Ramniels Ramcelsior is a Rambo Serindia pauvenris in service of Rambo Command. Over the years he rose the rank of captain and was given the Miranda-Class USS Majestic as command. Even since he has been loyal and served the Navy well. Eventually he gained the title of knight and became known as Ser Ramniels, though proud of his noble heritage he is not as bitter as his grandfather about the wrongs done to their family or the prestige their house lost with Vietara and the destruction of Pauvenris.

In 06 AQF, Ramniels gained an additional command, that of Angforst. This massive space station was to guard the wormhole Plateau near Rambo Prime, his own homeworld. During his carreer, Ramniels fought during many a conflict, including Great Cyrannus War.


Early History (75 BQF- 54 BQF)[]

Ramniels was born in 75 BQF years ago on Rambo Prime as a member of the ancient house of Ramcelsior. He lived in a rich and prestige family. As only child at the time, he was a bit spoiled but learned the value of sharing and loving when one of his friends died. During high school he grew interessted in the Academy and soon joined it as his dreams were to become a space captain.

However, he first served in the militairy for a few years before finally being assigned to serve onboard a space ship. His first assigned was to serve as a tactical lieutenant onboard the USS Hood, under command of Captain Rambas II. Over time he rose through the ranks and upon recieving the rank of of commander he was transferred to become part of the crew of the USS Dallas, under command of captain Ramcard. He served onboard the USS Dallas until he was promoted to Captain and was given command of the Miranda Class USS Majestic.

Captain the USS Majestic and Loyalist (54 BQF-21 AQF)[]

Captain Ramniels was very proud of becoming a captain of a ship, especialley the ship class he liked the most, the smaller Miranda Class, although an older design, they were frequently updated and are still part of Battle Fleet and Armada's. When he recieved command he was assigned to patrol the borders, he did that for many years, sometimes going on mission and taking part in battles of the Algernon War During those battles the ship was damaged severely, but was able to be repaired. He later saw action against the Lizardians and later one was assigned to aid Captain Ramborwski to protect the Outer Colonies against the Rambo Resistance. When he joined the Outer Colonie Fleet, he was first skeptical, but when Captain Ramborwski saved his ship and the lifes of many Colonist, he had earned his respect.

The Majestic is badly damaged during a fight with a Cognatus Cruiser.

Captain Ramborwski later put him in charge of the first line, because the Miranda Classes, were used by Ramborwski as front line and so had to break through the enemy lines so the other ship classes to attack the remaining ships. Over the course of years, Captain Ramniels had proved himself to be a skilled Commander of Task Force and a decent tactician. Captain Ramniels and Captain Ramborwski began respecting each other more and more and Captain Ramniels became the second in command of the Outer Colonial Fleet. He was later stationed in the Willa-2 System to watch for any Resistance movements. The Resistance movement did not come at all, as the Second Galactic War raged on (0 BQF) and the 18th fleet was tasked with maintaining control of Javan. After the Second Galactic War and during the Intergalactic War (01 AQF) a Cognatus Cruiser attacked Javan, during an interception the USS Majestic was crippled and badly damaged by the Cognatus ship. It was later tagged away by the USS Divide.

Rambo Nation forces attack the Vartekians

After his ship was repaired, he followed standing orders to withdrawn to the Rambo Capital to aid in the diminishing defense of Rambo Nation her space fleet. After recieving a massive update and the V2 status, the USS Majestic and Ramniels were once again assigned to the Outer Colonies, which Ramniels was very, very happy with. Shorlty after the Intergalactic War (01 AQF) Captain Ramniels was captured by the Trivoid during an ambush, captured and thrown into a prison, his wings were broken and he now desperatly waits for resque. Later on he was saved by a Fordanta group of warriors and was brought back to Rambo space, where he resumed his duties onboard the USS Majestic.

When Javan had fallen into the hands of the Vartekians- Captain Ramniels was send with a large task force to re-take the Outer Colony. After a suprise attack he managed to break a hole in the Vartekian defenses and managed to get ground forces on the surface. But Vartekians are masters of war and retailliated. None the less his forces managed to take the nothern hemisphere and Ramniels now prepares himself for a lenghty battle against the Vartekians. Around the seventh month of the year 04 AQF during the Quadrantia Disorder his ship recieved another upgrade, and was given the Mk. II designation. Though Ramniels himself found it a total new ship, and with the third version of the USS Majestic Ramniels admitted he was growing old.

third battle of Yadumarth

Upon recieving orders of the Empress herself, he was given a Rambo/URC task force at his command to participate in the Great Cyrannus War. He joined forces with a Feolhviaeri Captain of the USS Aquila, a Goldianius Captain of the USS Emperor's Servant, an Apationagtus captain of the Behemoth, a Draken captain of the Implacable, a Libertus captain of the Loyalist, a Trucinex captain of the Allecto and a Tezelteän female captain commanding the Senator. After meeting them on Javan they held a meeting at the conference room of the USS Majestic, were Ramniels explained his battle tactics. 24 hours later, the task force arrived at Yadumarth and began the Third Battle of Yadumarth. Encountering several frigates and Admiral Lizaconda of the Liberty II the URC/Rambo task force managed to defeat the Confederacy force at Yadumarth. During the battle Ramniels lost 4 of his crew members as his ship was badly damaged by incoming fire of the Liberty II. After the battle he congratulated his fellow captain, and with only his ship and the Senator damaged the battle was a grand succes. After the battle he and the other captain laid a blockade at Yadumarth and ordered the Libertus Captain of the Loyalist to start an orbital bombardment.

