A Royal heart burns fiercely, at the sight of dawn, for the love of family and our Kingdom, even in the face of evil our resolve is stronger than ever!

- Unknown

The Royal Dynasty, known among the Rambo as the Väeressëa (Englihtment Ones), the Monarchy or Royal Family are the long time rulers over the Rambo Capital and Rambo Nation.

Though often believed that the Dynasty consists only out of Serindia who started their rule when Rambo Nation was founded in 450 BQF, the rule over the Capital and Serindia kind started way earlier, in times long forgotten and not chronicled in the tablets of time.

The Monarchy[]

The Monarchy of the Rambo Capital, often considered one of the five ancient families/rulers of the Quadrant Galaxies are divided in two seperate monarchies.

The Ancient Ones

The ancient ones are rulers over Serindia kind from long forgotten times, long before the forming of Rambo Nation and the unification of the Serindia.

Forgotten Dark Lord (circa 100.000 BQF - circa 49.000 BQF) - defeated after the Founder arrived.
Rambo Founder (circa 49.000 BQF - 448 BQF) - laid down his function many times during this time, but often was seen as the unofficial leader of the Serindia.
Le Rambo Dynasty

The Le Rambo Dynasty took rule over Serindia kind and the capital planet in 450 BQF when the Serindia were unified as Rambo Nation. This new dynasty was one of family heritance.

1st: Emperor Elgorodaurl (450 BQF - 442 BQF) - died of old age, followed up by his grandson.
2nd: Emperor Ramulindalë (442 BQF - 310 BQF) - died of old age, followed up by his son.
3rd: Emperor Ramesgaroth (310 BQF - 280 BQF) - died of old age, followed up by his son.
4th: Emperor Ramânawenûz (280 BQF - 227 BQF) - died of old age, followed up by his daughter.
5th: Empress Kyaertia (227 BQF - 210 BQF) - stepped down after an incident, public was told she became ill, followed up by her nephew.
6th: Emperor Dino Le Rambo (210 BQF - 4 BQF) - murdered by the Imperial Alliance, followed up by his daughter.
7th: Empress Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo (04 BQF - current)
Other Noble Serindia

Even though the Dynasty is considered of the Ancient Ones and the Le Rambo Dynasty, at the time of the various Serindia Tribes and before the unification- others ruled over Serindia tribes and were considered noble as well.

King Balidurun of Khaza'Drimiaerh (2600 BQF - 455 BQF) - killed during the battle of Khaza'Drimiaerh.
King Alivua of the Rambo Alliance (458 BQF - 455 BQF) - killed during the battle of Khaza'Drimiaerh.


Various individuals ruled over Rambo Nation, those who did are listed down below as well as a short description of them.

Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë II.png
  • Name:Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë
  • Species:Atlantica
  • Gender: Male
  • Reign: circa 100.000 BQF - circa 49.000 BQF
  • Duration: 51.000 + years of rule

Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë, better known under the Serindia name of Ka'Zâniûlaris or the Forgotten Dark Lord is an ancient and mysterious Atlantica. He arrived at the Rambo Capital around 100.000 BQF and oversaw the progress of life at the planet.

His mysterious nature- known only to the Atlantica, Ka'Zâniûlaris is rumored to be a representation of dark energies of the Ultimate One) which transformed into a living being.

Defeat at hands of the Founder

In ancient time the Forgotten Dark Lord founded Lesrekta as his bastion against a possible Atlantica strike and soon went into hiding at the Rambo Capital, far away from the Atlantica.

He oversaw the progress and evolution of the Serindia and among them he soon became known in legends as Ka'Zâniûlaris, the Forgotten Dark Lord. Ka'Zâniûlaris claimed rule over Serindia kind and protected the planet against threats and made sure the various Serindia tribes remained at war and conflict as it satisfied his ever lasting hunger. Somewhere around 49.000 BQF Ka'Zâniûlaris encountered the Founder and was defeated by him and vanished- his defeat is often believed to be one of the reasons for a possible unification of Serindia kind.

Ka'Zâniûlaris name and excistence vanished into history, and many Serindia now a days see the Forgotten Dark Lord as a simple myth- a story to frighten children and a relic of an ancient and forgotten time.

Unknown to the cluster and the Serindia- Ka'Zâniûlaris lies burried in the Royal tombes, seen by the Le Rambo Dynasty as the first ruler over Serindia kind.

