Our armour Gleams
Rambo's Sword Unsheathed
Wings are Spread
From skies high, Wings of Liberty Decent
None withstands Fury Might of Ramboidae Kin!

- Poem Exerpt from Glory of Rambo

The armed forces of Rambo Nation is known as Rambo Command and consits out of 17 departments and includes two main armed forces, the Clone Trooper Army and the space fleet. Rambo Command is a deep-space exploratory, peacekeeping, and military service maintained by Rambo Nation. It is the principal means by which the Nation conducts its exploration, defense, diplomacy, and research. While the majority of its members are Serindia and Q-humanoids, it is headquarted at the Rambo Capital and is composed of the various species that call Rambo Nation their home.

It's the unofficial fifth "entity" of the Goverment. The official weapon emblem of Rambo Nation is a golden/red crest resembling a bird, in the center is the blue colored circle surrounded by gold and black to represent the national emblem of Rambo Nation.

Rambo Command[]

Protection of the Nation is a duty that can only be bestowed upon the best of the best, the chosen few, so to speak. We pride ourselves on being that chosen few. We are the Empress's Finest

- Excerpt .

Rambo Command Headquarters

Rambo Command, or simply called Command or the Militairy Authority is the operating militairy authority of Rambo Nation. The organisation primary management center is located at the Rambo Capital, within the city of Rambo City and within their secondary seat, the Capital Space Dock. The direct commanding authority over Rambo Command falls under the authority of the Monarchy. In addition, the Rambo Senate, Rambo Nation her civilian authority, often directly influences the service's operations and even issues orders at occasions. The day-to-day operations of Rambo Command were managed by the various officers in service of Rambo Command. Officers in service can either be part of the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA) or the Rambo Nation Space Fleet (RNSF)

The highest militairy officer, known as the Marscalcus is the Commander-in-Chief is aided by two vice-admirals who are chief-of-operations and chief-of-royal-matters and the three make up the high command structure of Rambo Command.

Alert State[]

Rambo Nation makes use of an alert state classification and is developed by the admirality and the High Council as early of 450 BQF. It prescribes various graduated levels of readiness for the readiness of Rambo Command departments and military forces. The official listing is known as the Rambo Nation Readiness Condition.

The current alert state is RAMCON 03 due to the Gorge Dispute and the possible threat the French Empire poses.

Alert State Description State
RAMCON 01 Rambo Nation is at War.
Rambo Command Military forces are at maximum readiness and are engaged to the enemy.
Planetary invasion of enemy forces is immenent.
RAMCON 02 Rambo Nation faces imminent war and prepares or is in conflict outside the Quadrants
Rambo Command Military forces are ready to deploy within 2 hourse.
Planetary invasion of enemy forces is likely within two days.
RAMCON 03 Rambo Nation increases military readiness above normal readiness due possible threats or show of force is required
Rambo Command Military Quick Reaction Forces are ready to deploy within 15 minutes. Military forces are ready to deploy in 15 hours.
Planetary invasion of enemy forces is possible.
RAMCON 04 Rambo Nation military readiness on normal readiness with increased intelligence watch.
Rambo Command Military Forces are ready to deploy within 7 days.
Planetary invasion of enemy forces is unlikely to happen.
RAMCON 05 Rambo Nation military readiness is on the lowest level
Rambo Command Military Forces mobilisation takes months
Planetary invasion of enemy forces non-exisence.


Main Article: Captains page.

I pledge my loyalty to the Monarchy
Obedience to the authorities
Submittance to the law
Only shall I unseath my sword to protect the innocents
May the Gods bless me in doing so!

- Rambo Command Service Oath

Rambo Command personnel are organized, using a military rank structure, into a chain of command. Personnel were in either of two groups: enlisted crewmembers and officers. Personnel formally committed to the service, were required taking the "Rambo Command Service" oath.

