The most famous and well known Rambo Command officer of Rambo Nation. Once he was known as the Captain of the USS Dallas, an Excelsior-Class. He proved himself to be capable and experienced Captain, resulting in combat confrontations with the Lizardian, the Imperial Alliance and the Rambulan. Though a veteran of many battles and conflicts, Ramcard prefers diplomatic and exploration mission, acting in the good name of their Nation. Ramcard made is proud of his nation and will fight till the bitter end, but he is also a little bit unrealistic, not accepting defeat and seeing his Nation as undefeatable, proven wrong with the "protectrate" bestowed upon by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. During his carreer he gained a reputation as the captain of new discoveries, eventually leading to the attention of Ramashe, future Empress of Rambo Nation. He eventually become a vice-admiral and trusted supporter and follower of Ramashe, acting as a vassel and bannerman for House Le Rambo and the Royal Dynasty.

He has a son, sitting on the high council as Judge Magister, Ramgaarbath and a younger son Ramseph Ramcard.

One of the most famous and well respected officers in service of Rambo Nation, Ramcard was forced to resign after making a decision to save a people from annihilation though stood against darkness once more during the battle of Orbispira in 22 AQF, where he met his demise at the hands of Maethoruin.


Early years[]

Ramcard was born at 288 BQF, at the Rambo Capital. In his youth he was a little bit troublesome, as he was often involved in fights and other troubles children get themselves in (one time he has accidently locked himself up in school, setting up the alarm the police had to come to check the situation).

From his 2nd year, he dreamt to command a space ship once, to fly through space and explore new regions and species. Any further information about his youth is not known.

Service as Officer[]

Captain Ramcard

At the age of 18 in 270 BQF, Ramcard joined the Military and saw action during the Heer Stekeveel Wars, in which he saw terrible battles and once got wounded by a bullet. Due to his skill and resolve, he was promoted to the rank Lieutenant. He once saved his team from an ambush by Heer-Stekeveel forces on a rocky planet. At the end of the war Captain Rambas II approached Lt. Ramcard, saying he had a perfect new job for him, which would make his dreams come true! Captain Rambas II transferred Lt. Ramcard to the USS Excelsior in 263 BQF, where he recieved training and after 6 months he served as his tactical officer, remaining his position as Lieutenant. Ramcard joined the crew of the USS Excelsior at the age of 25.

Around 227 BQF, Ramcard wittnessed the forming of the Noble Alliance, something he supported, and became a key member in overseeing the rebuilding of the Kloppig Empire, which was devasted by the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel Wars. After the rebuilding Ramcard was promoted to Commander and he oversaw construction of Rambo Command, which would integrate the militairy and space fleet better. However he only had this function for about 4 months before Ramcard recieved another promotion in 220 BQF.

Captain of the USS Dallas (220 BQF-02 AQF)[]

Short Summary[]

Vice-Admiral Ramcard 03.png

After 43 year Ramcard was finally promoted to captain at 220 BQF, the year the Diva Bettie War started, and his dream to become a captain finally become reality. Ramcard recieved command of his own starship, the Excelsior Refit Class, the USS Dallas. He was part of the fleet which broke through Diva Bettie Ranks and helped taking over the Diva Bettie Capitol. The war lasted 5 years and after the war he got an assignment to explore Noble Alliance Space, something which took over 75 years to do. During this time he met his wife, and they married and got 3 children. They also remained at the ship.

When the Algernon wars started at 52 BQF, he was put back into action and battle and was mostly patrolling borders of the Kloppig Empire. He was part of the invading forces and helped taking over the Algernon Colonies. After the Algernon War, which lasted for 40 years, Captain Ramcard became a key person in the Noble Alliance, mostly acting at their behalf and taking missions for the Noble Alliance. Among the Fleet, they called him 'The Alliance Captain', something he was really proud of.

Although he regrets not being active in battles, because he is missing action against the Resistance and the Lizardians. Another thing he regrets, is that his youngest grand daughter, Ramnandesh joined the Rambo Resistance, he sees this as a failure of his position of Head of the Family.

None the less, Ramcard served through various dangeorus wars and events such as the Tigris War, the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF and the following Intergalactic War in 01 AQF.

Seven Star Alliance[]

He was recently promoted to Fleet Captain and he has been given command of the 12th Fleet to aid the Seven Starr Alliance against a new enemy. When attackes didn't took place, Command withdrew Ramcard and his fleet and remained in his function as fleet captain. His new mission included the investigation of the rise of the Imperial Alliance.

First Galactic War[]

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USS Dallas vs a Imperial Star Destroyer

When hearing a transmission that the Imperial Alliance had sieged the Rambo Capitol System, he took his fleet and aided the 5th and 1st Fleets stationed there. When Ramcard arrived with the fleet the tide turned into the favor of the Rambo defenders and they forced the Imperials in retreat.

Later Captain Ramcard joined forces with Captain Ramaxar to defend the Braafrena system against a Imperial Invasion force led by Lizardian Commander Lizkrahmkyn. The battle took place near the Colonie of Reien and during the fight Captain Ramcard and a few ships of the 12th Fleet destroyed the Redeemer after it was crippled by the USS Sovereign. During the battle of Reien Lizkrahmkyn had perished, but both Ramcard and Ramaxar did not knew how it happened.

He later came to the resque with a combined fleet of Capricyránae Sector Alliance, Noble Alliance, Swerion Trade Federation and his 12th Fleet to engage the Imperial and Tralor forces in the Dissia System. During the fight he took Captain Tul of the Tralor Empire Captive and aided in the removal of all enemy forces in the Dissia System.

Resque of Ramtilsae

After returning to the Rambo Capitol System he was called into a meeting between the Empress, Admiral Yanis and the Judge Magister. There he was given the task to save Princess Ramtilsae from the Tralor, and he was given aid from Admrial Yanis.

