Ramgaarbath Ramcard is the son of famous Rambo Command officer Ramcard, vice-admiral of Rambo Nation. He is a loyal servant of Ramashe, sitting on the High Council as Judge Magister, he is also the rear-admiral for the Rambo Command Judge Advocate General (RJAG} departmant of Rambo Command and a bannerman for House Le Rambo. At all times he wears his silver/blue armor, often giving others an uneasy presence. His words are wisdom for many, yet his sword and investigation often mean the end of your carreer when he sets his blade upon you.


Ramgaarbath Ramcard was born in 78 BQF, fathered by Ramcard and his wife, born in the noble and influential House Ramcard, vassal and bannerman of House Le Rambo, also known as the Royal Dynasty. During his youth, Ramgaarbath was soon drafted into service of Rambo Command and slowly rised through the ranks. His personal interesst in law and justice eventually made him an officer within the RJAG, wich he eventually become rear-admiral of, the head of the RJAG. Due to his Rambo Serindia traditions, he wore an armor instead of the basic uniform. After the First Galactic War, he was appointed Judge Magister as well and served under his new Monarch, Ramashe ever since.

The High Council Assembled about the Tyhpon-Class test trail

During the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF he watched in horror as the Imperial Alliance managed to conquer the Rambo Capital for a while. Afterwards he was allowed to remain part of the High Council, though often found himself at odds with the Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo though respects him a lot. When in 04 AQF the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus managed to place Rambo Nation under it's "protectrate", he saw new oppertunities.

During the 8th month of 07 AQF Ramgaarbath like the rest of the High Council was informed about the test trail of the Typhon-Class and the relocation and return of Ramirith and the Tigris Colonial Sector in the Unclaimed Territories of Quadrant 82. After the meeting, he at once send his inteligence informants to the planets to make reports about the current situation. During the 10th month of 07 AQF, Ramgaarbath arrived just in time during the events of the diplomatic meeting between Apollo, Ramashe and Maryah. Together with the Royal Guards they managed to drive away the criminal associates of the Syndicate, the Cyrannian Syndicate and the Vengeful Claw.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramgaarbath, like his father is a noble and proud Serindia, with his sense of duty and discipline he is well known as a Judge Magister. He also gives wise advise and gained an immense knowledge on the complicated justice system of Rambo Nation. With his armor he is a striking and impersonating appearance, though his voice is soft and gentle. Ramgaarbath is a capable tactician as well, knowing how to move troops at a battlefield and in space. Sadly, he isn't really fond of non-Quadrantia species and would rather see them gone.

He is also noted to be cunning and clever and he knows very well that most within Rambo Command dislike him and his department as he is ruthless against those who do hold themselves to the law.



Green face.pngMy family!

  • Ramcard - My father, the great vice-admiral Ramcard!

Yellow face.pngHold yourself to the law!

  • Ramtainus - A capable vice-admiral, sadly pro-Imperial

Orange face.pngHalt, in the name of the Law surrender!

  • none yet
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