On this page you will find information about the most important Star Systems within Rambo Nation.

Although Rambo Nation colonized a lot of systems within Quadrant 82, I will only mention the most important and the most prominent of Rambo Nation.

Rambo Capitol System.Edit

The most important System of the Rambo, the systems is the Capitol System of Rambo Nation and contains their Capitol Planet.

Rambo System

Rambo Capitol System

Planet Dinoman82, the Rambo Capitol PlanetEdit

The Planet Dinoman82, but mostly refferred to as the Rambo Capitol, is named after the Ultimate God, Dinoman82.

The planet harbours Red Spice and is one of the most populated planets of Rambo Nation.

It is also here that the Noble Alliance keeps there meetings and the planet is considered the Pardise and the Capitol of the Noble Alliance.

During her history, the planet has only been three times under siege, one time in the early days when the Trogg Attacked the Planet en later by a bold strike of the Imperial Alliance. In between, the Heer Stekeveel managed to attack the Planet too. Both time the Space Fleet managed to protect the planet.

  • The Capitol City is named Tirithisilliana and is the most ancient city of the Rambo. The City is the Capitol City of Rambo Nation, the Noble Alliance and of Planet Dinoman82.


Rowar is the moon of the Rambo Capitol and contains the Shipyards of Rambo Nation, on the moon the ships are build and designed, only a small number of Colonist live here, because that are the workers of the Shipyards.

For other species, the Rowar is restricted area and when approaching you will be taken under fire.


Willin is also a planet within the Rambo System that is uninhabited. It is called the Zoo Planet and here creatures are set out to live and be observed by the Rambo.

This planet is also restricted area. Also because there has been found a chrashed spaceshuttle of unkown species.


Pelman is one of the first Colonies in the history of Rambo Nation, the Colonie was build shortly before the Trogg Wars and became one of the Prime Colonies.

The Colonie is the Trade Planet of the Rambo and most species meet eachother on this planet when they want to perform trade and other things.

Although Pelman is secured and lies within the Rambo Capitol System, it also has a black market and criminal orginazations. But it is considered a safe Colonie, because it is heavily guarded and patrolled.


Grolda is the Gas Planet of the Rambo Capitol System, she is a huge purple planet, where no Rambo has ever set foot on.

Legends has it, it is there were the Ultimate God fell to his endless slumber.

Braafrena SystemEdit

This system contains many planets, and is considered the most important Colonie System of the Capitol Regions due to the many Mining Colonies and high valued Spice.

Braafrena System

Braafrena System


She is also considered one of the Prime Colonies within Rambo Nation, the planet harvest Blue Spice and is also one of the biggest Colonies too.

The planet is green/blue and is also one of the older Colonies of Rambo Nation. The planet is also known for her peace and quitness (a ship hangs in orbit in the picture).


Rolser is a huge mining Colonie, is mines Blue Spice and is one of the safest mining Colonies. In orbit she also had a small Shipyard.

Rolser was once taken over by Heer Stekeveel Empire during the war, but is was soon taken back due to her importance.


Winning is also a huge mining Colonie of Blue Spice, but is a lot less safer then Rolser due to the harsh Climat.


The Red Mining Colonie, also known as the Blue Harvester, this Colonie mines the Blue Spice the most and the fastest, although smaller, it is one of the more wealthiers Colonie of Rambo Nation.

It is the Red planet in the picture.


Another huge Colonie, the second most populated Colonie within the Braafrena System, she harvest Pink Spice and is also worth a lot.

It has been recently terraformed, so the Colonie has only been active for about 5 years, and is already populated a lot.

But Reien also contains the biggest black market of the Braafrena System, and so also bounty hunters and mercenaries visit this planet, but it is still safe and little trouble happens here.


Sprun is the Gas Planet of the Braafrena System, she is huge and dangerous, and ships are adviced not to come near her, since the planets gravity force is feared by many.

Dissia SystemEdit

The Dissia System is a Inner Colonie System, and is also pretty important to Rambo Nation.

Dissia System

Dissia System

Koerband, Capitol of the Dissia SystemEdit

Koerband is the biggest and most populated planet in the Dissia System (the ship is in orbit in the picture) and is also the Capitol of the Dissia System.

Koerband lies in the Inner Regions, also known as the Noble Alliance Belt, where all the Noble Alliance members Empire lie.

Koerband harvast Pink Spice and has played a major role during the Diva Bettie War, since this systems was the closest to the Diva Bettie Empire. She was damaged during that war, but the cities have been repaired since.


Schoramel is a Mining Colonie and the smalles Colonie in the Dissia System. It harvast yellow spice.

She is the yellow planet in the picture.


Another Mining Colonie and the most dangerous in the Dissia System, she harvast also pink spice but the temperatures of the Colonie are very cold and harsh.

Stasje is also known for her criminal network and the losing grip the Rambo Authorities have on the Mining Colonies.


The moon of Biemilin, it is uninhabited but it is known a few settlements have been made there, but the climate of Destee is even worser thatn that of Stasje.


The Gas planet of the Dissia System, unexplored and highly dangerous.

Coel-2 SystemEdit

The Coel-2 System once contained two planets, but one was blown up by a Planet Buster to please the Grox and stop the border fights. Now only Proogency remains in the System.

Coel 2 System

Coel-2 System


Proogency is by far the most important Outer Colonie of Rambo Nation because it borders the Grox Space, close to the Galactic Core.

Proogency is many times attacked by Pirates and Grox, and is protected by Captain Ramanyia and the USS Odessey.

Proogency, although in a dangerous zone, is highly populated and a popular Colonie due to its beauty. She harvest Blue Spice.

Willa-2 SystemEdit

Willa 2 System

Willa-2 System


An uninhabited Planet in the Willa-2 System, the Climate is very harsh and uninhabitel, although there are plans to terraform it, but due to the Resistance activities the plan are delayed.

The Planet contains green spice.


Also an uninhabited Planet due to the climate on the planet. It also contains green spice and was planned to be terraformed, but that has been delayes due to the Resistance activity.


A former Colonie of Rambo Nation, it was destroyed during a Resistance attack which destroyed the Cities and changed the Climate. It harvested Yellow Spice.

There are plans to rebuild the Colonie, but that has to wait until the Resistance outposts on this Planet have been taken out and the Resistance has been driven off.

Javan, Capitol ColonieEdit

The Capitol Colonie of the Willa-2 System, it is higly populated but is frequently under attack by the Resistance.

The Colonie is protected by Captain Ramborwski and the USS Thomas Paine.

This is also an Outer Colonie, and is one of the last Rambo Nation Colonies in the Outer Regions that is not under Resistance Control. The Planet harvest Green spice.


Ferda is the Gas Planet in the System, and it unexplored. Many destroyed Space Ship during the Resistance and Rambo Nation battles are dropped on to the planet, many called also a grave yard Gas Planet.

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