During the travels and mission he began learning the ways of how the Tralor lived and talked a lot with Yanis. When encoutering the Tralor ship, he engaged it and a resque party save the Princess. He met with her in sickbay and said she was safe now. He then plotted a course back to the Rambo Capitol System.

The Chimera vs the USS Dallas

Second Galactic War[]

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However, to go to the Rambo Capitol they first had to take the Dissia Wormhole. Upon exiting the wormhole, the Ramcard was taken under attack by the Chimera, under command of his arc enemy, the Lizardian Commander. The USS Dallas her escort was soon destroyed and the USS Dallas and Ramcard were forced to retreat. But he was unable to inform Rambo Command, as the Chimera had crippled the long range communications.

Battle near Pauvenris

When arriving at the Capitol, he was sad to learn that Koerband, and the prabably the Dissia System was once again fallen in hands of the Imperial Alliance. A new war had started, which Ramcard was unsure Rambo Nation could hold off all the attacks.

Ramcard attacks the Liberty

During most part of the war Ramcard had other duties to attend too but was called for aid when the Defender under command of Captain Lizassk was approaching the Colonie of Pauvenris, which is located in the Braafrena System. He took the USS Dallas and with some aid of CSA vessels he managed to stop Lizassk convoy and the Lizardian Captain was forced to withdrawn.

He later participated in the massive defeat of the Rambo forces when the Rambo Capitol fell into Imperial hands. However, he was also present during the singing of the Quadrantia Threaty and aided in liberating the Rambo Capitol. Later on, he ambushed Captain Lizaconda and the Liberty and managed to take both captive after a fierce and difficult battle.

Intergalactic War[]

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When the recenlty revealed Federation of Core Worlds contacted Rambo Nation and allied them, Ramcard was send an a diplomatic mission to the Core Federation territory to meet there rulers and open diplomatic negotiations. After doing that, he reported back to Empress Ramashe and explained the wonders and peacefullness he witnessed there and he now awaits Empress Ramashe her arrival. To meet with the Queen of the Core Federation.

the USS Dallas engages a Cognatus ship near the Cyrannus Wormhole leading to Quadrant 82

After Ramashe her state visit to the CoreFed Ramcard stayed for a little while, learning more of the Ravenrii and there culture. After archiving this in the USS Dallas her database he set course to return to Quadrant 82. Rambo Command ordered him to re-supply some ships guarding the Cyrannus Wormhole leading to Quadrant 82 he arrived at that location and was met with a great surprise. The guarding task force was crippled and in ruins, as a Hunter Class vessel of the URC was engaging a purple ship, a Cognatus ship Ramcard ordered to open fire with photon torpedos. This was in vain as the Cognatus ship managed to destroy the Hunter Class and entered the wormhole. Ramcard persued, but was unable to locate the Cognatus ship, as Rambo Command informed him that the ship went of radar. He then returned to the Rambo Capitol.

March of the Apocalypse[]

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Upon arriving there, he recieved vital information that the Xhodocto had broken there truce and had declared war to the universe again. He then recieved orders from Ramashe herself to go to the Colonie of Rampatakov where a battle between the allies forces and the Xhodocto had broken out, under command of Master Kroc Ramcard participated in this battle with a task force, however he was unable to prevent Master Kroc his death at the hands of Kamik'Shi himself. Ramcard later found himself in trouble together with Kilnok and both fought hard, when all seemed lost both of them and the USS Dallas were saved by Bo-Ramik.

Saved by the Judge of the Shrine, and her summon, Ramgilmesh, the fencer of Rambo Nation

During the March of the Apocalypse the USS Dallas recieved a massive update (the V2 Update) upon her short return to the Rambo Capitol to re-supply. There witin a couple of days she also recieved the V2 status and returned to Tuuros to participate in the battle against the Xhodocto. But before doing so, he headed to Ramaprica where he witnessed the marriage of Admiral Creteaceous, the famous URC Admiral.

Ramcard leads his fleet to victory over the Ninth Gate

After the marriage he returned to the battle fields, but found the left behind army destroyed. Saddened, he continued to press on and arrived at the Night Gate, when they faced a Xhodocto, they almost lost there lives, but were saved by the Judge of the Shrine whom arrived with a large fleet and a lot of Ground forces.

He later aided Amdiral Kilnok on his quest and also witnessed the re awakening of the URC God, Apollo. Later during the last battle, he witnessed Kamik-Shi his defeat and the end of the War of Ages. Shorlty afterwards, he returned back to Rambo Nation where he and Ramikku were hailed as heroes. He now prepares to repair his battlefleet and to aid the Fleet of Retribution, whom were figthing the dreaded Cognatus.


X-599 and X-493 battle Imperial Clone Troopers on the bridge of the Adarga

After the March things turned quietly for Ramcard and his crew, with only patrol duties for quite some time notable events included their first encounter with the Adelphi, a Capricyránae subspecies and escorted them to the Rambo Capital for peace talks with Ramashe and Apollo. When he recieved another order for patrol duties, he screamed in agony, barely keeping his temper in front of his empress (a rarity, as he almost never looses his nerves) though she was unable to change it for him. Ramcard was one of the first to meet the empress again after her X-452-treatment after she was wounded during the final stages of the Intergalactic War. He was given a special commando team, Rambo Team for service onboard the USS Dallas, knowing to do covert missions Ramcard was not really happy with the trust and tasks his empress gave him. Afterwards Ramcard and his crew, including Rambo Team then prepared themselves to investigate rumors of the Attack on Mirenton and the Cult of the Deathmarch.

For his service he was personally promoted by Empress Ramashe to the rank of Vice-Admiral, tasked with all Royal Matters.