Flag Officers

Rambo Flag officers functioned as commanders and directors of Rambo Command's service's operations at all levels. Officers holding these ranks functioned at the highest levels within Rambo Command. The flag officers are also known as the "Admiralty" or "High Command Structure". Flag officer ranks, in descending order of the chain of command, are as follows:

  • Marscalcus
  • Vice-Admiral/Captain of the Royal Guard
  • Commodore/Rear-Admiral/Judge Magister

Rambo officers served as the field commanders of Rambo Command, commanding ships and stations, serving onboard ships as senior or junior officers they are the actual explorers and face of Rambo Command and are vital in the defense and exploration of Rambo Space and beyond. Among these ranks are the Operative ranks, shadow agents of Rambo Command executing covert operations as well as the Royal Guards, a Serindia species function only. Ranks, in decending order of chain of command, are as follows:

  • Fleet-Captain
  • Captain/Operative
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander/Rambo Trooper Marshal
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Ensign
Enlisted crewmembers

Rambo enlisted crewmembers are backbone of Rambo Command and served under the commanding officers. Enlisted crewmembers are a vital part of the Rambo Command as they do maintaince on ships, serve onboard ships and ground positions and various other functions. Clone troopers also fall under enlisted crewmembers. Ranks, in decending order of chain of command, are as follows:

  • Master Chief Petty Officer/Rambo Trooper Sergeant
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer/Rambo Trooper Corporal
  • Petty Officer 1st Class
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class
  • Petty Officer 3rd Class
  • Crewman/Rambo Trooper/Yeoman


Rambo Command consists out of 17 departments and two armed forces and make up the Rambo Nation Militairy Forces (RNMF). To each department a rear-admiral/commodore is assigned and acts as the senior officer for that certain department and has to answer for their tasks and assignments to the two vice-admirals and the Marscalcus- who in turn do that for both the Monarch and the Senate.

Each department is assigned certains tasks and roles and are vital to the proper operational status and functioning of Rambo Command and report to the two vice-admirals and the Marscalcus who make up the high command.

Name of Department Acronym Task and assignment
Rambo Academy RA tasked with all education, training and scholing of Rambo Command personel
Rambo Command Administation Department RCAD tasked with management and similar matters like payments, registration of personel etc
Rambo Command Cartography Department RCCD tasked with creating and maintaining maps and star charts for Rambo Command and civilian vessels
Rambo Command Capital Defense RCCapD tasked with the defense of the Rambo Capital and commanding the Capital Space Dock
Rambo Command Control RCC tasked with maintaining contact and communication with Rambo vessels/planets/stations
Rambo Command Department RCD tasked with the planning of offensive and defensive strategies, assigning ships and personnel to execute missions
Rambo Command Information Center RCIC tasked with all public announcement and publicizing tourist information and planetary guidebooks, liasion between the press and Rambo Command
Rambo Command Intelligence Deparment RCID tasked with gathering and analyzing information concerning neighboring powers in the galaxy, and for carrying out covert investigations and operations regarding possible threats to Rambo Nation
Rambo Command Judge Advocate General RCJAG tasked with all legal matters and personnel, administrating court martials and advise. Additional tasked research the possibility of misconduct, fraud, or criminal activity by individuals within Rambo Command
Rambo Command Materiel and Supply Department RCM&SD tasked with supply and cargo transportation and storage for Rambo Command
Rambo Command Medical Department RCMD tasked with biological research and treatment of personnel in health, condition, dental etc
Rambo Command Operations Deparment RCOD tasked with all engineering, navigation and maintenance onboard vessels and planets
Rambo Command Science Department RCSC tasked with collecting and analyzing scientific data (both onboard vessels and on planets
Rambo Command Security Department RCSecD tasked with safeguarding Rambo Nation from outside and internal threats, and for conducting criminal investigations. Both on planets, intallations, buildings and onboard ships
Rambo Command Temporal and Royal Command RCT&RC tasked with the investigation of anomalies, temporal events and the Wells and Typhon class. Additional tasks include the Royal Guard and all security matters for the Monarchy.
Rambo Command Trooper Department RCTD tasked with all ground militairy operations as well as clone trooper deployments and training.
Rambo Shipyards RShipy tasked with the designing, constructing, repairing and refitting of all Rambo Space Ships, centered at the Shipyards of Rowar. Additional tasks are the research in advancing all star ship systems (-weapons, shields, construction, warp drive etc). Advises the Director of the Shipyards and acts as liason between the yards and Rambo Command

The three largest departments of Rambo Command are the Command Department, wich includes all commanding officers of vessels and stations. Operations and Science are second largest departments wich include all science and operations crewmembers onboard ships as well.

