Rambo Nation promotes an active foreign policy based on friendly relations that allow for cooperation in dire situation within both the Cyrandia Cluster and the outer Gigaquadrant. To do so, Rambo Nation makes use of a diplomatic corps of ambassadors and the Monarchy and welcomes foreign leaders and ambassadors with prestige and parades.

The Chancellor of the Royal Crown will assign an official ambassador whom generally live in the respective empires, though is not mandatory. In turn, Rambo Nation is open to house an ambassador from the respective empire and grand him diplomatic immunity. Before any diplomatic relationship can be established, both the Monarch and the High Council have to approve though will often rely on the information and experiences of the Senate and Chancellor.


Rambo Nation was formed in 450 BQF and soon explored nearby space and settled down on colonies, later known as the Inner Colonial Sector. Within years the Rambo established friendly and hostile relations amongst the native Quadrantians. Over time, Rambo Nation expanded and entered their Golden Age, resulting in joined organizations to promote peace within the Quadrants though suffered major wars as well, including those with the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel and the Quadrantia Algernon.

Rambo Nation entered the politics and diplomatic relationships after they joined the Seven Starr Alliance during the destructive Tigris War. Under rule of Emperor Dino Le Rambo I and later Empress Ramashe the Rambo became a welcome sight who pledged their support to their allies and backed it up with their sizable navy. Many saw Rambo Nation as one the grandest empires on which you can rely on, though suffering from an utopian vision as well.

This all shortly after the Great Cyrannus War, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus invaded the Quadrant Galaxies, overwhelmed the Rambo defenses and placed them under a vassalage. To their shock, their greatest allies, including the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Draconid Imperium neglected to send aid though raised their voice in distaste. Only the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation gave an active resistance. The Rambo didn't change their course and accepted the Imperial vassalstate as a sign of their supremacy. The Rambo left the SSA shortly after and banned any SSA operation or intervention within the Quadrants at charges of war. In turn, it helped the Rambo recovering and eventually they became a neutral power between the growing hostilities of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic, the Rambo diplomatic corps and politics worked overhours to ensure the two factions would remain talking.

During the Gorge Dispute, the Rambo were startled by the reaction of the Gigaquadrant, spearheaded by the French Empire who reallied their allies and placed santions on the Rambo. Though the Rambo would return to the diplomatic table during the Second Gorge Negotiation Process, the damage was already done. The Rambo felt the Milky Way politicians were whining and meddling in Quadrantia affairs, enforcing their policies upon those that were not their subjects. Though the Rambo continued friendly relations with those in the Milky Way, it postponed its intentions to re-colonise their former territories in the Milky Way Galaxy. Further more, it began re-evaluating threat levels by their "so-called" allies and began favoring and searching for friendly relations in the Borealis and Andromeda Galaxy. It began strengthening its own defenses and relations within the Quadrants as well, as they considered the Milky Way, and those part of the Xonexi Allies as the main probability for a possible hostile conflict. Though the second negotiations solved many differances the Rambo were growing more and more reluctant to aid those inhabiting the Milky Way and fear the politicians of the respective galaxy are being corrupted and influanced by Terran views.

Relations and Assesments[]

Note: This threat assessment is classified information and the current assesment made by Rambo Intelligence and as such are subject of change and re-evaluation as history goes on.

Threat Scale[]

The threat scale is, in increasing threat:

  • N/A - a threat level has not been initiated as there is no real threat due to friendly relations or lack of input by the Intelligence Department.
  • None - No threat, whether to technolical supremacy of ours or due friendly and peaceful relations
  • Neglectable - Rambo Nation has the tactical advantage and there is no serious danger.
  • Substantial - A conflict would be exhausting and damage would be significant. Estimate are in the long term we can be victorious.
  • Solemnly - It seems our adversary it evenly matched. Outcome of conflict is unsure, a substantial possiblity for defeat or victory is present.
  • Abject - Rambo Nation is at considerable disadvantage. A conflict would be disastrous and defeat is imminent without aid and interventions of allies.
  • Divine - Rambo Nation would be at extreme disadvantage to these seemingly divine powers. Surrender and subjegation must be considered for the survival of the Rambo people.

Rambo Nation lists relations based on the locations of the respective nations, even though they might have colonial sectors in the Quadrants. The following classification by galaxy is a re-evaluation issued by High King Rambert Ramveral after the Gorge Dispute in 19 AQF/20 AQF.

