After Rambo Nation lost the first major battle against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus during the Battle of New Ramhall the Rambo lost their entire colonial sector in the aftermath. Now the Cyrannians had sieged control over the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole on their side in Cyrannus.

In a counter measure Rambo Nation send her most powerful weapon, the Angforst to guard the wormhole on their side (Quadrant 82), backed up by a sizable fleet. In result the Cyrannians were thwarted in their plans to invade the Quadrants with such a powerful weapon at their arrival point, yet the blockade of the wormhole also meant a economic setback for Rambo Nation citizens. Simply due to the fact Rambo Nation ships were inspecting more and more cargo vessels.

Yet on both sides plots and plans were made, and though the Cyrannians and Rambo were so focused on eachother that both forgot that there were also others who had their own ideas about both the Rambo and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Both sides are making plans, one for defense the other for invasion. Plans and plots have to be made, pieces have to be moved before an act can be taken.

Battle of New RamhallEdit

The Battle of New Ramhall was the first open battle between the Rambo and Cyrannians. After the Emperor openly declared the Cyrandia Alliance as traitors the citizens of the Cyrannus Galaxy agreed to drive away all none native Cyrannians away to their own home galaxies.

Battle of New Ramhall 01

Rambo vs Cyrannians!

With the failed arrest of former president Apollo the Emperor knew very well that the Rambo Nation Cyrannus Colonial Sector was one of the only safe regions to escape to. Without them, rebels and other none likers of the Empire would see their hope crumble and as such he ordered captain Pierea, Commander Mortikran and a large Cyrannian fleet to attack the new capital of the Rambo in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

The battle was hard fought, but over time the Rambo were defeated when one of their commanders, Sephis was killed and another, Claire Rambo was captured. As such the Rambo Nation troopers surrended and New Ramhall came under possesion of the Empire. Mere day after the fall the entire colonial sector fell, including planets as the Shrine of Selenyia and even Lord Ambassador Ram'Lindilia was captured by Cyrannian troopers when he arrived at the battle. Further more the Rambo Nation part of the FoR was defeated at the wormhole and the Empire sieged complete control of the Rambo Colonial Sector within the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Sadly for the Empire, Rambo Nation had send the Angforst at their side of the wormhole, thwarting the plans of the Empire to invade the Quadrant Galaxies!

Important summonsEdit

With the loss of the wormhole in the Cyrannus Galaxy and the entire colonial sector the Rambo Senate was in shock and was desperate. Some Senators raised voices to use the weapon of the Angforst to close the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole for good. This way the Cyrannians had no way to enter the Quadrants anymore.

However such a decision needed the approval of the majority of the senators their votes before it could be brought to Empress for a final approval. Some senators disagreed, still believing a solution could be found for the difficult times a head. One of them was an advisor to the Empress herslef, known as the Rambo Founder! Upon his stay in Luthrionicae, a harbour city at the capital he summoned Admiral Ramaxar, Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal and Senator Chuinaylia for a special meeting. The three were confused, as the Founder rarely spoke to senators and militairy officers.

Lacrima a Vinyar 01

Summons by the Founder!

  • Rambo Founder: Welcome my friends, and grattitude for the swift response of all of you! I summoned you here for an important matter, which could endanger.....
  • Admiral Ramaxar: Spare me your pleasantries Founder, I know why...
  • Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal: Let him speak Admiral, you should more respect to the ancient founder of our Nation!

The Lord Senator said in anger. The young Chinawkya senator, Chuinaylia said nothing and was silent as she wasn't sure what to think of it. She had little experience with the stubborn Admiral and the noble Founder. The Admiral snorted and left the discussion, much at the dismay of the Founder and the Senator Lord.

  • Rambo Founder: Hmpf, well I will not delay any longer. I summoned you here to stop the vote to close the wormhole. It would be unwise and dangerous.
  • Senator Chuinaylia: I understand the importance my lord, but why would it be dangerous? It is our wormhole after all!
  • Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal: I will explain my young one, the wormhole is indeed owned by our Nation. However closing such a thing would probably anger the other Cyrandia allies, especialley the quick to anger Hutters.
  • Senator Chuinaylia: Oh, my apolagies my lords.
  • Rambo Founder: No need my dear, you are still young but a promising senator that is why I summoned you too. Sadly the Admiral left, he could have been useful to convince the more militairy senators and Rambo Command in seeing their wrongs.

And as such the conversation lasted for hours, with the three discussing the various means to try to convince the senate to vote against such a drastic measure. During the session the servants of the Founder prepared lunch, thee time and diner for the three guests to make them feel more at home.

When the evening fell both Ram'Thrandeal and Chuinaylia left, convinced and boosted with a great resolve to stop the vote to close the wormhole. Such a desicion would not only cripple the economy of Rambo Nation even more, but also isolate Rambo Nation from potential rebel factions in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Criminal dealings?Edit

Senator Chuinaylia, the young Chinwakya senator sat in her senatorial office at Anummiae, one of the three moons of the Rambo Capital. Chuinaylia sighted, she was tired after the recent session of the Rambo senate about whether or not to close the wormhole leading to the Cyrannus Galaxy. The debate has lasted for over five hours, without result and the Chancellor of the Crown suspended the session until tomorrow.

As such Chuinaylia went back to Anummmiae, where she was studying new posibilies to convince the rest of the senate of their mistake if they would close the wormhole, not only at economic side but the Rambo never had closed a wormhole with force before, and as such no one knew the possible results. Would the wormhole close without problems or in the worst case, draw the entire sector into a wormhole, including their most prized weapon the Angforst. Suddenly Chuinaylia was disturbed by a famillair voice, which she hoped she did not need to hear again. The voice belonged to a dreaded and dangerous figure.

Lacrima a Vinyar 02
  • Morglûkia: My dear and beautiful senator of the eastern part of Quadrant 82!
  • Chuinaylia: Hmpf, Morglûkia. How did you get in here?
  • Gorubla: Now now dear Chuinaylia, do I hear some disrespect and distaste in you voice? My nephew is my guest and wanted to speak to you too in private.
  • Chuinaylia: How delightful then Gorubla, I though my schedule wasn't open for meetings last time I checked?
  • Morglûkia: Yes yes, a strong and bold spirit. Cut the crap, I come for important matter my dear. Remember, we once made a deal? Now I come back upon that deal as your empress her dreaded space station is blockading all trade routes to Cyrannus and I am missing quite some profit now.

Chuinaylia frowned, she showed she wasn't happy with both Gorubla (who she now began to mistrust a bit) and Morglûkia enter her office. Now the crimelord came back upon their deal which was made in the 12th month of 04 AQF, shortly after the Confederacy conquered Ivalaë. Her deal with Morglûkia allowed her to bring one of his bounty hunters, named Ktrn to save the Chairman. In return she gave Morglûkia a special pass for free clearance from Rambo patrols for a year. Yet now with the second month of 05 AQF a full year hansn't past yet. Chuinaylia felt sweat rolling down her spine and she downed. Morglûkia was a dangerous crimelord and wouldn't hesistate to kill her if he didn't get what he wanted. And now with an important session that would not be good at all, not that she wanted to die at young age for that matter. Chuinaylia sighted and both the slug like creatures smiled.

  • Chuinaylia: Very well Morglûkia, I will keep my end of the bargain.
  • Morglûkia: Ofcourse you will, do you want to have it public we had dealing? I wouldn't think so my dear.
  • Chuinaylia: Sight
  • Gorubla: Well, come on Chuinaylia. I do not like waiting, nor I guess would your Dread Lord trooper like a criminal in your office.
  • Morglûkia: Mark you words nephew!
  • Gorubla: Ah, yes I am sorry nephew.

Suddenly Chuinaylia threw a disc to Morglûkia, who though with his massive size still captured it with his fast reflexes. Morglûkia looked at the disc and smiled. He had done it again, the disc showed a small window for small crafts to pass the station and head into the Cyrannus Galaxy. Morglûkia nodded and left Chuinaylia her office. Gorubla looked confused, but was waved away by Chuinaylia who was a bit angry at Gorubla for letting Gorubla in.

State Visit by Draconid ImperiumEdit

At the last day before the 2nd month of 01 NE was over Rambo Nation was preparing herself for an important state visit by Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconid Imperium. The Rambo and Draconid were having contact for some while now, though in low profile due to the Draconid' relations with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. And Uriel requested a low profile visit due to the threat looming of the Quadrants.

Ramashe walked outside of her palace in Tirithsilliana as she was informed by Rambo Command that a Draconid shuttle had started her landing sequence. The shuttle contained Uriel himself, who visited Ramashe for a short state visit. Ramashe was delighted, she always liked meeting new rulers of other empires.

As the suttle landed the door opened and exiting was Uriel, dressed in a formel attire. Uriel looked around him, flanked by four Blood Dragons, his elite guard he walked to Ramashe under the welcoming cheers of a small group of Rambo Nation citizens. Uriel noticed Ramashe herself was flanked by two heavily armed Serindia, who he read about were her Royal Guard.


Ramshe and Uriel meet

  • Ramashe: Welcome oh great Paragon Uriel XVI of the Noble Draconid. I hope you had a good journey travelling to our home planet?
  • Uriel : Thank you Empress Ramashe of the Rambo. The journey was fine, but difficult to stay in low profile. You security measures and increased fleet movements make it a bit more of a challenge.
  • Ramashe: Haha, I can understand that, my apoligies for that.
  • Uriel: Not needed, the reasons for it are very clear as we face the same problems.

Ramashe smiled at the comment, after the formel greetings Ramashe and Uriel joined eachother to meet in the Royal Palace. Taking place in a chair Ramashe and Uriel got some former photo-shoots for the Rambo Media, who promised to publicy it after the visit was over. After the media was gone Ramashe and Uriel talked about various matters. And Ramashe noticed Uriel was gentle and noble, like adventures and was a gifted warrior. One of the topics Ramashe really wanted to discuss were the three colonies set up by the Draconid, as she hoped she could one day visit them, though she also warned Uriel that the only way into Andromeda also made his colonies a target for evil empires. Further topics contained the culture of the Rambo and the Draconid, as well as the threat of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Uriel was happy that Ramashe agreed with the colonies and made no problem of it, Uriel was well aware that the Rambo were very protetive of the Quadrants. As the talking continued for hours they evenutally went for a banket in the harbour city of Luthrionicae, where Ramashe her Residential Palace was located. After the banket the two walked around the shoreline and Uriel was impressed with the various wildlife that walked among the buildings, doing no harm and living in harmony with the citizens of the city.

Near the end of the day, after a small concert by local children and visiting the Great Library of Rambo Nation in Ramerodaras the party returned at the Royal Palace where Uriel his shuttle was still waiting. Saying eachother goodbye and the best wishes Ramahse promised that if possible, she will visit Alcanti, the homeworld of the Draconid.

Month 03 (01 NE)Edit

Elsewhere, in the Quadrant Colonies of the URC, who were still loyal to democracy learned of the rumors that the Rambo senate wanted to close the wormhole leading to their home galaxy, Cyrannus. Not wanting to be cut off their homegalaxy, which would ensure a certain invasion from Rambo Nation. Backed by their space stationthe URC representatives held an emergency meeting to discuss recent events. It was clear what to do, the Rambo must be prevented in closing the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole.

The Rambo must be stopped at all costs!

Battle of AngforstEdit

As such at the start of the third month of the Dark Times, a week after Morglûkia visited Chuinaylia at her office the loyal Quadrant colonies of the URC decided to act against the Rambo.

Lacrima a Vinyar 03

Cyrandia vs Republic

At the change of the night the Commodore was sitting in his command chair in the massive bridge of the central tower of his beloved station, the Angforst. The Commodore was bored, after weeks of guarding the wormhole and stopping once in a while civilian freighters or ships nothing major happened. It seemed the Rambo their enemy, the Cyrannians were cowards and didn't dare to engage their station. As of a sudden the alarm of the station rang!

  • Commodore: Commander, what is going on? Why is the alarm ringing?
  • Commander: Eh, I am not sure your honor.
  • Commodore: What do you mean you are not sure? Get into it and find out you moron!
  • Commander: Eh your honor, a large fleet is coming out of hyperspace.
  • Commodore: WHAT? Are it Cyrannians?
  • Commander: No your honor, it are Republic ships?
  • Commodore: Fools, target all weapons, raise the shields, battlestations and open fire at every ship coming out of hyperspace. Inform the defensive fleet as well. It seems action is coming our way commander.
  • Commander: Eh your honor, weren't the URC our friends? I get messages by the captain if they understood well? Do they have to open fire?
  • Commodore: MORONS, they want to breach the wormhole! SOMEBODY FIRE! FIRE EVERYTHING!

And as such the area around Angforst was blazing with photon torpedoes and phasers by the station towards the advancing URC fleet. The URC fleet responded with their own blasters and targeted the station as well. However the nearby Cyrandia fleet dropped out of warp and started to engage the URC ships as well. The URC ships, led by a massive Phoenix-class reigned down upon the station and began fighting the Rambo fleet between the massive towers and spirals of Angforst. Yet resistance by the Rambo was fierce as various Excelsior classes were present and even a Suiliagothrond Battlestation was present to defend the station. Further more various Cognatus ships arrived together with a Xiaan cruiser and various decloacking Hutter ships. Within minutes a massive battle was fought between the towers of Angforst, chrashing ships and debris damaged the station and both the URC and Rambo faced heavy casualties. Yet it seeemed the Rambo and their allies gained the upperhand as two Rambo dreadnoughts arrived from warp and joined the station. The URC, strong as ever were now cornered, even though their light cruisers could match the agility of the Rambo and Hutter ships, they still faced the weapons of the Angforst and the enemy fleet.

The vice-admiral of the Phoenix class realised something had to be down and exited the towers and set a course to the rotating glossair rings, which are used to support its massive structure. Yet the Rambo fleet was not fooish, and at once they set an intercept course and it seemed now that battles were raging between the towers and the lower sections of Angforst.

Yet there are some who see the battle as a dangerous oppertunity. When fleet captain Mjärt arrived onboard the USS Zalara the tide of the battle turned in favor of the Rambo and their allies. The massive ship of Rambo Nation proved vital in supporting and resupplying Rambo ships and gave covering fire from above. The URC fleet was trapped and needed a miracle soon!

The URC fleet in despair, cornered the allied fleet was pushing back the URC ships! The cannons of the Angforst were firing relentless firing at the URC ships, they suffered heavy damage and many were forced to move away from the massive spirals and towers of Angforst. Unable to breach the defenses of the Rambo, various URC captains were moving their ships out of harms way and prepared to retreat.

Refusing such an action, the commander of the Phoenix-class (the captain was killed after the bridge had suffered an attack by a quantem torpedo) made up his mind and prepared for another assault, backed up by various Venators.

Meanwhile at the command tower of the Angforst the Commodore planned something else, if he was to succeed he would change and scar the face of the Quadrant Galaxies forever.

Lacrima a Vinyar 04

Setback for the Rambo and their allies!

  • Commodore: Tactical officer, reposition the rotating weapon and target the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole.
  • Officer: Yes your honor! It will be done. Please stand-by.
  • Commander: Your honor, we cannot do this. The senate didn't approve the closing of the wormhole nor do we know the effects if we do it. Tactical officer stand down at ONCE!
  • Commodore: Neglect that order, charge the weapon at maximum power and hurry with it. As for you commander, I do not care what the senate said. They are not here at the fronlines nor do I want the Cyrannians to take advantage of this battle. Stand a side or I will REMOVE you from the bridge. Is that understood commander?
  • Commmander: Ofcourse your honor, but I still do not.....
  • Officer: Your honor, the weapon is charged at 82%, if we charge further we will drain the shields.
  • Commodore: Well done, target the wormhole and FIRE!

While the station charged her rotating weapon the allied fleet and URC fleet noticed what happened as a massive energy surged across the station. The Rambo and their allies pressed their attack, allowing the Angforst a free way to target the wormhole. The URC captain tried as hard they could, and managed to fire at the weapon but the shields wouldn't collapse. Furious the commander of the Phoenix-class knew what to do. To save his people and prevent the Rambo, who he still considered as friends, he had to take drastic measures.

The Phoenix-class charged it engines and laid in an interception course with the weapon, though the cannons of the Anforst were delaying the massive ship, as did various Rambo ships with firing phasters and torpedoes. Suddenly the Phoenix-class blurred as it activated it's hyperspace engines and launched herself into hyperspace. The ship never made it far, as it chrashed straight into the Angforst her massive weapon, the resulting force destroyed the Phoenix-class who broke in various parts and overloaded the massive weapon, sending waves of energy through the massive station; crippling her massive weapon and overloading the shield generators. The Angforst was stunned, and explosions rocketed her interior. Further more, the allied fleet was in despair as their beloved station was crippled.

Surpring, both fleets stopped firing at eachother as with the weapon crippled, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had arrived in the Quadrants! Exiting the wormhole various star destroyers began firing at both the Rambo and URC fleets!

Angforst was breached and the Cyrannians began their assault!

Yet the sudden appearance of the Imperial Navy the URC remnant and the Cyrandia allies stopped firing at eachother and targeted the GEC ships. Together with the aid of Angforst the Imperial Navy was prevented to break through the defensive lines of the Rambo and their allies and were forced to fight around Angforst. Yet the new Imperator-class Star Destroyers were a ship kind not seen before by Rambo Nation, the URC Remnant or the Cyrandia Allies. Their massive fire-power managed to disable many of the older Rambo Nation ships with a few critical hits. Though a Galaxy class or the Xiaan Poseidon cruiser could stand against the onslaught for a while, Hutter ships also suffered the same fate as some of the older Rambo Nation ships.

