Freedom and liberty are our rights as Serindia!

The Rambo Resistance, a rebbelion part of Rambo Nation who want to be independant and have their own goverment without the interference of the Rambo Goverment. When finally formed they began a conflict against Rambo Nation and even allied dangerous enemies. Sadly their most powerful ally, the Imperial Alliance betrayed them during the Second Galactic War and beyond which resulted in the destruction of the original Resistance.

However there are always those who wish to see the Resistance return!


The Resistance is led by a single leader, due to their small size as an empire the Resistance pledged their trust into one single leader, as he founded the Resistance. However over time this single ruler of the original Rambo Resistance also turned out to be their weakness, as Ramgaro was captured during the First Galactic War and left the Resistance in chaos and despair. Though he was replaced shortly before their destruction their were talks about setting up a council or small senate to rule over the Resistance.

As the single ruler held all the power, it was he who decided which action were to take, which planets to attack and held all responsible for all the political decisions.


Original Rambo Resistance[]

Origin and formation(21/22 BQF)

Ramgaro served as Governor of the Outer Colony Erion, and soon grew tired of the Rambo Nation policy and her Emperor, Dino Le Rambo. The many conflict meant that the Outer colonies were short on supplies and defenses, though Ramgaro went to his brother to inform them about it. Yet Ramgaro found out that the plans by his brother, Admiral Ramgorio, that only the older ships like the Constitution, Miranda and Kelvin classes were send to protect the Outer Colonies under the command of Captain Ramborwski and New Orleans class, USS Thomas Paine. Faced with these plans he confronted his brother about it. The only response he got was that it was to save money and that the Outer Colonies were small and not of strategic importance, except for Proogency, which was heavily guarded by modern ships. Outraged he tried to attack his brother but was send away by his brother. Upon returning he made a speech on national television and promised the Outer Colonies to unite against Rambo Nation and to make their own Goverment and State.

The Rambo Emperor, enraged by this naturally refused and ordered Ramgora arrested. Ramgaro went into hiding and formed his plan for rebellion. After 2 weeks the first small raids began on cargo vessels, and is soon turned out that the ships under command of Ramborwski were in too small numbers to oppose or protect all cargo vessels in the outer colonial region.

Captain Ramchar

As Ramgaro and his newfound rebellion had possesion over Erion, one of the more bigger colonies with a Shipyard, plans soon formed to make their own armada with cruisers to protect the newfound rebellin space and colonies. With various rebellion ships, under command of Ramchar, a close friend of Ramgaro he attacked the arrving Rambo ships at Erion. Though the rebellion faced losses, the Rambo Nation ships that arrived to take care of the rebellion were all destroyed and the attack at Erion turned into a victory for Ramgaro. Now the shipyards of Erion began constructing the rebellion ships. After that Ramgaro made another speech and declared Erion independant and that the Rambo Resistance was now a fact, with their own currency, flag and state. Soon many more outer colonies joined the rebellion and with stolen plans from Rambo Nation they began building their own Space Fleet.

Rambo Nation was enraged, but could do nothing to stop the Resistance since they were busy with the the Lizardian threat and the Rise of the Imperial Alliance. Soon the first ships were launched and Ramgaro began introducing it's own military into Quadrant 82. Making sure he could with stand Captain Ramborwski he once agains declared that the Rebellion was over, and that the Rambo Resistance was born with her own state, flag, space fleet, military and trade routes. The outer colonies in the western regions of the Quadrant had become part of the Resistance and offered it's full support. Sadly Captain Ramborwski had too little ships to attack the Resistance, so decided to protect the Outer Colonies who didn't want to join the Resistance. Although the Resistance and Rambo Nation became involved into conflict with losses on both sides.