Quadrantia Relations[]

As the Quadrant Galaxies are the home galaxies of Rambo Nation, there fore most relations are located within them. For hundreds of years the Rambo have expanded their influance over the Quadrants. Often viewed as an utopian nation that promotes peace, friendly relations and peace while not enforcing their policies and views upon others. Over the course they made powerful friends and enemies within their galaxies.

Civilisation Relation Face Threat Level State of Relations
Blue face.png N/A A proud race of blue-skinned humanoids originally hailing from Quadrant 21. Relations were established by the crew of the USS Enterprise-A in 05 AQF. Relations improved to high levels, eventually becoming one of the founders of the Lianna Initiative and close allies.

Some of their species have joined the New Cyrannian Republic respectively.

Yellow face.png N/A
The mysterious and secretive travelers of the Quadrants, the Ca'Leon. A blue skinned lizard species that are both warriors and travellers.

They made the Lianna Initiative possibel and have a substantial military force.

Blue face.png N/A A friendly and proud race of felinoid traders. A peaceful race that conducts in ferrying cargo across the Quadrants. Originally from Quadrant 21.

We have peaceful relations with them and they are a welcome sight. Sometimes invovled in smuggling affairs though.

Ramalivua Creckel Soldier large.png
Blue face.png N/A
The Creckel are a proud race of ungulates who are known for their love of gold and wealth. They have a substantial naval and ground forces and a strong economy. They gained decades of combat experience as they are bordering the Quadrantia Grox.

Luckily for Rambo Nation we found a way to live together with these proud warriors and became one of the founders of the Lianna Initiative as well. Bargaining deals with the Creckel is a lengthly and painful proces.

Hutter Kingdom Flag.png
Hutter Kingdom
Orange face.png Abject The proud Hutter Kingdom, a kingdom of warriors and warmongering individuals. Though at times we settle our disputes and differances for the common good, relations remain at all times rocky. The risk of war with them is an ever present risk.

Their vessels are equipped with cloacking devices and the Kingdom is often involved in situations that undermine Rambo operations.

Yellow face.png/Orange face.png Substantial The Icolian are an advanced mysterious race of xenophobic and agressive non-humanoid hermaphroditic race, with a likeness for precision and an obscure interest in temporal matters. Rambo-Icolian relations are intermittent at best.
Kzishaya V2.png
Orange face.png Neglectable A race of feloinid raiders and pirates. Though they posses no serious threat, their raidings and pirate activities cause trouble for us.

Physical strong and agressive contact with them remains difficult.

Red face.png Substantial The Lizardians, a hostile race and once the main species of the dreaded Imperial Alliance. We harbour great offense against them due to their atrocities commited by them during the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF.

Peace efforts were made in 19 AQF at Jatooine but failed. We still harbor hopes we can achieve mutual peace before we get drawn into another conflict with the Lizardian.

Quadrantia Algernon
Red face.png Nullified The Quadrantia Loron, a proud and strong race of warriors neighbouring our borders for decades. Relations were favorable in the beginning though eventually resulted in a conflict, mostly due to Rambo actions at that time.

The war lasted for years until the Algernon were eventually defeated and dissapeared.

Quadrantia Grox
Face threatened.png Abject The Quadrantia Grox.

Avoid at all costs.

Heer Stekeveel (Quadrant 82).png
Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel
Red face.png None The Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel, a race of lizard-like species with a once great empire. Rambo Nation and the Heer Stekeveel fought two bitter and costly wars which Rambo Nation emerged victorious from.

The Rambo shattered the once proud Heer Stekeveel empire though did not eradicate the species. They returned to galactic events after various tribes joined the Hutter Kingdom and the NZTO, a prelude to another conflict initiated by the Heer Stekeveel?

Quadrantia Loron 02.png
Quadrantia Loron
Orange face.png Neglectable The Quadrantia Loron, originally hailing from Otzello they emerged within the Quadrants and proved themselves as pirates and raiders. Causing major frustration for cargo freighter within the Quadrants. They are known to attack battle cruisers as well. They often announce their arrival with rock and roll music.
Orange face.png N/A An agressive spider-like species who attack anyone who crossed their borders. Rambo Nation adopts a policy of avoidance to prevent hostilities.
Yellow face.png Solemnly The mysterious Xiaan, while not officially allies Rambo Nation maintains friendly relations. Secretive, mysterious and very powerful.

