Alveni a Malus is the first story chapter of the Quadrantia Disorder and will chronicle most of the years 04 AQF and 05 AQF leading up to the New Age, 01 NE.

Alveni a Malus is loosely translated as "the Rise of Darkness"!


At the start of 04 AQF, shorlty after the wedding of the URC President Apollo with his childhood friend Gianne Inviá of Coruindia, all of the Rambo Nation officials attending the wedding returned to Rambo Nation space.

Empress Ramashe, the Supreme ruler of Rambo Nation returned to her office at the Royal Palace of Tirithsilliana and all of a sudden, she felt dizzy and fell to her knees. Immediatly Royal Guards stormed the throne room and even the Founder was with them. As she rose again she waved them away, claiming she didn't had enought sleep due to recent events. The Royal Guard nodded though the Founder wondered why she had fainted? She never did that before.

Meanwhile, a shocking discovery was made when Onuris Alliance forces came under attack by the return of the evil and dreaded Xhodocto, better known as the Xhodocto.............

Year 04 AQFEdit

As daily life continued for the citizens of Rambo Nation, everything seemed fine and the Nation was enjoying peace and prosper. Yet new plots would soon reveal herself and would have serious consequences. Later on, scientist would understand that the event they call the Quadrantia Disorder started with the action of a single bounty hunter......

Month 01Edit

Quadrantia Disorder 01

Zevracence meets Morglûkia and his Feolhviaeri slave, Ktrn.

After taking a transport from Ramaakota, Zevracence arrives at Anummiae, after traveling for a few hours onboard a Rambo Nation civilian Transport. Zevracence, a Zarbriaek Bounty Hunter arrives at Anummiae, the second moon of the Rambo Capitol Planet. When exiting his transport, a modified Rambo Alliance Light Cruiser he noticed how crowdy it was on the space port. With a lot of people checking in and out, it was easy to not get noticed in the crowd. Zevrancence showed his papers to a Serindia Official, and he was allowed to enter the city.

Zevracence was a Zarbriaek of little words, lately he seemed to enlighten a bit. He started to walk to the office of Morglûkia the Great, the biggest Crime Lord of Rambo Nation and one very ugly slug like creature. Entering his office he immediatly was allowed to meet the slug in question and there he recieved his mission, he was to kill a CAS Senator who was proposing peace to Rambo Nation. Zevracence agreed, he didn't care about the Nation her politics and his bounty, and a reward of 5 million Ramboidae Coins is great motivater.

He later bought a civilian craft and after meeting two Syndicate Bounty Hunters they left Anummiae and set a course to the Moon of Väeressëa, the Senate her location.

Quadrantia Disorder 02

Zevracence meets the Unknown Dark Lord

Zevracence bought a Vahkliae Freighter, a Serindia Civilian Craft and picked up Uamio Teff and Ukho Yart, two Syndicate Bounty Hunters which he disliked but none the less took them with him for assurence and to keep his employee happy.

Upon landing there craft at Väeressëa her dock they were met by various Serindia Seven Starr Soldiers. Protecters of the Senate they moved in to capture the three bounty hunters but the skills of the three proved too strong and the soldiers were taken down.

Venturing further down the massive hallways of Väeressëa they took over the control station after dispatching with her protectors. Zevracence ordered a Feolhviaeri employee to activate the communication frequencies and lower down the defences. She complied and was knocked unconcious. The transmission was from the Unknown Dark Lord, whom the Bounty Hunters didn't knew. His employer was someone evil after all. The Bounty Hunters then talked to Senator Chuinaylia and various other Senators and found out there target, Senator Mioa Buroa of the CAS was with the Chancellor of the Crown. The Bounty Hunters left the Senate Hall and went to the Chancellor her office while dispatching more and more guards they finalley faced the CAS Senator. The Chancellor unable to do anything watched in awe as Zevracence badly injured the friendly CAS Senator.

Though the Senator survived, the peace treaty with the Confederacy did not and the CAS Senator now was recovering in a Rambo Nation hospital. And the Bounty Hunters? They managed to escape the Nation's authorities and the Unknown Dark Lord is plan succeeded, his first stage was a grand succes.

Quadrantia Disorder 03

Vartekian Stingers disable the USS Divide and two other Rambo Nation ships

18 hours had passed after the incident at Väeressëa and Rambo Command was furious how something could have happened. With Command occupied Vartekian spies send by the dreaded General Zijika managed to attack the colonie of Javan, attacking the ships stationed there by surprise the USS Divide and escort had no chance as they believed the Vartekian were allies. Without warning they attacked and forces the ships to withdraw. With the Vartekian's able to land on the surface, they made a small camp, but Ramborwski managed to set up a emergency Mobile Command Center due to a present Caradhras Class and send troops to meet the Vartekian's.

The Vartekian Elite and his troopers valiantly defended there camp and managed to defeat the advancing Serindia Mobile Suite Droids and Serindia Troopers. While General Zijika made use of this distraction to disable Javan her Anti Space Cannon more Vartekian troops landed on the surface and advanced towards the Mobile Command Center, disabling artilliry and even more troops. While they approached the Mobile Command Center the battle intensified, but the Vartekian's had the number on there side and with the unleashing of a dreaded purple thunderstorm the Vartekians destroyed the Mobile Command Center and advanced towards Javan City and began plundering her. Sending the citizens in panick and capturing them.

Quadrantia Disorder 03-01

Vartekian forces battle Rambo Nation mobile suite droids

While the Elite his troopers plundered the city the Elite himself went to face Captain Ramborwski at the Senatrial Office. With dispatching two Seven Starr Serindia Soldiers he faced Ramborwski who could only wonder why they did this? The Elite simply replied he was following orders. Ramborwski could not respond as Zijika suddenly appeared behind Ramborwski and brutally killed the valiant and noble Serindia Captain. The General then complemented the Elite on his victory at Javan!

General Zijika left Javan and went to meet Admiral Votorah and left the colony in hands of the Elite Vartekian. While the citizens were round up they were allowed to burry the body of Ramborwski. Meanwhile, the Rambo Senate was furious and all Senator agreed to re-take Javan. They didn't need the approval of the Empress for this so they send her a note of there decision. But the re-taking of Javan would not continue at once, as there efforts were inhibited by the blockade of Ivalaë!

Internal Battle

The Acquisitor and escort engage Rambo Nation ships above Ivalaë

Disorder in Rambo Nation! With Javan taken by the Vartekians the Senate is troubled by the sudden loss of such a heavily defended and important colony. Meanwhile the Supreme Empress, Ramashe leaves for a dire need of rest, as she is overworked and short on rest. Ordered to take measures the Senate discusses for possible ways to re-take Javan but there efforts are thwarfed as a blockade fleet of the Trade Cooperation take hold on Ivalaë!

It started when Tukio Nutria arrived at Ivalaë and engaged the Rambo Nation ships there. He soon entered orbit and stopped his vessel near the Capitol City of Ivalaë and went down to a remote farm with his shuttle and various Swerion Battle Droids. He then opened a channel toward the Unknown Dark Lord, he had arrived at Ivalaë. Meanwhile the Ivalaë defense fleet approached the blockade but were not allowed to fire by the Senate, as two Senators were on the surface!!

Quadrantia Disorder 04

the Calamuendi evades the blockade!

Uruviel walked towards the farm after feeding the Galichimia, the animals of her father her farm. But as she approached the farm a shuttle stood near the house together with some Battle Droids. Panicked she walked into the house and saw her father talking an Amiaeria known as Tukia Nutria, a notorious trader of the Trade Cooperation. Her father assured her nothing was wrong and send her to the city to talk to the Chairman and bring him a message. Taking her speeder, (which she loved) she headed to the city and talked to the Chairman who said she was to be evacuated at once. Panicking, she fled back towards her home, ignoring the pleas of the Chairman. There she found her father, killed by the battle droids. Uruviel could not grieve, Serindia Troopers arrive with a "Mory" and ordered her back to the city. There she talked with the Chairman again and was given a lot of money to leave the planet with aid of freigther captain, who were grounded at the Space Port due to the blockade. She complied and met with this captain of the Calamuendi, his personal ship. The captain agreed after she offered him 1500 Ramboidae Coins to leave the planet at once.

The captain, known as Ramidia V'Las started the engines and exited orbit and approached the blockade. Two Amiaeria cruisers approached the Calamuendi but a Galaxy Class and various other ships of the blockade came to aid the small freighter and while disabling an Amiaeria Cruise Ramidia and Uruviel were able to escape the blockade while Rambo Nation ships were now driving the blockade away by force after given approval by Senator Chuinaylia and Senator gorubla. Tukio Nutria managed to escape and started to hunt down Uruviel, all at others of the Unknown Dark Lord.

Rambo battle 01

Rambo Nation forces attack the Vartekians

The first week of 01 AQF has ended. With the incident of Väeressëa, Fall of Javan and the blockade of Ivalaë by the traitorous Tukio Nutria the Senate could at last proceed with there plans to re-take Javan. And launching the attack Rambo Nation did. Under command of Captain Ramniels of the USS Majestic the Rambo Nation forces attacked the Vartekians which were stationed at Javan and after an intense but short battle the Rambo Nation forces managed to break through and land forces on the surface. Due to there surprise attack the Vartekians were taken by surprise, but as masters of war they soon retaliated and the Rambo forces only managed to re-take the nothern hemisphere, while the southern hemisphere was still under command of the Vartekians. Now both sides prepare themselves for further battles.

Rambo Battle 02

The USS Charleson get damaged by a Tralor attack

Elshwere, in the Mirus Galaxy Rambo Nation was in peril. The conquered stronghold of Traloria came under attack by a Tralor Fleet. While Rambo Nation sill hold a strong presence at Traloria, there influance has been deminished by the Traloria Underground and with aid of the Tralor Fleet the Senate ordered Ramtainus to flee from Traloria and give it back to the Tralor's. Surprised Ramtainus complied but he couldn't wonder why the Senate would want that. It later turned out it was a gesture of peace, but if the Tralor will take it remains to be seen. In the retreat various Torma Warships approached Traloria and engaged the Rambo fleet. While most ships had already left the USS Charleston covered there retreat. But she got heavily damaged during the short battle and Ramatinus left Traloria when the last ship of Rambo Nation had also left the system. After returning to Rambo Nation the Ramsoria Run became fortified for a possible renewed invasion of the ULE. Hours after this event, the ULE offered peace and Rambo Nation accepted, sadly the Freedom Force was destroyed in the process, and the Rambo felt ashamed, though opened borders for those seeking refuge.

Around the same time, the Senate was informed of the bombing of Orbispira, the capital of the URC. The Senate immediatly offered aid to the URC if they needed it. Though it left them confused of whom could have done it? Shortly after Rambo Nation learned that the Great Cyrannus War had started due to the boming of Orbispira and the retalliation at Jorba Asteroid Field. Meanwhile a follia of various Rambo Nation ships aided the Nobi Nations of Drenol needed in aid in the search for survivors in the aftermath of the star Erip going nova. In return the two allied eachother.

CAS arrive at Yadumarth

Confederate forces invade Yadumarth

5 days after the Blockade of Ivaläe and two days of travelling with no food Ramindia and Uruviel onboard the Calamuendi finally arrived at Yadumarth to fill up supplies. During there landing Ramindia recieved some shocking news by the Nation's National Information Database that the Confederacy and the URC were at war. He could only wonder what effects it will have on Rambo Nation. The Confederate leader, Calidusa, new very well that Rambo Nation probably was informed of the bombing of Orbispira, the URC attack at the Jorba Asteroid Field and that the URC and Confederacy were at war. This meant, like in the past, that Rambo Nation would come and aid the URC, something Calidusa couldn't use in the early stages of the war. For that reason, he ordered a small fleet to blockade Yadumarth, a small and poor planet which was the last planet leading to the Quadrant-Cyrannus Wormhole. Holding this planet meant you had control over the wormhole and the hyperlane, effectively cutting the URC off from Rambo Nation aid.

Yadumarth Geldrim Achyriona

Geldrim Achyriona, leader of the Yudimaran

After they had landed Ramandia asked Uruviel to go to the local store, which was owned by S'rine Dromanda, a sort of friend to get him some supplies. Uruviel complied and went to Yudumarth City, the Yudimaran capital city and explored the city and the local church and tower before entering the supermarket. Upon there conversation Uruviel was insulted by S'rine as he though Uruviel was Ramindia's new dilivery girl. He quickly apologised when he realised this wasn't the case. He assured Uruviel the supplies would be delivered. But there conversation was disturbed by an alarm, it seemed Yadumarth was under attack. It seemd the Confederacy had invaded Yadumarth and while escaping troopers and tanks Uruviel arrived safely at the spaceport and Calamuendi. There a dissapointment awaited Uruviel, the Yudimaran leader Geldrim Achyriona told Uruviel that he had surrended to the Confederacy, though all Rambo Nation citizens were allowed to leave she had to stay to become a servant of a Confederacy Captain!

Ramindia decided he stayed for a while, claiming his ship was not yet fixed. He then tried to locate Geldrim and S'rine again to find the current location of Uruviel. He wanted to save the young girl, which he somehow began to see as his younger sister. Meanwhile, the Confederate captain took complet control over the various Yudimaran settlements and now he prepares himself to explore the inlands of Yadumarth, to take complete control of the entire planet. Meanwhile the Confederacy managed to keep news of the blockade of Yadumarth from reaching the Rambo Nation Senate.

Suiliagothrond Battlestation

Suiliagothrond Battlestation

Ramikku was dissapointed, an ion storm prevented her from reaching her goal. A remote location deep into Rambo Nation territory. Why the Empress requested her there was a mystery for her, though she could imagen that she was to be angry if the Royal Envoy was to late. None the less, they finally arrived and dropped out of hyperspace. What she saw in front of her surprised her greatly. A large battlegroup and a massive station were in front of her. Immediatly a tractor beam pulled her in.

She took a shuttle to land in the shuttlebay where she was greeted by a Zarbriaek officer who complained at her about her transmission codes. None the less he let her through and Ramikku went to the bridge of the Suiliagothron Battlestation, or so she was told. Upon arriving there she met with the bridge crew and the recently promoted Fleet Captain Ramdleton and Colonel Chodecra, a ruthless Chinawkya. After exploring the bridge she went back to the transporter room and was given clearance by the Transporter Officer to proceed to the Empress her Throne room. But upon arriving there something was wrong, a purple mist surrounded the chamber and the Royal Guards did nothing! She rushed towards the throne of the Empress but what she found there, was even more suprising. The Xhodocto known as Dhazhrak stood there, she knew him all to well as memories of the Fall of Ramirith during the Tigris War came back to her. She called the guards to attack and wondered what the evil Xhodocto did to the Empress.
Suiliagothrond Battlestation Dhazhrak

Dhazhrak reveald himself to Ramikku onboard the Suiliagothrond Battlestation

However the guards did not move, and Dhazhrak explained it all to Ramikku. He acted as there Empress due to his shapeshifting abilities and had the Empress herself removed to a secret location. Even more suprising he ruled over Rambo Nation for over a year now! But before she could act Dhazhrak wiped her memory and changed appearance back to that of Ramashe. Acting as nothing happened Ramikku asked the Empress her request and the Empress told she looked tired and needed to rest. Ramikku then left but could not prevent wondering that something seemed to be wrong.

Dhazhrak was furious, his plan was almost exposed. He then wondered how long they could keep up with this plan but he liked it none the less, he ruled his long time and hated enemy. He now awaits further orders of Khazurhal Angazhar next order. Even more perfect, none of the allies knew of this plan, and only someone of the magnitude of Master Kroc could see through this. And with it, the Xhodocto knew many things about the First Gigaquadrant due to this plan, and Dhazhrak decided that the promising G8 had failed, the Vartekians betrayed them, the Core Federation and Masaari Crusade gone, the Rambo under command of Dhazhrak left only the DCP, URC and the Ramvelkys Alliance alone, since he believed the Krassio were also dorment! Dhazhrak smiled, life was good and the Xhodocto were now awaiting there right time to strike.

Hours after his conversation with Ramikku, Rambo Nation was informed that a small task force was lost when the cloud of a star that went nova expanded. The Nobi Nations of Dregol asked not to send new ships, and Ramashe/Dhazhrak complied with this. He now prepares himself to use this station and searched for a perfect testing ground! However it would take a while before finding a suitable place to test the weapon. While Rambo Nation had a disturbing first 5 weaks of 04 AQF, the Nation enjoyed a period of peace and prosper for another 3 weeks, during the time Rambo Nation allied the Entarite Empire and the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire.

Month 02Edit

Spore 2011-01-30 03-19-16

Confederate and Rambo ships stay their ground.

Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison is the most important prison facility of Rambo Nation, housing the most dangerous and wanted of Rambo Nation when captured and after being interrogated. With a remote and classified location, it is decently defended if there would be case of escape or attack. In her entire history only two prisoners have escaped, Tralor Captain Tul and Captain Rambam (though this was a mistake and error to send him to prison). The prisons location was even kept secret from the other members of the Cyrandia Alliance, however, somehow the Confederacy knew of its existence and her coordinates.

At the start of the second month of the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War the Confederacy, under command of Mortalitas Admiral Moravilon arrived at the prison facility, also home of the Rambo Zombilia. The two fleets didn't want to engage eachother in open war just yet and instead the Admmiral took a shuttle and arrived at the surface, while Rambo guards were closing in the Mortalitas Admiral defeated them and entered the facility. Meanwhile the Confederate ships were blocking all transmission and the Admiral located the dreaded Imperial captain, Lizaconda, the mysterious Cognati Captain, former resistance leader Ramgaro and the famous Rambulan captain El't'Iscoand and rescued them. All of these figures agreed to help the CAS in a different way, but the Admiral could only wonder how the Nation would react to this act?

When the Senate was informed by the exposure of Ramghatulk, a larger fleet was send there to guard the colony, but the Senate was even more furious about the escape of four inmates and ordered them to be hunt down. Though the Senate wished to declare war, Empress Ramashe first wanted to capture all prisoners and retake Javan before engaging the Confederacy in a full scale war. Meanwhile Rambo Nation posted a wanted plea of help on the News page to help capture the escaped prisoners. Around the same time the colony of New Ramirith noticed an increased fleet ativity in the Tigris Galaxy and ordered an increased security at New Ramirith and they tried to contact the Nigtrion Tribes for explanation. Though the Nation couldn't predict this was the start of the Second Tigris War! Shorlty after the increased security, Rambo Nation was contacted by the Terdiatlan Empire and the two allied eachother.

Burning Heretic attacks

The Burning Heretic attacks the Rambo Prime Space Station

The Unknown Cognati Captain whom escaped the Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison with aid of the Confederacy agreed to serve with them. He took the Mortalitas Dreadnough Burning Heretic as his personal ship and went his own way. It turned out the Cognati Captain had no intention of serving with the Confederacy and tried to find a way home.

However, the Cognati Captain was not familair with the ways of Rambo Nation and for that reason he contracted Zavrence, a bounty hunter to aid him. Together they attacked the Rambo Prime Space Station to board that station and find information about a powerfull sensor array which could contact his species far away. Zavrancence boarded the space station and encountered Senator Creckbo there, he forced him to tell the location of a strong satellite or sensor array to contact the Cognatus Alliance. Creckbo decided to tell it, as he did not wish to be killed by the notorious bounty hunter. After the revelation the Cognati Captain went to Ivaleä, as a sensor array was close to that planet, however the USS Dallas arrived to and Captain Ramcard attacked the Burning Heretic, as Zavrenence had betrayed the Cognati Captain to claim his the bounty on the cognati captains head.

Ramcard was pleased, the USS Dallas disabled the Burning Heretic and his forces captured the Cognati Captain and brought him back to Ramghatulk. However, he was still troubled, within two days two secret locations were discovered and without Rambo Team, Ramcard's boarding party took casualties. After delivering the Cognatus Captain to Ramghatulk he went his own way again.

Qaudrantia Disorder 05

The USS Venture and the Acquistor encounter eachother!

Near the end of the second month of the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War Captain Rambam of the USS Venture located Tukia Nutria, whom was wanted for the blockade of Ivaleä. Elsewhere, the escaped prisoner Lizacona became Admiral in service of the Confederacy and his first target was Captain Ramcard!

Rambam sat in his chair, his hunt for Tukia Nutria, an Amiaeria Trader seemingly escaped Rambo authorities and now instead of staying at Fornaeria, Rambo Command ordered him to find and located Tukia Nutria. But he was nowhere to be found. Instead, Rambam searched for days without a trace. Rambam didn’t knew Tukia was well aware of his hunt due to the Unknown Dark Lord and instead turned the table to his own cause. Tukia took the ‘’ Acquisitor’’ and various cruisers to attack the ‘’USS Venture’’. Taken by surprise Captain Rambam was informed by Commander Ramiron of Tukia’s arrival. Raising shields, the ‘’USS Venture’’ prepared for battle though Rambam knew very well the ‘’USS Venture’’ could not stand against such many ships alone, and Kerika reminded him of this fact. However, three Hutter ships decloacked and engaged Tukia and his forces, though they were too strong and one Hutter ship was easily destroyed. It gave Rambam the chance to escape together with the Hutters. Disappointed he looked grim as he informed Rambo Command, but now Rambam knew a secret, Tukia was well informed by a secret operation of Rambo Command, and Rambam was unsure whom to inform of this. Who could he trust if Command had a mole?

Rambam decided to keep this a secret and he asked Crewmember Penaelia to hack the computer databases of Rambo Command, as Penaelia seemed very good at hacking programs and computers. Rambam then continued to search for Tukia and bring him to justice.

Quadrantia Disorder 06

USS Dallas under attack by the Liberty II

After capturing the Unknown Cognati Captain, Captain Ramcard onboard the USS Dallas was on route to the capital planet. However, his arch enemy, Admiral Lizaconda, now member of the Confederacy has laid his eye upon his prey.

As Ramcard was leaving the wormhole plateau he passed the Metruia Nebula, a large nebula between Rametru Nui and the Dissia System, which contained Koerband and Stasje. Suddenly, Lieutenant Chiäe Giusti noticed something on her close range sensors and informed Ramcard. As Ramcard approached Giusti her control panel the ship was rocketed by an explosion on the left side! Immediately the long range sensors went offline and a deck breach killed various crewmembers as they were sucked into space. Ramcard ordered a red alert and shields were raised. As the screen turned on from the nebula they saw a Venator Class Star Destroyer closing in, which was firing on the USS Dallas. Ramcard looked to a puzzled Giusti, an URC ship was attacking a Rambo Nation ship? Ramcard was confused, did they betray the Nation and the Cyrandia Alliance? That was impossible. As Ramcard was about to send a special code to Rambo Command (a code to inform the Nation of the URC betrayal, a scenario trained by Rambo Command), luckily Giusti prevented it as she said the URC ships was filled with Mortalitas and one Lizardian! Ramcard eyes widened, Lizaconda was onboard that vessel but the fire power of the Liberty II (Giusti identified it as she received a message from Lizaconda himself) and Ramcard was forced to retreat. Now it became clear, Rambo Nation would be drawn into the Great Cyrannus War.

Ramcard arrived at the Capitol and went to the Shipyards, as the USS Dallas needed repairs. There he took a shuttle together with Giusti to Väeressëa, the Rambo Nation Senate. During the battle, Rambo Nation was contacted by the Verinobi, a race conquered by one of what we considered allies, the Nobi Nations of Drenol. This made things complicated, but as the Nobi Nations of Drenol allied the Confederacy, the Senate decided we would aid the Verinobi behind the scenes, giving them medical aid and food. As such the Nobi Nations could not declare a breaking of the alliance and Rambo Nation could side with the cause of the Verinobi without damaging there alliance with the Nobi Nations of Drenol.

Month 03Edit

Quadrantia Disorder 08

The Senate debates

The Senate was furious, as was [Creature:Rambo Serindia/Empress Ramashe|Empress Ramashe]] (Dhazhrak) by the attack by Admiral Lizaconda at Ramcard. Due to this way they learned even more dangerous news, Yadumarth was under full control of the Confederacy and Empress Ramashe ordered to retake the planet. The Senate was confused, though most agreed the Confederacy was a enormous threat.

However, Senator Chuinaylia and Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal delayed the order to invade Yadumarth as both believed it would be wrong and the Yudimaran would once again feel occupied and there world, an independent world, would be caught in the crossfire. Senator Gorubla also agreed with this, but Senator Lord Lord Ram'Lendilia, Senator Muunithrond and Senator Lord Adar favored the idea of waging war, and in result Senator Aviaratyal was also swayed in favor of war. The rest simply complied with the Empress and the Senate decided not to go in against the wishes of the Empress. In result Rambo Nation approached Yadumarth with a single Caradhras Class which approached Yadumarth unnoticed. The ship entered orbit and landed her troops on the surface.
Quadrantia Disorder 07

Rambo forces engage Confederacy forces on Yadumarth

As the Third month of the Quadrantia Disorder started the Caradhras Class arrived at Yadumarth unnoticed. Yet this seemingly unnoticed approach was a trap and immediately Confederate forces attacked the Rambo Nation forces and were forced on the defensive. Yet the Nation forces were able to approach a small city and laid siege to it, as they already cleared an area for reinforcements they began assaulting the city. The Confederate forces fought valiantly but with various SMTT, incoming Morties and support from the Caradhras Class the Confederate forces there were in trouble. During the battle Dhazhrak appeared and looked at the battle with pleasure, whom could have imagined that the Xhodocto would lead the Rambo into battle. He then returned to the Suiliagothrond Battlestation. As the small city was taken over by Rambo forces, a way was found to break the Confederate blockade and the forces on the surface signaled the Rambo Nation Fleet and Invading forces to come and to fully invade Yadumarth, to start the Second Battle of Yadumarth. During the battle both the Confederate and Rambo forces took heavy casualties, the Confederate tanks even managed to take out varous SMTT's, reducing there number from 10 to 3.

Senator Chuinaylia was furious with the Senate decision, she rather would have seen diplomacy to solve the Yadumarth problem. Instead, without even trying the Empress ordered a direct attack and this would surely provoke the Confederacy. She went to see Senator Or-Ana to discuss a possible visit to Yadumarth, to assure the Yadumarian, that Rambo Nation came with good intentions and would later on give back the planet to the Yadumarian. Though somewhere in her mind, she knew the Yadumarian would not believe her.

Javan battle

leftStalemate at Javan!

The Vartekian Elite smiled, he knew that the advancing Rambo Nation troops were not able to stop the Vartekians. Though the first stage went well, they conquered Javan, an outer colonie of Rambo Nation, that self proclaimed nation of various species of the Quadrant Galaxies, within mere hours. The Elite thought it was going to be simple, but was mistaken in that. Though the Vartekians were able to kill a prominent captain of Rambo Nation, they retalliated with reinforcements and a will the Elite respected. They were soon able to re-take the Northern hemisphere of the Javan, and pushed back the Vartekians to the southern hemisphere. And that is were the fun began.

The Vartekians and Rambo forces were locked in various battles around the globe, none gaining the advantage. And with the start of Great Cyrannus War, the Vartekians saw oppurtunities. However, the Rambo Nation forces proved difficult to defeat and a stalemate happened. None gained the upper hand and the ongoing battles devasted Javan. The leading Rambo captain Ramniels knew his tactics well, though both at space and at land, he couldn't achieve victory due to few troops availible. The Elite wondered, how long will both side last?

Cyroenia Battle

Battle of Cyroenia reaches her conclusion

Around the same time as the Stalemate of Javan and the First Battle of Yadumarth the shipyards of Cyroenia were under attack by the Confederate forces. At first outnumbered, the shipyards called for aid but it would take hours before the Confederacy was to be defeated by combined forces of Admiral Cretacea of the URC and Vice-Admiral Rambas II of Rambo Nation. The battle was led by General Zillum of the Confederacy, and later on Admiral Lizaconda joined the battle. The battle was intense, and after taking heavy casaulties on both sides the Confederacy decided to withdraw, to the surprise of the Cyrandia commanders.

Second Tigris War Rambo 01

USS Androcus encounters unknown alien ships

An hour after the battle of Cyroenia, a Kzyterkz captain of the USS Androcus, an Constitution Refit Class V2 encountered an unknown alien vessel, the size of an astroid in the Ramirith astroid field.
Second Tigris War Rambo 02

USS Androcus engaging Loreantron Batteship during the Battle of Civa Prime

It was taken under attack but managed to keep them at bay and managed to escape. Yet a direct hit at the shields meant 15% dropping. After escaping the alien ships the captain sended a transmission to New Ramirith and a nearby Nigtrion outpost. Within minutes Rambo Command recieved the same report and informed both the Senate, the captains of Rambo Nation and militairy officers. As the USS Androcus left the astroid field, the unknown aliens attacked New Ramirith, jamming all signals the Rambo fleet moved to intercept, though was in dissarray when the aliens were attacking the fleet and headed towards the surface. Ram'Arathon gave the order to fire and a rain of phaser cannons and torpedos stroke the alien fleet and the two clashed. Luckily, the ground forces of New Ramirith, Rambo Nation forces and Nigtrion defended the colony and apparently were winning, but the aliens, now identified as Loreatron were pushing the Rambo and Nigtrion on the defensive. Luckily, a DCP fleet came to aid and the Loreatron retreated. When the DCP Admiral held the Nigtrion responsible for an attack at there embassy, the Nigtrion were shocked, as were the Rambo.
Battle of Civa Prime (2nd Tigris War) 01

Rambo Nation ships batteling their way through the created free way!

A week later Civa Prime came under attack and the unidentified Kzyterkz Captain arrived at Civa Prime to deploy merchandise and trade. He immedate openened fire at a Loreantron Battle Cruiser, destroying it with aid of fighters. He then awaited further orders and joined the battle of Civa Prime, but the battle turned to be difficult as the unidentified Kzyterkz captain's task force was being hammered at. During the battle, Ulom, leader of the Nigtrion asked favor. The enemy was building a monolith at Civa Prime, and Ulion needed Rambo ships to destroy it, as Rambo ships were the most maneuverability. The Nigtrion managed to clear a way and the Rambo ships battled through it, eventually arriving at Civa Prime and destroying the monolith after bombarding the area. Even when the Inog arrived the task force continued to bombard the area.

In the second week of the Second Tigris War Rambo Nation decided to aid the Nigtrion and the seeminly Inog allies to destroy the Shadow Harvester. The battle began upon arriving at the second day of the second week. Captain Ramuchi of the USS Enteprrise-B was dispatched to be the commander of the Rambo Nation ships aiding the Nigtrion, Inog, URC and DCP to destroy the Harvester. Upon arriving at the place where the Shadow Harvester is located, in a pitch black, surrounded by a white aura place. There the Rambo fleet under Ramuchi battled the Loreontron, but faced casualties and some ships were destroyed. After a time of battle it seemed the Dark Harvester couldn't be destroyed and the allied fleet fled, however in the retreat Ulomio was kidnapped by an uknown force. After Ramuchi returned in the Tigris Galaxy, she headed to the shipyards of Rowar and the remaining Rambo ships headed to New Ramirith where the Rambo fleet regrouped and awaited further command.

Quadrantia Disorder 09

Senator Or'Ana and Senator Chuinaylia in conversation with Geldrim Achyriona

As the Rambo Nation and Confederacy were still in conflict above and at Yadumarth, the Rambo secured a large area and there forces were deployed safely. Senator Chuinaylia and Or'Ana arrived in secret and under heavy security at Yudumarth City, to speak with Geldrim Achyriona, the ruler of Yadumarth and a disliker of Rambo Nation. Before arriving at Yadumarth, both Senators were informed by the Senate that Rambo Nation would take control of the planet as long as the war with the Confederacy would last.

Chuinaylia sighted, she was affraid this would happen. Geldrim would not agree with this. Or'Ana remained quiet through this all, he knew this diplomatic mission with Chuinaylia would result in failiure, but out of friendship he joined Chuinaylia none the less. The both explained the news to Geldrim, whom simply closed his eyes and breathed heavily, he then requested the two to leave. Chuinaylia, young and inexperienced tried to reason but Geldrim simply replied that the Confederacy was right about Rambo Nation.

Mere hours after the visit as Chuinaylia and Senator Or'Ana visited Yadumarth, a holo message was recieved by Rambo Command. Geldrim pronnounced that Yadumarth would not accept an occupation of Rambo Nation, and openly asked the Confederacy for aid, and in return Yadumarth would join the Confederacy of Allied Systems. To much surprise of Rambo Nation, soon frustration followed and some wondered if the people of Yadumarth were even worth saving. Rambo Nation now awaits desperatly the reaction of the Confederacy.

The second battle of Yadumarth became a fact and became one of major battles Rambo Nation fought in the last few years, but wasn't going to be the last. The battle was intense, long and for long, filled with many casualties on both sides.

Rambo Nation, now wanting to await the reaction of the Confederacy conquered Rambo Nation and drove the Confederate forces away. During the battle Uruviel was brought to Yavhast, the second city of the Yadumarth, and the city where the palace of Geldrim is located. At the same time, the Suiliagothrond Battlestation and the invasion fleet of Rambo Nation arrived at Yadumarth. Empress Ramashe (Dhazhrak) grew tired of the lengthy battles with the Yudumarian and decided to conquer the planet, which Rambo Nation didn't do for a long time. At arrival, immedate invasion forces were launched from the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, known as the elite RNS forces. Within hours, they conquered the northern hemisphere and parts of the southern hemisphere. Though Geldrim, proud as he was refused to surrender and retreated to Yavhast, as Yudumarth City was taken by Rambo Nation.


