The fourth chapter of the Quadrantia Disorder is known as Ortum a Dynastia, loosely translated as a rise of a dynasty. The Ortum Dynasty forcus on the events of Rambo Nation, whos position gets endangered as the First Gigaquarant is drawn into the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts after an attack at Station Halcyon, resulting in the New Cyrandia Wars in the neighbouring Cyrannus Galaxy. Conflict even reached the Quadrants as France and the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies start an invasion of Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel space in the Unclaimed Territories, the backyard of Rambo Nation! The story starts during the twelfth month of 06 AQF, with Claire Rambo continuing her adventures in the Right Behind You story, while her father, captain of USS Enterprise-A starts his own adventures again during the Voyages of Enterprise.

The Empress of Rambo Nation, Ramashe now faces a difficult time to keep her people safe from harm, her own Goverment pledges with her find a husband and ensure a heir to her trone, at the same time as tensions rise within Rambo Command as some officers raise the question to lift the "protectrate" of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Prologue: 06 AQF, month 12Edit


Ramcard orders Ramtainus and Trabl to withdraw from Yudumarth

After a month has passed, Trabl and Ramtainus have been unable to make any progress at Yudumarth, clone troopers have been unable to find the Nosiso nest nor find clues about Aur'Lumniassa her whereabouts. To make matters complicated, the rebels have ceased all attacks, making it difficult to track them. Sitting at the meeting room of the USS Apocalyptor, but officers are suddenly disturbed by a message from the Rambo Capital, it was vice-admiral Ramcard.

  • Ramcard: "Vice-admiral Ramtainus, fleet captain Trabl, my greetings from the Capital".
  • Ramtainus: "My friend, now this is a surprise? Have you taken interesst in Yudumarth?"
  • Ramcard: "Not at all, at behalf of the Marscalcus and Rambo Command I hereby have new orders for the both of you, Ramtainus is to return to the Capital at once while Trabl will remain behind and see to it that all troopers are leaving Yudumarth in the next two days. The Yudumarth Campaign is over."

Ramtainus raised an eyebrow? Trabl instead began protesting against his superior officer.

  • Trabl: "W-what? This is impossible? We have did great things here, occupied Yudumarth with little casualties, now you want to break us our search for the Nosiso nest and Aur'Lumniassa?"
  • Ramcard: "Events have occured, wich I cannot explain on this channel openely. Those are you orders, and you will carry them out fleet captain! Imperial officer Mortikran will take control over Yudumarth and continue it's search for Aur'Lumniassa, the nest and the rebels. Sadly we must face the possibility, with no news of Aur'Lumniassa, nor any attempt made by her she might have passed away. Ramcard out".

Ramtainus placed his arms behind his back and nodded, looking at an enraged Trabl he said his goodbyes and left for his own ship. Trabl meanwhile began giving it's orders to withdraw all Rambo forces from Yudumarth. Unknown to Ramcard and Rambo Command was that he played Mortikran right into his hands, Mortikran always desired to have a planet of his own and with the rise of a new imperial faction in Cyrannus, who knows what will become of Yudumarth?


Ramashe's inner circle give unwanted advise!

During a meeting between various trusted advisors for Ramashe, the Empress of Ramashe was surprised when at the conclusion of the meeting the subject suddenly turned to her personal life. At the meeting, her Grand Measter, Rambo Founder took the word first.

  • Founder: "You Grace, with you permission I would like to discuss one more subject with you, together with the rest."

Ramashe raised an eyebrow, all agenda points were discussed, nodding she allowed the Founder to speak further, but to her surprise Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal, a Rambo Goldianius took the word.

  • Ram'Thrandeal: "Your grace, it is of the Senate's concern that you are, eh how to point this properly? Ah, the Senate is concerned as you have no heir to your throne. With the recent outbreak of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, the Senate feels that it might be perhaps time to find a suitable husband for you."

Ramashe eyes widened, never before spoke a civilian authority about her love-interessts nor expressed concerns with a heir to her rule. The other two senators, Chuinaylia and Ram'Lendila didn't say a word and simply looked a bit unsure at the Empress.

  • Founder: "We now you are still young, born in 23 BQF it makes you as of now 29 years. According to our information you are very close to the adventurer Riordan Rambertan and Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic. It is our believe that both are suitable husbands for you, kind and gentle they should be a perfect match for you my Lady."

Ramashe crossed her hands before her chest and replied.

  • Ramashe: "Thank you for your concerns, but rest assured, I am perfectly capable of finding a suitable husband myself. This meeting is closed. You are all dismissed".

With that Ramashe rose from her chair and left the meeting room, sighting she wondered if the Senate had a point.


Internal disagreement within Rambo Command

Within his office, Ramcard looked in awe at the report before him. According to the rapport the Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo and senator Ram'Lendila were planning to request to lift the "protectrate" status of Rambo Nation. His thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of vice-admiral and Lord Ramtainus Ramveral and Marscalcus Kya.

  • Kya: "Greetings vice-admiral Ramcard and Ramtainus, ready for our weekly meeting?"
  • Ramcard: "Ofcourse Marscalcus, we have much to discuss with.."
  • Ramtainus: "Indeed we have! For one thing that absurd request that will be made before the Imperial Senate to lift our "protectrate" status".

Both Kya and Ramcard looked suprised to their fellow admiral, they knew he was a Lord and a Rambo Serindia noble, but never before had he spoken against a decision of the higher echelons.

  • Ramcard: "But Ramtainus, we both serve the Empress and the High Council, it is not for us to question their decisions!"
  • Ramtainus: "Nonsense, who is going to protect us against threats then? In the last ten years we have been involved in five conflicts and in grattitude of protecting the Quadrants, we have been invaded and conquered by the Empire while our so called allies of the Seven Starr Alliance simply watched from the sidelines and did absolutely nothing to help us in our hour of dire need. Our fleet is in shambles, thin spread. If one Quadrantia Grox sphere would attack one of our colonies beyond the inner and mid colonial sectors, I fear for the devastating results. With aid of the Empire we are kept safe these days, lift the "protectrate" and before you know it the Hutter or some other extra-galactic threat might seek conflict with us again".

Kya and Ramcard were shocked by Ramtainus response, they knew he was pro-Imperial and both knew very well the Rambo fleet was spread very thin.

  • Kya: "Again, it is not our duty to question...."
  • Ramtainus: "You didn't advise against it neither Marscalcus, you sit on the High Council is it not? Neither did you Ramcard, one of the proud bannerman of House Le Rambo with distant relatives having Royal Blood".

That being said, Ramtainus left the office, muttering that he would return to Rambo Prime to overthink matters. Both Ramcard and Kya were left alone, sighting Kya looked at Ramcard and both knew that Rambo Command faced an internal problem.

Ramashe her uncle, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, current head of House Le Rambo and brother of her late father was furious when the Rambo Senate, part of the Goverment of Rambo Nation urged Ramashe to find a suitable husband and produce a heir to the throne and Royal Dynasty. Even worser, one of his own close family member, Ram'Lendila supported the proposal that could end the Le Rambo Dynasty. Approaching an office of Ramashe, this certain office laid near the mountain top and was an office used by Ramashe when she wanted to be left alone. Approaching the guards, Rambarth ordered him to step aside.


Rambarth, Ram'Lendila and Ramashe have a family meeting

Entering the room, he was delighted to see both Ramashe and Ram'Lendila present, he had summoned them after all and they were the two most foremost members of House Le Rambo, wich had declined in number over the years.

  • Rambarth: "Ramashe! Ram'Lendila! I am pleased to have a family meeting like this!"

Ram'Lendila raised an eyebrow, though he agreed that his uncle was a driven man, loyal to his House he somehow found himself a bit nervous when talking about family matters. Ramashe crossed her arms before her chest, she liked her uncle though sometimes he made decisions for the family, undermining her authority as Empress, as head of the family Rambarth actually ruled Rambo Nation as well.

  • Rambarth: "I will be quick to the point, I heard disturbing news of a meeting of the Senate with you Ramashe, where you dared to discuss to find a suitable husband for Ramashe. Care to explain that Ram'Lendila?"
  • Ram'Lendila: "Ofcourse uncle, the Senate is concerned as Ramashe has no heir to the throne, and with the recent outbreak of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts the Senate feels that she should secure her legacy."
  • Rambarth: "Pff, keep you political nose out of such matters. Such decision lie within our House, not the civilian goverment."
  • Ramashe: "Uncle, please don't get yourself angry. I told them as well I was very capable of finding one myself!"

Rambarth shot a glare at Ramashe and Ram'Lendilia, the room became silent at once.

  • Rambarth: "I must disagree with you Ramashe. That explorer Riordan Rambertan is nothing more then a criminal, as for the other? Apollo is Libertus without manhood and I will die first before you allowing to mate with a reptile. Those two should be below your notice. Plus you spreading your legs years ago for that low-level captain, resulting in your bastard child, I thought your father thaught you better than that."
  • Ramashe: "W-what? Careful now uncle, you are still speaking to the Empress!"
  • Rambarth: "You think the crown gives you supreme power? Think again girl. After your fathers death I ensured you gained the throne and the Houses remained loyal to your cause. The respect for our House, within the Quadrant Galaxies and beyond has been damaged and with these recent conflicts it gives us an oppertunity. Ramashe shall marry a distant relative, Ramiron Le Rambo to ensure the Le Rambo Dynasty."