Vice-Admiral of Rambo Nation (02 AQF-Current)[]

Short Summary[]


When Ramcard became a vice-admiral in 02 AQF, he recieved the position after the blessing of Empress Ramashe and the Rambo Senate. As one of the highest officers within Rambo Command, Ramcard became the chief-of-Royal-Matters, the vice-admiral function closest to the Royal Dynasty and commander of the Royal Guard. As such Ramcard changed his appearance with a white armor.

Ramcard's term as vice-admiral wasn't without problems as the Cult of the Deathmarch made an appearance, the Great Cyrannus War broke out against the Confederacy of Allied Systems. After the war, the close allies known as the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the dreaded and dangerous Galactic Empire of Cyrannus that invaded and place Rambo Nation under it's "In Noctem|protectrate" in 04 AQF.

After Claire Rambo was given an Operative service, Ramcard acted a bit as her protector and mentor as he felt it as his duty due to her father, James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A, who he saw as a great example for the entire Navy.

Ramcard grew worried when tensions within the Quadrants rose up again, most notably between the Rambo and the Hutter Kingdom. A vice-admiral he also became involved in personal affairs of Empress Ramashe, which would lead him to do things behind the back of her Lord Hand, her own uncle Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo.

Search for the Cult[]

During his search for the Cult of the Deathmarch he met a new race in Quadrant 82 her unexplored regions, the Amiaeria and the Zarbriaek, both whom allied Rambo Nation later on during the Battle of Fornaeria. As the battle of Fornaria seemingly ended, Rambo Command recieved a distress call that a Chinwakya (a new member of Rambo Nation) Battle Cruiser was in trouble. As the USS Ticonderoga was already headed there, Ramcard also wanted to aid and ordered Rambo Team to prepare for battle as his crew. But at arrival the unknown ship destroyed the Pantaria and escaped Ramcard. It then headed for Fornaeria and Ramcard contacted Ramuchi to prepare a welcoming party.

Quadrantia Disorder and Great Cyrannus War[]

Main Article: Quadrantia Disorder & Great Cyrannus War

Afterwards Ramcard returned to his duties at Rambo Command after Rambo Team left, happy being back at his desk he was once again called back into action when the Burning Heretic, a Confederate cruiser attacked the Rambo Prime Space Station, which monitored the Wormhole Plataue. Making contact with the bounty hunter Zevracence he made a deal and in return the Cogsangui Captain was captured and send back to Ramghatulk, which he recenlty escaped with aid of the Confederacy. It meant Ramcard was now involved in the Great Cyrannus War, and it wouldn't be his last appearance.

USS Dallas under attack by the Liberty II

Ramcard then headed back towards the capital planet, and passed the Metruia Nebula, located between Rametru Nui and the Dissia System. Mid-way Lieutenant Giusti informed Ramcard she picked something on sensors. However, before able to react the USS Dallas was rocketed by an explosion and a Venator Class came out of the nebula, commanded by Admiral Lizaconda, the Liberty II forced Ramcard on the defensive and was forced to retreat.

Space Battle above Fornaeria

Ramcard then tracked the Lizardian captain, but wasn't in time to intercept Lizaconda when he attacked a Cyrandia convoy near the Metruia Nebula. Yet he did follow Lizaconda to Fornaeria, where he fought with other Rambo ships to prevent an invasion.

There he witnessed the first use of the Clone Troopers and was honored to see it. After the Confederate forces were driven back, Ramcard and his crew were send to Quadrant 89, to investigate the sudden destruction of the Rambulan Star Empire. Rambo Command send Ramcard to that area since they wanted to find out what happened, especialley now since the Confederacy managed to take over Karzhamahri Nui. Within Rambulan territory they discovered an ancient structure, which seemed to be the Quadrantia AI. The USS Dallas docked and Ramcard and his team boarded the structure, heading to the bridge. There they discovered that the AI was responsible for the destruction of the Rambulans, as they abused her.

Ramcard, Chuinaylia, Major and two space Marines meet the Quadrantia AI in person

Together with Lieutenant Giusti, Major RN-0005 and two space marines they activated the computer screens but soon found themselves floating in the air, as two light blickered to life. They were now face to face with the Quadrantia AI itself, and after some talkes the AI giggled and was pleased with Ramcard and his crew. When Ramcard and his crew left the structure they found out the structure had transported herself in orbit of Ramahri Nova. Even more surprising, the AI wanted to travel with Ramcard and his crew and appeared before him in a hologrophich representation. Ramcard raised an eyebrow but complied, he was well aware of her power and rather would have her as a friend then as enemy.

Testing a vortex torpedo

During the 5th month of the year 04 AQF, Ramcard was called back to the Shipyards of Rowar. Arriving there, he and his crew were given two weeks free time, as the USS Dallas underwent a massive update, the so called V2 Mk. II update. After his free time he returned and saw a complete new ship, with sleaker design and other coloring. Yet it still was his beloved USS Dallas. He then travelled to the mid colonial sector where in the sixth month of the same year Ramcard took three Peregrine fighters with him to engage a Confederate Frigate. He equipped one of the Peregrine fighters with a special torpedo and ordered the other two figthers to engage the frigate. The frigate was under command of an unidentified Yudimaran captain and when one of the fighters launched the special torpedo the frigate was torn in pieces by the opening black hole. It took a second torpedo to close the black hole. The first test of the vortex torpedo was a succes, and Ramcard reported it to Rambo Command and returned to the capital.