Lacrima a Vinyar 05

USS Enterprise-A arrives at the Battle of Angforst!

Though the Cyrannians had one disadvantage, they were outnumbered with the URC and Cyrandia temaing up again and were forced back to the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole. Though moral was low as the allies only could hold off the Imperial-class star destroyers and didn't manage to destroy one of them. Suddenly, in the middle of the battle the USS Enterprise-A arrived, under command of Captain James Rambo! The arrival of one of the most famous ships of Rambo Nation boosted the moral of the allied forces even more and they began pressing their attack!

  • Captain James Rambo: All ships open concentrated fire at the star destroyers, do not let them mpass!
  • Unidentified Rambo Captain: It of no use, they are too strong! Shield are failing and AAAAAAAARGHHH............... <cut transmisstion>.
  • Unidentified URC Captain: We will aid you Rambo allies! All Venator class star destroyer, back up the Rambo and Hutter ships, do not let them face the cannons of the Imperial-class star destroyers!
  • Unidentified Xiaan Captain: Opening fire! We will drive them back to Cyrannus!

And as such, with the aid of Captain James Rambo the allied forced united. Combining the agility of the Rambo and Hutter ships, backed up by the heavier fire power of the Xiaans and the URC ships various Imperial ships were destroyed. Over time the allied forces managed to gain the upperhand in the battle and drove back the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. After hours of battle the second major battle between the Empire and the Nation was over, and this time it was a victory for the Nation and their allies!

Yet the battle came at a high cost, many lives and ships were lost, the main cannon of the Angforst'disabled and it's commander, the Commodore had perished during the battle. Further more, the sudden attack by the URC and counter attack by the Rambo and their allies didn't mean all trust was back, and voices were raised to held a meeting to solve their problems.

It later came to Rambo Command their attention of how fortune was at their side, as rumors had it that the Cyrannian fleet was a recon fleet under command of High Admiral Zillum himself. In the aftermath of the Battle of Angforst Senator Chuinaylia was contacted by the Imperial senator Guolivian that another fleet was trying to enter the Quadrants and engage the Rambo Nation forces. Not knowing what to do she decided to ponder over the Imperial senator his words, yet Chuinaylia wondered why the Cyrannians would engage the Rambo again after their loss at Angforst.


Ramashe and Riordan meet.

Around the same time Senator Chuinaylia was contacted by Guolivian Ramashe was sitting alone in her office, the death of her son left her in great grieve. Suddenly, she rose from her chair by the fire and approached the Rambo Founder, who was meditating on a nearby balcony. Walking up the wise old Serindia, she told him that she was going for a long walk. The Founder, knowing what state the young empress was in since the death of her only heir protested and demanded that Ramashe bring some Elite Guards with her, for protection. However, Ramashe was stubborn and simply raised her hand, silencing the old advisor, who grumbled and returned to his meditating.

Ramashe donned her casual attire and strolled out of the Royal Palace, unseen by civilians who failed to recognise her. She strolled along a beach, watching the sun rise while crying about the loss of her baby boy. Her walk led her to a small spaceport on the shore of the sea, still quiet for the time of morning. However, as she approached a bar, she felt a strange feeling in her stomach when she saw a young Rambo explorer. She approached the figure and extended her hand in greeting. He looked at her for a few moments and bowed his head slightly, telling her that he knows that she is the Empress and that she is trying to escape from political life for a few hours. Ramashe was shocked by the figure's intelligence and asked his name, to which he responded was Riordan Rambertan, a native of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Riordan and Ramashe talked for many hours about their history and their plans until Ramashe noticed the sun was setting. She smiled at Riordan and planted a kiss on his cheek, telling him that they should keep in touch, before she turned around and headed back to the Capital, where a surprising event was about to occur...


Mere hours after the battle of Angforst the Rambo Founder was walking through the streets of Rambo City, the capital planet of both Rambo Nation and the Rambo Capital Planet. The skies were bright blue, the birds were singing and the weather was warm, people were smiling and everything seemed fine, as most days went on at the Capital.

The Founder noticed a young girl approaching the bridge and various Rambo troopers, and remembered her as one of the smugglers in service of Morglûkia. He narrowed his eyes, he didn't like criminals yet it seemed the authorities never could get something to use against Morglûkia and his employees. All of a sudden the sky turned purple and a massive portal opened near the bridge! The Rambo troopers responded at once, taking defensive positions and the young girl hide behind a statue. The Founder approached the portal also, cautious he didn't knew what kind of portal it was. For sure it seemed it didn't came from the Realms of the Gods. Suddenly a massive arm erupted from the portal, soon followed by a twisted and misformed head.

Paradox 01

Paradox appearance!

The troopers hesitated for a short moment and the Founder stepped in!

  • The Founder: Hold your grounds troopers, open fire at once!
  • Troopers: Yes sir, opening fire!

As one the troopers reacted and opened their riflets, however the impacts only angered the entity more and it roared. The sounds coming from it mouth drove the troopers to the ground and windows shattered within a kilometer distance, as well as various buildings collapsing. The Founder raised his staff:

  • The Founder: Be gone creature of evil! Return to your realm you filfth!

Suddenly the entity smashed his arm and killed all troopers within one swipe of his arm. The Founder raised his staff again and fired a bolt of lightning to the entity, while signaling for Uruviel to stand behind him. When Uruviel moved, the creature simply watched and seemed to smile. All of a sudden the creature vanished again and the portal closed. Surprised the Founder looked at the young girl and raised an eyebrow. Somehow the creature seemed to recognise her and he grabbed her hand.

  • Uruviel: What are you doing old man? Release me or I will bitch slap you!
  • Founder: You may try, but it seemed the entity recognised you and as such you will meet the Empress. You have some explanation to do girl.
  • Uruviel: The, the Emp...Empress? You are bringing me to her? I.... oh ..

The girl fainted and fell to the ground. Sighting he grabbed her and the two teleported to the Empress her palace.

When Uruviel finally awakened after almost half an hours she found herself in a strange yet modest and highly decorated room. Something she never had seen before. Looking over the edge of the plattform she found herself on she realised she was in a place she has never seen or heard from before. Below the ground seemed miles away, while the sky around the seemingly tower (which seemed up side down) hang high above the waters and ground. Further more near the towers various battlestation hovered in the air nearby. Suddenly she heard voice and Uruviel decided to enter the throne room where she found the Founder and Empress Ramashe in a fierce discussion, and both didn't seem to agree with eachother.

Paradox 02

Ramashe orders the Founder and Uruviel to solve the paradox!

  • Ramashe: So you are telling me that you do not know who is causing these paradoxes?
  • Founder: Indeed your highness. I do not know who is causing these paradoxes only that my recent study made me realise that somehow the balance in the devine world is in disorder.
  • Ramashe: I REFUSE to believe the Atlantica are the cause of this, Founder I will not here these stories again about an Atlantica war with other mythical creatures.
  • Founder: But my lady, it seems the balance of the elemental energy is disturbed, otherwise the paradox entity would not appear! Even the USS Relativity sensors indicated that the time continuum is being affected somehow.
  • Ramashe: SILENCE! We cannot need these kind of problems with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus standing at our doorsteps.
  • Uruviel: You Highness, if might disturb. I am Uruviel and I also witnessed this "paradox" you were talking about. And as my father thaught me, troubles always come at the same time.
  • Ramashe: It seems this young girl you brought is a crafty one. None the less Founder, since you have survived together with this girl you will find out what these paradoxes are, where they are coming from and how to stop them.
  • Founder: Ofcourse my Lady, I will use the USS Relativity to locate them and find the source.
  • Urvuiel: But Empress, I am not a freelances. I stand in service of...
  • Ramashe: Silence girl, matters with Morglûkia are already taken care of. Now go, solve this mystery as you also survived a paradox encounter.
  • Founder: But my Lady, is it wise to let a smuggler at the USS Relativity?
  • Ramashe: Do NOT question my orders Idrioalthaórien! No go with haste before we have nothing left to defend against the Empire of Cyrannus!

The last sentence said by Ramashe were said in great anger and despair. The Founder even turned his head away from her, he disliked seeing her furious especialley when she called him by his true name instead by his common name. The Founder nodded and walked away with Uruviel, he didn't like going on the hunt against such dangers and using the USS Relativity, a dangerous ship when it would fall into the wrong hands. Further more the Founder reminded hismelf that the Empress sometimes forgot that he also ruled over the Serindia once, but he dismissed the thoughts when Uruviel begin firing question after question at the Founder.

Further more, upon the Founder and Uruviel heading to somesort of portal found near Rambo City, believed to be a result as the Paradox Rambo Command was unaware of the plans of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus who were preparing their own fleet to invade the Quadrants under command of High Admiral Zillum.

Paradox Gate

A Paradox Gate

Meanwhile around the time the Founder and Uruviel went to investigate the Paradox It turned out the two found somesort of gate, however with the Paradox and the Entity gone both the Founder and Uruviel did not knew what to do. Even using the sensors capabilities of the USS Relativity didn't reveal any anomaly activity, not at the Capital nor within Quadrant 82. Surprised both looked at the gate, and however even though it was shining brightly the two couldn't enter it. When the Founder touched it he was blasted away and looked surprised.

  • Founder: What in the name of the Atlantica is this magic?
  • Uruviel: You are asking me? Pff, you must be getting senile as I do not know anything about these matters. No matter what your Empress claims;;.
  • Founder: Mind your language child, you are speaking to the Founder after all, and I refuse to listen to insults to the Empress. Is that understood?
  • Uruviel: Yes daddy!
  • Founder: Why you little brat..

Yet before the Founder could finish his sentence Uruviel seemed to be in another place entirely. Her eyes turned away and her body was rocketing with spasm, the Founder smiled. It seemed she was getting a vision, perhaps a direction of what to do. When Uruviel awoke again she looked greatly hurt, and upon her telling what she saw the Founder understood that she was Atlantica fighting against somekind of enemy and some were even losing. The Founder nodded, he didn't knew what exactly what was going on but he was sure where they had to go when Uruviel descriped an ancient and dark tower at a remote planet. It seemed they had to face the sorceror of Carnthedain. Suddenly the gate seemed to open and sucked in both the Founder and Uruviel.

Rambo City 250 NEEdit

Travelling the Paradox

Travelling the Paradox

As the two indviduals were sucked into the paradox the area around them turned bright and colorfull, loosing all senses of where up and down was Uruviel felt sick and even the Founder didn't feel all too well.

After a while both found their stability and noticed the Paradax seemed to be somekind of wormhole. Surprised the two tried to talk to eachother but Uruviel was too sick to respond and had to surpress the feeling of throwing over.

After a while, according to the Founder the travel laster around half an hour, for Uruviel it lasted for eternity and two seconds too long. Exiting the wormhole the Founder safely landed outside the time gate while Uruviel fell face first in the mud and she had to throw over. Feeling sick the Founder tried to heal her with a bit of magic, and she fell a bit better than before though her motion sickness, as she exclaimed it she only had it by travelling by Paradoxes. The Founder smiled upon the comment and looked around. To their surprise they xited the portal near high walls, in the area the Founder recognised as Rambo City. Though it didn't look like it at all. Uruviel looked around too, and commented that everything seemed to wrong. Suddenly she pointed to a higher located plattform when they approached the walls, close to a gate into the city.

Rambo City 250NE

Rambo City 250NE

  • Uruviel: Founder, look, look it is the creature again!
  • Founder: Indeed, I see. It is the Paradox creature.
  • Uruviel: But how did it follow us? How did it get here...
  • Founder: It is better known as Gogmaloe, a Paradox creature said to have been misformed after he was caught by a Paradox.
  • Uruviel: Oh, so it is actually a sad being? I almost feel pity for it. NOT!
  • Founder: Didn't knew you got angry Uruviel, I only....
  • Uruviel: Yeah yeah, you wanted to inform me with your wisdom. I feel sick, ended up in a Rambo City I do not recognise, being ordered by the Empress I never met before AND I am stuck with YOU! YOU the fatherly figure of all Rambo Nation.
  • Founder: Listen girl, I didn't asked for you to....
  • Uruviel: Blah Blah blah

Suddenly the argument between the two stopped, as the entity known as Gogmaloe noticed the two, and worse recognised the Founder. The entity looked angry and roared! All around them suddenly various entities appeared and approached both Uruviel and the Founder, and not with good intentions it seemed.

Lacrima a Vinyar 06

The Founder, Uruviel vs the Paradox

The two ran into the city, encountering a panicking Quadrantia Zazane who told them the Nation had fallen. Near the gate leading to the city the area was surrounded by dead bodies of Rambo troopers, being eaten by the various Vamrasht. Uruviel felt even more sick as they entered the city where the screams of civilians were heard, explosion and shattering glass. The Founder nodded, it were the last sounds before a city was laid to rest, an eternal rest that is. Getting to the highter passway they eventually travelled to the middle of the city, after disposing various Vamrasht. In the middle of the city, a lone paradox like creature was giving directions to the Vamrasht who were attacking the civilians.

  • Founder: Paradox creature, what maddness has fallen upon you?
  • Uruviel: Ugh, he is not only ugly was crazy as well.
  • Rambas: My name is Rambas, last ruler of the Nation, valiant defender of Rambo City since the fall of the Nation.
  • Uruviel: Ah, a great defender at that is seems....
  • Rambas: Don't you DARE TO JUDGE ME GIRL! We stood for ages against the onslaught of the Paradox, left alone by all our allies and enemies. All of the Quadrants were taken by it, we were the last and now Gogmaloe returned and opened my eyes. Behold doom is upon us, against the Paradox cannot be fought. As such I lowered the shields. Now embrace the Paradox for a life of eternity!

The Founder snorted and raised his staff while Uruviel got herself a blaster, while Rambas summoned various Vamrasht to his aid. The ensuing battle was short, Uruviel didn't need to fire a bullet as the Founder shot various beams of light from his staff, killing the various Vamrasht and hitting the Paradox Rambas dead on. The former Serindia snorted and swiped his arm at the Founder, he and Uruviel were sent flying into the air. When Rambas wanted to kill Uruviel, who was hesistant to fire at a Serindia the Founder shot a blast of pure energy straight through the hart of Rambas, who collapsed and spasms rocketed his body before his final breath.

The Founder sighted, he had killed a great Serindia, though in another dimension it still felt wrong. All around him the world changed, the flames and ruins of the city vanished as both Uruviel and the Founder found themselves back travelling through the Paradox Gate. Exiting the portal they found themselves back at their original Rambo City in 01 Ne, though their day wasn't over yet!

Month 04 (01 NE)Edit

The fourth month of 01 NE, or like some reffer to it as the tenth month of 05 AQF, but the term 01 NE become more common to use.

Battle of the Rambo CapitalEdit

Shedding their eyes against a bright light, both the Founder and Uruviel believed they were watching against the sun upon their exit from the Paradox Gate. Sadly things turned out most differant when the bright light turned blue and even from Rambo City, the Founder knew a massive wormhole was opened high above in space.

All around him citizens of Rambo Nation, whether they one of the Ramboidae, Humanoids or other all looked in surprise and awe to the skies above them. The Founder grabbed his staff and leaned on it, breathing heavily and grasping to his hart the Founder knew what was going on.
Fall of Hope 02

The Empire arrives above the Rambo Capital

  • Uruviel: Old man, what is going on? Are you all right?
  • Founder: No I am not my dear, I have been too late. I walk this planet for centuries and now I am out of time.
  • Uruviel: I don't get it Founder, what is going on?
  • Founder: The cloak of Darkness has fallen, one of the prophecies is coming true.
  • Uruviel: Prophecy?
  • Founder: Yes, the cloak of darkness signals a difficult time, and if we are not in time the One that has been Forgotten will rise again, bring ruin to the Quadrans and engulf even this darkness and bend it to his own will.
  • Uruviel: C-can w-we stop them?
  • Founder: Arrived THEY have, behold the coming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus!.

Uruviel narrowed her eyes and saw, from the wormhole various Imperator-class Star Destroyers and Venator-class Star Destroyers arrived and upon their exit openend fire at the Rambo ships who were still docked in the various drydocks. Those ships which weren't docked immediately turned around and began opening fire at the arriving Cyrannian ships. The Founder tried his transmitter, to warn Ramashe of the coming danger but to no avail. It seemed the wormhole was jamming all signals around the Rambo Capital. The Founder looked at Uruviel, a miserable look for such an ancient and wise man. He gave Uruviel a hand and told her to get to her ship and get off the Capital. If she found any Paradoxes, she had to try to stop them and find the destined One to save the Nation now darkness has fallen. Uruviel tried to ask who it was but the Founder said that he only knew it was a girl which had royal blood, from a line of ancient kings and queens. Uruviel nodded and ran away to her ship, which was landed near Rambo City. The Founder himself summoned his powers for teleportation and headed to Rambo Command. Arriving at the command center he saw Admiral Ramaxar shouting commands at the comm, it seemed Command was able to get communications back online. He approached the old Admiral, who in turn looked angry and sad at the same time.