Name of Armed Forces Acronym Task and assignment
Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army RNCTA tasked with all ground militairy operations. They are the main ground forces of Rambo Nation, with roles in infantery, planetary and VIP security and all other ground militairy roles.
Rambo Nation Space Fleet RNSF tasked with the primary exploration, defense, diplomacy, and research in name of Rambo Nation

Rambo Nation Armed Militairy Forces (RNAMF)[]

The armed forces of Rambo Nation consist of the Clone Trooper Army, wich primary role for ground support and operations. The other one is the space fleet, who hold the primary defense, offensive and exploration roles.

Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA)[]

The Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army are the main ground forces of Rambo Nation, with roles in infantery, planetary and VIP security and all other ground militairy roles.

For years the Rambo Ground Forces were small in numbers and not really recognised within Rambo Nation. During the various conflicts Rambo Nation became involved, the ground forces suffered more casualties compared to the space fleet, and around 04 AQF, during the Quadrantia Disorder the Nation was short in trained armed forces and the security of planets became in danger. In panic, Rambo Command gave needed the Senate's approval a new soldier program, which would replace the common soldiers. The Senate approved and the common ground forces became replaced by a clone army. These Rambo troopers, genetically altered humanoid clones that have enchanced abilities, capable of withstanding low extremes of both heat and cold, capable of breathing in dense atmoshperes and enchanged reflexes and strength became the main ground forces of Rambo Nation. These Rambo Troopers would become the backbone of the Rambo Nation military, an endless and replacable army of soldiers. With the introduction of the troopers the battledroids were also turned down in favor of these troopers, though they do still excist and are used in private armies at colonies.

Ever since it creation, the Clone Trooper Department were assigned multiply roles, ranging from planetary defense or send to occupy planets, extract important persons from occupied planets, security of VIP's or invasion of planets. Sometimes troopers, mostly space marines are assigned to the space fleet to make certain ships capable of doing ground missions in wich the navy was not trained for. The Clone Trooper Department is led by a Commodore.

Clone Trooper Weapons

The clone troopers are equipped with standerd weapons, constructed and produced in the factories of Nertharia. (Note:All images in the weapon sections are png files)

Png file Weapon Description
RNS-05 Gun.png
RNS-05 Gun
Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-05 Gun is the standard weapon of the Rambo troopers. The weapons are capable of firing bullets and phasers blasts and as such is the most suitable weapon for ground missions. It is a medium sized gun, need to be handled with two hands before firing for keeping it's accuracy.

It is a slight reacion when fired.

RNS-20-c Grenade Launcher.png
RNS-20-c Grenade Launcher

Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-20-c Grenade Launcher are the main weapons of the Rambo Trooper Grenadiers, capable of firing grenade missles over long distances, no tank of vehicle is safe from this weapon! The weapon is quite large and heavy, though is a preffered anti-tank weapon or used to weaken enemy structures. After each missle launched, a new one has to be placed in the cylinder before using again. It has a large reaction when firing, and when not proper handled could hurt the one firing the missle.

RNS-32 Sniper Rifle.png

RNS-32 Sniper
The Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-32-Sniper Rifle is used by the Rambo Nation Trooper Snipers.

These large and sturdy weapons are only equipped to the snipers as they recieved special training for handling them. These large weapons have a massive reaction when fired, and can hurt the person if not properly handled. The sniper rifle is capable of hitting someone at 9.8 km distance. When fired the weapon makes a hard sound and cannot be silenced.

