This Organization is a member of the Great Eight
(("Liberty by Law"))

Elen sila lumenn omentilmo

- Unification Line

Rambo Nation is an Empire within the Quadrant Galaxies that has a long history. The Great and Glorious Rambo Nation is full of pride, and her history is filled with glory, drama, wars, and heroes. More recently, they founded the (now defunct) Noble Alliance, and then became members of the Great Eight and the Cyrandia Alliance!

Rambo Nation is composed of diverse species, with the Rambo Serindia as founders of Rambo Nation. The Serindia are bird-like creatures, and their homeworld, Planet Dinoman82 lies in Quadrant 82, the Capital of Rambo Nation. Over the years, more species joined Rambo Nation, such as Ramboidae and humanoids. Such a varierity of species allowed a diverse culture, including traders, space captains, citizens, monarchy, to flourish. Though the number of noble creatures inhabiting Rambo Nation is vast, not all are so well-meaning: ruthless criminals run riot in poorly-policed areas and intrigue is rampant. Despite Rambo Nation's diversity, all its species follow the Rambo Religion, which has Rambo Gods that are as myriad as the population.

The Nation is ruled by an Emperor or Empress; the last Emperor was killed and his daughter, Empress Ramashe, now rules Rambo Nation. She is aided by a High Council and the Rambo Nation Senate, which together take care of public and internal matters. The Senate is composed of 15 different species, each representing their own sector. Rambo Nation's flag consists of a circle with 15 stars -each symbolizing a sector of Rambo Nation- around a central star that symbolizes the nation's unity and equality, and the flag's bars represent the wings of certain Rambo species.

The proud Nation came to a shocking end at the 1st of october in 21 AQF with the demise of High King Rambert Ramveral and the subsequent breaking of the Nim-Glaré Concordat by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Civilian AuthorityEdit


Ramashe, one of the greatest Monarch of Rambo Nation

See Rambo Goverment.

"We offer total allegiance to our species, as represented by the state. We stand guard against all forms of threat. We do not value our own lives except as they are viewed as extensions of our species as a whole, and we ask nothing of ourselves other than to be able to raise the next generation in security."

- Stone of Force Vol V.

The Goverment of Rambo Nation is ruled by a Monarchy, who in matters of foreign policy, is aided by the two-seat High Councillors to the Royal Family and the civilian authority known as the Rambo Senate. The Goverment of Rambo Nation is divided in four differant political "entities", with an unofficial fifth one known as Rambo Command, the Militairy Authority. As such Rambo Nation is considered to be a Constitutional Monarchy.

In order to preserve the people's voice in matters ranging from day-to-day affairs to colonization, ship production, and the declaration of war, implement of the law or add and change existing laws. Each of the fifteen sectors of Rambo Nation elects a representative to the Rambo Nation Senate, who meet under heavy guard beneath the massive mountains of the moon Väeressëa. Though the Senate holds her meetings at Väeressëa, the offices of the senate are located at the other moon of the capital, within the Executive Palace at Anummiae.The Goverment of Rambo Nation is divided in four differant political "entities", known as the Monarch, High Council, Rambo Senate, Consuls of Rambo Nation and an unofficially fifth one, the militairy authority known as Rambo Command.

Rambo Nation CommandEdit


Main Article:Rambo Command

Our armour Gleams
Rambo's Sword Unsheathed
Wings are Spread
From skies high, Wings of Liberty Decent
None withstands Fury Might of Ramboidae Kin!

- Poem Exerpt from Glory of Rambo

The armed forces of Rambo Nation is known as Rambo Command and consits out of 17 departments and two main armed forces, the Clone Trooper Army and the space fleet. Rambo Command is a deep-space exploratory, peacekeeping, and military service maintained by Rambo Nation. It is the principal means by which the Nation conducts its exploration, defense, diplomacy, and research. While the majority of its members are Serindia and Q-humanoids, it is headquarted at the Rambo Capital and is composed of the various species that call Rambo Nation their home.

It's the unofficial fifth "entity" of the Goverment.