  • Ramaxar: It is no use Founder, the Empire is preventing the launch of our full fleet. They either disable the ships who are still in the dock or either destroy them. The docks out of range of their weapons have been boarded by teams of Mortalitas and Basileus troopers and have secured the drydocks, preventing us from launching our own ships. Even our prized Suiliagothrond Battlestations have been boarded and are not operational. We are losing more and more ground and it will only be a matter of time before they breach our lines and land an invasion.
  • Founder: I know my old friend, the planet has fallen the moment the battle started. We must resist and fight to the end. Send our dreadnoughts who haven't fallen or disabled and let them bring down the star destroyers.
  • Ramaxar: That has already been done Founder, you must take the USS Relativity and escape the planet, I will see to it that the Typhon-class and the not yet finished USS Polarity will not fall into the hands of the Emperor.
Lacrima a Vinyar Battle

Lacrima a Vinyar upcoming battle

The Founder nodded, he knew this was goodbye and teleported himself onboard the USS Relativity, a Wells-class and the most powerful and secretive ship of Rambo Nation together with the Typhon-class. Using the controls he gave the signal to the nearby ships and powered up the engines of the USS Relativity. An Ambassador-class, Excelsior-class and Kelvin-class engaged an approaching Imperial star destroyer, however the Kelvin-class was soon destroyed by a sudden arrived Venator-class star destroyer. Yet they managed to keep the flank of the drydock holding the USS Relativity safe. As it exited the drydock a Galaxy-class fired a volley of photon-torpedoes to open a way, yet nearby another Galaxy-class was being destroyed under the hammering cannons of an Imperial-class star destroyer. As the Typhon-class approached a Rambo Dreadnought fired her photon torpedo-bays empty at a nearby Venator-class, allowing both the Wells-class and the Typhon-class to escape the battle using warp-drive.

As more and more star destroyers arrived above the Capital, the Imperial fleet commander Zillum changed his tactic as it seemed various Rambo ships who managed to escape the battle were gaining an upper hand, using the agility and speed of their ships. In response Zillum ordered his fleet to fire everything, including torpedoes and blasters at full power. As such the battle lasted for hours and eventually most of the Rambo ships were either disabled or destroyed and the space fleet above the Capital surrendered.

Meanwhile the ships that escaped the battle warned the major fleets stationed at Rambo Prime and Koerband and news began spreading across the newschannels that the Capital had fallen under attack. Back at the Capital, Zillum was happy as his ships were rounding up the remaining resisting Rambo ships and planned an invasion of the Capital herself.

Yet the Rambo were not yet defeated, a large Rambo fleet gathered near the Shipyards of Rowar to make a counter attack at the Imperial fleet. Joined by the Droner-class starfighters that had been given to Rambo Nation by the Girdo Empire many years before the Rambo were confident they could drive the Empire away. The Droners were still under the control of Ambassador Ten'Trantia, whose body remained a resident of Rambo City instead of becoming part of the Apalos Temple Ships along with the rest of the Girdo Galaxy's former inhabitants.

Even after a large battle against the entire forces of the Syndicate, around eight million Droners remained, a swarm that outnumbered the Rambo ships a thousand to one, and could conceivably defeat the remaining Imperial fleet within the Quadrant Galaxies so long as all circumstances went in their favour. However, Apalos knew perfectly well that the Droners would stand no chance against the entire Imperial Navy, already numbering millions of capital ships and constantly increasing in size, and did not want to send any more support, as such an action would result in an open war between itself and Cyrannus. Instead, Ten'Trantia ordered the Droners to move into a new formation, and sent a message to all of the Rambo Armed Forces:

Droners and Korolev

The Droners assigned to one Korolev-class heavy battle cruiser begin to move to surround it.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. But this has to be done. There is no way that the Rambo can be victorious. In conventional forces, you are outnumbered and outgunned beyond all hope; in support by the Gods, there are enemies that can delay their aid for long enough for you to fall. On the planet above us, the Empress is close to capture as Imperial troops launch the largest ground invasion seen in recent years. Now, by all means, it is possible... there is some faint hope... that Tyrómairon's blitzkrieg will somehow be defeated. But it will mean nothing.
You should consider surrender. The Empire of Cyrannus is far from the worst society in which to live, and trust me, please trust me, what tyranny is there will one day end, and there will be peace across Cyrannus and all its satellites. But that time is not now, and there is not a thing that you can do that will bring its rise prematurely; a little bloodshed will help no-one and will do nought but hurt all of your families and all of those that love you.
The legacy of Rambo Nation, the Cyrandia Alliance, and all that stood for freedom and liberty in this galactic cluster will never be forgotten, and nobody will think worse of you for ending your part in this war in this way. Across the universe, none will think that you surrendered out of fear, or out of turning your back on honour; all will know that you chose not to fight because you want peace in the Quadrants, and that this battle would have achieved nothing. Your friends will tell your story in the way that shows you in the brightest of lights, and your enemies will tell your story in a way that will show the Empire as symbols of peace; you can be sure that, if you surrender, both groups will say the best about you.
As I said... I'm sorry. I'm really,
really, sorry. But there is no other way for this to work. And I hope you can forgive us when Orbispira shines once more.

As soon as the speech ended, the transmission was cut. By this time, the Droners had encircled all of the Rambo ships, both those in the drydocks and those on the emergency defence lines. The fighters then fired a volley of transphasic ion cannons at the surrounded spacecraft before beaming Ten'Trantia off the planet and vanishing to elsewhere in the Quadrants. The Rambo fleet was left disabled and defenceless, at the mercy of the approaching Imperial war machine.
BattleRamboCapital 01

Imperial Walkers lay siege to a Rambo city.

Within two days, the Empire began it's invasion of the Capital. Though they faced heavy resistance from the Rambo troopers and armies, it soon became clear both sides would face heavy casualties before a resolution could be found. Even the natives aided the soldiers who bravely defended the homes of the Rambo citizens. Sadly, with Zillum leading the assault, aided by both Nirndal and Garlboz the tide turned in favor of the Empire. As Zillum gave the order to use a new Walker, the massive Oblivion-class Battle Walker, a 50 meter (164 feet) tripod capable of crushing entire buildings under its feet the Rambo ground forces were driven back. It allowed the Empire to reach the outskirts of both Rambo City, and especially Tirithsilliana, home to Empress Ramashe. Zillum himself led the charge into the Royal Palace, providing cover fire for his troopers with the mighty cannons of the Exactor, destroying the vestiges of Rambo anti-air phasers, allowing bombers to bomb military installations, before eventually landing troopers inside the city. Citizens all across the metropolis either ran for their lives, or hide inside their houses, allowing Imperial troopers to search for potential enemies. All across the city, Rambo and Imperial warriors fought to their deaths, with both sides facing heavy casualities, however in the face of such heavy invasion forces, some Rambo officers began surrendering, with others escaping the carnage to fight another day.

Fall of Hope 06

Zillum and Nirndal talk with Garlboz.

Meanwhile, Zillum met with Nirndal over the city in the Terror of Stars, a Mortalitas Dreadnought, where the two discussed the location of their ultimate target, Ramashe, Empress of the Nation. Suddenly, Zillum beckoned to the doorway, where a tall humanoid figure strode into the room. Nirndal gasped, it was Garlboz, a former commander in the army of the Confederacy of Allied Systems who was presumed dead in the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui. Garlboz claimed that the Emperor had ordered him to accompany Zillum and that he had intelligence on the location of Ramashe. Zillum smiled, it would be over soon enough.

Fall of Hope 04

Zillum, Garlboz and Nirndal corner Ramashe.

Meanwhile in her throne room, Ramashe looked upon the chaos in the city with sorrow and felt ill upon seeing the approaching Exactor, as well as Nirndal's flagship, the Terror of Stars, flanked by dozens of other ships. Her elite royal guards grabbed their weapons and surrounded her, but with a simple wave of her hand, they stood down. She knew that the Empire had won this round. Ramashe, quavering and mixed with fury and sadness sat on her throne and watched as a single shuttle landed on a nearby platform. She gasped as the massive Zillum walked out of the craft closely followed by Nirndal and Garlboz. A single Rambo Guard pounced on Zillum, but was instantly killed when Zillum used his Mornûnenduran powers to crush the guard's neck. Zillum then walked up beside Ramashe and said, And now, your highness. I'm afraid I must ask you to surrender.

Nim-Glaré ConcordatEdit

Fall of Hope 05

Ramashe reluctantly kneeling before Tyrómairon.

Ramashe hung her head in sorrow, before finally regaining her confidence. Gathering herself, she scolded at Zillum and simply said, On behalf of the people of Rambo Nation, and in order to prevent further bloodshed. I surrender. Zillum smiled and asked Ramashe to follow him, telling her that a very special individual wished to speak with her. Cautiously, Ramashe followed the massive Mortalitas, flanked by Nirndal and Garlboz into a nearby room, Ramashe surveyed the new guest and took a step back upon looking at the figure before her, Emperor Tyrómairon. With a wave of his hand, Zillum and his cohorts left the room.

  • Tyrómairon - Hello your majesty. I am glad you have decided to surrender. Failure to do so would have had tragic consequences.
  • Ramashe - My people are my only concern. But you will regret this day, Tyrómairon.
  • Tyrómairon - I doubt that very much. You are in no position to be making empty threats.
  • Ramashe - Hmph. I will not cooperate with you tyrants. Once the Cyrandia hear about this outrage, I am sure you will not be so smug.
  • Tyrómairon - Hahaha! My dear, I have so many ways to make you cooperate I doubt you would believe it. Failure to comply with what I tell you will result in the unnecessary killing of your people. If you want that, by all means continue to be uncooperative.

Tyrómairon watched as the hope left Ramashe's eyes. He knew he had hit a pressure point to the young monarch.

  • Ramashe - ... Fine. Just do not harm my people further. Why not simply kill me? You clearly have no need for me.
  • Tyrómairon - I know enough about your people to know that if the monarch is killed, they will rebel. No, you shall remain in your position. Of course, Garlboz will remain by your side. Consider him an... advisor. He shall let me know if you do anything to hurt Imperial influences in the Quadrants.
  • Ramashe - I assure that's unnecess-
  • Tyrómairon - I shall be the judge of that. Now, Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo, we have a treaty to sign.

Tyrómairon pointed at a nearby table, where a holoscreen suddenly appeared. Ramashe read through it, her eyes widening as it went on:

The Imperial Nim-Glaré Concordat of the First Day of the Fourth Month of 01 New Era

By Order of his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Tyrómairon

The military forces of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation in the Quadrant Galaxies will immediately stand down the moment Supreme Empress of Rambo Nation, Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo signs a complete and unconditional surrender to the Empire.

The terms of the Concordat are as follows:

  • Rambo Nation is hereby conquered and will function as a controlled Imperial Protectorate under Imperial laws, customs and authorty.
  • The Rambo Nation Space Force will continue to function as a local military peacekeeping force.
  • Supreme Empress Ramashe will be aided by Grand Mandator Garlboz, the official Imperial overseer.
  • Mandators and Senators for the region will be decided in due course.

Failure to comply with the terms of the Concordat on either side will result in the immediate resumption of hostilities after a period of one standard hour.

Ramashe, seeing no other choice and secretly knowing that there are still those who would fight against the Empire reluctantly agreed in order to buy more time for her allies to prepare for a unified war against the Empire. When she signed the Concordat, Tyrómairon smiled.

  • Tyrómairon - I am glad you saw reason. Now, I really think you should bow.

Ramashe, with a sole tear falling from her eye, went down on her knee.

  • Ramashe - As you wish... my Emperor.

Consolidating Empire ruleEdit

After the signing of the Concordat the Empire advisary, Garlboz began using his propaganda and his control over Ramashe to use speeched to show the new union between the Rambo and the Empire. However some planets, often backed up by a large fleet like Koerband, Rambo Prime and Javan raised their voices against the Empire's protectrate. In there eyes they saw it as a occupation.

As those planets prepared themselves for battle, Garlboz did not attack any of them as he said the new Rambo-Empire union was one of peace and not of force. Much to the dismay of Zillum Garlboz ordered him not to attack those resisting planets.

Garlboz plot 01

Garlboz gains the support of the Shipyards

Instead Garlboz began sending convoys, often under escort of a Star Destroyers with food, trade and medical supplies to the colonies and planets that are members of Rambo Nation. Gaining the trust of hesistating planets they began believing the words Ramashe had said during her speeched shortly after the surrender of Rambo Nation. Yet these words were not her own but were forced upon her by Garlboz and the Galactic Empire. As such, a mere week after the Concordat the Empire's influance over the inner colonial sector was almost supreme, with only Koerband resisting Empire vessels and officials. Garlboz even managed to gain the supreme loyalty of the Shipyards of Rowar. He ordered them to finish all repairs and construction that was ongoing and start making new vessels for the Empire. This way he ensured the shipyards would not rebel as they remained influential and rich because of it. While they pledged their loyalty and trust in Ramashe and her decision to make Rambo Nation a "protectrate", it only meant Quadrant 82 would become a staging ground for a possible invasion of URC-Remnant loyal space nearby.

Empire Quadrant fleet

Quadrantia Empire's new fleet

Meanwhile Ramashe was sad and confused, she understood her allies would not intervere due to the Empire's massive strength and size. But she couldn't help feeling betrayed by the SSA, an organisation they fought and died with during the Xhodocto conflicts. Sadly in their dire time of need, the SSA did nothing and simply watched, some even supporting the Empire. As such Ramashe ordered Rambo Command to consider the SSA as hostile, and their position as allies and friends must be re-evaluated at another time. Yet Ramashe hear rumors of the TIAF resisting and even being kicked out of the SSA, it seemed the Empire even gained ground among the members of the SSA!

Within mere days after the submission of the shipyards they launched their new star destroyers in service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, with Garlboz referring to them as the Quadrantia Star Destroyers!

Imperial Proclamation

The Emperor speak to the Rambo citizens

Shortly after taking full control of the capital sector of Rambo Nation Garlboz began making preparations for the Emperor his arrival and his following speech to the Rambo people. Keeping Ramashe close be he witnessed in joy her resentment against him and her new burden of leading her people through the Empire. Would she rebel, Garlboz would take his vengeance on her people, effectively keeping Ramashe in line. As the Emperor finally arrived at the Capital he held his speech, followed by Ramashe. The citizens of Rambo Nation were eager to listen, as most citizens had full trust in their Empress. As Ramashe waved at her people the Emperor began his speech, talking about the recent Concordat and that finally the peoples of Cyrannus and the Quadrants were united under order and mutual prosperity.

The following celebrations laster for hours, the Emperor had succeeded in fooling the Rambo citizens with his plot and sinister means. Ramashe herself returned to her room, where she was softly crying. Though she made avow, that one day her people would be free and she prayed for the Gods for it. She also prayed for her best friend Apollo, hoping he was still alive and safe. As she fell asleep, she thought about contacting Riordan Rambertan, she needed some company. Meanwhile the 05th month of the year 01 NE or 05 AQF began.

Month 05 (01 NE)Edit

Sadly, with the death of Voro Acetenus, leader of the Cognatus Remnant the Cyrandia allies were dealt another blow. Ramashe grieved for the death of the honorable leader, and hoped she could attend his funeral if their would be any. Sadly for Ramashe and Garlboz their troubles would be far from over, as Vice-admiral Rambas II couldn't believe his ears what this Emperor proclaimed in his speech, further more he was shocked that his own Empress, Ramashe had agreed to all these terms and decided to rebel.
Lacrima Tears

Battle at the Ramsoria Run

Losing one of their foremost officers Rambo Command was having troubles to keep down rumors for his leaving. However Rambas gave more troubles as he gained a sense of saving the Nation against the Empire. Stealing the USS Merced from the drydocks Rambas and his crew escaped the Rambo capital and headed for the Ramsoria Run, the populair trade route of Rambo Nation. There Rambas attacked various trade convoys of the Empire leading to Rambo colonials, though escorted by a star destroyed with aid of another Rambo vessel, the USS Goddard Rambas managed to escape capture and went to Rambo Prime to try to form an open rebellion against the Empire.

Meanwhile Garlboz gained the full control over the Inner Colonial Sector, even Koerband accepted the Concordate it seemed.

New dangers at the horizonEdit

Unknown Threat

James Rambo, captain of the USS Enterprise-A had just arrived at the planet of Koerband bringing some supplies. He had returned to the Rambo Capital to pledge his loyalty again to the Empress and to obey the new Concordate. After that he travelled to Koerband before travelling back over the Ramsoria Run towards Rambo Prime and the wormhole leading to Quadrant 21.

Lacrima 01

USS Enterprise-A evadading debris near Proogency

Preparing his crew to leave orbit the sensors of the ship picked up an emergency transmission coming from a space station near Proogency, which acted as a new listening station before one could be re-constructed at the planet below. The station had the same design as the Rambo Prime Station. The transmission was picked up by Lieutenant Jolene Adams, a bridge science officer of the USS Enterprise-A. Surprised James ordered his crew to set a course and investigate. Shortly before arriving James recieved a message that an Imperial star destroyer also headed that way and would arrive shortly before the USS Enterprise-A.

Annoyed that the Empire was now also dealing with these kind of problems, it was Rambo space after all James decided to remain course. Perhaps the USS Enterprise-A could be of any aid to the star destroyer.

When they dropped out of warp the crew were shocked with what they saw. Large portions of debris were in the way of the ship. Evading the debris narrowly James and his crew scanned the area and what that kind of debris it was. With aid of Lt. Adams sensors indicated the debris were the remains of the Proogency Emergency Space Station and the star destroyer that was send to answer the distress call. Troubled James informed both Rambo Command and the Imperial Navy Command Center. At the scene there were no survivors, it seemed in minutes over 40.000 people had died by some unknown threat.