Rambo Trooper Turret.png
RNS-01 Turret
The Rambo Nation Suiligothrond-01 Turret is a defensive weapon placed and installed by the Handy-Man troopers. The turrets can fire multiply rounds of phaser bolts and is even equipped with rockets.

These dangerous weapons are often placed at tactical positions, often hidden from sight to surprise enemy forces.

Clone Trooper Appearances

In service of the Clone Trooper Department various types or classes of soldiers can be found. Though the clone troopers know they are expandable, they are fiercly loyal to the Monarchy and the Senate, vowing to protect Rambo Nation with their lives. Many clone troopers are given registrations, though often give eachother nicknames or code signs to identify individuals.

All Clone Troopers are equipped with weapons, black colored suites (-sometimes with other colors as well to identify them to certain units), breathing devices that are active in most enviroments, whether in dense atmospheres or in hazardous places. In the following years after their introduction, clone troopers became respected though also a bit feared among the citizens of Rambo Nation and are viewed as expandable and blindly following orders. In 12 AQF, after Rambert Ramveral usurped the throne and changed the trooper appearance to a more regal and knightly appearance. They were soon known as the Legionnaire's of Rambo Nation, protectors of Rambo Nation and enforcers of the law.

The new Legions of Rambo Nation adopted the motto: Rambo Invicta.

Clone Trooper Legionnaire
Clone Trooper LegionnaireLarge.png
Clone Trooper Legionnaire
  • Class: Legionnaire
  • Characteristics: Loyal · Disciplined ·

The Clone Trooper Legionnaire's are the all- heavy infantry ground forces of Rambo Nation. The troopers are trained to use swords, arms and spears/staffs and are physcially in top condition and quite strong. The Legionnaire's are clad in regal armor, with shoulder pads, plate armor and helmets. Their red skirts are colored red. All the troopers are clad in this kind of armor, to confuse the enemy the plate protects them and hide their traits.

Before going into battle, they often use the battle phrase: Rambo Invicta

Clone Trooper Pilot
Rambo Nation Fighter PilotLarge.png
Clone Trooper Pilot
  • Class: Fighter/Space Ship Pilots
  • Characteristics: Arrogant · Loyal · Disciplined ·

The Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Pilots are special troopers bred and trained for the purpose of piloting crafts of the Rambo Nation Space Fleet. They wear tight fitting flight suites, with an upper armor with the insigna of Rambo Nation on their chest. On their right leg they carry a single blaster. Their helmets can integrate with the computer systems onboard Rambo Nation crafts and are highly advanced. Clone Trooper Pilots can be trained on the following vehicles:

  • Caradhras-Class under command of a Rambo Command captain.
  • RNSF Mirage Cascabel, a fighter jet build for combat is a signly seat craft for the clone troopers.
  • RNSF Darkarg, a multi-role fighter jet build for various purposes is a single seat craft for the clone troopers.
  • RNSF Mortis, dropships piloted by clone trooper pilots to bring Legionnaire's into battle, the most risky craft for pilots due to the high risk of being shot down.
Png files

The Png files require the Dark Injection and the CamBen ColorPack.

Former Clone trooper appearances

Before 12 AQF, the clone troopers had the following appearances:

Former Versions

Rambo Airborne TrooperLarge.png

Rambo Airborne Troopers are specialley trained airborne troopers, juming out of morties or even space ships into orbit they spread danger and defense from above! Agile and fast they are trained to spread death from above! Equipped with two missle launchers and agile wings to glide and fly they are often known by the enemies of Rambo Nation as the Black Angels.

Rambo Base TrooperLarge.png

Rambo Base Troopers are the most common type of soldiers seen on battlefields and low-security defense targets. They can pilot Morties, drive buggies and mobile tanks, repair vehicles, thaught limited medical roles and can also place sentry bots. They carry the Rambo Nation standard Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-05 Gun (RNS-05G) but can also be equipped with the Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-32 Sniper Rifle. The basic troopers are the main infantery of Rambo Nation.