Main article: History


Ramashe and Apollo had a great influance on Rambo Nation events during the modern times

The history of Rambo Nation is long and complex, and it is also filled with honor, pride, drama, wars, heroes and sacrifices, etc. The timeline of events by the Rambo Nation is indicated by BQF (Before Quadrantia Federation) and AQF (After Quadrantia Federation). So as an example, the unifying of the Rambo happened in 448 BQF, which means 448 years before the forming of the Quadrantia Federation. One year is the same as human calendar. History has shown that various individuals have made their mark upon Rambo Nation, most notable include the ancient and wise Idrioalthaórien, Empress Ramashe and her love for the Libertus hero Apollo, vice-admiral Ramcard and the promising Operative, Claire Rambo, daughter of James Rambo, captain of the USS Enterprise-A.

There is also a detailed Timeline Page that chronicles all events by year. For full information and in-depth information about the history see: History Page.

Early History (450 BQF - 429 BQF)Edit


A Bonaventura-Class, one of the first vessels in the Rambo Navy

As Rambo Nation, consisting out of the unified Rambo Serindia Cities launched their first space ship at 450 BQF, the planet was in joy and celebrated. The NX-01 Class was their test vessel, shortly followed afterwards by the Bonaventura-Class, allowing exploration of nearby space and the settlements of colonies, the Serindia met with other Ramboidae, like the Mithrislic, the Aviaterdactyruscea and the Chuchiryacea and soon joined Rambo Nation.

Trogg Wars

Trogg Wars

Between 446 BQF and 442 BQF Rambo Nation grow more and more, launching new ship classes and meeting and allying nearby species and empires. But 442 BQF the Rambo were contacted by the Trogg, a mysterious species whom demanded taxes. Rambo Nation did not comply and were soon engulfed in a dreadful war. The conflicts ended within a year and a Cold War occurred between the two empires, which lasted between 442 BQF - 434 BQF.

Meanwhile Rambo Nation recovered and continued their expansion and exploration, but at 434 BQF the Cold War ended, and the Second Trogg War occurred. The war lasted for four year and at 430 BQF Rambo Nation and her allies (mostly the Heer Stekeveel Empire) managed to defeat the Trogg Empire. Shortly after, the Rambo Founder vanished near the end of 430 BQF and would not be seen for many years.

Golden Age (429 BQF - 280 BQF)Edit


Rambo Nation space ships in drydock over the Rambo Capital

After the loss of the Founder, a Golden Age approached which meant thriving and prosper for Rambo Nation and their allies. Rambo Nation soon rose out to be one of the leading nation within Quadrant 82. During the Golden Age Rambo Nation met with the Grox and a policy was made, keep out of their way. This policy is still maintained many years into the future. During the Golden Age, Rambo Nation became the most prosperous and powerful empire within the Quadrant Galaxies, taking the mantle upon themselves as protectors of the Quadrants.

The Nation prospered, its wealth increased and its people lived in an age of peace and plenty. With no wars or conflicts, the Navy and Rambo Command conducted peaceful exploration mission. Colonies were colonized and raised as a signal of the Rambo's wealth and increasing power.

Gigaquadrant Exploration Era (280 BQF - 0 BQF)Edit


A Kelvin-Class exploring

Afer the Golden Age ended in 280 BQF, turmolt and rising conflicts plagued Rambo Nation and their people. In 278 BQF a short conflict with their former Mozel allies ended in the latters extermination, though angered the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel and their empire of warriors. Eventually the two clashed in 278 BQF, starting the first Rambo-Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel War that ended in 275 BQF after lengthy and devastating battles. A second war started between them in 271 BQF and ended in 263 BQF when the Heer Stekeveel Empire was utterly destroyed by the Rambo forces. To promote peace across Quadrant 82, the Rambo and their allies laid the foundations for the peaceful Noble Alliance in 227 BQF. Recovering from the devastating wars, the Rambo returned to explore the Quadrant Galaxies and found wormhole leading to other galaxies, amongst them Q21 and 89 but also gave them the oppertunity to explore portions of the First Gigaquadrant and allowed them to make first contact with extra-quadrantia species and empires.

Peace came to a shattering end in 215 BQF by the short Diva-Bettie-Rambo who were excluded from the Noble Alliance. In the same year they were brought to their knees, though the Rambo showed mercy and the Diva Bettie became members of Rambo Nation. In 210 BQF the Noble Alliance held its first debate: it regarded the so-called GN3Dura Experiment that occurred after the Rambo conducted an illegal test of a Planet Buster. In 52 BQF the Quadrantia Algernon launched a campaign against Rambo Nation and the Noble Alliance. The war ended in 25 BQF, leaving scars across Quadrant 82 and a big economic fall-out. The Rambo won the war after they dropped a Planet Buster at the Algernon homeworld, one of the many reasons the Rambo Resistance was formed in the Outer Colonial Sector, causing local problems and incidents.