Outer Colonie Skirmish (22 BQF - 16 BQF)

Captain Ramborwski frequently tried to take over Resistance planets but without success. He eventually went over only to protect Rambo Space but vowed to bring Ramgaro to justice one day. He became the Arch Enemy of the Resistance and the Resistance citizens hated Ramborwski for it. Meanwhile the Resistance continued to trade with other races unkown to the Alliance and Rambo Nation and their fleet was still growing. Ramgaro became the Prime Leader of the Resistance and vowed to bring Rambo Nation to it's knees and defeat Ramborwski, neither goals have been achieved as of yet.

Recognized (16 BQF)

During the Tigris War, Rambo Nation finally recognized the Resistance as independent state but warned them they would not forget what happened and still considered the outer colonies Rambo Nation Space. So began a time of uneasy weapon truce, although attacks on ships in the outer colonies were still continuing between Ramborwski and Ramgaro. The Resistance stopped growing since all outer colonies who wanted to join had joined and some were affraid of Rambo Nation. None the less Ramgaro had achieved it's goal, an independent state of Rambo Resistance. He now began making plans to defeat Ramborwski and continued to spy on Rambo Nation.

New Skirmishes (16 BQF - 4 BQF)

Resistance ships vs the USS Thomas Paine during an ambush.

When the Lizardian Threat was over, the Resistance resumed their attacks on Rambo Nation, this in surprise with many of the Resistance Captains. Ramgaro claimed that they should now siege there change for a bigger territory, but Captain Ramchar and Ramnandesh doubted that were the real motives, the Lizardian Threat and the devasting Tralor Invasion and the Tigris War were taking a toll on the Rambo defenses and so they resumed there attack.

But the Outer Colonie fleet of Ramborwski was not affected by this, and heavy battles and invasions once again plunged the Outer Colonial Regions in battle.

Galactic War (4 BQF - 0 BQF)

Battle of Juvan

During the Galactic War the Resistance became allies of the Imperial Alliance and Captain Ramchar led a Resistance Fleet to invade and take over the Willa-2 System. However the 18th Fleet proved to be stronger under the command of Captain Ramborwski and drove the Resistance Fleet off.

Battle or Erion

During the fight the USS Thomas Paine heavily damaged the NX-01 Enterprise and persued the Resistance back to the Capitol of Erion and started to lay siege on the Resistance Capitol.

During the Battle of Erion the NX-09 Avenger was crippled by the USS Thomas Paine and after a few hours the Rambo Fleet managed to attack the Main Resistance Shipyard and blcoked Ramgaro's escape when he entered his personall ship, the Emmette. During a surprise attack by the NX-01 Enterprise the Emmette escaped but was soon shot down and chrashed at a nearby moon. Soon after, Ramgaro was taken captive by Ramborwski and send to prison.

The Resistance was defeated and crippled, the remaining Resistance members who did not want to surrender, escaped to Imperial Space and came under command of War Councillor Ramauron.

The Resistance betrayed during the Second Galactic War

However, during the course of the Second Galactic War the Resistance was betrayed by the Imperial Alliance and Ramauron was killed by the Emperor.

The last strongholds were destroyed by the Imperial Alliance and Mortalitas troops and the remaining Resistance forces fled with Ramchar, whom became the new leader of the Resistance. He now vowes to one day liberate the Rambo of Rambo Nation, but he first needs to find allies and a place to settle the remaining Resistance members.

The Resistance Task Fleet, ready for battle after the rebuilding and newly colonised planet

After there betrayal they settles down at a new world and allied the Iron Bloc, a seperate union of the DSB. Shorlty after settling down on a new homeworld they were contacted by the Neo Trucinex, and accepted there alliance. As there fleets have been rebuild, Ramchar now prepares for battle once again.

Aiding the Iron Bloc (0 - 1 AQF)

As the Iron Bloc became involved into the War of the Blocs Ramachar sended a large fleet under command of Captain Ramato to aid there allies the Iron Bloc.