They make use of vortexes to travel long distances in space and are a supporter of the Lianna Initiative. They mostly remain within their borders, isolated from the rest as they prefer.

Yudimaran species.png
Yudumarth Colonial Independante Union
Yellow face.png Neglectable Relations with the Yudimaran are tense and complex. the red-skinner humanoids of the dustball they call home are a poor yet proud people. Once part of the Confederacy of Allied Systems we fought numerous campaigns on their surface. Sadly every meter we took we payed a heavy toll. After we abandoned our campaigns the current situation on Yudumarth eludes us.

Foreign Relations within the Gigaquadrant[]

As Rambo Nation explored the galaxies outside the Quadrants, known as the First Gigaquadrant they made contact with various species and made friends and adversaries. Once they were members of the benevolent organisations like the Seven Starr Alliance and were considered one of the original Great Eight empires of the Gigaquadrant. Part of the original Onuris Alliance as well, the Rambo fought against the most dreadful and powerful adversaries they ever faced, the Ayrai'Shikua.

Cyrandia Cluster[]

As the Quadrants orbit the Cyrannus Galaxy, representing the bulk of the Cyrandia Cluster the relations with their neighbouring galaxy is important if not vital for their survival. After first contact was made with the Cyrannians as they are known amongst the Rambo, they thrived and prospered until the fall of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As peace was shattered, the Rambo continued to support those resisting the Empire in secret and allied the New Cyrannian Republic upon its forming.

The Mirus Galaxy is considered part of the Cluster as well and is filled with wonder and dangers not yet seen which the Rambo hope to explore, experience and encouter.

Cyrannus Galaxy
Civilisation Relation Face Threat Level State of Relations
Cognatusi Flag.png
Cognatus Empire
Yellow face.png Substantial Relations with the Cognatus Empire started shortly after the Intergalactic War in 01 AQF. Though we share a mutual respect for our anscestors, relations between the Cognatus and the Rambo are cautious at best.

We share the secrets of Aecor in hopes of a lasting alliance instead of hostilities seen during the Intergalactic War.

Ecclessoth Convocation
Orange face.png Solemnly Rambo Nation encountered the Ecclessoth during the Pathfinder Project to explore the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy and upon the discovery of a Dyson Sphere. The Ecclessoth vessel transported the USS Enterprise-A into their docking bay and disabled all weapons. Though the Enterprise escaped, relations between the Ecclessoth and the Rambo remain hostile.
Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
Yellow face.png Abject Relations with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus turned sour after their initial hostilities, resulting in our vassal state under them.

Over time relations improved, they left us governing ourselves as sovreign nation within their sphere of influance. Lately their overly aggressive methods make use question their promises of peace and order.

New Cyrannian Republic
Green face.png N/A
Relations with the New Cyrannian Republic were hailed as a sign of peace and prosperity after the fall-out and mistrust in the Dark Times. Ever since, by great effort of Proconsul Apollo relations returned to levels as seen during the United Republic of Cyrannus and together we are a beacon of peace for the entire Cluster.
Mirus Galaxy
Civilisation Relation Face Threat Level State of Relations
Ugandal Flag.png
Mendel Pact
Blue face.png N/A The Mendel Pact are proud and fierce warriors encountered in the Mirus Galaxy. Fellow members of the Mou'Cyran Accords. By 20 AQF, we recieved word the Mendal were drawn into a terrible conflict, and as such we offered aid to those that need it.
United Lanat Empire
Red face.png Substantial The United Lanat Empire is the empire of the ruthless and dreaded Tralor. We fought numerous conflicts with them and still harbor resentment against them. A race that cannot be trusted, that is very cunning and dangerous for our security and safety. Rambo Nation faced them in battle and respects their ruthlessness in battle.
File:Vanara Houses Flag.png
Vanara Houses
Blue face.png N/A The Vanara Houses are an honorable nation, close allies of the Mendal Pact. They noticed our gesture to the Mendal in aid and offered their friendship. Rambo Nation gladly accepted and hopes to expand relations.

Andromeda Galaxy[]

The Andromeda Galaxy is known amongst the Rambo as a cultural and advanced region of space who faced their own troubles but are often welcome of Rambo arrivals. It is also known to the Rambo as one of the major power houses of the once feared Grox. It houses benevolent and peaceful empires, but also one of the more dangerous adversaries the Rambo ever encountered.

