The 25th Fleet arriving in the new Galaxy at Colonia 02

Rambo Nation was drawn into the Tigris War when Deep Space Colony 02 was under siege by the Xhodocto. They had been constantly hammered by the Xhodocto, leaving many of their homes destroyed. Rambo Nation received heavy damage, with some aid from the Cianju Alliance.

They still managed to survive and even expand there influance in the Tigris System. But when preparing for the final battle, they and there allies failed, but managed to escaped to Universe 66501 with their allies.

During the war Rambo Nation and there 25th Fleet suffered the most out of all factions, including the loss of one of their Captains, and the massacre of huge proportions. They now fight in another universe, now trying to prevent their own destruction as well as the destruction of Universe 66501.

When the Scourge happened, they managed to escape it, but during it they lost contact with Rambo Nation and Rambo Command. Faced with saddness, they had no choice but to accept the fact that Rambo Nation was destroyed and so they reformed themselves in there allies into the Rambo Remnant Coalition of Allies, also nicknamed the Rambo Allies, Coalition of Allies or the Rambo Coalition.

Unknown to them, the Rambo of Rambo Nation sill survived and still fight there wars against the Tralor and the Imperial Alliance, since they were saved by there Gods when Dinoman82, the Ultimate God awoke and saved Quadrant 82 and 89 from certain destruction.

The Coalition of Allies are currenlty drawn in the Ascension War.


Rambo Nation[]

For the history before the forming of the Coalition, see Rambo Nation.

Arrival at 66501[]

While the Rambo escaped the destruction they arrived in this new system and inhabited planet a new planet. They named this planet Colonia 02, in honor of there former home.

But survival was to be difficult, there were little more than a million that remained alive. And so the Rambo used their spaceships to build houses, but kept the strongest to defend themselves.

Faced with a new universe and trapped in a unexplored world, the Rambo and there allies prepared a stronghold in case someone wants to profit the situation.

With some help of the DCP, the Rambo could face some of the Dangers of the new Universe.

Forming the Coaliton of Allies[]

The Rambo and there allies, faced in this new universe decided that the best way to survive was to join together as a new nation. And so said, the Rambo Remnant Coaliton of Allies was born and made. With the Rambo at the highest position and charged with the protection, the others soon fell in line and accepted the Rambo as there leaders in this new decromatic nation.

Fleet Captain Ramtterson, 1st leader of the Coalition of Allies

During the talks Fleet Captain Ramtterson was named leader of the Coalition of Allies. Something he accepted, but he planned for another leader, someone who was chosen by the people, but that had to wait for a while.

He assigned the remaining captain to the following tasks:

  • Captain Ramzhenko: Captain of the Colonia 02 Defense Fleet
  • Captain Ramkamura: Tasked with the building a new communication network.
  • Captain Ramdleton: Captain of the Saber Tasko Force, the Attack Fleet.
  • Captain Ramikku: Tasked with the exploration of the new and unknown Galaxy.

Settling on Colonia 02[]

When the Coalition was formed, they began settling on the planet, with starting to build small settlements and one Capitol City, named Colonia Prime.

During the settlement the Allies found new creatures and wonders of the planet facinating, but they soon found out they were not alone at the planet when one of the settlements was destroyed.

Colonia 02 Natives[]

The Allies soon met the Natives of Colonia 02, the Sartarnias and there leader, Princess Aur'Lumniassa.

The Allies wanted to destroy the natives, but Fleet Captain Ramtterson told not too, and asked for a meeting with the Princess, something she accepted.

After the talking, the Princess and the Sartarnias were releaved, they were not invaders and so the Princess enjoyed the history of the Allies and there reasons and soon after they joined the Coalition of Allies.

Princess Aur'Lumniassa, the new ruler of the Coalition

New Leader[]

When Ramtterson saw that the Sartarnias and the Princess were accepted in the Coalition, the Colonie was rising quickly and cities and villages were made, were all the allies live in peace together.

He then called his captains and the representives of the Allies and together they made the Princess, at age of 22, the new leader of the Coalition, because she was known to this part of the Galaxy and was very wise for someone her youthfull age. She kept Captain Ramtterson as one of her most trusted advisors and gave him the position of 2nd in Command.

She accepted this and the Coaliton florished and wealth grew for the alliance to set up their new project.

Colonia 02 Space Station

Construction of the Colonia 02 Space Station[]

When the Coalition was in peace, and with the materials harvested from the planet the Coaliton began the construction of the Colonia 02 Space Station.