Lacrima 02

Massacre by a Quadrantia Grox Sphere

Sensors did indicate it was some kind of weapon that was used against both the station and the star destroyer, but the energy signatures were unknown to Rambo and Empire databases. Mere hours later the unknown vessel was picked up heading towards the border of Rambo Nation space near the planet Koerband. Fleet Captain Silveria, commanding the USS Juno took command of a task force to intercept the unknown vessel, aided by an Ambassador class, two Miranda classes, two Constitution classes and a Kelvin class they headed to the vessel. Arriving at the intercepting point Silveria was aided by a Preator class star dreadnought and two Ifrit class star destroyer. Out of a sudden the vessel dropped out of warp and the Rambo-Empire task force fired at the spherical ship. Sensors indicated it belonged to the Quadrantia Grox, one of the most mysterious and feared races of the Quadrants. Within minutes the sphere disabled the Preator dreadnought, cutting the ship in half together with the Ambassador class. Further more it destroyed the Kelvin class and disabled the USS Juno which took heavy damage.
Lacrima 03

USS Dallas searching for survivors

Within half an hour the entire task force was either disabled or destroyed and the Grox Sphere left the scene. The Grox sphere indicated that the neighbouring empires of the Quadrantia Grox Empire proved no threat at all and were easily destroyed. As such the sphere returned to her own territories with the use of transwarp. However the attack near Koerband would probably mean that the Rambo and Empire were going to investigate the Grox more, something the Grox didn't want at all. As it wasn't logic in their sense.

Vice-admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas arrived at the battlefield after Rambo Command lost contact with the fleet. Horrified by the scene of destroyed or damaged ship Ramcard put his crew to work to find the survivors and give medical aid to those it needed. However of the 50.000 people who were active in the battle only 850 survived the battle against the sphere, a massacre had occured. Meanwhile as Ramcard was giving the first aid more Rambo and Empire ships arrived to search for survivors and tagget the damaged and destroyed ships back to Rambo space, for either repairs or to be send to the grave yards.

Garlboz was happy, as he succeeded in gaining the full support of the Shipyards he began investing for ways to get complete control over Rambo Nation without the use of force. Much to the dismay of Zillum who became greatly bored, to keep him busy Garlboz asked him to locate and if possible capture the regenate vice-admiral Rambas.

Treaty of Rambo Prime
As the fifth month of 01 NE prolonged Garlboz worked hard at his new office, the recently recalled Angforst, lorbit of the Rambo Capital Garlboz now had complete control over Ramashe and the Rambo Senate. Yet not all planets were accepting Empire rule or "protection", especialley planets like Rambo Prime and Javan still refused. Yet the problems for Garlboz were not yet over, as he felt the breath of the Emperor in his neck to solve things quickly his advance seemed to have halted in Quadrant 82. Furthermore tension began to rise between the Empire and various other empires of the Quadrants, something Garlboz couldn't use right now. As such he influanced a young lt. commander to become his right hand, the young science officer by the name of Kya now served Garlboz and gave him all the information he wanted about the Rambo, even tactical information.
Lacrima 04

Treaty of Rambo Prime

With it Garlboz summoned various representatives to Rambo Prime, arriving at the Rambo colony together with his new aid Kya he greeted those who awaited him. Among them were Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia, recently freed from Imperial custody, Rambo Prime Ambassador Ram'Ain, a Hutter ambassodor, a Xiaan ambassador, a Creckel ambassador and Imperial Remnant High Prophet Ramodarth. The meeting was long, slow and a lot of arguments between the Xiaans, Hutters and the High Prophet happened. However all listened to Garlboz and his arguments, who started high with the dissolve of the Cyrandia Alliance which led to great resistance by the others, even by the Rambo Nation representatives. Garlboz smiled behind his helmet, they all fell for his trap as the others were trying for other matters Garlboz had already won the discussion as he never intented for the dissolve of the Cyrandia Alliance, he merely wanted a truce of peace and didn't want start new conflicts. As such the proposal was turned down and all present began discussing other matters.

Ram'Lendilia was easily convinced, as he was allowed to remain in position and the colonies of Cyrannus were given back to the Rambo, but as they were a "protectrate" he stood under heavy supervision of the Empire officials. Ram'Ain was also easily convinced, the ambassador of Rambo Prime didn't want to resist the Empire if it would lead to an invasion fleet led by Zillum. The Xiaan, Imperial Remnant and Hutter were not so easily conviced and settled for a weapon truce for now. The Creckel remained neutral and wished to continue trade with both the Rambo and the Empire, something Garlboz agreed with.

With it the meeting closed and all left, conflict would not happen for a while. Garlboz reported the event of the Emperor himself and returned to the Rambo Capital. There he planned his next move, as both Quadrant 89 and 21 also needed to be mapped and to be investigated if there were hostiles against the grand Empire!

Change of Command

Near the end of the fifth month, while Rambo Nation was recovering and adjusting to their protectrate status Grand Mandator Garlboz summoned various high ranking Rambo officers to the palace of Ramashe.

  • Ramaxar: What is the meaning of this summon Grand Mandator? We still have a lot of "adjusting" to do with all your new rules.
  • Garlboz: Mind your tongue admiral, I have summoned thee, as well as vice-admiral Ramcard, my servant lt. commander Kya, Colonel Chodecra and the Serindia General for important news.

All present looked at eachother, Ramaxar snorted as he disliked the newly appointed Grand Mandator. Suddenly Empress Ramashe entered the room and all bowed before her. She told all could stand up again and she sat down at her throne. Garlboz clapped his hands when another Rambo officer entered the throne room, it was captain Ramtainus.

  • Garlboz: Welcome all gathered, now as we are complete I want my compliments for two new officers within Rambo Command. One will be Ramtainus, a capable captain and veteran of the Tigris and Tralor wars. He will be promoted to the position of vice-admiral now that Rambas has betrayed us.
Lacrima 05

Change in command, Kya becomes Marscalcus while Ramtainus is promoted to vice-admiral

Ramcard and the other officers were happy with the news and congratulated the newly appointed officer. Though they didn't agree with Rambas being called a traitor, none raised his or her voice. Ramashe all listened to it in great dismay, she was already informed of the meeting and didn't like what Garlboz would say next. She agreed with Ramtainus his promotion, but his next move would certain give resistance among the traditional officers.

  • Garlboz: The second promotion today will be given to lt. commander Kya, though unusual to Rambo standards will be promoted to the position of Marscalcus.
  • Kya:: Wha-what?
  • Ramaxar: IMPOSSIBLE! You cannot mean that Garlboz, this is madness! She is just a young girl and you place HER in command of Rambo Command?
  • Ramcard: Though unusual for such a promotion, our law doesn't forbid it, the Marscalcus does not need to be chosen from only high ranking officers.
  • Ramtainus: He is right admiral.......
  • Ramaxar: Y-you cannot mean this. He will ruin Rambo Command. She is inexperienced and used to giving command. She is of operations and by far way to young.
  • Ramashe: SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upon Ramashe her words all turned and were silenced. Ramashe face stood at thunder, energy crackling in her hands. Even Ramaxar and Garlboz took a step back when Ramashe raised her hand she told the crowd that all had to be accepted and that they should get used to eachother. With it Ramashe stood up and left the room with Garlboz, deep in conversation.

Meanwile the others left the room as well, with Ramtainus nodding to Kya. Ramaxar didn't even try to hide his dismay and simply left the room without a word. Ramcard approached the now crying Kya, who seemed didn't want the position at all. He placed his hand at her shoulder and said that both he and Ramtainus would serve her well, if need they would also give her advice. With a shy smile Kya joined Ramcard and both left the now empty throne room.

Ramtainus, happy with his new position took a second ship to command, his Excelsior-class would remain his flagship but the newly finished Preator-class the Tormentor would become his command ship. Kya approved this under pressure of Garlboz and soon Kya began to work her way around Rambo Command, getting familair with protocols, tactical displays and more.

Hutter Blockade
Lacrima 06

Breaking the Hutter Blockade

Vice-admiral Ramtainus was pleased when he inspected his new command ship, the Tormentor, a newly constructed Preator-class. Having clearance from Rambo Command and the new Marscalcus Ramtainus left the drydocks and headed towards the Quadrantia 82-89 wormhole. There he was joined by two Ifrit-class star destroyers and the USS Cybele, under command of Captain Ramkamura. The travel to the wormhole lasted two days and the Hutters still didn't lift the blockade on their side of the wormhole (in Q89), after repetive warnings from Rambo Command they decided to break the blockade as the Quadrant 89 colonial sector was in need of supplies.

Ramtainus headed in first and contacted the Hutter fleet, which consisted out of various D-5, D-7 and Raptor classes. The Hutters didn't answer and Ramtainus informed the rest of his task force to enter the wormhole as well. Before Ramtainus his task force could enter the Hutters attacked the Tormentor. Though with integrated technology from various species the shields managed to hold. The USS Cybele fired at once at a Raptor-class upon exiting the wormhole and the two Ifrit-class star destroyers took battle positions. The Hutter captain in lead of the D-5 class ordered a retreat, he didn't want to be involved in such a battle as it would risk a war between the Empire and their Kingdom.

As such the blockade was soon lifted and the Hutters passed the neutral zone and returned to their own territories.

The Empire had now arrived in Quadrant 89 as well!

Month 06Edit

In the sixth month of 01 NE, plots will be formed and tensions between the Empire and independant nations will rise. To endanger the fragile peace, a new hostile empire enters the game with ships resembling those who were thought had died a while ago.

During the sixth month Captain James Rambo made first contact with the Andormaru and managed to negotiate a trade contract between the Adormaru and the Rambo. Like Kya before him, who managed to negotiate a truce between the Rambo, Caizini, Gorauriens and the Icolians Rambo made a great step for the Rambo in the exploration program of Quadrant 21. As such the Rambo were allowed to venture as far south to the Goraurien space station, though Rambo Command didn't want Captain Rambo to venture further south just yet. Any trade ship which crossed Icolian borders was destroyed and Rambo Command launched a new protocol to avoid the region to prevent conflict.

For the rest month 6 was a quiet month for Rambo Nation, with little conflict and a lot of time for repairs and recovering. With new trade contracts Rambo Nation strenghtened her economy and the civilians and Rambo Command were adepting to their "protectrate" status and it seemed they were getting along fine.

Things looked fine as 02 NE began!

02 NEEdit

The second year of the Dark Times has begun! It will reveal new events, threats and plot which can threaten the safety of Rambo Nation.

Month 01Edit

A New Threat, A second encounter

Ramikku, captain of the Constitution-class USS Eagle had travelled across Quadrant 89 to map various sector, a secret mission from Rambo Command. Further more Ramikku managed to keep Rambo Nation valuable information about the current status of the Imperial Remnant and the Hutters. When Ramikku and her crew began exploring the eastern sectors of Quadrant 89 they unknowningly crossed the borders of the Regellis Star Empire.

USS Eagle boom

The USS Eagle is destroyed by a Hunter class

Venturing over the border the crew was working onboard the ship as usual when the science officer suddenly picked up a ship at intercept course. Ramikku looked confused, there were no rumors of an empire in these sectors, as it was former Rambulan space. Though recently a Cyrannian Empire scout had lost contact in these area. Suddenly the ship vanished from the sensors, Ramikku in turn ordered the crew to raise the shields and give a tactical alert. Suddenly the ship was hit by a torpedo as a ship decloacked and fired, upon firing it cloacked again.

Unable to lock weapons Ramikku looked in disgust as the lone torpedo weakened the shields with more than 40%. As the USS Eagle took a battle stand the ship was again hit by a torpedo and dropped the shields. Ramikku managed to get a look at the ship, and in her surprise it resembled a Rambulan vessel. Did the Rambulans return? The USS Eagle opened fire at the vessel but the hunter class avoided the phasers and turned around and fired again. Without shields the USS Eagle exploded and killed all 500 crewmembers, including Ramikku.

Again a ship was lost in these areas, unable to send a warning to Rambo or Imperial Command the loss of contact with the USS Eagle meant that either the Rambo or Imperials would once again send a ship to investigate.

It would later turn out that the Regellis captian, Draloth was responsible for the destruction of the USS Eagle.

Reversing a Mandator' decision

With Grand Mandator Garlboz ordering Senator Aviaratyal to shut down all Rambo Nation ship productions at the shipyards, in favor of the so called "Quadrantia" star destroyers- and Aviaratyal following the order made most of the Rambo Senate uneasy and the decision was frowned upon. With various meetings held, without Aviaratyal being present the Senate came to an agreement after some senators lobbying for it.

Lacrima 07

Rambo Senate proclaims the Shipyards of Rowar as their own again

While Aviaratyal was walking among the halls of the Senatorial Executive Palace with senator Yunur'Tugal at the moon of Anummiae - he was confronted by three senators, blocking his way. He noticed that senator Chuinaylia was flanked by Or-Ana and Lord Ram'Lendilia, and she held a parchment, with the crest of the Royal Family.

  • Chuinaylia: Good morning senator Aviaratyal, I have an important parchment for you.
  • Aviaratyal: I see, it holds the crest of the Royal Family I see?

Aviaratyal was wary, he didn't like being faced by three senators. When Chuinaylia handed over the parchment Aviaratyal spread out the paper and looked in surprise at what was written! Soon his surprisement turned into anger. Meanwhile senator Yunur'Tugal left as she didn't want to be involved in the coming conversation.

  • Aviataryal: WHAT is the meaning of THIS?
  • Ram'Lendilia: I always believed you could read senator?
  • Aviaratyal: Keep you jokes to yourself Lord. Again why has this been decided without my knowledge?
  • Or-Ana: I believe the message is clear Aviaratyal?
  • Aviaratyal: Ofcourse the message is clear, I can read Or-Ana. But why? The Grand Mandator commanded to do this, and know you want me to stop his production of star destroyers and relaunch the construction of Rambo ships? He forbid me in doing so? I can-
  • Chuinaylia: The Empress commands it senator, do you disobey her will?
  • Aviaratyal: You question my loyalty to the Royal Crown Chuinaylia? You little brat, I am always loyal to the Crown. I have sworn my life to serve her a-
  • Chuinaylia: Then why the hesistation?

Aviaratyal sighted, he realised where Chuinaylia was going. He served the Empress after all, and not the Mandator. He nodded and straightway left the senate building and headed to the shipyards to set the process into work. The three senators smiled and congratulated eachother, it was a step in the right direction. With the Empress approving the decision she would deal with the Empire' officials, if they would ever notice it at all.

Chuinaylia and the other senator returned to their offices, but Chuinaylia still had doubts. Not about the decision, the shipyards were of the Rambo after all but of the consequences of their actions.

Quadrantia Disease
Serpentaxy Rambo aid

Ramcard sends a shuttle to aid the Serpentaxy captain

While Captain Ramcard was patrolling a region of space just outside Rambo territories in the east, he picked up a distress call from a vessel in need. Arriving at the planet it turned the ship of Serpentaxy captain Basvila was shot down by a Quadrantia Grox sphere.

Sending a shuttle from the hangarbay of the USS Dallas- Ramcard questioned the Serpentaxy captain (as the Rambo and Serpentaxy had little contact) before brining him onboard. Basvila was badly injured with burn marks, and lost an arm in the process. During his treatment onboard Ramcard and Basvila had regulair diners to know eachother better, and to learn of eachother their cultures. Eventually the USS Dallas arrived at the Serpentaxy homeworld where Ramcard said his goodbyes to Basvila.

Sometime later, Rambo Command recieved intelligence that the Quadrantia Grox attacked a Serpentaxy colony, turning the entire civilization into Dronox. Command called for an emergency protocol to be made if the Grox again should attack the Rambo.

Hutter Incursion
Dark Times Hutter meeting

A decision is made

The Hutter Kingdom suffered a setback with losing the possesion over the Quadrant 82- 89 wormhole two months ago. Though not losing any ships, the Hutters rushed their newest class, the 956 meter long Veno'Cha Class into service.

Delighted the Hutters now believed they had a new ship that could match the powerful Imperial-class star destroyers of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The Hutters remained in their own borders until the first month of 02.

Chancellor Huttelett III, the most recent leader of the Hutters summoned the Hutter Ambassador and another loyal aide.

  • Huttelett III: Welcome my friends, I have summoned you for an important matter.
  • Hutter Ambassador: I understand the need your grace. But is it wise to do it? It will bring us into war once again?
  • Huttelett III: We have no other choice, this Empire is threatening the safety of our people. And with Rambo Nation becoming their "protectrate" it seems this Empire want to rule over all of us.
  • Hutter Ambassador: I understand, but an invasion of Rambo-Empire space is suicide. We do not have the ships nor manpower for such task!
  • Huttelett III: I am aware of that, I do not want to invade Rambo-Empire space. Instead we will invade the Rambo Quadrant 89 Colonial Sector and force the Empire out of Quadrant 89!
  • Aide: I will inform the Defense Fleet!

The Ambassador and the Chancellor nodded, the time to face the Empire was now!

Battle of K-7 Station
K-7 Battle

Hutter engage the K-7 Station

The two Rambo K-7 station in Quadrant 89 acted as trade posts (-and secret listening posts), observing the large neutral zone between the various empires of Quadrant 89 and the Rambo Nation Quadrant 89 colonial sector. The K-7 station near the Hutter borders was an important trade station for Rambo Nation.

Though also acting as a secret listening post they never saw it coming. With various ships docked at the station, including a Bonaventura-class, a Cyrannian cargo vessel and a Ca'Leon passenger liner preparing to dock a Hutter regiment of the Hutter Defense Fleet suddenly dropped out of war and opened fire, disabling a nearby Constellation-class.

The Ambassador-class USS Cybele under command of Captain Ramkamura was disabled as well by a volley of photon torpedoes from a D-7 class. Taken by complete surprise the USS Cybele surrendered as the volley managed to disable shields, weapons and warp drive. The crew of the K-7 station alerted Rambo Command of the sudden attack but the transmassion was cut short by the sudden arrival of a Veno'Cha class- which jammed all signals. The massive ship approached the Rambo station and pronounced this short battle in favor of the Hutter Kingdom.

