On this page you will find information about the known planets and colonies of Rambo Nation. In past and current times, their were five planets considered the pearls of Rambo society and the most important of all. Over the years these planets stood against the void of space and the many foes Rambo Nation has encountered. Though even these five planets can be invaded, scarred and even destroyed!

The "Old" Great 5 were considered:

Sector Designations[]

The Sectors of Rambo Nation are divided by their borders, own cultures and tax regulations. As such the Rambo fleet only acts as the protectors of the Rambo space while the rulers over the sectors and senators can decide the rules within those sectors as long as they remain in legal lines set by the Rambo Senate and do not undermine the Rambo constitution.

Even though the sectors have their own "rulers", all are loyal to the supreme rule of Empress Ramashe. The sectors were re-organized in march 08 AQF after the events of the Fury of Galvarus. Though some sectors were still designated by their former designation to allow things easier instead of changing the entire geographic numerous systems of the Nation (after 450 years it becomes quite difficult to change such things it seems).

Current Sectors
  • Sector 01: Inner Colonial Sector and Rambo Capital
    Represented by senator Ramikku Ramoval
  • Sector 04: Outer Colonial Sector
    Represented by senator Saugneto Ramgrath
  • Sector 05: Mid Colonial Sector
    Represented by senator Creckbo
  • Sector 06: Badlands Colonial Sector
    Represented by senator vacant
  • Sector 07: Planet of Boreas
    Represented by senator Adar
  • Sector 08: Western Colonial Sector
    Represented by senator Or-Ana
  • Sector 10: Cyrannus Colonial Sector
    Represented by senator Ram'Lendila Le Rambo
Former Sector Organisation
Former Senators
*Sector 00: The Rambo Capital
The Rambo Capital.

Planets and Colonies[]

Sector 01: Inner Colonial Sector and Rambo Capital[]

Sector 01 is marked by two governmental sectors, the original Inner Colonial Sector and the Capital Sector, that include the Rambo Capital and the debris field of its moons.

Capital Sector

The Capital Sector houses the homeworld of the Rambo Serindia and the Capital Planet of Rambo Nation at whole. It houses the Government and the headquarters of Rambo Command. Its orbit is filled with space stations and dry dock, defensive turrets and probes. Due to the many stations and arrays, the area around the capital is one of the most crowded found in Rambo Nation, and as such warp speed is not allowed. Maximum speed is half impulse in the vicinity of the planet to prevent colllision with other ships or space stations. Once every month, Rambo Command changes orbital positon of the dry docks and orbital docks for security reason, only the capital space dock remains at the same position at all times.

Space Dock

The Rambo Nation Space Dock, often called space dock or the capital dock is a massive space station located in orbit of the capital planet of Rambo Nation. This large space station (with a length 5.5 km by 7.5 km) houses a large docking port inside her upper saucer, various yards for repairs and many houses, offices, restaurants, intelligence stations, crewrooms etc. The station is the the oldest space station build by Rambo Nation, constructed around 435 BQF. During her history the station hasn't been attacked, though is known to have been occupied by the Imperial Alliance for a few days during the Second Galactic War.

The Station is equipped with various large shield generators, phaser banks and torpedo launch bays. The station is also meant as a check in to visit the planet by visitors. All who wish to enter the planet will have subsribe themselves at the station so Rambo Nation officials can keep track who is on the planet and who is not. The Rambo officials will also check in the purposes for their visits, as well as luggage controls. The sation access routes are often very busy and crowded, as many crafts- both navy and civilian ships are travelling to and from the station.

The dock is also known as the secondary seat of Rambo Command.

Inner Colonial Sector

The Inner Colonial Sector houses the first planets colonized by Rambo Nation in their early exploration and expansion years. Most planets lie in a close vicinity of the Capital and act as a natural barrier against threats from outside the colonial sector. These colonies are often wealthy, larger and denser populated than outlying colonies found within Rambo Nation. Most have at all times ships of Rambo Command in orbit, either as a stop or protection.

