The Quadrantia Disorder chronicles Rambo Nation in its second major story arc with stories of honor, darkness, joy, despair, combat, betrayal, hope, and love. Its chapters will be listed below. Chronologically, the Quadrantia Order will be a new story arc in the history of Rambo Nation, also known as Post-Battle of Fornaeria, and continues the events of Rambo Nation in the Intergalactic Community. With regard to other fictions, The Quadrantia Disorder takes place alongside the Clash of the Gods, which will also have (sometimes minor) effects on the Quadrantia Disorder. Furthermore, like most Rambo Nation stories, it is part of the Galaxies at War storyline, which involves other users' fictions


Chapter 01: Alveni a Malus[]

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A Shadow Looms!!!.png

Alveni a Malus is the first story chapter of the Quadrantia Disorder and will chronicle most of the years 04 AQF and 05 AQF leading up to the New Age, 01 NE. Alveni a Malus is loosely translated as "the Rise of Darkness"!

Year 04 AQF

Vartekians invade Javan

In the first month of 04 AQF the first plots have been made to harm the Nation. The senate building comes under attack by the bountyhunter Zevracence. A few days later the Vartekians launch an attack at Javan as part of the short Vartekian War. After two battles the Vartekians retreated later on in 04 AQF.

Confederate forces arrive at Yudumarth

A few days after the Great Cyrannus War breaks out between the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederay of Allied Systems after the bombing of Orbispira. In the early month the Rambo stayed out of the conflict but were drawn into it as the Confederacy occupied Yudumarth and the Yudimarans joined the Confederacy. In response the Rambo launched their new Suiliagothrond-class battlestations into service as a warning against the Confederacy.]At the same time-unknown to all Empress Ramashe is replaced by the dark entity Dhazhrak who began acting as Ramashe. To make matters worse the Confederacy launched an attack at the Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison and managed to free some of the prisoners.

Second Tigris War

With this act, the Rambo were now fully drawn into the Great Cyrannus War, with various conflicts happening. During the war some prisoners who escaped were re-captured, but long lost enemies like Lizaconda re-surfaced with an attack at the USS Dallas of vice-admiral Ramcard. As the Great Cyrannus War intensified, in the 3rd month the Rambo Senate decided to invade Yudumarth with a large fleet. The battle was harsh and wasn't really won by either the Rambo or the CAS. At the same time the Rambo aided the URC at the battle of Cyroenia and elsewhere Rambo forces were involved in battles against the Loreatron during the short conflict known as the Second Tigris War. As conflict spread over the Quadrants and Cyrannus as part of the Great Cyrannus War, other events still occured as the Insectors and Rambulans were driven to extinction.

Rambo vs Grox Empire

As the Great Cyrannus War continued, the Rambo fleet saw actions in battles at Monai Tvá, Corulus, -(Cyrannus Galaxy), Fornaeria and Karzhamahri-Nui (Quadrant 82). With the fall of Karzhamahri Nui the Ramsoria Run was breached and the Confederacy had a free way into the Mid-colonial sector which resulted in battles at Rambo Prime and Rametru Nui.

Well into the 6th month the Grox Empire suddenly attacked the Nation. Dispatching the promising James Rambo, captain of the USS Enterprise-A various encounters were made with the Grox, and not all in good favor for the Rambo fleet. As the Grox pressed on, the Confederacy managed to make a peace treaty with the Hutters who promised not to engage eachother. This act was discovered by the crew of the USS Enterprise-A who fell under attack by the Hutters but was able to drive them off.

Ramashe vs Dhazhrak

With the start of the 7th month- as the war intensfied even further, the Confederacy launched attacks at Rametru Nui, Koerband and even managed to capture Cyrandia President Aur'Lumniassa. Near the end of the 7th month Empress Ramashe had freed herself and faced Dhazhrak at the Rambo Capital and to her own surprise managed to defeat the Ayrai'Shikua, though this later turned out to be a ruse.

After the 7th month Ramashe met with Apollo of the URC and explained what happened to her. As such the realisation fell why Rambo Nation had so much trouble beating back the Confederacy as Dhazhrak allowed the Confederacy to gain ground within Rambo borders. Before her meeting with Apollo the Girdo ambassador was shot down by Zevracence, but managed to survive while a shocked Senator Chuinaylia saw the entire event happening before her eyes.