The first step in conquering the Rambo Nation Quadrant 89 Colonial Sector was taken. All citizens and Rambo officers who surrendered were treated well, but were forced to turn in all weapons. The wounded were taken care of and the Hutters proclaimed their occupation as temporarily until all Empire presence was swept away from Quadrant 89.

Informing the Emperor

Garlboz, the Grand Mandator of Quadrant 82 didn't like the upcoming conversation- together with Ramashe and Marscalcus Kya he had to inform the Emperor about the recent events in the Quadrants. Empress Ramashe sat at her office chair, relaxed as she didn't mind informing the Emperor, she seemed looking forward to it. Kya on the other hand was nervous, as she never spoke before to the Emperor.

Suddenly Ramashe pressed a button at her desk, and a holographic image of the Emperor appeard. Both Garlboz and Kya stood straigh, while Ramashe remained sitting in her chair with a slight smile.

Informing the Emperor

Garlboz, Ramashe and Kya inform the Emperor about recent events!

  • Ramashe: Hail Emperor Tyrómairon. I fear we have some disturbing news to report!
  • Garlboz: Hail the Emperor! Greatest in all of the Cyrandia Cluster! Bringer of peace and order, for the sake....
  • Emperor: Skip the pleasentaries Garlboz, tell me what is going on to disturb me?
  • Garlboz: Ah y-yes you grace. I will give word to the new Marscalcus of Rambo Nation, the highest militairy officer of Rambo Nation- Kya.
  • Kya: H-hail the Emperor, p-protector of the Nation! I-i-m h-honered to see you in person my Lord.

The Emperor nodded and indicated she could inform him. With a slight bow Kya informed the Emperor of the following events:

  • The destruction of the USS Eagle and Captain Ramikku by an unknown enemy that also destroyed an Empire vessel earlier on.
  • A seemingly conflict between the Quadrantia Grox and the Serpentaxy. Though not inflicting Rambo affairs or trade routes, it was not impossible to think the battle might influance things within the protectrate.
  • The attack and occupation of the K-7 station by the Hutters- the intentions of doing this were unknown.
  • Intelligence indicate that the Yudumaran are building somesort of warp gate at Yadumarth- intentions also unknown.
  • Rumors about possible internal rebellion by some private fleets.
  • A shortage of strong Rambo vessels, they were low on Galaxy-classes and following up were the Ambassador and Excelsior classes but they were wide spread over the Nation.

Kya sighted, with sweat rolling over her back. She was still nervous and hoped the Emperor wouldn't punish her for this message. For that matter Garlboz managed to stay out of the firing line by letting her deliver the message. Luckily she knew the Empress stood behind her, and wouldn't allow her to be punished without reason- or so Kya believed.

The Emperor lifted his chin and began to speak:

  • Emperor: Unacceptable. The Empire has been ruling over this galaxy for the past four months, and what have you to show for it, Garlboz? Internal strife and primitives attacking at every corner?!
  • Garlboz: I- I'm sorry... my lord. We shall double our efforts.
  • Emperor: I do not care if you have to raze them all. Do not fail me again.

Garlboz nervously bowed to his Emperor and retreated into the corner.

  • Emperor: If any of these events continue, Garlboz you have authority to wipe out any species or civilization that dares lay a finger on one of our vessels. If you fail, I'll deploy the full might of the Imperial Fleet on Quadrant 82.
  • Ramashe: Isn't that a bit over the top?
  • Emperor: To prove our sincerity, pick a troublesome enemy planet and destroy it. No excuses.

With that, the hologram of the Emperor disappeared, leaving Ramashe, Garlboz and Kya to contemplate his words. A few days after the first month ended again and the second month of 02 NE started.

Month 02Edit

Rambo Fleet02NE

Rambo Fleet in 02 NE

The second month of 02 NE started quietly for the Rambo, who recieved incoming transmission of both the Drodo Empire and the Nova alliance- who they both accepted as friendly nations.

Actions by Supreme Commander Zillum which resulted in the destruction and deaths of billions of Hutters at planet Tigma IV. The planet was destroyed by the new flagship of Zillum- the Executor obliberated the surface and even carved the Imperial Insignia as warning. This act caused a bit of civil unrest among the population of Rambo Nation who began doubting the true intentions of the Empire. Unknown to the Nation many within Quadrant 89 dissaproved this action and prepared to take possible actions against them.

Near the end of the second month, which was one of peace and prosperity for the Rambo many ships recieved new updates, while others were withdrawn. Most notable ships like the Constitution class (Exeter sub-class) recieved new weapons, improved warp and even a cloacking device. While the Constitution refit class was updated to function as the main long range exploration and battle cruiser for the Rambo Navy. The Excelsior Refit class also recieved an update, with a sturdier belly she was better equipped to use transwarp and a total of 4 vortex torpedoes were added to her armanent.

Nebula Battle

Serpentaxy vs Grox, aided by two Rambo ships near the Serox Nebula

Other ships were withdrawn, like the Korolev and Phoenix due to their high costs for production and keeping them in service. When Garlboz learned of this he was furious as Rambo Command did not inform him of these plans.

Elsewhere captain Apanoida of the USS Potemkin aided the Serpentaxy during a battle with the Quadrantia Grox near the Serox Nebula. While they managed to drive the Grox away, Command wondered why they did that? The Grox were to be believed to be one of the strongest forces in the entire Quadrants.

The Rambo captain, Apanoida aided the Serpentaxy and the Nova during a battle near the Serox Nebula and later on as well at the Nova planet Arkadan IV. Both battles were won by the new allied forces, and the Grox seemed to retreat back into the Serox Nebula.

Planned Strike
Dark Times Garlboz Shot

Garlboz shot in the back by Zevracence

Rambas and deflecting Colonel Chodecra made plans from their rebel base at Kreeta to strike the Empire. Though at first they were forced to be careful, if Kreeta was discovered before a suitable strike force of space ships and ground forces were made it was a short Resistance. As such they decided to hire Zevracence- a notorious and dangerous bounty hunter for a job. They contacted the Zarbriaek by decoded holo channels from onboard the USS Merced II. The bounty hunter accepted the mission after a payment of over 1 million credits.

Garlboz was walking outside the Senatorial Executive Palace at the moon of Anummiae, under guard of two Dread Lord Troopers. Garlboz looked to the sky as a shadow passed over him. Surprised by his own paranoida feeling he was relieved to see it was just a Serindia Civilian Transport passing overhead. Behind him he heard metal chrushing to the ground as his Dread Lord Troopers dropped dead to the ground. Before Garlboz coud turn he felt a burning pain from his chest, and saw blood spilling out of the hole. Garlboz mused and fell to the ground unconscious.

Zeveracence smiled, it was an easy job at daylight. He travelled to the moon of the Capital and saw the Grand Mandator walking without an army of guards. Taking his chance he grabbed his two RNS-5 rifles and first killed the guards before firing at Garlboz. Checking the Grand Mandator's pulse, he realised he was still alive and would probably survive the encounter as well- just as planned. After all the shot was just meant as a warning. Zeveracence heard sirens of an ambulance and took it at a running. Taking a nearby transport Zeveracence was already in the sky as the authorities arrived at the scene. The bounty hunter smiled, another job well done!

The Empire was not pleased with this turn of event, as they were touching in the dark of whom was behind the attempt. First the Hutters, now an attempt to kill a Grand Mandator. It seemed something was stirring in the Quadrants and the Empire was still unable to get her hands on it. Though credit for this also was in part due of Rambo Nation, they didn't really cooperate with the Cyrannians like they did in the old days with the URC.

Near the end of the 2nd month the Rambo were contacted by the Drodo Loyalist who wanted aid as the SSA didn't gave them any aid. Rambo Command promised to give them aid in the form of supplies, food and medical equipment.


Empire and Rambo vs Q-Loron

Near the end of the second month, Claire Rambo in service of Moranonúngur found an ancient parchment descriping something known as the Zevian skull. Unknown at that time her wishes to gain that artifact leads to an adventure all over the Quadrants! However those with dark intetnions threaten to disturb the balance of the universe, in which the Rambo shall have to play their part! As so the Hunt for the Zevian Skull has begun! When Claire travelled around Zevia to find information about the SKull- she eventually informed Empire Intelligence of her next goal. Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A who had also arrived at Zevia for exploration purposes managed to intercept the message as well and informed Rambo command after he helped the Empire fight some Q-Loron dreadnoughts. Command gave James permission to obtain the skull for the Rambo if possible, though did not give permission for James' second goal, to save his daughter from Empire influance.

When both Claire and James left orbit it concluded the relative quiet second month of 02 NE.

Month 03Edit

Quadrantia events

While Claire Rambo was travelling to Quadrant 82 she first had to make a stop at Port Station to repair damage and supply the vessel. Meanwhile, the USS Enterprise-A had already reached Port Station to intercept the Infector and find out where Claire was heading to.

While the Hunt continued, most of the month went on in relative peace, with little disturbance it seemed the Empire her "kindness" and seemingly allowance of independace became more accepted. Cyrannian tourist and visitors were not welcomed with open arms again and there was less discrimination against Cyrannians. Near the end of the 3rd month Grand Mandator Garlboz contacted Commander Mortikran and asked for his aid. The Mortalitas was happy to aid his old friend, especially after his recent defeat by the Neraida. Mortikran- who now commaned the Secutor-class Star Dreadnought Infernal travelled to Quadrant 89 where Garlboz joined the ship.

K7 2nd battle

Empire takes back the K-7 station from the Hutters

Approaching the conquered K-7 station by the Hutters earlier on Garlboz wanted to take back the station, to prove his worth to the Emperor and show the Nation that the attempt on his life did not waver his confidence and resolve. Garlboz looked in awe at the massive Hutter fleet in front of the K-7 station, Mortikran on the other hand simply smiled. At last another battle the Mortalitas Commander thought.

  • Garlboz: "Commander, status report".
  • Mortikran: "Multiply D-7 and D-5 cruisers, one larger new design. Our two escorting Ifrit-class star destroyers are ready".
  • Garlboz: "Good, good!"
  • Mortikran: "We await your command Grand Mandator".
  • Garlboz: "Commence attack!"
  • Mortikran: "All cannons open FIRE! Maximum power to the forward deflector shields".

As such the Empire' task force openen fire, the Hutters responded by returning fire as well. The following battle was short, but fierce. As the Hutter tried to hold their occupation over the station the immense size and fire power of the Infernal proved to much. However the Hutter did manage to destroy one of the Ifrit-class Star destroyers before they retreated back to Hutter space. Garlboz was happy and relieved, even though every breath hurted do to the attack earlier on, he managed to show the Empire his resolve never wavered.

Mortikran and his ship travelled back to Quadrant 82 where Garlboz informed Empress Ramashe of the victory. She even thanked the Grand Mandator, much to his own surprise. He then decided to contact the Emperor and inform him of the victory as well.

  • Tyrómairon: "What do you want Garlboz?"
  • Garlboz: "Hail oh great Emperor! I bring good news with me. We retook the conquered Rambo K-7 station and inflicted heavy damage upon the Hutter Defense Fleet. They retreated back to their own space.
  • Tyrómairon: "Excellent, perhaps I was mistaken about your ability to function as a Grand Mandator".
  • Garlboz: "Thank my Grace, I would give my life if needed for his Excellency".
  • Tyrómairon: "Very good. I will watch your progress."
  • Garlboz: "Thank you my Lord. Peace is preserved for now. Can I be of other assistance to you my Lord?"
  • Tyrómairon: "Try to improve relations with the Rambo, that is all for now."

With that the transmission was cut short. Garlboz was pleased, it seemed he had won back a bit of favor from the Empire. But improve relations with the Rambo, now that could be difficult. They were still wary but as Ramashe even thanked him for retaking the station. Perhaps it was time to talk with Ramashe about ways to improve relations between the Rambo "protectrate" and the Empire.

Meeting of Crime

Morglûkia was happy. As he looked around at the sight before him he was pleased with the current situation. When he recieved news from a mysterious criminal known as the Dark One, a powerful criminal hailing from another galaxy who wished to form an alliance. Morglûkia, eager to accept new forms of profits due to increased patrols from both the Rambo "protectrate" and the Empire- smuggling became a whole lot more dangerous and ships were more often intercepted then before.


Dark One and Morglûkia meet

The Dark One, at first not really content with their meeting place- Morglûkia' office was located after all at the moon of Anummiae, right under the unknown nose of the Rambo Senate. The Dark One was escorted by Sentry, Queen Trodaka and Sotrakh (who the Dark One would present as a gift to Morglûkia).

Morglûkia invited his own most trusted bountyhunters to be present as well, like Zevracence and Ktrn, after all he wanted to impress his first other galaxy fellow crime partner. When the Dark One and his escort entered the office they were greeted by two guards who signaled them to follow him to another room, where a large party was held. With Morglûkia in the middle of the room, other criminal species (-like Saurdoshan and Kzishaya) were present as well, enjoying the drinks and company of dancing slave Yunilinage.

  • Morglûkia: "Dark One, my new found friend! Welcome to my criminal office, right under the nose of the Rambo' Goverment seat!"
  • Dark One: "My thanks Morglûkia, I see you are throwing a party?"
  • Morglûkia: "Mhuhaha, indeed in favor of your visit. Feel welcome, enjoy my drinks, music and my slave Yunilinage dancers!".
  • Dark one: "I shall, Let our party commence, and let new power flow into both our empires."

Dark was flanked by the ever silent Sentry, and was taken aside by Trodaka. She had a plan for these 2 groups, one she felt would work better with Morglukia out of the picture.

  • Trodaka: "Look at that Fat Slug. We don't need him, let's just kill him and take his empire, It'll serve us better."
  • Dark One: "*laughing* Oh Trodaka, We can not do that. We would have The Rambo Possibly breathing down our necks, and while he is a crimaneal, he still has a high seat in goverment. And we don't want Goverment's attention. We forge an alliance, and Sotrakh there, will help"
  • Trodaka: "Yes, but..."

Dark's eyes flared briefly with power. Trodaka backed away in fear.

  • Dark One: "Obey my orders, and you go home, don't, and I can't make promises for your life's journey to be cut short."

Dark turned to Morglukia with a smile on his skeletal face. Grabing a drink, he began discussing plans with the other crime lord for the future. Sentry waited nearby his master, silent and ever waiting for his master's orders. Meanwhile, Sotrakh, was enjoying himself a lot. He was having fun beating the Saurdoshans in arm wrestling competitions, and enjoying his extremely powerfull beer. If Dark was sending him here to work for Morglukia, then Sotrakh was more then happy to accept his new boss.

He made his way over to a plater of Spoffit meat, hot and steaming. Grabbing one piece of meat, he popped it into his jaws and snapped it down. This job was so much fun. Trodaka, meanwhile, was keeping a low profile. She was very irraitated with Sotrakh. They where going to attract attention, epsically with Sotrakh's chewing about to shake the entire building. Her job was to gather information, and set up a branch of the Guild in the Quadrants. She noticied one of the slug's pawns, Ktrn enjoying the party. Trodaka wondered if she could manipulate the Slave-Hunter into killing Morglukia and setting up Dark for more power, but doubted that would work. Shadows where everywhere, and so was Dark.

Zevracence, one of Morglukia's servants, had taken an interest in The queen, whom he found quiet attractive. Sotrakh was near by, enjoying another drink, a less powerfull whine.

  • Sotrakh: "I'd watch yourself, Fella, she has claws.."

Zeveracence turned, a bit startled, and saw Sotrakh. He was very beturbed by the drunken lizrad-being, and was a little irate about possibly having to work with him. Sotrakh had pulled down his chest armour abit, revealing scars and claw marks, some that looked very infected. He simply smiled and put them out of feiw again.

  • Sotrakh: "A gift from her Royal Pain in the tail herself. She dislikes Males, except for Dark, and would most likely seduce you just to use you."
  • Zeveracence: "You'd probably be stupid enough to let that happen, but not me. I'm carefull, You seem less...Subtle, my clumsy 'Friend'."
  • Sotrahk: "*laughing Heartingly* Friend, I've killed a bunch of fools, and I'm always one step ahead of my foes. Dark Rarely allows me to drink, as I work best when Sober, and I indulg a bit, like now. I'm not normaly the clumsy befone you see now. The scratches came when I tried to challenge her to a fight."

Sotrakh snatched a drink out of a Saurdoshan's hand and poured it's contents down his throat. The Saurdoshan, strangely enough, was amused by this and laughed along with Sotrakh. Zeverancene shock his head and went else wear.

  • Zeveracence: "I wished she had taken your tongue too."
  • Trodaka: "I tried, but Dark Stopped me."

He jumped in surprise as the Queen was suddenly behind him, enjoying a drink.

  • Zeveracence: "So you listen in on my conversations?"
  • Trodaka: "I only listen in on Sotrakh. He can be so stupid when he's drunk."

They both turned, to see Sotrahk in the middle of Seeing how many things he could hold over his head. Zeveracence signed and turned to pick up his conversation with Trodaka, to find she was gone.

  • Zeveracenece: "Creepy."

The party was enjoyable for all, most of them being drunk at the end, except for Dark, who's inner-body was pure energy, and alcohole simply tasted good, but did not get him drunk. The party thinned out, and Dark, Sentry and Trodaka prepared to leave, as Sotrakh stayed behind.