Ramashe's eyes widened, she refused as did Ram'Lendila, Ramiron was a commander in service of Rambo Command and of the other Le Rambo line and both agreed that Ramashe should be free in her choice. Rambarth raised his voice and silenced both.

  • Rambarth: "Ramashe shall do as I command, as I am Head of House Le Rambo. As will you Ram'Lendila, with your fancy Cyrannia clothes. You will request the senate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus to lift our "protectrate" status so we can continue our alliance as allies. My family, you have mocked our family name for far to long now, it is time do what has been decided for you. Now both of you, leave".

With that, both Ramashe and Ram'Lendila left the office, Rambarth crossed his arms behind his back, looking ouside at the city of Tirithsilliana, he smiled. Rambarth would do anything to ensure the Le Rambo Dynasty will endure.

This story has is a cross-over with the first year of the New Cyrandia Wars


Garlboz, Mortikran and Rambarth forge a plot against the Empire

At the Rambo Capital, homeplanet and capital world of Rambo Nation and seat of Grand Mandator Garlboz of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus a plot was forged. At a particular day both Imperial officer Mortikran and the Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo confronted the taken by surprise Grand Mandator and made him an offer that sparked his interest and questioned his loyalty to the Emperor, Tyrómairon.

A dangerous plot is set into motion, with who knows what kind of outcome!

Part Two

Mortikran lies siege to Angforst

Mere hours after Mortikran had his coversation with Grand Mandator Garlboz and Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, he could finally set his plans into motion. Garlboz transferred command of the Imperial Quadrantia fleet to Mortikran, under the guise that he needed them to maintain the occupation of Yudumarth, if things went wrong Garlboz could not be proven a rebel. Mortikran took the Quadrantia fleet, mostly Ifrit- and Preator-class ships towards Angforst, the massive superweapon of Rambo Nation. As the fleet passed through the massive spiral towers of Angforst, the other Imperial ships were taken by suprise after Mortikran gave a simple order from onboard his own flagship, the prototype Infernal.

  • Mortikran: "All ships, commence fire at Angforst and the Imperial ships!"

With the words given, the Imperial captains loyal to Grand Mandator Garlboz and Mortikran opened fire at the Imperial ships, most of them still docked. Within minutes it was choas when the Imperial ships began firing at eachother. Taken by surprise, Mortirkan's fleet managed to destroy or cripple various Venator-class star destroyers, though the Imperial vessels retalliated as well, causing havoc upon the Quadrantia Imperial ships. Many Ifrit-class vessels were destroyed by the overwhelming power of the other ships present, it took three Ifrit-class cruisers, backed up by a Preator-class to damage a far superior Imperial-class star destroyer, when it eventually took damage the Imperial-class retreated and informed Imperial command at Orbispira.

After driving the Imperial-class away, as well as disabling most of the Venator-class ships, Mortikran send his forces to take control over Angforst so it could blockade the Quadrant 82-Cyrannus Wormhole near Javan. Sadly, most defensive and offensive systems besides the main weapon were disabled, so he dispatched Garlboz to dispatch various wormholes within Quadrant 82.

Part Three

Battle near Rambo Prime

Grand Madator Garlboz had taken control over Angforst, massive mobile space station created by Rambo Nation. Surviving the battle in orbit of the Rambo Capital, Garlboz set course for Rambo Prime, from there he would take the Angforst towards the Q82-Cyrannus wormhole while Mortikran would siege the other wormhole into Cyrannus by taking control of Lianna-station. However to Galrboz' surprise, various Rambo Nation vessels intercepted his own fleet and Angforst. The Miranda-Class USS Majestic under command of Ramniels and the Excelsior-Class USS Excelsior under command of Apanoida dared to engage his own fleet.


Garlboz apprehended

Laughing Garlboz believed that his escort of a Preator-class, Ifrit-class and Venator-classes were more then a match for two Rambo vessels. Approaching the wormholes Garlboz prepared Angforst to close the wormholes leading to the Milky Way Galaxy. With the Rambo Prime Space Station in the way, the massive rings of Angforst simply destroyed the station when it chrashed into it while his star destroyers engaged the Rambo vessels. However the tide turned when the Hecatoncheir-Class, the USS Zaleraunder command of fleet-captain Mjärt dropped out of warp and engaged the Preator-class, backed up by the recently arrived Imperial-class star destroyer Chimeara under command of Decimius. The task force of Garlboz soon buckled under the relentless assault and taken by surprise, the captain who were loyal to Mortikran soon fled the battle, with malfunctions on the Angforst captain Apanoida led boarding parties against Angforst and soon overwhelmed the rebellious undermanned station. Cornering the Grand Mandator, Apanoida requested the Grand Mandator to surrender. Raising his hands to use his magics, he was struck in the back by a Seven Starr Serindia soldier and fell to the ground, injured and stunned the joined Imperial/Rambo forces took Garlboz into custody.

Afterwards, captain Ramniels was left in command of Angforst, giving House Ramcelsior a boost of influance, ensuring their loyalty and support and Angforst, like Lianna-statin now guarded wormholes. With Angforst guarding the wormhole Plateau, the station guarded entrance into the Quadrant Galaxies and was a powerful weapon against possible invasions or threats from the Milky Way and other galaxies.


Ramcard sends Irana and Ramiron to Proogency

Ramiron stood before the door of the office of vice-admiral Ramcard and wondered why he was summoned. To his suprise, a female Chinawkya also waited before given permission to enter the office. She introduced herself as operation officer lieutenant commander Tatsu Irana, who served formerly under command of an Operative. Ramiron never liked covert operations and simply nodded. Suddenly the doors openend and Ramcard beckoned the two to enter his office.

  • Ramcard: "Commander Ramiron, lt. commander Irana I am pleased to see you here at such short notice."
  • Ramiron: "Thank you sir, if I might be so free why are we both summoned?"

Ramcard raised an eyebrow, it was well known that since he was a vice-admiral he didn't like to be questioned by lower officer ranks. None the less Ramcard leaned forward and informed Ramiron and Irana the reason.

  • Ramcard: "Well ofcourse Ramiron, you will be getting a command of your own and lt. commander Irana will join you in this command".

Ramiron looked suprised and smiled, finally he would get his command and a possible promotion, that was until Ramcard told them the two would be send to the listening facility at Proogency where they were to monitor transmissions within the Quadrant Galaxies and monitor Quadrantia Grox activity. Leaving the office, Ramiron was confused, he wanted to command a star ship, not a station or facility.

  • Irana: "Well commander Ramiron, guess we are being send to the most remote and boring position that Rambo Command has to offer".

Both left he following evening and arrived at Proogency and took over, now the two plus doctor Bianca Fiercehart were the three inhabitants of the desolate planet known as Proogency.

Chapter 01: 07 AQFEdit


With the start of 07 AQF, the Quadrant Galaxies started for Rambo Nation with a bad headache due to the Viral Outbreak at one of their largest colonies, Koerband. Mere hours after the outbreak, images and videos spread across the Quadrantia HoloNet for all to see, even by those with bad intentions. The Hutter Kingdom, having a strained relation with both the Rambo and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus monitored the planet from their cloaked ships. Unknown to most, the Hutters had send scout ships into Q82 to monitor all kinds of things, as well as the movements of the New Cyrannian Republic, that was when they discovered something that would change the peace of the Quadrants.

During the year hope arised in the form of the Mou'Cyran Accords but brought new dangers and challenges with it. And as ever since, the daily life with the personal adventures of the individuals of Rambo Nation continue as well, happy things, struggles and sad events marks 07 AQF as the most disturbing year of the Quarantia Disorder!

Month 01Edit

The Outbreak has it's origins in Right Behind You story


Troopers at Koerband mount defenses

At the start of 07 AQF, the crew of the Falcon, among them Voro Acetenus, Corva and Claire Rambo entered Installation 05, located underneath Ramloria City at Koerband. There they witnessed the awakening of the Virals. While they broke out of Installation 05, their fate curretnly remains unknown, as well as that of Tyronius and Stench who remained at the Falcon. As the Virals emerged, they soon escaped the ruins of Ramloria City and spread out over the peninsula, overruning villages and farms when the sun set down.


Virals unleashed

After two hours, Rambo Troopers of Rambo Command began to counter-attack the "flocks" of virals though to no avail. One flock, over 2500 virals moved towards the large city Cardolast, the troopers stationed mounted a big defense but were eventually overrun when they realised that if virals bit you and didn't devour you, within fifteen minutes the victim turns into a viral as well. In a last resort, the entire east bank with it's large appartments and the main road were left to itself when troopers inside Cardolast decided to destroy the bridge that crossed the river. A dark deed that saved Cardolast, but left over 500 troopers and 25.000 civilians to the mercy of the virals. Before another hour was done, parts of the east bank was in ruins and the Viral population had grown immensly. None the less, the Virals refused to cross the river and left the area.

Knowing of the perils of Cardolast, the other city connecting the peninsula to the main continent, Arthenost had set up a large defense around the city, as most of it laid behind a mountain trail at the peninsula. With large fences the troopers stationed there managed to keep the Virals at bay. When the night was over, the entire peninsula was overrun, those that survived were in hiding or tried their luck in day light when the virals were not really active, Rambo Command was powerless to aid those in need that survived the first night. The first viral "outbreak" resulted in the loss of the entire peninsula, expected casualties range over fifteen million civilians with only two cities still standing, the western bank of Cardolast and Arthenost. Other citizens, at New Khaza'Drimiaerh fear that all of Koerband might get overrun if the virals reach the main continent. When the sun set, starting the first morning of 07 AQF, none could imagen the damage done by the virals, videos emerged from citizens being bitten and turned into viral, or that of citizens simply tore to pieces and some even eaten alive by the virals.