Rambo GrenadierLarge.png

Rambo Grenadier troopers are a specialley trained troopers that are experts at long range combat, they fire Rocket missles or throw grenades at the enemies. Preffered to be surrounded by base troopers for protection, they are a dangerous foe for soldiers and vehicle! Among Rambo Nation they are the weapon experts of Rambo Nation, able to make the smallest items in dangerous weapons or explosives.

They primary use the Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-20-c Grenade Launcher

Rambo Handy Man TrooperLarge.png

Rambo Handy Man Troopers are very important for the Clone Trooper Army as well as on the battlefield and have various abilities. They are capable of repairing damaged vehicles and weapons, healing wounded troopers and civilians and are able to place a sentry bots to protect themselves when busy repairing or healing. They also set up camps, communications with ships etc. Handy Man troopers are often found in the back of an army, mostly staying at camps to keep it running and for allowing those troopers to return to have shelters.

They also use the Rambo Nation-05 Gun and can deploy turrets.


Rambo Trooper Space MarineLarge.png

The Rambo Marine Troopers are specially trained clone troopers for service in the space fleet. Also equipped with special black suites and breathing devices they can board enemy ships or execute recon missions on unknown planets. The marines have there own cargo chamber in space ships, using it for training and sleeping quarters. They are also used on ships for security and defense purposes when the Rambo ships are being invaded or other ships are to be commandeered for inspections or take-overs.

The marine troopers are trained to drive an Argo Jeep and shuttles, making them highly valueble for the army. Sometimes when requiered the marines also join ground exploration missions of the fleet to protect the space fleet crewmembers in hostile areas.

They are equipped with the RN-05 gun.

Rambo Trooper SniperLarge.png

Rambo Sniper Troopers are the marksmen of Rambo Nation. They often hide at secret locations or high-up places, they can provide back up fire when Rambo Troopers are fighting in valleys, cities etc. They are also often send on stand-alone missions when needed and are often deployed by Rambo Intelligence Department to execute or join covert operations.

They are equipped with the Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-32 Sniper Rifle.

Rambo Command Military vehicles

The Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA) deploys a wide range of vehicles for combat and transport purposes. The ground vehicles are all commandeered and driven by clone troopers, where as the fighter or transport crafts often have command and enlisted personnel of the Space Fleet onboard as clone troopers are not trained in that kind of combat or use of space vehicles.

Vehicle Description Png
Rambo Nation Buggy
The Rambo Nation Buggy (RNB) is a light all-purpose terrain vehicle, ideal for recon missions and staging hit and run assaults against infantry or lightly armored vehicles. It is very resilient, maneuverable and flexible though it is equipped with weak armor.

The vehicle runs on gasoline, thoug is quite economical in it's gasoline use. The terrain buggies can be driven by basic clone troopers and are the main transport vehicles for the RNCTA.

Rambo Nation Mobile Plattform
The Rambo Nation Mobile Plattform (RNMP) has a 120 mm main cannon, capable of disabling most tanks with 2 or 3 shots. The wheeled design is perfect for urban police actions and combat on sandy or grass terrains. Most effective for hit and runs and as such became the main "tank" of the RNCTA and preffered as support vehicle when driving in convoys or for defense purposes.

The RNMP has an average size of 8 meters.

Rambo Nation Mobile Terrain Tank
The Rambo Nation Mobile Terrain Tank (RNMTT), known under the classification as Serindia Mobile Terrain Tank (SMTT) is the only ground vehicle that hailed from Serindia origins and is still in use. The walking terrain tanks are formidable and powerful tanks, walking on four sturdy legs these tanks can scale cliffs and surprise enemy forces with their 120 mm cannons and grenades. They are also used to transport troopers, small speeder bikes and even cargo and act as an emergency medical post if requiered. The terrains tanks are often the first vehicles that go into battle against enemy forces and make way for the buggies and mobile plattforms. The terrain tanks are often protected by Mortis Dropships as support.