Yurrus, after being targeted by the Suiliagothrond Battlestation.

Yurrus, the third city of Yadumarth is one of the largest and wealthiest city on Yadumarth (though poor by Rambo Nation standards) and the RNS forces failed to take the city. The Empress (Dhazhrak) smiled, he ordered Fleet Captain Ramdleton of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation approach the city with the massive station. He complied, hanging above the city the Yudumarian saw it lying in orbit and wondered what this dagger form was. Empress Ramashe (Dhazhrak) ordered the cannon to fire at 15%, with Yurras as her target. Ramdelton followed procedures, and before firing he looked at Ramashe with doubt in his eyes. His beloved Empress simply nodded, and Ramdleton pushed the button to fire the cannon and felt a heavy burden. The blast that hit the city incernated and destroyed most of the city, killing all 28.000 Yudumarian citizens. The first test on living targets was a succes and the cannon recharged. The Empress (Dhazhrak) left for her office on the station. While Ramdleton looked sad, he killed over 28.000 innocent lives within one minute, and wondered if it was the right choice.

Geldrim was at Yahvast during the destruction of Yurrus, a prized city, but a city who were against his rule. The destruction of the city just meant what Geldrim needed, a reason to hate Rambo Nation even more and to send his people against them. Due to his General and right hand, known as General Yudivast, had contacted a individual known as Tukio Nutria, an Amiaeri and one who was also against Rambo Nation. After his failiure at Ivalaë, Geldrim was brought in contact with Tukio and in secret they began creating an army, whith the earlies wave finished within the month. Using the clone schematics and secret facilities of Yadumarth they began creating there first tanks and clone soldiers.
Geldrim's Speecht

Geldrim makes his speech, while a fleet of cruisers prepare for battle!

With there own army, and coming victory over Rambo Nation, Geldrim was sure his people were allowed to join the ranks of the Confederacy, who was both against Rambo Nation and the United Republic of Cyrannus. When Tukio informed him that his fleet was ready, and Yudivast informed him the ground troops were in position. Geldrim walked outside his palace at Yahvast and greeted his awaiting people. He then began his first and famous speech of all time:

My people, citizens of Yadumarth.

For many years we have been living in the shadow of Rambo Nation, disadvantaged by their political games of power. They have been using us for years, raising taxes we couldn’t afford. And when we refused, they took by force what they couldn’t claim by right, our on home world!

But that time has passed!

From this day, we will strike back without warning, without mercy, fighting as one hand, one heart, one soul! We shall drive the invaders from our world. And as they beg for mercy, they will know Yadumarth belongs to us!

Yadumarth counterattack

Amiaeria Cruisers, whom allied Geldrim attacks a Rambo wing of Orodreth classes.

The captain looked surprised as various Amiaeria Cruiser were approaching the Orodreth Class wing whom was defending the right flank of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation. What were civilian vessels doing at Yadumarth? Before they could even respond, the cruisers openend fired and the Orodreth captains noticed too late that the cruisers were in league with Tukio Nutria.

Within minutes the cruiser fired there torpedos and crippled 3 Orodreth Class cruisers, as there shields were still down. One of the cruisers managed to escape the onslaught and prepared to return fire, but found out they were outnumbered and the way was clear to attack the battlestation. He contacted the battlestation and it moved away from the cruisers.

At the same time, Geldrim had his speech and Ramdleton knew that the battles of Yadumarth were not yet over. The Yudimarians made a counter attacked and won, preventing the station to target the city Geldrim escaped too. With the Second Battle of Yadumarth in favor of Yadumarth, Rambo Nation prepared themselves for the third battle of Yadumarth. But was forced to leave Yadumarth and the system, they returned to nearest staging area and prepared for another assault at Yadumarth. Unknown to Rambo Nation Yadumarth was contacted by the Confederacy to offer assistance. Which would be terrible for Rambo Nation, because it meant that Yadumarth could join the Confederacy, and joining they did!

This concluded the 3rd month of the Quadrantia Disorder!

Month 04Edit

Rambulans end

The AI station destroys the Rambulan Star Empire!

During the first day of the month, Rambo Nation intelligence informed the Senate that the Rambulan Star Empire was somehow destroyed when there planets exploded. Rambo Command, somehow releaved to see the Rambulan threat ended, still found it difficult to accept the sudden destruction of a 2000 year old space faring civilization. Command promised the Senate to investigate the destruction when the 3rd Battle of Yadumarth would be finished.

Insectors End

The last battle of the Insectors!

Though in secret Rambo Command already send spies and ships to find out what happened, but turned back empty handed and the Nation didn't discover the AI yet. At the same time, mere hours after the destruction of the Rambulans a dangerous enemy arrived at the Quadrant Galaxies. The Cult of the Deathmarch attacked the Insector Eldarions. Captain El'd'Shar of the Seleya was the first victim and the Cult's ships soon stationed themselves around the various Insector planets. Calling for help, the Insectors noticed that all signals were jammer (in truth, Dhazhrak, acting as Empress Ramashe did this by using Rambo Nation resources). In a last effort, the Insectors hid there databases and knowledge in a secret facility, shortly before the Cult opened fire and destroyed all Insector presence in the Quadrant Galaxies and the known Universe. The leader (now former) Insector is the last one in excistence, he was visiting a Rambo Nation colony, after hearing the news he has been taken to hospital as he had fallen into a coma.

Attack at Eris

Eris under attack!

A mere day later, the colony of Eris, located in the Milky Way, came under attack by the dreaded Marinoxidiz, a race Rambo Nation never encountered before. These huge and gigantic creatures arrived with only a number of five at Eris, but managed to take out the first response team that engaged them. Now harming the planet, they soon left Eris but downloaded the Eris database about Rambo Nation and the Cyrandia Alliance. Taken by surprise, Rambo Command feared these new creatures and ordered the militairy not to attack them, but instead avoid them, known as the Marinoxidiz protocol. Angered, Rambo Command faces some difficult decisions, with the various disasters and attacks, Rambo Command realizes that after the three silver years and expanding, Rambo Nation influance is once again diminishing in the Universe. With the defeat and retreat at Yadumarth Rambo Command and the Rambo Senate came at conflict. The Senate, as before wished to invade Yadumarth and conquer the planet. However, with the casualties and destruction of various ships there Ramdleton had ordered a retreat and Rambo Command backed it up. The Senate, as good and efficient as they were, forgot one thing when they ordered an invasion of Yadumarth and aiding the URC against the Confederacy. Though Rambo Nation was rich and large, the Shipyards produced a lot of ships many citizens joined the Space Fleet, and now it seemed due to the many recent groud battles Rambo Nation was becoming short on ground soldiers. Command faced this fact during the Battle of Yadumarth as every colony has a regiment of troopes stationed there. And the soldiers Rambo Nation had were only Chinawkya and Serindia, the other races did not feel anything to become soldiers.

Command promised the Senate to solve the problem with a special project, which the 1st stage being ready within a month. The Senate agreed and awaited what Command would do. However, the coming battle of Yadumarth was prosponed and Yadumarth once again became territory of the Confederacy, though the wormhole leading to the Cyrannus Galaxy was not in there possesion (yet?). Though not all things seemed complicated in the 4th month, the Summit Empire, a proud race of democratic warriors contacted Rambo Nation and told them we were an inspiration for them. In honor and grattitude of those kind were Rambo Nation is honored to be considered there allies and accepted the offer of an alliance. Rambo Nation now hopes to trade with them and learn more about the Summit Empire.
Troopers introduced to the Senate

Troopers are being introduced to the Senate

A few days after first contact with the Summit Empire, Rambo Command showed the Rambo Senate the first Rambo Troopers, genetically altered clone troopers in service of the Nation, with specialised jobs as Base Soldiers, Snipers, Grenadiers, Engineers and more, the Senate was sure to reduce Serindia, Chinawkya, or for that matter civilian lives in conflicts. The troopers were introduced to three members of the Senate, Chancellor of the Crown Aleathria, Senator Chuinaylia and Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia. All were pleased, but Chuinaylia was sceptic. Aleahtria soon filled in a report to the Empress and the troopers were already assigned to the various colonies and militairy unites. Ready for battle.

VoA Time loop trouble

USS Merced trapped in a time-loop

An hour after, the Senate agreed to prospone the 4th month with a few extra days, when the 5th month of the Quardrantia Disorder would start, the Cyrannus War 5th month would also start. This way the Rambo found it more easily to use the date system as it now would be the same with the URC, even more integrating the Cyrandia Alliance throughout the Quadrantia Cluster.

Elsewhere, Vice-Admiral Rambas of the USS Merced was in trouble as he lost contact with Rambo Command. After being trapped in a time loop for a while the USS Merced seemed to be able to escape. However the time loop came into contact with a nebula and an anomaly. It meant the USS Merced met an earlier version of herslef and was destroyed. Yet the time-loop was luckily only once for destruction and the USS Merced re-established contact with Command, just in time as within 4 hours Rambo Nation would have sended a search party. However contact was short and Command learned that the Vice-Admiral did not know the position of the Avenger and Warlord Kilnok.

Spore 2011-03-13 20-44-00

Massacre near Monai Tvá

During the 4th month of the Quadrantia Disorder, the Confedarcy launched a devastating attack near Monai Tvá, and the Cyrandia Task Force stationed there came under attack by General Zillum. Taken by surprise the entire task force was destroyed within two hours. A serious blow to Cyrandia moral, it showed the Cyrandia Alliance could be defeated and the event became known as the massacre of Monai Tvá.

Lizaconda strikes again

Liberty II engages a Cyrandia convoy near the Metruia Nebula

Meanwhile the 4th month of the Cyrannus Date System began and the Confederacy Admiral Lizaconda attacked a Cyrandia Convoy near Metruia Nebula. Which was travelling away from Rametru Nui. The convoy excisted out of the URC Venator Class Behemoth, the Cyrandia Krakana Class Impavid and the Rambo Nation Soyuz Class V2 USS Contact. Lizaconda used his flagship, the Liberty II to approach the ships without being alerted, as the Liberty II still used the URC frequencies. Lizaconda ordered to open fire and the Impavid was soon disabled. But due to swift thinking by the captains of the Behemoth and the USS Contact Lizaconda was forced to retreat. None the less, Lizaconda was happy as it was a perfect start for his weekend off.

Skirmish Near Corulus

Rambo forces drawn into battle near Corulus

Mere hours after Lizaconda's attack, Captain Mornauó of the Confederacy attacked Cyrandia forces near Corulus. The Providence class cruiser Prosperous attacked but due to the overwhelming Cyrandia ships present he was soon forced to withdraw. However, various URC frigates and smaller Rambo ships were destroyed and those who survived needed repairs. Yet the captains present there would later understand there mistake to ask reinforcements, as the Confederacy launched an attack at Capricaerón, the cultural heart of the URC.
Battle of Fornaeria (GCW)

Space battle above Fornaeria

However Rambo attention was drawn to Fornaeria, where Admiral Lizaconda of the Confederacy attacked the colony of Fornaeria.
Battle of Fornaeria 02 (GCW)

Confederate and Rambo troopers clash in the city of Fornaeria

Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas arrived with the Constitution Refit Class USS Fontana and the Orodreth class Alqualondë to stop Lizaconda. Managing to bring the Troopers on the surface of Fornaeria, the battle soon turned in favor of Rambo Nation and Lizaconda and his Confederacy forces were forced to withdraw. Fornaeria was kept out of Confederacy hands. But it showed the Confederacy now also wished to invade Quadrant 82 and Rambo Nation territory.
Battle of Karzhamahri-Nui 01

Battle of Karzhamahri-Nui

Yet Lizaconda's newest plan was more drastic and dangerous than Rambo Nation could predict. In his anger he took a large fleet of Confederate ships to invade and attack Karzhamahri-Nui. Yet the sudden arrival of many Confederate ships meant Captain Mjärt of the Spirit of the Serindia and Captain Rambam of the USS Venture arrived to combat Lizaconda and his fleet. With Mjärt heading to the surface to deploy her troopers, Rambam engaged the fleet. This turned out to be a disaster as Lizaconda had outnumbered and outgunnend Rambam and his ships. With a dangerous attack the USS Venture buckled and the port warp coil exploded, leaking plasma into space. The Intolerate also took heavy damage and the fleet was forced to withdraw. Meanwhile on the ground Rambo Trooper Grenadier Sergeant Zabiela managed to secure Laioro, a small village.

Battle of Karzhamahri Nui 03

Zabiela his convoy

Taking a convoy with a single buggy and two mobile plattforms Zabiela crossed the Karzhamahri-Nui Highway 02 towards Ga-Laiquendi, and managed to secure it, though the city was empty and not been under attack by the Confederacy yet. Exploring the empty city Zabiela and his troopers managed to locate Froramsillia, the Director of the Cooperation and resqued him from his trapped position.
Battle of Karzhamahi Nui 04

Arthrastral outskirts burning

The second day Zabiela and his forces pushed further on and headed towards the capital city, Arhtrastral. The city was under heavy attack and the outskirts were burning. Houses collapsed, though the citizens managed to flee. Trapped in the city was Senator Chuinaylia of the Chinawkya Sector. After some battles the troopers managed to save Chuinaylia, but were forced to withdraw from the capital city as the Confederacy was overruning them. Zabiela was forced to take a Mortis Dropship back to the Spirit of the Serindia, which in return also retreated back to the Rambo Capital. Karzhamahri-Nui was now in hands of the Confederacy, but Rambo Nation was already making plans to re-take her.

Rambo Aid to Asgord

Rambo Team aids the Asgord!

Rambo Team, consisting out of X-493, X-210 and X-599 were exploring a unknown galaxy for Rambo Nation, the Asgord Arm of the Kraw Galaxy. Sadly, upon their arrival the Kraw Galaxy came under attack by the ULE, a sworn enemy of Rambo Nation. X-493 aborted the mission, but upon their withdraw they noticed civilian Asgord being hunted down by a small squad of Tralor. His morality said they should aid the Asgord and they did, killing the Tralor and bringing the Asgord aboard their shuttle with a cloacking device they headed towards the nearest wormhole, leading to Quadrant 82.

Upon arriving there, the Asgord (around 25) were given emergency tents and food and were welcomed as refugees and were taken care of by Rambo Nation. Promising them they could return to their own galaxy when the battles were over the Asgord were happy with this aid and settled themselves at Rambo Prime. Rambo Team also reported DCP activity, and Empress Ramashe (Dhazhrak) declared the Nation did not need to send more ships, as they would only be in the way of the mighty DCP. Dhazhrak on the other hand knew what the DCP were doing in the Kraw Galaxy, and the reason not to aid was enough for the Chancellor of the Crown to not bring it to a vote in the Senate.

Month 05Edit

With the recent fall of Karzhamahri-Nui into Confederacy hands, Rambo Command wished to send an armada to retake Karzhamahri-Nui. Though the Empress (Dhazhrak) refused, as she claimed that Rambo Prime and Rametru-Nui were now in danger and those two places were to be fortified at first. Command followed, but this action meant that the Ramsoria Run, the most populair and important trade route of Rambo Nation was left undefended.
Quadrantia Disorder 11

Ramsoria Run breached by Confederate forces, sending civilian crafts on the run

Lizaconda and his Confederacy forces took advance of the unexpected move of Rambo Nation, fortifying instead of retaking the colony was new, even for Lizaconda. None the less he send his vessels along the Ramsoria Run, causing havoc on the route between Rambo Prime and Ramsoria. The Confederacy Munificent Class were attacking civilian crafts and freighters, which in result increased prices for food, merchandise, materials and more for the eastern sectors of Rambo Nation (outer colonial sector, the badlands sector, the Chinawkya sector, the Amiaeria Secotor and Boreas). This was a problem but none of the governers of planets dared to inform their sector Senator of it, fearing intervention of Rambo Nation fleets and thus endangering Confederacy attention.
Qaudrantia Disorder 12

USS Celcius vs Resistancia

Meanwhile, during the 1st weak, over 85 civilian crafts were taken under attack, with over 15 destroyed. Casualties were over 115 citizens and civilian transports were given escorts to pass by the routes under control of the Confederacy, or advised to take the Nui Passage. This increased prices even more and citizens were getting concerned, it seemed the Great Cyrannus War, a URC problem in many Rambo Nation citizen life, was getting effect in the daily life of Rambo Nation citizens.