Drastic decisions

As the sun rose at Koerband, ambassador Ram'Vell stood at his balcony on his residance in Arthenost. Looking outside, he wondered how long the fences that now protected the city would hold, with the clone trooper garrison executing target practicing on wandering Vamril's, Ram'Vell could only wonder if he knew the person that just got shot. Tiresome of the sound of bullets being fired, his thoughts were interrupted by the elderly fleet-captain Bill Silveria.

  • Bill: "Ambassador, the peninsula is quaratined as requested. Mortis dropships are patrolling the rivers to ensure that no one crosses the rivers without us knowing."
  • Ram'Vell: "Shoot anything that crosses the rivers, tries to climb the destroyed bridges or dares to enter the peninsula from outside, we do not know if it is contagious".
  • Bill: "S-sir? That is..."
  • Ram'Vel: "Bountyhunters and slavers will soon swarm Koerband Bill. They would want to capture Virals to use for sports or slaves, I will not let the Viral Outbreak get off this planet as long as I live! And inform the Empress of our current situation, we might need additional troopers to protect the mainland and the isles. Understood?"

Bill Silveria shot an annoying look at his ambassador, but nodded and saluted before leaving. Ram'Vell sighted, with a sad face he looked outside and wondered if he knew any of the shot down Virals that laid before the fences of Arthenost.


Rambarth and Ramashe recieve news of Koerband by Kya

At the first day of 07 AQF, Ramashe was in conversation with her uncle, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo about important topics, or at least that is what he finds.

  • Rambarth: "My dear niece, you look tired. It is going to be a long day with the celebrations tonight to celebrate the start of 07 AQF".

Ramashe shot an annoyed look at Rambarth, she knew he was flattering her before bringing up some topic or matter she wasn't interessted in discussing with him. She simply asked him to come to the point and be done with it. Taken aback, Rambarth complied.

  • Rambarth: "Why was Ramiron send to Proogency? I wanted you to meet with him in person and.."
  • Ramashe: "I know you want, but the answer is no. I will not marry him, I have feelings for someone else uncle. And if it means to step down to ensure our dynasty, so be it."

Rambarth looked furious.

  • Rambarth: "No you shan't, you are vital for Rambo Nation! Who is to take your place eh? A Libertus is not meant to be a prince of our Nation. Don't be ignorant now you..."

For a second time Rambarth was interrupted, but this time by Marscalcus Kya, a female humanoid who informed both of them about the Viral Outbreak last night at Koerband. Looking at the datapad, both looked shocked and confused. Something had gone terribly wrong, something that could endanger the entirely of Rambo Nation.

  • Rambarth: "We must summon the High Council, best we keep this a secret Ramashe, lest before anyone decides Koerband is a threat is should be destroyed".

Ramashe agreed, but wondered how much had already leaked from Koerband to holonets within the Cyrandia Cluster and what Rambo Command was still able to do to minimise the damage.


Rambo Prime nobles meet

12:00 at the first day of 07 AQF, twelve hours after sunset Lord Ramtainus Ramveral of Rambo Prime meets with the other high lord of Rambo Prime, Ramtterson Ramcelsior at Château St Selenyia. To Ramtainus surprise, Argathon Froramsilia is present as well, a minor vassal house of House Ramcelior.

  • Ramtainus: "Greetings Lord Ramcelsior, thank you for being my host for this meeting. Though you surprise me with the presence of a minor house."
  • Ramtterson: "No need to worry Lord Ramveral, Lord Froramsilia is a vassal of my house and as such I invited him. Now I wonder, why do you want to speak with me?"

Ramtainus smiled, well aware that relations between House Ramveral and Ramcelsior were not smooth, he told the elderly Ramtterson of what happened at Koerband and the danger it might cause for the rest of Rambo Nation. Further more he wanted his support and money for the creation of star destroyers, like the Praetor-class to be build at Cyroenia so that Rambo Prime would get it's own private fleet. Ramtterson Ramcelsior listened with contempt.

  • Ramtterson: "And this fleet will stand under your pro-imperial command? Without the permission of Her Grace I will not permit star destroyer in orbit of our planet."

Ramtainus, furious soon left after the two got another argument. Fearing troubles with House Ramveral, heasked Argathon to watch Ramtainus his doing.

  • Argathon: "Ofcourse my lord, still I wonder. Do you fear House Ramveral might split Rambo Prime in two and rebel against the crown?"

Ramcelsior sighted and sat down in his chair, taking another nip of his Serindia Wine.

  • Ramtterson: "Time will tell my friend, time will tell."

Event takes place in the New Cyrandia Wars


Ships gather near Lianna for an important conference.

Several weeks after the New Cyrandia Wars and the troubles of House le Rambo began, a meeting was called between the New Cyrannian Republic, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Rambo Nation and a newcomer to the Quadrant Galaxies in the form of the Allied Terran Republic. On behalf of the Republic, Apollo was in attendance, joined by his father Willelmus Cretacea. Meanwhile, the Empire sent Apationagtus Grand Mandator Aporyan of the Inner Rim, the Terran Republic was represented by the diplomat Aidan Collins and senator Ram'Lendila was send to represent the Rambo Goverment, escorted by Marscalcus Kya, head of Rambo Command. Present at the meeting was the captain of Lianna-station as well, their host Captain Rambas II. As he walked into the meeting with the aid of his cane, the kindly old Aporyan smiled at those in attendance and took a seat at a table prepared for the dignitaries, followed by the others.

  • Apollo: "Welcome everyone. Shall we get down to business?"
  • Ram'Lendila: "Indeed, we have much to discuss!"

Kya took her seat next to Rambas and awaited the further response of Apollo and his accomplishments

  • Apollo: "In this meeting, we will discuss two things of note. Firstly, the creation of an unofficial Cyrandia Council to discuss matters of a Cluster-wide nature and secondly, matters related to the arrival of the Allied Terran Republic in this region of space."

Ram'Lendila bend his hands together and leaned forward before speaking.

  • Ram'Lendila: "Not only that, Rambo Nation has an official request to make as well, that is why Marscalcus is with us as well. But that can wait before till the end of this meeing. "
  • Kya: "Indeed, though the arival of those mammals from the Milky Way Galaxy disturbs us greatly. Earth doesn't has a good reputation within the Quadrants."
  • Collins: "A fact I hope to change, noble Marscalus. We hope for friendly and prosperous relations."

Kya and Ram"Lendila glanced at eachother and looked in return at the representatives of the Empire. Grand Mandator Aporyan merely smiled at the Rambo delegates and looked at Apollo in expectation. From the back, Rambas turned his gaze away from the wormhole and looked at Apollo as well.

  • Apollo: "As I said, now we'll discuss the idea for a Council that I had. I stress that this is by no means an official organisation, but rather one that can regulate the matters of the Cluster in a dignified manner. For the foreseeable future, only the Nation, the Republic and the Empire will be involved in this experiment."
  • Kya: "This new council, though unofficial, what will it represent? And who will be present? A noble gesture and idea though with some sceptism Rambo Command analysed this."
  • Apollo: "A good question. Merely matters that our three civilisations can agree upon. For example, regulating extragalactic colonisation and coordinating defenses against common enemies, which seem to grow in number every week."

Before Kya could speak again, Ram'Lendila gave Rambo Nation's official approval, Kya in turn looked surprised but kept her mouth, as she was well aware Ram'Lendila was part of House Le Rambo and such matters probably would have already been given a Royal clearance.

  • Aporyan: "A capital idea, my lad. I imagine there are those in all of our nations that will not be too pleased, but progress is progress, and at the end of the day, the Empire wants peace and order for the entire cluster."

Near the window, Rambas smiled. He favored a new cooperation between Cyrannus and the Quadrants, perhaps Lianna-station could perhaps function as a diplomatic station instead of her strategic and defense role it has now been given. Admiral Cretacea stood forward with a smile on his face.

  • Cretacea: "Perhaps Lianna-Station could serve as the seat of this new council, if my friend Rambas deems it appropriate?"

Rambas raised an eyebrow and smiled back at Cretacea, he would be honored. Before he could reply the marscalcus spoke for him.

  • Kya: "That would not be a decision made by Rambas, Rambo Command would want an official request of that before honoring such a demand."

The ambassadors during the meeting at Lianna.

Ram'Lendila places a hand at Kya's hand and looked at her to calm her down. He ensured her that all things would be settled and Rambo Command would be informed of the matter. Ram'Lendila looked at Cretacea and nodded, indicating that Ram'Lendila would bring it before the Rambo Goverment without little problems.
  • Ram'Lendila: "What of the humans? Why are they present at this meeting while we are discussing internal Cyrannia matters? I do not see other races from within the Cluster?"
  • Apollo: "As for the humans, they have nothing to do with the council, though I have invited their esteemed diplomat to discuss a matter that this council would need to deal with."

Both the Imperial and Rambo delegates looked at eachother in surprise and listened to what Apollo had to say next. To their further surprise, Apollo merely motioned to Diplomat Collins, who stood from his seat.