After it was finished it became the new center of the Senate of Colonia 02 and all other races who wanted to enter the Colonie had to dock at the Station and been brought down to the planet by Coalition of Allies ships or shuttles. In this way, they could keep track of whom entered the planet.

Encounter with the Ash Nazgkr[]

During a discussion between Fleet Captain Ramtterson and the Princess a portal was opened in the chamber.

From it emerged a strang looking being, clad in dark armour. In a hissing voice it said: "Greetingssss ssstrangersss from elsswheresss, we are the Ash Nazgkr, ssss, and we whish to open negotiationssss withsss sssyou sssoon". Shorlty after, the Ash Nazgkr left, and Ramtterson wondered what kind of being it could be.

The Princess, on the ohterhand looked terrified and seemed to have seen a ghost. She rattled things about bringers of Chaos and Terror, and Ramtterson tried to calm her. After she had calmed down she told Ramtterson what she knew of the Ash Nazgkr, and Ramtterson began fearing them. He wondered when they decided they would meet and talk, but he already had a bad feeling about it.

The Merging[]

A new event occured, known to most as a Turn for the Worst. When the Xhodocto allied the Sphagarzi, there God, Kamik-Shi, merged the Inferno Realm with the new Univese. Soon an enormous hellstorm and blazing fires occured throughout the new Universe, turning planets to ashes.

The Coalition saw the unslaught coming and feared the worst, but somehow the fires and storms didn't hit Colonia 02 when an enormous shield saved the Colony. How this happened, was soon to be revealed.........

Fragile Alliance[]

It turned out that the Ash Nazgkr, saved Colonia 02 from destruction. Although it costed them a lot and the Ash Nazgkr were faced with extiction. Realising the threat of the Xhodocto and the Sphagarzi, they pledged there alliance to the Rambo Coalition of Allies. Although many feared them and were unsure if they could be trusted.

Princess Aur'Lumniassa and Captain Ramtterson however thought differant and allowed the Ash Nazgkr to join them. Since they knew a lot about this universe, and there knowlegde and powers were welcome.

The Ash Nazgkr, pleased by this gesture, thought this as a new change, if aiding the Rambo, children of the Ultimate God, there was a change they would be forgiven for there actions and that in the future, they would be allowed to enter the realm of peace, under the guidance of the Ultimate God.

Rise of the Rambo Coalition of Allies[]

As the Colonia 02 Space Station was finished and the Capitol of Ramirith was completed, Princess Aur'Lumniassa formed her Council out of the following members:

  • Rambo Fleet Captain Ramtterson, 2nd in Command.
  • Muunilar Senator Muunithrond.
  • Yunilinage Senator Yunur'Tugal.
  • Ash Nazgkr Senator Rzum'Ishi Tuluk.

Together they decided that the Rambo Coalition of Allies was now prepared to re-enter the war, they succeeded in constructing a stronghold able to face the Xhodocto and now the Rambo Coalition of Allies launched differant ships to explore the Galaxy beyond there system, as Captain Ramikku was already doing, and she met a new ally.

Encounter with the Order of Light[]

First Encounter with the Order

When the USS Eagle explored a unknown region in the new Universe, a ship dropped out of space and immediatly opened fire at the USS Eagle. The fire power of the ship was supreme to that off a Constitution Class and Captain Ramikku was forced to retreat.

However, before she could go to Warp, she recieved the following message: "This is the Ageastillia Order of Light and you are now considered an enemy, prepare to be boarded and taken hostage".

As the ship prepared for boarding the USS Eagle escaped back to the Ageastillia system. When the USS Eagle was near the Ageastilia system, Ramikku contacted the Coalition 2nd in Command, Fleet Captain Ramtterson. He was surprised by this news and informed Ramikku that aorund the time of her escape and encounter, the system was filled with messaged that enemies of the Dark Lord had arrived.

Allies unite...again[]

When the DCP admiral was rescued by the Allies, the psionic power of the Krassio opened channel and met the Rambo, now Remnant Coalition of Allies, the Delpha Coalition of planets, and the church of Spode, the rest of the factions that were with the main Allies also joined, and the Alliance was formed again, Master Kroc received Admiral Kilnok, Patriarch Tadjamad, Princess Aur'Lumniassa, Captain Pondsisini, and more leaders of millions of systems that also were arriving, an enormous council of war had place, exquisite food was served for all of them, and the Main leaders began discussing combat plans, strategies, posts, acquaintances and economy, so then they decided and agree with the plan formed, and so the Alliance was rising again as an unstoppable force.