Rambo FounderV2.png
  • Name: Rambo Founder
  • Species: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Reign: circa 49.000 BQF - 448 BQF
  • Duration: 48.552 years of rule

The Rambo Founder was crowned leader over the Yellow Serindia Tribe, one of the more noble and he began his life-work to unify the various Serindia] tribes. Around 48.658 (according to himself) he unified the various Serindia tribes and laid the foundations of a city what would later become Rambo City. Around 49.000, when the planet reached her Medievel age the yellow Serindia continued to see him as their leader.


Sadly the peace became a watchful one- as the Red Serindia tribe and Blue Serindia tribes were at eachother throats and war became imminent. As such the Founder continued to ally other tribes- like the Blue and Purple to form the Rambo Alliance. Sadly in 2550 BQF the peace came to a shattering end when the Red Serindia of Khaza’Drimiaerh attacked the other tribes- the following Planetary War lasted for 200 years and resulted eventually in a truce.

Later on in history the Founder witnessed the advance of the Serindia into the civilization stage (2300 BQF) and the following second Planetary War (500 BQF - 455 BQF) which resulted in the loss of the Red and Blue Serindia cities and the eventual forming of Rambo Nation and the launch of the NX-Class (450 BQF).

Satisfied the Serindia unified themselves and managed to go into space he laid down his function as "father" and "ruler" over Serindia kind and joined the Serindia in space exploration and the Trogg Wars. Sadly he went missing around 430 BQF and only resurfaced around 01 AQF where he became an adviser to the Royal Family during the Dark Times and even recieved his own ship, the USS Relativity, a Wells-class timeship.

Le Rambo Dynasty[]

The first and most recognisable and influential of the Serindia noble houses gained their Royal Throne after the devastating Second Planetary War. Ever since, the Le Rambo have been ruling Rambo Natin with a gentle hand, though strike hard against it's enemies. The Le Rambo Dynasty excists out of House Le Rambo, over the years the line as declined or has been merged into other noble houses by marriage of their female members, those houses often became the bannerman of House Le Rambo.

House Le Rambo has the Rambo Bird as it's sigil, their motto has became the motto of Rambo Command as well, signaling that Rambo Command falls under the authority of House Le Rambo. For their family tree click: this link.

As history dictates and chronicles, the Le Rambo have been ruling Rambo Nation ever since 450 BQF, most rulers were recognised by their gentle and good rule, though there are some with more notorious reputations.

Emperor Elgorodaurl Le Rambo
Emperor Elgorodaurl.png
  • Name: Elgorodaurl Le Rambo
  • Species:Rambo Serindia
  • Gender: Male
  • Reign: 450 BQF - 442 BQF
  • Duration: 8 years of rule

Elgorodaurl was a knight before the forming of Rambo Nation and fought during the Battle of of Khaza'Drimiaerh- where his friend and commander King Alivua died during the destruction of Khaza'Drimiaerh. In honor of his friend the Serindia choose Elgorodaurl (-who was considered noble as well) to become their king.

With a new crown and armor Elgorodaurl accepted and became the first Emperor of Rambo Nation and ruler over Serindia kind. Under his guidance, and with advice of his friend the Founder the newly found Nation constructed their first space ship, the NX-01-class. In the early years of his rule the Serindia met with various other Ramboidae in space like the Aviaterdactyruscea and the Mithrislic. To his own surprise they also made contact with other Rambo at their own homeworld- namely the Chuchiryacea who lived up north in the polar lands.

As such Elgorodaurl became fundemental in the formation and grow of early Rambo Nation. Under his guidance the Rambo soon became a key player within Quadrant 82 and the first colonies like Koerband and Pauvenris where constructed.

Near the end of his rule (442 BQF), when he grew old the Rambo encountered the dreaded and agressive Trogg who required taxes for travelling through space. Elgorodaurl refused to pay the Trogg anything as he believed space was a free place to explore and commence trade. After a 5th refusal the Trogg decided to attack a Rambo colony and destroyed it- his only child, a son and his daughter in law also died during the attack.

Shortly after the Trogg attack, Emperor Elgorodaurl died of old age in 442 BQF and was followed up by his grandson- Ramulindalë.

Emperor Elgorodaurl was known as a fair and just Emperor- but also strict, honest, an explorer and warrior in heart. He is often described as kind and gentle as well. He always wore a heavy armor with bright blue and yellow (golden) colors and a large crown on his head.

