Ramseph is a son of famous Rambo Nation officer, Ramcard and is the younger brother of Judge Magister Ramgaarbath. For a while Ramseph served within the Rambo military, commanding clone troopers into battle until the start of the Dark Times where he sought a political career instead.

When Rambert Ramveral was crowned High King of Rambo Nation in 12 AQF, Ramseph was appointed Hand of the Monarch, a position he gladly accepted.


Early life and Colonel[]

Ramseph was born in 56 BQF, son of Ramcard, famous officer serving within Rambo Command. Ramseph enjoyed a life full of pleasure and kindness, after high school Ramseph wanted to join the military instead of the space navy, much at the dismay of his lord father. Ever since, it strained the relation with his brother Ramgaarbath, as he did follow his fathers footsteps and Ramseph didn’t.

Due to his family relations and member of House Ramcard, Ramseph soon reached the rank of officer and began training with clone troopers. Eventually, he received command of his own battalion onboard the Caradhras-class Erid Mirith, during the Quadrantia Disorder in 04 AQF after he received a promotion to the rank of colonel. Serving underneath him were clone troopers like Zabiela and sergeant Claire Rambo. He soon found himself at odds with her, as she often disobeyed his orders and refused to sacrifice clone troopers, as she possessed a trait of caring for them.

Third Battle of Karzamarhi Nui

During the Great Cyrannus War Ramseph and his forces saw first action during the dreaded third battle of Karzhamarhi-Nui. During the battle he managed to damage a Mortalitas Dreadnought and later on even managed to break through the Confederate blockade. As he ordered his crew to enter orbit he launched his ground forces and used the Erid Mirith as his main command post. He also gave orders to Claire and Zabiela to hunt down the CAS governor known as Garlboz. A few days after the battle Ramseph joined the second battle of Nosiso where he managed to break through the enemy blockade and deploy his troopers at the surface. Sadly his ship was damaged and needed a full rotation of Nosiso for repairs as she was unable to exit the planet and go to space. This worried Ramseph a lot as they were now an easy target.

Ramseph's new office and house at Fornaeria

Luckily the Fiction:United Republic of Cyrannus arrived in time and managed to give the Ered Mithrin time to take off and evacuate her troopers in time. After the battle had ended Ramseph landed once again at the surface and picked up the remaining troopers that were stationed at his ship. When he heard Claire Rambo, one of his most promising sergeants, though also troublesome was missing Ramseph had to admit he felt relieved.

After Rambo Nation fell under the protectrate of the Empire, Ramseph left the military and sought something differant. Ramseph wound up at Fornaeria, where he began serving as the castellan of Rambert Ramveral, making him the second most influential person on the Outer Colony. Ramseph often made the important decisions, as Ser Rambert Ramveral disliked ruling a planet and rather remained on his farm.

Hand of the Monarch[]

When Rambert Ramveral was crowned High King of Rambo Nation in may of 12 AQF, Ramseph was named Hand of the Monarch.

A heated meeting in october 20 AQF

A position he gladly accepted and executed with a firm and loyal hand. He changed his appearance as well, been given an armor by the King himself with the crest of House Ramveral on his chest. It gave him a more regal and official appearance. Ramseph ruled the Nation from behind the shadows for 8 years until he was to make his first public appearance in 20 AQF, as the King fell ill. October 20 AQF, Ramseph was tasked to deal with the aftermath of the Crossing Line-incident. In one meeting he informed Fleur Inviere, the Chancellor of the Royal Crown of what had happened. In a later meeting, together with Riyo Apanoida, the Rambo ambassador he could explain the events to delegates of other nations. New Cyrannian Republic delegates included Proconsul Athan Apostila and senator Ramdard Ramthrace. The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus dispatched senator Donaró and Potentate Tereyn Aeresius. The explanation provided by the Lord Hand was ill recieved and met with superstition and mistrust. After being corrected by the Potente and frequently challenged by senator Ramthrace, Ramseph had enough and told the delegates that this was the official explanation of the Rambo and left Riyo to deal with any questions. Ramseph rose from his chair and followed the example the High King provided during the Franco-Rambo Summit.

With the conclusion of the Precipice-storyline during the New Republic Civil War Ramseph together with Marscalcus Sinhai Kakharis became displeased with Rambert's course of actions and Ramseph himself greatly disapproved of the conflict the Rambo had started with the New Republic.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramseph is a proud and arrogant Serindia, a keen tactician and strategist. He is caring and loving for his families and those he feels worthy of his trust, though ruthless and rude against those he dislikes. A cunning Serindia, he is devoted to the Rambo Pantheon and loves to drink Serindia Wine, after he sought a political carreer he also became a bit of a celebrity due to his status as a son of Ramcard. He enjoys visiting parties and spending time with girls to add up his reputation as a politician in rise. He is secretly in love with empress Ramashe.


Ramseph's original appearance


LoveRelation.pngMy family, I will protect the honor of our House!


Blue face.pngHmm


Orange face.pngHmpf!


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