Civilisation Relation Face Threat Level State of Relations
BoW Flag.png
Brood of War
Yellow face.png N/A A proud race of warriors, with a high taste for culture. Relations were established once but currently there is little intel about their intentions known to Rambo Intelligence.
Greater Divinarium Emblem.png
The Divinarium
Green face.png N/A The Crusaders known as the Radeon, one of the more enlighted species found within the Gigaquadrant. Their teachings and love of art is loved wihin the Nation. The Rambo hold a special relation with the Radeon as they fought together against the Xhodocto when the Radeon were still part of the Church of Spode and the Masaari Crusade.
DI Flag Modern.png
Draconid Imperium
Blue face.png Solemnly Relations between the Draconid and the Rambo were established under Emperor Dino Le Rambo I and prospered for decades. Over time a phrase was formed within the Nation to trust the wisdom of Draconid.

Relations suffered a stain during the Gorge Dispute in 19 AQF/20 AQF when they supported France and the sanctions they proposed and eventually were placed upon us.

Orange face.png Solemnly The mysterious, cunning and dangerous warriors known as the Vartekian. Extremely ambitious and once a severe threat to the peace of the Quadrants.

Borealis Galaxy[]

The Borealis Galaxy is a galaxy believed to be plagued by monstrous wars in their past and often affiliated by the Rambo citizens with demons. Yet it houses prestige, noble and gentle species as well and exploration of the galaxy started in mid 19 AQF.

Civilisation Relation Face Threat Level State of Relations
Indoctrinate Collective
Blue face.png Solemnly The Indoctrinate Collective, a collection of noble and peaceful species with value wisdom and research. Great warriors in their own right they are a reliable ally. Though relations were tense upon our vassal state due to mutual misunderstanding. An intervention by the New Republic solved matters and we continued on peaceful terms.
PCA Flag.png
Polar Crystal Alliance
Blue face.png Substantial The Polar Crystal Alliance are fellow members of the Mou'Cyran Accords and are a alliance of proud and noble species. Their love of art is well known and Rambo Nation hopes to improve relations as they continue to explore the Borealis Galaxy.
Union Republic of Ottzello
Blue face.png Solemnly The Union Republic of Ottzello, formerly known to us as the Unified Nation of Ottzello are stern and reliable allies who faced a lot of struggle yet always overcame. Their influance and friendship is valued a lot.

Bunsen Galaxy[]

The Bunsen Galaxy is little to none explored by Rambo Nation.

Civilisation Relation Face Threat Level State of Relations
TIAF Flag.png
Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation
Yellow face.png Substantial The Tybesen Intergalactic Allied Federation is a federation of species native to the Bunsen Galaxy. Once close and trusted allies and one of the few who actively raised their voice about our vassal state of the Empire. They baffled us when they sided with France during the Gorge Dispute in 19 AQF/20 AQF and supported sanctions upon us. After this event we re-evaluated our relations and came to the shocking conclusion that they represent a realistic threat to our safety if relations with France turn into hostilities.

Dimensional Planes[]

The Dimensional Planes are those areas that excist outside of "normal" space and houses one of the most feared enemies of Rambo Nation. By sheer will and a great deal of luck they survived their onslaught of the Gigaquadrant and they became intergrated within the Rambo Pantheon as a force of darkness.

Civilisation Relation Face Threat Level State of Relations
Ayrai'Shikua &
The Congregation
Face threatened.png Divine The Ayrai'Shikua, better known as the Xhodocto and the Congregation are the strongest and if not most ruthless enemies the Rambo ever faced in their history. Responsible for the loss of the entire Tigris Colonial Sector and trillions of life throughout Rambo space. They were eventually driven off but Rambo Intelligence fears that one day they might return. Estimates are, that if the Gigaquarant remains fractured as it is, they will not stand a stand against the Xhodocto Judgement.

Milky Way[]

The Milky Way Galaxy, the home of many nations and empires and often the cesspit of many conflicts. None the less, we made valuable allies within the Milky Way and considered some as close allies until the Gorge Dispute in 19 AQF/20 AQF. It seemed, rallied by one of their own they actively turned against Rambo Nation and sided by the one we had difficulties with instead of supporting us or providing solutions and is one of the main reasons relations with the Milky Way are rapidly detoriating.

Many within the Quadrants consider the main reasons for this the lack of respect for Rambo culture and policies, as they feel the Milky Way wishes to enforce theirs upon the Quadrants.