Battle near Satalkis (1 AQF)

The Resistance attacks a DSB convoy

As various DSB ship left the glassed planet of Satalkis the Resistance came to aid the Iron Blocs and attacked a small convoy of escaping ships. Under the command of Captain Ramato the Defiant and 2 NX Class and 4 Intrepid Class Type attacked the DSB.

Yet, there drone like ships were more powerfull than thought and Ramato underestimated the DSB, though of a weak species the DSB (probably using data from the Rambo) intercepted the Resistance ship and damaged the Defiant. Luckily a NX Class managed to destroy a DSB ship with aid of an Intrepid Type. With the yellow lead ship (unknown class to the Resistance) the small drone like ships left the scene.

Yet Ramato was troubled, the DSB seemed more powerfull than though and he hoped the Resistance would survive there present with the Iron Blocs.

End of the Rambo Resistance (1 AQF)
Destruction at New Erion

The sun's destructional wave hits the Resistance Fleet

New Erion, the new homeplanet of the Resistance was peacefull and life was florishing again for the Resistance. However, there peace came to an abrubt halt when an unknown Imperial ship dropped out of hyperspace near the sun of the system. It was a ship that seemed to be cut in half. Immediately Captain Ramchar and Ramnandesh approached the ship with the remaining ships of the Resistance. Surprised they opened a channel and in shock they saw the Regent and the Emperor on there screen. Happily, he pledged a new day has arrived for the Resistance and the Imperials. Unable to halt the unknown ship it build up a massive energy and unleashed at the sun.

And it was over in seconds, Ramchar and the Resistance fleet didn't stood a change and were unable to even raise shields. As the beam hit the sun of New Erion System it went nova.

The Lusankya destroys the last few ships of the Resistance

A massive wave of solar energy and other energy washed over the Imperial ship, which survived, and hit Ramchar and his fleet. When the wave hit the Resistance fleet they were incarnated and the ships exploded. The wave then hit the planet of New Erion and incernated all life until the planet fell apart. The Galactic Emperor smiled, anyone who would arrive at this system, if you could still call it a system, would find debris. He then smiled and branded the test of the Galactic Class a succes, he then returned to Imperial Space.

And for New Erion and the Resistance there, there was only silence. Dead silence.......

Last Remnants

Captain Ramato, who led the forces against the DSB in the War of the Blocs learned of the destruction of there homeworld weeks later. Saddened, and beyond madness they vowed to find who was responsible and wanted to destroy the DSB along with it. At some point during the war the Lusankya arrived in the system were Ramato his fleet was, under command of Trentucula and Aur'Lodin. Ramato was surprised, there former allies here and why? As they approached there former allies Ramato forgot one important fact, they were "former" allies and when they got near the massive Imperial ship the Lusankya opened fire and swept the last remnants of the Resistance away. Ramato last words were: Long live the Resistance before his ship exploded.

Second Rambo Resistance[]

Formation and first plans[]

Attacking Trade convoys

With the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus conquering Rambo Nation during the Dark Times it sparked a civil unrest and various Rambo officers laid down their function. When Empress Ramashe was forced to sign the Concordat, the Nation was placed under a protectrate of the Empire.

With Grand Mandator Garlboz as advisor of the Empress, vice-admiral Rambas II was the first to deflect and left Rambo Command. Taking his crew and the USS Merced II he began harrasing the Empire along the Ramsoria Run, attacking and destroying Empire trade convoys.

Later on, when Colonel Chi Chodecra, once the right hand of Ramashe herself and her militairy advisor deflected as well he travelled to a lone planet known as Kreeta. There he created a secret base and began training and developing new clone troopers, glad in green armor they felt no pain and remorse and were the perfect loose cannons Chodecra needed against the well trained soldiers of both the Empire and the Rambo. In the second month of 02 NE Chodecra managed to locate Rambas and the two joined together. Their first act was to hire Zevracence and was send to assasinate Garlboz. Though Garlboz survived he was badly wounded and the Resistance had the time to expand her forces.