The RNMTT has an average size of 18 meters. (Note:The thank is a two part vehicle)

Vehicle Description Png
Rambo Nation Mortis Dropship
The Rambo Nation Mortis Dropship (RNMD) are the dropships that transport troopers to landingzones and are the main arial support vehicles when in combat. The RNMD are equipped with strong armor and twin phasers to protect themselves and the troopers below at the ground. The dropships are equipped with state of the art engines, making them fast and agile and with special stealth coating they are difficult to spot on radar. The dropships are often called "Morties" by Rambo Nation Troopers.

It has a lenght of 16.5 meters, requires a pilot and co-pilot and is equipped with impulse engines only.

Mirage Cascabel (Rambo).png
RNSF Mirage Cascabel
The RNSF Mirage Cascabel is a variant of the Mirage Cascabel developed and produced by Odyssey Arms Corporation for the Armed forces of Rambo Nation.

Rambo Nation militairy service, Rambo Command found the Mirage Cascabel the perfect replacement for their own figthers, impressed by it's flight characteristics and affordability, Rambo Command acquired the plans and began constructing their own version of the Mirage Cascabel.

It is piloted by one pilot, has a lenght of 16 meters and is equipped with phasers and photon torpedoes. It requires carriers to travel long distances.

Mirage Cascabel (RNSF).png
RNSF Darkarg
The RNSF Darkarg is a space multi-role fighter craft, developed by the shipyards of Ramirith in 12 AQF at orders of the recently crowned, High King Rambert Ramveral as part of the increased military awareness program.

It is a single seat fighter craft designed to operate in space and can operate up to a day without the need of refuel on the Caradhras-Class carriers.

It is designed to cooperate with the RNSF Mirage Cascabel, another fighter craft in service of Rambo Nation. It has a lenght of 22.3 meters and is heavily armed, equipped with shieldings and a warp drive to travel between planets and for patrol runs. It requires a carrier for long distances though.

RNSF Darkarg Multi Role Fighter.png
RNSF Space C130
The Rambo Nation Space C130-Class is a four-warp engined military transport vehicle designed for short flights in space and orbital entrance and exits.

It is capable of using unprepared runways for takeoffs and landings due to his landing gear and engines. The vehicle is a multi-role vehicle, as it can be deployed for troop, medevac and cargo transport (including military vehicles). Though it can also be modified and deployed on planets for airborne assaults, search and rescue, scientific research support, weather reconnaissance, aerial and spacial refueling (rare) and aerial firefighting.

It has a lenght of 42.8 meters, is equipped with four powerful small warp naccelles for take off and landing. It is large enough to transport 1 mobile tank at a time, or 1 buggy and mobile plattform. It has no warp drive and requires carriers to transport itself over long distances in space. It is the main transport for Rambo Command military in planetary assaults.

RNSF SC130.png
Elite and Special Forces

Rambo Nation deploys specialley trained soldiers and troopers in battle as well. One special kind of soldiers are Operatives, highly trained officers for infriltration and the execution of covert operations. Other troopers are specially trained troopers in certain tasks, like the protection of the Royal Family.

Image Description Png
Rambo Dread Lord Troopers 02.png
Rambo Nation Dread Lord Trooper
Rambo Nation Dread Lord Troopers (RNDLT) are elite Rambo Clone Troopers. They replaced the Seven Starr Serindia Soldiers as guards of the Senators of Rambo Nation and also began guarding senatorial buildings and became responsible for the security of the senators as well.

Trained as basic troopers with additional skills to signal dangers, electro-staff usage and piloting executive shuttles they became a trusted sight for sneator. They are equipped with strong armor and electro staffs marking them as dangerous enemies. Their armor is shedded with golden decorations.

Serindia Royal Guard II.png
Rambo Nation Royal Guard
The Rambo Nation Royal Guard (RNRG) is the most elite force of Rambo Nation that is tasked with the protection and security of the Royal Family and Royal Residences. They do not fall under the Rambo Command department known as Rambo Temporal and Royal Command and stand under direct order of the vice-admiral who is tasked as chief-of-royal-matters and wears a white royal uniform.