Civilisation Relation Face Threat Level State of Relations
DCP flag 2.png
Delpha Coalition of Planets
Yellow face.png Abject The Delpha Coalition is a long time partner of Rambo Nation who encountered each other and fought with each other during the Tigris War and beyond. Even in the skies of Mirenton the Rambo aided the DCP during their civil war.

Their support for France, an adversary they faced themselves shocked us when they accepted the sanctions placed upon us and even actively aided the NZTO with raising defenses against us. A once close ally of in the Grand Three it seems they have other intentions than anticipated.

Drodo Empire Flag.png
Drodo Empire
Orange face.png Substantial The Drodo Empire colonised the Neutrality Zone witin Quadrant 82 and proved to be a valuable trading partner. Though relations seemed to thrive they turned drastically upon the Gorge Crisis as they vocally supported sanctions and sided with France.
Flag of France.png
French Empire
Orange face.png Solemnly The French Empire, Terrans hailing from earth and once a promising and valuable ally. This all canged during the Gorge Dispute. A diplomatic meeting turned into a disaster when both Monarch insulted each other. Since then, French rallied allies of Rambo Nation into the Milky Way against the Rambo and managed to place sanctions upon us. Though diplomatic talks have resumed, it has to be seen how these turn out.

Many within the Nation find the French can accept the infamous Gorge or choke on it.

Former and Lost Relations[]

Former and Lost Relations

Uncertain relations are considered the alliances of old and before the "protectrate' status and the Nation withdrawing from the Seven Starr Alliance. Though the uncertain allies are still considered allies, the Rambo are quite wary about them.

Uncertain relations are also considered empires and nations with whom the Rambo hadn't had contact with in some time.

  • Ratings+2green.pngFordanta - aided Rambo Nation during the Trivoid Conflict, our Empress Ramashe later made a state visit to them, strenghtening our bonds!
  • Ratings+2green.pngHuman Republic - the only human allies of Rambo Nation, members of the former Noble Alliance
  • Ratings+2green.pngFederation of the Core Worlds † - a new and powerful ally of the Rambo, later went missing.
  • Ratings+2green.pngCianju Alliance/Krassio † - strong and long time allies since the Tigris War. Later left the Universe.
    • Ratings+2green.pngNigtrion Forsaken Tribes - close relatives of the Civatron whom remaind at the Tigris Galaxy, became very close allies of Rambo Nation, aiding us on various ocassions.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngDragonian Star Empire - a friendly empire, which opened trade and commerce with us. We are interessted in their culture and ways of living.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngEntarite Empire - A small yet thriving empire, opened contacted with us and we started to resume trade and commerce.
  • Ratings+1blue.png Galactic Federation - an empire new to the intergalactic empire, after they contacted us we accepted an alliance with them.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngIntergalactic House of Order - a new Empire, who allied Rambo Nation.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngNeimadian Federation - a noble and honest race, with a natural camouflage ability which is very impressive. Allies of the Summit Empire, we accepted their alliance and we hope it grows over time.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngNobi Nations of Drenol - a nation whom asked for aid, which we gave. In return they offered an alliance in which we accepted.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngNova Alliance - a new discovered alliance, which we allied and hope trade will soon start.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngPepis Empire