With the Ramsoria Run breached, Ramgaro, the former leader of the Rambo Resistance and escapee of Ramghatulk took command of the Confederacy Providence Class Resistancia and als joined the attacks within the Ramsoria Run. His first target was the Kloppig captain of the USS Celcius, a Newton Class. With the Providence far more stronger then a Newton Class it shields soon collapsed and hull breached occurred. With one warp nacelle being destroyed the Kloppig Captain, an experienced one, managed to escape and out manouver the larger Providence Class with just impulse speed. Ramgoro didn't mind, he continued to study all the files about how much the universe had changed since the 1st Galactic War.

The Shipyards of Rowar, the greatest shipyards and most important to Rambo Nation launched a new class into service, earlier then schedule. The shipyards, especialley Senator Aviaratyal were being pushed by Rambo Command to launch the new ship class earlier on.
New Orleans Class V2

New Orleans Class V2

As the Ramsoria Run was breached, Karzhamahri-Nui in Confederate hands Rambo Command got nervous. Immedate after the attack on the USS Celcius Rambo Command pushed an order through to the Shipyards, they had to launch the New Orleans Class V2 right away. Aviaratyal felt nothing for it, though the construction was almost finished the class still had her teethings, and the shipyards never had launched a class before that still had them. But with the Galaxy Class active on the frontlines (Tigris, Cyrannus), the Phoenix Class assigned to the Fleet of Retribution there were almost no modern ships protecting Rambo Nation anymore. With the USS Venture (a Galaxy Class) badly damaged during the Battle of Karzhamahri-Nui and the USS Relativity (Well Class) on permenant defense duty at the capital Rambo Command was short on modern ship for defensive tasks. As such, Aviaratyal complied, he didn't feel anything for a Confederate Fleet at the doorstep of Rowar. As such the New Orleans Class V2 was launched into service, often seen as a smaller version of the Galaxy Class this ship is designed for multiply purposes, like exploration, patrol duties, recon activities and combat! With it Rambo Command, and the citizens of Rambo Nation felt more safer with the new class advancing towards the breached Ramsoria Run!

Space Battle of Nosiso 03

Space Battle of Nosiso

Quadrantia Disorder 14

USS Rutledge and USS Krassio engage Confederacy forces at Ramsoria Run

The 5th month of 04 AQF was a busy one as it seemed, with a lot of events. With the start of the third week of the fifth month Captain Ramoslin of the USS Phoenix aided the URC fleet which invaded Nosiso, a Confederate stronghold. Coming to aid Vice-Admiral Shaw of the Valorous they managed to push back the Confederate forces. However the Rambo Nation forces also took casualties, further more weakening the Fleet of Retribution.

Mere hours after the battle of Nosiso, one of the ship class, the USS Rutledge under command of Captain Junelda, aided by Captain Ramburgo of the USS Krassio engaged the Confederacy at the Ramsoria Run. Together they managed to destroy 2 of the 3 ships, with one badly damaged. Rambo Command was pleased by the results, as the ship proved herself worthy and plans could be made to re-take Karzhamahri Nui. Around the same time Rambo Nation launched new versions of the Kelvin Class, Constitution Refit Class, Excelsior Class and the Excelsior Refit Class. These version were given a Mk. II update, making them able to fire red phasers, stronger than the blue phasers. Yet firing means that the shields are being drained for use of energy. Near the end of the second week all Mk. II were launched into service or ships that recieved just the upgrade also returned for duty.

After the battle of Nosiso, Vice-Admiral Ramcard was about to make an interessting discovery within former Rambulan Star Empire borders, located in Quadrant 89.

Shortly before Rambo Command recieved a transmission from the USS Capricaerón, the Unified Nation of Otzello contacted Rambo Nation, after heard of them through SSA channels. Requesting an alliance Rambo Nation accepted as they both suffered from wars, but came out stronger then before, with more resolve and hope then ever before.

Voyagers of the Avenger 02

The USS Capricaerón opening fire at the unknown dagger like ships

After days of travelling the Ghost Nebula the USS Capricaerón reached the outskirts of the nebula. All of a sudden 3 unknown dagger like cruisers showed up and attacked the USS Capricaerón. Rambas immedate raised shields and returned fire. With the sudden appearance of a black hole destroyed one of the cruisers and forced another to aboard the attack.

With the fire power of the USS Capricaerón the cruisers left the scene and Rambas informed Command of the attack. He then continued his journeys and search for his allies.

USS Dallas near AI

USS Dallas prepares to dock with the Quadrantia AI

Ramcard looked serious, and wondered what the massive structure was he and his crew discovered deep within former Rambulan Star Empire space. Ramcard was send to investigate as the Rambulans were suddenly destroyed and with the Confederacy occupation of Karzhamahri-Nui Command wanted to find out what exactly destroyed the Rambulans. In hopes of finding a way to repel the Confederacy.

When Lieutenant Chiäe Giusti informed the Vice-Admiral of the structure near the outskirts of the Rambulan Star Empire, Ramcard ordered Major RN-0005 to the bridge. All three together looked at the data the USS Dalles her sensors were giving about the structure.

It seemed a huge cylinder ring, with a half cylinder ring with a tower on it seemed the control room of this space station, as the Major classified it. Griusti did not agree with that classification but none the less complied that they had to investigate. The USS Dallas docked with the massive structure and Vice-Admiral Ramcard, Lieutenant Giusti and the Major, together with two space marines explored the structure. They headed to the bridge section, where they activated the computer panels. Ramcard looked surprised, the structure was over 12 million years old!

Meeting the AI

Ramcard, Chuinaylia, Major and two space Marines meet the Quadrantia AI in person

Suddenly all five were floating in the air. Hanging five meters above the ground two light awakened, the AI interpretation awakened and with an ancient voice, which sounded young to and with caution asked their business. Ramcard nodded, and told him whom they were and what they were doing here. The AI seemed pleased, perhaps these species, though the one identified as Ramcard looked a bit like the Rambulans, but she knew form Rambulan databases that the Serindia were different.

She giggled, and Lieutenant Giusti and Ramcard told the AI a lot about current events and matters. The AI complied, she allowed Rambo Nation to use her databases, as it seemed the Quadrantia AI was more of a library/large database about other AI and events in the Quadrant Galaxies. When Ramcard and his crew left the AI alone, Rambo Nation would send scientist later on, he was surprised to see the structure hanging in orbit of Ramahri Nova. When Ramcard wondered how this was possible, he simply heard the AI giggling over the intercom!

Then a small holographic interpretation of the AI appeared before Ramcard, she said the Rambo Nation was allowed to study her databases, but that the AI herself was now travelling with Ramcard, she wished to explore the universe with him and his crew. Ramcard raised an eyebrow but simply nodded, he was aware this AI had destroyed the Rambulans within the blink of an eye.

The structure, with the powerful weapons was left in orbit of Ramahri Nova, under the watchful eyes of a Rambo Nation task force, though it still had a connection with the AI, she could simply decide whether she was on the structure or on the USS Dallas. Yet later the AI returned back to her station and left the USS Dallas and went dorment again.

With the recent discovery of the Quadrantia AI, the fourth week of the fifth month of the year 05 AQF started rather quietly. With the Rambo Nation and Confederate forces at stalemate at the Ramsoria Run and at Karzhamahri-Nui, Rambo Nation found herself not in battle at the start of this new week. A surprise to Rambo Command must be said.

Quadrantia Disorder 15

Morglûkia in conversation with Zevrance, with Ktrn writing down the conversation

Yet with no news about battles, the daily life of the citizens of Rambo Nation continues, with new revelations and resolve they live happily at their colonies, far away from battle. Though the recent fall of Karzhamahri-Nui has spread some fear among the citizens, it seemed Rambo Nation still had control over the situation. Yet the recent increase of prizes and security breaches of the Ramsoria Run troubled many a citizen, especialley those whom wanted to go on vacation and traders. And not only traders, Morglûkia, the infamous crime lord stationed at Anummiae was furious with the breach of Ramsoria Run. It meant that his smuggling ships were not allowed to travel over the trade route by the space fleet of Rambo Nation, a prevention security measure to prevent civilian casualties. However it meant all ships were forced to take an (expensive) detour. He called Ktrn, his loyal slave servant to contact the bounty hunter Zevracence. As she complied and the holo transmission was established, the bounty hunter greeted the crime lord. Yet the conversation did not turn out what Morglûkia expected, he wanted Zevracence to break the Rambo blockade to bring him information. Yet the bounty hunter refused, claiming it was impossible to break through the blockade as long as Karzhamahri-Nui was still in hands of the Confederacy. The crime lord simply nodded and broke the transmission. As he looked to Ktrn, she feared an abuse, he simply told her to find a mean to come in contact with the Confederacy Officials, perhaps he could arrange something which would be in his benefit, and indirectly also in benefit for Rambo Nation.

Quadrantia Disorder 16

Ramindia and S'rine resque Uruviel from Geldrim and the Confederacy

Elsewhere, Ramindia, the Serindia smuggler captian of the Calamuendi managed to safe Uruviel with aid of S'rine Dromanda from the Confederacy and Geldrim's possesion. Ramindia infriltrated Geldrim his office, and with a special magical grenadem, which contained increased gravity, he stunned General Yudivast whom fell head first into the ground. Geldrim simply sat on his throne, but allowed Ramindia to take his servant Uruviel, claiming she wasn't worth this effort. In return, he simply asked Ramindia to never return to Yadumarth and to take the traitor (in Geldrim's eye) S'rine with him. The three complied and left Yadumarth and headed straight to Nertharia, avoding the Ramsoria Run. Their Uruviel (who turned out to be a magnificent engineer) repaired the engines of the Calmuendi and S'rine searched for food. While Ramindia delivered some classified date to the Diva Bettie Governor he then headed to a compound, travelling with a mobile plattform. Arriving there, he talked with a Diva Bettie trader and recieved precious date which he was ordered to deliver to Morglûkia the Crime Lord. Before leaving, he wondered how Rambo Nation could allow that the Heer Stekeveel were slaves of the Diva Bettie and he wondered if Morglûkia wanted to use this information (which was in the date files) to blackmail the Rambo Senate. The Calamuendi then left Nertharia and headed towards Anummiae.

Back on Yadumarth Geldrim simply smiled, he was happy with the current state of the Quadrant and Cyrannus Galaxies. With the Yadumarian as members of the Conferacy they became captain and commanders of the CAS, and now Geldrim had plans to run for Vice-Chancellor of the Confederacy!

Quadrantia Disorder 17

A secret meeting at Nertharia

Shortly after Ramindia left Nertharia, Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal (Inner colonial sector) and Senator Aviaratyal (shipyards of Rowar) met with the Diva Bettie Governor at his office at Nertharia. Aviaratyal showed the Governer and his fellow Senator a new kind of ship. Measering over 1550 meters, it has a powerful integrated weapons. It could fire a beam of energy, capable of pushing objects out of the spacetime continuum, erasing them from history. With careful and meticulous calculations, a desired timeline could be also be created, like restoring a planet after it was destroyed by heavy bombardments. This new and very classified ship of Rambo Nation was almost finished, due to information found at Lesrekta and the Libary the construction proceeded faster then on schedule. Yet it still needed internal defenses, phaser banks and integrated torpedo launch bays. Senator Aviaratyal needed the Diva Bettie to create the weapons and install them, something the Governor promised. Ram'Thrandeal would see through that when the ship would leave Rowar to travel to Nertharia, it would not be noticed by civilian ships. Meanwhile Aleathria, joined the conversation at holo channels (like Aviataryl) and approved the entire operation. This way the three didn't need the Senate her approval, further increasing the security and secrecy of the new Typhon Class.

Near the end of the 5th month, Rambo Nation established contact with the Nova Alliance and the two powers allied eachother.

Month 06Edit

Quadrantia Disorder 18

Battle of Rambo Prime

The start of the sixth month started great for Rambo Nation. As Admiral Lizaconda attacked Rambo Prime he was trapped by the Rambo fleet waiting there. The Confederate fleet was countered by the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, the USS Antietam, the USS Charleston, the USS Endeavor, the USS Reliant and the USS Rutledge.

Admiral Lizaconda, onboard the Liberty II watched in awe as he noticed the massive battlestation was not the Rambo Prime Station and realised to late is was a weapon. Within one shot, the Acquistor of Tukio Nutria (a Rambo traitor) was destroyed and as the photon torpedos rained down upon his fleet he saw his fleet torn to pieces. After taking damage by the USS Charleston he ordered to retreat and return to Karzhamahri Nui. As Ramdleton and the others wanted to persue and retake Karzhamahri Nui, they were all ordered not to by the Marscascus, as Ramdleton recieved a message, 00/01ImpRmshe. Immedate he left for the capital with the massive station and the others captains were ordered to resume their duties.

Yet this victory proved to be a bitter one, which will be revealed later on in the month.

As Rambo Nation celebrated the victory over the Confederacy at the Battle of Rambo Prime, this celebration soon turned into immense worries as the Grox Empire attacked the Inner Colonial Sector and a large fleet which was send to intercept. With a threat of losing the two prominent northern colonies Nertharia and Koerband, Rambo Command recalled the Suiliagothrond Battlestation to the capital and most modern ships to. They were to intercept the coming Grox armada.
Quadrantia Disorder 19

Hutters attack Rambo Nation ships to prevent a secret transmission

In alert, the Rambo contacted the DCP for advice, as the Rambo have no clue nor experience to combat the Grox.

Elsewhere, in the Cyrannus Galaxy a Serindia Captain of the USS Ashanti intercepted a transmission and investigated the source in an astroid field. It was disovered the Hutter Kingdom wanted an alliance with the Confederacy to prevent them being drawn into the Great Cyrannus War. Attacking the USS Ashanti the arrival of the USS Enterpise-A, under command of Captain J. Rambo prevented the destruction of the USS Ashanti. After the battle the data about this secret transmission was send to Rambo Command and the URC Senate. However, Rambo Command and the Senate have no clue yet how to react on this event. Proogency, a Rambo Nation colony deep outside their territories acts as a listening post to monitor the Grox, as such the Rambo were able to put up a defense before the Grox reached the Inner Colonial Sector. However, as the Imperials knew of her location, so does the Confederacy. A joined fleet of Confederacy and their Grox allies attacked the colony, bombarding the listening post from orbit.

Quadrantia Disorder 20

Battle of Proogency

Sending a distress call, it was answered by Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A, Captain Ramtainus of the USS Charleston and an unidentified Yunilinage captain of the USS Shark, as they were close by. As they arrived they already saw a fleet of Confederate frigates, Grox fighters and a dreadnaught opening fire. Captain Ramtainus, who took the lead wanted to save the personal and civilians on the surface and ordered to break through the fleet. However, as Rambo Nation has no experience with the Grox it soon turned out the Grox were well aware of Rambo Nation tactics. As the Yunilage launched her fighters and the USS Enterprise-A gave covering fire (destroying a frigate in the process) the USS Charleston tried to break through but was taken under fire by the Grox dreadnough. Her saucer became heavily damaged and the Lightning fighters had to cover her retreat. The USS Shark was also buckeling under the attack and when the three Rambo captains witnessed a massive explosion from the surface of the planet, they knew they were too late.

Not wanting to risk the lives of their crew, the three Rambo Nation ships retreated back to the Inner Colonial Sector, reporting this event. Rambo Command was shocked, and knew the Nation was in trouble. With the Rambo fleet spread thin over the sectors, and with no way to monitor the Grox and Confederate movement towards the Inner Colonial sector, Rambo Command could not predict which colony would come under attack first. Koerband or Nertharia, if either one would fall, the way to the capital of Rambo Nation was clear of any obstacles.

Two days after the Battle of Proogency there were no Grox activities near the borders of the Inner Colonial Sector and the Confederacy was simply reinforcing themselves at Karzhamahri-Nui. This gave Rambo Command the oppertunity to test a new weapons.
Quadrantia Disorder 21

The frigate under attack

Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas took three Peregrine fighters with him to the Ramsoria Run. Arriving there they encountered a Confederate frigate, under command of an unidentified Yudimaran captain. Surprised as the USS Dallas did not open fire the fighters launched there attack when Ramcard gave the signal. Two fighters targeted the bridge, one with phaser bolts and the other with a volley of photon torpedoes. The third fired somekind of torpedo with blue and red colors, the Yudimaran captain laughed at the incoming torpedo. What could a single torpedo do after all? When the torpedo hit the frigate the ship was rockted with tremors and shook violent as a small blackhole opened herself at the impact. Within seconds the frigate fell apart and the Peregrine fighter fired another torpedo of the same kind to close the black hole.

Ramcard was pleased, these weapons, together with the Suiliagothrond, the Wells class and the Typhon Class would surprise their enemies, if they were ever to reach the capital. Ramcard contacted Rambo Command, the first in action test of the vortex torpedo was a succes.