Tigris War

Due to their exploration of the Gigaquadrant, the Rambo met and joined what was perhaps the Universe's most famous intergalactic organisation, the Seven Starr Alliance. In 21 BQF, the Rambo colonies in the Tigris Galaxy came under attack by the Cianju Alliance and The Congregation during the Tigris War (21 BQF-16 BQF). The first war the Rambo lost in their history resulted in the deaths of millions and the entire loss of the Tirgris Colonial Sector and its forces stationed there at the hands of the minions of the Xhodocto. However, during the war the Rambo forged powerful allianes with the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Cianju.

Galactic War Imperial Lizardian Fleet

The Imperial Invasion Fleet

In 16 BQF, the Lizardian and the Imperial Alliance rose as a new threat for the Quadrants. They allied the Tralor and together they tested the Rambo. Swords eventually crossed in 04 BQF with the outbreak of the First Galactic War and the assination of Emperor Dino Le Rambo I. They managed to overcome the defenses of the Inner Colonial Sector with sheer force and the element of surprise, though their advance was stalled at Koerband with aid of their new allies, the Capricorn Sector Alliance and the Tralor Freedom Force.

Imperials occupy Rambo planets

Their acts cemented the Republic-Rambo Relations. Shortly after the war the Rambo aided the Capricornians during the Trucinex War. In 0 BQF, the Imperial Alliance returned with the outbreak of the Second Galactic War, and though the Rambo forces fought tooth-and-nail the Imperials invaded the Rambo Capital. The war shattered the Noble Alliance, occupations of Rambo territories and the death of countless. Luckily, their allies rushed to aid the Rambo and the Imperials were eventually forced to withdraw and give up their campaign.

Horizon Age (0 BQF- Current)Edit

In the aftermath of the Second Galactic War, the Rambo experienced a so called Three Silver Years ( 01 AQF - 03 AQF).


A Forrestal Class destroyed during the final stages of the Girdo Civil War

Recovering from the devastation and struggling with the current situation within the Quadrant Galaxies, the new, young but promising monarch, empress Ramashe declared herself Supreme Empress and brought a time of recovering and economic growth, upgrading the fleet and new found wealth and allies into the fold. However, the years were not without problems or conflicts. The Rambo aided their Tralor allies in the Tralor Civil War but were unable to prevent their destruction, the refugees were allowed to become citizens of Rambo Nation. Other conflicts included the Girdo Civil War, the terrible and fanatic Intergalactic War and the Battle of Fornaeria with the Imperial remnants. A major enlighting events were the forming of the Cyrandia Alliance, a unified organisation between the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy, the signing of the Treaty of Fornaeria and the expansion of Rambo Nation.

Quadrantia Disorder (04 BQF - 08 BQF)

As the Quadrantia Disorder began, a period of uncertain facts lies ahead. The Quadrantia Disorder started in 04 AQF and leads well beyond that. The Quadrantia Disorder is one of the most eventful timeperiod within the Rambo history where plots will be revealed, large scale conflicts and a event that threatens the balance of the Quadrants.


Quadrantia Disorder!

The Quadrantia Disorder is chronicles in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 01: Alveni a Malus
  • Chapter 02: Lacrima a Vinyar
  • Chapter 03: Yudumarth Campaign
    • The Yudumarth Campaign started after a terrorist bombing at the Rambo Capital killed over 250 innoccent civilians, followed shortly after by an attack at Rambo Command HQ in Rambo City. As such the Goverment decided to invade Yudumarth, but the campaign turned out into a disaster and cost a lot of resources and clone troopers their lives, eventually forcing Rambo Nation to retreat from the dusty planet and leaving the Yudimaran to their own fate.
  • Chapter 04: Ortum a Dynasti
    • The Ortum a Dynasti started in 07 AQF, focusing more on the pesonal troubles of individuals within Rambo Nation instead of the Galactic events. Under the protectrate of the Galactic Empire, the Nation prospered and mostly remained out of the New Cyrandia Wars. Ramashe, under pressure of her uncle, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo was urged to find a suitable mate for a new heir to the throne. However, the Ortum a Dynasti also saw new troubles for Rambo Nation with the Viral Outbreak at Koerband, the return of the Sinleri price Kael’Thalas Bloodwing and him usurping the throne of the Hutter Kingdom, internal troubles at Ramalivua and Inquisitor Chi Chodecra as Ramashe her new Hand of the Monarch. None the less, the Ortum also saw the forming of new hopes, like the Lianna Initiative and the Mou'Cyran Accords and Ramashe accepting her daughter,Ramanei Joy Feather more and her growing closer to Apollo once more.

