Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo is the youngest child of the late Dino Le Rambo, the Emperor of Rambo Nation and the younger sister of Ramashe, current Empress of the Nation. Ramtailia, often called Anna is a kind and gentle person, more shy and far less a warrior and more gentle then her elder sister, Anna is often seen by the noble families of Rambo Nation as an ordinary individual, not capable of ruling the throne of Rambo Nation in times of strive and war.


Princess of Rambo Nation[]

Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo is born in 14 BQF at the Rambo Capital, youngest child of Emperor Dino Le Rambo and youngest Princess of Rambo Nation. During youth she often played with Ramashe in the gardens of the Royal Palace, growing close together as sisters. When growing older, she was brought by her father to High Council meetings, something she soon disliked as she rather wanted to play with her dolls. However she has shown a tendency to listen and finding resolutions to problems often thought of original and unexpected.

After the death of her father during the Second Galactic War at the hands of the Imperial Alliance, she mourned her father. At the crowning of her sister, she expressed her dislike to go into frontal war against the Imperials instead of using diplomacy. Ramashe refused, wanting revenge for the murder of their father brought the full force of Rambo Nation against the Imperials. Ever since her relation with Ramashe grew strained and Anna withdrew to Ramar Shadda, far away from the Royal Palace and she began living together with the uncle, Lord Ramannis Le Rambo. However events during the Quadrantia Disorder brought her back to the interest of the public as the capital in 07 AQF. The next year was a shocking year, her sister Ramashe was in comatose and her uncle, Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo became the Lord Regent.

Queen of Rambo Nation[]

In may 12 AQF, her uncle passed away of old age. During the night her niece, Ramanei Joy Feather was dragged from her room by Rambert Ramveral who usurped the rule of House Le Rambo. He fortified his claim by marrying Ramtailia in a forte night. Though their was little love between the two in the beginning, she did began to love Rambert eventually.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo is a kind and gentle person, with a love for her people and nature, she likes to wander the gardens to clear her mind and forget her sorrows. Even since the death of her father, the once joyful and cheerful princess turned more inside, more reserve and less prominent in showing her emotions. None the less she feels proud to be a Le Rambo and enjoys the luxuries of the Royal Dynasty.

She is more a diplomatic person than her late father and her sister.



LoveRelation.pngThey are most dear to me!


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Orange face.pngBlergh!


My dear, innoccent and misguided sister

- Ramashe


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