Though they fall under the direct command of the vice-admiral, they are overruled if they get conflicting order Monarchy. Not bound by the law, the Royal Guard is fiercly loyal to the Empress or Emperor and will give their own lives when requiered. The Royal guard consists only out of Serindia and requiere a long training in all kind of tasks, like piloting, commanding skills, analysing danger, training in electro-staff and shield training to reflect bullets and phasers. In 03 NE/06 AQF the Royal Guard gained a new appearances, donning their heavy and sturdy armor they gained a more fearsome and sleaker armor, lighter yet better and colored in gold the guard became also known as the "Golden Knights".

Seven Starr Serindia Soldier.png
Rambo Nation Seven Starr Soldier
The Rambo Nation Seven Starr Soldiers (RNSSS) are specially trained soldiers to participate in Seven Starr and Onuris operations. These elites are rarely seen on battle fields as Rambo Command keeps SSA and Onuris events mostly classified. They are trained in the use of all kind of weapons, operating shuttles, fighters and ships and re experts on alien languages, alien writing and tactics. They were once use by the Senate as their personal guards but were replaced by the Dread Lord troopers. They fall directly under the vice-admiral who is tasked as chief-of-royal-matters. The Seven Starr Alliance soldiers can be seen as the second most powerful forces in Rambo Nation, just behind the Royal Guard. Though they were scheduled to be phased out of service due to the Rambo's withdrawal from the SSA, Rambo Command decided to keep them and often use them for covert operations and prepare them for a possible return to the SSA.

They are a Serindia only service, though plans are to include other species as well.

Rambo Nation Space Fleet (RNSF)[]

The Rambo Nation Space Fleet (RNSF) is the space fleet of Rambo Nation. They conduct the primary exploration, defense, diplomacy, and research in name of Rambo Nation and are a vital part within the society of Rambo Nation. The space fleet officer are composed of the various species that call Rambo Nation their home, though the majority of the species serving within the space fleet, or navy are either Rambo Serindia and Q-humanoids.

The space fleet is part of Rambo Command with the Marscalcus being the highest officer, following the hierarchy, the Marscalcus (chief-in-command) is aided by two vice-admirals who are chief-of-operations and chief-of-royal-matters. The three officer make up the high command structure of Rambo Command and are the commanders of the armed forces, both from RNCLTA and the RNSF and the 17 departments of Rambo Command. Below the high command structure the 17 department heads can be found, consisting out of rear-admirals and commodores (a rear-admiral is a captain promoted, a commodore is a fighter pilote promoted). Below the seventeen flag officers rear-admirals stand the fifteen fleet captains, each assigned to one of the fifteen colonial sectors. After the fleet captains come the individual captains, whom command their own ships and sometimes can lead a task force if experienced enough, ofcourse they are aided by their crew of various ranks and functions. Underneath the officers follow the enlisted crewmembers who make up the bulk of the fleet.


Main article:Personnel

The Rambo Nation Space Fleet (RNSF) fleet personnel wear distinctive uniforms while on duty. These uniforms generally displayes the department color of the department/divison the enlisted person or officer served in, and also their rank insignia. The basic uniform consist out of a black pant with a colored shirt identifying the department they belong. There are exception towars the uniform code as some are allowed to wear their own uniforms. Many Serindia flag officers and commanding officer rather wear traditional Serindia Armor, the same case with the Kloppig and Tralor serving in the fleet.

Wearing a Space fleet uniform when not actually a member of the Space Fleet or Rambo Command would put one at risk of being charged with impersonating a Rambo officer. Below, in the gallery you can find possible examples of the various uniforms found within the RNSF.

Rambo Nation Uniforms
20 AQF - Ongoing
Rambo Nation Uniforms
429 BQF - 20 AQF
Uniforms worn between 429 BQF - 20 AQF
Space Ships

Main Article: Space Ships

The backbone of Rambo Nation operations are its starships. These vessels, all warp-capable, are capable of supporting and providing the ability and resources to carry out all of the service's mandates: exploration, the military defense of the Nation, the transport of supplies and resources, and providing emergency medical care. A large range of starship classes existed. Some were multi-purpose and other were designed for a specific use. The space ships are the single most important asset that Rambo Command possesses, apart from its personnel.