Emperor Ramulindalë Le Rambo
Emperor Ramulindalë.png
  • Name: Ramulindalë Le Rambo
  • Species: Rambo Serindia
  • Gender: Male
  • Reign: 442 BQF - 310 BQF
  • Duration: 132 years of rule

Ramulindalë followed up his grandfather Elgorodaurl in 442 BQF as Emperor of Fiction:Rambo Nation. His father and mother died during the Trogg attack and as such he inherited the title of Monarch and ruler of Rambo Nation. In response to the attack by the Trogg, Ramulnidalë dispatched a fleet to deal with the advancing Trogg but the fleet was destroyed as well.

The Trogg unrelented attacked Rambo colonies and Ramulindalë faced a difficult time as his rule started with a war. As such Ramulindalë ordered a new ship class to be launched and constructed to turn the tide of the 1st Trogg War. Eventually they discovered the homeworld of the Trogg and managed to locate their territories- in response to all the attacks the Rambo managed to conquer a colony from the Trogg. With aid of new allies, the Heer Stekeveel the Trogg were forced to sign a truce and hostilities stopped (442 BQF).

With the new peace Ramulindalë ordered new colonies to be founded, like Ramar Shada (where they even build his first statue of him). In the following 8 years of Cold War- Ramulindalë made sure the Nation became stronger, larger and had a strong economy to support possible conflicts in the future. Many constitution laws were made under his command who are still used in modern times. The Cold War ended in 434 BQF when Ramulindalë asked his allies to deal with the threat of the Trogg once and for all. The allies accepted and the Trogg were attacked from all sides. It took years to finally defeat the Trogg at their homeworld (430 BQF), where Ramulindalë himself slew the Emperor of the Trogg in personal combat to avenge his father and mother and all the lives lost during the conflicts. After the war the construction of the later legendary colony of Rametru Nui started.

This act made Ramulindalë a hero of war and the people fully supported him in every decision. Sadly shortly after the war was won the Founder and Captain Ramollo of the USS Bonaventura- a leading and respected captain and personal friend of Ramulindalë vanished when hit by a spacial anomaly. The loss was both felt by Ramulindalë and his people.

Ramulindalë later led his people into a Golden Age (429 BQF - 310 BQF) where the Nation expanded greatly, both in territory, might and wealth. During the Golden Age the Nation and Ramulindalë lived in peace and wealth and nothing seemed to be able to stop the advance of the Nation to become the greatest Nation within Quadrant 82. In 310 BQF Emperor Ramulindalë died of old age, after a period of sickness and was followed up by his son, Ramesgaroth.

Emperor Ramulindalë is often considered an Emperor of the people who did everything to protect his people and really took care of them. As such he didn't wear fancy armor or big crowns, just a small one and a light armor in blue and yellow (golden) colors. History describes him as a kind and gentle person, a great tactician and a father of the Nation. He and his wife had multiple children.

Emperor Ramesgaroth Le Rambo
Emperor Ramesgaroth.png
  • Name: Ramesgaroth Le Rambo
  • Species:Rambo Serindia
  • Gender: Male
  • Reign: 310 BQF - 280 BQF
  • Duration: 30 years of rule

After the death of his father Ramulindalë- Ramesgaroth ascended to the throne in 310 BQF and was already quite of age. The death of his father took a heavy toll on Ramesgaroth as he found it difficult to replace the hero of the Trogg Wars. However Ramesgaroth continued his fathers peaceful rule and the Golden Age. In his rule the Nation continued the thrive and expand.


Around 308 BQF Ramesgaroth discovered an ancient jewelry deep into the tombs of the Royal Palace at the Capital. The jewelry turned out to be the legendary and ancient Dashing Necklace- unknown to him made by the Atlantica. Ramesgaroth was fascinated by this jewelry and often looked and touched it. Over time- unknown to all others, even his own family, the jewelry began to effect him as he believed the necklace was talking to him. Yet the necklace managed to give Ramesgaroth a great insight in how to expand his wealth, and during the later stages of the Golden Age the wealth of Rambo Nation increased by over 450%.

Near the end of his rule the Nation first encountered the dreaded Quadrantia Grox and the information garnered by the fleet scared the Emperor. He decided to install a protocol of avoidance and not to engage them at any cost. As the Golden Age came to her conclusion in 280 BQF- Emperor Ramesgaroth died of old age as well, and his son Ramânawenûz rose to the throne.