Liotrica II

Liotrica II is a sister planet of Liotrica and is almost identical to her UNO counterpart. Construction started in early 03 AQF and was finished at the start of 05 AQF with aid of the UNO, which were allies of the Rambo. The massive Rambo colony is build with UNO design houses and buldings, however it houses mostly Rambo Nation species as a sign of trust and peace between the two superpowers. Gladly Rambo Nation citizens live in peace and harmony in the massive city, though her lower levels house a differant faction of Quadrantia Loron who attack nearby trade vessels.

Liotrica lies north of Ramgotheria and lies a bit isolated from the more common trade routes, yet is a populair destination for those who study or want to learn about alien cultures. Often UNO traders or citizens can also be found at Liotrica II.

Nertharia City, with a factory in the background

Nertharia, a small planet in the Inner Colonial Sector is the new homeworld of the Diva Bettie after their former was destroyed in the Diva Bettie War. This small planet became their stronghold and became a Rambo Nation colony after the Ramnant joined the Nation. The planet has a hot climat, with large deserts, sand storms and little water the planet isn't that hospital to live on.

A compound found at Nertharia, home to the Heer Stekeveel slaves

Yet the Diva Bettie managed to settle themselves in various cities, and constructed compounds for the captured and enslaved Heer Stekeveel, though Rambo Nation is not aware that the Diva Bettie have slaves to work for them. This due to the simple fact the Diva Bettie enlisted the Heer Stekeveel slaves as "employees". The Heer Stekeveel are working under bad conditions, mining for ore and crystals. While the Diva Bettie are working in the cities, constructing the weapons and vehicles for Rambo Nation their factories earn a lot of money. The colony is ruled by the Diva Bettie Governer.

During the galactic wars the colony has not been under attack, though a task force protects the planet at all costs. At all times, cargo freighters and vessels can be seen coming and going to the planet, picking up the precious cargo and tranporting it across Rambo Nation territory.

Colonial City of Ramgotheria

Ramgotheria is a small Colony with only 1 City, however that city is inhabited by the more wealthier persons and is considered a beautifull and peacefull place. Ramgotheria is also seen as a cultural city, as it is very smoothly build and even has bridges within the city leading to the sky scrapers in the hills.

The Colony is ruled by Ambassador Ram'Tras, a noble and wealthy ambassador whom wants to make his colonie more wealthier and better, but not at the cost of his beloved people.

Former Ambassador Ram'Tras

The Colony was spared during the First Galactic War, and the City was expanded with more sky scrapers. However when the Second Galactic War broke out the Colonie became a target. After the fall of the Noble Alliance Ramgotheria came under attack by the Ruin Sector Alliance. The attack was led by Captain Tul and during the battle the Colonial City was bombarded and most of the people were slaughtered and Ram'Tras died during the attack. During the war the colonie came under attack three times and was heavily damaged.

The Colony was later rebuild, but the results of the heavy bombarments were still seen and a memorial was build within the city.

Colonie of Ramsoria (colonie created by MatthewMosley)

The Colony of Ramsoria is a medium sized Colony with a medium size City with a lot of Sky Scrapers, with a differant design that the other colonies due to the high wealth and richdom found on the colonie.

Ramsoria is a colony for the very rich and the colonial residents are not that friendly against outsiders or poorer people. The colony is only inhabited by Rambo Serindia and are known for being a snob and rude to outsiders and they don't mind in showing it. Space ships visiting the colonie have to dock at floating docking ports and take a Rambo Shuttle to the surface below. A notable thing, the colonie has no roads for unknown reasons.

Ambassador Ram'Varis

Also due to the richness and wealth, the colonie has a smaller replica of the Royal Palace Tower found at the Capitol Planet. This caused some controversy, but the Ramsoria Serindia do not care. Ambassador Ram'Varis is the rich well to do leader of the Rambo Nation colony of Ramsoria. He is known for being a snob and rudness to outsiders. Ram'Varis is not a bad leader, just rude.

