Ramikku Ramgrath is a female Rambo Serindia in service of Rambo Command. After graduating from the Rambo Academy, she was send to serve on the enlisting office at Fornaeria, she took her pet Nocturnal with her.

After the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819, Ramikku was left unemployed but found a new position within the Legatus and its Navy in 2820. By 2820, Ramikku gained a promotion to commander and command of her own vehicle.


Early Life[]

Ramikku Ramgrath was born in 15 BQF as a member of House Ramgrath, a house with no holdings after the loss of Ramirith and the Tigris Colonial Sector during the devastating Tigris War.

Ramikku at Fornaeria's Recruiting Office

Her parents survived and took refuge at Rambo Prime, where Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior took care of her parents and herself. Tutoring her in the ways of the Serindia Pauvenris, Ramikku grew excited about joining Rambo Command and after graduating high school joined the Rambo Academy in Rambo City.

Before travelling to the Rambo Capital, Ramikku acquired a Nocturnial as pet. After graduating the Academy with decent marks, she was noticed for her smooth talking and excitement about Rambo Command, as such she was send to Fornaeria where she was to recruit new possible colleagues for Rambo Command.

Disappointed, she obeyed orders and took her pet Nocturnial with her. While on Fornaeria, she grew friendly with Rambert Ramveral though developed a dislike for Ramseph Ramcard, the castellan of Fornaeria.

Tertius Bellum[]

Ramikku informs Rambarth and Fleur of a disaster

Main article Tertius Bellum At 25 march of 08AQF, during the senate scandal, Ramikku informed Fleur Inviere of the arrival of Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo and made all the arrangement, as per duty as ensign posted at Fornaeria. Sadly, she had to disturb their meeting to inform the both of them of a disaster that occured. Over the following yeas, due to her posting at Fornaeria she was overlooked for promotion, frustrating Ramikku her ambitions.

Legatus Service[]

With the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819, Ramikku was personally effected hard, together with her unemployment she had to rely on her savings, though was relieved upon Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral's decision to join the Legatus in 2820. She soon found herself serving within the Legatus Navy and by 2825 was promoted to the rank of Commander and she recieved a vessel of her own, the Gozanti-class Surveillance Cruiser LTC Bloodcrow. In the following years, Ramikku became vital with her crew in the surveillance of the Space in Between and the swift tracking of rebellious persons within that sector.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramikku in a Rambo uniform

Ramikku Ramgrath is a kind and gentle person, with dreams to explore the Quadrant Galaxies, sadly she was send to the enlisting office at Fornaeria, the only one found in the eastern colonial sectors due to her smooth talks, fine looks and well-known name that could ensure more citizens to enlist service at Rambo Comand.

She herself is disappointed as she dreams of exploration, having taken her Nocturnal with her she often walks the scenery of Fornaeria, enjoying reading books and drinking Fornaeria Bubbles. During her time at Rambo Prime, she became close friends with Ramansa Ramcelsior, naming each other best friends forever.


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  • Ramikku was named in honor of Ramikku Ramoval.
  • Even though Ramikku has a Nocturnial as a pet, she is not a Scions trainer.

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