Second Battle of Rametru Nui

During the eight month of the year 04 AQF Ramcard was assigned to lead a Rambo/URC task force to retake Rametru Nui from Confederate control, resulting in the Second Battle of Rametru Nui. With aid of two unidentified Rambo captains, Captain Junelda of the USS Attentive, Fleet Captain Trabl'krgte of the USS Apocalyptor and three URC star destroyer captains he attacked. The enemy fleet was led by a Basileus captain of the Mortalitas Dreadnought Terror of Stars. Using the USS Attentive her cloacking device to spread chaos it took only two hours to defeat the Confederacy stationed at Rametru Nui. During the batlte, Ramcard fired various transphasic torpedoes at the Terror of Stars, crippeling her but still she managed to escape. After the battle Ramcard stayed for the celebration of the Cyrandia victory, but soon made plans to leave again. After he left he went to the Capital and remained there for a while. During the tenth month of the year 04 AQF Ramcard recieved word that Captain Rambam was killed during the Battle of Matakoro. Ramcard felt sad, a great captain had fallen away. It seemed the Confederacy was even more dangerous and powerful than he imagened.

Months later, after experiencing a short time of peace and off duty time for himself and his crew they were send to aid the Human Republic evacuating the survivors of an attack by the Cult of the Deathmarth. Luckily he managed to save many of them and brought them to a planet just outside the Quadrant Galaxies, where he gave terroforming tools and materials to rebuild their home. Rambo Command wanted this so they could better watch over the Human Republic and began aiding them in rebuilding their society and providing a free funding.

Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui

In the second month of the year 05 AQF Ramcard gave a small speech about Captain Rambo and the USS Enterprise-A. About there three year long exploration mission in Quadrant 21 and about the experience James and his crew already had during the Great Cyrannus War and the conflicts with the Grox and Confederacy. After the speech he had diner with him and Fleet Captian Bill Silveria and Captain Klopiels. After saying his best wishes Ramcard left for other duties.

When the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui was raging on, Ramcard recieved news by Rambo Command that the Suiliagothrond was destroyed in battle and that Ramcard was to rendevouz with the USS Challenger at Karzamahri Nui where he was to take command over the fleet and hold their position over the planet until reinforcements arrived. After arriving at Karzamahri Nui Ramcard and his crew evaded the anomalies which were the after effects of the station her desctrution. Seeing his target the USS Dallas opened fire with quantem torpedoes at the Liberty II, disabling the ship and forcing the Confederate to regroup. At the same time Ramcard also made preperations to regroup.

Battle of Muunivelle

However it soon turned out the Confederacy would gain the upperhand and Ramcard was facing a certain defeat. And he knew it. As his ships was taken under fire, Ramcard feared he would have to give the order to withdraw. However a fleet of the Cognatus Remnant just arrived in time and aided the Rambo against the Confederacy. Their fleet and ranks soon scattered and the Confederacy was forced to withdraw.

Battle against the Syndicate

Ramcard was happy, but was also surprised by the brutal and relentless onslaught of the Cognatus Remnant. None the less Karzamahri Nui was liberated and that was what mattered. After celebrating the victory Ramcard filled in a report to Rambo Command and headed to the Shipyards for repairs.

A while later, near the end of the fourth month Ramcard and the captain of the USS Aquila were send to attack the Syndicate. With aid of Girdo Droners Ramcard managed to defeat all the Syndicate raiders and send the bounty hunters fleeing for their lives after an orbital bombardment. He even managed to arrest Levarrion, who was send for trail and prison. Afterwards he returned to his duties elsewhere and later on took command of a Cyrandia Alliance fleet to liberate the Rambo Western Sector.

With a two sub commanders, a Trucinex Captain of the Allecto, and Cognatus Thel'Vicliquam they attacked the Confederate fleet above Muunivelle. During the battle the Cyrandia fleet was aided by two Xiaan cruisers and various Hutter ships, and it turned the tide of the battle. Though still losing various ships (including a Caradhras carrier) the Confederacy was forced to withdraw. With the Battle of Muunivelle as victory, Ramcard and the victors remained at Muunivelle for a while, to provide supplies and medical aid, and ofcourse to celebrate the victory too. The Battle of Muunivelle concluded Vice-Admiral Ramcard his role in the Great Cyrannus War, but it wouldn't be the last battle he would fight.

Dark Times[]

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Mere days after the Battle of Muunivelle and the declaration and reformation of the URC into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Dark Times began for the Quadrants and Cyrannus Galaxy. Suddenly Ramcard recieved a sudden transmission. The Fook En turned out to be in trouble, facing somekind of demons. Vice-Admiral Ramcard was dispathed to aid them but later on recalled by Rambo Command as reinforcements arrived in the form of various other ships who began aiding the Fook En.

Ramcard was recalled to transport Empress Ramashe to the Fordanta homeworld, for a state visit with the Bladmaster. During the travel Ramcard grew worried about his empress, as she looked very tired due to recent events, and it seemed she really was the Warrior Princess with all those wars during her rule. When the USS Dallas docked, he informed the empress and told her he found it an honor to serve her, which the empress responded with a smile of grace. Happily he awaited the return of the empress onboard and eventually escorted her back to the Rambo capital.

USS Dallas searching for survivors

Later on Ramcard recieved news that Rambo Nation had fallen into hands of the Empire of Cyrannus when Ramashe was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat. Ramcard decided to remain loyal to the Empress and took the USS Dallas and his ship back to the Capital to await further instructions. After Rambo Command lost contact with a large task force near Koerband Ramcard rushed to their aid to investigate the matter. Sadly on arrival Ramcard and his crew were horrified by the sight of the destruction of the task force. The taskforce engaged a Quadrantia Grox Sphere and were destroyed within half an hour.

Summon by Garlboz

Together with his crew they began searching for survivors and even managed to find Fleet Captain Silveria of the USS Juno. Contacting Rambo Command more aid arrived though Ramcard was unsure what the Quadrantia Grox wanted with this sudden attack.