  • Collins: "I am here as an official delegate from my government to request the formation of an alliance with both the Empire and Rambo Nation. I appreciate that many within the Quadrants do not trust my species and in many cases for good reason. However, I assure you that the Human Republic desires friendship and comradeship from the Cyrandia Cluster."
  • Ram'Lendila: "An alliance?"
  • Collins: "Yes indeed. Should you agree that is. There are many in my nation that would be proud to join with the legendary Rambo Nation, whose name and exploits are well known, even across the Gigaquadrant in Plazith."

The Grand Mandator watched on with curiosity.

  • Collins: "In addition, you will benefit from lucrative trade and perhaps most importantly in this trying times, a guarantee of military aid should you call upon it."
  • Kya: "Military aid?"
  • Collins: "We do honour by our allies. Should you call on us, we will answer with our fleets."

Kya and Ram'Lendila shifted uneasy at their chairs, as well as Rambas who looked to the ground. None of the Rambo delegates wished to admit it, but the Rambo were not quite able to give military aid to those in need, let alone protect their own borders upon an attack with their current state of their fleet and military forces.

  • Aporyan: "A rare offer in these unstable times. Would this offer extend to the Empire? If that is the case, we would return the favour with our own ships in your time of need. Perhaps another benefit of the protectorate would reveal itself in such a case."

Apollo looked uneasy at this point. He was no fan of the protectorate forced on Rambo Nation.

  • Ram'Lendila: "I cannot speak at behalf of our Monarch for offer of the alliance, I would advise meeting her highness in person to talk about such matters or with our Hand. As for the protectrate, Rambo Nation was hoping and with this formally requesting the Empire to lift the protectrate and continue our alliance of peace and order."

A silence fell on the Imperial delegates and even Apollo and Admiral Cretacea were shocked. Stepping out from the shadows stood the mysterious Captain Decimius, a Libertus captain with the Empire.

  • Decimius: "An unwise request given the current state of your military not to mention the tensions building across known space."
  • Ram'Lendila: "I did not knew a mere Imperial captain could give advise to our High Council? This is a formal request by us so you could give it to your Emperor. The recent defection of Grand Mandator Garlboz and one of your officers within our space did not show the Empire is holding control over the protectrate"
  • Aporyan: "A repeal of the Ním-Glare Concordat?! I was under the impression that the citizens of Rambo Nation have grown accustomed to this new relationship, for it offers both protection and stability. Take that away and there will be neither peace nor order!"

Ram'Lendila agreed, but told Aporyan that the High Council was feeling their influance was dwindling with the defection and the theft of Angforst.

  • Aporyan: "I grant you that things haven't exactly worked out as planned, but honestly, I blame the people left in charge! Former Confederates and terrorists!"
  • Ram'Lendila: "Perhaps indeed that decision is quistionable. None the less if the Emperor is dissatisfied with it, our Empress is willing to discuss it with him in person if required"
  • Aporyan: "I am sure that the Emperor will settle the matter in a mutually beneficial way. You have my assurance."

Pleased the Rambo delegates nodded and smiled at each other, confident that the events could be worked out. Once the meeting had ended, the staff of Lianna Station served food and drink to the visiting delegates, with Apollo discussing matters with Ram'Lendila, while a visibly troubled Aporyan spoke with Decimius. Meanwhile, Aidan Collins sat next to Kya, who was overlooking the wormhole to the Cyrannus Galaxy with a troubled expression on her face. Though she didn't trust the humans from the Milky Way, she allowed the visiting diplomat to sit beside her. The two humanoids began to chat.


Hutters engage the USS Victory

Shortly after the Outbreak, in Quadrant 89, a D-5 cruiser under command of captain Hut'Kraang approached the wormhole leading into Quadrant 82, far beyond R-7 listening post near the Rambo-Hutter border. To the captain his annoyance, a lone Rambo ship was patrolling the area, the Constellation-Class USS Victory under command of the Quadrantia Humanoids captain Robert Lefler.

Hut’Kraang ordered his crew to de-cloak his cruiser, accompanied by two hutter fighters he engaged the USS Victory:

  • Hut’Kraang: "Disable it’s long range sensors and warp drive! I want to get our ships past those Rambo patrols into Quadrant 82 before they can warn their Rambo Command!"

As the two figthers began engaging each other, the D-5 cruiser opened fire at the unaware Constellation-class and managed to damage one of the warp nacelles and part of its outer hull. Crippled, the USS Victory was left alone as Hut’Kraang began his approach to enter the wormhole.

Smiling in his command chair, he would soon gain a new and more powerful ship to command if all went along his plans, it would perhaps even make him a general within the Hutter Defense Force! Soon if all went well the Hutter would go once again to war! A glorious one that would mean the dominance of the Hutters!


Ramniels studies the data alone in the briefingroom

Elsewhere in Q82, captain Ramniels Ramcelsior of the USS Majestic looked at the viewscreen in front of him, being alone in the briefing room he studied the image his crew managed to intercept, with hailing origins from the Unclaimed Territories in Q82. Intrigued, he studied the image and came to the conclusion that what appears to be a Rambo design was somewhere in a dock, though the design was unfamiliar to him.

Sighting, he leaned forward on his chair and wondered what to do. He decided to head to the bridge to change course as he ordered his crew to change their heading, instead of heading from Javan to Rambo Prime, he wanted to rendezvous at Lianna-station near the borders of the New Cyrannian Republic.

Quadrantia species gather at Lianna-station

Perhaps is old friend captain Rambas II would know more of this mysterious vessel and how best to inform Rambo Command about it.

After a few hours at impulse speed, the USS Majestic approached the Lianna-station, to Ramniels surprise a large folia of ships had assembled themselves at the station: Andormaru, Ca'Leon, Creckel, Xiaan and the Rambo themselves, such a fleet wasn’t seen since the dissolution of the Cyrandia Alliance. Ramniels received permission to come onboard the station and prepared himself to meet his old friend, Rambas and to find out what was going on!

It seemed something daring was about to begin!


Ramashe evacuates the children from the Rambo estate

Meanwhile at the Rambo Estate at Koerband, still out of the reach of the Viral Outbreak, it’s master, Lord Augustus Ceasar Rambo, father of James Rambo and grandfather of Claire Rambo had followed the news closely and in awe. Fearing danger for his estate and the school for noble Rambo Serindia, he wondered if the Government or Rambo Command would take actions to take his current students away to the safety of the Rambo Capital.

Sitting in his wheelchair at the lake at the estate grounds, he looked surprised when a Raven-class transport, a civilian transport hovered above and a person materialized in front of him. It turned out to be the Monarch herself, Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation and mother of one of his students at the Estate, Ramanei Joy Feather. Soon the students present at the estate assembled to meet with the empress, among them the twins Ramjon Martin Ramelzen and Rayria Mary Ramelzen, Ramkilia Barthan Balidurun and Ramanei herself.

  • Augustus: "My lady, welcome to the Estate, we are honored by your unexpected visit!"
  • Ramashe: "Glad to see you again old friend, though I wish it was under better circumstances."
  • Ramanei: "Hello mother!"

Ramashe looked at Ramanei, smiled and nodded to her bastard child. Soon she was in conversation again with Augustus and proclaimed that all the students had to be evacuated from Koerband, and that she personally would travel with them. Most of the students were confused though promised to prepare packing, though Ramanei herself didn’t want to go.

  • Ramanei: "No mother, I don’t want to return to the Capital and my uncle. I barely see you and now you take me to the worst place to live, inside the castle walls where the guards watch me every move like I a prisoner. I dislike it there and I am not free there! Everyone watching and I can’t go into the public, and…".

With a single glare Ramashe silenced the young angry girl, who drove off in anger to start packing. Ramashe did allow her to take her two Scions, a Butterfly and an Elechu with her, probably the only two friends of her at the Capital to be with her when she remained inside the Royal Palace. Within the hour, all the students said their goodbye to their teacher and beamed aboard the Raven-class. Before going, Ramashe turned and asked Augustus to go with her, but the gentle old man refused, he was certain that his granddaughter, Claire who went missing during the Outbreak would go to the Estate, only then would he leave Koerband. Ramashe nodded, placed her hand at his shoulder and gave a swift kiss at the forehead of Augustus.

  • Ramashe: "You are a gentle soul my old friend, be careful and don’t wait too long for her. Don’t let the Outbreak take you too".

Augustus watched the shuttle leave and returned to his pondering, wondering what time would bring.


Delegates in discussion how to act!

Beaming aboard the Lianna-station, Ramniels Ramcelsior met with Rambas, the captain of starbase 08.

  • Ramniels: "I am surpised captain Rambas, what is going on?"
  • Rambas: "Well, something unique I guess, it all has to do something with the recent Hutter attack and the appearance of Mortikran in the Unclaimed Territories. This classified meeting has already started so please be welcome to join us."

Ramniels nodded, entered the hallway he noticed that Rambas his closest crewmembers, commander Jiarn and yeoman Shjrn provided the emissaries with drinks and snacks. Ramniels noticed that Rambo Nation sentator Creckbo Ramdorian was in a heated argument with the Creckel ambassador Ramckel and the Andormaru ambassador AnPthak. Apparantly they couldn't agree on who was to take the lead and who was to be held responsible if something went wrong.