Kreeta Base

Resistance is planning an attack, while Chuinaylia refuses to help them anymore

Meanwhile at Kreeta new tanks were made, two anti space cannons were constructed and the Kreeta species were left in harmony, though the base was located next to the Kreeta City as they had the only drinkable water source at the entire planet. Meanwhile the Resistance was given secret information by Senator Chuinaylia as Chodecra requested it. At first the young senator believed the Resistance was doing something good but when she heard of the attempt at Garlboz and the formation of an army she dissaproved and told Rambas and Chodecra that this was the last time she would help them. Chuinaylia dissaproved the idea to wage war at Rambo planets or using bounty hunters for missions. Chuinaylia promised not to tell the Empire but left Kreeta shortly afterwards without a word.

Chodecra was furious, they had lost a good ally though it didn't mind. When the first planet was re-taken from the Empire the Senate would realise it was the right thing.

Around the 4th month of 02 NE the Resistance managed to ally the planet Sanderhal, promising that the two would work together to avoid an invasion by the Empire or the Nation of the Unclaimed Territories. There first action together was at Kreeta when a Hutter D-5 class arrived with an uncounscious crew onboard. Vice-admiral Rambas intercepted and boarded the D-5 cruisers and ordered the crew to be brought to Kreeta base for interrogation.

Defeat at Kreeta

Sadly in the fifth month of 02 Ne Kreeta base came under attack by Mortikran who managed to defeat the entire Resistance fleet. The following defeat forced them to retreat to their second base, close to the planet known as Amber in the south west of Quadrant 82. There they began plotting and rebuilding their base for a possible second assault against the Nation and the Empire.

The loss of the Resistance meant that the Empire was one step closer to achieving total domination over the Cyrannnia Cluster. With the loss their Sanderhal allies crew restless and feared for an Imperial reaction which could lead to an attack at Sanderhal!



Rambo Resistance Soldier

The citizens of the Resistance are basic Serindia, though also act as captains and soldiers for the Resistance militairy. The soldiers of the Resistance follow their leader beacause they believe in his cause and are willing to fight for it. They are differant than the soldiers of Rambo Nation because the Resistance wears metal armour, build for war.

The Soldiers also serve on Star Ships, serve in the ground military and as gaurds. Most citizens are Serindia that already lived in the outer colonial regions and follow orders without questioning them. Their weapons are not supreme to that of Rambo Nation, but they are excellent at ambushes and sneak attacks.

Most of the Resistacne Serindia died when New Erion her sun went supernova.

Second Resistance[]

The second resistance contained out of mulitply species, loyal to Rambo Nation or otherwise against the Empire. As such no images are provided.

Galactic Relations[]

Original Rambo Resistance[]

Green face.png Allies
Red face.png Enemies

Second Rambo Resistance[]

Green face.png Allies

None yet

Red face.png Enemies

Rambo Resistance Space Ships.[]

The Resistance has a small Fleet of differant kind of Star Ship class.

See Resistance Space Ships

Individuals of the Rambo Resistance[]

Ramgaro, former leader of the Resistance †[]

Resistance Leader Ramgaro

Ramgaro, the founder and 1st leader of the Rambo Resistance, brother of the late Rambo Admiral Ramgario. Ramgaro is ruthless, but a fine leader and former governor of the colony Erion. After taking over the Outer Shipyards he achieved his goals of independance and began constructing and building his own Space Fleet, with ship designs stolen from Rambo Nation.

He then proclaimed the Resistance as an independant state and nation in Quadrant 82, much to the dismay of Rambo Nation. During the many attacks between Rambo Nation and the Resistance he was stationed at Erion. He enjoyed taunting Captain Ramborwski, hero of the Outer Colonial Sector and vowed to defeat him one day.

Ramgaro, leader of the resistance

However, the Resistance was not gaining ground, nor losing for that matter. He sometimes wondered if he has done the right thing, but seeing his followers, he could only see happiness in them, so they escaped the Rambo Emperor and were now living in peace with their own Space Fleet, Military, Trade Routes etc. Over the course of years many Rambo and Bounty Hunters tried to kill him, but all failed. Because of this he became a little bit arrogant and didn't do any good for his personality.