Afterwards Ramcard returned to the Rambo capital as he recieved a summon from grand mandator Garlboz. Also summoned were Ramaxar, Ramtainus, lt. commander Kya, Chodectra and a Serindia general. When Ramashe entered the room he bowed before his Empress before the grand mandator began speaking of promotions for Ramtainus and Kya. Though it came as a surprise for Ramcard he simply agreed with it, perhaps it could turn out just fine and with Rambo Nation under Empire rule, Ramcard didn't want an internal conflict as it would weaken Rambo Commander her position. After the meeting he gave some kind words to Kya, who was shaken by the news she was promoted to become the new Marscalcus. Afterwards he returned to the USS Dallas to analyse the gathered data from the destroyed fleet near Koerband.

Ramcard sends a shuttle to aid the Serpentaxy captain

While Captain Ramcard was patrolling a region of space just outside Rambo territories in the east, he picked up a distress call from a vessel in need. Arriving at the planet it turned the ship of Serpentaxy captain Basvila was shot down by a Quadrantia Grox sphere.

Sending a shuttle from the hangarbay of the USS Dallas- Ramcard questioned the Serpentaxy captain (as the Rambo and Serpentaxy had little contact) before brining him onboard. Basvila was badly injured with burn marks, and lost an arm in the process. During his treatment onboard Ramcard and Basvila had regulair diners to know eachother better, and to learn of eachother their cultures. Eventually the USS Dallas arrived at the Serpentaxy homeworld where Ramcard said his goodbyes to Basvila.

Later on the USS Dallas recieved an update in 02 NE. With a sleaker and more sturdies design the ship was now capable of firing Vortex torpedoes (a standard of 4 were added to the armanent) and was now also able to use transwarp at a faster and safer way. Also the shields and weapons were updated, yet Ramcard feared for the safety of the Nation as there were rumors of rebellions both within the Nation and outside that. He dissaproved the destruction of Tigma IV by Zillum yet was unable to do anything about it. Later weeks proved to be peaceful for the Rambo and they were able to repair more ships. Ramcard was proud when he heard the Secoolian and Rambo made a treaty to share knowledge to prevent Quadrantia Grox attacks.

Mere days after, when Ramashe managed to escape Garlboz' gaze for a while, Ramashe took vice-admiral Ramcard with her and travelled onboard the USS Dallas to the planet Alcanti, capital of the Draconid Imperium located in the Andromeda Galaxy. The following state visit of Ramashe was a great improvement in relations as she was welcomed by Paragon Uriel Ultanos himself. While escorting the Empress- Ramcard was impressed by the art and designs of the Draconid.

Kya and Ramcard face the Vamrasht

Shortly after he met with Marscalcus Kya and the two talked about the internal dislike of the "protectrate" status and Kya her refusal to use the military to engage the Empire. She told Ramcard she followed explicit orders of the Empress not to. When Ramcard implied that some within the military believed it were Garlboz his orders Kya looked greatly hurt. Feeling sorry Ramcard told the young Marscalcus that he knew the Empress gave her this orders and that he stood at her sight.

Their discussion was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a opening portal and emerging Vamrasht. Taking a RN5-rifle from a nearby Dread Lord Trooper the three prepared to battle the arriving creatures.

Ramtilsae is crowned Regent of the Nation

Facing their enemies both Ramcard and Kya were shocked to hear the scream of the Empress! Entering the throne room after fighting through the Vamrasht, they found all the Royal Guards dead and the Empress missing. Suddenly all Vamrasht dissapeared. Ramcard sat down at the ground in confusion and shock, under his very nose the Empress had been abducted my mythical creatures. Later on Kya and Ramcard began talking about a solution. A week after the incident, with the 4th month of 02 NE reaching her conclusion, both officers still handn't found a solution and the people began wondering if the Empress had became ill. A week later, when the 5th month started Ramcard was present when Ramashe her niece- Ramtilsae was crowned Regent of the Nation until Ramashe was recovered either alive or confirmed dead. Ramcard feared this situation would give civil unrest- not to mention hostilities between neighbouring empires as it would be another great oppertunity to launch an attack at Rambo Nation. In the second month of 03 NE he travelled to the planet Zevia where the Suiliagothrond II was stationed in orbit.

USS Dallas (V3)

There he escorted Empress Ramashe onboard the USS Dallas back to the Rambo Capital so she could return to her throne and take command over Rambo Nation again.

Apaltar contacts Rambo Nation

Near the end of the second month of 06 AQF/03 NE- Ramcard was given command of the new USS Dallas, a V3 version of the Excelsior-class (Refit) line. Proudly he commandeered the vessel on his maiden voyage, vowing to protect the nation against all threats. Shorlty after making the maiden voyage he was present in a meeting with the empress and Marscalcus Kya about certain intelligence reports indicating an Icolian, Lizardian and Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel presence within the unclaimed territories of Quadrant 82.

Cyrandia Conference

During the meeting count Apaltar of the Republic in Exile contacted the Nation to talk about peace and trade. Ramashe agreed to meet with the count in person when he was availible, and Kya was happy yet disagreed with Ramcard' more suspicious feelings for those in Exile.

During the 4th month of 03 NE/06 AQF, Ramcard attented the Cyrannia Conferece to act as unofficial escort, as well as to observe who had good or evil intentions against the Conference. After two sessions, the final session and speech announced the New Cyrannian Republic was formed and the newest state within the Cyrandia Cluster under rule of Count Apaltar. Afterwards he brought the Rambo officials back home onboard the USS Dallas, where he used his admiral power to add the borders of the New Republic to the main database, as well as digital note for all captains to study these new borders.

The Light of Intent in orbit of Aecor with the USS Dallas.

Later on he was present when Apollo, as proconsul of the New Cyrannian Republic faced the senate and offered an alliance. Even more to his surprise was that the senate unaminous decided to consider the old "sister-state" alliance between the URC and Rambo to be still in tact.