  • Morglukia: "*Pionts to Sotrakh* Don't forget your drunken friend there. Wouldn't want him to kill any officals."
  • Dark One: "Consider him a gift. As part of our alliance, I give you Sotrakh to serve you, and hopefully he does a good job. If not, You have full right to execute him."
  • Morglukia: "Thank you! I'll be sure to give him a job to test his skills."
  • Dark: "Good bye, my friend, let's hope for more benefital meetings like this."

Dark and his servants left, as Sotrakh was talking with his new boss. Dark talked with Trodaka as they walked past Zeveracence, in a heated agrument with a Saurdoshan.

  • Dark One: "Are the Quadrants ready for our type of buisness, Trodaka?"
  • Trodaka: "Yes, But with the information I've gathered, it will be most difficult. With both the Rambo, and Imperial Navy stepping up patrols."
  • Dark One: "I don't want trouble with This New Emperor. I have plans for him, but not yet. He's too powerfull even for my abilities."

They walked into the darkened streets of the city, the area seeming to grow darker with his approach. Sentry went ahead into the Landing pad, making sure the Rambo guards where agreeable, and if not, Make them agreeable. The 2 gaurds defiantly didn't need to know that Dark had been here.

Dark One and Trodaka walked past the 2 and stepped into their flagship, The Shadow of Fear.

  • Dark One: "Sentry, You will get to work on estaplishing some Guild Posts here, on only 3 planets. We'll be bribing The local Officals, and working with Morglukia, so anymore won't be nessacry...yet. Trodaka, You will set up a branch of the Mutran Spider Horde with him. Colonize one planet, and keep my pets for reserve, In case we encounter some trouble from the Imperials and Rambo."
  • Sentry: "As you wish."
  • Dark One: "And Trodaka, You didn't kill anyone did you?"
  • Trodaka: "Only 2 disareeable Saurdoshans, But they will not be missed."

Dark one signed as they stepped into their ship, and began to take off. Sentry spoke with Dark in Private.

  • Sentry: "The Queen may not be a spider, But she is still piosonous."
  • Dark One: "Indeed, my friend."

They left the Quadrants, Safe in knowledge, that they would benefit from this alliance.

Meanwhile, Sotrakh was awaiting Morglukia's first commands, when the Crime Boss ordered the Hunter to wake up 2 down Saurdoshans. Sotrakh, his head feeling splint in half, lifted one's eyelid, to see that is was pure green, a sickly green in fact.

  • Sotrakh: "It appears these 2 where piosoned by Trodaka. I'm sooo glad I'm away from that crazy fool."
  • Morglukia: "Indeed, So are you ready for your first asignment? This will be a test to see how good you are."

Sotrakh smiled devilishly and threw down the 2 corpses, and unshealthed his Energy Knuckles. It was about time there was more killing and less talking, though he would miss the alcohole.

  • Sotrahk: "Where's the Victim?"

This time Morglûkia smiled and patted the Guild hunter on his back. He told Sotrahk that he would enjoy this one for sure!

Rambo Acclamators


Elsewhere, in Quadrant 21 the Hunt for the Zevian Skull continued, but things were made worse when others learned of the Hunt.

Conclusion of the third month

Near the end of the third month, Rambo Nation launched their new ship class, the cruiser/trooper transports known as the Rambo Acclamator-class. As an homage to the fallen URC the Rambo decided to "borrow" their designs and create a vessel of their own. The new sturdy, yet rather slow vessels were given the "USS" prefix and are now officially part of the Rambo Navy. The new class, when send into battle will be escorted by other Rambo vessels and will ensure that troopers and equipment can safely land upon the surface of planets. Though they do not replace teh Caradhras-class, the new Acclamator-class will be the new sight at the battlefield while the Caradhras-class will often be send with medical, food and other supplies when a planet have been succesfully conquered.

The Senate, people and the Empress were happy with this new class as it could mean a sign against the Empire that the Rambo were still doing things as they wanted and were not under total control of the Empire.

The Navy allowed the various ships to take colors of the regiment they belong to, with various markings the Acclamator classes will send new reasons to fear the Rambo!

Month 04Edit

A new alliance?

The first days of the fourth month started with terrible information that the dreaded Quadrantia Grox had left their borders again. Further more endangering both the Nova and the Serpentaxy. Even worse it seemed the Grox also attacked the Secoolian again in Quadrant 21.

In response the Secoolian contacted Rambo Nation in Quadrant 21. Meeting them at the Q21 space station the senator of the Deep Space Sector, senator Lady Ram'Eriathine promised to meet them. When the Secoolian arrived, a lot of trade traffic was coming to through the wormhole, but the station stood under guard from captain Rambo and captain Apanoida from the USS Enterprise-A and USS Potemkin respectively.

Senator Ram'Eriathine looked nervous, she heard terrible stories from the "Harvesters", insectoid creatures with a fierce red/black skin. As three Secoolian ships decended to the station a lone shuttle docked containing a small regiment of Secoolian and a representative for their Hive.

Lacrima 08

Rambo and Secoolian began peace negotiations in order to fight against the Q-Grox

  • Ram'Eriathine: "Welcome great and noble Secoolian at this space station, the gatekeeper to the wormhole leading to Quadrant 82".
  • Secoolian: "Krrt, kcht krat klook?"
  • Ram'Eriathine: "What is wrong with the translator?"
  • Apanoida: "A moment please............"
  • Secoolian: "Thank you for your pleasentries senator of the Nation. We must be short in talking, as the Quadrantia Grox are hammering our space and colonies. We request any information you have about them."
  • Ram'Eriathine: "I understand your need for information, but I cannot simply give it without permission of the Senate."
  • 'Secoolian: "Hmpf, than I speak to this Senator of yours as fast as possible. Make preperations, Grox are advancing very fast".

With that the senator and the Secoolian left to speak in private, leaving both James and Apanoida behind in confusion. Both agreed that an alliance with the Secoolian was dangerous, not to mention what other species of Quadrant 21 would think of it. Apanoida raised her shoulders and told James that is was probably to do with finding allies strong enough to withstand the most powerful of enemies, the Quadrantia Grox and perhaps in the future, the Empire.

  • Apanoida: "See you around James, perhaps next time we can be given more time?"

With that Apanoida blinked an eye before leaving, and James smiled......

Quadrantia Grox intervention

As the Secoolian agreed to meet with the Rambo Senate, two Secoolian cruisers were dispatched to travel to the Rambo Capital. The Secoolian vessels were placed under escort by Apanoida of the USS Potemkin, the USS Vespucci under command of a Kloppig captain and the USS Ayers under command of a Serindia captain.

At the same time the Quadrantia Grox decided an intervention was required to prevent a possible alliance between the Secoolian and Rambo.

Taking the secure Ramsoria Run- a trade route running from the Capital to Rambo Prime and the Q82-Cyrannus Wormhole, it is the safest and most fastest way of travel to the Capital. At the second day a sudden anomaly was detected in front of the escort when all of a sudden a Q-Grox sphere exited a transwarp gate and attacked the escort.


Q-Grox vs Rambo/Secoolian escort

  • Quadrantia Grox: "We are the Grox, lower your shields and surrender your vessel. We will add your biological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will become part of us. Resistance is futile".
  • Apanoida: "All ships raise the shields, prepare to engage the Quadrantia Grox!"
  • Chinawkya Lieutenant: "Captain, sensors indicate it is a Type II sphere!"
  • Apanoida: "Wh-what?"

That said the Q-Grox sphere approached the escort and fired upon the nearest Secoolian cruiser- incernating her with a single beam the Secoolian cruiser was engulfed in flames and exploded in a bright flash. The USS Vespucci engaged the sphere, as well as the second Secoolian cruiser but to na avail. The shields weren't breached. The captain of USS Ayers, realising there is no change at victory suggested a retreat and already turned in vessel. Apanoida refused when the Q-Grox sphere fired a grazing-phaser at the USS Potemkin, destroying the shields and severely damaging the ship. The grazing-phaser caused hull breaches and killed the Chinawkya female lieutenant navigator, as well as her HarbronrSaurien commander who was engulfed into flames, screaming for help he died in an agony pain.

With it the Secoolian cruiser, and the USS Vespucci began to retreat as well, with a damaged USS Potemkin in persuit. The Q-Grox sphere itself remained at her position.

  • Quadrantia Grox (1): "Enemy withdrawal..... target acquired, one Secoolian cruiser destroyed".
  • Quadrantia Grox (2): "Acknowledged. Begin searching for survivors for assimilation process".
  • Quadrantia Grox (1): "Affirmative".

Meanwhile the retreating escort planned a new route to the Rambo Capital, it was vital that the Secoolian and Rambo formed a peace treaty and helped eachother against the threat of the Q-Grox. After arriving at the Capital the Secoolian and Rambo signed a treaty, the Anti-Quadrantia Grox Treaty. This protocol, and all members who signed it were forced to share their knowledge and experience with the Q-Grox and also prived the signed members with Q-Grox movements if known.

The Rambo were happy, they gained a new ally against the Grox.

Royals meet once more!
Ramashe&#039;s Alcanti Visit

State visit to Alcanti

Ramashe goes on a state visit to the Draconid Imperium. Escorted onboard the USS Dallas by vice-admiral Ramcard they travelled to the Andromeda Galaxy to meet with Uriel Ultanos.

There she is welcomed by Uriel and his guard, who took Ramashe and Ramcard to numerous places to show how the Draconid live their lives. Ramashe, greatly impressed by the nobility, and craft of art the Draconid Imperium commented on it with high regard. Ramashe was also impressed by the palace itself, large and majestic it was a great differance compared to her Royal Palace, the tower which looked liked it hang up side down.

Never the less, Ramashe enjoyed her stay- as well as the visit to a local Market. Further more, the great Cathredal also gave a great impression to Ramashe as she herself was devoted to her own believes in the Rambo Pantheon she was enlighted to find out that the Draconid also took great pride in their own believes.

After the state visit Ramashe returned to the Rambo Capital.

Return of the Paradox

Ramashe sat at her throne, tired and missing the company of Rambertan but she had little time to spare. With their current "protectrate" status, and all the good and bad things it brought- Ramashe herself was busy keeping internal peace. Various officers and senators disliked the "protectrate" status and Ramashe had a difficult time convincing them it was the right course of action. The Rambo fleet was in recovering, and the Rambo army could do little then tickle the Imperial Military

Ramashe sighted, tired of all these thoughts and efforts she decided she needed a leave of duty. Perhaps a short one for that matter just to re-gain her strenght and resolve. She smiled at one of her Royal Guards who stood firmly and proud with their heavy armor and helmets representing the crowns of the Royal Family.

Outside the throne room vice-admiral Ramcard and Marscalcus Kya talked about recent events: attacks by the Hutters, Quadrantia Grox, a Secoolian alliance and the internal dislike of the "protectrate" status.


Kya and Ramcard face the Vamrasht

  • Kya: "I understand why these events worry you vice-admiral, but there is little I can do about it. I follow orders directly from the Empress and she is explicit that we do nothing that could invoke the wrath of the Imperial Navy".
  • Ramcard: "Explicit orders from the Empress? Some imply you stand under the direct command of the one who gave you this position, Grand Mandator Garlboz".
  • Kya: "W-what? I-i..."
  • Ramcard: "No worries Marscalcus, I know you do not desire the function of Marscalcus. But you are doing fine. I know you follow the orders of the Empress only".
  • Kya: "T-thank you vice-admiral. I-i.....

Both stopped at once when a sudden movement of air was felt. A nearby Dread Lord Trooper pointed at the entrance of the throne room where a large purple portal had opened itself. At once purple mist surrounded the throne room and strange creatures emerged in front of them, while another portal also opened behind them.

  • Ramcard: "What is this?"
  • Kya: "We must protect the Empress!"

Gogmaloe takes hold of Ramashe

Ramcard nodded and opened fire with a RN-5 rifle, given to him by the Dread Lord Trooper. Yet the strange (paradox) creatures surrounded the party and a sudden scream was heard. Ramcard and Kya looked at eachother and knew it was the Empress her voice! In the throne room, when Ramashe and her guards also felt the sudden movement in air looked in sheer terror as a portal openend itself in the doorway of the throne room. Emerging from it was Gogmaloe, a dangerous entity of the Paradox.

  • Ramashe: "Begone creature. You have no-

Ramashe never could finish her sentence as one swipe from his mighty arm killed all the guards present. Gogmaloe roared and grabbed the Empress, dragging her towards the portal. Ramashe resisted, but the more she did the more Gogmaloe tightened his grasp until the point Ramashe had to scream of pain.

Outside Ramcard and Kya, together with the lone Dread Lord Trooper managed to survive while keeping the Vamrash at bay, and ducked when a Serpianicyae flew by. Both Rambo officers looked at eachother, what in the name of the Gods was going on? And more importantly, how could they escape this onslaught? No mortal weapon was ready to fight such enemies?

Fighting their way to the entrance of the throne room, Kya and Ramcard looked in shock as the throne room was filled with dead Royal Guards- and of the Empress their was no sight. Ramcard checked the entire throne room, even behind the throne but couldn't find the Empress. Kya jolted of fear and sadness as tears rolled down her cheek. Ramcard sighted and feared the worse, the Empress had been taken by an unknown threat. Ramcard sat down, the weight of all his years of service suddenly fell down upon his shoulders. Ramcard looked at the young superior officer, Kya who was in shock and babbled nonsense. At the same time all the paradox creatures, the Vamrasht dissapeared.

Kya looked at the most experienced officer within the Nation, vice-admiral Ramcard who sat down at the ground- looking confused and sad. Kya knew it as well, without the Empress the Nation was left without their ruler to protect them against a full oppression by Garlboz and the Empire.

Elsewhere, on a far away planet in the Space in Between Empress Ramashe opened her eyes and looked in awe at the place she was. She found herself in a dark fortress, where the skies above were rainy and black of smoke and darkness.

  • Trashnak': "Well well, what do we have here my Lord?

At the rasping voice Ramashe turned in surprise, behind her two figures approached her. One was a green creature with yellow eyes who carried a massive hammer, the other was a humanoid- clad in dark armor whereas behind him shone a white/red light and left a purple trail of smoke behind him.


Ramashe is taken hostage by Morgandaûr and Trashnak

  • Morgandaûr: "Welcome Ramashe, Empress of Rambo Nation and member of one of the Great Houses of the Cyrandia Cluster".
  • Ramashe: "You seem to know my name stranger? Who are you and why am I here? I demand you to release me and tell me where I am!"
  • Morgandaûr: "My dear empress, you are in no position to make demands. As you can see you are my honorable "guest". As for where you are, welcome at Carnthedain. As for who I am, some know me under my title- the Sorceror of Carnthedian. Others call me...."
  • Ramashe: "Morgandaûr, the dark lord of the Quadrants!"
  • Morgandaûr: Indeed my dear, once the ruler over the Imperial Alliance you withstood my conquest and brought upon my downfall as we lost the Second Galactic war. Now without you at the throne, and the Rambo as a "protectrate" of the great Empire a power vacuum must be filled".
  • Ramashe: "And you will lead the Quadrants into another war?"
  • Morgandaûr: "Hahaha no I will not. I will only give some empires a push in a certain direction. And when all seems lost, and your "protectors" are forced to counter-attack the empires of the Quadrants will be affraid when the dagger formed ships arrive. And I shall rise then- to unite all and reform something greater than the Cyrandia Alliance ever was. One humanoid is already searching for an artifact which will ensure my rule forever. Imagen, all of the Quadrants united under my rule, your fleet and reputation as my fist against the enemies of the Quadrants. And you Ramashe, you will stand at my side as a signal to the people".
  • Ramashe: "I will never do that Morgandaûr. I did submit to the Emperor and I will do neither to you".

At the last sentence Morgandaûr smiled- his hand crackeling with lighting he hit Ramashe with a powerful and painful jolt of electric energies. Ramashe screamed and fell to her knees- Trashnak, the right hand of Morgandaûr grabbed Ramashe by her neck and dragged her to the detention cells. Ramashe knew she would resist Morgandaûr' rule, but for how long could her beloved people, the Rambo last without their Empress?

A week later, when the 4th month reached her end Ramashe still wasn't found and the people wondered if the Empress had befallen ill? Elsewhere, on Zevia Claire and her crew chrash landed on the planet Kreeta and were taken hostage by the secretive New Rambo Resistance.

Month 05Edit

First two weeks

With the start of the 5th month of 02 NE the Nation became well aware that something was wrong with Empress Ramashe and eventually Rambo Command acknowledges that she had been abducted by a mythical creature coming from a Paradox.


Ramtilsae is crowned Regent of the Nation

The Rambo people were shocked and as to prevent civil unrest, Rambo Command placed her niece- Ramtilsae as Regent of the Throne. She would rule over Rambo Nation while the Nation would search for clues what happened to their beloved Empress. At the throne room a small group attented the crowning ceremony to Regent. Present were Grand Mandator Garlboz, Marscalcus Kya, vice-admiral Ramcard and her nephew Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia.

  • Garlboz: "Welcome all today. We are at a new and happy event for the society of Rambo".
  • Ram'Lendilia: "Don't exaggerate the reason for this event Garlboz. The reason is worse enough".
  • Garlboz: "Mind your tongue Senator".
  • Kya: "Gentleman please! Show some manners in front of the Regent".
  • Ramtilsae: "You do not have to defend me dear Marscalcus. We are all aware of the reasons and I accept this position until Ramashe returns. Let that be clear! First we will have to settle things down".

All present nodded and agreed. With this Garlboz gave placed the Regent crown on Ramtilsae her head- the first in the history of the Rambo. Further more Ramtilsae is a Pantorilisea- who never sat before on the throne of Rambo Nation.

