Ramckel Creckdarin is the chief diplomat of the Creckel Kingdom . A more corpulent Creckel, with no nose for mining but more for diplomacy and giving (unwanted) advise was tasked by Lord Creckathor to represent the Creckel Kingdom within the Nation.


Delegates in discussion how to act at Lianna-station (07AQF)!

Born in 35 BQF at the Creckel planet Creck-Ornost in a house of miners, he learned all he could about mining and precious gems. However he was more interested in diplomacy and travels, eventually gaining the attention of Lord Creckathor who appointed him as his chief diplomat and advisor for alien affairs. The Creckel Kingdom eventually encountered Rambo Nation, where Ramckel began working closely with Creckbo Ramdorian of Rametru Nui and even bought an sky-house in the floating city. Ever since he works tiredly to improve relations with the Rambo, though is difficult as the Creckels are distrusting by nature and difficult to treat with. Due to his position as diplomat he is also often found at the Rambo Capital where he conducts diplomacy with other ambassadors and the senators of the Nation and beyond.

During the first month of 07 AQF Ramckel attented a meeting at the Lianna-station, where together with dignitaries like Creckbo, AnPthak and Ca'Lippe they discussed a plan to join together against a mutual threat like Mortikran and a possible ship taken from the future by the Icolian. During the meeting Creckbo decided for all to follow the Xiaan who wanted to intercept the Infernal before the Hutter Kingdom fleet could siege the ship before them. The meeting led to the signing of the unofficial Lianna Initiative document and an attack against both the Hutters and Mortikran.

Initiative Victory!

Ramckel was present at the bridge of the Infernal after the Initiative fleet claimed victory over both the Hutter Kingdom fleet and the Infernal. Though Mortikran managed to escape, Ramckel was pleased sitting in the command chair, amused by the discussion by AnPthak and Ramniels Ramcelsior who had the rights to put the surrendering Basileus crew on trail. Ramckel and the Creckel Kingdom would not matter, with Mortikran's threat gone, the Creckel could now trade safely again in the Unclaimed Territories, as the Infernal was the only ship capable of overpowering their convoys.

By december 20 AQF, he was present during state visit conducted by High King Rambert Ramveral to the Creckel.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramckel is a kind and noble spirit, a trusted and loyal Creckel, yet sometimes a bit nervous and suspicious of others. More corpulent than most Creckels and with a love for travelling to safe places. Ramckel loves music, drinking ale and eating large portions of meat.



Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


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