This page features all member species of Rambo Nation, chronicled at alphabetic order. If the species have there own name in the Serindia Ancient legends, they are put behind there species names. Although Rambo Nation main race are the Rambo Serindia, other Ramboidae and species made Rambo Nation grow in power, economic and other things.

Over the course of many years, many a specie joined Rambo Nation, with there own unique persons, ships, art etc. Making Rambo Nation one of the most diverce nations in the Quadrant Galaxies. As every species has his or her own representative or sentator in the Rambo Senate, all of the species live in harmony and are working together. Even the Rambo Acadamy became open to all races, making the possibilty of many differant species serving or commanding Rambo Nation ships.

This makes the Grand Nation of Rambo Nation so unique, and strong in her own way. Though Rambo Nation sounds like an utopia, it also has crime and other less acceptable jobs, works and matters.

Though there are also members of the various species whom went rouge, becoming pirates, criminals or even bounty hunters.

Rambo Nation Species.png

The Species of Rambo Nation (Database)[]

Major Species[]

Major member species are wel spread and the most common and influential within the Nation. The original member and founder of Rambo Nation are the Rambo Serindia, known as the "Blue Crusaders" or the Blue Birds.

Other Minor Species[]

The Minor Species are member species of RAmbo Nation who are less wide spread and are not found across the territories, almost by rule they hold minimal political power though are still be found on all social levels.

Other Lister Member Species


Amphibiahria RN.png

The Amphibiahria are amphibious creatures whom can breathe under water as well as on land. An ancient species they were not space capable until meeting with the Chinawkya and the two became allies, soon integrating in the Chinwakya society and space fleet. As great technicians and crewmembers, they make up the bulck of the Chinawkya space fleet and later of Rambo Nation as well. Since the Chinawkya joined Rambo Nation the Amphibiahria (often called the Amphi's) also joined Rambo Nation and also as crewmembers onboard the so called USS ships.

The Amphibiahria are a friendly species and are very loyal and intelligent. They get along well with most of the species and are respected thoughout the nation. The Amphibiahria have an average height of around 1.75 meter.

As the Amphibiahria also joined Rambo Nation, they were also found all over the Rambo Nation society.



The Bahgamacera, often called the Elite Guards or Dragons of Aur'Shivania were large and powerfull members of the Aurilithiae Order. Once conquered by the Visaria, they became more friendlier upon meeting Aur'Shavania and now serve as elite guards. As they arrived with the USS Venture under command of Captain Rambam, they began adapting to their new lives as citizens after they swore fealty to the Royal Dynasty and the Rambo Goverment. By nature, they often have disagreements with the Chuchulias but seem to like the Balaseara more. They also seem to respect the Rambo Serindia and the Zarbriaek. The Bahgamacera are one of the largest member creatures of Rambo Nation, measering between 3.50 - 5.20 meters.

The Bahgamacera by nature are honorable and a little arrogant, being very proud of themselves they aren't really open to others. Their powers are strong, capable of flight and possesing enormous physical strenght they can defend themselves quite well. There surprise attack is a powerfull beam of pure energy. They can be found at a few social levels of Rambo Nation, acting mostly as guards and advisors to Rambo Nation Generals and the military.

Sadly shortly before 01 NE the Bahgamacera are diminishing in numbers, were in 01 NE only 25 of them are still alive. The reasons for this are unknown and Rambo authorities have difficulties in finding the problem.


Cuchulias RN.png

The Cuchulias are large and plompy creatures, walking on one feet they are rather slow and not very bright. Yet they are very strong and reliable, a reason why they became valuable citizens of Rambo Nation. As Citizens of Rambo Nation, the Chuchilias are often laboring in various factories or are doing other work. They like doing this, although it is sometime harsh to do. But they enjoy doing it, because the other citizens of Rambo Nation are favoring them for it and often get along just fine with the Chuchilias. They also like parties and are considered one of the more social citizens. However, don't start about there weight or you get on there bad side and then you can better run. They are only using space ships for travelling and often go with them as passengers.

Due to there size they can take quite some physical damage before going oncouncious, yet they fear lightning and have a weakness for electricity. The Cuchilias posses great water abilities but often need to use them due to there physical strength. The Chuchilias measure between 1.90 and 2.20 meters.