During the Second Galactic War the colony came under attack by the Ruin Sector Alliance and almost fell, however due to the timely arrival of the Tralor Freedom Force the colony was saved from certain destruction and the rebuilding of the colonie started when the Second Galactic War ended. However, the rebuilding soon came to a halt when a ULA laid a blockade around the colony. This meant supplies could not be dilivered and the colony had a serious problem. A bold move by the ULA to blockade Ramsoria Run, an Inner Colonial Trade Route. They did this in a reaction to the Rambo presence in the Tralor Galay, Rambo Nation was forced to search for a solution. The first action by the Rambo was to send there own fleet, under command of the USS Enterprise-B of Captain Ramuchi to face there fleet, however the Tralor broke up the blockade after the Freedom Force attacked an ULA colonie. The colonie was then resupplied and those whom aided medical care were taken to a nearby Olympic Class V2 Medical Ship.

04: Outer Colonial Sector[]

Outer Colonies are often very small Colonies which are poorly defended and are inhabited by only the bravest and adventures of Rambo Nation. However, Colonies like Proogency and Javan are also very important and are even wealthy and tactic positions and well defended, but these are exceptions. Most of these Colonies are just poorly defended, but this does not mean it cannot be florishing or big colonies. The Outer colonies are also a fequent target of Pirate attacks and are a growing market for the tourism branch

They are represented in the Senate by Senator Lady Ram'valë, a Serindia.

Ivalaë City

Ivalaë is the homeworld of the Chinawkya and the center and capital planet of the Chinawkya Sector. A rather small planet, the various cities (or at least what the Chinawkya refer to as cities) are rather small by Rambo Nation standards and often consist of various houses and apparments. The main city, known as Ivalaë City is located close to the Space Port and is protected by Chinawkay and Serindia soldiers.

In her long history (the city is over 2500 years) the city was expanded and in the middle lies a small lake. The citizens live in peace and prosper in the wealthy city they always welcomed other species whom wished to inhabit Ivalaë, examples are Uluvier and a Serindia and Amiaeria couple. The planet is inhabited by various creatures, but the large ones keep themselves away from the cities and villages and live in the deep woods of the planet. The Galichimia are often herded for there eggs by the citizens of Ivalaë. Since 45 BQF Chairman Chioaik rules over Ivalaë and made it possible to become a member of Rambo Nation. Around 04 AQF the planet came under a blockade by the Trade Cooperation of Tukio Nutria, but by the combined efforts of Senator Chuinaylia and Senator Gorubla they blockade was broken by force by Rambo Nation forces. The citizens were frightened, but within hours everything returned to normal, except that Uruviel was gone and her father had been killed.

In the 12th month of the year 04 AQF the planet came under attack by a Confederate fleet and was conquered after the URC/Rambo fleet stationed at Ivaliaë was destroyed. During the battle Chioaik was taken captive and he was forced to surrender his people to the Confederacy. A month later the colony was saved by Rambo forces with aid of the Angforst. Celebrations soon followed at the planet.

The Galichimia are reptillian creatures found on Ivalaë, often herded by the Chinawkya for the eggs which make delicious food. Though aggressive against stranger, they are very loyal to there herders.


Dalbradia is an old planet and the second planet of the Chinawkya Sector. The history of Dalbradia is scarred, in ancient time the race known as Redions lived at Dalbradia, a race of red demon like creatures, able to summon flames and fire to their command. However somesort of disaster came upon them (some believe the Atlantica had some dealing with this) and the Redion civilization was destroyed. The only remains of their civilization were the scarred remains of Bufrena, and when the Chinawkya arrived they build their city of Dalbradia atop Bufrena, and hundred years later they forgot this fact.

Bufrena, the undergroud slump.png

Upon the Chinawkya advancing further on and eventually joining Rambo Nation, Dalbradia became a colony of Rambo Nation and it brought a lot of income and money to the planet. However criminal networks were aware of the underground city of Bufrena, and even more surprising a small number of Redions still live there, it became a slump and hide out to those needing a place to hide from Rambo authorities. Though it wasn't claimed by anyone, as the Redions still rule over Bufrena. Dalbradia, with her high buildings, houses and planted trees is ruled by a Chinawkya Governor.

In the year 04 AQF, when the city of Dalbradia was 102 years old a large Rambo Nation/Chinawkya Sector Fleet arrived in orbit to supply themselves for a possible invasion of the recently conquered Ivalaë by the Confederacy.