Right Behind You story line!

Tertius Bellum & Fall of a Nation (08 AQF - 21 AQF)Edit

Umbra du Elen'nathien

The End of Rambo Nation

The Tertius Bellum begins in 08 AQF, in the wake of the Cyrannian Cold War and rising tensions with the Hutter Kingdom endanger Rambo Nation once more! Under High King Rambert Ramveral the Rambo saw its faith tested during the Gorge Dispute and the subsequent rise of tensions with France.

The destruction of Mou'Cyran saw the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War and would mean the last conflict the original Rambo would be involved. As High King Rambert Ramveral fell under the corruption of the The Corruptus a strike team decided to remove him from rule. Revealing to have fallen the brave team fought the fallen High King and managed to defeat him after a great battle. With the fall of the High King the Galactic Empire exploited the situation and took control over Rambo Nation, effectively disbanding the once proud Nation under Imperial rule.

With the fall of the Nation, the various Serindia Houses allegiance fell apart, the Empire subjugated the former Ramboidae territories and began plundering its resources. Rambo Commander personnel went into hiding, most of the sieged ships were either dismantled or spirited away by Imperial Command. Those that still held to the believes of Rambo Nation and were willing to fight for its return are known as the Rambo Loyalist.

Future/Alternate RealitiesEdit

The Future and Timelines are always in motion, none can say or predict the future of the Nation and its people, its heroes and villians. Some of the prophecies of Rambo Nation's future are disturbing to speak of, others predict greatness, wealth and supreme power.

Yet some powers can influence history, or cause alternate versions of the main timeline and can show a greatly differant Rambo Nation!

Alternate Histories and Futures of Rambo Nation
  • Alternate Future of Rambo Nation!
    • 1250 NE: Future's Beginning - In 1250 NE the remnants of Rambo Nation were absorbed into Republica Cyrandia. This beacon of hope and light faces the treat of the dreaded Xeranbha.
    • Legacy Era: 7.5 billion years into the future there came an end to Rambo Nation. This was revealed during a quest of Captain Rambam and some individuals he took with him onboard the USS Venture, including the so called "Legacy Serindia". The Aurilithiae Order became known as the New Order, that replaced Rambo Nation.
  • Alternate History
    • 450 BQF:Great Loron Imperium - During the Rambo era in space they encountered the Great Loron Imperius, and eventually were forced to join the Imperium as member, contributing their military to it.
    • 219 BQF:Federal Empire of Cyrannus - The FEC (alternate URC) invades the Quadrant Galaxies around 219 BQF, taking advance of the Diva-Bettie-Rambo Nation war!
    • 021 BQF:Coalition of Delpha Storyline - Rambo Nation betrayed by the DCP around the time of the Tigris War and later on even conquered by the DCP!
    • 001 AQF:Xhodocto Victory - The Xhodocto are victorious during the March of the Apocalypse, plunging the Universe into an unending darkness.


The culture of Rambo Nation is diverse and very large. Divided by 15 sectors, each represented by Senators and inhabited by various species that are members of Rambo Nation, the culture of Rambo Nation can be said to be diverse. None the less all those whom are members of Rambo Nation believe in the Rambo Gods and find unity in it.


Rambo Nation Species

Rambo Nation species

The Rambo Serindia are an old and ancient race. They are a blue bird like race with with the capability to fly. The Rambo Nation Species have different kind of classes and are listed below.

The Rambo Serindia can be considered as the most important race to Rambo Nation and have the most influence in the Rambo Senate and beyond. Though Rambo Nation expanded a lot, and not only with Ramboidae, other races joined as well and Rambo Nation became so large again, the Senate was expanded greatly and new races became members of Rambo Nation and had there own representative, representing one of the 15 differant sectors of Rambo Nation.