Ramgaro's Capture

When the Imperial Alliance rose, he was contacted by an unknown entity, shorlty after that the Resistance began re-attacking Rambo targets. During the first fight he attacked the 18th Fleet but was unsuccefull to defeat the Rambo Forces there. After the attack the Imperial Alliance contacted the Resistance again, and after some talks with the Emperor, Ramgora accepted the fact that the Imperial Alliance and the Resistance became allies. However his campaign plan was soon in his disadvance, as Captain Ramborwski pushed back and managed to siege Erion. During that battle, his personall ship, the Emmette was shut down and chrashed at a nearby moon. Soon after, he was taken captive by Ramborwski and was sent to the Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison.

USS Celcius vs Resistancia

He stayed at Ramghatulk for over 7 years, and only heard rumors of the Second Galactic War, the Intergalactic War and more. During the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War he was freed in the year 04 AQF. In the 2nd month a Confederacy fleet attacked Ramghatulk and freed Ramgaro, together with Lizconda, a Cognati Captain and a Rambulan. He joined the Confederacy and their goals, but instead of joining the battles he first studied the many files containing the history of Rambo Nation, the URC and their current status.

Coallision with the Suiliagothrond

In the 5th month he participated in his first battle when the Ramsoria Run between Rambo Prime and Ramsoria had fallen into hands of the Confederacy. There he defeated the USS Celcius with his own Providence Class the Resistancia. He then returned to Karzhamahri Nui.

He wasn't really active during the remaining of the war. However when he returned to Karzamahri Nui at the same time as the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui, he soon realised his death was near as his ship, the Resistancia was on a coallision course with the Suiliagothrond. The following chrash killed Ramgaro and the Rambo fleet captain and the ensuing explosion destroyed the remains of the Resistancia.

Captain Ramato[]

Captain Ramato

Captain Ramato was the Second in Command of the NX-01 URS Enterprise near the 4th week of the Second Galactic War. He is a ruthless Captain who believes Rambo Nation should fall, however he is also very diplomatic and wishes to ally as much Empires who can aid them in there fight against Rambo Nation. He is over 57 years old and is a very good Resistance Captain.


Upon the 4th week of the Second Galactic War Ramato witnessed the betrayal by the Imperial Alliance and he retreated with Ramchar and the other Resistance members to elsewhere.

Upon the re location Ramato was given command of the new Constitution Dreadnought Class, the URS Defiant. With it, he allied the Iron Bloc and the New Trucinex Empire. When the War of Blocs started, he was given a fleet by Ramchar to aid the Iron Bloc in there struggle against the DSB. He fouht during a few battles in the War of the Blocs until his encounter with Aur'Lodin, where his ship was destroyed and where he perished.

URS Defiant

URS Defiant

The URS Defiant is a Constitution Dreadnought Class and a new flagship of the Rambo Resistance. It soon became a familair sight in the War of the Blocs. The ship is equipped with heavy weapons and can fire photom torpedo's, has powerfull shields and can achieve Warp 5.5.

The ship, however is painted with yellow marking, indicating the crest of the Rambo Resistance and there struggle to freedom. It was later destroyed by the Lusankya.

High Leader and Captain Ramchar[]

Captain Ramchar

This is the the Prime captain and Fleet commander of the Rambo Resistance. Considered a great hero and the arch enemy of Captain Ramborwski. He commands the URS NX-01 Enterprise and is the flagship of the Resistance Fleet. After seeing the news bulletin and speech of Ramgaro he knew what Rambo Nationhad planned all along, to abandon the Outer Regions (at least in his opinion, the truth is defferant) he dicided to join Ramgora after he managed to take over the Shipyards.