The Chuchilias are very social and friendly, and can be found at every level of the Rambo Nation society. They began living and setteling on various Rambo colonies.


Dagian RN.png

The Dagian are a proud and honorable race. Though not from the Quadrant Galaxies, they were former enemies as members of the Ruin Sector Alliance, allies of the Imperial Alliance. But near the end of the Second Galactic War the Dagians were betrayed by the other members of the RSA and the Dagian escaped and went into hiding, resulting in the collapse of the RSA. They later aided Rambo Nation in the war and the Nation began seeing the Dagian's as allies. During the Treaty of Fornaeria they were allowed to join Rambo Nation.

Dagian are very religious and are polytheistic, they also honor the Rambo Gods among others. As warriors, the Dagian believe that honor can be achieved through the Three pillar of Honor which are: 1. Always be truthful unless it is threatening your loyalties. 2. Be proud in battle. Never cower or panic during a fight. 3. Stay loyal and respect your friends, brothers in arms, leaders, and elders. In combat the Dagian use melee weapons and are well known for there skills. The Dagian have an average size between 1.50 and 1.80 meters.

The Dagian soon were found at every level of the Rambo Nation society, they were assigned to the Amiaeria Sector, and are represented by Senator Gorubla Til'Airo Du'lko

See Dagian


Muunilar RN.png

The Muunilar are traders by nature and are a friendly race. Former inhabitants of the Tigris Galaxy they were drawn into the Tigris War. But near the end they were evacuated by Rambo Nation and brought with them to the new Galaxy. But later on, they were allowed to join Rambo Nation and were new citizens of Quadrant 82. Many of the species joined Rambo Nation, and over time they were given there own seat at the Rambo Senate.

The Muunilar are friendly, but also eager to earn more money and can even be rude, sometimes only seeing profit in there eyes.

The Muunilar are traders, bankers and economical persons can often be seen at economic positions or stores. Though they can also be seen working in factories and are active at every level of the Rambo Nation society. The Muunilar measure between 1.60 and 1.80 meter in height.

During there joining, they now also have there own ships/frigates, which they use for carge transport of civilian transport.


Plutanios RN.png

The Plutanios are plant like createres with a temperament. They are small but can be very dangerous and they favor weapons with poison to use. Also former inhabitants of the Tigris Galaxy, they were evacuated near the end of the Tigris War and brought to Quadrant 82 with the 25th Fleet of Rambo Nation. Upon there arriving, they decided to join Rambo Nation and though low in number (250 specimens) they began living at the Rambo Capitol. Though at first they were sceptical for joining Rambo Nation. The Plutanios, however refuse to serve on starships and rather stay on the ground.

The Plutanios are an agressive species, though when they see you as allies they are very friendly and loyal to you.

Though small in size, there flexibility makes them experts at working in narrow spaces, and can now be found in every level of the Rambo Nation society. Often working in factories or at farms, since they have a love for the wildlife and herding creatures. The Plutanios are a rather rare sight within Rambo Nation due to their low numbers. The Plutatnios measure between 1.00 and 1.30 meter in height.

The Plutanios do not have there own ship, and in the rare ocassions they are travelling through space, they are passengers onboard Normandy Classes.

Quadrantia Diva Bettie[]

Quadrantia Diva Bettie.png

The Quadrantia Diva Bettie of quadrant 82 were once a great Empire, but were defeated during a devasting war. Now they only control one planet, known as Nertharia, the weapons factories of Rambo Nation. Though controlling one planet, they were allowed by the Rambo High Council to become part of Rambo Nation, ans as said, they became members of Rambo Nation, their hostilities of the past forgotten and forgiven.

The Diva Bettie are friendly and noble, often found hard working they like laboring. They also have a great interesst in cultural matters, and can often be found studying in libaries and temples. The jobs the Diva Bettie of Rambo Nation are well knwon, they are constructers and manufacters of weapons, varying from phasers, to the massive and powerful Anti Space Cannon. Some also serve on Rambo Nation ships. They are also advisors for the Shipyards of Rowar, to integrate weapons on Rambo Nation ships. Around the Second Galactic War, during their long time presence at Nertharia, the Diva Bettie evolved and changed appearance, becoming slightly sleaker and larger. The Diva-Bettie measure between 1.50 and 1.80 meter.