The citizens of Rambo Nation believe that their Gods came from a Paradise called Spode. They believe in different Gods with one Supreme God and all have their own legends with them. Yet some races which joined Rambo Nation didn't believe in the so called "Rambo Pantheon" and were allowed to keep their own religions and believes.

  • Rambo Pantheon - List of all Gods/Demi Gods and mythical entities of Rambo Nation. The prime and largest religion within Rambo Nation and the Quadrant Galaxies.
  • Temple of Spode - A religion that centers herself around worshipping Spode as an entity, instead of a location which the Rambo Pantheon believes. The second largest religion of Rambo Nation.
  • Asdran'Ari - A religion (a cult in the Rambo's eyes) dedicated to Denomination and teachings in essence. The smalles and most secret religion/cult in Rambo Nation. Widely unknown to the public.


The Rambo Nation take part in several studies that interest them. In particular, they are involved in the study of Taldarology, along with other nations such as the Girdo Empire and Delpha Coalition. This is the study for the Vyro'Narza. The Rambo became involved when the Taldar contacted them and supplied them powerful godtech, which the Rambo inserted into their Wells Class spaceships. This made the Rambo fascinated by the taldar.

Further more, some of the technology given by the Taldar allowed the Rambo to advance even further, as they were now able to use technology found at Lesrekta and integrate them into their own society, resulting in the construction of the Suiliagothrond Class Battlestation and the Typhon Class, a temporal weapon.

Rambo Nation also has studies to the Xhodocto, Cyrannus Galaxy and the Milky Way and the vanishing of the Core Federation. Ohter studies the Rambo are involved in are in using transwarp, cloacking devices, phasic and temporal torpedoes and how the Rambo society herself is working out, like wealth levels, national subjects, diseases and sickness, food programs etc.


Rambo Nation has various kind of trademarks, things which can be found at many colonies or are well known throughout the nation. Though this kind of trademarks can also be found at other planets and at planets from allied empires.

Rambo Nation, due to her wide array of known species became well known for having special alcoholic drinks, some are legal while others are highly illegal.

  • Amiearia Brandy - a spirit produced by distilling wine, giving it a strong dry tast - illegal - alcohol percentage: 35 %
  • Cyrandia Lagoon - a populair alcoholic drink among the youth within Rambo Nation, contains a sweet flavor, often taken in "shots" - legal - alcohol percentage: 15 %
  • Huttergut - one of the strongest beers within Rambo Nation wit a unique taste - legel - alcohol percentage: 12% (name created by Monet)
  • Muunilar Ale - a green colored ale, it is a type of beer brewed at a special way, giving it a warm sweet, full bodied and fruity taste - legel - alcohol percentage: 3.3 %
  • Patron Quadrantia - Patron Quadrantia is a populair drink under the youth of the Nation, contains a very sweet taste - legal - alcohol percentage: 20 %
  • Ramulindalë Raspberry - a strong dry/sweet consumption with fruity aftertaste, named after Emperor Ramulindalë - legal - alcohol percentage: 40%
  • Sepheria Whisky - Serpheria Whisky is imported from the Unclaimed Territories, contains a strong and dry taste - illegal -alcohol percentage: 45%
  • Serindia Wine - the most common and basic alcoholic drink, contains a sweet and soft taste - legal - alcohol percentage: 22%

Rambo Nation, due to her wide array of known species and colonies and member species gained a nice variety in drinks, containing no alcohol these drinks became a populair drink among the citizens and can be sold in supermarkets as well as in restaurants and bars.

  • Amphibiahria Water - a pure water drink, is said to hail from mountains.
  • Boreas Cheers - a soda drink with a sweet berry taste, comes with bubbles as well. Made from berries found at Boreas, best served cold with ice blocks.
  • Chuchulias Coffee - a drink that is boild, colored in black with a strong caffeine taste.
  • Fornaeria Bubbles - a sweet suger soda drink with bubbles.
  • Golviatan Thea - made from pure water and leaves of the Golviatan, this tea is often drink by people who do not like coffee. As a minimal amount of caffine in it. Taste a bit like basic thea.
  • Herbiciosa Milk - a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of the Herbicosa. It is the primary source of nutrition for their young and provides food and nutrition for citizens as well.
  • Javan Juice - a sweet drink, best served cold with a fruity taste similair to oranges.
  • Ramakoota Flavor - a sweet drink made from the Ramakoota cactus, also best served cold.

Rambo Nation, due to her wide array of known species and travels along the Quadrants have a variety in food.