Ramashe and Kyantay at diner

With Ramashe back at her throne the Rambo launched a second sucessful attack to free Rametru-Nui- though suffered heavy at an attack by the Malevolent within the Cyrannus Galaxy. With the start of the 9th month the Confederacy and Rambo/URC allies clashed above Koerband and a third time above Yudumarth, retaking the planet again for URC/Rambo hands. During the 10th month Ramashe met with Keiternyan Emperor Kyantay VII at the Capital, making an alliance of peace and trade. Following the diner the Rambo discovered that the Imperial Remnant was still thriving well and still ahd their borders closed. At the battle of Matakoro famous captain explorer Rambam lost his life when the USS Venture exploded due to heavy Confederate firepower. Shortly after Yudumarth was attacked a fourth time and the Rambo/URC allies had to withdraw and as such the Confederacy regained control over Yudumarth.

Battle of Ramaprica

Near the end of the month the planet Koerband came under attack for a third time, but this time by the Cognatus Remnant- long thought to have vanished in the final battle of the Intergalactic War.

Rise of Angforst

With the start of the 11th month all things changed. The promising and large Cyrandia planet Ramaprica was conquered by the Confederacy and later destroyed by Supreme Commander Zillum. In the same month Ramashe hatched a s on and the URC/Rambo allies made peace with the Cognatus. In the 12th month the Chinawkya planet Ivalaë came under attack but with aid of the Angforst the Confederacy were forced to withdraw. Meanwhile the Rambo managed to retake Matakoro and a new year started with fireworks.

During 04 AQF the Rambo made contacts with the Entarite Empire, Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire and the Keiternyan Star Empire

Year 05 AQF

Disaster during the third battle of Karzhamahri Nui

The new year started with a massive, yet unsuccessful second attack at Karzhamahri Nui. It remained the only battle in the first month of 05 AQF. Following the second and third month it actually remained very quietly and the Rambo managed to reorganise their fleet movements. In the 4th month the massive Karzhamahri Nui began. The battle was heavy, long and resulted in the loss of many captains and ships due to a massive explosion and disaster. Yet with aid of the Cognatus Remnant the URC/Rambo allies were successful in retaking Karzhamahri Nui.

second battle of Nosiso

Following the victory the Rambo/URC allies decided to push on in the Cyrannus Galaxy as well which resulted in the second battle of Nosiso. The battle was long and harsh as well, with a dangerous virus plot and the missing of Claire Rambo the URC and Rambo still managed to gain victory, despite the then commander Mortikran' best efforts.

Battle of Muunivelle

With two major victories the allied forces were given new resolve, resulting in the destruction of the Qudrantia Syndicate and deaths or captures of many dangerous bounty hunters. Two month later, in the 6th month of 05 AQF - Claire Rambo was saved from Confederate hands and the Rambo concluded a massive battle at Muunivelle.

At the same time the URC capital Orbispira fell under attack though was saved by an unknown entity only known as Emperor Tyrómairon- the new ruler of the reformed URC, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Year 01 NE

With the reformation of the URC the Dark Times began, a period of civil unrest and dangerous tides.

Battle of New Ramhall

After the reformation the newly appointed Emperor declared the Cyrandia Alliance as enemies and the Rambo began preperations for battle. The Rambo send the Angforst to guard the Q82-Cyrannus wormhole. Sadly, the Empire reacted sooner than the Rambo expected and resulted in the loss of the entire New Ramhall and the entire Cyrannus Colonial Sector. With no resources, the Rambo retreated. In this desperate time the Empress, Ramashe met with the Fordanta Blademaster Hel'Bre'K and established great relations with the state visit.

With the second month a concert was held by Fiction:Osha Stefani and Kekta and Hekta to ease the doubts of the citizens. At the same time the Rambo allowed the Draconid Imperium to colonise three planets to secure their artificial wormhole leading to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Sadly the suffering for the Rambo had not ended as the crown prince, son of Ramashe died and the Nation was left with no direct heir to the throne.

Chapter 02: Lacrima a Vinyar[]

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The Dark Times.png

As 01 NE continues in the second chapter of the Quadrantia Disorder, events take an unexpected turn. While new revelations are revealed, the future of Rambo Nation is at stake!

Year 01 NE (continued)

After the loss of New Ramhall there were some in the Senate who wanted to close the Q82-Cyrannus wormhole.

Paradox in Rambo City

Due to efforts of the Founder and senator Chuinaylia (-among others) this resolution was turned down. Sadly Chuinaylia was later blackmailed by the dangerous Morglûkia who obtained vital security information to continue his smuggling efforts to Cyrannus. During this time Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconid Imperium made a state visit with Empress Ramashe. In the 3rd month Angforst came under attack by Republic ships who were left stranded in the Quadrants. With aid of a Cyrandia fleet the station was saved, yet her cannon was damaged. After the battle Ramashe met with an individual known as Riordan Rambertan with whom Ramashe began to have feelings for.

The Empire arrives!

In the same month the Nation fell under attack of Paradoxes in which Ramashe ordered both the Founder and Uruviel to solve them, which they eventually did or so it seemed.