Yet, though the Diva Bettie are respected for their craft in weaponry, they enslaved the remaining Heer Stekeveel and put them to work under bad conditions in the Nertharia Mines. Though Rambo Nation is not aware of this, might this fact came to light a political disaster it would cause.

Quadrantia Kloppig[]

Quadrantia Kloppig.png

The One Eyes species known as the Kloppig are long time members of Rambo Nation. Former allies of the Noble Alliance they joined Rambo Nation as members shorlty before the Second Galactic War. They were the first species besides the Serindia whom began commanding and serving onboard Rambo Nation ships and are considered great captains by Serindia standards.

The Kloppig are friendly and noble, bold when commanding star ships they do not fear to sacrifice there lives for Rambo Nation and consider it an honor to serve on Rambo Nation ships. The Kloppig measure between 1.80 and 2.20 meter in height.

The Kloppig can be found at all functions throughout Rambo Nation society, from artists, to factory workers, to space captains and economic positions. Just like the Serindia and the other Ramboidae, they can be found at every level of the Rambo Nation society, known to be active in any job you can think off.

Rambo Aviadactyl (Rambo Aviaterdactyruscea)[]

Rambo Aviadactyl RN.png

The Rambo Aviadactyl are the smallest and most agressive of the Ramboidae Species, even more than the Rambulans. However they have managed to ally there Rambo Brothers and Sister and live in peace within Rambo Nation. Though small in size, there work is highly known throughout Rambo Nation and the Quadrant Galaxies. Masters of the Shipyards of Rowar they are well known for there craft of many a space ships and made them very wealthy among the Rambo Nation citizens.

The Aviadactyl are noble, arrogant yet friendly to those whom are interessted in there work. But dislike owners of other Shipyards, as they consider the Shipyards of Rowar the supreme Shipyards of the Qaudrant Galaxies. The Aviadactyl measure around 1.20 meter in height.

As said, the Aviadactyl mostly work at the Shipyards, laboring, contructing space ships, or experimenting with Warp Drive and improving the use of plasma and other dangerous substansions. A notable matter, though constructing space ships, the Aviadactyl dislike commanding ships and instead focus there attention on making them. Though they can also be found in the economic branch, owning factories and owning the entire car branche of Rambo Nation.

See Rambo Aviadactyl for more information.

Rambo Goldianius (Rambo Mithrislic)[]

Rambo Goldianius RN.png

The Rambo Goldianius are a rare specimen of the Rambo family, they have 4 wings, and a golden colored feathers and skin. They are known to be the best warriors of Rambo Nation and live in temples where they honor the Rambo Gods of Rambo Nation. Upon meeting the Serindia, they joined Rambo Nation and were often protecting the various temples, that are dedicated to the Rambo Gods. Strong and masters of the sword, the Serindia are the most skilled wariors of Rambo Nation. They wear Golden Armor to protect them. They do not use modern weapons, instead they fight with a spear, made of bones from creatures to defend themselves. They have specialized in this so good, that they can reflect bullets and blaster shots (of course if they see them coming).

They are noble, yet arrogant and are full of pride. Though if you get to know them better, most citizens will tell you the Goldianius are pretty friendly and wise. The Goldianius are one of the larger Ramboidae, measering between 2.1 and 2.6 meters in height.

The Gloldianius are known to protect and act as sentries for Rambo Nation temples, palaces and other important places. Though some are also active in politics. They also work at the Rambo Academy, training future Royal Guards.

See Rambo Goldianius for more information.


Whitharia RN.png

The Whitharia are small bunny like creatures and seem to have an ancient connection with the Carcabulan's. These newly members of Rambo Nation, whom arrived with the USS Venture and Captain Rambam posses small healing abilities and are not agressive and very peacefull. As citizens of Rambo Nation, they are laboring in various medical factories, designing new medical equipment or medicens. They also like parties and often befriend other citizens, however they are closest to the Chuchilias, because they enjoy the same things. They are also given a seat at the Rambo Senate, and are also considered and are seen as citizens. though not captain, they can be found at Rambo Nation ships, often functioning as medical personall.