  • Anummiae chocolate: a sweet chocolate hailing from the moon Anummiae.
  • Boreas Wheels: a liquorice that is a confectionery, populair among children.
  • Golviatan Salade: Salade leaves used as vegetables. Hailing from the Golviatan creatures of Alathena Metru.
  • Herbisciosa Beef: a portion meat, can be baked or grilled rare, medium or well done. Made from the Herbisciosa animals found at the Rambo Capital.
  • Karpraid Fish Dish: fish hailing from Aegimi, known for its unique and soft taste, often served with vegtables and korotatoes.
  • Korotatoes: patatoes farmed at Matakoro, can be cooked, baked or eaten rawish.
  • Peacock Breast: a portion dry meat, often made to taste with a sauce. Hailing from the Peacock found at Zevia. Though not illegal it is not common or found in every restaurant.
  • Serindian Soup: a fruity soup, mixed with local fruit and fish. All local fruit and fish are coming hailing from the Rambo Capital.
  • Swine Ribrack: a portion meat, grilled or baked. Made from the Ramaakota Swines.
  • Unirilea steak: a portion meat, is always baked well done due to her delicious soft taste. Made from the Unirilea horses found at Rambo Prime.

Due to her wide array of known species and cultural influances, Rambo Nation gained a reputation for various kind of games and sports- wich often became national sport games at television. Most sports could be played by proffesionals or amateurs.

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  • Slaves.
  • Illegal Citizen.
  • Citizen.
  • Wealthy Citizen.
  • Senatorial Aide or Representative.
  • Baron/Lord/Lady/Knight
  • Colonial Ambassador/Mayor/Govenor.

Space Fleet
  • Crewman/Rambo Trooper/Space Marine.
  • Yeoman.
  • Petty officer 3rd class/Rambo Trooper Sergeant/Space Marine Squad Commander.
  • Petty officer 2nd class.
  • Petty officer 1st Class/Rambo Trooper Commander.
  • Chief petty officer.
  • Senior chief petty officer.
  • Master chief petty officer/Rambo Trooper Senior Commander.
  • Ensign
  • Lieutenant junior grade
  • Lieutenant/ Rambo Trooper Marshall/Space Marine Major
  • Lieutenant commander
  • Commander
  • Captain/Operative/Royal Guard (Serindia only).
  • Fleet Captain/Royal Guard Commander (Serindia only).
  • Commodore/Rear Admiral.
  • Vice-Admiral.
  • Admiral.

  • Marscalcus (highest militairy officer)
  • Rambo Serindia Princesses.
  • Consuls from Rambo Protectrates
  • Rambo Nation Senators of Colonial Sectors/Cyrandia Alliance Senator.
  • Rambo Nation Chancellor of the Royal Crown/Cyrandia President.
  • Rambo Nation High Council/Judge Magistrates (Formerly).
  • Rambo Nation Emperor/Empress (Serindia only).

Individual CharactersEdit

Rambo Nation has a wide variety of characters and individuals affiliated with Rambo Nation, from politicians to ordinary citizens, towards officers who protect the Nation against threats and criminals!!!

  • Individuals - Database of all the notable individuals of Rambo Nation.
  • Rambo Nation Captains - Database of all the notable captains and officers of Rambo Nation.
Lead Characters
Most wanted criminals!
Special Citizens

Special citizens are citizens of Rambo Nation who aligned to other nations, empires, republics as well but who also have the same rights of Rambo citizens.

Planets and ColoniesEdit


Rambo Capital

Main article:Planets of Rambo Nation
Rambo Nation, due to her large size has a lot of planets affiliated with her. They make up the territorial presence of Rambo Nation within the Quadrants. Divided in differant sectors, represented by their own Senators or consuls the planets play a vital role in the history and economy of Rambo Nation. Rambo Nation has planets and colonies within the Quadrant Galaxies but also beyond in other galaxies, their largest extra colonial sector lies in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

The Rambo Capital is the homeworld of the Serindia and the most prominent, wealthy and well known planet within the Nation and the Quadrant Galaxies at whole. Most of the Rambo planets are described or known as utopian in appearance, where citizens and wild-life live in harmony. Planets like these are populair tourist attractions, among them Koerband, Rametru Nui and Fornaeria. However, the Nation also houses other planets, like the frozen wastelands of Aegimi, the spiritual world of Eleo Tarad and strategic important worlds as Rambo Prime. Other planets house differant kind of climates, among them the hot and dry world Ramaakota or the miners colony of Stasje.