With the start of the 4th month of 01 NE the Nation came under attack by the Empire who attacked the Rambo Capital. They managed to disable ships who were still in drydocks as well as conquering the Shipyards of Rowar.

Ramashe reluctantly kneeling before Tyrómairon

During the battle the allied Girdo droners left and with the capture of Ramashe by Garlboz and Nirndal the Nation was forced to surrender. Eventually the Emperor himself arrived at the Capital and forced Ramashe to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat, turning the Nation into a "protectrate" of the Empire.

In the following days Galrboz was made Grand Mandator of Quarant 82 and the Empire began consolidating ther rule. When the 5th month started there were some, like vice-admiral Rambas who rebelled while other Rambo officers turned down their functions. In the same month the Quadrantia Grox attacked a Rambo task force and managed to destroy her. Shortly after the Rambo and Empire signed the Treaty of Rambo Prime, resulting and a weapon truce and total acception of the "Rambo Protectrate", even the Cyrannus colonies came back under Rambo "control". After the treaty Garlboz made a drastic change in command, promoting Kya to Marscalcus and Ramtainus to the new vice-admiral. Though it led to some discussion the other officers eventually accepted the new chain of command. Soon after the Hutters began causing problems as they were discontent with the Empire and the "protectrate".

In the sixth month everything remained in rather peace. Not much happened and it seemed everything was adjusting to the new "protectrate" status.

02 NE/05 AQF

Senate re-claims the Shipyards by Royal Order

The year 02 NE started with the death of Ramikku and the rise of a new faction, the Regellis Star Empire who had traits of the former Rambulans. In response to this new threat the Rambo Senate, under guidance of Chuinaylia and Or-Ana managed to approve the vote to reclaim the Shipyards of Rowar. Faced with a Royal order senator Aviaratyal, first furious accepted and the shipyards began producing Rambo ships again, first forbidden by Garlboz but not changed again.

Destruction of Tigma IV

Afterwars both the Grox, who were now involved in the Serpentaxy-Quadrantia Grox War engaged the Serpentaxy and the Nation, causing some serious troubles. Also the Hutter engaged the Nation again, claiming the K-7 station near their borders for over a month. Though it was later re-claimed by the Empire. The Emperor was also informed of all this, who was greatly displeased with Garlboz and ordered him to do something about it. In response Zillum destroyed the Hutter planet Tigma IV, resulting in the deaths of billions of Hutters. He also carved the Imperial signature in the crust of the planet as warning to others.

Yet the Rambo resolve wasn't gone, as they updated some of their vessels, survived an assasination attempt on their Grand Mandator and managed to track down Claire Rambo who was involved in the hunt for the Zevian Skull, an ancient and powerful Atlantica artifact. Unknown to the nation the criminal network of the Nation expanded, meeting new allies. In the fourth month the Secoolian offered a peace alliane against the Quadrantia Grox, though the escort came under attack when the Secoolian wanted to meet the Rambo Senate they eventually arrived at the Rambo Capital. Within the same month Ramashe went on a state visit to the Draconid Imperium to meet with it's leader, Uriel Ultanos. After her return Ramashe was taken hostage by a paradox and brought to Carnthedain where she remaind for a while as a prisoner of Morgandaûr though was later saved by Riordan Rambertan and Lourdes.

Year 06 AQF/03 NE

Upon Ramashe's return, around 06 AQF/03 NE she ordered Claire Rambo to continue her Hunt for the Zevian Skull. In the second month the children of Apollo, Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá began living inside the Royal Palace after their mother was killed in an assasination. Shortly after Rambo Nation made an unofficial political alliance with the Corthrinus when their leader Savra Mathen met with Ramashe. With Apollo's return, Ramashe tasked Apollo to open a road of peace with the newly formed New Cyrannian Republic as tension were rising. In the third month the Cyrandia Conference was held and the newly formed republic was recognised by Rambo Nation and other Quadrantia powers. However, a month later Rambo Nation was shaken to it's core when a terrorist bombing at the Capital killed over 250 citizens, shortly followed by an attack at Rambo Command, resulting in the death of one of the admirals.

The attack led to the events of the third chapter!

Chapter 03: Yudumarth Campaign[]

Main article: Yudumarth Campaign In retalliation of the terrorist bombing and attack at Rambo Command, Rambo Nation decided to invade the planet Yudumarth though faced a difficult time keeping their hold over the strategic planet. Around the same time Claire Rambo embarked on a new adventure, with the Enterprise missing troubles for the Nation seemed only to grow!

Chapter 04: Ortum a Dynasty[]

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  • The Quadrantia Disorder is the second story arc of Rambo Nation; the first, Quandrantia Disorder, is its history, and the third is yet to come.
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