People of everywhere heard that a mayor and old threat of the Xhodocto was rising, and so the Allies grew in numbers, built more ships and conquered a great portion of the 66501 Universe, the Deathmarch and the Sphagarzi will have to deal with a major problem here.

Disagreement in the Remnant[]

As the Allies united themselves again, the Ash Nazkgr and the Rambo wished to join the War ag again and fight against the Xhodocto and there evil allies. However, the Muunilar, Swartarnias and the other races of the Remnant were not so sure they wished to be involved again in a war against the Xhodocto, they destroyed there former home and now they were almost near extiction.

As so, Princess Aur'Lumniassa is troubled, and has not made her disicion yet. Although she fears that if she makes the wrong one, the Ramnant will crumble and fall apart

Aiding the Grox[]

The Grox empire was flourishing over time, with great aid of the Remnant. With growth, they met another power in the Galaxy, the Rambo Remnant Coalition of Allies. They negotiated after some time, which resulted in slighly uneasy, but still powerful alliance. Rambo helped Grox to turn good and regain their power. And as such, Grox became 2nd superpower in Galaxy. This also opened doors for smugglers and gangsters all over the Universe to come to Grox Empire for safe house. This was Grox path, they gave safety to all outcasts. Soon, Rambo and Grox became real friends, with active trade and open connection between worlds. As allies, Rambo gave Grox some secrets.

Rambo gave Grox some secret jails, with some strange creatures within. After some look, they revealed to be Krudha, Scroungers, Sentinel, Vultures, and other old Xhodocto allies. They keep them to interrogate, but now they are useless, and so Rambo asked Grox for "utilizing" them well.

Grox, of course, used them well. They said to Xhodocto allies that they will be free and will have powerful patron. If only they accept assimilation. They accepted this, and Grox changed them greatly to fulfill their goals.

They changed their biology, making them stronger, their minds, to make them just and loyal, and even had given sapience to Sentinels and Maulers, turning first into Zealot/Ecologist empire and latter into Shamans. They all aligned themselves with the Grox, and so they have help.

End of the War[]

However, before the Remnant could crumble the Xhodocto made peace with Rambo Nation and the Remnant, and so the Remnant returned to Rambo Space and Quadrant 82, the remaining species of the Tigris System, and the remainders of the Remnant joined Rambo Nation, expanding her culture and civilazation.

The Capitol City of Ramirith[]


When the Rambo Coalition of Allies was formed they began constuction of the Colonia 02 Space Station, at the same time they also began constructing there Capitol City.

The Capitol City was named Ramirith, in honor of the destroyed colonie and the events chronicled as the Fall of Ramirith during the Tigris War.

When the Xhodocto made peace with the Remnant and Rambo Nation, the Colonie was abandoned as all the inhabitants left it when they returned to Quadrant 82.

The Capitol of Ramirith, the Rambo Coalition of Allies Capitol City on Colonia 02, in the distance the Colonia 02 Space Station can be seen.


They used the templates of Rambo Nation, as Ramtterson noticed they were one of the only Cities and Fortresses capable of holding off Congregation or Xhodocto attacks. After Ramtterson showed Princess Aur'Lumniassa his plans which the Council approved, Aur'Lumniassa was pleased by the plans and she liked them very much. Although she only accepted if the City was called Ramirith, after the Colonie of Ramirith. Ramtterson said he accepted that, but wondered why? Ramirith was a former beautiful Colonie in the Tigris Sytem, but Aur'Lumniassa said she wanted it to be called Ramirith in honor of the Colonie, since the Fall of Ramirith and the Retaking of it was a beautiful drama story. And Aur'Lumniassa thought it also stood for strength and hope, as Ramirith means 'hope' in the Rambo langauge. Ramtterson was honored by her words, and proclaimed it to the rest of the allies.

And so the construction of the city started. The City location lay in a valley and ships were allowed to dock at the Space Ports.

The city is mostly inhabited by the Rambo, Yunilinage, Ash Nazgkr and the Sartarnias. While the Rambo live in there houses as the other races, the Sartarnias live in huts and so the city gets a mixure of this.

The City is relatively small and the most notable building is the Senate hall located in the North. Here the senators and Aur'Lumniassa have there living quarters.

Characters of the Coaliton of Allies[]

Princess Aur'Lumniassa[]

Princess Aur'Lumniassa

Princess Aur'Lumniassa.png


She is Ancrevialicia, a humanoid species who are very friendly and peacefull.

She lives on Colonia 02 as one of the natives and she is the only one of her kind after she was expelled to this Galaxy for reasons she doesn't want to explain.

Her further history and information can be found at the Ancrevelicia Page.

