure energy at the Angforst, creating an anomaly it ripped apart the station and fell apart and exploded as the main weapon overloaded.

Ramtainus crawled over the floor, raising himself he witnessed the destruction of his fleet and the falling apart of the Angforst, muttering to himself that this wasn't as planned.

Personality and Traits[]

Captain Ramtainus

Ramtainus is a kind and gentle Serindia, with a love for exploration and adventure some also describe him a grown-up child. However this traits gave him a repuation as a great captain, who enjoys a loose ethos on his ship.

Though Ramtainus is also very strict in certain matters, like uniformity, duty times and schedule checks. Though having a love for exploration, Ramtainus has been involved in various battles with the most feared enemies of Rambo Nation and is considered the second most experienced non quadrantic combat captain of Rambo Nation besides Ramcard.

He is also known to hold grudges against his enemies and doesn't hide his contempt to races he considers lower than the Rambo. As Lord of Rambo Prime and bannerman of House Le Rambo, the Ramveral brothers, noble by heritage created their own sigil! Two blue colored crowned Unirilea unicorns of Rambo Prime at a dark green background. The words are: "Forward we Ride".



Green face.pngMy duty is to the Empress!


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them

  • Tyrómairon - The Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • Claire Rambo - A capable Operative, but to give her a Suiliagothrond station to command, hmpf....?
  • Garlboz - The Grand Mandator of Rambo Nation, a corrupt and dangerous individual.


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!


USS Charleston[]


The USS Charleston is an Excelsior Class ship which participated in the Algernon War and the Lizardian Threat. Is was once damaged by Lizardian ship, but has been repaired sine. The ship later saw action against the Imperial Alliance and the Tralor Empire, and became the ship became part of the 8th Fleet. After the Galactic War the ship was not part of the 8th Fleet anymore and was sent to Rowar for massive repairs. The repairs took a very long time, and was the first ship to recieve the massive V2 update, (this was an experiment). After it was a grand succes the USS Charleston was once again launched in service and joined the 1st Fleet of Rambo Nation. Ramtainus still commands her. In the year 04 AQF the ship was recalled back to the Shipyards of Rowar in the sith month to recieve a massive update. This update only laster a few days and the USS Charleston was given a complete overhaul and new coloring, giving her the V2 Mk. II status.

With new shields, better weapons and improved design the USS Charleston was re-launched into active service a mere days over her overhaul. Her maiden voyage led to the Battle of Proogency, where it was heavily damaged by a Grox Dreadnought. After the ruturn, the Shipyards expect to finish repairs in the seventh month of the year 04 AQF. After Ramtainus recieved command of the Tormentor, the Charleston was re-assigned to someone else.



The Tormentor is a Preator class Star Destroyer, a 4800 meter long Star Battlecruiser. Build by the Shipyards of Rowar, like the Ifrit-class this star destroyer was designed by Garlboz to function in is his Quadrantia Imperial Fleet, a fleet which in his eyes shows the new untion between the Rambo and the Empire. Yet the Preator class is expensive to make, as her design also features various accomodations like Rambo Nation Galaxy-class vessels, including a holo-deck and science purposes. This way the ship also acts as an explorer, and Garlboz hopes it would replace the entire Rambo fleet one day. Due to her size and heavy fire power the Preator-class also acts as the capital ship of the Imperial fleets in the Quadrants.

Ramatainus took command of the vessel as his secondary command ship in hopes of sending fear into the enemies of Rambo Nation. It was destroyed in 07 AQF by a Quashowan Dreadnought.


A worthy Imperial admiral. His fame and his personality should entice other Rambo into serving in our great navy.

- Tyranus



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