Decommissioned Ships and Stations

The ship below were decommissioned between 0 BQF and current times.

Decomissioned ships and stations
Shuttles and strike crafts

Main article: Shuttles & Fighter Crafts

Rambo Nation and Rambo Command have various shuttles and dropships serving under them, for use in both the fleet and clone trooper army, shuttles and dropships are a vital way for transporation for Rambo Command forces.


Most older and smaller ships like the Bonaventura, Miranda and Kelvin-classes are often used for border patrols and in fleet battles than long range exploration missions. As Rambo Command has difficulties having enough qualified medical personnel for their fleets, the older classes are send on their way with only a nurse onboard. When more expertise is required, the nurses onboard these vessels can call upon the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). These holograms are based upon their humanoid creator and have a personality, often saying when activitated "please state the nature of the medical emergency".

The EMH are installed on all RNSF-vessels, though the larger ships that are often used for deep space exploration have their own medical doctor onboard.

Assigned Fleet

Rambo Nation tasked various ships to be part of permanent fleets, often guarding or patrolling important regions of the Rambo Colonial Sectors. The ships serving in those fleet often have a skeleton crew, no scientific purposes only guarding and patrolling.

    • Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity - the fleet defending the Capital.
    • Fleet of Retribution - a shared Cyrandia Alliance fleet with the URC (-now defunct)
    • Fleet of Profound Solitude - the fleet stationed at Koerband.
    • Fleet of Righteous Defenders -the fleet stationed at the Outer Colonies.
    • Fleet of Rigorous Prayer - the fleet stationed at Rambo Prime, guarding the Wormhole Plateau.

Installations and Bases[]

Aside from it's headquarters, located at the Rambo Captial, Rambo Command also maintains installations throughout Rambo Nation Territories and beyond.

Star Bases

Starbases, facilities for resupply of the service's vessels and the relaxation of vessel crews, were maintained in all sectors of Rambo Nation space. In addition, Rambo Command also maintained facilities beyond Rambo territory, beyong their own borders and even outside the Quadrants. The most well known and controversial of them is Starbase 08, better known as Lianna station. All space stations are classified by Rambo Nation with a registry, though among the citizens they are often known by their names or locations.

Starbases can either be located on a planet or are classified as space stations.

Png files & gallery
Shipyard and Factories

Rambo Command also maintains a number of shipyards and factories at which vessels are constructed, designed and repaired as well testing new vessels and types. Factories are also known to produce the materials needed for the fleet, ranging from weapons to other materials. Known shipyards and factories:

  • Shipyards of Rowar - located at the Rambo Capital's moon of Rowar. The main shipyards of Rambo Nation.
  • Factories of Nertharia - located at the Diva-Bettie planet Nertharia, the main provider for all materials for the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army.
  • Other installations:
Secret Installations


Rambo Command maintains various secret and hidden locations for various purposes.

  • Installation 01: The Royal Palace - the most public installation but heavily guarded and inforced.
  • Installation 02: Shipyards of Rowar - the second most public, the shipyards are the main provider of ships for the navy but also execute various secret constructions.
  • Installation 03: Lesrekta (Barâd-Nâzg), located in the Metruia Nebula is a secret bastion of Rambo Nation.
  • Installation 04: Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison - a secret and hidden prison at the lave planet Ramghatulk.
  • Installation 05: A classified and secret underground biological laboratory found at Koerband (now defunct).


Rambo Command is the insurance of Rambo Nation her protection and safeguard. The men and woman of Rambo Command are Rambo Nation's deep-space exploratory, peacekeeping, and military service under my command!

- Ramashe

A force that maintains peace and order in the Quadrant Galaxies. I have had the pleasure and honour of meeting many of the loyal officers of Rambo Nation in the past.

- Apollo

The fleet of the Rambo Nation is a proud, dutiful and respectable force of order in the Quadrant Galaxies. Despite recent events, in my eyes, it remains a noble military that aptly deserves respect.

- Uriel Ultanos


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