Ramikku Ramoval is a female member of House Ramoval of Stasje and officer within Rambo Nation, serving Rambo Command as one of her most promising captains of her time. Ramikku was a striking figure, a strong and muscular she could beat guys easily when underrestimated. Her love for adventure led her to join Rambo Command and the Academy, eventually gaining a command of her own, the Constitution-class, USS Eagle.

Ramikku participated in the devastating Tigris War and the Second Galactic War. During her time she grew close to other captains like Ramantas Ramgrath, Ramcard and Ramashe Le Rambo herself.

During an exploration mission in 05 AQF, the USS Eagle was destroyed by the Regellis Star Empire, leaving Ramikku's fate unknown.


Early History[]


Ramikku Ramoval was born in 35 BQF at her homeworld, the mining planet Stasje as a member of House Ramoval. During her youth, she learned to survive in the cold, often going on long range expeditions on the surface in search for ore and minerals, earning money for her parents who were hard workers with little money. When reaching her teenhood, Ramikku grew disatisfied with her uncle's family, Ramendil Ramoval and his direct family ruled the planet but did not had any control over bounty hunters and miners, deciding to join Rambo Command she left Stasje behind and joined the Academy around 12 BQF.

Ramikku had a though time at the Academy and soon gained a reputation as trouble maker, yet physical in top condition and often beating guys. After graduating she served on various vessels before returning to the Academy for the captain's class, where she met the young Ramashe, child of the emperor and princess of Rambo Nation, eventually becoming friends during classes. Graduating the captain's class with high marks, she was given the Constitution-Class USS Eagle to command.

Captain of the USS Eagle[]

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USS Eagle in drydock at the Rambo Capital

Her early missions included to explore the Outer Colonial Sector for planets with purple spice, sometimes encountering the Rambo Resistance along the road.

Upon the depending outbreak of the Tigris War against the Congregation, like many young officers she was send to support the 25th fleet stationed there and reinforce the Tigris Colonial Sector to prevent a possible invasion.

Space Battle during the Fall of Ramirith

Ramikku proved vital in the discovery of a massive power in the east of the Tigris Galaxy, the Cianju Alliance, at first Rambo Nation and the Cianju stood at hostile terms, with a failed attempt to conquer Civa Prime, something Ramikku vocally voice against. Eventually a peace treaty was signed and together they joined forces against the Congregation. Ramikku participated in the Liberation of Ramhall, where her tactics and insight allowed Rambo Nation to take back the colony. Due to her role in the liberation of Ramhall, Ramikku was rewarded with the Medal of Valour (MoV) at Rambo Command and recalled from the Tigris War for a short while. Returning to the Tigris Galaxy, Ramikku took part in the Battle and Fall of Ramirith, witnissing the destruction of the once proud colony by the Congreation.

USS Eagle damaged in orbit over Tircos

After the fall of Ramirith, Ramikku regrouped and tried to halt the Congregation advance above Ramhall, though the Second Battle of Ramhall resulted in a Congregation victory and later made a last stand on Tircos, making it the last staging area near the wormhole leading back to the Quadrant Galaxies.

After the war Ramikku returned to the Quadrant Galaxies, where near Rambo Prime she recieved new orders to patrol the borders of Rambo Space, as the Goverment felt that the Tigris War Heroes and Veterans should stay away from the Rambo Capital now that they lost the entire war for their safety.

USS Eagle passes the Anamolie, unaware that the Immobilizer is nearby

Upon the outbreak of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, Ramikku participated late into the war, rushing to the Rambo Capital after the Imperial Alliance managed to occupy the planet. During the battle, Ramikku and her crew had to face the Immobilizer, a star destroyer creating massive anomalies in orbit of the planet. The anomalies rendered scanners useless. With reinforcement inbound, the Imperials were driven off and the capital was liberated from it short partial occupation. After the war, the Eagle recieved the V2 update and was upgraded to modern standards.

USS Eagle taking having damage, shorlty before her destruction

She also participated in the March of the Apocalypse where she teamed up with captain Ramcard during the short but bloody campaign. After the March, she was send to explore teh Galaxon Galaxy, a classified mission it went behind the back of the newly formed Cyrandia Alliance. There she and her crew encountered an unknown ship, whith blue like colors and an unknown design (later became it known that is was a Goraurien ship). The unknown ship opened fire, as the Eagle was without shields due to the hacked systems by the unknown vessel, the USS Eagle took heavy damage and Ramikku was forced to evacuate and abandon her ship. The Eagle soon buckled and exploded in a bright flash of light. It took over three weeks before a vessel arrived to pick them up from their shuttles, with Ramikku needing to go to a hospital for medical care, deeply saddened by the loss of her beloved ship. Capta

Ramikku discovers Dhazhrak plot!

