Ramgasdruil is a mysterious Rambo Serindia who wanders the Quadrant Galaxies in search of those in dire need and assistance. Due to him being a wizard, he has a prolonged life span and is older than most Serindia, with a love for nature and wild life Ramgasdruil ever searches to expand his knowledge about the Quadrants and their protectors, the Atlantica. Once a student of the famous Rambo Founder, the two seperated due to a differance in believes and visions, making him the only and last student of the Founder. Ramgasdruil often appears to people when something life changing is about to happen, or at the brink of a great disaster or revent.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born in 525 BQF at the Rambo Capital, within a village nearby Rambo City, Ramgasdruil lived a live of plenty yet had to work hard in his youth to earn money to feed his familiy. Their area, hit hard due to the second planetary war that ended in 445 BQF, Ramgasdruil was delighted and already 75 years old when he witnessed the forming of Rambo Nation, under the rule of House Le Rambo. During the outbreak of the Trogg War in 442 BQF, he served onboard a NX-class when the ship was attacked, though Ramgasdruil managed to escape, his wife and child were unable to escape the doomed vessel. Angered, he returned to the capital though in his anger managed to set a part of Space Dock in fire. Taken captive by the authorities, newly crowned Emperor Ramulindalë found him to dangerous and sentenced him for life at the Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison, though the Rambo Founder saw potential in him and managed to convince the Emperor to let Ramgasdruil became his pupil, as Ramgasdruil turned out to be a rare wizard among the Rambo Serindia. Over the following years, Ramgasdruil was tutored in the ways of magics and workings of the Quadrant Galaxies though around 431 BQF, Ramgasdruil and the Founder, who true name was Idrioalthaórien drifted apart as Ramgasdruil believed that the lieutenants of the Atlantica were to stop their direct involvement in the Goverment of Rambo Nation and let them set their own path in destiny. The Founder, disagreed and a year later, shortly before the Founder's dissapearance in 430 BQF, Ramgasdruil left the Rambo Capital to live a life of a wandering nomad within the Quadrant Galaxies.

Château Église

After meeting many persons in history, having adventures and saving various individuals and settlements from disaster, and often ventured back to the Rambo Capital and the Rambo Nation colonies. He eventually settled down at the Amiaeria homeworld Sainte-Église, where he took residence inside Château Église, turning the former guest house into an institute where people could study about the various Scions and how to interact with them, their abilities and so on. Over the years he became known as one of the greater professors upon Scions, though was often found a bit reclusive and mysterious as well due to him being a Serindia instead of an Amiaeria.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Ramgasdruil is a gentle and kind soul, wise due to his age and wandering within the Quadrant Galaxies. Trained and tutored by the Rambo Founder himself, Ramgasdruil witnessed the rise of the promising and powerful Rambo Nation.

Ramgasdruil appearance is easily recognised and remembered, as he wears the typical wizard appearance, blue grey robes and large hat and a wooden stick to channel his magical powers. Strong in the use of it, Ramgasdruil prefers to use elemental powers, with his favorites and most gifted in it wind and ice based attacks. He is also gifted in the tongue of the Atlantica and can use ancient spells to disable his foes or heal his friends and allies.

He likes to smoke pipe and has a love for all kind of wildlife, wether they are cute looking or dangerous and hideous, he values all kind of life.


During his year of travelling, he acquired or befriended various Scions as well, one of them was a Zapticuno. Due to year of experience and abilities, it acquired a slightly different form wich is often dubbed as an "Arisen" form. It is one of the closest and strongest of Ramgasdruil' Scions.


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Acquintances[edit | edit source]


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Orange face.pngBlergh!

  • Draconiae - You should not be at Creckabad, dragon!

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