He is a skilled Commander and Star Ship Captain but he sometimes is to reckless and he is making unmoral discisions. He doesn't shy away to fire on ships with shields down or to fire at unarmed vessels.


Not much is known of his life under Rambo Nation rule, except that he didn't stood out that much and was a decent captain of an unknown vessel.

He was born over 150 years ago and joined the Rambo Nation Space Fleet 120 years ago, during the Diva Bettie War. After the war he recieved promotion and got to be a Captain.

Algernon War.

He was an active Captain during the devasting Algernon War and was part of the Fleet who invaded Algernon Space. During this battle his ship was badly damaged and had to be evacuaded. After that he stood trail for losing his ship, but did not get demotion or anything, it wasn't his fault. But none the less, he was give a function at Office and his hopes to become an Admiral were gone.

The Resistance.

When Ramgaro declared the Outer Colonies Independant, Ramgora made contact with Ramchar and offered him a posistion as a

Captain Ramchar

Captain and his right hand. He already knew Ramgaro before he was considered an enemy of Rambo Nation, but he did have his doubts. When Ramgoro pushed him, he joined in his first action against Rambo Nation, because they were responsible for his position on office, and he believed the accusions made by Ramgaro. When Ramchar aided Ramgaro in the first large scale attack against the Nation, it was Ramchars tactics that proved to be devasting for Rambo Nation. With his knowledge he shut down the shields of the Shipyards so that the Resistance soldiers could enter the yards and take them over.

After that, he launched the attack on the defense fleet of Rambo Nation, knowing the weak point he made contact with the lead ship and ordered to drop shields.

When they refused he lowered the shields with his overriding command codes (he wasn't officially considered a member of the Resistance yet by Rambo Nation). The ships helpless, were destroyed, Ramchar even continued to fire at the ships when they tried to flee. So became his first act in name of the Resistance, he shot at ships with shields down and that retreated, showing the Nation his cruelty and his persistence to take down Rambo Nation. After taking over the Shipyards and stealing secret plans of Rambo Nation, Ramchar became the Fleet Captain of the Resistance and was given the Flag Ship of the Resistance, the URN NX-01 Enterprise.

URN NX-01 Enterprise

With it, he frequently targeted the USS Thomas Paine of Captain Ramborwski and the USS Dallas of Captain Ramcard. But he also managed to damage a lot of other ships. Ramborwski and Ramcard became his personally enemies.

He mostly is stationed at the Capitol of the Resistance with his defense fleet, be he ofter likes to team up with Captain Ramnandesh and the URN Dauntless to attack enemy vessels. He became somewhat of a mentor for Ramanandesh, at least that is how he sees it. Ramnandesh herself, find Ramchar annoying and too ambitious. Captain Ramchar is very loyal to Prime Leader Ramgoro and became his right hand in the Resistance. He also became the hero of the Resistance and many Resistance Officer look up to him and see him as their example and role model.

Imperial Galactic War

The USS Divide evades fire of the URN NX-01 Enterprise during the Siege of Juvan

When the Resistance and the Imperial Alliance allied themselves to fight against Rambo Nation, Captain Ramchar was given the assignment to take the bulk of the Resistance Fleet to the Willa-System and take it over. When he made plans to do so he alone entered the Willa-2 System to investigate the position of the Rambo Fleet. However, he soon encountered the USS Divide under command of Captain Ramirrking. The NX-01 Enterprise is a superior ship and soon the USS Divide retreated. The Enterprise persued the USS Divide.

Battle of Juvan, which the NX-01 Enterprise became heavily damaged

The NX-01 Enterprise was soon joined by the rest of the fleet and attacked the 18th Fleet. Although taken by surprise, the quick thinking of Captian Ramborwski meant that the 18th Fleet were able to fight the Resitance off.