05: Mid Colonial Sector[]

Mid-Colonies are Colonies beyond the Inner Region and are more seen as smaller Colonies, however there are also very big ones and the Mid Colonies can also be very wealthy and rich, but this is not for all. The Mid Colonies are often located near Trade Routes or Wormholes and due to this, some Mid Colonies became Tactical Positions and are by that reasons protected by a Rambo Fleet Armada. The Mid-Colonial Sector also houses Lesrekta, located deep in the Metruia Nebula, however this location is classified and not known for the public, yet representing senator for the sector is aware of it's locations and uses.

They are represented by Senator Senator Lord Creckbo, a Serindia.


Karzhamarhi-Nui, a large planet located deep in the mid colonial region. Not located near any trade route, it location is close to the Metruiae Nebula. The green/blue colony is known for her peace, silence and wisdom. The colony is also well known for her hospitality to other races of Rambo Nation, giving cities a varied lay-out.

The climate on the planet is quite diverse, from deserts to hot forests and rain woods to the icy colds of the mountains and polar lands. Most of the cities are located in the main continent, located close to eachother and connencted by the various Karzhamahri-Nui Highways (KNH). Most cities are peacefull and are located near water. Karzhamahri-Nui can be said to be the paradise for Rambo Nation society integration, as all species of Rambo Nation have homes on the planet.

The blue belt surrounding the planet is filled with rocks and blocks of ice, often provinding cover for criminals whom wish to escape Rambo Nation ships. Though it must be said, there is little criminality on Karzhamahri-Nui compared to other planets and is considered one of the safest planets. The belt also provides home to various mining facilities.

See Karzhamarhi-Nui.

Lesrekta, as seen from space

Lesrekta, the most secret location of Rambo Nation is located in the Metruia Nebula. It is known in databases as the Rambo Nation Planetary Defense Fortress (RNPDF) or Barâd-Nâzg, the name the Forgotten Dark Lord gave the Fortress. Around 149.000 BQF the massive structure was build by Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë (Forgotten Dark Lord) and his enslaved species. As an Atlantica, Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë possessed over incredible powers and after the fortress was completed, a massive tower was build, reaching into low orbit. Around the same time around the planet a ring of shield generators were placed, capable of raising a shield to protect the entire planet from harm and proving oxygen. Only the Lesrekta shuttles the Forgotten Dark Lord build could pass the shields when activated.

10.000 years later the Forgotten Dark Lord captured Lesrekta, a powerfull Atlantica Mage, taking her as a slave he froze her in carbon and used her endless energies as a power source to energise the shields and fortress. What happened over the remaining course of years is unknown, as Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë left Barâd-Nâzg he didn't returned to it and the planet was left alone for many years with the shields deactivated.

Between 448 BQF and 447 BQF Lesrekta was re-discovered, by the USS Enterprise NX-01, under command of Emperor Elgorodaurl. After exploring the fortress, Elgorodaurl activated the shields, but the sudden flare of energy it needed scorched most of the surface. However, the Emperor was pleased, this bastion would become the most secured planet and easily defended if things might get wrong. He, with aid of scientist created the first X-Serindia, knows as Marscalcus X-001, and became the highest and most classified militairy officer of Rambo Nation and caretaker of Lesrekta. Over time, with various emperor like Ramulindalë expanded the functions of the fortress, and used the empty rooms as bedrooms, officer, food storage and two rooms were used as Cyro-Stasis Pod Storage, which would contain the most classified individuals Rambo Nation would encounter or capture. Between 447 BQF and 04 AQF nothing major happened and the bastion was mostly left alone, during the many years two individuals were captured, an unknown humanoid and an unknown demonic creature. During Silver years the Suiliagothrond Battlestation was constructed at Lesrekta and launched at 04 AQF.

Around 04 AQF Thhel'Vicliquam was captured and place in cyro-sleep. Also Empress Ramashe (Dhazhrak) place an unknown creature in a secured room and raised a shield for it. Much to dismay of the Marscalcus, who wasn't informed of the identity. Meanwhile X-656 was promoted to commander and became the right hand of the Mascalcus.