Quadrantia Disorder 22

USS Capricaerón vs Grox Sphere

Vice-Admiral Rambas, still exploring the Violet Ghost Nebula in the Xanthrus galaxy made last contact two hours after the new torpedo was tested by Vice-Admiral Ramcard. Rambas and his crew of the USS Capricaerón headed deeper in the nebula, which was still green to explore but didn't encounter a single form of life. Until the date given of two hours after the new torpedo was tested, the crew found a transwarp/hyperspace signature and then contact was lost with the USS Capricaerón.

In the Xhantrus Galaxy Vice-Admiral Rambas encountered a Grox Sphere, raising alarm they attacked the sphere and tried to escape. However the sphere was stronger and disabled the ship, killing an esnign at the bridge due to the explosions, many of the bridge crew were wounded, and Rambas yeoman was gasping for aid, as her right lung was penetrated by a piece of metal. As the sphere closed in, Rambas wondered if this was the last mission of the USS Capricaerón.

Concurrent to the attack at the USS Capricaerón, Chief-Elder Kurkumrad Isemtoph of the The Neimadian Federation contacted Rambo Nation and the two formed an alliance as allies. The Neimadian are allies of the Summit Empire and the Rambo hope the relationship will florish and grow over time.

Shortly after contact with the Neimadian Federation, Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A tracked a probe to it's original position. There he discovered the probe belonged to the Skreet Republic, and contacted them. He talked with Diplomat Shi'kar and made an alliance of peace with the Skreets. He then returned back to Rambo Nation territories.

Shortly after the contacts with the new empires, Rambo Command launched two new V2 Mk. II versions, the Bonaventura Class and the Merced Class.

Quadrantia Disorder 23

Battle near the Dissia System

Near the end of the sixth month of 04 AQF he met with rear admiral Amiaetadiala of the USS Malevolent near the Dissia system. The rear admiral was escorted by Captain Kloplyna of the USS Reliant. They were to inspect the defense grid of the inner colonial sector. Sadly a Grox fleet intercepted them, using a secret transwarp tunnel and engaged the Rambo ships. Taken by surprise the USS Reliant suffered heavy damage by a Grox Dreadnought. Also the USS Malevolent suffered damage by Grox Figthers and Silveria used the USS Juno to cover for the rear admiral, but the ship also suffered heavy damage. Out of a sudden the USS Antietam arrived and opened fire at the Grox fleet. This sudden appearance allowed the USS Reliant and USS Malevolent to escape, and Silveria knew the Zarbriaek captain sacrificed himself for the Nation. As the USS Antietam exploded the USS Juno escaped the Grox and headed to Koerband to inform the fleet stationed there.

Month 07Edit

The seventh month of Rambo Nation started with a disaster, when Admiral Lizaconda launched his Operation Fortune. This three part plan proved vital to the Confederate campaign, though it also cornered Rambo Nation is would also mean a disaster for the URC and the other allies. Operation Fortune is a Confederate master plan made up by Admiral Lizaconda. This operation was risky, bold and above all things very dangerous for the Confederacy to execute, yet execute it they did.

The Confederacy and their Grox allies attacked Rambo Nation at three differant positions at the same time, making it difficult for Rambo Nation to react.
Quadrantia Disorder 24

Battle of Koerband

The Grox attacked the Inner Colonial Sector Colony Koerband, close to the Quadrantia-Mirus Galaxy wormhole. The Grox Empire came with many, but fleet Captain Silveria of the USS Juno managed to warn the fleet stationed at Koerband in time and rallied the fleet to defend the colony. The battle was hard and terrible, with Grox Dreadnoughts destroying Rambo ships, they managed to destroy the USS Jefferson and cripple the USS Venture of Captain Rambam. Yet the combined efforts of the USS Madison, USS Juno, USS Reliant and the USS Enteprise-A the Grox were defeated by the Rambo after two hours of space battle.

Quadrantia Disorder 25

Battle of Rametru Nui

Rametru-Nui, the second most important planet of Rambo Nation, located in the Mid Colonial Sector also came under attack at the same time as Koerband. Fleet Captain Trabl'krgte of the USS Apocalyptor, was leading the defense against the oncoming Confederate fleet. However, a Mortalitas Commander, leading the fleet from onboard his Emporicó-class Mortalitas Fist, had a fleet of over 15 Munificent Class Frigates and two Mortalitas Dreadnoughts at his disposal. While Fleet Captain Trabl’krgte only had his own ship, three Kelvin class, four Constitution class, one Miranda class and one Bonaventura class at his disposal. Heavily outnumbered by the large Confederate fleet Trabl'krgte knew the battle was already lost.
Quadrantia Disorder 26

Confederate forces invade the city of Rametru Nui

However he used his fleet to break a hole in the fleet so various civilian ships with refugees could escape. As a Dreadnought advanced three Rambo ships were taken out by the cannons of the massive ship, though the Rambo did manage to create a hole in the blockade of the Confederacy, with covering fire from two Constitution class ships, one the USS Potemkin, commanded by a female Chinawkya managed to damage the Mortalitas Fist and escaped with the civilian crafts. While the USS Apocalyptor took damage the USS Aquila, a Bonaventura Class commanded by a Feolhviaeri fired photon torpedoes at the Confederate Dreadnought and later on managed to escape the battle too, together with the fleet captain.

After three hours of battle, the Confederacy drove away the Rambo defense fleet of Rametru Nui and invaded the planet. The small regiment of Rambo Troopers fought bravely, but were all killed in the battle. During the battle Senator Creckbo of the Mid Colonial Sector was also captured and Rametru Nui fell in hands of the Confederacy.

Quadrantiia Disorder 27

Capture of the Cyrandia President Aur'Lumniassa

The USS Monts d'Ardèche, a Normandy Class light cruiser was escorting President Aur'Lumniassa of the Cyrandia Alliance from the Capital towards Ramsoria. Yet Admiral Lizaconda knew of this plan and took his flagship, the Liberty II to engage the USS Monts d'Ardèche. The light cruiser stood no change and with various hits from the Liberty II her cannons the Normandy Class was crippled. And the Confederate Admiral managed to take captive one of the Presidents of the Cyrandia Alliance, though he left the crew and captain alive of the Normandy Class.

Within three hours Operation Fortune was completed, though Lizaconda was satisfied with the results, the operation was a hard fought one, with high casualties on both sides. Yet with only Koerband not in Confederate hands, it meant the ULE could not invade the Quadrants by that side. They had to take a detour then. Lizaconda informed the Confederate Senate, who were pleased with the results as Rambo Nation was dealt a serious blow. The following orders of the Senate were simple, fortify your positions and leave the Rambo alone for a while. The Confederacy, with their hands on various important individuals and planets now had a leverage against the Rambo, it was now time again to focus their attention to the URC, as they would also need some crushing blows. The Rambo Senate was furious, as was Rambo Command but none could understand that within a matter of hours the defenses of the Nation were so easily breached and broken. With Rametru Nui in enemy hands, it also meant a moral blow to the Rambo and now they had two planets to retake. However, the problems for the nation were not yet over, though that event will be chronicled soon, though that event will be one behind the scenes!

The Grox had now had a strong grip on the Rambo Nation that she could not prize open. The gap was closing, surrounding the major space lanes, the Grox were creating a cage, using stations and dreadnoughts, sheltered by the stars themselves to jump out an anyting entering or leaving the Rambo Nation.

But these stars also made it hard for the Grox detect attacks from the otherside. Suddenly thousands of missiles streamed out of the void, but these were no ordinary weapons, they skipped along the magnetic lines of the star like pebbles across a pond, riding the waves of solar eruptions, screaming through the superheated gas as they did, and caught the Grox "dam bases" by surprise. This signalled a new attack and the Grox raised shields, but too late, out of confusement they had lossed formation. Suddenly mass shadows were detected, a lot of them, it could only mean one thing, the DCP had arrived... In reaction to the Grox and Confederate attacks and the drastic loss at Rametru Nui Rambo Command ordered various classes to be withdrawn and others to recieve an upgrade. The Constellation Class and the Miranda Class recieved an upgrade to recieve the V2 Mk. II status, while the Orodreth and the Celcius Class were withdrawn from active service. Also the New Orleans Class V2, recently launched was called back to the shipyards as she was suffering from teethings. Yet a new class, the Korolev Class was launched, which was able to fire phased plasma torpedoes and was able to cloack.

Around the same time, a creature called Gorf teleported the URC President Apollo into Ramashe her palace at Tirithsilliana, and saw a Xhodocto walking in the halls. They then teleported away, and Apollo was left in confusion. For the rest of the month things remained quiete for Rambo Nation, with little events as both the CAS, Grox and Rambo were trying to reinforce themselves for the day another battle would start.

Dhazhrak under attack!

Dhazhrak vs Empress Ramashe

Yet at the last day of the seventh month, unknown to all a very important event happened, if not one of the most important in Rambo Nation history. Dhazhrak whom was acting as Empress Ramashe ruled over Rambo Nation since the early days of 03 AQF, almost one and a half year he decided all moves by the Nation, he incarcerated Ramashe at Lesrekta but she was freed by the Marscalcus. Retreating to her classified royal palace she prepared herself to combat Dhazhrak, something she really feared, though she used the Advanced mobile suite for it. She used the portal at Lesrekta and arrived at the royal palace at Tirithsilliana and bursted into the throne room where Dhazhrak looked surprised. Sensing whom the intruder was he simply smiled when unleashing a shadow bolt from his hand.

Ramashe (inside the mobile suite) was hit dead on and hit the wall hard, coming to a stop three hallways further. While Dhazhrak approached the mobile suit was giving warning but as the mobile suite enchanced Ramashe her powers she fired a bolt of electricity back at Dhazhrak, but he simply shrucked it off. He lifted the mobile suite with one arm and began chrushing the torso of the mobile suite. Ramashe was trapped and became cramped by the narrow space. She moved the arm of the mobile suite and hit Dhazhrak in one of his eyes and he released his grib and yelled in anger while stepping back. Taking advance of the sudden change of odds she grabbed Dhazhrak and threw him out of the building at the square where at the moment none were present besides the unconcious Royal Guards. Dhazhrak rose and simply turned, with hatred in his eyes. When Ramashe advanced he simply smiled but that turned into a roar when Ramashe was suddenly in front of the Xhodocto and turned her back on him. Dhazhrak asked what was the meaning of this act but understood when the surroundings turned purple and Dhazhrak was hit by a enclosed sub space explosion which rocketed his body, and even for such a powerful being like Dhazhrak the experience was an agony and Dhazhrak staggered to his knees. Then to Ramashe her surprise Dhazhrak seemingly vanished in a black vortex and screamed in pain and agony, and his last words hold the message this is was impossible that he could be defeated by a mere Serindia.

Empress Ramashe was pleased, she had retaken her throne and she kept this hidden and a secret for the public, now awaited the difficult task to combat the CAS and drive them back to their own territory. Though Ramashe already had some ideas about it. But before she could do that, she fainted and was taken to the hospital, where a shocking news awaited her....

Month 08Edit

Quadrantia Disorder 28

Tumult at Rambo City!

Ambassador Ten'Trantia is the ambassador of the Girdo Empire for Rambo Nation and lives on the Rambo Capital Planet, in the city Rambo City. He is friendly and keeps the Girdo informed of all events within the Quadrants. He already explored some places within the nation and is considered friendly by many. With the start of the second month of the second year of the Great Cyrannus War Senator Chuinaylia and Girdo Ambassador Ten'Trantia were visiting the Founder his villa, just for fun in Rambo City at the Capital and for diplomatic talks. There they encountered the bounty hunter Zevracence, a dangerous individual which draw his blaster.

Zevracence simply smiled, and told Chuinaylia he liked her pretty face and wanted to see her again. Chuinaylia was confused she was angry and shy at the same time. The Girdo ambassador wasn't confused and simply asked what the bounty hunter his intentions were, and that he would defend Chuinaylia if he wanted to hurt her. Zevracence simply shook his head and explained this was a strange job as his order came in at the same time with a bag of money and Zevracence told the ambassador he didn't have to worry for the young Chinawkya senator. Ten'Trantia looked confused but saw to late Zevrecence opened fire at him, his body dropped to the floor and the last thing he heard was the scream of fear from Chuinaylia before his world turned dark. Zevrancence told Chuinyalia he had to do the regards from the Confederacy and simply left as the senator tried to aid the ambassador and called for help.

Three hours later Senator Chuinaylia contacted the Girdo Empire, explaining the bounty hunter attack in service of the Confederacy at the ambassador. She quickly followed with the news that he was still alive, yet was seriously injured but was already recovering due to medical aid the Rambo provided. Upon receiving news of the attack on their ambassador, the Girdo Empire decided that the best course of action for them was to fulfil their duties as members of the Seven Starr Alliance and join what they called the "Cyrannus Galactic War" against the Confederacy. Not considering their colonies in the Sol system to be important, and believing that any attack on the Girdo Galaxy would be suicidal because of the Tokzhalan Empire's Hyperluminal Defence Stations around the rim, they sent their entire force of Droner-class "starfighters" - 8,304,768 ships overall - to fight under the Cyrandia Alliance in Cyrannus and the Quadrants. They knew to be cautious, though, as their ambassador had presumably been made a target for a reason, and there was always the possibility of it being a trap.

Apollo and Ramashe

Apollo and Ramashe at Capricaerón

After Empress Ramashe defeated the dreaded Dhazhrak in personal combat, she decided to keep the news a secret. A day after the attack at the Girdo Ambassador Ramashe was released from hospital and decided to travel to the United Republic of Cyrannus, where she met Apollo at the planet Capricaerón.

Apollo was happy to see Ramashe again, as it has been a while since the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War. Though when he approached her, his doubts and concerns he had about her were gone in a second, as somehow her auro felt differant then the last time they met. None the less, the two walked through the city and talked a lot about recent events. Shortly before lunch Apollo showed his two children, to which Ramashe was their godmother. Ramashe was happy, and played a while with the children, and Apollo noticed it was a long time he saw his good friend laughing again. She congratulated both Apollo and Gianne Inviá with their children. Apollo and Ramashe then had a private lunch.

Sitting at the table, Ramashe began her tale, starting with her capture by Dhazhrak one and a half year ago and the results of this act. She told him she defeated the Xhodocto in personal combat, but that she had doubts she really defeated him. When she looked straight into the eyes of her friend, Apollo eyes were wide open and hadn't said a word during her tale. Shacking his head in disbelief he simply sighted. Looking up, he saw Ramashe crying, something she handn't done since the death of her father. Apollo rose from his chair and comforted the Serindia Empress, and she simply smiled. Apollo didn't knew what to say, but he told her he was happy that she was "back" again. Then Ramashe told another surprise to Apollo, it seemed she was carrying an egg while still being a virgin, she told him the Founder believed her to be the Maid of the Quadrants, bearing the child which would bring endless peace to the Quadrant Galaxies. Apollo almost fell of his chair of joy, and simply laughed. The conversation continued and Apollo told Ramashe about his adventure with the mysterious creature called Gorf and the Confederate attack at Capricaerón. Long after lunch, the two still talked about a lot of things, and were discussing to aid eachother in retaking their conquered colonies by joint fleets again, just like in the Second Galactic War and the Inergalactic War. Near the end of the day, after Ramashe had a great diner with Apollo and his wife and children Ramashe returned to the Rambo Capital and promised Apollo to visit eacother more often.

Near the end of the day, Ramashe went to bed, pleased by the idea she could tell her best friend about her darkest secret. At Capricaerón, Apollo was in his office, staring outside his window. He still wondered how none could have noticed that Dhazhrak was acting as Ramashe, but was happy she had told him. Still, someting was nagging in the back of his head, but couldn't explain what it was. His thoughts were interrupted by a crying Kara, his child wanted some attention from her father.