During the fight the NX-01 Enterprise was heavily damaged by the USS Thomas Paine and was forced to retreat to the Resitance Capitol of Erion. However, Ramborwski persued the Resitance Fleet with a part of the 18th Fleet and began attacking Erion.During the battle of Erion Ramchar managed to free the blockade of the Emmette so that Ramgaro could escape. However it proved in vain, as it was shot down and chrashed at a nearby moon. When Ramgaro was taken captive Ramchar fled in despair to Imperial Space and was placed under command of Ramauron, the Rambo Traitor. He vowed to free Ramgaro, but did not know where he was send to, as that prison's location was a secret.

Leader of the Resistance

The Resistance betrayed!!

When the Second Galactic War broke out Ramauron tried to rebuild the Resistance, howeever duirng the 4th week of the war Rambo Nation fell into hands of the Imperial Alliance and the RSA. This meant the Imperial didn't need the Resistance anymore and attacked them.

The Resistance forces were no match for the Imperial and Mortalitas forces and were soon defeated. Ramauron was killed before the battle started and Ramchar fled the battlefield with the remaining and surviving Resistance ships and vowed to liberate and destroy Rambo Nation once. However, he still had to find allies and a place where he could settle himself. After settling down and building a new civilization, he allied the Iron Bloc and the New Trucinex Empire. He then prepared his forces, building new ships and updating the current once to participate in the War of the Blocs.

However, the Resistance came to an abrubt end when the Imperial Alliance tested there new superweapon at New Erion her sun, which went supernova and Ramchar was killed in the solar wave coming from the destruction of the sun.

URN NX-01 Enterprise.

Captain Ramchar was one of the first to join the Resistance.

The strongest and fastest ship in the Resistance Fleet. It is build for battle and exploration and has seen many action in battle

URN NX-01 Enterprise

and locating other alien species which are unkown to Rambo Nation and the Alliance. The NX class is equall to that of a Galaxy Class and is capable of inflicting a lot of damage, it is also a fast ship and very manourable. The URN NX-01 Enterprise is commanded by Captain Ramchar and is the Flag Ship of the Resistance. The ship was launched at the Outer Colonie Shipyards and is mostly stationed at the Capitol of the Resistance.

The ship was launched at 22 BQF into active service and saw many action. Upon her launch, she was made the Flag Ship of the Resistance and was given to Captain Ramchar to command her.

URN NX-01 Enterprise Aft view

URN NX-01 Enterprise Below view

It also once attacked the USS Enterprise E, but that ship proved to strong for the Resistance Flag Ship.

- The ship is capable of Warp 5.

- Phasers and photon torpedo's.

- Spore Weapons.

- Fanatacial Frenzy Device.

The ship was later destroyed when the sun of New Erion went Nova.

Captain Ramnandesh[]

Captain Ramnandesh

Captain Ramnandesh is the Captain of the URS Dauntless and is the youngest officer in the Resistance. On the other hand, though, she is very vicious and mean.

Ramnandesh was born around 25 BQF, but has already proven herself. She commands the Intrepid Type Class URS Dauntless and is one of the few Intrepid Type Classes who are used as independent strikeforces- mostly due to her commanding the ship. She is admires Prime Leader Ramgario greatly, and has once been friends with Captain Ramborwski. She attacks vessels far stronger than her ship, yet emerges regularly. These victories are thanks to her knowledge of the Rambo Nation Space ships. The knowledge was handed down to her by her Grand Father, Captain Ramcard. She realizes that her ship has a few weakpoints, although she never admits or share thi shares this information for reasons of pride.

Due to her joining the resistance, she has poor relations with her family. Captain Ramcard, though, has vowed to bring her back.


Ramnandesh was born 25 years ago, during the nadir of the Algernon war, at the of Rambo Nation Capital. As a child, she was very protected and taught the ways of the Rambo Religion and Nation.Upon becoming a teenager, she was the subject of numerous photoshoots, thanks to her Grandfather, Captain Ramcard. He is very proud of her, and she enjoyed his company as well. When fininshed with school at the age of 18, she joined the Rambo Nation Space Fleet and within 6 months she was ready to serve at a space ship. Her Grandfather assigned her to the USS Odyssey of Captain Ramanyia.