One of her first acts as Regent was to give the designs of the new Acclamator class to the Empire as a sign of cooperation and acceptation on both sides. This way Ramtilsae encouraged the acceptation between the Nation and the Empire- in hopes of restoring the once trust between the two Nations. The Empire was happy with these efficient designs- something they have not done due to their current developments of larger vessels.

During these events Claire was being interrogated by Chodecra by the use of electric shocks. Claire seemed rather resistance to this kind of pain (-due to past experiences) and Chodecra failed to recieve any vital information.

At the time of her last interrogation the alarm suddenly sounded, as it marked the being of a significant operations for the Dark Times.

Protectrate under siege

Quadrantia Federation launched it's assault against the "Protectrate"

With the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus growing in size every day, setting her mark at the entire Cluster there were some who resisted. In secret- the Quadrantia Federation made a loose treaty with the Serglmec and the Quadrantia Loron to force the Empire from Quadrant 21. The Royal family, the Bohdaria King managed to convince the Loron Pirates and the Serglmec that with the Rambo as their "protectrate"- the balance of power was gone. This way Hutters, Imperial Remnant and others would want to claim the position the Rambo formerly had. That of the protectors and dominant power in the Quadrants- which would surely involve a war that would threaten the peace in Q21. Seeking council from another rebellion movement- the Confederacy of Free Planets they managed to strike a deal. They would strike the Protectrate/Empire at the same time.

The QF and allies had their eyes on the most tactical place of Q21 to drive the Empire away from Q21- conquering the Rambo Quadrant 21 space station would ensure their dominance over the wormhole and only by their grace could one enter or exit the quadrant.

The fleet was massive, while the fleet of the Rambo was small as they didn't had much colonies in Q21. The attack came as a surprise (to both the Rambo as well as to the Icolian/Goraurien/Andormaru). A large fleet of QF battle cruiser, Loron dreadnought and Serglmec cruisters dropped out of warp and engaged the Rambo. To their surprise an Imperial Preator-class was present, as vice-admiral Ramtainus was present to deliver supplies to the colonies.

  • QF Officer: "This is the allied force of Serglmec, Loron and the QF. We demand you to leave Quadrant 21!"
  • Ramtainus: "Who do you think you are to make such demands? We are Rambo. Protectors of our systems and that if needed of the Quadrants. We have no quarrel with you nor desire conflict."
  • QF Officer: "You lost your own demands the moment your kind accepted a protectrate status of the Empire. Begone! All ships OPEN FIRE!!!!!"
  • Ramtainus: "What the.... BRACE FOR IMPACT!"

The allied forces of the QF all opened fire and approached the Q21 station. At the same time captain Apanoida arrived and joined the battle. The battle itself was a choas, as Rambo were mostly used to fighting in certain line- the allied forces didn't mind as some ships seemed to approach up side down, others simply scaled downwards and all with firing blaster cannons. With few ships the stations shields were breached and the Rambo ships were forced to retreat to the nearby Rambo colonies. The large Preator class also took quite some damage to it's left side and also retreated to the Rambo colonies nearby.

The sudden fall of the Q21 station proved to be quite difficult, as the Rambo colonies were now trapped without aid from Q82 and the captains that were exploring Q21 were also left on their if the wormhole could not be re-conquered.

Empire attacks the New Resistance at Kreeta

Mortikran launched an attack at Kreeta

Mortikran, who recieved orders from the grand mandator Garlboz took a fleet of 5 Venator-class star destroyers to Kreeta where he clashed with a New Rambo Resistance fleet. The battle was actually quite short, because Mortikran executed an effective strategy and managed to break the defensive lines in minutes- allowing a swift ground invasion.

With the Resistance fleet losing their ground Mortikran himself began fighting at the surface where he encountered Claire Rambo who was still tracking down the Zevian Skull. Wanting to take revenge upon her he launched himself at her but Claire managed to back-kick Mortikran which staggered him.

With the following destruction of a Venator-class- the falling debris prevented Mortikran from chasing Claire and her new "friends". Afterwards Mortikran informed both Imperial Command and Garlboz about the victory at Kreeta and left afterwards.

The victory ensured that the Empire was one step closer to gain dominance over the Cyrandia Cluster as well proved to both the Imperial and Rambo Senate that the so called Unclaimed Territories housed threats to both the Imperial and Rambo Interessts.

With Claire her return to the Rambo Capital she was given house arrest until Rambo Command decided what to do with her- as she after all was now the Hand of Moranonúngur.

Month 06Edit

Difficult Time for a Regent (06 month)

Princess Ramtilsea, now Regent of the Nation was troubled. The sudden attack by the Quadrantia Federation (-formerly unknown in excistence to the Nation) and their allies, the Quadrantia Loron now had possesion over the Q21 Space Station and Wormhole, leaving the Deep Space Colonial Sector vulnrable and without a re-supply of stocks.

Ramtilsae was unsure what to do- while Grand Mandator Garlboz and Rambo officers were urging for an attack. Ramtilsae often wished that her niece, Ramashe was back but she was missing for a month now. And other troubles were present as well- with the ever present threat of the Quadrantia Grox, an unstable relation with former allies the Hutter Kingdom, a pre-emptive strike by Mortikran a month earlier on a New Rambo Resistance, rumors in Q21 about the Drakodominatus Tyranny who enslave all in their path and not to mention the friction between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth- with one of their members, the Draconid Imperium having three colonies in Q82 guarding the wormhole into Andromeda. With current relations between them one could only wonder when the Empire would either siege or blockade them, bringing new tensions to the already tension rich Quadrants.

Ramtilsae sighted, and wondered once again when they would find her niece, Empress Ramashe. She would know how to deal with this all. Rambo Intelligence provided the Regent with more disturbing news as they managed to gather intelligence and rumors from the Empire being involved in a battle at the former Confederatre capital of Carindes- as well as sending the dreaded Tyrant to deal with the threat. Ramtilsae was also informed about internal troubles of the Cognatus Empire as one of their three leaders was killed by a seemingly new entity.

The rest of the 6th month actually remained quiet and nothing major really happened for the Rambo in this month.

03 NE (06 AQF)Edit


The new years, 06 AQF or better known in the "protectrate" as 03 NE had begun with little celebration nor fireworks as is the Rambo tradition to signal the new year. The civilians of Rambo Nation didn't want to celebrate the new year not that is became clear that the Monarch- Empress Ramashe was missing and that her niece, Regent Ramtilsae now ruled Rambo Nation in her absence awaiting her return.

The new year will bring new adventures, glory times and troubles for the "protectrate" Nation and one can only wonder where it will lead to. Will this year show the full integration into Imperial Society or will they regain their independance? Or perhaps will this year signal the end of Rambo Nation or will they try to re-establish new alliance within the Seven Starr Alliance- the once good but now corrupt organisation in their eyes?

One thing is clear at the start of this year, the Nation faces a new time!

Month 01Edit

Search for the Empress Begins

Founder and Ramtilsae send Claire on her new mission

Ramtilsae and the Founder- with aid of the advanced sensors of the USS Relativity managed to track Ramashe her signature back to an area known as the "Space in Between". Though never been there Ramtilsae and the Founder decided that action had to be taken and a resque effort had to be undertaken. The Founder had the perfect candidate with the retreavel of Claire Rambo- the daughter of James Rambo as she now had a chance to prove herself loyal to the Nation and not the Empire. Ramtilsae agreed as well and the two decided to give her command of the Suiliagothrond II, a Suiliagothrond Battlestation escorted by two Acclamator class vessels.

They summoned her to the bridge of the station and made the proposal. Claire immediately agreed and began preparing her station for leave. However an additional order was given as well, her Hunt for the Zevian SKull had to be continued as well, and if found was to be brought back to the Nation. Claire all agreed and and the Founder and Ramtilsae returned to the surface of the planet. Ramtilsae smiled, after all things were quiet and peaceful in the protectrate, now they could fully focus on finding Ramashe.

Meanwhile Rambo Intelligence recieved rumors about the Dominion of the Xhodocto and feared that the Xhodocto might return their attention to the Nation as they did during the war of Ages.

Saved from Carnthedain Castle

Near the end of the first month, a new event was to take place who none saw coming! It will set things into motion whether for good or ill.

Empress Ramashe sat in her cell at the dark fortress at Carnthedain. Though she was given a good treatment, she grew tired of the Dark Lord- Morgandaûr and his persisting plans to unite the Quadrants under one banner. Ramashe- ofcourse didn't want to cooperate with the Dark Lord but feared she would break and accept his terms due to her fear of him. She didn't like his words, who felt like they were poison and weakened her spirit and resolve.

One day, after knowing she was at Carnthedain for well over two months she heard a lone wisper. At first she thought it was Morgandaûr his new slave- his former right hand Aur'Lodin but that wasn't the case. It turned out to be one of the natives, an elf by the name of Lourdes.

  • Lourdes: "Sssst, I can get you out of here if you will help me?"

Ramashe looked surprised and continued the conversation in a whisper.

  • Ramashe: "How do you think you can help me? I am trapped here? And who are you?"
  • Lourdes: "Please keep voice low. As for name can be said later, you want out of here?"
  • Ramashe: "Yes please!"

Suddenly the wall behind her cell opened and a lone female stood in the opening. She was frail but for a humanoid quite beautiful. Ramashe followed her and she found herself in another hallway. The young girl beckoned her to follow and Ramashe did. After using a chair they found themselves at the top of a tower when a horn was sounded. It seemed the goblins were aware she escaped. Ramashe looked frightened but the young girl simply smiled and took Ramashe her hand and jumped over the edge.


Escaping with aid of Lourdes and a Valaxion

Ramashe screamed at this unexpected turn of events but found herself landing on a gigantic purple colored bird like creature. When the young girl talked in a strange language the bird reacted and flew away from the dark fortress while arrows were being shot at them.

During the flight Ramashe thanked the girl, who explained she was a princess by the name of Lourdes. She told the Empress that they were flying to their village- one of the last of the Carnthedain elves and that she hoped Ramashe could help them. Ramashe doubted that she could be of much aid, as these natives were still rather primitive to what she was used to.

When they landed in the village, Lourdes asked again for her aid. Troubled Ramashe first claimed that she wanted to know how she knew she was at the fortress and how Lourdes knew of this secret passage. The elf smiled, a true smile of kindness, mixed with sorrow and regret and explained a bit of their history. The elves and goblins at Carnthedain had a long history with eachother and she claimed that the fortress once belonged to the elves, before the war with the dragons that drove the elves away from their fortresses and forced them to live in small villages. The goblins took their change and inhabited the now abandoned fortress and began hunting the elves under the watchful eye of the Dark Lord. Ramashe placed her hand at the young girl' shoulder- telling her that she was not sure how she could help them.

Her answer came to a great surprise- Lourdes wanted that Ramashe would take the elven population away from Carnthedain and later return with one of her armies from the stars. Ramashe blinked her eyes twice, how did this primitive girl knew she came from another planet? Lourdes smiled at the reaction of Ramashe and took her into her shelter. She told that she really needed her help because this act would surely enable the wrath of the goblins and dead of all the elves present. Ramashe agreed but told her that she had no space ship to take them.

  • Unknown: "But I have. And with your help I can take them to the Rambo Capital unharmed."
  • Ramashe: T-that's impossible!"

Ramashe flung herself into the arm of the sudden talker which turned out to be her friend, Riordan. Ramashe smiled and placed a small kiss at his cheeck, to which Riordan grew blushes and Lourdes simply looked odd at the two.

  • Riordan: "I can take the population onboard my ship if we act quickly. However the problem will lie with the Rambo Senate and the Empire".
  • Ramashe: "What of it?"
  • Riordan: "I know it is not my place, but I doubt the Empire would agree with an attack at a planet so far from their and your territory. Not to mention that with it you might be breaking a rule of Rambo Command- not to involve yourself in cultures who have not achieved space travel".
  • Ramashe: "I do not care what the Empire thinks. Even if we are their "protectrate" doesn't mean that everything we do have to consulted with the Empire first. Their allies are not our allies, nor their friends are ours. If the Empire want it, I will still not let any SSA, Tralor or Deathmarch member enter our territories nor use one of our wormholes!"

Riordan raised his hands in apology. Ramashe smiled at the gesture and gave her excuses as well. She nodded to Lourdes and told Riordan to prepare his ship and for Lourdes to gather her people. It was time to leave Carnthedain before the goblins would arrive.

Escape from Carnthedain

At once Rambertan took Lourdes, Ramashe and the elves towards the beach where his ship had landed. To their surprise another ship was also present at the beach, a Gwylliöen Class who was under command of Dil'inne'Dry.


Preparing to leave Carnthedain

  • Rambertan: "Dil! Good to see you answered my call!".
  • Dil: "Pff, Rambertan, save me you pleasantries. I only help you because I owe you one."

Rambertan nodded and smiled, he knew Dil disliked standing in favors of others- like a true Saurien they believed they didn't need any help from anyone. To Dil's surprise among the elves he saw a Serindia who he recognised.

  • Dil: "Well well Rambertan, what do we have here? That is one valuable passenger?"
  • Rambertan: "Don't get anything in your head Dil!

Dil chuckled and assured Rambertan he wasn't going to do anything dumb. However he warned him that travelling with the Empress of Rambo Nation onboard wouldn't be without risks, as both the Rambo Navy and Imperial Navy were looking out for her. Rambertan nodded and told Dil, Ramashe and Lourdes that his plan involved both ships to get pass the Bluedion moon- which stood under control of the Empire. From there they could enter Quadrant 21 and travel to the Deep Space Colonial Sector.


Approaching the Bluedion moon

Ramashe sighted, she didn't want to be found by Imperials, so far away from her forces they could spirit her away to places far from Rambo eyes. Within the hour both ships took off- with Lourdes and Ramashe being onboard Rambertan his ship.

After a two day travel the company arrived at the Bluedion moon. Riordan looked troubled, the area stood under guard by the Imperial Navy- though sensors indicated that there was a lot of traffic. Riordan smiled, perhaps luck was on their side.

  • Dil: "-kcch-Riordan do you read - kcch- you see this? A lot of traffic - kchh - "
  • Riordan: Yes, yes I read you. Indeed, and only four Ifrit-class star destroyers as guards. This is our moment! Follow that cargo hauler and head into the wormhole as fast as possible. Keep your distance and speed allowance."
  • Dil: "-kcch - understood..... - kcch ".

Ramashe and Lourdes smiled as well, perhaps the escape was as easy at it seems. Diving into orbit of the planet the two freighters followed a Cyrannian cargo hauler and all present were amazed as the sight. Various ships- of differant races used the moon as a port and were entering or exiting Quadrant 21.

Entering the artificial wormhole it took a few mintues before they exited it again. However upon exiting the wormhole, they were met by a welcoming party. While arriving in Quadrant 21 the second month of 03 NE started as well.

Other events

While news reached the Rambo Capital that Apollo had been found and brought to Planet:Orbispira, many in the Nation were happy to learn he survived and that he was allowed to live another day by Aeresius. Near the end of the month Claire Rambo, onboard the Suiliagothrond II cleared the wormhole from a Quadrantia Federation blockade with aid of vice-admiral Ramtainus.

As such the first month of 06 AQF/03 NE was finished and sets new things into motion. Will Ramashe escape Carnthedain, will Claire reach Zevia without troubles or will the inhabitants of Quadrant 21 react hostile on the presence of a war station near their borders? And what will Garlboz do, without Ramashe he has a free game!

Month 02Edit

Return of Ramashe

Claire welcomes the Empress, Lourdes, Dil and Riordan at the bridge

Upon entering Quadrant 21, Riordan, Ramashe and company encountered the massive Suiliagothrond II- under command of Operative Claire Rambo. The Operative was taken by complete surprise and as the two freighters of Dil and Riordan docked Ramashe informed Rambo Command she had been recovered. She was escorted to the bridge by Niner, a clone seniro commander where she rewarded Dil and Riordan with a large sum of money (and Riordan with another kiss). She instructed Claire to start her Zevian Expedition while the Elven population and Lourdes remained onboard the station. After her Zevian expedition Claire was ordered to invade Carnthedain and lift the rule of the sorceror.

Saying her goodbyes to her company she was escorted back to the Rambo Capital by vice-admiral Ramcard.

Upon Ramashe her return to the capital she met with her niece, Ramtisae who was delighted and stood down at once from her position of Regent. The entiren Nation was filled with rejoice upon the return of Ramashe, and news soon spread among the Cyrandia Cluster as well. While Ramashe returned to her throne, she began reading about the current events but was shocked and greatly saddened by the news that Gianne Inviá was executed by a sniper. The Nation send their condolences as a sign of respect and comfort and Ramashe contacted Gianne and Apollo their children at once, sadly she recieved no answer and Ramashe grew worried.

Two days later, both Laoi and Kara had travelled on their own to the Rambo Capital where they arrived on a special section of the Royal Palace- only designated as arrival place for the closest of the Royal Family. Upon arriving a Royal Guard informed the Empress who went to see them at once. Arriving at one of the lower docks, both Laoi and Kara looked nervous as it was their first time at the Royal Palace- and even though it was a lot more differant than anything they saw before they were careful not to make any mistakes which could anger the Empress her Royal Guard.


Laoi and Kara meet Ramashe after the death of their mother

  • Ramashe: "Laoi! Kara! I am so sorry what happened".
  • Kara: "Your grace, I-i...."
  • Laoi: "O-our m-mother is..."