  • Ratings+1blue.pngSerpentaxy Empire - a noble race of snakes, with a interessting and great culture.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngShellious Imperium - a friendly and wise species of the Wental Galaxy.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngSkreet Republic - A friendly and proud empire, allies of our allies of the Summit Empire and are a promsing culture.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngSummit Empire - a proud race of democratic warriors, they contacted us and told us we were an inspiration for them, we are honored to be considered there allies.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngTerdiatlan Empire - a friendly empire whom contacted us and are allies of the humans, in such we allied them and opened trade with the Terdiatlans.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngUnited Estates of the Silvarian Consortium - a newly allied species, friendly and honest allies of the Rambo.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngVerinobi - kind people who were conquered by the Nobi Nation, also allies of ours. The Verinobi asked us for aid and we gave it in term of siding with there cause and offering food and medical aid.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngVyendan Republic - contacted us and we have opened trade with them.
  • Ratings+1blue.png Xylon Empire - contacted us and have opened trade with them after they request an alliance, which we accepted.
  • Ratings+1blue.png Zazane - a mighty and proud race of warriors. After contacted we considerer them allies.
  • Ratings-0yellow.png/Ratings+1blue.pngMochadian Empire - An empire which just recently begun intergalactic relations.
  • Ratings-0yellow.pngFook En - A species that called for aid, we do not know much of eachother yet.
  • Ratings-0yellow.pngKamino Empire - friendly nation who made contact with us to discuss the Grox problem.
  • Ratings-0yellow.pngLoron Empire - the well known barbarians.
  • Ratings-0yellow.pngMercuris Federation - a noble and friendly species, who we recently started contact with.
  • Ratings-0yellow.png Mecron - A hostile species, when a secret dealt was made between the Warlord and the Empress, the two left eachother alone.
  • Ratings-0yellow.png/Ratings-1orange.pngSalsetthe Republic - a powerful and mysterious race of the Milky Way. Responsible for the loss of our planet Eris, they did seem to evacuate our citizens to safety, leaving us with no clue about their intentions.
  • Ratings-0yellow.png/Ratings-1orange.pngVartekian Empire † - an evil species, although lately tensions seem to diminish. Absorbed into the Confederacy of Allied Systems.
  • Ratings-2red.pngSeven Starr Alliance - the once great and glorious SSA, we were members until the proved themselves to be corrupted and did nothing to prevent the Galactic Empire' victory over us. Now all who enter without our permission will be fired upon. After all the sacrifices we made with eachother during the War of Ages and now this? Bah!
    • Ratings+1blue.pngSylit Republic/United Veatrex Federation/Shymiran Divisional Federation - brave allies, yet very strong and highly favored among the Rambo, sadly vanished by unknown means but later returned. Sadly did nothing against our protectrate status.
    • Ratings+1blue.pngArkit Council of Empire - a friendly dragon like race, who we accepted an alliance of and shared some technology with! Sadly they vanished thoug remain listed as SSA members.
    • Ratings+1blue.pngGjigantrox Interstellar Empire - great allies of the URC and DCP, offered an alliance and we accepted though also did nothing against our conquering. Suspicious to say the least.
    • Ratings+1blue.pngDefensive System's Bloc - Friendly and fair allies of Rambo Nation, yet kept silent during the Galactic Empire' rise to power.
    • Ratings+1blue.pngKeiternyan Star Empire - friendly species who we allied and soon tourism and trade began between our nations. They are very promising though went missing and remain listed as members of the SSA.
    • Ratings+1blue.pngUnified Nation of Otzello - contacted us through SSA channels and requested an alliance. Also a nation suffered from continues conflict, but arose stronger than before. For this reason, we empathise with them a lot. Sadly didn't due anything against the rise of the Galactic Empire as well. Sucpicious.
    • Ratings-2red.pngIntergalactic Human Republic - Untrustable human and members of the G8? In our eyes they do not deserve their position for such a warmongering kind.
    • Ratings-2red.pngGalactic Empire of Cyrannus - the reformed URC are now enemies and a large threat due to their knowledge about us! Sadly they did manage to turn us into their "protectrate", a nice word for conquered.