The Whitaria are friendly and very peaceful, enjoying parties they are considered one of the less agressive species of Rambo Nation. The Whitharia measure around 1.20 meter in height.

Upon there joining and integration in the Rambo Nation society, they can be found at every level of the Rambo Nation society. But are most found in the medical brance.

Note: there healing powers are suprising strong, they can heal servere wounds, but cannot bring back the dead.


Yunilinage RN.png

The Yunilinage are a amphibious/fish like species whom are known for there exotic appearance. Formerly conquered by the Frog Slavers Guild, most of them wind up on slaves markets and black markets. The Yunilinage are excellent dancers and are known for there beauty and agility. When the Rambo evacuated the Tigris Galaxy near the end of the Tigris War, the Yunilinage were liberated and in there grattitude they joined Rambo Nation and are mostly active in entertainment department. The Yunilinage only excist out of females, thus can be considered a Female Race. They can breath under water as on land.

The Yunilinage are friendly and very kind to other species, they are also very energetic and dislike to remain sitting or standing withing one place. Though some can do that. The Yunilinage measure around 1.75 meters in height.

The Yunilinage are often found at entertainment branches, in music, model work, cloathes designing etc. Thougt some also serve at the Rambo Nation Space fleet and some are active at econimic and politic leves.


Zarbriaek species.png

The Zarbiaek are a hostile and ruthless species. Living the way of the warrior and a lust for conquering, they are a dangerous foe if they consider you an enemy. Working together with the Amriaeria, they have managed to build large ships for combat and defence. Upon 01 AQF they were encountered by Rambo Nation Captain Ramcard, who laid first contact with them, and soon the two forces allied.

A proud race, they are great warriors and tacticians, but are also hard workers and will take on any job. They are also physical strong. The female Zarbiaek are thin and flexible, and can be very exotic, often using there appearance to get things done.

When they joined Rambo Nation during the Battle of Fornaeria, the Zarbriaek can be found at every social level of Rambo Nation.

Capricyránae (Caprisaurus libertus)[]


The Capricyránae Libertus are species native to the Cyrannus Galaxy. Though the species is most known for there membership and founding of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the later Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, various individual Capricyránae decided to join Rambo Nation and migrate to the Quadrant Galaxies or deciding to live within the Cyrannus Colonial Sector. Within the Quadrants, the Capricyránae Libertus are mostly found at the planet Boreas, living in peace side by side with the other member species of Rambo Nation.

The Capricyránae Libertus of the Quadrants have slight differances with their cousins in Cyrannus, for example most female are blue colored and slightly smaller, while the male counterpart have a lighter skin color. What remained the same is their love to wear fancy clothes, mixing Cyrannus and Quadrantia influances in it.

The Nation authorities granted the Capricyránae full membership of Rambo Nation, as they welcomes all who wish to have shelter within their borders and pledge fealty to the Royal Dynasty. The Capricyránae Libertus are represented by Senator Adar of Boreas and Senator Lord Ram'Lendila of the Cyrannus Colonial Sector respectivly.

In total there are around 1500 Capricyránae individuals that are listed as Rambo Nation citizens.

Rambo Tralor[]

Rambo Tralor RN.png

The Tralor are a warrior race, native to the Mirus Galaxy, which is connected to Quadrant 82 by a wormhole near the Dissia System and the colony of Koerband. Though some Tralor refused to accept the oppressive and brutal ways of the Tralor, they formed the Tralor Freedom Force and fought against the Tralor Empire and their ruler Emperor Lino the Dark. However, when the Tralor Empire lost the Second Galactic War, Aoblix became the new ruler of the Tralor and reformed the empire to the United Lanat Empire. He was able to defeat and destroy the Freedom Force, but some of them escaped and reached Quadrant 82.

Arriving there Rambo Nation welcomed them with open arms and allowed them to become citizens of Rambo Nation. The Tralor were soon seen at every social level of Rambo Nation and are highly honored by the citizens of Rambo Nation whom were involved in the Second Galactic War, among others the Tralor Freedom Force helped liberate Rambo Nation from Imperial rule.

In total around 200 Tralor of the Freedom Force joind Rambo Nation as citizens, but they are closely monitored by Rambo Command as they fear the ULE will try to replace them with spies. Over time the Tralor integrated perfectly in the Rambo society and changed their clothing and began their own traditions and ways of living.