Afterwards, he took the USS Dallas as an escort for Empress Ramashe to the Atlantica planet Aecor. Once there, Ramcard was surprised at the arrival of the Light of Intent, a massive Cognatus vessel. Impressed, he wanted to express his concerns for letting his own Monarch to conduct a prisoner transfer. Yet he knew, that the USS Dallas alone was no match for the supremacy of the Light of Intent but still ordered his crew to ready weapons. Luckily it wasn't necessary and he took Ramashe back to the Rambo Capital.

Rambo Command Emergency session is disturbed!

During their travel home, the Empress and Ramcard were informed of a terrorist bombing at a passenger liner at the Rambo Capital. Furious, Ramcard arrived at Space Dock and aswered Marscalcus Kya her summons to discuss the event in an emergency session at Rambo Command HQ. Following protocls, the Marscalcus herself was present, as well as Ramaxar, Ramcard himself and Ramtainus. During the meeting the officers admitted that they were unsure where the bomb was hailing from. Walking around the chamber, overthinking the analyses a lone freighter appeared before the window of the admiral's chamber. Surprised he ordered to alert security but was taken by surprise when the freighter acutally opened fire. Taking cover, his wing was injured when more troopers entered the room and chased the freighter away. To his grieve, he saw the dead body of his old friend, Ramaxar who was unable to take cover. While Kya was not injured, Ramtainus shoulder was wounded.

Ramcard orders to intercept the cruiser without the Onuris aid!

A few days later, when analyses indicated the bomb was hailing from Yudumarth- he agreed to occupy the planet. After the meeting he changed his appearance, from that of a captains armor to that of a royal armor. This white armor represented his loyalty towards the Monarchy and that among his tasks, he was assigned to all Royal Matters and the Royal Guards were under his command as well. When he was informed that a Congregation cruiser had appeared and attack the USS Enterprise-A, Ramcard travelled in secret to a meeting with other officials, from independant empires and from the New Onuris Alliance. There he expressed his concerns and allowed some to aid the Rambo in destroying the cruiser. Sadly Ramcard had to act earlier than expected when the Congregation cruiser approached New Republic space. Fearing that it might become public knowledge that the Congregation had returned, Rambo Command tasked Ramcard with intercepting the vessel and halt it advance.

As such Ramcard asked the Hutters for aid and general Hut'Pmec responded with two D-5 cruiser and his own D-7 battle cruiser. Ramcard brougth a Constellation class, a Miranda-class and the USS Divide under command of Ramirrking. As the Rambo/Hutter task force engaged the Congregation cruiser it returned opening fire and disabled the USS Divide and destroyed the Miranda-class.

Ramcard sends Claire on a new mission!

As the Hutters were in trouble as well, the second volley of incoming fire was directed at the USS Dallas who took faced the full fury of the Congregation fury. As the Dallas was disabled, allied forces just arrived in time; Kilnok of the Delpha Coalition of Planets, admiral Carandial of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Terilos of the Imperial Talon Navy. The allied forces overwhelmed the Congregation cruiser after hammering the ship for a while, though facing heavy losses on their own they managed to disable the vessel and destroy it. Afterwards, Ramcard returned to the Rambo Capital and informed Rambo Command of the events.

Ortum a Dynasty & Tertius Bellum[]

Main articles: Ortum a Dynasty, Tertius Bellum & Right Behind You

Giving Claire another mission

He later send a Rambo Operative, known as Claire Rambo to execute secret and shadowly missions and became her main contact person. After she finished her mission at Yudumarth in the fifth month of 06 AQF/03 NE, he was informed of the discovery of a Nosision nest, and a vial containing a virus, once constructed at Koerband. As Claire wished to go to Koerband, Ramcard insisted that she first travelled to Orbispira to extract an important person from the Imperial capital. He promised Claire to inform her father, James Rambo of her absence for two weeks or more. In truth, Ramcard had no clue where James and his crew were.

Ramtainus, Ramcard and Kya meet

During the elevenths month of 06 AQF, Ramcard complimented Claire upon her accomplishment of getting Voro Acetenus safely from Orbispira without alerting the Imperial authorities or endangering Rambo Nation. During their conversation, his lieutenant junior grade, Chiäe Giusti handed over a data pad. After reading the file, he happily informed Claire that she was to travel to Sanderhal and prevent a former United Republic of Cyrannus captain, listening to name Xora to be sold as slave. After saving her, she was to rendevouz with the New Cyrannian Republic star destroyer, CRS Aeolus to hand over Xora as a gesture of good faith in name of Rambo Nation, to ease tensions and give a new trust for cooperation between the two superpowers.

Shortly after, at the start of the twelfth month of 06 AQF, he ordered vice-admiral Ramtainus and fleet captain Trabl to leave Yudumarth and return to the Rambo Capital. Shortly after he met with Ramtainus and Kya for a weekly meeting. Ramtainus was furious about the request by the High Council to lift the "protectrate" of Rambo Nation by the Empire. He claimed that the Empire was their only protection against threats from beyond, with their fleet spread very thin after five battles and the invasion of the Empire, Ramtainus believed that a single Quadrantia Grox sphere could cause significant devastation upon outer colonial regions.

Tania meets with Ramcard and her grandfather

Kya was being scolded for not advising the High Council on this matter and Ramtainus left muttering about him returning to Rambo Prime, leaving a confused Kya and himself behind. A few days later Ramcard met with the Master of Econimics, Robert Jonathan Lefler to discuss the costs for a possible aid in the form of Olympic-Class hospital ships to the Allied Terran Republic after the Neraida Gigamatrix attacked them in the Milky Way Galaxy. During their discussion lieutenant junior grade Tania Samantha Lefler entered his office, the granddaughter of the High Councillor greeted her grandfather.