Before Laoi or Kara could say anything, Laoi bursted out in tears. Kara looked up to Ramashe, who for a moment was stunned and not sure what to do. Ramashe soon re-gained herself and comforted both Laoi and Kara and brought them within the palace. Showing them their bedrooms she told the two children that the Royal Palace was their home as long as they wanted- and that she would try to contact Apollo who was gone on some adventure in Andromeda. Ramashe also contacted Senator Magalen that the two children were safe at the Royal Palace, much to his delight. Magalen asked if both Gorf and the Adjunct were also allowed to live with them at the Rambo Capital, as the children were very close to them. Ramashe agreed and dispatched a ship to retrieve them from Capricaerón. Later that night she checked upon both Laoi and Kara, while Kara was a sleep Laoi had difficulties sleeping. Sitting at his bed, Ramashe cuddled him until he fell a sleep too.

Ramashe went to her own room (both Laoi and Kara teir rooms were very close to that of Ramashe) and she stood at her balcony looking over the silent sea. Ramashe shed a lone tear, it hurted her that at the moment the children needed their father, he was away.

A new friend in politics?

A few days after Laoi and Kara settled themselves at the Royal Palace, Ramashe returned her attention back to politics. The Rambo Senate was happy she was back, and kept the peace and stability of the nation while she was gone. Yet the politics with Grand Mandator Garlboz also had to be continued, something she loathed and disliked.

Overthinking some perchments- Ramashe was informed of the arrival of a high official from Cyrannus who wished to have an audience with her. Surprised Ramashe made all preperations and granted the official' wish. To her surprise it was the Corthrinus emperor, Savra Mathen.


Ramashe and Savra meet at the Rambo Capital

  • Savra: "Goodmorning your grace. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice."
  • Ramashe: "The pleasure is all mine your highness. To what honour do I have to welcome you to my palace?"
  • Savra: "Politics my dear, urgent politics I need to discuss with you."

Ramashe looked surprised, she wasn't really familiar with the Corthrinus Emperor and unsure of his intentions. Noticing the look on Ramashe her face, Savra replied with kindness.

  • Savra: "No need to worry Empress Ramashe. I come here to discuss a possible trade treaty with you. My people need a boost of economy, as well as yours I presume and it would be benefital for both of us."
  • Ramashe: "I agree noble Savra, but I feel there is something more to this visit than a treaty of trade?"

Savra chuckled, his informants were right that this Serindia empress was clever enough to notice things and replied in a whisper.

  • Savra: "Indeed, not only for trade I come here. I think you are aware that there are dirty politics being played on Orbispira."
  • Ramashe: What would that matter for my Nation?"
  • Savra: "Well, first of all you are a "protectrate" of the Empire and as such our races both fall under the authority of the Emperor. And I am well aware that the Rambo have a weak position at Orbispira due to their Grand Mandator protection. Ever since you signed the Concordat you Rambo have little trade and commerce in Cyrannus, except perhaps with your colonial sector and Capria. I am here to open new trade ways, and perhaps we could become friends in politics. We could help eachother."

Ramashe raised her eyebrows and smiled. It seemed Savra was well aware and was telling the truth. The Rambo had a weak position at Orbispira and little trade and commerce in Cyrannus. Perhaps aiding eachother was benefital at all. Ramashe nodded and told Savra they could sign the trade contract at once. Savra, pleased that it went this easy made a remark how beautiful Ramashe was for avian species- something Ramashe had to blush for and that he shouldn't flatter her. Yet she had to admit for a Capricyránae he is quite charming and gentle.

Afterwards Savra returned for Rinus, pleased that the first stage of his plan against the Mortalitas had succeeded. With this trade treaty he was now the only one besides Capricaerón who had trade and commerce with the Rambo, opening new trade for his people in Cyrannus who could sell Rambo products for high prices to other species who weren't so fortunate with allies within the Senate, this way those species became independant of the Corhtrinus and would give him his support in decisions he could claim could lower his trade prices. This way Savra could show the Corthrinus might and nobility of his race- giving him more influance and respect amongst the Senate and Mandator Council. And with Ramashe as a possible politician ally, he gained an advance over Moch-Na who didn't had mighty allies.

while Ramashe and Savra had their conversation, unaware to both- Kara had overhead them and feared the Corthrinus as her father told her stories about them. Whenever her father was to return, she had to tell him so he could warn Ramashe about the dangers of the Corthrinus.

Near the end of the month Rambo Command retired among others the Galaxy Class and reintroduced the Olympic class into service. Both Excelsior class were given a massive upgrade as well, the so called V3 versions.

Month 03Edit

In the third month of 06 AQF/03 NE Apollo arrived at the Rambo Capital where he was reunited with Ramashe and his children.

Ramashe and two of her most trusted militairy officers- vice-admiral Ramcard and Marscalcus Kya sat in a meeting room, discussing various intelligence reports.


A Road to Peace is taken

Kya seemed to have recieved information that the Icolian have been sighted within the Unclaimed Territory, as well that the Xiaan have gone into isolation again. Ramashe sighted, she was tired of allies leaving the Nation alone against new treats, rumors had it that both the Lizardian and Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel has been sighted in the same area as well.

Ramashe her thought was suddenly interrupted by a holo transmission- hailing from the south of Quarant 82.

  • Mysterious Figue: "Greetings your majesty, ruler of Rambo Nation and Supreme Empress of the Quadrant Galaxies".
  • Kya: "Who is this? Identify yourself!"
  • Apaltar: "-kcch-, sorry for my interruption. My name is Count Apaltar of the Republic in Exile, I contact you in hopes of ....".
  • Ramcard: "Republic in Exile? Hmpf, why do you seek contact with us?"
  • Apaltar: "I am pleased to announce that we have decided to open peace negotiations with both you and the Empire. I know we fought against eachother during the Battle of Angforst, a big mistake but perhaps we can correct it."

Ramashe raised her eyebrow and smirked, it seemed this Apaltar could be speaking the truth. Ramashe agreed to speak with Apaltar in person if it could lead to ceasing hostilities between the Nation and the Republic in Exile- though would not call them allies in an instance. After all the Republic betrayed them.

Apaltare nodded and expressed his hopes to meet eachother soon, while he would be seeking for others to sign treaties of peace or trade. After Apaltar' holo image vanished Ramcard turned to Kya and the Empress.

  • Ramcard: "This could be our chance. Learn their culture, their defenses and build up a possible defense against them- we do surely not fall for their charming words twice?"
  • Kya: What? Vice-admiral that is absurpt. A treaty could mean one enemy less, we have enough troubles already!".

Apollo travels onboard the USS Excelsior to Hutter Space

Suddenly Ramashe raised from her chair and beckoned the two officers to be silent. Ramashe turned away from the meeting to think over the words of Apaltar. Is he to be trusted? Is it a trap? An oppertunity for peace or a chance to deal with a treat to the Nation her security? Ramashe sighted, it was going to get late this night. Perhaps she could inform Apollo of the excistence, perhaps he could explore this Republic in Exile in favor of Rambo Nation and could advise her to make a good and solide decision whether or not to accept peace.

Apollo agreed and travelled to meet with Count Apaltar and returned with good news of peace and the hopes of an alliance. Shortly after Apollo left again to seek allies and friends- in grattitude Ramashe dispatched captain Apanoida to aid Apollo with every means necessary. The first visit was to meet and talk with the Hutters- with whom tensions seemed to rise. After captain Apanoida almost raised a red alert- an order that was belayed by Apollo himself he managed to convince the Hutter ambassador to meet with him in the future, an act that ensured their survival as well.

Around the same time Claire Rambo finally arrived at the planet Carnthedain to face the sorceror of Carnthedain. After defeating the sorceror the Suiliagothrond II was phased to another location within Quadrant 82 where it re-discovered the Atlantica planet known as Aecor. When an emergency transmission was recieved by Claire, both James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A and the Cogsangui known as Thel'Vicliquam arrived at the same time to give aid and began attacking eachother in orbit. Afterwards Claire, James and Thel'Vicliquam explored the planet and found the skull wich led to the critical injuries substained by Claire due to Thel'Vicliquam's attack. When Thel'Vicliquam managed to surround the just arriving James who witnessed the attack on his daughter was about to kill them all, another Cogsangui arrived. Rtas'Shagili informed that Empress Ramashe and the Cognatus Hierachs reached an agreement to study and protect the planet together. As a gesture of good faith the Nation decided to release the Cogsangui prisoner as well.

Soon after, the Suiliagothrond II remained at Aecor for a permenant duty, where varies Rambo Nation vessels also gained a rotation guard duty together with a sizable fleet of Cognatus vessels.

With the Hunt for the Zevian Skull concluded, the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF began.

Month 04Edit


The conference in full swing.

While the Nation high command structure was pleased with the current peaceful time. Apollo summoned various diplomats from within the Nation and outside for a special Conference to discuss peace and the possibility to create a new republic. Attending from Rambo Nation were Ramashe, Senator Chuinaylia and vice-admiral Ramcard. The meeting was a success, only the Hutter seemed to be disatisfied.

During the meeting Ramashe also had a private conversation with the Hutter Ambassador and Apaltar. Near the end of the Conference, Apollo announced the forming of the New Cyrannian Republic and Apollo kissed her at her cheeck afterwards, wich made Ramashe blush and giggle.

After the meeting the Rambo Intelligence informed Rambo Command that a Hutter Bird of Prey was stolen and was known to attack a Ca'Leon passenger liner and destroy a freighter of their own. Confused Rambo Command intensified the border patrols near the Hutter borders, fearing that a conflict might erupt and threaten the colonies of Rambo Nation in Q89.

Later on, Ramashe offered the Cognatus Empire to release their Cogsangui prisoner as a gesture of good will and to continue their peace and cooperation at Aecor.

An Appeal to the Senate

Proconsul Apollo speaking before the Rambo Senate.

In the aftermath of the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic, Apollo was named as the Proconsul (or chief diplomat) of the new government. However, in the hopes of spending more time with his family, he made his home in the Royal Palace of the Rambo Capital alongside Gorf, the Adjunct, his pet Dvottie Tigarlu and of course his two children, Kara and Laoi. All the while, his relationship with Empress Ramashe only increased. A week after the Republic was formed, President Apaltar asked Apollo to speak before the Rambo Senate in the hopes of reigniting their alliance.

With Ramashe's permission, he was granted the permission to speak before the Senate. As he walked into the Chamber, he bowed out of respect and stood in the centre of the room, and prepared to speak. All fourteen senators were present, as one seat was still vacant. In the centre the Chancellor of the Royal Crown welcomed Apollo within the ancient senate chambers. Ramashe kept in the shadows, together with Ramcard to observe Apollo's plight.

Apollo spoke of the history that the two civilisations shared down the years, fighting alongside each other in the various conflicts the two nations found themselves in. Ramashe smiled behind the wings, Apollo always knew how to start a speech and reach people in their hearts. Various Rambo senators began clapping at Apollo's words, remembering how together they fought against any threat. However, other senators remained sceptical and annoyed by the pain and suffering Cyrannians caused to their nation.

When Apollo finished his speech, many senators rose from their seats and applauded, others however remained grim and looked upon the Proconsul with suspicion. Senators Chuinaylia, Or-Ana and Crecko supported Apollo completely, while others such as Ram'Thandreal recommended them to await proof of his sincerity. In response, Apollo spoke again about the loses he faced trying to reforge the alliance, calming most of the senators.

A Plea to the Senate 02

Apollo and Ramashe talk after the Senate Vote.

Many of them looked at eachother, as the decision to make would be as historical as first contact with the CSA years ago, though that time is was captain Rambas, a navy officer who made contact while now an old friend was trying to do so within the Senate. Ramashe sighed, she knew a majority was difficult to reach within the senate about the Cyrannians. It wasn't for nothing the senate decided to wage the Battle of Angforst.

When the time to vote came, Apollo and Ramashe left the Chambers. The senate debated over the acceptance of an alliance for over three hours. Suddenly the doors opened again and the senators left the hall. Some looked angry, especially Senators such as Or-Ana and Aviadactyl. Much to Apollo's surprise Gorubla and Ram'Thrandeal also looked angry when they exited the senate halls. Even the Chancellor of the Royal Crown left the hall with a surprised expression.

Both Ramashe and Apollo turned to the last figure leaving the senate hall, the young Chinawkya senator Chuinaylia approached Apollo and Ramashe with a curious smile on her face. She informed them that the request for the alliance was rejected, but only because the Senate now recognised the New Republic as the continuation of the URC, so therefore the alliance continues. Apollo was overcome with happiness and hugged both Chuinaylia and Ramashe. The young Senator bowed and left Ramashe and Apollo alone.

Pleased with the outcome of the vote, the two leaders walked off hand in hand to the shuttles. After the Conference, Ramashe confronted Laoi and Kara after their father had told them he was the new Proconsul and ambassador to Rambo Nation. Ramashe guessed the two would probably be happy about it, but also a bit sad as it could mean their father had to leave for important political matters while they lost their mother so recently. In order lighten the mood and give a boast to their moral, Ramashe contacted her nephew, Lord Senator Ram'Lendilia and arranged a special guest.


Laoi and Kara have a private concert with Osha!

The next day, both Laoi and Kara were brought by the Senator Lord and Ramashe to one of the hills of the highter levels of the Royal Palace. Both Laoi and Kara looked in awe, as from their position they got a nice panorama view over Tirithsiliiana. While looking above, they saw the towering walls and tower of the Royal Palace.

  • Ramashe: "Laoi, Kara. I have a gift for the both of you. As you have shown yourselves to be brave, noble and very kind and perfect guests among my palace. I believe you have earned this small gift."
  • Ram'Lendilia: "Indeed, the children of Apollo have deserved a special guest visit!"

Both Laoi and Kara looked suprised and a bit confused to eachother. Suddenly behind them an holographic dance stage was created, while from behind a tree an singer approached the two. It turned out to be the populair Rambo Nation artist, Osha Stefani.

  • Osha: "Hello children, are you ready for a private party and concert?"

Both Laoi and Kara yelled in surprise and when Osha began singing, she danced together with Laoi and Kara. After an hour, Osha had to leave again, saying her goodbyes to two very happy children.

A few days later, Rambo Nation her capital city, the city of the Monarchy is known as Tirithsilliana was hit by a disaster.


Terrorism at Tirithsilliana

At one of the docks, various citizens awaited the approaching passenger liner who was ready to land into the water. The citizens were overjoyed, as the passenger liner was on time and was on route to somewhere else within the Nation. Shortly before hitting the water an explosion was seen and the passenger liner suddenly gave fire and chrashed into the water. The resulting small tidal wave washed away all the citizens that were waiting, upleveling docked boats and killing most of the citizens and dock workers present.

As the passenger liner lay have under water, the lower decks were floading with sea water, drowning those passengers who were unable to escape or weren't yet killed by the explosion.

Within minutes the emergency services were present, taking care of the wounded or taking care of the fire. While Rambo Command was investigating the matter of how a part of the ship could suddenly explode they came to a surprising conclusion wich was to be revealed later on the holonet. The cause of the explosion was something Rambo Nation never experienced before. That evening, the news reader started the eight o'clock news with the following news:

"Disaster at Tirithsilliana, passenger liner hit by terrorist attack! Killing over 250 innocent citizens!"

Shorlty after Rambo Command held an emergency session to discuss the events! The resulting attack resulted in the Yudumarth Campaign.

Shortly after the start of the campaign, the USS Enterprise-A under command of James Rambo intercepted the ship of Helo Roslia who just returned from a perilous adventure in a future timeline. Sadly however, Rambo Command lost contact with the Enterprise as she embarked on her own adventure in the future!


Dignitaries sign the Treaty of Serindianliae

Within the same month Rambo Nation recieved a request by the Draconid Imperium. Their leader, his esteemed majesty, Paragon Uriel Ultanos asked permission to expand the Draconid their presence within Quadrant 82 and wished for more colonies. He informed Ramashe that the new Draconid colonies would be developed with peace and trade more in mind, where as Quadrantia residents would be welcome to visit these colonies and observe Imperial architecture and enjoy Draconid hospitality. On top of that reqeust, was a ratification for fursth presence of the Draconid Navy with the purposes of peacekeeping and securing trade routes, as well as to patrol both international and allied space. Ramashe agreed to both of these suggestions, as the Rambo fleet could need any aid against pirates and smugglers, as well as the presence of new trade could give their economy another boost. Ramashe as such welcome the Draconid once again within the Quadrants and expressed her hopes to see Uriel once again in person, but then at the new Draconid colonies. The decision of Ramashe frowned some within her own goverment, as well surprised the citizens of Rambo Nation. Though it was generally accepted, as the Monarchy gave her approval, still some wished to ask questions about it to Ramashe. Others, outside Rambo Nation also viewed these new developments with suspicion, like some within the New Cyrannian Republic were questioning the decision. While the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus warned the Nation to be cautios. The Hutter Kingdom and criminals like Morglûkia were disgusted by the decision. The Creckel Kingdom and the Caizini actually saw new oppertunities for trade and commerce and welcome Ramashe her decision. As such the decision would become know among the Rambo and others as the Draconid Act, with those who approved and those who didn't like it at all.

In this month also vice-admiral Ramcard led a fleet of ships against a possible return of the Congregation. A lone Congregation cruiser appeared at the NX-region and travelled towards Rambo space.

Near the end of the month the Treaty of Serindianliae marked the end of the fourth month. Various dignitaries like S'Rell o the Caizni, Carnoria of Zevia and Lourdes of Carnthedain signed the treaty and their planets/sector became a Rambo Protectrate.

With the treaty signed the second chapter of the Quadrantia Disorder, Lacrima a Vinyar ends and the following history continues into the third chapter of the Quadrantia Disorder, the Yudumarth Campaign!


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