Unknown Slug Creatures[]

Morglukia V2.png

These Unknown Slug like Creatures are not native to Quadrant 82, but are rumored to come from Quadrant 21, where they were forced out of that Galaxy. They didn't wish to comment on this matter and soon settled themselves in the other Quadrant Galaxies. Various individuals decided to join Rambo Nation and soon became integrated into the Nation's society and are well respected.

Notable individuals are Senator Gorubla Til'Airo Du'lko, who represents the Amiaeria Sector and is highly respected and well known. It seems he is an exception to this, as he is kind and noble while other individual Unknown Slug Creatures are not. Famous examples are Morglûkia V'irkli Du'lko and Veldiaviëa V'irkli Du'lko, both crime lords.

In total there are around 26 Unknown Slug Creatures that are listed as Rambo Nation citizens.

Independant Ships[]

The independant ships of the various species of Rambo Nation are also considered ships of Rambo Nation, but not part of the navy, thus they do not fall under the juristiction and command of Rambo Command and the Senate. The ships found below are often owned by various individuals or cooperations and they can even engage Rambo Nation space ships when trying to escape there investigations or inspections.

As civilian ships can be bought by those wealthy enough and not classified by species anymore due to citizens of Rambo Nation calling themselves all Rambo, whether they are Rambodiae or other species.

As such the civilian ships are listed by design.

Ships of Independant Species

Amiaeria Design[]

The Amiaeria Capitol Ships

Amiaeria Capitol/Battle Ship

These massive ships are the largest vessels of the Amiaeria, whom joined Rambo Nation during the battle of Fornaeria. With the aid of the Zarbriaek the ships were build and equipped with weapons and powerful ships, having hangar bays they can transport cargo and fighters. Most of them are owned by a cooperation and sometimes can be found at blockaded when tensions seem to rise when payments or not paid at them.

Though often identiefied as Amiaeria ships, the Cooperation has recently bought various models for there own uses, and has been watched in awe by the Senate. Later it became clear various Amiaeria Captains joined the Cooperation and there ships became part of the Cooperation. When asked by Rambo Command, the large ships can also be seen at Rambo Nation task forces, often carrying large amounts of fighters, shuttles and mobile suite droids.

Size: 3578 meters.

Amiaeria Frigate

Amiaeria Frigate

The 1150 meter long Frigate, better known as the Amiaeria Frigate is the backbone of the Amiaeria Trade organisation and there own fleet. They use the ships for transport of fighters, civilians and cargo. The Amiaeria also use this ship as a frigate. Backing up the slow Capitol Ships, the frigate protect and escort the massive ships. Equipped with shields and a powerful blaster, the ship should not be underrestimated. The Amiaeria based there ship upon the Munificent Class of the CAS and it caused quite some discussion in the Senate.

Wealthy Amiaeria barons often have various of the frigates in service, acting as there personal small armada.

Size: 1150 meter.

Note: Based upon Um2k9 Munificent Class!!.

Amiaeria Shuttle

Amiaeria Shuttle

The Amiaeria Shuttles the most common shuttle type of the Amiaeria. With a differant and not often seen appearance the shuttles are almost exclusively used by the Amiaeria. Used for transport of personal from and towards the ships the shuttle craft is massed produced by the Amiaeria Factories.

Equipped with shields and blasters, these kind of shuttles are agile and fast! Able to reacht Warp 7 and able to use space jumps, the shuttles is very capable of escaping any threat.

Though the shuttles are simple and cheap many shuttles were actually broken down and most often and replaced by more effective shuttles.

Size: 15 meters

Chinawkya Design[]

Chinawkya Super Cruiser

Amiaeria Cruiser (back)

Amiaeria Cruiser (front)

The large Chinawkya Super Cruiser, nicknamed a City Cruiser is a massive ship, measering over 8000 meters, this ship can inhabit many a crew, mobile suite droids and contains heavy weaponry, shields and more........

She contains a lot of private rooms and some luxary accomodations, but also rooms for training, excersises, class rooms, shuttle hangars and ofcourse the bridge. With over 12 engines, the ship propels herself through space and can even make jumps, but due to her size and slowness, the ship is an easy target.