See:Ancrevialicia Page

Fleet Captain Ramtterson, 2nd in Command

Rambo Fleet Captain Ramtterson[]

Ramtterson is the Fleet Captain of the 25th Fleet and was the 1st leader of the Coalition before the joining of the Sartarnias.

He is a fair Captain and cares for all of his subordinates. When he met Princess Aur'Lumniassa he was pleased by her wisdom and energy to lead the Allies, and as such he accepted. He was then given the position as 2nd in Command and leader of the Space Fleet.

He also accepted the joining of the Ash Nazgkr into the coalition, although he fears them. He hope one day to return to Quadrant 82 and has set his hopes on this. After returning, he remained his position of Fleet Captain and rejoined the Rambo Fleet.

Muunilar Senator Muunithrond[]


Senator Muunithrond

Muunithrond was chosen by the Muunilar and the Barborbrian people to represent them in the Coalition Senate.

Pre-Post Scourge War and Senator[]

During the Tigris War and before Muunithrond was a wealthy trader and had his own company he runned. It was very well known and when Rambo Nation contracted him his bussiness went even better then before.

When the Tigris War came to it's conclusion and the devastating events that came with it, he fled with the Rambo to the New Galaxy.

When arriving at Colonia 02, he found it hard to re-establish a new company, and instead aided others in building there houses and trade markets.

Due to his efforts, he has been chosen to function in the Coalition Senate and accepted this. He mostly oversees the economic sector. Upon the truce and peace with the Xhodocto, and the return to Rambo Nation he laid down his function and lived among on of Rambo Nation's Colonies.

However, because of the Second Galactic War he re-took his positon as Senator due to his experience and now works at Ramerodaras.

Personality and traits[]

Even though he has the best intentions for the Coalition, he is easily persued by money, and he always wants to make profit or to become more wealthier.

He does not have any powers, although he has a smooth talk and gets things done by his talkings.

Muunithrond is a Muunilar and has a dislike for the Xhodocto and the Ash Nazgkr.

Yunilinage Senator Yunur'Tugal[]

Senator Yunur'Tugal


The Yunilinage Senator Yunur'Tugal is a senator of the Coalition of Allies and former slave danceress.

Slave & Senator[]

During the Tigris War and the time before that Yunur'Tugal was a slave danceress of the Froggies Slavers Guild.

However, near the end of the Tigris War she was liberated from this life by Rambo Soldiers under command of Fleet Captain Ramtterson. When the Tigris War concluded and most of the known universe was destroyed, she fled with the Rambo to the New Galaxy.

She was soon chosen by the Plutanios Hyve and the other Yunilinage as the representive for them and she was given the position as Senator in the Coalition Senate.

She mostly oversees the Entertainment Sector and the Internal and Habital Sectors. When the truce with the Xhodocto was made and the Remnant joined Rambo Nation, she kept her function and lived in peace among Rambo Nation. Her office is at Ramerodaras.

Personality and traits[]

Yunur'Tugal is a friendly Yunilinage, and feels most at home near places where water is. She is very kind, although sometimes troubled by her life as slave.

She has a beautiful voice and she can dance really good.

Ash Nazgkr Senator Rzum'Ishi Tuluk[]

Senator Rzum'Ishi


Rzum'Ishi Tuluk (mostly namde Rzum or Ishi by the other Senators) is an Ash Nazgkr and is incredeble ancient and wise.

Senator and life before[]

Not much is known about his life before the Ash Nazgkr joined the Coalition, though he has said that he was a member of the leading Class of the Ash Nazgkr during there devasting reign.

When the Ash Nazgkr joined the Coalition, they chose Rzum'Ishi as there senator, since he was the oldest and most wisest of the Ash Nazgkr at that moment. He was pleased by this and has since developed a fragile relationship with Princess Aur'Lumniassa, based on mutual trust.

When the truce with the Xhodocto was made, and the Remnant joined Rambo Nation, he kept his post and became the representive of the Ash Nazgkr.

Personality and traits[]

He is very ancient and posseses powers unknown to the Coalition. The power that are known are:

  • Fighting with a Double Layer Sword, embadded with Toxic.
  • Able to open inter demensional portals to travel.
  • Able to use Psionic powers.
  • Energy draining powers.

Rambo Captains[]

The Captains of the Tigris War became the most notorious and known persons in the Rambo Coalition of Allies and were seen as the leaders of the Coalition of Allies.

Even though the Captains still saw Ramtterson as the Fleet Captain, and so the other Captain were not promoted to Fleet Captains, instead there were given Task Forces to Command, something the Rambo Captain happily accepted, none of them wanted to be given the responsibility of a Fleet Captain.