Matakoro is a small colony of Rambo Nation in the Mid Colonial Sector. Founded around 85 BQF the colony soon was growing and florishing and reached the attention and impression of various wealthy individuals who wanted to settle themselves on the colony to enjoy her quietness and peaceful nature. Soon the building style found on the planet is the same as that of Karzhamahri Nui, reflecting the wealth and peace also found at that planet.

Mata Koro Space Sation

Though Matakoro only has one city/village, she houses an important office. Around 58 BQF the Rambo Galactic Net (the world wide web of Rambo Nation) settled her main office at the colony. Using the constructed space station in orbit as transmittor and sensor array the Galactic Net now a days provides the entire Nation with the Galactic Net, with programs as National Database, News Channels, Entertainment channel, Movie channels, Lecture and Nature channels and even more. Most of the population at Matakoro now works for the Office, keeping it running 24 hours a day. Another notable house on Matakoro houses the center of the Asdran'Ari cult within Rambo Nation, and her prophet Axkva Leela.

Throughout her history Matakoro hasn't been attacked and so was left out the dreaded conflict like the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War. Though they did suffer from those wars, as the trade routes weren't availible and recourses were low. Making the people desperate and frightened. Even during the Great Cyrannus War, Matakoro wasn't attacked by the Confederate forces during the first year of that war. In the tenth month of the year 04 AQF the planet came under attack by the Confederacy. During the battle Captain Rambam sacrificed his live to give medical and food supplies so the citizens would survive the Confederate blockade. Two months later the planet was retaken by a Rambo fleet and the citizens celebrated their liberation.

Rambo Prime

A medium sized Colony, Rambo Prime was founded over 350 years ago and is one of the older colonies. Rambo Prime lies close to the Wormhole Plateau, where the many wormholes lie to Quadrant 89, Tigris Galaxy, Cyrannus Galaxy, Ramvelkys Galaxy and all others. This meant that Rambo Prime became an important location for Rambo Nation and a prominent one.

Rambo Prime became a mid stop for civilian crafts, where travellors could shop at the various malls or stay at the motels and await another Civilian Craft heading for the Rambo Inner Regions. Rambo Prime is pretty wealthy and is the homeworld of Captain Ramburgo, who protects her since he became a Captain. Rambo Prime is also a place where recently the Normandy Classes are coming and going, picking up or dropping of civilians who want to visit the small colonie, known for her windmills and peacefull and quit nature.

Ambassador Ram'Ain

Rambo Prime is mostly inhabited by Rambo Serindia, although other races sometimes also buy houses here. Another notable thing about Rambo Prime is the main building of the Cooperation, a Trade Company of Rambo Nation, with a shadowly background. Although this has never been proven.

See Rambo Prime for more information.

Ramatru Nui

Ramteru-Nui is one of the larger colonies of Rambo Nation, but not that large as Karzhamahri-Nui or Koerband. Yet she is still considered one of the Great 5 and Rametru Nui is known for her floating and levitating cities. The planet, due to her beauty and craftmanship is often considered the 2nd planet of Rambo Nation due to her important to the Nation. The planet is a beacon of hope and supremacy. With orbital yards and landing docks, shuttles and ships come and go from the planet, making it a busy sector.

The planet is known for her air bus, this vehicles can take you all over the planet if you want. The city is well over 430 years old and was build with efforts of the earliest species that joined Rambo Nation, and was guided by the Rambo Founder. A florishing place, the colony was largly left out the various conflicts that raged upon the Quadrant Galaxies. Not even the Cognatus attacked Ramteru-Nui, nor did the Imperial Alliance.

See Rametru Nui

06: Badlands Sector[]

The Badlands Sector is one of the more poorer sectors of Rambo Nation, and contains a lot of space ports where travellers can take a new shuttle or transport to another region. But the Space Ports are often grounds for deals which the daylight cannot discover, and criminals can also find refuge here or escape the authorities, since the authorities don't have a lot of influance in the Badlands sector, except for Ramghatulk ofcourse.

They are represented by Senator Lord Ram'Gwalrorir, a Zombilia.