Former Relations Our former relations are eiter destroyed by hostile forces or been dealt with by us and our allies.

  • Ratings+2green.pngUnited Republic of Cyrannus † - one of the strongest Rambo Allies, and which they have close Galactic Relations with and highly favored by the Rambo. Later reformed and perished.
  • Ratings+2green.pngTralor Freedom Force † - one of the Rambo's strongest allies, sadly destroyed by the United Lanat Empire.
  • Ratings+2green.pngImperion Pan Empire † - the only Spode followers whom are allies of Rambo Nation. Destroyed during the Annihilation.
  • Ratings+2green.pngTertamian Colonial Collective - the forgotten brothers and sisters in Quadrant 21.
  • Ratings+2green.pngTaldar Imperium - mythical creatures who allied the Rambo.
  • Ratings+1blue.png/Ratings+2green.pngGablinus-Avis † - Fellow Birds and whom like parties, they even have a ship based upon our Excelsior Class, we hope to improve galactic relations with them and interact more with them. Later destroyed by unknown means.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngJovar Empire † - joined the URC and the Rambo against the Cognatus, became good and strong allies. Later split into two differant organisations, since then no contact.
  • Ratings+1blue.pngDrodo Empire - A proud race of warriors and traders, glad to be on their good side!
  • Ratings-0yellow.png/Ratings+1blue.pngGirdo Empire † - A newly revealed Empire, friendly and eager the Rambo consider them a neutral force as they see themselves a neutral one too, however in time of needs the Rambo will surely aid the Girdo Empire. Destroyed during the Annihilation
  • Ratings-0yellow.png/Ratings+1blue.pngMasaari Crusade - although considered allies by Rambo Command, the Senate does not wish them to be officially allies, because that means aiding them in need, and followers of Spode and Zealots is still a point of debate in Rambo Nation, however recently this has laid down.
  • Ratings-0yellow.pngGrox Empire - Truce has been made by the Remnant of Allies, however the Grox policy still stands. Were later destroyed.
  • Ratings-0yellow.pngRepublic in Exile - Remnant of the Republic, can we trust them again or?
  • Ratings-0yellow.pngTrucinex Imperium † - The Imperium went neutral after their defeat during the Trucinex War and later on split into two factions.
  • Ratings-0yellow.png/Ratings-1orange.pngMarinoxodiz † - Gigantic creatures which attacked Eris, we have no clue of there intentions. Later extinct.
  • Ratings-2red.pngCognatus Alliance † - an evil organisation of various aliens, who protect the ancient structures. Vanished after the Intergalactic War.
  • Ratings-2red.pngConfederacy of Allied Systems † - a powerful organisation, hailing from the Cyrannus Galaxy. They attacked our sister state the URC and drawn us in the Cyrannus War as they attacked our colonies and planets. They must be dealt with and we will not submit to them. Reformed later on.
  • Ratings-2red.pngThe Congregation † - an organisation formed by the Xhodocto, now dissolved.
  • Ratings-2red.pngRambo Resistance † - a separate faction of Rambo Nation, declared themselves enemies of Rambo Nation. Later destroyed by the Imperial Alliance.
  • Ratings-2red.pngRuin Sector Alliance† - an organisation who battled Rambo Nation in the Second Galactic War, now dissolved.
  • Ratings-2red.pngSyndicate † - a criminal organisation, with influences all over the known galaxy. Later destroyed them.
  • Ratings-2red.pngTokzhalan Empire † - an evil Empire, turned away from the Girdo Empire and dared to launch an attack at Earth.
  • Ratings-2red.png Trivoid† - former allies, once saved by Rambo Nation. Later started to attack without knowing their reasons. Attacks have now been stopped and later on went seeminly missing.

Great 7 At one point in history the following seven nations were once the closest and greatest of allies for the Nation. Sadly due to events some ceased to excist.

  • United Republic of Cyrannus - They even share a common history, and stood side by side during many wars.
  • Human Republic - aided the Rambo in the Tigris War and became close allies.
  • Tralor Freedom Force - they aided the Rambo against the Tralors, and the Rambo will now aid them in every conflict.
  • Delpha Coalition of Planets - the great DCP, aided Rambo Nation on various occasions and were fighting side by side against the Xhodocto since the Tigris War.
  • Sylit Republic - Aided the Rambo on various occasions, even created a safe haven during the Second Galactic War.
  • Core Federation - the powerful and large CoreFed, great allies of Rambo Nation and also aided them on various occasion.
  • Cianju Alliance - long time allies of Rambo Nation since the Tigris War.

Organisations The organisations that Rambo Nation joined throughout their history.

Cyrannus/Quadrantia cluster
  • Ratings+2green.pngNoble Alliance † - former as it was destroyed during the Galactic Wars.
  • Ratings+2green.pngQuadrantia Federation † - an emergency organisation who let us survived against the Imperials, later disbanded in favor of the Cyrandia Alliance.
  • Ratings+2green.pngCyrandia Alliance - the great alliance between the Cyrannus and Quadrant Galaxies.
  • Ratings-0yellow.pngGreat Eight - honored as member of the Great 8, sadly most of the originals have fallen and we are one of the last standing.
  • Ratings-2red.pngSeven Starr Alliance (former) - the once great and glorious SSA, later became corrupted and later did nothing to prevent the Galactic Empire victory over us. We certainly must re-evaluate all members. Only the TIAF seems to have their wisdom and honors of the Old SSA.


Without intergalactic relations and the adventures, horrors and endeavors we faced together are a clear sign that an utopian peace might be achieved.

- Rambert Ramveral 20 AQF

The Rambo were those who first welcomed the people of Cyrannus to the gigaquadrantic stage so many years ago. They aided the Republic against the Cognatus, the Confederacy and even the oppressive government of my own people. As a former citizen of Nexios, their wisdom and solemn duty as the protectors of the Quadrants are foremost on my mind as we venture, hand-in-hand, into the dark times ahead.

- President Nexarón Valkistair

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