  • Captain Ramzhenko: He became a Captain of the Defense Fleet of Colonia 02.
  • Captain Ramkamura: He was given the task of monitoring a new network of communications and to send transmissions into deep space to try to re locate Rambo Space, if they still excisted.
  • Captain Ramdleton: He was given command of the Saber Attack Force, a small task force which functioned as battle fleet.

There information can be found at the Captains of Rambo Nation page.

  • Captain Ramikku: She was given the task to explore the new Galaxy and to lay contact with new races and civilatations.

Ships of the Coaliton of Allies[]

The ships of the Coaliton of Allies are all Rambo based and are the remaining forces of the 25th Fleet.

The following ships classes are still part of the Coalition of Allies Fleet:

  • Akira Class.
  • Excelsior Class.
  • Galaxy Class.
  • Miranda Class.
  • Saber Class.
  • Inrepid Class.
  • 1 Constitution Class.
  • 1 Miranda Class (Variant)

Members of the Coalition of Allies[]

Most of the members were former Tigris System species (except for the Rambo) and only a small remnant of them survived the Tigris War and the Migration to the new Galaxy.

For there history see: Fiction:Quadrant Galaxies


The Rambo in this new Galaxy and of the Coalition of Allies are the remnants of the 25th Fleet and the Rambo who lived in the Tigris System.

See Rambo Species


A Muunilar Trader

The Muunilar are traders by nature and are a friendly race. When the Tigris War reached it's conclusion, they were evacuated by the Rambo and brought with them to the new Galaxy.

The Muunilar in the Coalition of Allies were given the task of bankers and economical persons and were given the Economic Center to oversee.

The Muunilar now serve on the Rambo Ships and don't use there former ships anymore. They are seen as one of the closest allies to the Rambo and also have a nice deal of influance in the Coalition. When the peace with the Xhodocto was made, they joined Rambo Nation.

Plutanios Hyve[]

A Plutanios

The Plutanios are plant like createres with a temperament. They are small but can be very dangerous and they favor weapons with poison to use.

The Plutanios are combined in something they call the Hyve, a tradition they continued after they were evacuated with the other allies of Rambo Nation. When the Rambo preposed a new alliance the Plutanios were a little bit sceptical, but joined anyway since they didn't knew how to survive in this new Galaxy.

The Plutanios, however refuse to serve on starships and rather stay on the ground and on Colonia 02. Although they use the ships to transport themselves elsewhere. When the peace with the Xhodocto was made, they joined Rambo Nation.


A Barbobrian

Barbobrians are creatures that are not so smart, but were often found on criminal markets, they have a nose for that kind of things.

When the Rambo evacuated there allies the Barbobrians joined the Rambo in the Coalition and at there own choice, they choose a part of land on Colonia 02 and whished to live there in peace. They do mantain interaction with the other races of the Allies, but they do not go into Space.

During there evacuation and the joining in the Coalition of Allies, they saw the other allies as brothers and sisters and promised them to fight to the death to protect them. They build there city on Colonia 02 and became crafters on the Colonie. When the peace with the Xhodocto was made, they joined Rambo Nation.

Yunilinage Slaves[]

A Yunilinage Slave

The Yunilinage Slaves are a amphibious/fish like species whom have been conquered by the Frog Slavers Guild and most of them wind up on slaves markets and black markets.

The Yunilinage are excellent dancers and are known for there beauty and agility.

When the Rambo evacuated the allies near the conclusion of the Tigris War, they liberated the Yunilinage, and they were so gratefull they joined the newly formed Coalition of Allies and they were given the responsebility of the social and entertainment department.

The Yunilinage only excist out of females, thus can be considered a Female Race. They can breath under water as on land. When the peace with the Xhodocto was made, they joined Rambo Nation.



The Sartarnias are small and friendly natives of Colonia 02 with Princess Aur'Lumniassa as their leader.

The Sartarnias are a species who now of space travel and are known of some of the conflict in the world, but do not have space ships themselves. When the Rambo arrived, they joined there Coalition of Allies. They now also serve on the Rambo Ships and are pleased that they now can explore the Galaxy with there new allies.

Although the Sartarnias are new to space travel, they trust and are eager to learn to command a ship from the Rambo. They are also experts in defending themselves in one to one combat. When the peace with the Xhodocto was made, they joined Rambo Nation.

Ash Nazgkr[]

The mysterious and mythical beings joined the Coalition of Allies shortly after they saved Colony destruction by the Merging.

See Ash Nazgkr

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