Vietara is an older colony of Rambo Nation, founded around 432 BQF, and was small in the beginning. Suffering various pirate attacks the colony was reinforced with high walls and when the Golden Age came in 429 BQF, which lasted until 280 BQF the colony florished and became very wealthy. During the Golden Age the colony took form as she still is, with a triangel shape, surrounded by wall and various small houses and governor office, the colony became well known and thrived on tourists. The tourists that visited Vietara came for the jungle and mythical green air and fogs where Vietara is known for.

After the Algernon War in 52 BQF the colony had her decent when a Froggie criminal arrived at Vietara. Around the same time the jungle began to grow rapidly, overgrowing some parts of the city. Though the citizens tried to cut the flora down, various wild life arrived in the city and parts of it became uninhabited. Sadly this meant the Froggie known as Fro'Zylk, though he was better known by his criminal name as Toad Man (Liquid Ink came up with the name). The Toad Man brought criminals to the city and used the colonial city as his Imperium and became the biggest smuggling network which leads into the Cyrannus Galaxy. He became an arch enemy with Morglûkia, who is the biggest crime lord of all Rambo Nation. During the next course of years the Toad Man managed to keep out Rambo officials from Vietara as he send reports of the problems with the flora but the citizens were happy and florishing. The truth is far worse, though the citizens have good lives, they aren't as wealthy anymore as before and the Toad Man rules over the colony. In the year 04 AQF, it became one of the most criminal worlds of Rambo Nation, especially due to her remote location in the Badlands Sector.

07: Planet of Boreas[]

Due to her unique and special status, the important planet known as Boreas recieved a full senate seat herself.

The main center of Boreas (colonie created by Cyrannian)

Boreas is a very cold planet in the middle of an ice age, despite being an Outer Colony it is very wealthy but sometimes trade is cut off due to bad weather.

Boreas is protected by a small Cyrandia fleet, however it is very powerful. It is a colony near Quadrant 89, yet it has not been attacked by the Imperials (yet). It was originally sunny and warm but suddenly a major ice age struck. However the natives were able to adapt and become a prosperous colony.

It is inhabited mostly by Serindia, Capricyránae and Pantorilisea who wear clothing to help them survive against the cold. The colony is governed by the loved, Lord Ambassador Adar, who despite being a Capricyránae, is a full time member of Rambo Nation.

Sector 08: Western Colonial Sector[]

The Western Sector is the most western-north sector of Rambo Nation. Is is known for her trade, commerce and production of various goods for the entire Nation (think of furniture, stones to build houses etc.). After the Tormenting events of 08 AQF, the sector became one of the more influential sectors due to its high amounts of strategic important planets and high population.

Acientia Prime

The Acientia Prime lies in the north of the Rambo colonial deep space sector. Acientia Prime was discovered when Rambo Nation arrived in Quadrant 21, though it was a ghost planet as all Acientia had vanished. As such the Rambo took possesion over the planet in honor of their lost brethren and sisters. The capital city of the planet houses many houses, skyscrapers and of course the Capitol building and the Rambo Deep Space Military Command Center (RDSMCC).

Another notable feature of the planet is the grand statue of Horus, once build in honor of the bird like Atlantica. The city also houses a small airfield, where shuttles and fighters can land. Though civilian freighters and transports are also allowed to land at the airfield. Due to the massive size of the city it can house many citizens at once, yet many describe the city still in harmony and not at all crowded. The shopping malls are the most crowded areas in the city, as they house saloons, shops, restaurants and pubs.

When the Acientia vanished the massive blue beam that was launched from the statue of Horus vanished around 01 NE when the Empire was formed and the Emperor took power from Apollo.

Alethena Metru

Alethena Metru is an ancient city, being founded around 79.000 BQF in Quadrant 21. It stood as a bastion and major city for the Atlantica. Ruled by the Mouth of the Ultimate One and her brother Artmyris the city was one of the greatest of her time. However when Artmyris betrayed the Atlantica the city was abandoned and the Atlantica left the place around 50.000 BQF. For millenia the planet was left alone, even by the Secoolian.

With various buildings, towers, bridgest and bath houses the city provides all the luxary the citizens of Alethena Metru need and want, living in more ancient style than the more modern sectors in Quadrant 82.