Emperor Ramesgaroth is often described as a wise and noble leader with a fierce love of gold and wealth. To show his love for gold and wealth Ramesgaroth wore fancy blue and yellow (golden) heavy armor, a large crown and an impressive head dress that resembled a beard- something Ramesgaroth found a sign of great wealth. His family would often call his love of gold a sickness of the mind. Yet he is still seen as a honorable and great leader of peace.

Emperor Ramânawenûz Le Rambo
Emperor Ramânawenûz.png
  • Name: Ramânawenûz Le Rambo
  • Species:Rambo Serindia
  • Gender: Male
  • Reign: 280 BQF - 227 BQF
  • Duration: 53 years of rule

Ramânawenûz became Emperor of Rambo Nation in 280 BQF, after his father died of old age. Ramânawenûz- who was more militairy orientated then his father decided to attack a Mozel colony of strategic importance, effictively ending the Golden Age. A few years later, in 278 BQF Ramânawenûz used his power as Emperor to declare war on the Mozel and the Mozel surrended after weeks of war. Afterwards Ramânawenûz led his Nation to even more wealth and even more first contacts then ever before. Sadly the Mozel attack led the Heer Stekeveel- until that time allies of the Rambo, to withdraw from the allies and declare the Rambo as enemies as they feared the growing power and influance of the Rambo. Within days the Heer Stekeveel attacked Rambo Nation and after three years in 275 BQF a truce of peace was signed. Sadly, due to Ramânawenûz unforgiving nature and the Heer Stekeveel growing distrust of the Rambo led to another war in 271 BQF. The Nation suffered heavy losses and Ramânawenûz was lucky to survive a direct attack at the Rambo Capital- where many of his family relatives were killed- greatly reducing the Royal Bloodline of the Le Rambo Dynasty. The timely arrival of another Rambo fleet prevented a loss and destruction of the capital. Together with the allies of Rambo Nation the allied forces managed to turn the tide of the war and defeat the Heer Stekeveel. Ramânawenûz took the commanding general captive himself with his guards when the Rambo invaded the Heer Stekeveel homeworld. Sadly the conflict left Quadrant 82 tattered and torn- with reconsturction of the economies of both the Nation and their allies painstakingly slow and the people began to loose faith in Ramânawenûz his rule.

Ramânawenûz decided to call upon a meeting of allies, a meeting that turned out to be the foundation stones for the forming of the Noble Alliance and the need for unified organisations. Sadly it was also Emperor Ramânawenûz his last meeting as two days after the meeting he peacefully died of old age in his sleep (227 BQF). He was followed up by his daughter, Empress Kyaertia.

Emperor Ramesgaroth is often described as a more militairy orientated emperor of the entire Dynasty and a harsh and unforgiving person for his enemies. Though not seen as a gentle person, many believe his militairy rule was needed to led the Nation survive the conflicts of his time. Though he is also seen as a great diplomat, putting the needs of the Nation above that of his people that eventually led to the formation of the first unified organisation in the history of the Quadrants. Seeing himself as a great Emperor and a divine ruler, he wore fancy armoe and large horned crown that gave him the militairy look he desired to have.

Empress Kyaertia Le Rambo
Empress KyaertiaII.png
  • Name: Kyaertia Le Rambo
  • Species: Rambo Serindia
  • Gender: Female
  • Reign: 227 BQF - 210 BQF
  • Duration: 17 years of rule.

Empress Kyaertia was the fifth ruler of Rambo Nation and the first female Monarch. She followed up her father who died in 227 BQF of old age and a turbulunt rule marked of conflicts. Kyaertia saw the peoples need for peace and worked hard to realise the steps her father took to create the Noble Alliance- an unified organisation of peace for the allied forces. In late 227 BQF the alliance was realised and together with the Insectors, Fairy Girl and Victreeions the alliance rebuilded their homes and economies- which ensured a period of peace.