Suddenly the Ca'Leon diplomat Ca'Lippe stormed inside the hall. The large Ca'Leon shouldered above most and his thunderous voice silenced all conversations.

  • Ca'Lippe: "Representatives, it has begun! The Hutter fleet will intercept the command ship of Mortikran within three hours. We must leave now if we want to intercept both Mortikran and the Hutters before they can launch an assault at the Icolian asteroid that holds that possible future ship".

The ambassadors looked at each other, unsure what to decide the conversation heated up again, with Creckbo and Creckel arguing with AnPthak whether or not to launch a combined assault and who was to hold the future ship in their possession. Ramniels spoke with Rambas and asked him if the image he recieved earlier on was the same ship the Ca'Leon was talking about. Rambas admitted the ship beared a Rambo Nation design, though not one currently under construction at the Rowar and as such was an indication that is came from the future, as the Icolian were known to interfere with the currents of the timeline. Suddenly the Xiaan Poseidon cruiser took contact with the station. Indicating that it was about to leave to prevent the Hutters and Mortikran of gaining a powerful weapon.

  • Creckbo: "Then it is settled, we leave at once!"

While Empress Ramashe left Koerband onboard a Raven-class civilian cruiser, together with her daughter Ramanei Joy Feather, the twins Ramjon Martin Ramelzen and Rayria Mary Ramelzen and Ramkilia Barthan Balidurun; Ramashe sat in her private quarters, watching her sleeping daughter, wandering why she hasn't spent more time with her, she noticed she was beautiful but had the same stubborn temper like herself, and the adventurous nature of her late father, Rambam.


Under attack by pirates!

She even reminded herself that even her best friend, Apollo never met her. Perhaps it was time to show her to the public more, let the people know she had a heir, though perhaps not in name and against the wishes of her uncle Rambarth. As well as spending more time with her was something Ramashe promised to herself, she was kind and the argument on Koerband was nagging on her.

While Ramashe her eyes crew heavy with sleep, she suddenly awoke by a violent tremor.

  • Ramanei: "M-mother, what is going on?"
  • Ramashe: "Stay here my dear, I will go to the bridge".

Arriving at the bridge she saw in horror that the civilian cruiser was under attack by a massive Quadrantia Loron-dreadnought and a Kzishaya ship. The two Mirage Cascabels had difficulties with the purple Kzishaya ship, while the Loron-dreadnought targeted the warp nacelles of the Raven-class. Suddenly the civilian-cruiser was caught in a tractor beam and brought while the Kzishaya ship docked and boarded the vessel.

  • Zkhan: "Turn this ship inside out, I want hostages for ransom! Signal that Loron rock moron Qur'Trlan that he stops firing while we are boarding and taking captives!"

While heading to intercept Mortikran and stop the Hutter to take control over the Infernal, Ramniels Ramcelsior was suddenly transported from his bridge of his Miranda-Class, USS Majestic.


Ramniels in conversation with X-im-ta-nark

  • Ramniels: ".. is h-happening!"

The Serindia demanded angrily. Suddenly his eyes grew wide when Ramniels realized where he was. He stood at a lone platform, surrounded by a blue sea and a blue sky. Emerging from behind him, he was approached by three Xiaan insectoids and Ramniels realized what the room with the lone window was.

  • Ramniels: "I am in a chamber am I not? The sky and sea around me is just a holographic illusion is it not? Why am brought aboard your vessel!"

Suddenly he felt a sudden knack of feeling behind him. Turning around to face the window he saw a swimming creature approaching him. He then realized that he was face to face with a Xiaan Poseidon, a rarity.

  • Poseidon: "Greetings Ramniels of House Ramcelsior, captain of the Miranda-Class USS Majestic and captain in service of Rambo Command, military organization of Rambo Nation."
  • Ramniels: "I am honored to meet a Xiaan Poseidon in person, but why am I here I must demand, we have a battle to prepare."

The Xiaan Poseidon introduced himself as diplomat X-im-ta-nark and explained his reasons for bringing him onboard the Poseidon cruiser. Fearing another galactic conflict, the Xiaans were aware of the transmission that Ramniels intercepted earlier on.

  • X-im-ta-nark: "We believe that ship is of Rambo origins, though not of this time. We demand you investigate this after the battle for the Infernal. "
  • Ramniels: "W-what? But why me?"
  • X-im-ta-nark: "Because we believe your hart is pure and honest, and that you could stand against the horrors of confronting the mysterious Icolian!"

A Few Hours Later

Ramniels Ramcelsior, captain of the Miranda-Class USS Majestic looked in awe at his view screen. A folia of Hutter Kingdom ships had already engaged the Infernal, flagship of Mortikran. They were too late to intercept the Hutters. None the less, Ramniels signaled the fleet that he was ready to enage. With that said, the entire fleet of Initiative who had left Lianna-station started to attack both the Infernal and the Hutter fleet. X-im-ta-nark opened a channel to both Mortikran and the Hutter fleet.


Battle of the Infernal

  • X-im-ta-nark: "This is diplomat X-im-ta-nark of the Xiaan Alliance, at behalf of the Lianna Initiative we order you to cease fire!"

The response was clear, as the Hutter fleet began opening fire as well at the Infernal and at the Initiative fleet, it was soon chaos, the battle of the Infernal had begun! Approaching from the rear, together with the Xiaan-Poseidon cruiser the Majestic targeted the engines of the Infernal while the rest of the fleet targeted the Hutters with the Creckel focusing their attention at the Infernal itself.


Initiative Victory!

After four hours of battle, the Infernal was disabled, the Hutter fleet driven off, though Mortikran managed to escape and evade capture, the Initiative decided that the Infernal was to be brought to Rambo Capital where later on would be decided what to do with it.

At the bridge, Basileus navy troopers surrendered and promised to take the ship to the Rambo Capital to await trail. Ramniels stood next to the Creckel ambassador Ramckel who sat in the command chair, while the Andormaru ambassador AnPthak wondered what to do with the Basileus crew.

  • AnPthak: "We should confine them and put them at trail! These traitors….."
  • Ramniels: "They commited atrocities against Rambo Nation, we will decide what happens to them!"

Both AnPthak and Ramckel looked surprised, grumbling both knew that he was right. The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus would not dare to wage war with Rambo Nation, if one of the other Initiative members would capture them it would mean an excuse for an Imperial campgain and invasion.

Ramniels looked outside, proud of the first accomplishment of the Initiative that was a grand success. Rambo Nation now had a powerful ship in hand, and he wondered what the Empress would do with the Basileus crew. Imprison them, or set them free as a good gesture towards Vasuband?


Hostage situation onboard the Raven-class!

In the hallways of the Raven-class, Ramashe and her daughter, Ramenei tried to evade the Kzishaya boarders. Looking outside, she saw the massive QLoron dreadnaught coming closer and closer. Lorons were known to be savages and Ramashe soon grew frustrated by the rock they played when coming closer as it was heard over the intercom.

Flanked by a Royal Guard, Ramashe soon found the Ramelzen twins, Ramjon Martin and Rayria Mary also trying to evade the pirates. Suddenly they faced the leader of the pirates, Zkhan, a large and strong Kzishaya. Zkhan raised his eyebrows, and a cunning smile formed on his lips.

  • Zkhan: "Well well, who do we have here! The Empress herself?"
  • Ramashe: "Brigadier, why do you board a Rambo Nation civilian spacecraft?"

Zkhan and his pirates laughed, pointed his finger at her Zhkan replied.

  • Zkhan: "‘Cause we are pirates my dear. And you are the biggest price one can get for!"

Burning Heretic arrives to safe the day!

At once the Royal Guard raised his staff and shield and stood in front of her, during the ensuing fight Zkhan managed to get hold of Rayria Mary when suddenly a Dreadnought-Class dropped out of warp. The USS Burning Heretic under command of Ramburgo Ramveral at once opened fire at the Loron dreadnought, taking damage the Loron began to retreat. Zhkan, realizing his mistake of boarding the vessel which transported the empress, decided to retreat as well.

  • Zkhan: "Bye my dear Empress, it was an honor to meet you in person your highness. Sadly circumstances force me to leave this party preplanned, none the less I will take this little girl as a token of your generosity!"

With that said, Zkhan and his pirates ran back to their ship, with the Royal Guard unable to prevent their escape the Kzishaya raider, due to its small size managed to evade the canons of the Burning Heretic and escaped into space.

Ramashe, looking outside at the escaping raider, sigthed.

  • Ramashe: "Darn it, first Koerband, than the Infernal threat and now a noble girl getting taken? The noble houses will not like this. Ramanei, contact my uncle, I need his help in this matter and get Apollo on the line as well, I need to speak to him as well!"

This event concluded the first month of 07 AQF!

Month 02Edit

Month 02 will feature two differant storylines, one is featured and focuses on the endeavors of the USS Excelsior, the other will continue the Ortum storyline on this page.

In a different reality, at the planet Koldenwelt the Sinleri prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing often wished to return to his own reality, to reclaim his so believed birth right of ruling the Quadrant Galaxies. Wondering a lone builing in a forest, far away from the Sinleri capital Kael’Thalas and his Wrongly Knights plotted. Having lost track of his sister, Finduliaë he was unsure how to act as the political climate of Koldenwelt was becoming dangerously unstable. Looking in the orb in front of him, he suddenly saw a shadow moving in it from behind, turning around he saw a most disturbing yet attractive sight in a most confusing way.