The Chinawkya constructed these vessels with aid of the Amiaeria and the Serindia, and now a days over 15 ships are in service among Rambo Nation, and can be commanded by Chinawkya, Serindia and Amiaeria.

Size: 8000 meters.

Chinawkya Battle Cruiser

Chinawkya Battle Cruiser

The Large Chinawkya Battle Cruisers are massive ships, equipped with heavy weaponry and shields, these massive ships can carry blockade runners into battle and are almost as strong as a Galaxy Class ship of Rambo Nation. With private rooms and luxary accomodation, the Battle Cruisers can be seen as a mixture of battle ships and a small city ship. The large hangar bays can carry the Blockade Runners, Light Cruisers and currently also Rambo Nation fighters and small ships.

When asked to, the Battle Cruisers and other Chinawkya ships can be seen at Rambo Nation task forces.

They are only commanded by Chinawkya's.

Size: 2650 meters

Chinawkya Cruiser (Ramboidae Cruiser)

Chinawkya Cruiser (Ramboidae Cruiser)

The Chinawkya Cruiser are a familair sign of class in the Quadrant Galaxies and beyond, based upon the famous URC Hunter Class the Chinawkya Cruiser, often called the Ramboidae Cruiser is based upon this design. With powerful shields, weapons and hangars this ship often acts as the secondary fleet or back up fleet for Rambo Nation and can be found in Rambo Nation Task Forces when there is a need for heavy support or troop landing.

These cruisers are commanded by various captains of differant species, only the Chinawkya accepted this because it was also integrated and updated with Rambo Nation technology, and the Chinawkya had a short on commanders and crew. They can carry fighters and even a blockade runner. When needed for transportation, the hangars are filled with tanks, cars and the mobile suite droids of Rambo Nation.

Size: 1638 meters.

Chinawkya Blockade Runner

Chhinawkya Blockade Runner

The Blockade Runner is the smallest vessel of the Chinawkya, measering only 225 meters this ship is often used as diplomacy ship or as blockade runner, able to escape the larger ships of other empires and such. The Blockade Runners need a minimum crew of 16 to function properly. With private rooms and cargo holds, the Blockade Runner is multi-functional and is often used by Senators whom wish to visit the more dangerous places where a Light Cruiser cannot come.

Chinawkya Coraniae Escort Frigate

The Ships are only used and commanded by the Chinawkya, whom refuse to share the ship with other races. As such the Chinawkya and the Amiearia are one of the few races in Rambo Nation who are not depended of the Rambo Nation space fleet for protection.

Size: 35 meters.

Chinawkya Coraniae Escort Frigate

The Chinawkya Escort Frigate are medium sized vessels. The Coraniae Escort Frigate Class is a medium sized vessel, capable of providing powerful escort and defense. They contain weapons, surgery rooms and have powerful shields.

The ships are only piloted by Chinawkya's and other races do not use this kind of vessel.

Size: 300 meters.

Chinawkya Medical Frigate

The medical frigates of the Chinawkya are fast and resemble there Blockade runners, though unarmed they are very agile and fast.

The Medical Frigates can carry over 35 injured (though then she is very full) and can achieve Warp 8 for fast travel to the nearest Rambo Nation Space Station or Olympic Class Medical Ship. The ships are piloted only by the Chinawkya.

Size: 150 meters

Muunilar Design[]

The Muunilar Frigates

Muunilar Frigate

The Muunilar Frigates, better known as Trade Frigates are small frigates and are often used by the Muunilar whom have joined Rambo Nation. They are often used for civilian transport or as small supply and cargo ships. Many Muunilar command such a class.

Though other races are also known to persue such a class but then change there paintings as the green colors are identiefied to the Muunilar. The ships are constructed at the Shipyards of Rowar.

Size: 250 meters.

Rowar Design[]

Light Cruiser

Light Cruiser (Retired)

Based upon the Imperial Light Cruiser, the constructers of the Shipyards of Rowar re-made her and improved it. Now a light cruiser/Luxary Cruiser these ships are highly favored and very expensive. The Light Cruiser are agile and fast, they can achieve Warp 8.