Sadly, after almost seven years of peace it came to an end in 220 BQF when the Diva Bettie attacked Rambo Nation. Taken by surprise, the alliance was slow in reacting- in part due to Kyaertia who didn't want to spend to much resources to aid her allies. Under her command new ship-classes were launched and some were refitted to be able to combat the Diva-Bettie. When in 215 BQF the war ended, Kyaertia made sure the Diva-Bettie were barred from expansion or joining the alliance ever again. Afterwards another five year period of peace was enjoyed, though in 210 BQF Kyaertia made her biggest mistake. Obsessed with the growing power and influance of Rambo Nation she ordered Command to develop a new weapon and test it a a planet known as GN3Dura-thought to be isolated by the Rambo. The admiral onboard the USS Excelsior fired the planet buster at the planet and incernated the entire planet and population of the world. The test was a grand succes- yet the act was pronounced illegal and the Nation kept the entire affair a secret, in fear of conflict between the alliance. As such she was forced to lay down her position as Empress- with no children the title of Monarch was given to her nephew, Dino Le Rambo I.

Rambo Command told the public she had fallen ill and had to withdraw herself to her hoome at Luthrionicae, where she lived the rest of her life quitly until her death around 03 AQF.

Kyaertia was a harsh and not so kind Monarch. She felt herself above all others and had a lust for power- which eventually resulted in the construction of the planet buster. Her arrogance also led her believe that her allies of the Noble Alliance were below the Rambo standards and were just tools. Kyaertia wore green and yellow (golden) dress armor, with a large crown on her head.

Rambo Emperor Dino Le Rambo I
Emperor Dino Le Rambo.png

Dino Le Rambo I (the first) became Emperor of Rambo Nation in 210 BQF when his aunt- Empress Kyaertia stepped down after an incident. Le Rambo- who was in favor of the Noble Aliance worked hard to unite the allies even more- resulting in a unified fleet. Furthermore Rambo Nation continued it's growth in both territory, wealth, fleet and infrastructure. Le Rambo ensured that the Nation was able to defend herself and others and the influance he had is still seen to date.

He also changed the constitution- where he remained the Monarch he led the daily affairs of colonies and assigned sectors to elected senators- who could give advise the Emperor in certain matters as well or ask for his permission or aid in the daily affairs. As such his importance to the Nation became vital- and under constant watch of the ancient Royal Guard he wasn't seen much in public. After almost 158 years of peace a new conflict hit the Nation- the Algernon War lasted from 52 BQF until 25 BQF where Dino Le Rambo ordered the use of a planet buster once again, much to the anger of the other allies- yet it defeated the Algernon.

Morgandaûr kills the Rambo Emperor

He played a vital role in joining the Seven Starr Alliance and aided his newfound extra-quadrantia allies during the Tigris War (21 BQF - 16 BQF). During these times the populairity of Le Rambo grew more and more and some Rambo believed him to be divine. Due to his joining the SSA Le Rambo also stood at the foundations of the ever lasting peace and alliance with the DCP. Sadly in 16 BQF the Rambo encountered the warmongering Lizardians and Tralor who began harrasing the outer colonies of the Nation. Unable to counter them- the Emperor grew frustrated and was not sure how to react to these vile and dangerous new enemies. It was one of the reasons the Nation was unprepared for the rise of the Imperial Alliance and the first galactic war in 04 BQF. The Imperials invaded the capital palace and the Imperial Emperor managed to slay Le Rambo his Royal Guards and the Emperor himself as well.

As such Le Rambo became the first Rambo Monarch who was killed during his life instead of dying of old age. He was followed up by his eldest daughter, Ramashe.

History would often see Dino Le Rambo I one of the greatest Monarchs of Rambo Nation- who ruled Rambo Nation for well over 200 years. He had a differant appearance then most monarchs, and instead of wearing an armor- Le Rambo choose to wear a carefully measured suit and a decorated crown. He had two daughters with his wife who were quite differant from eachother.

Empress Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo
Empress Ramashe (RN).png

Ramashe became Empress of the Nation in 4 BQF after the death of her father at hands of the Imperial Alliance. As an experient starship captain Ramashe decided to strike back at the Imperials. With aid of their newfound allies, the CSA the Imperials were driven away from Rambo territories- ending the first galactic war.

As a captain she recieved the title of "Warrior Princess"- a title she proved during her reign. Shortly after defeating the Imperials, she made a truce with the Xhodocto, aided the CSA during the Trucinex War (1 BQF) and waged a second war (0 BQF) with the Imperials. Yet her vicotories and the close ties with the CSA and the rest of the Cyrannus Galaxy made her loved by the people. Sadly the Imperials destroyed most of the Noble Alliance- in response she helped forming the Quadrantia Federation- who was later reformed into the famous Cyrandia Alliance to preserve peace in the Cyrandia Cluster. Aiding her allies she led the nation into new conflicts as well- the dreaded Intergalactic War and the March.

