Ramkohma Ramkamura is a loyal officer in service of Rambo Command and Rambo Nation. Born at Koerband, he comes from a citizen house and is not noble of birth. Serving throughout conflicts like the Tigris War and the Second Galactic War, he commanded his faithful and trusted Newton-class, the USS Fahrenheit. Ramkohma eventually reached the rank of rear-admiral, becoming the head of the Rambo Command Capital Defense (RCCapD), tasked with the defense of the Rambo Capital and commanding the Capital Space Dock.

He is most recognised by his odd looking armor by Serindia standards and his love for Golviatan Thea.


Early History[]

Ramkohma Ramkamura is born in 97 BQF at the Rambo Nation colony known as Koerband. Born in a citizen house, he is not of noble birth and instead is a commoner. Having a great childhood with a love for holidays at Cardolast, he eventually decided to join Rambo Command to follow his dreams to become a space captain and venture between the stars in search of adventures.

Over the years, Ramkohma served on various vessels before returning to the Rambo Academy to join the captain's class. After graduating he was given command on his own ship, the Newton-class USS Fahrenheit.

Captain of the USS Fahrenheit and USS Cybele[]

USS Fahrenheit in orbit of Ramirith

One of his first doings as a captain was donning his costumized uniform, an armor decorated by a large helmet and atennas. Updating his helmet with the ships computer, he now is able to gain information about his ships status far faster than other captains. For years, Ramkohma and his crew were patrolling space in the Outer Colonial Sectors, protecting the rather unarmed settlements from pirates and raiders. Upon the outbreak of the Tigris War in 06 BQF, he like many captains were send to the Tigris Galaxy to join the battle against the dreaded Congregation. Ramkohma, already an experienced and senior captain by that time often remained at Ramirith, overseeing the war efforts. During the war he and his crew participated in the Battle and Fall of Ramirith, as well as during the Stand of Tircos before being forced to return to the Quadrant Galaxies.

Battle of Ramahri Nova

During the outbreak of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, where he often patrolled the borders of Rambo Nation against the Imperial Alliance. A year later, in 01 AQF the Intergalactic War broke out against the First Cognatus Empire, though Ramkohma had little involvement in it until the Battle of Ramahri Nova, where he engaged the Shadow of Liberty under command of Thel'Vicliquam, though on the losing side the Cognatus eventually halted their advance and left Ramahri Nova. After the war Ramkohma Ramkamura recieved a new vessel to command, the Ambassador-class USS Cybele in the twelfth month of 04 AQF. The USS Cybele was equipped with special equipment to act as a hospital ship. This fact made Ramkamura quite happy, as he didn't like the frontlines like most captains anymore after partcipating in three wars.

Damaged due to the Serlgmec

Instead he rather worked behind the scenes and with this medical equipment he could finally aid planets or ships in aid, giving them the medical care they needed. At the start of 05 AQF Ramkamura was given the mission to start the exploration of Quadrant 21 together with various other Rambo captains, including James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A. Sadly during the first week of the third month (four days after his arrival in Quadrant 21) he and his crew came under attack by the Serlgmec when they wanted to travel to a planet called Port Northica.

Lifting the Hutter Blockade

Suffering heavy damage due to underestimating the Serlgmec smaller cruisers certain destruction was prevented by the timely arrival of Captain Rambo. With aid of the USS Enterprise-A and the remaining firepower of the USS Cybele the Serlgmec were driven away. However the ship needed to be tagged away to the Quadrant 21 space station due to leaking plasma from a warp naccelle.

Hutters engage the K-7 station

After repairs at the Rambo space station of Quadrant 21 Ramkamura returned to the Rambo Capital to recieve further instructions. There he witness the surrender of Rambo Nation to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat, becoming a protectrate and losing a part of their independance. Yet Ramkamura decided to follow the Empress and didn't really mind as he was still in service of Rambo Command. After patrolling the borders after a Grox attack near Koerband, Ramkamura travelled to Rambo Prime where he joined vice-admiral Ramtainus and aided him in breaking a blockade by the Hutter Kingdom. After breaking the blockade he headed to the K-7 station near the Hutter borders, where he remained for a while. Re-supplying the station with medical and food supplies. In 02 NE, the USS Cybele arrived at the K-7 station again to deliver supplies when a large Hutter defense fleet arrived and disabled the USS Cybele and a Constellation-Class. Ramkamura and his crew surrendered but were left unharmed by the Hutters. They claimed he was free again the moment the Empire was driven away from Quadrant 89, though the Hutters were forced to retreat after the Empire destroyed Tigma IV.

Ramkamura explains the theft to Ramcard

Read-Admiral of Rambo Command[]

Shortly after returning to the Rambo Capital, he was asked by vice-admiral Ramcard in 06 AQF to accept a promotion to rear-admiral, as head of Rambo Command Capital Defense (RCCapD), tasked with the defense of the Rambo Capital and commanding the Capital Space Dock. Ramkohma Ramkamura accepted the position, glad to be promoted at his age he always dreamed of commanding the space dock and be responsible for the defense of the Rambo Capital. Shortly after his promotion, he began working closely with the Rambo Command Intelligence Department (RCID), intelligence would prepare the capital against any threats.

During the second month of 07 AQF, the Infernal, former flagship of the Mortalitas commander Mortikran was stolen from underneath the nose of the Space Dock and its personnel. Furious, Ramkohma Ramkamura demended how it was possible and had to explain himself to Ramcard how something like that was possible. During the conversation, the three were informed, to their surprise that there was a change of leadership within the Hutter Kingdom.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramkohma Ramkamura is a gentle and loyal Serindia, proud to be a rear-admiral and officer within Rambo Command he is strict to uphold the rules and is very strict in uniform regulations. Having a great sense of honor, he finds it distateful when people or personnel lie to him to cover themselves, he instead admires those who admit their mistakes and are willing to take full responsibility for it. He wears his own costumized uniform and a walking stick for aid.

He is fond of Golviatan Thea and reading, often with candles and a smoke of pipe.

Ships Commanded



Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them

  • Empress Ramashe - My Empress!
  • Marscalcus Kya- The highest military authority!
  • Vice-admiral Ramcard - A friend and mentor in admirality!
  • Captain James Rambo - A fine officer!

Orange face.pngBlergh!

  • Emtor - How dare you disgrace me!


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