During her time in the hospital, Empress Ramashe visited her and after a small conversation Ramikku was drafted into service of the Empress herself. During that time she escorted her to meet with Apollo and brought Ramashe to the Suiliagothrond. Once there, she discovered by accident that Ramashe had been replaced by the dreaded Xhodocto individual, Dhazhrak, but before she could take any action her memory was wiped out and Dhazhrak send Ramikku on a far away mission after assigning her to a new Constitution-Class, the USS Eagle-A.

Regellis destroy the USS Eagle-A

During 05 AQF, Ramikku was send to Quadrant 89 where she mapped most of the unknown space south of their colonial setor. Making a database of the species there, she gave valuable information about the current status of the Imperial Remnant and the Hutter Kingdom. Exploring the easter sectors of Quadrant 89, where they crossed the borders of the Regellis Star Empire, a lone Regellis hunter-class under command of Dralath engaged the Eagle and overpowered the vessel, intergrating the vessel it soon exploded in a brigh flash of light.

Return and senator[]

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Escaping captivity at Riphar with aid of Corva

Years later, in 08 AQF it turned out that Ramikku had survived her encounter with the Regellis Star Empire, was taken captive and after interrogation was send to the prison facility at Riphar-15JD, a desolate barren moon located in the Regellis territories of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Surviving the harsh conditions, though losing a lot of weight Ramikku managed to send out a distress call that was picked up by the crew of the Falcon. With aid of Corva, the former Serindia captain managed to escape the prison facility together with the crew of the Falcon. Though the Regellis hunted them down, the timely arrival of New Cyrannian Republic captain, Vinchauk Il'Chahol prevented another capture. After some agreement, the Republic captain brought Ramikku back to Rambo Nation, an act that both melded and increased relations with the New Republic and the Rambo. After a debriefing, Ramikku returned home at Stasje.

29-03-08AQF marked a dark day when the events of the Fury of Galvarus unfolded. The three moons of the Rambo Capital were destroyed by the Lizardian super weapon. A few days after, in april she was elected as senator for the Inner Colonial Sector and the Rambo Capital and served in the cabinet of Chancellor Fleur Inviere.


Rambo Command dispatched a vessel after contact was lost and was not made after four days (standard regulations) though only debris was found, no bodies were salvaged and as such Ramikku and her crew were presumed dead. Her apparant death was greatly felt, as she was a capable officer and veteran of the Tigris War, in line for promotion to rear-admiral. Her death, with the upcoming Great Cyrannus War and the Dark Times made Rambo Nation realise that they had lost quite the officers, witn many young officers now in service.

Ramikku Ramgrath was named in honor of her.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramikku Ramoval is a proud and gentle Serindia officer. Cunning and having decend insights in battle tactics, she is best at improvising in dangerous situation. Onboard she hold a gentle atmosphere, though is quite strict in uniform regulations. Ramikku herself wears a decorated and detailed Serindia armor, an exception to the uniform regulations as Serindia officers are allowed to wear traditional or costum made armors.

Ramikku loves sporting, having a muscular build and great condition she often beat her fellow classmates in sports. She is also known for her large breasts among her fellow students around the Academy.

She shows an interesst in gardening and reading, and enjoys Chuchilas Coffee at morning.

Ships Commanded



Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them

  • Apollo - A friend of the Empress is a friend of mine!
  • Corva - Thanks for risking your life for me!
  • Ramantas Ramgrath - A great officer and friend! Sadly died during the Tigris War
  • Ramashe - Our Empress and personal friend of mine!
  • Ramcard - The greatest officer within Rambo Command and vice-admiral!
  • Vinchauk Il'Chahol - Grattitude for bringing me home!

Orange face.pngBlergh!

  • Dhazhrak - A vile entity responsible for the destruction of Ramirth and the Tigris Colonial Sector
  • Vulketh - You can rot at Riphar foul warden



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  • Ramikku er appearance and history have been revamped after the SporeWiki Community decided to re-write the Tigris War, though many of her original story remained accurate and is rather expanded upon.

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