Liloth and Bloodwing perform a dangerous ritual!

  • Kael’Thalas: "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

At once two Wrongly Knights entered the room and raised their shield and weapons at the female intruder, who identified herself as Liloth. Approaching the prince she touched his cheek and placed one arm at his armored chest while raising her leg in a seductive manner. With a sultry and hoarse voice she began to speak.

  • Liloth: "My dear prince of the Bloodwing line, why not send these guards away and let us talk alone and in private, I can show you so many things."

Licking her lips with her tongue her hand went from Kael’Thalas chest to his lower man-hood. Kael’Thalas grabbed her hand and looked angrily in her eyes.

  • Liloth: "Well, you are no fun at all. Sad, I was in a good mood!"
  • Kael’Thalas: "What do you want creature, why are you here".

That being said, Liloth simply smiled and began to explain her reasons. She was send here by her master to bring the Sinleri home, but for that he needed to create a portal to bring his people back as they were never meant to be in the place they currently are and they only had this once chance. Channeling her powers into the orb in front of Kael’Thalas, the Sinleri prince used his own powers and saw what she meant and what lay before him and his conquest to bring the Quadrants under his rule! The first steps had been made, the first pawn were set into motion, now it was only a matter of time when he arrived to begin a new quest against the galaxy, and he knew exactly where to take control of. But first, he had to assemble his legions and a portal to open!

In his chambers in the Royal Palace on the Rambo Capital, Apollo sat at his desk doing some paper work for his position as both the Repubic's Proconsul and the official representative to Rambo Nation. Suddenly, a flashing light on his desk indicated that someone was trying to contact him. Pressing the holographic light to activate it, a hologram of Empress Ramashe appeared, with a concerned look on her face.


Apolla and Ramashe talk over holo channel

  • Apollo: "Ramashe, you look worried. Is something wrong?"
  • Ramashe: "Yes my friend, I need your assistance!"

Apollo's face grew quickly concerned too.

  • Apollo: "What has happened?! Are you hurt?"
  • Ramashe: "No, luckily not, though pirates managed to kidnap one of the noble children. This could lead into a crisis within our Noble Houses if we don't find her soon. I would like to ask you aid in finding her"
  • Apollo: "I am always willing to help, I'm sure that Republic Command would send a ship to help in finding this child. Which family did this child belong to?"

Ramashe smiled in grattitude.

  • Ramashe: "That is one of the problems, she is of House Ramelzen, of the protectrate of Ramalivua, a fragile peace lies upon that planet. She and her brother are all that is left of that house."
  • Apollo: "In that case, her rescue is of vital importance for the continuation of peace and order on that planet. Send me your coordinates and I shall meet you as soon as I am able."

Ramashe thanked her friend, and send Apollo the coordinates of her Raven-class transport.

  • Ramashe: "And there is something else my friend, if we meet I want you to meet someone before my uncle prevents its, my daughter."

Apollo's eyes widened in shock and he cleared his throat theatrically.

  • Apollo: "... A daughter? I never kne... I didn't know that you had a daughter, Ramashe?"

Ramashe smiled sadly, closing her eyes she nodded, a lone tear rolling over her cheek.

King Huttelett III, the Hutter ruler of the Hutter Kingdom sat at his throne, on the Hutter capital Huttlangia, bored and tired of listening to an entire day of his councillors and their wishes for war against both Rambo Nation and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. At the third day of the second month, times were going fast for his benevolent rule.


A New Dawn of the Hutter Kingdom!

Though sometimes he wondered whether or not his people were stupid, waging war against two super powers within the Cyrandia Cluster would bring another galactic war upon the Quadrant Galaxies and destroy the infra structure of Quadrant 89 and 82.

Suddenly dark portals opened within the throne room, without guards inside the sealed throne room Huttelett watched in awe what occured. Emerging from the portals were humanoid beings clad in red and gold armor. Another female figure emerged as well, looking more demonic than humanoid she began to speak.

  • Liloth: "All hail King Huttelett III of the Hutter Kingdom, my name is Liloth, and I bring good tidings and a new dawn for the Kingdom, with new allies in the form of the noble and just Sinleri"

Huttelett looked disgusted, and spat out his next were in anger.

  • Huttelett: "Liloth? Bah, I heard y're name seducor. You are evil. Begone! I have no patience to listen to like of you!"

Suddenly one of the Sinleri, this one without a helmet stepped forward. With a heavily decorated armor Huttelett guessed he was someone important.

  • Kael'Thalas: "Hail my Lord! I am Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing, I am here to tell you that your burden of rule is not yours anymore!"

That being said, energy crackled from both hands of the Sinleri Prince, Huttelett felt the energy hitting him, unable to scream in pain and agony, he saw the dark and evil grin of the Sinleri Prince and the seducor before his vision turned dark, and his live slipped away.....

Vice-admiral Ramcard sat in his office, behind his desk Ramcard placed his hand on his fore head. Having a headache due to recent events a few days prior, events in the first month of 07 AQF included the destruction of Angforst, the presumed death of vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral and the return of the Quashowan. Not to mention the recent theft of the Infernal, former flagship of Mortikran and sieged during an operation by the Lianna Initiative and a recent hostage of a noble girl left Ramcard tired.


Ramcard summons Ramkamura to explain the theft of the Infernal

He was feeling old, and being the sole vice-admiral meant a lot more work for him. His thoughts were interrupted by his pupil, lietenant junior grade Chiäe Giusti who informed him that rear-admiral Ramkohma Ramkamura had arrived as requested.

  • Ramcard: "Let him in, you can stay as well Giusti."

Chiäe nodded and opened the door, entering was the rear-admiral with the fancy hat and walking stick. Saluting the rear-admiral smiled.

  • Ramkohma: "Greeting old friend, you look troubled vice-admiral."
  • Ramcard: "Please Ramkohma, we know eachother for quite some time now, in my office please adress me with my name, even with my lietenant present."

Ramkohma nodded and leaned on his walking stick.

  • Ramkohma: "Very well Ramcard, I know why I am here. The theft of the Infernal is a mystery, though investigation indicates that is was an old acquintance was involved in the theft, the bounty hunter Emtor, one of the few who escaped your attack at the Syndicate during the Great Cyrannus War."

Ramcard slammed his fist on the table, furious his eyes narrowed.

  • Ramcard: "Blast that eluding, green, slimy, notorious and annoying Muunilar. I already dispatched the USS Excelsior to hunt down the vessel, but I want to know how they were able to escape you eyes from Space Dock and.."

Both admirals were surprised to see the lieutenant Giusti leaning on the vice-admirals desk, wondering in surprise she pressed in a button.

  • Giusti: "Sorry to interrupt admirals, but Intelligence informs us that the Hutter Kingdom has changed leadership, whom seem to have hostile intentions."

Ramcard sighted, with Ramkohma looked horrified.

  • Ramkohma: "Great, another threat. Just what we needed in these already troubled times."


Riordan's goal!

At the fifth day of the second month of 07 AQF, at the planet Ramalivua an adventurer found his goal in the nortern section of the planet. The Rambo Serindia explorer Riordan Rambertan entered a dark temple, with a skull as entrance. Having found clues of a possible location of an Atlantica artifact hidden in the northern parts of Ramalivua, Riordan guessed it was within this very temple, known to the locals simply as Skull Temple and a place to avoid. Unless you are a brave explorer like Riordan himself. Muttering to himself he climbed the steps and entered the temple, a lone misty hallway led downwards into the mountain, eventually revealing a large rotunda with a frightening statue holding exactly that what Riordan was searching for.


Riordan attracts company inside Skull Temple!

  • Riordan: "I-impossible, it truly is here! And so simple! An Atlantica artifact!"

Suddenly he heard a noise behind him, the purple mist revealed a Quadrantia Humanoids|Quadrantia Humanoid clad in black armor, her upper body revealed a massive cleavage, distracted he watched in wonder and at guard at the approaching girl. Placing her hands behind a back, an energy saber came alive as the girl smiled wickedly.

  • Lana Yrel: "Greetings explorer, I am glad you proved the temple safe. Now hand over the artifact to me, my master requires the watching stone".

Raising an eyebrow he was intrigued to learn it was a watching stone, somehow he felt used by unseen powers.


A clash to begin at the footsteps of Skull Temple

  • Riordan: "Well pretty lady, come and get it yourself if you want it".

The girl smiled again, but before she could move in a massive shadow emerged from the mist and knocked her out with a single stroke of its massive fist, sending the girl into the wall, a sickening sound was heard as she fell to her knees unconscious. Wondering how such a large form could move so silently Riordan flew to the artifact, got hold of it and flew away, over the massive brute and into the hallway leading to the exit. Outside Riordan came to an sudden halt as various brutes with axes and humanoids clad in white and blue armor stopped him. Emerging from the temple, carrying a massive hammer the brute from inside roared in anger.

  • Bolgrash: "Get away Stormcarver, the bird is a trespasser over holy orc grounds. He is mine to just!"

The young girl, surrounded by her knights looked grim and angry, as Bolgrash came closer, towering above both Riordan and the girl knight she didn’t draw her weapon and simple looked at the massive orc.

  • Valeeria: "Stand down Bloodhammer, you know you are beyond your boundaries, the temple can only be approached without weapon, you know the rules."
  • Bolgrash: "It is our temple Stormcarver, but for the respect of your lord, take the bird with you, he looks tasty though."