Ramcard sends Irana and Ramiron to Proogency

Ramcard corrected her, as her informal greeting was inappropiate as long as she was wearing the uniform. Correcting herself, he handed over the datapad and Tania left. Ramcard then explained himself to the Master of Economics before returning their attention to possible costs.

Ramkamura explains the theft to Ramcard

Near the end of the 12th month of 06 AQF, Ramcard send commander Ramiron and lt. commander Tatsu Irana to serve at the listening facility at Proogency. Though he knew both were not pleased about it, he wanted to persons under his service at the important facility instead of personnel assigned by vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral. As well as Ramiron being mentioned by the Hand of the Monarch, he wanted him off the capital for the commander's own protection.

During the second month of 07 AQf, Ramcard met with rear-admiral Ramkohma Ramkamura and lt. junior grade Chiäe Giusti about the theft of the Infernal and the subsequent deployment of the USS Excelsior to hunt down the massive star destroyer. During the meeting they were informed, to Ramcard's shock that there was a change in leadership within the Hutter Kingdom for the worse.

During the fifth month of 07 AQF, Ramcard attended the Rambo State Visit when Emperor Tyrómairon visited Empress Ramashe again in person. He was greatly impressed by the Imperium, commenting the massive super star destroyer could swollow Space Dock whole. After the meeting and state visit, Ramcard continued his duties at Rambo Command.

Ramcard was shocked to learn of the fate of his beloved Empress Ramashe though served Lord Regent, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo faithfully and became one of his most trusted acquintance. Ramcard was shocked to learn that in 12 AQF Rambert Ramveral usurped the throne and crowned himself High King of Rambo Nation. Ramcard continued to do his duties, though secretly served Ramannis Le Rambo and hoped to crown him Emperor to return the Le Rambo Dynasty to power. In december 15 AQF, Ramcard was forced to resign after he became the target of the King's fury. Ramcard ordered a full retreat from Thelliria to save the native Thellirian from bombardments by the Hutter Kingdom. A decision not well taken by the High King. Ramcard resigned and settled down at his estate, where he hoped to live the remaining of his already advanced life in rather quiet and peace, far away from the intriques and politics of the Royal Court.

Ramcard made one final appearance in 22 AQF (2820) when he joined the crew of the USS Intrepid during the liberation effort of Orbispira. During the battle he repelled Imperial boarding parties though eventually met his demise after being impaled by the dreaded Maethoruin.


The USS Ramcard, a Sacratus Butterfly-class Muunithar-subclass is named in his honor.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramcard is kind, noble and gentle Serindia who wishes to aid those in need. During his carreer he developed himself as a great captain, with tactician capabilities and the spirit to go on, even when all seemed doomed. Because of his abilties, he became the most famous Rambo Nation captain, and very populair among the fleet. Many look up to him, something he find difficults as he doesn't sees himself as a hero, just a captain who tries to defend his nation at all costs.

In battle Ramcard is ruthless, and doesn't shy away from a fight. Though bold in his tactics, he is well aware of the risks and refuses to expose his co-worker to needless danger. Degorated a lot, he is proud of his crew and their results during the various conflicts he was in. Though he takes every death under his command very hard and often prevent him from sleeping at night.

After changing his uniform to that of a Royal-Admiral uniform, this white armor with spikes shows his nobility and loyalty towards the Empress. Those who serve him became even more aware of his prominent and influantial position. With this armor, Ramcard shows his own allies and enemies that he is a force to be reckoned with.




Green face.pngMy duty is to the Crown!

  • Emperor Dino Le Ramo I - The father of Ramashe and a great and noble Emperor.
  • Empress Ramashe - I will serve you no matter what my Lady!
  • Marscalcus Kya - The young yet kind and cute Marscalcus, leader of Rambo Command.
  • Admiral Ramaxar - My boss and stubborn collegue.
  • Vice-Admiral Ramtainus - My fellow vice-admiral and a captain with a great knowledge upon the dreaded Tralor
  • Fleet Captain Mjärt - A fleet captain who commands one of our superweapons.
  • Fleet Captain Trabl - A fleet captain and former Tralor Freedom Force captain.
  • Captain Apanoida - An agressive and reckless captain, though get things done.
  • Captain Lothíriel Avery - A fine officer, she once served under me before recieving command of her own hospital ship!
  • Klopiels - A Kloppig captain in service of Rambo Nation, once my commander.
  • Captain Rambam - The former great explorer and Serindia captain, perished during the Great Cyrannus War.
  • captain Rambas II - A close friend and great officer, after his failed rebellion he was allowed to return into service, much to my own suprise.
  • Captain Rambo - A fellow and great captain who has a great carreer in sight.
  • Captain Ramburgo - A fellow Serindia captain.
  • Ramniels - A fellow Serindia captain who once served under me as commander.
  • Princess Ramtilsae - A royalty of Rambo Nation. He once resqued the princess from Imperial hands, and afterwards kept in contact and became friends. On regular base the two have a diner to meet with eachohter.
  • URC Admiral Cretacea - An admiral in service of the URC. Ramcard attented his marriage to his wife. Afterwards the two had a mutual respect towards eachother, which increased more after fighting several battles during various conflicts.
  • Warlord Kilnok - A famous DCP commander and friend of Ramcard. Together they fought various battles against the Xhodocto.


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them

  • Tyrómairon - The Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • Basvila - A Serpentaxy captain who I aided when he chrashed his ship.
  • Carandial - An Imperial admiral, an impressive tactician and commander
  • Garlboz - The Grand Mandator of Rambo Nation, a corrupt and dangerous individual.


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

  • Draguros - The most feared Ayrai'Shikua of all!
  • Dhazhrak - A Xhodocto and one of the arc enemies of Rambo Nation.
  • Emperor Lino - Leader of the Tralor, he must be held responsible for his crimes.
  • Admiral Lizaconda - A Lizardian, they should all be exterminated.
  • Thel'Vicliquam - A Cognatus Captain, later seemed to have switched sides. I will watch is every move and still do not trust him.

