Ramnenia Ramfrozen is a Rambo Serindia, who serves Rambo Command as the rear-admiral of the Rambo Command Temporal and Royal Command (RCT&RC) department. A man strict of the time, loyal to a fault to his Empress he would do everything to see her orders carried out, even at the expense of others.


Early Life[]

Ramnenia Ramfrozen was born to the common house of Ramfrozen, born at Stasje. During his youth he worked in the mining facilities until he was given a change to join Rambo Command. Over the years he served among the marine forces of the Nation and eventually became a gifted fighter pilot, ascending to the rank of commodore before reaching the rank of rear-admiral and his assignment to the Rambo Command Temporal and Royal Command (RCT&RC) department. With a keen and strict nose of punctuality, he was often found the perfect person for the job.

Destruction of Valthara

When in 04 AQF the Great Cyrannus War broke out, Ramnenia took command of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, the Agandaûr to begin his tests for a temporal weapon. One of his first actions was the attack and utter destruction waged upon the Confederate colony of Valhtara. Disagreeing with the plan made by the Command department, to round up the traitors as it would be a time breaking effort, allowing another Confederate fleet to arrive, he instead fired the Agandaûr her weapon at only 18%, but managed to scourge the entire planets from cities and life, turning the planet into a desolate place, leaving nothing but ruins and the remains of its citizens.

Witnissing the return of Ramirith as a side-effect

Afterwards, pleased with the results and various other tests he began working on the complement of the Typhon-Class project.

During the eight month of 07 AQF the maiden voyage was under command of captain Shivrt and under his supervision. To his surprise, the young and inexperienced captain went ahead of orders and as such he was forced to remain onboard the Typhon when it fired her main weapon to close the rupture. To his surprise, after a shaky moment he witnessed the return of Ramirith and a large part of the fleet that was destroyed by the Congregation during the Tigris War. He later informed the High Council of the event.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramnenia Ramfrozen is a harsh, strict and cruel person when executing his orders and plans. Showing no remorse whatsoever to his enemies, he is even known to use his fellow colleagues to protect classified project, others take the blame for mistakes or failures. His punctuality and strict sense of loyalty to the Empress made him the perfect person to command the most classified department of Rambo Nation, as he would do anything to protect his department and its classified projects. He harbors little love for his fellow colleagues, often issuing death threats if classified projects should get public. Many finds his loyalty and punctuality bordering on fanaticism and obsession.

None the less, he also has a softer side, enjoying gardening, tasting food, is fond of Serindia Wine and likes reading history books.



Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them

  • Empress RamasheAll hail the Empress
  • Rear-Admiral Ramcard - the greatest officer in service of Rambo Command
  • Captain Shivrt - a useful tool

Orange face.pngBlergh!

Ships Command[]


Agandaûr Battlestation

The Agandûr is a Suiliagothrond Class Battlestation, and is the sister ship of the Suiliagothrond and second of this kind of battlestation launched into service. As a military space Station she is equipped with many kind of weapons like phasers, turboblasters, and her most powerful weapons, the dreaded and feared prow-mounted bombardment cannon(capable of destroying entire worlds at only 79%). The station can also fire photon, quantem and transphasic torpedos. With over 195 RambLite Mark IV's shield generators, the station has the most modern shields, just like the Wells Class and the Typhon Class. This means the station can defend herself but also can take quite some damage. The shields are the strongest around the bridge and around the prow-mounted bombardment phaser.

The station has a length of 10 km and a height of 26 km. She can travel at warp due to she being equipped with various warp drives and a Gyronic generator.


A fine officer, though his loyalty to the Empress and his punctuality borders on obsession

- Ramcard


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