Riordan and Valeeria depart ways, perhaps till next time?

Valeeria Stormcarver looked disgusted but nodded. Turning around, she signaled her knights to withdraw.

  • Valeeria: "Follow me Serindia, leave the artifact, that is an orc relic and if you don’t want to be responsible for the death of countless by the war you are about to start, you leave it there"'.

Riordan muttered and protested but handed over the artifact. Before he could ask about the fate of the girl inside the temple, he was knocked out by Bolgrash Bloodhammer, who claimed it was a parting gift.

After a two hours of walk, Valeeria and her knights were close to the area where Riordan landed his ship, whom he believed in stealth and was unable to be found. Surprised by the cunning and abilities by mere knights with swords and shields he approached Valeeria, who as turned out was a lieutenant of Ramalivua Tirith.

  • Riordan: "You cost me my artifact my honey".
  • Valeeria: "I am not your honey Serindia, you almost caused a war. Leave now and I will not arrest you, for the friendship you share with the Empress".

Riordan grumbled and turned, the girl was as ice cold as the white color of her hair. However, he was not easily to forget the Artifact, something like that was worth a fortune.

Back at the temple, the girl with the saber had vanished, much to the disfavor of Bolgrash.

Near the end of the second month of 07 AQF, an important gathering happened at Huttlangia, the new ruler of the Hutter Kingdom, the Sinleri prince Kael'Thalas set his plan into motion.


The Kingdom is formed!!

Present were the Sinleri Lady Liandra of Ramalivua; the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel warlord Anjulius Gaitonius; Hutter general Hut'Pmec and the demonic entity Liloth. The room, guarded by Sinleri guards and the Wronly Knights, they all awaited their last arrival, the dangerous orc known as Bolgrash Bloodhammer.

  • Kael'Thalas: "Welcome all gathered, like minded leaders of those blessed by the Arcane Lights of the Tormentor! We are often misunderstood and cast aside, diverse yet powerful we strive to overcome our differences and are now united in order to win our freedom for our people, to prosper within the Quadrants that are dominated by others. We shall fight for our survival, let the Kingdom arise and we shall change the political geography within the entire Cluster!"

All the delegates bowed in respect, recognising the Sinleri Prince as their overall leader and head of state for the now unified Kingdom, a force that is awaiting their time, promising peace with all while behind their borders they prepare for conquest, conflict and train all races to be able to use Hutter vessels.

As the Prince sat down again, a wicked smile formed at his face, the Kingdom would wait in silence as they began to build up their forces to claim back their rightful place within the Quadrants, and all would start at Ramalivua, though he had to located his younger sister, Finduliaë Bloodwing as well before he could make his move.

Month 03/Month 04/Month 05/Month 06/Month 07Edit

The following months, peace settled down for Rambo Nation and they continued their daily lives. The following months are crossovers with the New Cyrandia Wars!

As life continued within the Quadrant Galaxies, the Cyrannus Galaxy was plunged deeper and deeper into the New Cyrandia Wars.

Month 03

Apollo, Ramashe, Iovera IX, Tyraz, Maryah and others on Mou'Cyran during the signing of the Accords.

As the third month of 07 AQF drew close, the Cyrandia Cluster saw a new hope rising, an important diplomatic event took place on the New Cyrannian Republic capital of Mou'Cyran. In response to the recent upbuild in tensions throughout the Gigaquadrant and the recent forming of the Lianna Initiative, Proconsul Apollo gathered many of his political allies from across the universe to form a new alliance dedicated to the restoration and preservation of peace. Within several days, figures such as Empress Ramashe, Iovera IX, Tyraz and Maryah arrived on the planet and along with Apollo signed the Mou'Cyran Accords. Over the next several weeks other powers such as the Salsetthe Republic, the Republic of Cirith Beleg and the Naakjian Confederation joined the alliance. Political commentators pointed to the signing of the Accords as a representation of the growing political influence of the New Cyrannian Republic, perhaps at the expense of the Empire, throughout the Gigaquadrant. Many within the Quadrants however saw it as a new beacon of hope, a successor to the now defunct Cyrandia Alliance and a force of good.

Month 04
Desolation of the Bisistar 02

Rambo Nation joins the Mou'Cyran fleet against the Bisistar

The fourht month was mostly a quiet month for Rambo Nation, though that was to change when the Great Battle against the Bisistar broke out. Within the Cyrannus Galaxy, a new front of the Wars began in Coru Secundus when the enigmatic Bisistar Domain launched what seemed to be an unprovoked attack against the New Republic world of Venetia, new homeworld of the Republican Ermitant. Rallying the forces of the newly formed Mou'Cyran Accords, including Rambo Nation as well as many other allies including those from both sides of the ongoing schism outside the Cyrandia Cluster in the defence of the innocent world. In what is considered by many to have been as large as many of the titanic battles of the Great Cyrannus War, the allies fought bravely to defend Venetia, ultimately emerging victorious despite massive allied losses. In an apparent gesture of goodwill, the Galactic Empire agreed to lend some resources to aid the Republic's reconstruction of Venetia, with many in the Republic considering it a measure to ensure the Republic's neutrality in the ongoing insurrection in the Outer Rim and a measure to ensure the Protectrate's loyalty to the Empire as well.

Month 05
The fifth month of 07 AQF saw a historic event, the Imperial Entanglement.

The Emperor's Shuttle arrives at the Rambo Capital.

In what many considered a surprise act, Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon made a rare public visit to the capital of Rambo Nation in order to celebrate the third anniversary of the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat and the beginning of the Rambo Protectorate. The resulting state visit saw both Imperial and Rambo delegates mingling at an impressive state dinner during which the Emperor discussed the future of the Concordat with Ramashe, informing her that it would not be a permanent fixture. In addition, the Emperor bestowed Ramashe with the title of Grand Mandator of the Quadrant Galaxies with the remainder of the state visit consisting of a twelve colony tour of many of Rambo Nation's most powerful worlds, showing the new level of friendship between the Empire and the Rambo, despite the violent beginning of their relations.


Rambo ships come to aid the Empire in need at Antemurale!

Month 06

The sixth month was rather uneventful for Rambo Nation as whole.

Month 07

The seventh month of 07 AQF saw the beginning of the second year of the New Cyrandia Wars. As the Cyrannian Imperial State began its siege of Antemurale, the Empire was in cornered and suffered heavy losses during the Battle of Antemurale. Ramashe decided to honor her promise to the Empire and dispatched a fleet to join the Empire against the Cyrannian State, resulting in a victory over Antemurale.

Month 08Edit

The eight month of 07 AQF saw the delayed test run of the Typhon-Class timeship.


USS Aquila approaches the USS Typhon

At the start of the eight month of 07 AQF, the Rambo Serindia rear-admiral Ramnenia Ramfrozen stood at the bridge of the USS Typhon, the first operational Typhon-Class time ship in service of Rambo Nation, the newest superweapon in service of Rambo Command since the destruction of the Angforst by the dreaded and enigmatic Quashowan. Sitting in the command chair, he looked at the viewscreen in front of him, as the rear-admiral of the Rambo Command Temporal and Royal Command (RCT&RC) department he hated delays, and his awaited arrival was already fifteen seconds overdue. Thinking back, he was proud to acknowledge his own accomplishments, given the difficult task to create such a weapon by Supreme Empress Ramashe herself, he managed to secretly test certain assets when he took command of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation Agandaur upon the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF where the Rambo sided with the United Republic of Cyrannus against the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Sadly, instead of the promising victory that was on the horizon, the URC was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and all changed for the Cyrandia Cluster.

One of the Seven Starr Serindia Soldiers, the elite commandos of Rambo Command approached him, whispering in his ear that his arrival was approaching. Watching the view screen again, he smiled when he saw the Bonaventura-Class of captain Shivrt, the Feolhviaeri captain of the USS Aquila approaching.

As the USS Aquila docked with the USS Tyhpon, captain Shivrt joined the rear-admiral on the bridge.


Ramnenia and Shivrt meet onboard the bridge of the USS Typhon

  • Shivrt: "Greetings rear-admiral Ramfrozen, it is an honor to be requested to be onboard this vessel".

Ramnenia smiled and welcomed her onboard, beckoning her to follow him to the ready room left of the bridge the two sat and began discussing the rear-admiral’s plan.

  • Ramnenia Ramfrozen: "Captain Shivrt, you probably heard of the recent Congregation attack, repelled by vice-admiral Ramcard himself eh?"

The Feolhviaeri captain nodded, though wondered how it was possible since the Tigris War was decades ago. In turn, the rear-admiral smiled once more.

  • Ramnenia Ramfrozen: "They came from an anomaly, a rupture in the space time frame continuum, something my department is tasked with monitoring and if necessarily repair and counter. With this ship's most powerful weapon, we shall attempt to close the rupture in space, as it still poses a possible threat to Rambo interests. And you will command the vessel my dear."

Shivrt was taken aback, often considered inexperienced by senior officers- though she fought against the Confederacy and the Syndicate during the Great Cyrannus War; she was honored and shocked at the same time, but promised the test would not be a failure. After she left the ready room, Ramnenia smirked, often wondering how his once honest means turned into shadowly and often frowned upon measures to ensure the Nation’s protection. His department was secretive, a fact that had to be maintained at all costs. If the test would fail, he would simply notify Rambo Command that the experimental carrier was lost due to the inexperience of captain Shivrt, if they succeeded, both would be reporting their finds directly to the High Council and the Empress herself.