Among their planets various planet are associated with mythical or ancient civilizations, among them Aecor and Umbrax.

Relations with other EmpiresEdit

Rambo Nation promotes an active foreign policy based on friendly relations that allow for cooperation in dire situation within both the Cyrandia Cluster and the outer Gigaquadrant. To do so, Rambo Nation makes use of a diplomatic corps of ambassadors and the Monarchy and welcomes foreign leaders and ambassadors with prestige and parades.

The Chancellor of the Royal Crown will assign an official ambassador whom generally live in the respective empires, though is not mandatory. In turn, Rambo Nation is open to house an ambassador from the respective empire and grand him diplomatic immunity. Before any diplomatic relationship can be established, both the Monarch and the High Council have to approve though will often rely on the information and experiences of the Senate and Chancellor.

See Relations for detailed assesments

Notable TreatiesEdit

Over the course of history Rambo Nation signed various treaties, which were important for the Nation as whole.

Lianna Initiative

Lianna Initiative

  • Ramboidae Treaty (455 BQF): the foundation of Rambo Nation, this treaty unified all Rambo Serindia on the Capital and officially formed Rambo Nation.
  • Ramboidae Accords (446 BQF): the accord was vital to allow other Ramboidae to become members of Rambo Nation, expanding her territory and unified the various Ramboidae.
  • Noble Agreement (225 BQF): a treaty which led to the forming of the Noble Alliance and later on the Quadrantia Federation. Though disbanded due to various events the protectrate is seen as a great step towards peace.
  • Peace and Cold War Treaty (16 BQF): Rambo Nation was given the opportunity of preceding negotiations with the Xhodocto, which resulted in a temporarily truce.
  • Treaty of Ramaprica (01 AQF): the URCs relations with Rambo Nation meant that a new alliance was formed between the beings of Cyrannus and the other Quadrant Galaxies, the Cyrandia Alliance was formed and is possibly the greatest alliance the Quadrant Galaxies have ever seen.
  • Treaty of Fornaeria (02/03 AQF): treaty that allowed many races to join Rambo Nation, and as such became the greatest and most prosparing culture in the Quadrants, thriving on various species and cultures the Treaty of Fornaeria is seen as a milestone.
    • Treaty of Serindianliae (03 NE/06 AQF): an expansion of the Treaty of Fornearia, allowing individual empires and nations to request a protectrate status.
  • Nim-Glaré Concordat (05 AQF/01 NE): concordat describing the terms of surrender of Rambo Nation to the rule of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Rambo Nation became a protectrate of the Empire and a Grand Mandator was assigned to Ramashe as aid, though in truth it kept her line.
    • Treaty of Rambo Prime (01 NE): treaty describing a weapon truce between various quadrantia races with the Empire and Rambo. With this treaty the Rambo Nation Cyrannus colonies were given back to Rambo Nation, and all Rambo colonial sectors pledged their honoration to the Concordat.
    • Anti-Quadrantia Grox Treaty (02 NE):A protocol forcing all signed members to share their information about the Quadrantia Grox and provide information about Grox movements to prevent Q-Grox encounters.
    • Draconid Quadrants Act (03NE/06AQF) - A diplomatic and military agreement between the Rambo Nation and the Draconid Imperium regarding matters of the latter's expansion opportunities within the Quadrant Galaxies and was officially signed by paragon Uriel Ultanos XVI and chancellor Vesperon Maltris of the Draconid Imperium, and Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation.
  • Lianna Initiative (07 AQF): an Initiative between Quadrantia powers to join against common threats and to promote and enforce peace upon the Quadrans.

Quotes from other EmpiresEdit

As in my blog people found it a good idea, and it is becoming a common thing, so please add you comment from you empire.

Allied or Neutral EmpiresEdit

The Rambo are our greatest ally, many years ago they were the first to accept our alliance and they welcomed us to the Intergalactic Community, and if the ancient scrolls are to be believed they have a prehistoric connection to us, they have helped us in our time of dire need, and so we strive to return the favour, long live the Rambo!''

- President Apollo of the United Republic of Cyrannus

Rambo Nation is an amazing empire rich in both culture and history, and one which we hope to improve intergalactic relations.

