High Propthet Ramordarth is an Imperialea and a former Imperial War Councilor. Since the Emperor's went missing, he became the highest authority of the Rambo Empire. He is highly honored and powerful and many fear and respect him at the same time.

A cruel person, yet with a certain degree of honor people find him difficult to judge.


Early life[]

Not much is known of the history of Ramordarth, only that he was a great Captain in the Rambo Imperialea fleet and later was promoted to became a Prophet, one of the more influantial people of the Rambo Empire, in the military as in the rule of the Empire.

High Prophet & ruler of the Remnant[]

He kept this position for a very long time until the missing of the Imperialea Emperor. Confused and shocked by the Emperor's missing, the other Prophets (at most time there are 5 of them) voted him to become a High Prophet- as it was also the wish of the missing Emperor, an emergency position in case the Emperor died or went missing. He was honored by this position and followed the last instructions of the missing Emperor, joining the Imperial Alliance and ruling his beloved people.

And such he did and later headed for Ramrevera Prime, where he would meet the Lizardian Commander to discuss certain plans of a new attack. The Imperialea people, still confused were happy with Ramordarth as their new leader and had new confidence in the future of the Rambo Empire. He led his people into two galactic wars, the first and second. Ramordarth himself oversaw the war far from the frontlines and during the second galactic war he found himself frustrated with the Imperial Emperor when it seemed they were losing the war against both the Rambo Nation, Hutter Kingdom and the United Republic of Cyrannus. After the wars were lost Ramordarth began plotting to rebuild his fleet and forces of the Imperial Alliance and launch a third war. However his plans were thwarted when Aur'Lodin seemingly killed the Emperor which led to the fall of the Imperial Alliance. Afterwards he began searching for a way to avenge the Fall- though he did not dare to risk another assault at Rambo Nation and it's allies.

Treaty of Rambo Prime

As such be formed the Imperial Remnant and began securing their old territories and protecting the Imperial planets against pirates and other enemies. When Ramordarth rule led to another stable time for the Remnant, he was contacted by a mysterious figure- High Archon Arkhadrax of the Darklight Federation contacted the Remnant and Ramordarth met with the mysterious High Archon, hoping for a stable alliance. As of 04 AQF, when the Remnant went into an economic depression and Ramardorth was forced to abandon all hopes of an alliance, as the Nation didn't give any aid to the in trouble Remnant. As such he was crowned as the new emperor of the Imperial Remnant (though he preferred to be called Autarch) and with his guidance the people of the Remnant began rebuilding their homes and a new kind of Star Destroyers and ships. In the tenth month of 04 AQF he gave permission to two Imperial Captain to engage two Rambo ships which crossed their borders to aid a Confederate Frigate.

Later on, when Rambo Nation became a protectrate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus he travelled to Rambo Prime where he signed the Treaty of Rambo Prime- a treaty which resulted in a weapon truce.

Personality and Traits[]

A cruel yet wise and gentle person to those he sees as his allies. However, fanatic in his believes in the Rambo Pantheon and the supremacy of his own kin, Ramordarth is dangerous and unpredictable. A cunning leader, he knows how to influance his people, viewing ever defeat as the fault of others and as a punishment by those who do wish the Imperialae to venture between the stars.



Blue face.pngI can work with them!

  • RamasheI see a possible alliance between our kin, and even perhaps between our own?


Red face.pngCurse them!


A religious and fanatic leader of the Imperialae, a jester in my eyes!

- Aur'Lodin

A vile person, and not to be underestimated

- S'aur


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