Quadrantia Disorder 27

USS Capricaerón escaped the Grox Sphere

After Ramashe returned to the capital Rambo Command recieved a message from Vice-Admiral Rambas of the USS Capricaerón. As he explained his recent adventures and his encounter with a Grox Sphere he was recalled back to Rambo Command to recieve an upgrade to his ship and to return to the fronlines to combat the Confederacy. Meanwhile Rambo Command was planning to counter attack the Confederacy in the mid colonial sector, with aid of the URC they were now making battle plans to retake Rametru Nui.
Clash of the Titans

Battle against the Malevolent and the Cyrannian Grox

Before such a battle could take place Rambo Command recieved intelligence about a failed alliance between the Confederacy and the Great Corthrinusi Empire due to the intervention of a bounty hunter. Command wondered whom was behind it, though didn't investigate the matter further as it was a Cyrannus matter. Nor did Command inform the Empress or the Senate about it. Days later the URC and Rambo attacked General Zillum's ship, the Malevolent in an Outer Rim system of Cyrannus. Soon a fleet under command of URC Admiral Nagala of the Pride of the Core attacked the posistion, with aid of the FoR Rambo fleet under command of captain Ramoslin. Sadly it turned out to be a trap as the Malevolent was protected by a Confederate fleet and after heavy battle and losing various ships the Rambo/URC fleet withdraw back to their own space, the battle was lost. To make matters worse during the battle three Cyrannian Grox cubes arrived and attacked both sides, wreaking havoc on both sides before being defeated.
Quadrantia Disorder 29

Second Battle of Rametru Nui

After the battle, near the end of the eight month Rambo Nation and the URC once again joined forces and under command of Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas, which would result in the Second Battle of Rametru Nui. Aided by Captain Junelda of the USS Attentive, Fleet Captain Trabl'krgte of the USS Apocalyptor, two unidentified captains commanding a Kelvin and a Constellation class were aided by three Venator Class Star Destroyers of the URC, commanded by unidentiefied captains, they began attacking the Confederacy stationed at Rametru Nui. Using the USS Attentive her cloacking device they were able to cause chaos upon the Confederate fleet and with aid of the agility of the Rambo ships and heavy fire power of the URC star destroyers the Confederacy was defeated after two hours of battle. After the celebration that Rametru Nui had been retaken, both Rametru Nui and Rambo Prime were reinforced to protect the planets from a possible counter attack.
Quadrantia Disorder 30

Agandaûr fires at Valhtara, while a few Confederate ships managed to escape

Shortly after the retaking of Rametru Nui their were a seperate group of Serindia who claimed their alliagence to the Confederacy, these so called Confederate Serindia changed their appearance and used the large Serindia Independia Class as their own ships. They managed to steal over 95 of these vessels and gave construction schematics to the Confederate Shipyards. The first colony, known as Valhtara, located in the Cyrannus Galaxy announced in public their leaving to the Confederacy. Rambo Command, fearing that a new Resistance was going to be formed tried to solve the problem with force. An unidentified Serindia Rear Admiral used his Suiliagothrond Class Battlestation, the Agandaûr. Arriving in the system, he immedate opened fire at the colony, though the beam was only at 18% power it scourged the colony of all cities and turned the green colony in a desolate place.

However, few ships managed to escape to Confederate space, and made the act of Rambo Command public. Now even more colonies were disturbed, some feared to leave others wondered why they would still remain with the Nation as her ways of using force seemed to have changed drastically. Near the end of the eight month the First Gigaqaudrant was destroyed by the Xhodocto and Rambo Nation lost contact with many of their alies, even the DCP vanished. The Quadrants were not destroyed by the onslaught due to the magical bariers protecting the Quarants, made in ancient times by the Rambo Ultimate God.

At midnight Empress Ramashe summoned her entire staff (High Council and the Marscalcus) for a very important meeting, as she wanted to discuss the destruction of the Universe, the dissapearance of the DCP, the Confederate attacks, her upcoming egg holding her first child and the rumors of colonies leaving the Nation in favor of the Confederacy.

Month 09Edit

The ninth month for Rambo Nation started with a small moment of peace. As the Confederacy was reinforcing Karzhamahri Nui none of the other Rambo colonies came under attack and Ramashe and Rambo Command began making plans to counter attack the Confederacy, with the purpose of delaying their advance into the Quadrants. At the same time Rambo Nation was in a difficult situation as they had lost contact with the Seven Starr Alliance as someone was jamming the SSA channels.
Battle of Koerband GCW02

Second Battle of Koerband

Near the end of the first week of the 9th month the Rambo colony Koerband came under attack, sparking the second battle of Koerband. As the space fleet of Koerband was still under going repairs from the battles against the Grox Rambo Nation asked aid from the URC, and they answered. Admiral Cretacea arrived with his new flagship, the Spirit of Freedom and various Venator Class Star Destroyer and Rambo Nation Kelvin Class ships. The allied fleet soon believed believed that the CAS were after the ancient Atlantica ruins found on the planets surface, much like the ones found by the Imperial Alliance during the Intergalactic War.

Rambo Nation and the URC agreed they should not get their hands on it, though the arrival of the Spirit of Freedom caused chaos for the Confederacy. Eventually the CAS forces were defeated and retreated from Koerband. Yet the actions of Admiral Cretacea send a huge flare into space, signaling someone. Though Rambo Command didn't care about this, they thanked the admiral and the citizens celebrated their victory. Command and the URC scientist soon began studying the artifacts once again.

Quadrantia Disorder 31

Third Battle of Yadumarth

Mere hours after the Second Battle of Koerband Captain Ramniels arrived at Javan. After recieving orders of the Empress herself he was to lead a Rambo/URC task force to conquer the Confederate planet and stronghold in Quadrant 82 Yadumarth. There he joined forces with Feolhviaeri Captain of the USS Aquila, a Goldianius Captain of the USS Emperor's Servant, an Apationagtus captain of the Behemoth, a Draken captain of the Implacable, a Libertus captain of the Loyalist, a Trucinex captain of the Allecto and a Tezelteän female captain commanding the Senator. After briefing them onboard his ship conference room, the USS Majestic and the taskforce left for Yadumarth. To their suprise Admiral Lizaconda of the Liberty II was also at Yadumarh and soon the battle intensified. With a URC Star Destroyer engaging the Frigates of the Confederacy the USS Aquila openend fire with photon torpedoes at the Liberty II, damaging her. During the battle Ramniels ships, the USS Majestic became damaged. After the battle was won in favor of the Cyrandia task force, a blockade was made and an URC Star Destroyer stared an orbital bomrbartment. Rambo Command was happy, the Third Battle of Yadumarth was an important victory.

Near the end of the ninth month Rambo Nation launched the new Constitution Class V2 Mk. II in service, though an older design and not that many seen in service anymore due to the Constitution Refit Class, Rambo Command found the upgrade of the ship needed due to the attacks of the Confederacy and high rate of ship loss and damage during the Great Cyrannus War. Shortly after the launch, Rambo Command recieved an incoming transmission by the Keiternyian Star Empire, talking with representative Kuryos Savion she scheduled a meeting with him and the Keiternyian Emperor Kyantay VII.

Month 10Edit

Quadrantia Disorder 32

Emperor Kyantay and Ramashe have diner

The tenth month of the year 04 AQF started for Rambo Nation with a peaceful meeting between Empress Ramashe and Emperor Kyantay VII of the Keiternyan Star Empire. Empress Ramashe personally welcome the Emperor at the Rambo Capital Space Dock where the Keiternyan Emmperor was hailed with a welcoming party of the crew and Ramashe her guard. Upon welcoming him Ramashe and Kyantay had a diner at the surface, where the royal cook made diner for the two. Serving fruit, fish, flesh, Serindia Wine and desert the diner was quite a sucess as Kyantay loved the food and talked about the history of his people and unification by Kyrtos the Great. Further more he explained about his people wars against the Apes adn the Grox and Ramashe listened with great intent. After Kyantay finished his story he asked Ramashe about her people their history. She explained they had been in space since 450 BQF, there Golden Age and the following wars and the death of her father and her rise to the throne. Kyantay listened too with great intent, especialley about the conflicts with the Imperial Alliance, Tralor, Xhodocto and the Confedracy and the forming of the Seven Starr Alliance and the Onuris Alliance. The diner lasted for hours, as not only diplomatic talks were held but also about personal interesst and the burden of ruling an entire Empire or Nation.

After the diner Ramashe gave a short tour at Rambo City and her royal palace. When the evening fell Ramashe and Kyantay said eachother goodbye and promised to meet eachother soon again. As Ramashe also wanted to visit Kyantay his homeworld and upon their second meeting they would talk again about an alliance, but Ramashe was sure that alliance was soon to be formed.
Quadrantia Disorder 33

Imperial Remnant vs Rambo Nation near the borders

Two days after the meeting, in Quadrant 89 two Rambo ships, the USS Bozeman of Captain Ramkamura and the USS Vespucci, under command of a Kloppig captain were chasing a Confederate Frigate near the Rambo/Imperial borders. During the chase two Imperial Remnant Ardent Class Star Destroyers came to aid the Confederate frigate and openend fire at the Rambo captains, forcing them to withdraw. After the report was given, Command feared the new ships and wondered if the Remnant had more newer and powerful ships, even though they were in an economic depression.

Quarantia Disorder 33

Battle of Matakoro

Mere days after the Remnant attack, the Mid colonial planet Matakoro came under attack by the Confederacy. Under command of Lizaconda the colony was easily taken over, as most fleets were stationed elsewhere. Against orders, Captain Rambam of the USS Venture went to Matakoro and engaged the Confederacy. During the battle he managed to teleport supplies to the surface, allowing the citizens to hold on their own for at least a month. Sadly, during the battle the USS Venture was hammered and shields fell and the ship became heavily damaged. During the battle the USS Valley Forge under command of Captain Klopiels arrived to aid Rambam and began teleporting the crew of the USS Venture to the USS Valley Forge. When the Galaxy Class was rocketed by explosion Rambam made contact with Klopiels by viewscreen, there he saw Kerika in safety and said both Klopiels and Kerika goodbye. Giving a symobolic kiss to Kerika she started to cry as Rambam surrounding were engulfed in flams and the transmission stopped. Looking outside, they saw the USS Venture exploding, killing Rambam and 225 crewmembers who weren't evacuated in time. Klopiels then left the battle and headed back to Rambo Command to inform them of the fall of Matakoro, the supplies and the death of Rambam. The death of Rambam caused grieve to many captains and officers, even the Empress was shocked about it.
Quadrantia Disorder 34

Fourth Battle of Yadumarth

Four days after the battle of Matakoro, and two weeks after the Third battle of Yadumarth the planet came under attack again. As the fourth battle of Yadumarth raged, a clever tactic by the Basileus captain of the Terror of Stars proved difficult for the Cyrandia blockade. As they lured the Cyrandia ships away from orbit, various others jumped between the planet and the blockade, engaging the Cyrandia blockade from two sides. During the battle most of the ships were damaged, ships like the Allecto and the USS Potemkin were seriously damaged, as were the USS Majestic and the USS Emperor's Servant. Though the Senator was already damaged, she managed to escape the battle together with all the other captains and ships. Sadly the URC Venator Class Star Destroyer Loyalist was destroyed with all hands by the Terror of Stars as a manner of revenge for the orbital bombardment. With Yadumarth back in Confederate hands, both the URC and Rambo were troubled and concerend. Now the Confederacy were ready for another campaign against both the URC and the Rambo, and one could only wonder where they would strike next.

Hours after the defeat at Yadumarth, the Rambo-UNO trade route was established and tourism and wealth started for both nations, further more improving their galactic relations. The new tourism and products the UNO brought with them meant an economic boost for Rambo Nation, which further more improved their economic status.

Third Battle of Keorband

Third Battle of Koerband

A month after the Second Battle of Koerband, and four days of the fourth battle of Yadumarth a Cognatus Remnant fleet arrived under command of Voro Acetenus. The Cognatus were shocked to see their former enemies at the planet, backed up by a massive fleet and even settlements were build on the artifact planet. On the other hand, the Rambo and URC forces were also shocked to see the Cognatus again, as all believed they had vanished. As the URC/Rambo and the Cognatus clashed two Rambo ships were destroyed, as was a Venator Class of the URC in the opening stages of the battle. However a Cognatus cruiser was also destroyed, but as casualties fell on both sides the Cognatus seemed to get the upper hand. As such Koerband, one of the larger colonies of Rambo Nation entered a stage of evacuation, but not all citizens were able to be evacuated from the planet. The Cognatus retrieved the artifact and the remaining citizens were left at the mercy of the Cognatus.

As Rambo Nation saw the dangers of the fall of Koerband (the wormhole leading to the Mirus Galaxy is now unprotected) and Rambo Nation Commands knowns they cannot stand against an attack by both the Confederacy, Grox, Cognatus and the United Lanat Empire. As such they opened a channel to the Cognatus Remnant, offering a treaty. Ramashe was using channels to communicate with the Cognatus individuals known as Voro Acetenus, and both came to the agreement that the former conflicts should be forgotten and a new start would have to be made. As Voro Acetenus offered the remaining citizens of Koerband unharmed, Ramashe offered the Cognatus to meet her in person and talk and learn more about eachother and their culture. The Cognatus agreed and both are preparing to meet eachother. Ramashe also promised the Cognatus to give the availible information about the Atlantica artifacts to the Cognatus Rement, hoping to study them together.

Meanwhile as the tenth month came to an end, the Quetzacoatl Class V2 was launched into service and Rambo Nation grew worried as they didn't had any contact with the Seven Starr Alliance, the Onuris Alliance or the Milky Way colonies.

Month 11Edit

Quadrantia Disorder 35

Battle of Ramaprica

Five days into the 11th month of the year 04 AQF, both the URC and Rambo enjoyed a little moment of peace. Yet at 23.00 pm of the fifth day, the Rambo and URC colony Ramaprica came under attack by a large Confederate fleet, under command of a Serindia Captain of the Providence Dreandought Serindia Utopia.

During the battle many star desroyers and Miranda Class Battle cruisers were destroyed, and when the Dagian captain of the USS Calaypso ordered a retreat, many URC and Rambo captain refused to follow this order adn rather stayed and fight. While others, like the Pantorilisae Captain of the USS Salazar followed orders, all who didn't were destroyed and killed by the Confederacy. The fall of Ramaprica showed the Cyrandia Alliance that the Confederacy was still very dangerous, and now even the URC captial of Orbispira was in danger, not to mention other URC Core worlds. With the Rambo Nation guard fleet crippled, it would take another 8 hours before more Rambo Nation ships could arrive near Ramaprica to aid the URC.

Cognati Meeting

President Apollo of the URC, Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation and Voro Acetenus of the Cognatus Remnant talk on Corunnia

A few days after the Battle of Ramaprica Empress Ramashe travelled to Corunnia met with Voro Acetenus, leader of the Cognatus Remnant and URC President Apollo. During the meeting the Intergalactic War and the Atlantica and their artifacts were discussed and they came to an agreement. When such an artifact was discovered a joint group of Cognatus, URC and Rambo scientist were to study such artifacts. The three leaders became friends and when they left a possible alliance between the Cyrandia and the Remnant was quite likely to happen.
Ramaith Tyragnus Le Rambo

Ramaith Tyragnus Le Rambo

Apollo then began to talk with Ramashe about her pregnancy, and she told him that the egg would arrive very soon indeed, something that Apollo was delighted to hear it. A few days after the meeting Ramashe laid her egg, but kept it an secret and put the egg in a special warming place. A few days later he was born and was called Ramaith Tyrangnus Le Rambo and the news of him being born caused a celebration across Rambo Nation planets. The news was also spread to the allies of Rambo Nation.

Meanwhile as the eleventh month neared her end, it turned out to be a quiet month, with only the Battle of Ramaprica being a notable event of the month. The citizens didn't mind, with Karzhamahri Nui, Matakoro and Ramaprica under Confederate control the entire population of Rambo Nation still didn't live in peace and freedom. And though Rambo Command made plans to retake Ramaprica, the massive fleet at Karzhamahri Nui turned out to be difficult to find a solution to.