However in 05 AQF, when Rambo Nation restarted their space exploration program the planet was rediscovered and the Rambo settled themselves at the planet, calling it now the capital of the Deep Space Sector. Soon a saloon, a Serindia bank and an Ivalaë hotel was build just outside the city. Further more the senator of the deep space sector invited all the Quadrant 21 races who lived near the planet as they were also welcome to visit and explore this ancient city. It meant that Senator Chuinaylia managed to make peace with the Serlgmec, the Cognatus joined the Rambo into mapping the city and discovering her secrets. Even the barbaric Loron visited the Saloon for drinks. It became a major trade port for Rambo Nation and brought a lot of profit for the Nation.


Bikasulam is the homeplanet of the noble Venatioa- one of the Capricyránae races. The planet became the capital of the Saurien Sector after the Venatioa joined Rambo Nation and signed the Treaty of Fornaeria.

The planet itself it hot and warm, making it a populair vacation and shopping planet. Due to this it became a very wealthy planet and one of the more richer planets of Rambo Nation. Bikasulam City, the capital city of Bikasulam is a city build with differant building styles, the older parts house the ancient Venatioa style while the newer parts are build with Rambo and Cyrannian influances, making it an intergrated city. The city is build in the proximity of vulcanos, making the ground fertile and the climate hot and temperate.

Bikasulam has been left out of the many conflicts that plagued the Nation and continued to grow while other prominent planets likes Koerband and Rametru-Nui came under attack.

Eris, the Rambo Colonie in the Milky Way

Deep Space Colony 05, better known of Eris is the Rambo Colony located in the Sol System and the Milky Way, upon her claiming it became the Capital Colony of the Milky Way colonies and was the first Rambo Colonie in the Milky Way.

The Colony is very young, only created 2 years ago and was terraformed by Rambo Nation to provide a habital area. It became a green and florishing place, where Lady Ambassador Ram'Lendila recieved command of the Milky Way colonies. She is still young and a very proud Rambo. She is so proud to be a Rambo and confident of herself, she even dares to oppose Emperor Wormulos in his desicions when she doesn't agrees with him. The Rambo of Eris changed there cloathing and where robes and somesort of crown on there heads.

The Colony has 3 orbital docking plattforms where ships can dock and there shuttles can land at grass areas nearby the Shuttle Control Tower. The colony houses various differant kind of houses, mostly build in old Founder style. Around 04 AQF the colony came under attack by The Marinoxidiz, but somehow was saved from a certain destruction. Sadly in 05 AQF the colony came under attack by the mysterious Salsetthe Republic and all ships and drydocks were destroyed. The survivors and citizens were evacuated by the Salsetthe to the nearest Rambo colony and Rambo Nation gave up possesion over Eris. With the leaving of the citizens Eris has been turned into a ghost planet, with the empty city giving no welcome at all. Due to some strange anomaly Eris re-appeared in Quadrant 21 in the Deep Space Colonial Sector and acts once again as the capital of the deep space colonial sector.


Muunivelle is one of the more younger colonies of Rambo Nation. The cold and harsh climate suites the Muunilar fine, as they like to stay inside to produce, craft or construct the various goods the Nation needs. Massive storage sheds are found at the planet, where freighters can drop their cargo. The skyscrapers hold the houses and appartments of the Muunilar. The eastern building, with a small garden is reserved for the senator and ruler of the sector.

Build around 20 BQF when the Muunilar migrated from the Tigris Galaxy due to it being destroyed by the Xhodocto. The Muunilar, traders by nature first settled themselves at the planet before becoming a protectrate of the Nation. Upon the Treaty of Fornearia in 02 AQF the Muunilar became members of Rambo Nation and their new homeplanet and colonies became part of the Western Sector of Rambo Nation. During the third year of the Great Cyrannus War the colony came under attack by the Confederacy. With aid of a Cyrandia and Cognatus fleet, the planet was saved from invasion. The following victory made the Cognatus heroes in the eyes of the Muunilar.

In 06 AQF/03 NE, the notorious trader Tukio Nutria became senator of the Western Sector.