USS Dallas[]


The USS Dallas is the long time ship of Ramcard. Upon his promotion to vice-admiral the USS Dallas became one of the flagships of Rambo Nation and is considered as legendary as the USS Enterprise.

The USS Dallas is often a sign of hope for those in despair and a sign of trouble for the enemies of Rambo Nation. Ramcard, as her long time commander knows the capabilities of his vessel better than most captains and somehow he also feels he has a certain connection with the ship.

The USS Dallas is an Excelsior Refit class.

The USS Dallas is an Excelsior Refit Class, serving in the Rambo Nation Space Fleet. When is was first constructed the ship was given to the newly promoted Captain Ramcard, this happened 125 years ago. For all these years, it has been the ship of Captain Ramcard. The USS Dallas was launched in active service around 220 BQF and first saw action in the Diva Bettie War. Shorlty after the war the ship was assigned to explore Noble Alliance Space and act as it's representive of it. When the Algernon war happened, it was withdrawn from the exploration mission and participated in the Algernon War were it recieved medium damaged what was repaired after the war. After the war it resumed her function as Noble Alliance Mission and Task Ship. During the Lizardian Threat, the USS Dallas suffered heavy damage and heavy casualties after been caught in an ambush. After the threat is battled agains a Resistance Ship but managed to drive them off. Shorlty after the ship became the flag ship of the 8th and 12th Fleet to assist the Seven Starr Alliance. When the threat proved to be false it returned to Rambo Space and investigated a new wormhole. After the outbreak of the Second Galactic War the ship became an active part in the war. The ship is equipped with heavy weaponry like Quantem and photon Torpedo's. The ship is capable of Warp 9.8

Somewhere after 0 BQF the ship recieved her V2 status after a massive refit at the Shipyards. The refit meant the USS Dallas become a flagship for Rambo Nation and though one of the older ships still in service, it is considered one of the most powerful ships of Rambo Nation!

During the 5th month of the year 04 AQF the ship was recalled back to the Shipyards of Rowar. There it recieved a massive upgrade, the so called Mk. II upgrade. The new version of the USS Dallas was listed under the Excelsior Refit Class V2 MK. II. She is stronger and more efficient than the original V2 version. Equipped with phasers (blue and red), photon and quantem torpedoes. Even more, the Mk. II is equipped with the experimental Transphasic Torpedoes(which deliver a subspace compression pulse which penetrates shields) and the powerful Phased Plasma Torpedos (which partially phase through a ship's shields before detonating.

In 02 NE the ship recieved a Mk. IV update, with a sturdier belly, improved warp engines (and transwarp) and updated shields and weapons the USS Dallas once again proved herself as a worthy flagship and became part of the top of the line of the Rambo fleet. Coming with the update the USS Dallas also recieved a standard of 4 Vortex torpedoes to use as a last measure against enemies.

Around 06 AQF/03 NE the ship recieved another update to the so called V3 version and became one of the most powerful ships in the fleet, rivaling that of the Wells-class in fire power. The new class was sleeker in design, making her more agile. She was equipped with better shieldings and more powerful phasers as well.

Ramcard's Crew[]

Captain Ramcard his crew is known throughout the Nation as the most specialist and elite of all. Most of the crew fought against the Imperial Alliance, the Xhodocto, the Trucinex and even more enemies. Ramcard's crew also included Rambo Team but they later left for other missions.

Space Marine Major RN-0005

Marine Major RN-0005

Rambo Space Marine Major RN-0005, is a brutal and large clone trooper. His appearance sends chills among his own troopers, and even his assigned captain, Captain Ramcard is careful with him. A capable commander, he doesn't hesitate to sacrifice marines. He was happy with his new duties at the USS Dallas and finds it an honor to serve with Ramcard, someone he secretly admires. Though he sometimes also find him a bit soft, as the Major rather uses brutal force then Ramcard diplomatic ways.

In battle he uses the RNS-32 Sniper Rifle, his preffered weapon.

Space Marine Squad Commander RN-0820

Marine Squad commander RN-0820

This individual trooper is known as RN 0-820. She is a space marine squad comander under command of Marine Major RN-0005, an enormous and brutal commander. She is better known as "Sweet Amber" among her own troopes, though she dislikes this name and when spoken in public, she will give you a low or high kick. When the troopers came into service, she became assigned to the USS Dallas, something she finds an honor, though she dislikes most of the none troopers, which in her eyes are to soft to go into battle.

She carries the standard RNS-05 Gun into battle, in which she is quite handy.


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Quotes from others[]

The most famous and honoured captain of the great Rambo Nation. I had the luck to serve alongside Ramcard during many key battles and wars, and I would be honoured to do so again.

- Fleet Admiral Cretacea of the United Republic of the Cyrannus Galaxy

I cannot wait for the day I will rip his wings off, drink his blood from my glass and use his feathers as my pillow!

- Admiral Lizaconda of the Confederacy of Allied Systems

Hah! What the hell is that feathered fool wearing? He needs a spiffy admiral's hat like me. Apart from the awful fashion sense he's a great man and I hope to become respected like him one day in my career.

- Admiral Decrake of Mardvaeli


  • Captain Ramcard has him home at Luthrionicae.
  • The following officers one served under him:
    • Lothíriel Avery served as a nurse onboard the USS Dallas before becoming a captain herself.
    • Klopiels served 8 years onboard the vessel, as lieutenant and as commander before being promoted to captain.
    • Kya once served onboard the Dallas for four years as a lieutenant in the Operations division.
    • Ramniels served as commander onboard the USS Dallas for a while before becoming a captain himself.


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