Month 12Edit

With the last month of the year 04 AQF starting the troubles were far from over for Rambo Nation, colonies like Karzhamahri Nui, Matakoro and Ramaprica were in Confederate hands.
Battle of Invalae 01

Battle of Ivaliaë

At Yadumarth, the Confederacy had a strong fleet, and Rambo Nation her fleet was growing thin and short on captains. Though the Confederacy was far from even talking about a victory over Rambo Nation (they hadn't attacked the Inner Colonial Sector nor the Capital Sector yet, where the majority of the fleet were stationed) they were really a threat to the eastern and mid colonial sectors. With the start of the 12th month many planets and citizens began looking forward to the change of year to 05 AQF, which would be celebrated by a national wide party and speech by the Empress, where she would show her newborn son to the citizens of Rambo Nation. As preperations started at many colonies, the Confederacy launched another attack at Rambo Nation territory. This time the planet Ivaliaë was the target, located in the Chinawkya Sector and protected by a URC/Rambo fleet and joined by Chinawkya battleships. The attack was led by Captain Mortizavaé from onboard the Mortalitan Fist. During the battle all Rambo/URC and Chinawkya ships stationed at Ivaliaë were destroyed, sending bodies floating into space and leaving a field of debris. During the battle Chairman Chioaik was taken captive and brought to Captain Mortizavaé.
Angforst 01

USS Enterprise-A above the towers of Angforst

After the loss of Ivalaë, citizens feared the defenses of Rambo Nation were to weak to prevent all planets from harm. Although this also was the fact, Ramashe re-organised fleet positions to counter every attack the Confederacy had made, though it needed some time to accomplish this without alerting the Confederacy with what they were doing. Further more, she recieved some great news as the Space Station Angforst reached her conclusion and construction has been finished. The station, with a diameter of 25 km and a length of over 75 km, with four bombartment cannons and uncountable phaser banks, torpedo bays, shield generators and phaser cannons would surely counter attack the Confederacy. Though she wished to visit the station, which was also mobile and able to use warp due to various Gyronic Generators and Warp drives, she was prevented due to caring for her just born son. As such she ordered Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A to welcome the station and he was to meet with it's commander, a commodore with his second in command, Captain Ramikku.
Qaudrantia Disorder 37

Second Battle of Ivalaë

Now Rambo Command was preparing to attack the Confederacy! And attack them they did. Shortly before the attack happened Senator Chuinaylia and Ktrn saved Chairman Chioaik of Ivalaë from the Mortalitan Fist with aid of the USS Attentive of Captain Junelda. After she had teleported Chuinaylia, the chairman and Ktrn from onboard the Confederate dreadnought the second battle of Ivalaë started. With the Angforst, the USS Enterprise-A and various other Rambo and Chinawkya ships they attacked the recently conquered planet Ivalaë. Within an hour the Confederate forces were brought to their news, also due to the massive station her presence and the fear she brougth with them. During the battle she once fired her weapon which resulted in a controled black hole, destroying various Confederate ships. The result was the Confederacy retreating back to Yadumarth, and the victory was celebrated at Ivalaë and Rambo Command.
Fall of Ramaprica

Destruction of Ramaprica

However the victory was hard fought in the celebrations turned into mourning when Rambo Nation news flash revealed the Second Battle of Ramaprica had failed. When a large URC and Rambo fleet arrived at Ramaprica the two fleets clashed and turned the battle into a graveyard. As General Zilllum arrived at Ramaprica he used the Malevolent her cannons and openend fire at the cities of Ramaprica. It turned the planet into a cold and lifeless ball, and the attack killed thousands of URC and Rambo citizesn lives. Angered Rambo Command wanted revenge, but sending their battle stations near Confederate strongholds woudl be dangerous. And Rambo Command began plotting their defenses again.
Quadrantia Disorder35

Second Battle of Matakoro

Near the end of the month Rambo Command sended a small task force, consisting out of the Caradhras Class Assualt Carrier Ered Mithrin, the Galaxy Class USS Madison, the Constitution Class USS Potemkin and the Miranda Class USS Valor to retake Matakoro from Confederate hands. The fleet was backed up by three Lightning fighters and two Chinawkya Medical Frigates, carrying medical supplies and food supplies. The Confederate fleet was led by a Yudimaran captain aboard the Rescure class Corperate and various frigates. As the two fleet clashed the Rambo soon had the upperhands and the Confederate fleet retreated after two of their ships were destroyed. Of the Rambo only the USS Valor took heavy damage after suffering an attack by the Corperate.
Qaudrantia Disorder 36

Ground forces liberate Matakoro

As the space fleet retreated the Ered Mithrin entered orbit and deployed her troopers and the other ground forces. One of the troopers, Zabiela and his legion led the main force against the remaining Mortalitas troopers and managed to defeat them. Those willing to surrender were captured and placed in holding blocks aboard the Ered Mithrin. Meanwhile as the citizens of Matakoro celebrated their liberation, Rambo Command prepared to assault Karzhamarhi Nui sometime during first month of the new year. Meanwhile all across Rambo Nation citizens (even at Karzamahri Nui) began preparation for the festivals signaling the start of 05 AQF, the new year!

Before the new year started Rambo Nation launched the new Ambassador V2 Class into service together with the Galaxy Class V2 Mk. II. While the Soyuz Class became withdrawn from active service, together with the Forrestal Class and the Olympic Class.

Rambo New Year

Fireworks at Tirithsilliana

Ramashe looked at her many holo viewscreens in her office at Tirithsilliana, together with her just born son Ramaith to see citizens of Rambo Nation gathering to celebrate the start of the new year, 05 AQF. At the various colonies, even at Karzamahri Nui which was still conquered many gathered to see the fireworks and join the celebrations for the new year.

Half an hour before midnight Ramashe and Ramaith went outside, joined by her guards they all watched to the sky and gathered around a large table with food and drinks. When midnight finally arrived, Tirithsilliana her sky was full of fireworks and all present gave eachother their congratulations for the new year and began toasting at it. When Ramashe looked at her mobile holoscreen she saw that at every colony celebrations were taking place (where it was night at least). After the fireworks Ramashe brought Ramaith to bed, singing a bed song for him and returned to her office where she said her best wishes for Apollo, as the URC had also started another new year.

Year 05 AQFEdit

Month 01Edit

At the first day of the new year the Intergalactic Band released a new album with various songs. One of the songs, having relations to the Rambo Nation was called Rambo Nation Gurls - "Rambo Nation girls, they're unforgettable...". The song remarks on the attractiveness of Rambo females and with the release of the song it reached the first place the Galactic Net Music Hitlist within hours and became a very populair show. Some authorities are now trying to see if the bands would want to do a preformence within Rambo Nation.

The remaining of the week remained quiet without a battle. However the Human Republic contacted Rambo Nation that their planet was under siege by the Cult of the Deathmarch and asked for aid. Rambo Nation immedate dispatched Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas to extract the surviving civilians. Having saved various civilians and the Colonel of their army Ramcard dropped them on a suitable planet where the Rambo would arrive quickly if the humans were in trouble again. The Rambo then aided the Human Republic with providing them with terroforming tools and funding to rebuild their homes and economy.

A day after the events with the Human Republic Rambo Nation attacked the conquered colony of Karzhamahri Nui.

Quadrantia Disorder 38

Second Battle of Karzamahri Nui

At the start of the second week of the 1st month of 05 AQF a large Rambo fleet exited warp near Karzamahri Nui and engaged the Confederate fleet at the Rambo conquered planet. The HarbronrSaurien Captain of the USS Ambassador was eager to test his new ship in combat, and he was backed up by a Dagian Captain of the USS Calypso. With the fleet captain stationed at Rametru Nui the other captain were fairly unknown though had some experience in combat.

As the two fleets clashed the battle turned out into a heavy battle. During the lengthy battle the Liberty II became heavily damaged by two Constitution class ships, but managed to destroy one of them. As the battle raged on the USS Ambassador heavily damaged a Rescure Class Light Destroyer, forcing it to withdraw from the battle. Further more another Rescure Class Light Destroyer managed to cripple a Kelvin Class and the USS Calypso was also heavily damaged by a Rescrue Class Light Destroyer. Even the powerful Serindia Caradhras Class Carrier didn't manage to break through the Confederate fleet. As both the Rambo and the Confederacy took even more damage, the two fleets were actaully at a draw. Eventually the Rambo decided to withdraw from the battle, yet they left a heavily damaged Confederate fleet behind, without means to repair of to get supplies from the Confederacy. Meanwhile Ramsoria Run route leading to Karzhamarhi Nui was backed up by another Rambo armada. It seemed the Confederacy in Quadrant 82 were trapped!

For the rest of the months the remaining three weeks of the first month of 05 AQF went on quietly and in peace.

Month 02Edit

Even with the start of the second month of 05 AQF it remained quiet for most of the time. Though there weren't any large scale battles in the Quadrant Galaxies, Rambo Command did recieve word of a battle at Carolinii and a conflict with the Cyrannus Grox. These events troubled the Rambo as they were concerned about the URC, but also had to admit they were happy the Confederacy hadn't launched an attack against the Rambo, giving them time to regroup and repair or resupply there ships, colonies and keeping the citizens happy. Due to the short period of peace Rambo Command now searches for ways to negotiate a truce with the Confederacy.

During the second week of the second month the USS Enterprise-A was recalled back to the Shipyards of Rowar to recieve a special update, the so called V2 Mk. III update. As the Constitution-Refit Class was build for combat as a heavy battle cruiser, the USS Enterprise-A was given modifications to also function as a long range exploration ship. With sleaker warp naccelles, a more powerful deflector dish and more room for accomodations like a movie room, training rooms and a holographic chamber. The ship modifications only took about a week and upon the start of the third week the USS Enterprise-A was scheduled to be relaunched into service, being launched from the drydocks which were in orbit of the Capital.
Quadrantia Disorder 39

USS Enterprise-A leaving the drydocks

The launch was turned into a small party, as captain Rambo found himself welcomed by various Rambo officials. Present at the launch were Vice-Admiral Ramcard, his friends Fleet Captain Silveria of the USS Juno and Captain Klopiels of the USS Valley Forge. He and his crew were honored by the small speech of good luck the Vice-Admiral gave, as the USS Enterprise-A was scheduled for a three year long range exploration mission, the start of the restart of the Rambo Nation Space Exploration Program. After having diner with the captains and Rambo's his crew they said there goodbyes. James Rambo watched his crew enter the ship and felt proud. Suddenly a familair voice made him turned around, it was his daughter, Claire Rambo which came to say goodbye to her father. Though relations were a bit strained between him and his daughter he was happy she was here. With tears in her eyes she said goodbye to her father, as she didn't really like he was leaving. James comforted his daughter that he would return, no matter what and wished her good luck, as she was just promoted to the rank of sergeant in the militairy (he rather wanted her to become a space captain but well). He gave his daughter a swift kiss at her cheeck and entered the ship.

Leaving with impulse the USS Enterprise-A left the drydocks behind, James Rambo looked at the ships that were still in drydock. A Galaxy Class, the USS Valley Forge and a Miranda Class ship that was being tagged to the drydock, he even saw a Suiliagothrond Battlestation guarding the docks and the USS Polarity was almost finished. James nodded to his navigator and the USS Enterprise-A entered warp and headed to the wormhole leading to Quadrant 21.
USS Enterprise A leaves wormhole

USS Enterprise-A leaves the wormhole and locates the Q21 Space station

Following the launch of the USS Enterprise-A Rambo Nation was contacted by the United Summit Empire to create a trade route between the two galactic powers. Rambo Nation complied and soon export and economic grow began for both nations.

After two weeks of travel the USS Enterprise-A finally arrived at the Quarant 21 space station, it took a while because she had to take a detour due to the threat of the Confederacy and their occupation of Karzamahri Nui. Also the detour was needed as Rambo Command was seeminly planning another assault at the planet. Upon exiting the wormhole Captain Ramo saw the space station and was relieved the travel went fine without any problems. After docking with the station and supplying the station he gave his crew one week to prepare themselves for the long journy. As their first investigation was going to travel to the territory of reptillian creatures who went by the name of the Serlgmec and later on would also investigate the rumors of a race called the Secoolian.

The remaining of the month went actually in peace with absolute no conflict on Rambo Nation side. A surprise that brought suspicion with it..

Month 03Edit

Quadrantia Disorder 47

USS Cybele and USS Enterprise-A vs Serlgmec

The third month started quietly and the Rambo didn't had a large scale conflict with the Confederacy, though Command was aware a large build up at Yadumarth was taking place. However the Rambo didn't react to it yet. Elswhere, in Quadrant 21 the USS Cybele, under command of Captain Ramkamura came under attack by various Serlgmec cruisers when he was about to travel to a planet called Port Northica. With no knowledge about the Serlgmec Captain Ramkamura underestimated their cruisers and the USS Cybele came under heavy attack and was crippled in combat. Leaking plasma from one of her warp naccelles the ship faced a certain doom.

However just in time Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A arrived and aided the USS Cybele. However the USS Enterprise-A suffered damage due to their attacks as the Serlgmec proved to be very powerful. However together the Rambo captain managed to drive away the remaining Serlgmec away with aid of the remaining firepower of the USS Cybele. Captain Rambo and Ramkamura were worried, as it seemed the Serlgmec have shown themselves hostile, not to mention that the Rambo Nation forces also learned of the presence of Quarantia Loron, barbaric pirates in the nearby vicinity of the Q21 space station. Tagging the USS Cybele back to the space station Captain Rambo continued his journey to a mythical place known only as Atlethena.

This event happened at the end of the first week of the third month, and Rambo Command was about to prepare a massive assault against the Confederacy stationed at Karzamahri Nui. Yet before any action could be taken Rambo Nation Galactic Net news session showed a grand disaster that happened at Eris.

An unknown enemy force attacked the Rambo Nation colony of Eris, after failed negotiations with their representative and Senator Lady Ram'Eriathine a fleet of 100 Salsetthe cruisers attacked the small fleet at Eris, which were only 23 ships with mostly Miranda Class ships and a few Excelsior Class and one Galaxy Class ship. Within minutes the more powerful Salsetthe destroyed the Rambo Nation drydocks and fleets and the colony was forced to surrender. The survivors and citizens of Eris were brought by the Salsetthe to the nearest Rambo Nation colony in Quarant 82. Angered Rambo Command prospened their attack at Karzamahri Nui to take care of the refugees first. Even more troubling, Rambo Intelligence gave reports that the URC had some trouble with an Osteolan plot and allies and friends were given doubts. Rambo Command decided, though the Confederacy did not attack Rambo Nation they feared the Confederacy were going to use other plots and security was increased. And with the loss of Eris, the Rambo secluded themselves more and more from the Intergalactic Community.
Old Rivalries 02

Liberating the Cavaneu homeworld

Most of the citizens of Eris were evacuated to the newly discovered former Atlantica bastion known as Atlethena Metru. Further more, the Milky Way Sector was recalled to the Deep Space Sector, which would have planned colonies from Quadrant 21.

Later on in the month Captain Ramoslin aided the URC and Admiral Cretacea to liberate the Cavaneu homeworld. With his assistance they managed to drive away the Confederacy. Afterwards he stayed with Cretacea his fleet to aid them and act as messenger between him and Rambo Command

Month 04Edit

With the start of the 4th month Rambo Nation dispatched Senator Chuinaylia at a mission together with Senator Guolivian of the URC to to Decatría, capital of the Cognatus Remnant. There, the Cognatus leader Voro Acetenus and talked about the joining of the Congnatus Remnant to the Cyrandia Alliance. However during their meeting the Cognatus Capital came under attack by the Cyrannian Grox and Voro Acetenus aided Chuinaylia in protecing her and the URC senator and brought them to safety. Sadly the Cognatus were forced to glass their own capital.

Quadrantia Disorder39

Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui

Shortly after the event Rambo Nation diplomatic officials met with representatives of the Serpantaxy Empire, a race of noble and honorable snake like creatures, hailing from warm and swamp planets. The two allied eachother and openend trade and the Rambo opened their databases and knowledge of the Gigaquadrant to the Serpantaxy if they wanted to use it.

Quadrantia Disorder 48

Conclusion of the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui

At the same time Rambo Nation, under orders of Empress Ramashe mobilized a large fleet to attack Karzamahri Nui. Soon the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui began, and soon turned out to be the most devastating and hardest battle for Rambo Nation in the Great Cyrannus War, even more intense then the destruction of Ramaprica. During the battle plots were revealed, heroes on the Confederate and Rambo sides died. Others managed to survive the battle with luck when a great disaster occured, followed by the appearance and summoning of a demonic creature by the Confederate Governor. Blessed by his demonic powers the Governor wanted to take control over the entire planet but was in time stopped by a young girl and her band of air borne troopers. As both fleets were hammered and tattered the Rambo eventually managed to win the battle, and forced the Confederacy to withdraw.

A mere day after the third battle of Karzamahri Nui the Rambo were pleased to announce that there capital planet in Quadrant 21 was finally settled. Alethena Metru became a major trade port for Rambo Nation and the species inhabiting the region around the planet and the wormhole. Even more surprising the hostilities with the Serlgmec stopped when Senator Chuinaylia made peace with them and allowing them to use the planet for supply and trade. Even other species like the Quadrantia Loron were attracted to the planet and soon new wealth, tourism and trade arrived for the Rambo.

Second Battle of Nosiso 09

Second Battle of Nosiso

A few days after the battle, President Apollo contacted Empress Ramashe about a plot involving a Rambo Senator at Nosiso. Without hesitation Ramashe ordered Vice Admiral Rambas to join the lead with a Retribution interference. Rambas started the battle early on without the URC fleet and managed to get through the blockade. However as the second battle of Nosiso went on the Rambo fleet became into trouble as the Confederate gained the upperhand.