- The Empire of Mochadia

Rambo Nation is one of our two closest allies, and we are honored to help them whenever we can! We hope that our alliance will last for many millennia!

- Vice Admiral Aturox of the Sylit Republic

Such a great Nation, their Good Reputation Spans along Galaxies and we even Designed one of Spaceships after their Excelsior class!

- The Gablinus-Avis Empire.

The Rambo are an honorable and disciplined race. These qualities are rare and formidable gifts that highlight the strongest of empires. We are glad to have earned their trust in the War of ages... but they also have a right to be cautious!

- vartekian empire

The Rambo Nation are our greatest ally, they are an intelligent empire, one of the greatest, of great captains and their philosophy is much needed in such a universe of chaos. They are a light of hope for everyone. And actually, if it was not for the Rambo warning us, the DCP would never have known about the War of Ages until it was too late, and we would have perished in the Scourge. So, we are in their debt, and we have sworn to protect them!

- Emperor Wormulus II.

Despite them being heretics, Rambo are noble people and their nation is one of our greatest allies.

- Clericarch Tadjamad, leader of De'Ar Theocracy

Being the little guy on the block, it helps having a big brother to back you up!

- President Adrian Avanits of the Human Republic

I dont kno nuffin bout dese doods peepz sa da dey is strng but we dont see nuffin dats stronga dan da boyz hur hur hur

- Zr'Ahgloth

The Grand Rambo Nation is with Humans and DCP one of our greatest allies. They are strong, intelligent and noble, and Terdiatlans honor that they met them.

- Edrantes Flayor IV, Imperial General Admiral of The Terdiatlans

The Rambo seem somewhat similar to us in a few ways. But I am concerned with the sudden problems they are facing...

- Ingcos

The Rambo Nation are one of the greatest empires in the galaxy and we are honoured to be their ally.

- Prime Minister Kronos of the United Summit Empire

They are an inspiration for us.

- Valzo of the Unified Nation of Ottzello

My people share a large deal of respect for Rambo Nation and its achievements. We have wronged their people at one point due to the influence of the Cyrannian Empire, but these have since been solved. We hope for nothing but their prosperity as well as a strong friendship between our two empires.

- Jerkon

Perhaps one of the most worthy empires to share the universe with us, the Rambo Nation stands out as a shining beacon of everything the lesser and the Young can aspire to be.

- Blademaster Hel'Bre'K of the Fordanta

We respect this empire greatly and hope to share our knowledge and culture with them.

- Serpentaxy

The Yuuko greatly admire the rambo nation for their efforts to create peace among all galaxies. Should they ever pass by Nethol on their Galctic travels, be sure to drop by and we'll do as much as we can to help you on your travels.

- The Yuuko Empire

We are very simalear.We both fought the Trogg,and both seek what's best for the Galaxy.We hope for a possible alliance

- King Pixel Spike of the Spikey

They remind us of ourselves in many ways, being a force for good in an artificial star-cluster-of-a-galaxy. If only nature and history had been as kind to them as it was to us, I am sure that they could have united the five Quadrants into peace by now as we did to Girdo.

- Emperor Ghelax Dreyk of the Girdo Empire

I do not find it fair that the Rambo Nation is losing relations with others because the GEC conquered them, and the SSA did nothing to prevent that. And now they are losing relations with everyone.

- Archsovereign Yahars

Enemy or hostile EmpiresEdit

Rambo Nation, our sworn enemies and our greatest enemy, we once defeated them during the Second Galactic War, but due to their large allied forces, like the URC, DCP, Sylit Republic, DSB, CoreFed and others, they have a prominent and strong position in the Galaxy, something we admire and respect. None the less, they will surrender to the will of the Imperial Alliance!!!!!''

- Imperial Alliance

Their destruction is the will of the gods...and we are their instrument''

- Unknown

They must realize, they will either submit or they will fall.''

- Lamorta of the Confederacy of Allied Systems

The moment they got involved with the Imperial Alliance/Tralor and the United Republic of Cyrannus, the time of peace had ended for the Rambo. What a shame, plunged from one conflict into another with no end in sight!

- Morgandaûr


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  • Rambo Nation has listed various individuals as their Arc Enemies and Most Dangerous Entities (ACMDE):
  • Focus on story changed from Galactic Events to more personal adventures, featering many of the individuals within the Quadrant Galaxies.
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