After these conflicts Ramashe ensured a period of three silver years (01 AQF - 03 AQF), rebuilding the damage done by the wars and increasing the wealth of the Nation once more. Yet she realised as well that since the second galactic war the decline of the Nation had begun and they never fully recovered from that war until many decades later.

Apollo and Ramashe- a friendship so strong it survived various dangerous events!

She continued to pledge aid to her SSA allies and the Rambo fleet was dispatched to various places. Meanwhile she also ensured the people were taken care off, with a good healthcare, protection and education the people lived in peace while the fleet was fighting for their freedom. Yet the decline marked that the Nation was continuesly plagued by small and larger conflicts- though the Treaty of Fornearia made it possible for the Nation to expand once again as many new species joined the nation.

In 04 AQF the Quadrantia Disorder began, which resulted in the Rambo being drawn into the Great Cyrannus War, Dhazhrak acting as a Ramashe for a while and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus (05 AQF/01 NE) who attacked the Nation and turned her into a puppet state under rule of Tyrómairon. During the Quadrantia Disorder various superweapons were launched into service like the Suiliagothrond-class, Angforst, and a Typhon-class and Wells-class timeships. In 06 AQF/03 NE Ramashe was also taken hostage for a while by Morgandaûr at Carnthedain but managed to escape with aid of her newfound lover Riordan.

Ramashe was a Empress known for her involvement in conflicts and her love for her people- and her newfound title as "Supreme Empress". In appearance she wore a specially designed armor and crown. During the Intergalactic War she was forced to change her appearance due to a genetic treatment to safe her life, resulting in a X-Serindia appearance. The act made the people to love her even more as she pledged to defend the nation with her life. It was one of the reasons why Ramashe decided to surrender to the Empire instead of continue to endanger her people. During her rule she had a close friendship with Apollo, Uriel, Blademaster Hl'Bre'K and vice-admiral Ramcard.

Other Noble Serindia Rulers[]

The Serindia rulers who ruled over the various Serindia tribes- though not part of the ancient ones or the Le Rambo Dynasty are listed down below. Even though not belonging to the dynasty, they are still considered as noble and royal Serindia.

King Balidurun[]

King Balidurun of Khaza’Drimiaerh.png
  • Species: Red Serindia
  • Gender: Male
  • Reign: Unknown - 455 BQF
  • Duration: 2000 years +

King Balidurun was the long time ruler over de Red Serindia tribe and the city of Khaza'Drimiaerh. In times forgotten to history or lost during the ages of time- Balidurun became ruler over the Red Serindia upon the death of his father. At the time of his ascension to ruler (presumed to be around 2600 BQF) he was angered that the Red Serindia were considered the third major tribe- behind the yellow and blue Serindia Tribes. Under his rule the Red Serindia began minor conflicts with the yellow tribes, as the blue tribes remained in peace. In secret Balidurun created a masssive army and in 2550 BQF the Red Serindia attacked the Blue Serindia navy routes and invaded the Green Serindia Kingdom and conquered her.

Finally at 2500 BQF the Red Serindia fully invaded the Blue Serindia Kingdom and managed to destroy Minas Vuliaroronth and kill the Blue Serindia King at that time. Balidurun became responsible for the first global war at the planet. After 200 years of war, Balidurun was forced to sign a treaty of peace after an alliance between the blue, yellow and purple Serindia tribes halted the advance of the Red Serindia.

End of Khaza'Drimmiaerh

He then isolated the Red Serindia for years, rebuilding and advancing his army at Khaza'Drimiaerh- the Red Serindia capital city. Under his guidance the Serindia gained new technology, now capable of making tanks and airships. At 500 BQF he ordered his armies to attack the other tribes once again and a secondary planetary war began- destroying many Serindia lives in the process. During the war Balidurun's forces managed to capture the Founder and imprison him. As the Red Serindia seemed to be winning the conflict, in 455 BQF- King Alivua made a bold move to attack the Red Serindia capital and took the forces of Kahaza'Drimiaerh by surprise. Unable to escape the city, Balidurun witnessed his forces and beloved city being taken under siege. During the end of the siege, Balidurun faced King Alivua in personal combat, but due to his high age and the wrath of Alivua the Red Serindia King was slain in combat. As King Balidurun felt his dark energies leaving his body a massive explosion destroyed Khaza'Drimiaerh and all forces stationed there- including the live of King Alivua and the entire region around the Red Serindia Capital was incernated by a nucliair explosion. After the loss of their king, the Red Serindia capitulated and peace returned to the planet.