Further more it seemed the ground battle also proved difficult for both the Rambo and the URC, with many Rambo troopers loosing their lives and even Claire Rambo went missing during the battle. When after hours the tide was turned into Cyrandia favor the Confederacy stroke back with a new form of energy based plasma weapons, decieving scanners and not harmful it incernated the aiding Xiaan Poseidon cruiser and many more Rambo ships.
Quadrantia Disorder 49

Battle against the Syndicate

And more disturbing news reached the Rambo Senate and citizens, as it seemed the Imperius Leader of the Basileus split from the Confederacy, forming the New Basileus Empire. Their first act was to blockade Perliama Run, which strangled the Core Worlds of the URC and various Rambo Nation trade frigates were destroyed while tyring to pass the blockade. The Senate pressured the URC senate to take actions, otherwise trade would come to a halt.

Near the end of the fourth month Rambo Nation launched a bold attack against the Syndicate, with aid of various Girdo Droners the Rambo managed to defeat the Syndicate and capture quite some bounty hunters after an orbital bombardment. Soon after Rambo Nation claimed the planet and called it Port Syndicate, and became a Rambo Nation colony in Quadrant 89.

Month 05Edit

The fifth month started with a sad news, as Zillum managed to destroy the URC planet Grecyar. The Rambo on the other hand were unable to aid the URC much, as they had two operations planned and the majority of their fleet was damaged due to the lenghty battles at Karzamahri Nui and Nosiso.
Breaking the Blockade

Smuggler attack at the Perliama Run

Further more, the Rambo citizens were growing displeased with the war and the continuing casualties it costs, further more the expensive costs for repairs meant that there was to be shortenend on education, health care and other matters. The people wanted the war to end, and pressured the Rambo senate to take actions. However both the senate and the Empress knew, as members of the Cyrandia Alliance they could not neglect the fact that one of their closest allies needed their help. It soon became the subject of the day.

Most of the fifth month went on quietly for the Rambo, using the time to repair ships or resupply various areas. The short month of peace was also used to repair generators and colonies which were under attacking, providing them with electricity for 24 hours a day again. The most notable battle was the smugglers attack at the Perliama Run, together with aid of the URC star destroyers the New Basileus Empire was defeated and forced to withdraw.

Month 06Edit

The sixth month became later known as the last month of the Great Cyrannus War, but there would be enough troubles for the Rambo in the last month. Though in the first days it seemed quiet and people lived in peace.

However the Quadrantia Net Music Hitlist changed a lot in the top 4, with at the number #1 the female pop/rock singer Osha Stefani with "Shot a Rambo", at #2 the ever populair Intergalactic Band with the single "Rambo Nation girls, they're unforgettable". At #3 the mysterious newcomers the Mirus Intergalactica, with the rock and metal song "Welcome to the Mirus Galaxy", and at #4 also newcomers, Kekta and Hekta with the single "Hello!".
Quadrantia Disorder 51

Attack on the Mortalitan Bastion to save Claire Rambo

After the change in the hitlists, with only local Rambo Nation singers and the Intergalactic Band, new singers and songwriters were hitting the hitlists, and all of the Quadrant Galaxies is looking forward to the new competition. Shortly after the Battle of Orbispira|Battle of Orbispira started, however Rambo Nation recieved a encoded message by Claire Rambo about a possible Confederate fleet in the western sector. Later on Rambo Command send the USS Goddard to attack the Mortalitan Bastion, who succesfully saved Claire and brought her to the Capital to recover and explain the entire story. At the same time Rambo Nation began preparing to siege the western sector back, as it seemed she was taken over in secret by the Confederacy.

Quadrantia Disorder 52

Battle of Muunivelle

As Rambo Nation approached the enemy fleet in the Western Sector, Rambo Command recieved intelligence that Orbispira was under attack, but the Rambo would be unable to send any aid to them. As Vice-Admiral Ramcard, Fiction:Thel'Vicliquam and many others engaged the Confederate fleet stationed in the Western Sector of Rambo Nation, no aid was given to the URC as Command was unable to send any aid. During the battle many Cyrandia ships were damaged or either destroyed, though it was the same for the Confederacy. Though with aid of the Xiaans and Hutters the tide of the battle turned in favor of the Cyrandia and eventually the Confederacy withdraw from Muunivelle, where the battle was fought over.

With the victory Rambo Nation celebrated the total liberation of their realm from Confederate hold. Now fleets were moving toward Yudumarth, prepared to strike a final blow to the Confederacy in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Mere days after the Battle of Muunivelle Rambo Nation was contacted by the Fook En who were in trouble, facing somekind of demons. Vice-Admiral Ramcard was dispathed to aid them but later on recalled by Rambo Command as reinforcements arrived in the form of various other ships, which brought medical supplies and more with them. When another distress cal came from Yurgleburg the Rambo also aided that planet, but could do little about these so called demons, who seemed to be under command of the Criky Empire. During the talkings Senator Or'Ana was dispatched to negotiate a possible alliance and opening of trade, though had to be evacuated when a distress call was recieved from the Fook En colony of Yaleshovnov, who seemed to be under attack by the Criky. The nearby Rambo Nation task force awaited further instruction from the Naval Commmand of the Fook En. Recieving their instructions hey headed towards Yaleshovnov and the appearance of Rambo vessels approaching made the enemy retreat. Remaining at the planet for a day or two, the tast force began supplying the colony with medical aid and other supplies.

At the same time Rambo Nation was being contacted by the Shellious Imperium, and the two began negotiating for an alliance and trade. Further on, the Arkit Council of Empire contacted the Nation and also offered peace and an alliance. Accepting the offer the Rambo gave them replicators for use, in an offer of peace.

Shortly after the battle of Orbispira Rambo Nation was met with a devastated shock. Empress Ramashe looked in awe silence at the cripted message her nephew Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia had send her. Behind her colonel Chodecra and Chancellor of the Crown Aleathria also were silent. How could it have gone so far? What had happened without the Rambo knowing it. The URC was no more, replaced by Galactic Empire of Cyrannus under rule of Emperor Tyrómairon. The Rambo were branded as traitors together with Apollo, who seemed to be involved together with the Cognatus Remnant in some dark plot made up by the emperor.

Chodecra shook his head in disbelief, while Aleathria simply stared at the screen. Ramashe suddenly rose, with tears in her eyes, she told Aleathria to inform the Rambo Senate by an emergency session. She ordered Chodecra to summon Angforst Space Station to blockade the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole as a prevention. The road to Rambo Nation was closed, further orders would soon follow. The two left Ramashe her room, while she contacted the remaining leaders of the Cyrandia Alliance in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Quadrantia Disorder 53

Warning to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus!

The Xiaans reacted with shock, and also went into an emergency seesion, while the Hutters were furious, claiming it was their fault and closed the message without warning. It seemed problems were far from over.

Elsewhere, Morgandaûr was in doubt, this event was unexpected and a change would be needed as his plan was in serious danger. However within an hour the Angforst was in position and was already blocking the trade route leading into the Cyrannus Galaxy. The USS Ford and the USS Androcus aided the Angforst in the first preperations and destroyed an unwilling URC venator star destroyer. Nearby the Venator class star destroyer Senator was boarded by Rambo Nation under claim of inspections. The thruth was differant as a Space Marine Squad Commander by the name of Shooter boarded the ship and arrested the Tezeltean female captian. As such Rambo Nation began her initial defense, with these acts it warned the newly formed Empire the Rambo were serious and had no intentions of allowing the Empire the same privileges as the URC had.

At the same time Rambo Nation began sending Caradhras Class carreers to the Cyrannus Galaxy, filled onboard with regiments of Rambo Troopers (including the experienced 287th and the 425th) to reinforce the Cyrannus Colonies and defend them from a possible attack. Further more Rambo Nation began changing their defense structure, fleets were moved to the various wormhole locations (Quadrantia-Cyrannus Worhole, Quadrantia-Mirus Wormhole, Wormhole Plataue and the Q82-Q89 worhole). Even more surprising the people of Rambo Nation reacted with shock, though with promises of the senate, the Empress and the militairy leaders on the holo channels, the people didn't panicked. Though on some colonies and settlements discrimination against URC/Empire citizens began, and Rambo Command adviced all URC/Empire citizens to migrate back to the Cyrannus Galaxy, as they would be unable to ensure their protection.

Further more, with the end of the 6th month the Rambo and all of the Qaudrant citizens began reffering to month 7 as the first month of 01 New Age (01 NE), which gave the start for the Dark Times.

Year 01 NEEdit

Month 01Edit

With troopers readying themselves in the Rambo colonies in Cyrannus, Rambo Nation launched their first mobile militairy base, the Hecatoncheir Class which was send in secret to the Cyrannus sector of Rambo Nation. Further more, with the start of the Dark Times, Rambo Nation lost contact with Apollo and the Cognatus Remnant.

A Secret Rendezvous

Rendezvous on Laurantia

Though what would be later known, was that Ram'Lendilia had a secret meeting with Apollo, Voro Acetenus, senator Magalen and senator Naberrie on the remote planet of Laurantia. Promising to aid eachother Ram'Lendilia wondered how Apollo would want to reach Rambo space, as space was locked down and even Ram'Lendilia had troubles reaching the senate with transmission due to the Empire their jamming stations.

Concurrent to the meeting Ramashe was on a state visit to the Fordanta, to meet with Blademaster Hel'Bre'K, to learn more of eachother their culture and perhaps improve their relations.

Battle of New Ramhall 01

Battle of New Ramhall begins

During the first month the Galactic Empire claimed to drive away all extra-galactic empires from Cyrannus, as such the Emperor could unite all Cyrannus sectors under one banner. Though conquering the Rambo Cyrannus Colonial Sector could prove difficult, due to the close ties with the former URC and the wealth and income they brought. However as the Empire claimed the former leader of the URC, Apollo would go there to escape his arresst, the act was passed for the civilians and the Empire started their assault with the battle of New Ramhall!
Battle of New Ramhall 04

Siege at Ramhall City

First the Empire tried to break the Rambo blockade, shortly followed with deploying troopers at the surface of New Ramhall. As the fleet was held busy above in orbit the Empire forces made a quick way to Ramhall City, and attacked the regiment of troopers under command of Sergeant Master Sephis. Unable to mount a counter attack Sephis ordered his troopers to continue fighting and he himself fled the battle, leaving Ramhall City at the mercy of Commander Mortikran. Satisfied that Ramhall City was secured into Empire hands, Mortikran ordered to take care of the loose end to secure the entire planet into Empire hands.

In the following hours sergeant master Sephis was executed, sergeant Rambo was captured and the space fleet was pressured at. Further more Mortikran learned of the location of the ship of fleet captain Mjärt and she was forced to retreat. Unable to provide supplies to the planet and fleet the Rambo fleet was soon broken. Having no choice the Rambo captain decided to withdraw back to Quadrant 82, though remaind at Ramhall as long as possible to give as many citizens the chance to escape.

Battle of New Ramhall 12

The Cyrannus Colonial Sector falls

Elsewhere the Acolyte Moranonúngur arrived at New Ramhall and influanced Claire Rambo into the dark forces of Tyrómairon. Furhter more the senate also had internal problems, with senator Chuinaylia wanting to accept the Republic colonies in Quadrant 82 as friend, while other senators and militairy leader did not want to wait for their betrayal. The discussion eventually ended when the order of Ramashe came in, all routed to the Republic colonies in Quadrant 82 had to be blockaded and an invasion force was being prepared.

The campaign ended when the Cyrannians took control over the hyperlane leading to the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole. In front of the wormhole the USS Ford and the USS Capricaerón were destroyed, though vice-admiral Rambas II managed to escape and survive the battle. And as such, while Ramashe was at state visit the entire Cyrannus Colonial Sector fell into Cyrannian hands, together with colonies like Nexios and the Shrine of Selenyia.

It meant that the Cyrannians had now control over the Rambo citizens in the Cyrannus Galaxy, but with conquering the Cyrannus Colonial Sector they made it harder to get into Quadrant 82, because on the other side of the wormhole was the Angforst, ever guarding and destroying every ship wanting to access or coming from the wormhole since the fall of the sector. After the fall of the Cyrannus Colonial Sector Rambo Nation called back the plans to invade the URC colonies in Quadrant 82, as Rambo Command didn't had the recourses for such a lengthy campaign.

Month 02Edit

With the start of the second month of the Dark Times and 01 NE Ramashe went into deep thoughts about the Seven Starr Alliance and their allowance for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as members of the once bright and glorious SSA. As the Rambo made a lot of sacrifices during the War of Ages and always stood ready for aiding members of the SSA, this act was in the eyes of Ramashe a betrayal. As such she made the decision at her own, and declared that Rambo Nation was now a former member of the SSA.

Yet the troubles for Rambo Nation were far from over, with the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War and the following stop of export to the Cyrannus Galaxy meant that not only Rambo Nation her fleet and militairy were dealt a serious blow, but also their economy. This meant a time of isolation for most senators of Rambo Nation, who were tyring to find a solution for the economic difficulty coming their way, while other senators did nothing as it would mean lesser income to their own sectors. The public opinion to the senate became more harsher, and there were even words that with the economic difficulties the Rambo senate were going on the same path of the former URC senate. Yet none dared to say it a loud, as the Empress still had faith in the senate.

During the second week of the second month of 01 NE Rambo Nation was contacted by Paragon Uriel Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium. They explained that they set up three outposts near a self made wormhole to the Andromeda Galaxy (the first connection between the Quadrants and Andromeda]] and Serpentaxy territories, who were also friend of the Rambo. They soon agreed to start trade between the two and Rambo Command listed the Draconid as a friendly species. However Command forgot to tell the Draconid one important thing, as they held the only connection to Andromeda from the Quadrants they held an important strategic position.

Kraw concert at Rambo

Hekta and Kekta preform with Osha at Rambo Nation

Near the end of the second month of 01 NE (or the 8th month of 05 AQF) Rambo Nation citizens feared the terrible presence of the Cyrannians. As such, the Founder decided it was time to give the citizens of Rambo Nation some joy and happiness in these dark times.

He contacted Kekta and Hekta, two singers and great artists from the Kraw Galaxy who were known there for their music. He arranged a joined concert between them and the Quarants most famous singer, Osha Stefani. The news soon spread acros most of Rambo Nation and even to other nations of the Cyrandia Alliance, as it was a premiere. The concert was held at the Rambo Capital at the shores of Rambo City. Further more Osha, Kekta and Hekta were paid for the concert and were allowed to make use of the most luxerous hotel at Rambo City at the costs of the Rambo Goverment, as a sign of grattitude.

The following event, the concert laster for hours drew a lot of visitors to the concert, whether they were students, citizens, goverment officials or troopers, all enjoyed the concert. Those who weren't able to be present also were given a chance to enjoy it as the concert was broadcasted live on the Rambo Holo Channels and millions of citizens watched the event, marking it the most seen program ever on the Holo Channel.

During the concert Kekta and Hekta sang various tracks together with Osha, like Hello!, Cosmos, Not the end, Creeps from the Dark and Bye Bye Ramaprica. Both Osha, Kekta and Hekta enjoyed the concert and the two singers from the Kraw Galaxy rose in popularity in the Quadrants. Further more the Rambo Founder personally thanked them for their acts and told them they were always welcome to visit or perform in the Quadrants.

Though the citizens enjoyed the entire concert, the Rambo Goverment didn't really liked the bill afterwards, as the Founder had spend over 46 million Ramboidae Coins for the entire events (including hotel costs, payments, guards, tv advertisements etc). None the less the Senate agreed it was a great move, as the citizens enjoyed it a lot and their were talks that the event should become a yearly event!

Sadly the time of joy and happiness soon came to an end when near the end of the month, mere days after the concert that the son of Empress Ramashe, Crown Prince Ramaith Tyragnus Le Rambo was struck down by a mysterious virus and died of it (in truth the Atlantica revealed Dhazhrak disguise as Ramaith and banished him from the Quadrants, in turn they placed a replica of Ramaith with some sort of virus in him that was fatal to Ramboidae). Ramashe herself found the lifeless body of Ramaith in the courtyard of the palace and yelled, as guards ran to her they shed their helmets and sang the song of loss.
Rambo Funeral

Funeral of Ramaith

The following hours the entire Nation was in rep and stir and the Senate was called for an emergency session. Ramashe herself was devastated and cried a lot, and the Founder had a hard time comforting her. At the last day of the second month of 01 NE Ramaith was burried in the royal graveyard, together with Ramashe her father and decendants of ancient Ramboidae times. The funeral was broadcasted live at the Rambo Holo Channels and the entire Nation was devastated, as the Nation was now without a direct heir to the throne and the Nation had a day of national mourn.

Sadly, the troubles for the Nation were not yet over as danger lured and peace soon came to an end with the start of the third month.

But that is another story as the second month of 01 NE, or also known as 05 AQF came to an end and concluded the first chapter of the Quadrantia Disorder! The new storyline of Rambo Nation! The third chapter in their history will be further chronicled at this page!

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