USS Typhon attemps to close the rupture!

The next morning, rear-admiral Ramnenia Ramfrozen entered the bridge, to his surprise captain Shivrt was already there.

  • Shivrt: "Good morning sir, I studied all night and I ordered part of the crew to work the night, we are already at the rupture’s point of origin and the weapon is already loading. We shall be ready to fire within six minutes".
  • Ramnenia: "Y-you did what?"

Shivrt raised an eyebrow in confusion, as did some crewmembers. Noticing the reactions of the crew and the captain, Ramnenia gulped and complimented the crew on their initiative and ordered them to continue. After six minutes, the weapon fired at the rupture, a beam of pure swirling energy hit the rupture, tearing space apart and putting it back to together. Suddenly a massive tremor was felt at the bridge as the USS Tyhpon was being pulled towards the rupture, sending the crew sprawling to the ground. Finding his stature, Ramnenia looked at the nearby monitor, energy measures were of the scale. Frightened, he turned to captain Shivrt.

  • Ramnenia: "Shut down the weapon, immediately. Tests never showed these results, shut down the weapon and full speed backwards or we will be torn apart!"


An unexpected appearance?

Suddenly the rupture opened again and eventually closed with a final purple swirl of light. The crew, Seven Starr Soldiers, rear-admiral Ramnenia Ramfrozen and captain Shivrt remained silent at the sight in front of them. They all saw the once proud bastion of Rambo Nation in the Tigris Galaxy shimmering into existence, the large ring-world was once the proud seat of House Ramgrath.

  • Ramnenia:"True, but this is…"
  • Shivrt:"Sir, all ships in orbit of the planet are changing, they are the eldest and original designs, time frame scanners show that they are being changed to our most modern standards, as if they never were destroyed at all? Sir we are being hailed!"
  • Ramantas Ramgrath: "This is captain Ramantas Ramgrath of the USS Hathaway, sir what happened just now? How comes Ramirith now is located in the Quadrant Galaxies?"

Ramnenia looked at Shivrt and smiled, the test was a far more successful than he could ever have anticipated or hoped for!

Hours later, late at night, the assembled High Council looked tired, summoned for an emergency session in the middle of the night made their mood not at all pleasant when both captain Shivrt and rear-admiral Ramnenia Ramfrozen entered the room. The only one that seemed satisfied in the room was Marscalus Kya.

  • Robert: "What a smirked face you have this night, Marscalcus"

An annoyed and obviously chagrin Robert Jonathan Lefler, the Master of Economics shot at the head of Rambo Command. Kya simply ignored the remark and beckoned all to take their seats, the elderly Rambo Founder leaned heavily on his staff and his bones cracked when he took his seat next to Lefler, hiding a yawn. Next to Kya, his honorable Judge Magister Ramgaarbath took place, still ordained in his decorated armor. The entirely of the room fell silent when sickening smiling Inquisitor Chi Chodecra, the dark armored Hand of the Monarch and servant of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus entered the room, followed by a sleepy Ramashe who still wore her sleeping gown. Ramashe took her seat at the head of the table, with the Inquisitor standing next to her. Annoyed she demanded why the summit was made at this time. Stepping forward was rear-admiral Ramnenia Ramfrozen who took the word.

  • Ramnenia: "Honorable and high esteemed High Councilors and your Grace, Supreme Empress Ramashe, protector of the Nation and 7th of the Royal Dynasty. With great pleasure and delight I inform you of the successful test run and maiden voyage of the USS Typhon, our time ship!"

The entire room fell silent, Robert coughed and raised an eyebrow in confusion.

  • Ramgaarbath: "Rear-admiral, you summon us all for just this? Could this not wait till dawn?"

Ramnenia bowed and beckoned Shivrt to come forth.

  • Shivrt: Honorable assembled, the test resulted in the closure of the rupture from which a Congregation cruiser emerged from months ago. A notable, and in our own personal opinion the side effects were far more interesting and benefiting for the Nation as whole.""

Ramashe leaned forward, while the Inquisitor grew far more interested, this could be important to inform Emperor Tyrómairon after all.

  • Shivrt: "The anomaly and closure of the rupture ensured a shift in the time space continuum, positive and negative energy resulted in the return of the entire Tigris Colonial Sector, colonies and bastions like Ramirith, Ramhall and Tircos have all been relocated to the Outer Colonial Sector in their state before their destruction by the Congregation. Furthermore, all ships that were present at that time seem to have been updated to our current standards by the anomaly, all effects of the anomaly are gone and space returned to normal."

The High Council Assembled

  • Kya: "We already began to inform all present what happened and are educating them about what happened between the Tigris War and the current status of Rambo Nation, including rules and regulations. This will probably take a week or so, fleets shall be reassigned as well. Currently, we have three quarter of our former ships numbers and personal back before the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF broke out. Though far stronger than ever because of the anomalies update. My honorable present, Rambo Nation now is far stronger than ever before, with more citizens and our once proud Tigris Colonial Sector has returned in full strength as if the Tigris War never happened."'

'*Rambo Founder: "A blessing or a curse by the Atlantica? A shift in the space time continuum is dangerous and unpredictable."

  • Ramashe: "But this is a kind gesture of their good will isn’t it Founder? Let us make use of our new position, with our new fleets size we are once again a force to be reckoned with. By sunset I want numbers people, ship numbers, names of the returned officers, estimated time of deployment and an economic re-evaluation now that we have so much planets back, as well as a reason for the public how this happened and new special high lanes mapped."

All began to rise to leave, get some sleep before they had to set their departments to work and get their rapports ready for tonight, yet the Founder raised his voice.

  • Founder: "Your Grace, now that we have forces back? Perhaps we can re-consider our position and policy we have concerning the Seven Starr Alliance? Many fought before them during the Tigris War, as we are now attempting for the Mou'Cyran Accords as well."

Ramashe shot an annoyed look at the Founder,

  • Ramashe: "We shall not Grand Measter, any act by the SSA within sovereign Rambo territories remain an act of war, though now we can execute our will with the new fleet sizes. As for the Accords, it is our vital intelligence source of what goes on beyond the Cyrandia Cluster. I will hear no more of, understood for all of you? Like House Ramdorian’s motto says, Water is Rising;- let the SSA drown in it."

That being said, Ramashe left the room, leaving a saddened Grand Measter behind, none of the other councilors spend a word on the matter and left as well, all with their own thoughts and plans. The Founder grew worried, what would other super powers within the Gigaquadrantwould think about the Rambo messing with the space time continuum. It could attract unwanted attention, or for one bring them back within sight of the dreaded and feared Xhodocto. For one, Chi Chodecra hastened himself back to his office, to contact the Emperor personally of what suddenly happened. This could change the Protectorate s position and honorarium of the Nim-Glaré Concordat permanently.

Mere days after the meeting, the HoloNet was filled with joy about the return of Ramirith and the strengthening of the Navy. As a result, Rambo Command increased her patrols and began enforcing her threats to block any SSA operation within their own space.

At court, many nobles were pleased with the current events, while others feared a new conflict it would spark. Elsewhere, at Aecor the Cogsangui commander, Rtas'Shagili looked in wonder at the Zevian Skull, unknown to him the events of the return of the Tigris Colonial Sector, at the same time it happened the Skull showed a fracture that wasn’t there before.

Month 09/10/11/12Edit

Month 09

Under pressure and begging of Apollo, empress Ramashe sends Rambo Nation ships during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone in Cyrannus, among them captain Han'Ateeshe and captain Muunithar.


The Syndicate is reformed at Nal Amroth

The Syndicate returns! During the tenth month of 07 AQF, various criminal associates met at the ruins of Nal Amroth, owned by Rambo senator Gorubla. His fellow attendees included the orc Snargom Bloodthirst of Ramalivua and the slaver Xidan of Sanderhal. Together the three agrees that the infamous The Syndicate was to return under their rule, all three to become the leaders and members of the Board of Masters, the associates deciding the policies and rules of the Syndicate.

Trouble in the Royal Palace

Trouble in the Royal Palace!

With Gorubla's knowledge of Rambo Nation policies and patrol routes, and influance within its government the Syndicate was sure to escape the sight of Rambo authorities. Backed up by the strong green orcs of Ramalivua, who acted as the main guards and enforces among the Syndicate and with Xidan's space ships the Syndicate gained a better position than ever before. In the following days, the Board of Masters began searching for associates, bounty hunters, smugglers and slaves to serve within the Syndicate ranks. The personal slave of the Board of Masters became Aur'Lumniassa, who was tracked down by Gorubla for his personal pleasure.


The titanic Battle of Vasuband erupts.

Around the same time, Empress Ramashe, Apollo and Maryah were involved in a dark plot in the Trouble in the Royal Palace, threatening the lives of the leaders and peace amongst them! Luckily, the timely arrivals of many managed to save the lives of the leaders, though revelations were revealed and magical powers unleashed upon those unsuspected!

Month 11

Nothing major yet.

Month 12

Empress Ramashe travels to New Draka to aid Maryah and the Collective's plan in Project Exodus!

The Rambo also send forces to participate in the siege of Vasuband, ending the threat of the Cyrannian Imperial State.

With the end of the New Cyrandia Wars. a new dawn has arisen as the Tertius Bellum begins!

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