Fourth Battle of Yadumarth

Two weeks later a Confederate fleet under command of a Basileus Captain, commanding the Terror of Stars attacked the blockade. Using a clever tactic, he first lured the blockade away from orbit, as such various ships managed to jump between the planet and the blockade, attacking the blockade from two sides. During the battle the USS Majestic took serious damage as did the other ships. The Loyalist was destroyed in a manner of revenge for the orbital bombardment by the Terror of Stars her powerful cannons. Ramniels ordered a retreat and after 45 minutes of combat the fourth battle of Yadumarth turned into a victory for the Confederacy.

Battle near Rambo Prime

All the remaining ships of the Cyrandia blocakde managed to get to safety, though the already damaged Senator and Allecto were heavily damaged, though both the USS Majestic, USS Emperor's Servant and the USS Potemkin were also seriously damaged. Arriving in Rambo Space Ramniels informed both the URC and Rambo senate of the defeat at Yadumarth. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus managed to place Rambo Nation under their protectrate in 02 NE/05 AQF, Ramniels remained loyal to the Empress and remained in service of the fleet, exploring and investigating spacial events on their behalf.

James meets Ramniels and Idris

During the 12th month of 06 AQF Ramniels joined a joined Rambo/Imperial task force against defected Grand Mandator Garlboz and the besieged Angforst during the Battle near Rambo Prime. Defeating Garlboz and his fleet, Ramniels was rewarded with command of Angforst as an additional command to protect Rambo Prime and guard the Wormhole Plateau. A few days after the events at Rambo Prime, Ramniels rendevouzed with captain James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A, a Constitution-Class. Together they talked about intelligence reports about the Rihanae Pact and Ramniels introducted James new flight controller, a female Carnthedain elf, Idris Changecloack before leaving for Javan to bring Walter's body home, and a return route to patrol the area between Rambo Prime and Lianna-station.

Ramniels studies the data alone in the briefingroom

During that patrol, his crew managed to intercept a transmission from the Unclaimed Territories during the first month of 07 AQF, intrigued Ramniels studied the data in his briefing room, recognising a Rambo design but unfamilair to him. Leaning at his chair he decided to consult his friend Rambas II, captain of Lianna-station. Changing course he approached the station after a few hours, where to his surprise a fleet was assembled from various species, including Andormaru, Ca'Leon, Creckel and Xiaan ships. Onboard the station delegates like senator Creckbo, Ramckel and AnPthak were in discussion how to deal with the threat. He learned that the image he recieved earlier on was from a Rambo ship, probably hailing from the future taken by the mysterious yet powerful Icolian. When the Ca'Leon diplomat, Ca'Lippe stormed into the chamber informing all present that they only had three hours before a Hutter fleet would clash with the Infernal under command of Mortikran, the decision to leave at once by the Xiaans made all decide to follow their lead and prepare themselves for battle!

Battle of the Infernal

While on route to the battle side, Ramniels was beamed onboard the Poseidon-cruiser of X-im-ta-nark who informed the Serindia captain about their wish to continue after the battle in search of the mysterious and possible Rambo Nation ship from the future. Ramniels asked why him, while the Xiaan diplomat simply responded that he was honest and pure of hart so he would know what to do with the ship when it was taken from Icolian hands and that he could stand against the horrors of encountering the Icolian.

Initiative Victory!

During the battle of the Infernal Ramniels and his crew mostly targeted the engines of the massive Infernal, while the rest of the Initiative fleet took care of the Kingdom vessels and the weapons of the Infernal.

Battle of Ozdudrahk, last battle of Ramniels

After four hours of battle, the Kingdom fleet was defeated and the Infernal was in hands of the Intiative, while on the bridge Ramniels demanded the surrendering Basileus crew to be trailed at Rambo Nation grounds. Looking outside the window, he was glad to go back to Lianna-station again, to repair the damage to his ship and to resupply before heading to confront the Icolian.

He later joined the Rambo Loyalist resistance faction and served Lord Ramannis Le Rambo faithfully. He met his end during the battle of Ozdudrahk where he rammed his own vessel into an Imperial Arquitens-class light cruiser to allow Ramannis and the Loyalist One to escape. Sacrificing himself for the Loyalist cause he became a resistance hero for them.

Personality & Traits[]

Ramniels is a loyal and friendly officer within the navy. A proud Serindia of his heritage and fully believing in the rule of the noble Houses and believer in the Rambo Pantheon, Ramniels enjoys his life as a space captain. Though not well known or famous like some other captains, his record in battle and service is well regared and Ramniels is respected by all in the fleet.

His quiet and less bold behavior made him a reliable captian, onboard his own ship a strict yet warm crew serves him without hesistation.



Green face.pngMy duty is to the Empress!


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

Ship Commands[]

USS Majestic

The USS Majestic is an old and sturdy class within the fleet, the Miranda-class is the backbone of the entire navy and workhorse as well. Equipped with impressive shields and weapons, it has phasers and photon torpedoes and is able to match a Constitution-class in fire power. The ship often acts as border patrol, short exploration craft, support class in fleets and can even be used as an armed cargo vessel. This 243 meter ong battle cruiser needs a full crew complement between 34 and 200 to operate efficiently.

Ships Commanded

In additional to his command of the USS Majestic, Ramniels was also given command of the Rambo Nation Super Weapon, the Angforst Space Station.



A fine and great commander, a honor to have him under my command!

- vice-admiral Ramcard


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