Commander Ramiron is an officer in service of Rambo Nation and a long time officer of Rambo Command. Ramiron is an experienced officer and once served as a Judge under Rambam. After the death of his former captain he laid down his cloack as a judge and was assigned to serve under Ramcard as Ramcard was in need of a commander onboard his ship, the USS Dallas and served as the right hand of the vice-admiral.

After a distinguished carreer he was send by Rambo Command to Proogency due to his Le Rambo association by High King Rambert Ramveral, skipped for promotion he was due for work on a backwater listening post close to the borders of the Quadrantia Grox territories.


Early History[]

Ramiron was born in 2756 (42 BQF) at Pauvenris in a family of farmers. During his youth he was always interested in the military as well as in the Rambo Nation Space Fleet (RNSF). After high school Ramiron joined Rambo Command and graduated in the rank of ensign in 2780 (18 BQF). Upon his graduation he was assigned to the USS Luna, a ship under command of recently promoted captain Rambam.

Service under Rambam[]

USS Luna

The USS Luna, a long range exploration cruiser was launched in 2780 (18 BQF) and their first mission involved the investigation of the missing USS Lo, who was apparently destroyed in an anti-gravital wave. Upon arriving Rambam took the ship into a wormhole which brought the ship into the Milky Way where it made first contact with the Delpha Coalition of Planets. After a long period of exploring, including visits to the Tigris Galaxy and participation during the Tigris War, the USS Luna finally arrived back into the Quadrants where Ramiron and his crew became involved in the First Galactic War against the Imperial Alliance. During the war Ramiron and the crew were tasked with hunting down the Labyrinth, a massive Imperial battle cruiser. During the hunt Ramiron had reached the rank of full lieutenant and became the sub-commander onboard the USS Luna.

Hunt for the Labyrinth

In the early stages of the hunt the ship became the prey of the USS Labyrinth and the USS Luna managed to retreat into a nebula, evading full destruction. Heavily damaged and a lot of crew dead and Rambam called both Ramiron and Kerika into his ready room. Coming from the nebula the Laybrinth started it’s peruse of the USS Luna again, only to be crippled by a torpedo which allowed Ramiron to lead a boarding party to capture the ship and it’s Lizardian commander. With the Lizardian captain seemingly dead Rambam offered command of the Labyrinth to Ramiron, who was shocked but pleased and took the honor. While Ramiron in command of the Lizardian ship headed to the Rambo Capital, the Lizardian captain who was still alive played his ruse and retook command of his prized cruiser.

During the loss of the Labyrinth Ramiron was left stranded on abandoned planet whey they were discovered by Rambulans. Managing to send a distress call to Rambam, they were saved by the Nigtrion and were brought back to the USS Luna where Ramiron needed a medical treatment after a hard smash to his head. After the hunt and upon the outbreak of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, Ramiron left service under Rambam for a while for a long holidy.

Taken by a wormhole

During the Intergalactic War Rambam was sentenced to Ramghatulk. Together with Kerika and some old crewmembers Ramiron took the USS Luna, scheduled for withdrawal to save their captain.

End of Rambam

Evading two intercepting Rambo ships, the USS Luna was caught by a sudden appearing wormhole and taken to another time frame where they had an interesting adventure in name of the Atlantica though the USS Luna was destroyed. After returning from the future, the crew of the USS Luna took a ship from the future, the USS Venture back, a Galaxy-class. Arriving in the midst of the battle of Fornaeriain the Quadrantia Disorder they managed to change the tide of the battle in favor of the Rambo. Later on, upon the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War Ramiron continued to serve onboard the USS Venture and reached the rank of lieutenant commander. After various battle against the Confederacy at Koerband, the traitorous Tukio Nutria and against the Grox. During the battle of Matakoro, the USS Venture was destroyed by the Confederacy and Rambam lost his live. Ramiron, Kerika and the rest of the crew were saved by the USS Valley Forge under command of captain Klopiels.

Service under Ramcard[]

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USS Dallas

After the death of Rambam, vice-admiral Ramcard offered Ramiron a position onboard the USS Dallas, his personal flagship in 2803 (05 AQF). Ramiron, honored by the offer accepted and received a promotion to commander and second in command of the USS Dallas. Ramiron soon became known as a strict though good commander with a great tactical insight, advising Ramcard whenever he needed. His first action during the Great Cyrannus War became the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui were the Cognatus came to aid the allied forces and defeated the Confederacy.