Aboard the USS Thomas Paine.

At the USS Thomas Paine Ensign Ramnandesh served as a Comm Officer of the ship and she was in the relief team. She enjoyed flying the ship but hoped she could one day make it is as Captain.

USS Thomas Paine

After 2 years of service aboard the USS Thomas Paine she was promoted to Lieutenant. Around this time the Resistance was also formed and she was very impressed by it. She was convinced Rambo Nation was wrong by sending older class vessels to protect the Outer Colonies and said this to her Grandfather and Captain Ramborwski, but none of them wanted to listen to her. When she became 22 she sad at the Conn of the ship and they recently fought a battle with Resistance vessels, the ship was damaged but they managed to repair most of it. When they enountered the URN NX-01 Enterprise they opened fire. The resistance vessel was already damaged and could not escape the Rambo Nation ship. But when they closed in the Resistance ship was powering up their Warp drive and Captain Ramborwski ordered her to put in a tractor beam, seeing the cause of the Resistance, and agreeing with it she refused and the Resistance ship escaped.

Captain Ramnandesh

Enraged by this, Captain Ramborwski send her off the vessel back to the Capitol. While waiting for trail for her crime she was contacted by a Resistance Spy and she met Prime Leader Ramgaro at an Outer Colonie. Satified by this, she offered him her services and Ramgaro made her a Captain in the Resistance Fleet.

The Resistance.

She became Captain of the URN Dauntless, a Intrepid Type Class. And her first target was the USS Thomas Paine. While she set in attack, knowing shield frequenties she crippled the ship and she contacted Captain Ramborwski, showing to him she now had joined the

URS Dauntless

Resistance and became a respected Captain, something he took away from her to put her on trail.

The ship managed to escape and over the next 2 years she became a menace to modern and older classes of Rambo Nation.Her Grandfather was hurt by the news, and vowed to take her back to Rambo Nation, but didn't succeed in this yet. She soon became one of the most respected Captains of the Resistance.While serving the Resistance and commanding the URN Dauntless she crippled many vessels of starfleet, among others the USS Farragut, the USS Berlin and the USS Ambassador and frequently targeting the USS Thomas Paine.

The only ship she refused to attack was the USS Dallas, since she didn't want to attack her Grandfather.

Galactic War

When the Resistance allied the Imperial Alliance, she wondered why they would do that. They were living in relativily peace, and now they were drawn in another war.

Battle of Erion

When she patrolled the borders of Resistance space, her friend Ramchar attacked and invaded the Willa-2 System. But as that attack was turned in favor of Rambo Nation and the NX-01 Enterprise was crippled and heavily damaged, Ramborwski invaded Erion and laid siege to that Colonie.

She headed back and joined the battle of Erion, in which she damaged a Constitution Class. But when the Emmette chrashed at a moon and Ramgaro was taken captive by Ramborwski, she fled to Imperial Space and joined Ramchar. She was then placed under command of the Rambo Traitor, Ramauron. After Ramuton his death she joined Ramachar in rebuilding the Resistance, but perished upon the Super Nova of the sun of New Erion, when the Imperial Alliance decided to use the Resistance as test subjects. She tried to escape but was caught in the blast and she perished when her ship exploded.

URS Dauntless.

URS Dauntless

The URS Dauntless is an Intrepid type Class ship and was launched at the Resistance Shipyards in the Outer Colonies. The ship was given to Captain Ramnandesh who took command of it and made it one of the most feared ships of the Resistance.

The ship was launched at 16 BQF.

The ship is equipped with:

URS Dauntless aft view

URS Dauntless below view

- Photon torpedo's and phasers.

- Shields.

- Spore Weapons.

- Fanatical Frenzy device.

The ship is capable of Warp 4.9. The ship was later destroyed when the Sun of New Erion went supernova.


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