With private rooms and luxary accomodations, the Light Cruiser is a wanted ship class by Senators and the most richest of Rambo Nation. They are equipped with light weapons and strong shields. They need only a crew of 10.

Sadly due to the Great Cyrannus War and the resembles with Cyrannian vessels the ship was withdrawn from the shipyards and were all sold back to the Shipyards and as such were retired from public sells.

Size: 425 meters.

Luxary Shuttle

Luxary Shuttle

The Luxary shuttles are medium sized shuttles with private rooms and luxary accomodations, making this craft one of the most wanted shuttles. Though due to the luxary provided with the shuttle, they are pretty expensive and are often bought by the more wealthier citizens and sometimes by Senators if they or there colonie cannot afford to persue a Light Cruiser. The shuttles are equipped with shields and can achieve Warp 5.

Size: 42 meters.



The Tankers are medium sized ships that are produced by the Shipyards of Rowar for the free market. These unarmed tankers are pretty cheap and can be bought by every species whom want it. They can carry many liters of fuel, plasma, oil and other materials. The tankers are mostly bought by the Amiearia. Though Rambo Nation also hires them but then provide them with fighter or battleship escorts.

Size: 250 meters.

Serindia Design[]

Gwylliöen Class

Gwylliöen Class

The Gwylliöen Class is one of the newer class ship build by the Shipyards of Rowar for Serindia use only. Build before 0 BQF it is one of the smaller yet swift freighters ever build by the shipyards. These small freighters are cheap to buy, but not very agile, yet they are fast in travel, capable of reaching warp 6. It is a common transport by Serindia who can afford buying one.

However, during the Great Cyrannus War the ship lost her status as Serindia-class only and was brought upon the entire market for private space ships, now able to be bought by other non Serindia species of the Nation as well. Due to her small size larger ships of the Rambo Navy have difficulties catching vessels of this class when commandeerd by smugglers. It is equipped with small turbo blasters and also has shields.

Size: 52 meters.

Rambo Light Cruiser

Rambo Light Cruiser

The Rambo Alliance Light Cruiser, once build by the Serindia during their modern time before they reached space was their main airship. However when reaching space in 450 BQF the ship class was modified and began acting as a civillian transports for short distances. They often travel between the Capitol Planet and her moons and over the Ramsoria Run.

Upon her modification all weapon systems were removed and the interior was changed to be able to hold civilians. With various accomodations like seats, small rooms and even a small market stend which sells food and drinks. The ship class still has shields but are often very weak. For enemies, pirates and raiders they are an easy target, that is why they are only found between the capital and her moons and over the Ramsoria Run, where aid is often close by due to the Rambo Navy patrolling the Run for safety measures.

The class is one of the oldest class still seen in Rambo space, along with the Constitution and the Kelvin classes. Though listed as a civilian class, only the traffic agency uses this kind and is not for private use.

Size: 100 meters.

Serindia Vahkliae Freighter

Serindia Vahkliae Freighter

The Serindia Vahkliae Freighter is a small Serindia freighter, and one of the older classes still seen among civilian use. Often used as small transport or smuggling ship, these ships can even outrun a Galaxy Class at impulse speed!

These small freighters, often build only for 1 or two persons is often reffered as a space car due to her small size. Yet this small size allows her a great agility, is swift in evading ships, astroids and enemy fire. Equipped with two small phaser cannons and decent shields the vessels can survive an attack, yet is not build for assaults rather for evading and escape. The class is populair among those who can afford their own space ships, yet who do not wish a large one like the Chinawkya Blockade Runner or the Gwylliöen class.

Size: 10 meters

Consular Class

Consular Class

The Consular Class an old civilian Serindia Class ship, with origins dating back to the Golden Age of Rambo Nation. Around that time the class was considered a luxerous vessel and only for the wealthy. During the remaining history of Rambo Nation that fact hasn't changed and it still considered only for the wealthy, though isn't exclusive for the Serindia anymore. As of 0 BQF other species were allowed to buy the vessel as well due to the Treaty of Fornearia, which allowed all citizens of Rambo Nation to call themselves Rambo with equall rights to the Ramboidae. As said, the ship class is often used by the more wealthier citizens as personal yacht.

The ship has accomodations like a small swimming pool, luxerous rooms and holo chambers.

Size: 135 meters.



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