Ramcard orders to attack the Congregation cruiser!

After the noble and just United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in 2803 the dreaded Dark Times began. After Ramcard was promoted to vice-admiral, Ramiron saw less action in space and provided Ramcard supported analyses and tactical advise about intelligence involving the upcoming Cyrandia Conference in 2804 (03 NE/06 AQF). He later travelled with Ramcard and the USS Dallas to the planet Aecor, an ancient remnant of the Atlantica where they released a prisoner as a gesture of good will to the Cognatus Empire. After Rambo Command HQ was attacked, resulting in the Yudumarth Campaign Ramiron grew bored as the Dallas was not be involved in the battle and sometimes had difficulties with Ramcard as became more demanding and austerely towards the entire crew. When a lone Congregation appeared due to an anomaly he was present at the bridge when Ramcard, with aid of the Hutters engaged the lone cruiser. Overpowered and facing defeat, the timely arrival of Seven Starr Alliance forced saved the life of the USS Dallas and the cruiser was destroyed.

Ramcard sends Irana and Ramiron to Proogency

After returning to the Rambo Capital, many onboard the USS Dallas believe that Ramiron will get a commond of his own quite soon. He remained at the capital for a while until he was summoned to his suprise to Ramcard's office near the end of the 12th month of 2804 (06 AQF), together with lt. commander Tatsu Irana to vice-admiral Ramcard's office. To both their suprise they recieved a new position, both were send to the remote listening facility at the astroid belt of Proogency, to monitor transmission within the Quadrant Galaxies and to monitor Quadrantia Grox acitivity. Tatsu was displeased and saw it as the end of her social life and perhaps her carreer within Rambo Command, though Ramiron was really happy with it he still believed it could give him new chances, it was known among few that if you did well on Proogency, you can achieve the captain's rank rather fast and only the most trustworthy are send to command the facility, as for the other personnel, that was topic of debate.

Apanoida inspects the mysterious Scion

Their time was short on the facility as the USS Excelsior under command of Chianwe Apanoida arrived and took all three of them on a mission to hunt down the stolen star destroyer, Infernal.

The Inquisitor takes command of the Excelsior

Though Ramiron had his doubts, he was overruled but did raise his concerns about bringing the Qewtwo, a mysterious creature part of the Scions onboard the vessel. Apanoida was fascinated by such a creature and decided to take it along with her while Bianca was in service onboard as well.

After reaching the Metruia-Nebula, he was given command of the travel through the nebula by captain Apanoida. Guiding Tatsu Irana through the same route he had taken years earlier, when lieutenant Ramickon Ramglover claimed to see something in the nebula, both Apanoida and Ramiron saw nothing. Moments later the Excelsior was taken by by surprise as the Infernal appeared and opened fire, forcing the Excelsior to retreat to safe grounds. Due to the actions of the captain and Inquisitor Akagêlth the girl Rayria Mary Ramelzen was saved from the pirate Zkhan. Afterwards, to his own regret Ramiron and his crew were send back to Proogency.

Captain of the USS Quetzalcoatl[]

Ramiron was promoted by Sacratus Command by May 2821 to captain and assumed command of the USS Quetzalcoatl.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramiron in old commander uniform

Ramiron is a gifted tactician and warrior, seen combat against the Lizardians, surviving an encounter with the Xhodocto and saw combat against the Confederacy. Ramiron is a strict officer, wise and humble many of the crew respect Ramiron for who he is and what he already has seen in his life as a Rambo officer. However he is difficult to socialise with, even his fellow bridge officer Chiäe Giusti has problems with that. Even though he isn't a Judge anymore, he still has his sword as an addition to his Rambo Navy uniform.

When Ramcard received his promotion to vice-admiral, he sometimes struggles with his more demanding and austerely behavior, and sometimes fears that Ramcard took too much of a pressure upon himself as chief-of –royal-matters. Ramiron is loyal and sees Ramcard as his friend as well.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy Student Officer 2777 - 2780 Cadet
USS Luna Junior Tactical Bridge Officer

Tactical Officer

2780 - 2799 Ensign


USS Venture Executive Officer 2799 - 2802 Lieutenant Commander
USS Dallas Executive Officer 2802 - 2804 Commander
Proogency Listening Post Commanding Officer 2804 - 2821 Commander
USS Quetzalcoatl Commanding Officer 2821 - Ongoing Captain

Proogency Listening Post


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