Balidurun was a ruthless and evil ruler over Red Serindia. He ruled with an iron fist and used dark magics to expand his life. In appearance he also wore a heavy armor and an impressive spiked helmet, resembling somesort of a crown. Even though he was a force of evil in the face of many- he only wanted to become the dominate Serindia tribe at the planet and without interference of the yellow Serindia who wanted to unify the entire planet under their banner of peace.

His remains were never found and were to believed to be incernated by the explosion.

King Alivua[]

King Alivua.png
  • Species:Blue Serindia
  • Gender: Male
  • Reign: 458 BQF - 455 BQF
  • Duration: 3 years

Kind Alivua, the last of the Blue Serindia became king of the Rambo Alliance in 458 BQF after the approval of the other Serindia leaders in response to the capture of the Founder by the Red Serindia. Already an elderly Serindia- tired of the conflicts of the Red Serindia who led to the destruction of his own people, the Blue Serindia. Alivua decided to concentrate the forces and protect the borders and cities of the Rambo Alliance. Under his guidance the conflict soon spread over the entire planet and it became soon clear that the alliance would not hold their positions against the overwhelming numbers of the Red Serindia.

As such Alivua made a desperate move in 455 BQF and took a large army- under approval of the others and his second in command, the noble knight Elgorodaurl to directly attack the Red Serindia capital of Khaza'Drimiearh. The Red Serindia were taken by surprise and Alivua led his troops inside the city, while he ordered Elgorodaurl to stop any form of reinforcements at the outskirts of the city.

While in the city, the alliance battled the Red Serindia for every street and corner. Yet the battle was slow and took a long time, when news reached Alivua that reinforcements of the Red Serindia were on their way- and Elgorodaurl would probably loose his position Alivua decided to do one bold move into the city. The Red Serindia, already dwindled by early battles were unable to hold Alivua his advance and soon the Red Serindia king, king Balidurun was forced to fight against Alivua in personal combat.

The battle was fierce, and Balidurun, already old and his body tired by his use of dark magic was soon slain by the wrath and anger of Alivua. Sadly the death of Balidurun caused his dark magics to burst out and destroyed the entire region around Khaza'Drimiearh by a nuclair explosion- which incernated and killed Allivua himself as well.

After the battle Allivua his remains were found and burried at Tirithsilliana. Due to his bravery he laid the foundations for Rambo Nation.

Alivua was a noble and elderly Serindia when he took the mantle of king of the Alliance. He was anger at the Red Serindia, as he faced the destruction of his own people, the Blue Serindia by their hands. In appearance he wore bright blue armor , a cape, a large crown and large blade to fight his enemies.

Alternate/Future Rambo Rulers[]


These rulers may or may not come into existence, but in a possible timeline, they did.

President R'ianná Le Rambo[]

  • Species: Serindia
  • Gender: Female
  • Reign: Unknown - Present
  • Duration: 10 years+

Existing in a future timeline in which Rambo Nation was absorbed into a reborn Cyrandia Alliance known as Republica Cyrandia due to an invasion from the dreaded Xeranbha, President R'ianná Le Rambo is the current leader of the Republic. A descendent of Empress Ramashe, R'ianná shares her ancestors nobility, wisdom and stubbornness, as well as her unusual appearance for a Serindia. R'ianná's presidency has seen a rise in tension with the nearby Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, which has risen to the point where war could be declared at any given moment. R'ianná is proud of her Rambo heritage and vows to return to reclaim her people's homeworld from its current rulers, the Hutter, who have become the most powerful civilisation in the Quadrants.


My ancestors!

- Ramashe

The great Dino Le Rambo Dynasty- an influential and powerful Dyanasty and one of the five great families of the Quadrants! They are difficult to break and ever persistant in fighting for peace and wealth

- Morgandaûr

A noble family with a long and prosperous history. Their members shall forever grace the pages of history.

- Apollo

I will honour my ancestors by reclaiming our homeland!

- President R'ianna Le Rambo

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