Ramhis is a Judge Magister in service of Rambo Nation, directly loyal to House Le Rambo and falls outside the jurisdiction of Rambo Command. Serving both Emperor Dino Le Rambo and his daughter, Empress Ramashe he wound up at Umbrax where he began experimenting with powers beyond his imagination and began his hunt for an Atlantica artifact.


Early Life[]

Born in 2646 (152 BQF) in the common house Levarathion, Ramhis had a youth of plenty and pleasure due to the high standards of Rambo society and care taking. Over time, after high school he got a college ratification for his athletic abilities, allowing him to join Rambo Command with ease. Over the years, he gained an interest in intelligence affairs, and as such was assigned to the Intelligence Department, eventually becoming the head of it for a period of time. His skills with swords eventually ensured him the favor of Emperor Dino Le Rambo I and he was promoted to Judge Magister, the elite guards and enforcers of the royal dynasty.

Judge Magister[]

During the hostile encounters with the Tralor, Ramhis joined with captain Ramtainus Ramveral against the brutal invaders of their Mirus colonies. It was Ramhis who saw it was in vain and destroyed the colony with a planet buster, killing thousands of citizens, earning him a fearful reputation. During the First Galactic War, Ramhis oversaw operation from the Rambo Capital, trying to withstand the dreaded Imperial Alliance. During the final battle at Koerband he took captain Tul captive personally and sentenced him to Ramghatulk. At the outbreak of the Second Galactic War, supporting his new ruler, Empress Ramashe after the death of her father. During the war though he began experiments to see if Ramashe and Apollo were able to mate, resulting in the hybrid Ap'She, who he raised as his own son. While the war was raging on, Ramhis executed brutal tactics though was injured by the Galactic Emperor, Morgandaûr himself and rendered to a comatose state for years.

During the Great Cyrannus War in 2802 (04 AQF), Ramhis awoke and continued his duties, being send to the former headquarters of the Syndicate at Umbrax, to keep the rebellious Velocitar in line. He took Ap She with him, who his family kept hidden from the government.

Meeting with the Chancellor, the Marscalcus and the Lord Hand

Constructing keeps and enforcing his own Ancrevialicia amazons and Serindia guards, he managed to keep the peace. At Umbrax, he began searching for an Atlantica watch stone, believing it could open the ancient portal nearby Umbrax Keep.

The Watcher cousins speak with Judge Magister Ramhis

In october 2818 (20 AQF), Ramhis was present in a meeting where Crossing Line-incident was discussed with Chancellor Fleur Inviere, Lord Hand Ramseph Ramcard and Marscalcus Sinhai Kakharis. Ramhis gave his consent and permission was given to assault the Interdimensional Warp Gate in an attempt to reclaim it. Later on it was destroyed and Ramhis Intelligence Department worked over hours to find the two missing Hegemony star destroyers. A month later, Ramhis participated in another classified meeting and proposed to execute Stekius Gaivel who was at that time at Gaskhan. It would mean firing torpedoes beyond the Gorge corridor into the NZTO and sacrificing a Gaskhan city. Small prices to prevent a war in his opinion. However he met resistance by Chancellor Fleur Inviere and senator Adar and eventually the Chancellor herself aborted the mission. Much to his frustration his fellow officer, rear-admiral James Rambo neglected to openly support him as well.

In March 2820 (22AQF) Ramhis was convinced by to support the Rambo Loyalist cause to liberate Umbrax by Watcher and his cousin Judie Watcher.

Personality and Traits[]

8th Legion Knights

A strong, cunning and clever Serindia, gifted in the use of swords and magic Ramhis is a force to be reckoned with and is dangerous to underestimate. A stern and inflexible man, Ramhis believes solemnly in his duties as a Judge Magister, a fact that made him proud and arrogant. A strong believer of ruling with an iron fist, he find Ramashe her policies sometimes difficult to accept, though none the less accepted the fact that Ramashe has a softer hand and is fiercely loyal to her.

Ramhis can be cruel as well, not hesitating to sacrifice others or innocents to protect the Nation. In free time, he enjoys walking, reading and practicing his sword arm.

His personal forces consist of veteran members of the former 8th Legion, elite knights loyal to him alone. Most common among them are Rambo Serindia knights and Ancrevialicia amazones. Ramhis personally selected each and everyone of them, trained them and apparantly show a degree of resistance and knowledge how to deal with "magical" beings. Utterly without mercy at behest of their commander, the 8th legion is well respected across the Quadrant Galaxies


Ramhis with swords drawn

Green face.pngMy sword shall defend thee!

Blue face.pngI set my eyes upon thee

  • Apollo – Don’t hurt the feeling of our Empress, lizard!
  • Fleur Inviere - A wise ruler, though not sure if she would do everything it takes to protect the Nation.

Orange face.pngDefeat is inevitable!



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