New Ramirith

New Ramirith is the only remaining colony of Rambo Nation in the Tigris Galaxy, acting as her embassy there. From space she would appear small, with only a saloon visible from space. But underneath tons of rock the Serindia and the other species carved out massive caves where the houses were build and even beyond, in a mountain a stair leads to the Office of the Senator which gives an overview over the brigde leading to it.

A medium sized colony and only 10 years old, New Ramirith was build at the same planet where the old one was, after it was destroyed by the Xhodocto. New Ramirith is more wealthier and heavier defended than before. Many differant kind of species of Rambo Nation can be found here. The colonie is ruled by Senator Lord Ram'Arathon, whom also rules Ramahri Nova. A wise and noble Serindia he enjoys New Ramirith as it is more quiet and has more peace to it then the crowded Ramahri Nova.

Recently a Nigitrion visited Ram'Arathon and warned him the Xhodocto had returned. Her informed the Senate about it and a massive defense force was stationed at New Ramirith, including a Anti Space Cannon. Later on the colony came under attack by the Loreatron, fallen Civatron warriors. But due to aid of the DCP and the Nigtrion the Loreatron were driven back but the colony came aware of a new threat in the Tigris Galaxy.

However, when the Xhodocto destroyed most of the Universe during the Annihiliation, the Tigris Galaxy (including New Ramirth) was also destroyed. Those unable to escape the onslaught were killed though most citizens managed to get to safety in due time. The destruction of New Ramirith has been classified from public databases for reasons unknown. Surprising since the coming of the Paradox at Rambo City Ramirith suddenly returned in the Quadrant 89 colonial sector once again, to most surprise Rambo Nation publicy announched that is was a miracle New Ramarith survived and somehow was transported to Quadrant 89.

Ramahri Nova

DSC 01 lies in Quadrant 89 and lies near the borders of the Hutter Kingdom and the former Swerion Trade Federation, which they began good relations with. The Colony is the oldest Deep Space Colonie of Rambo Nation and over time became very large and powerfull, with large skyscrapers and a lto of differant kind of citizens, the Colonie expanded at a high rate. The Colony became most known for her large bridges, and is often called the "Bridge Colonie".

The Colony houses a lot of Ramboidae and other inhabitants and is led by the High Ambassador of Ramahri Nova, known as Senator Lord Ram'Arathon, a noble and wise Serindia. Upon the exploration of Quadrant 89, the colonie became gaurded by a fleet, because of the many hostile races that inhabit Quadrant 89. Shortly before the Imperial Galactic War there were rumors that the Rambulan Star Empire prepared to invade Ramahri Nui, but this didn't happen due to there joining to the Imperial Alliance.

During the Second Galactic War the colonie was not attacked, which surprised Rambo Nation, the Imperial Alliance saw it as no threat, nor her fleet as Ramahri Nova is one of the 3 colonies of quadrant 89, instead they laid a large blockade around the territory, preventing exploration of Quadrant 89. After the Second Galactic War the colonie became one of the most important Deep Space Colonies, together with Juvan and Ramaprica.

However, a threat is looming over Ramahri Nui, as a Pantorilisea known to a mysterious race as the Heritic Girl inhabits the colony. After the attack the colony took some damage but was rebuilded as of 04 AQF. It is also the home planet of the Balaseara.

K-7 space station

The Rambo Nation K-7 Space Stations are two space stations of the same class, located in the neutral zone of Quadrant 89. The K-7 stations are owned by Rambo Command, though is more a civilian space station than a militairy station. Many colonist inhabit the stations and call it their homes. The stations are used for storage, trade purposes and to resupply Rambo Navy ships.

Further more the stations are both equipped with shields and various phaser banks, though are highly outdated and a single Ambassador-class can take out the shields. The station offers various commendations, like a pub, holodecks, cinema, a small casino and various hotel rooms for tresspassers.

The stations were constructed around 200 BQF, around the time of the Golden Age of Rambo Nation. During the remaining course of history the stations were secrety used as listening posts for the hostile Lizardian, Rambulans and even to monitor the Hutter activity. Both stations were disabled by the Imperial Alliance during the Second Galactic War but were kept intact. After the Imperials lost the second galactic war Rambo Nation re-claimed the stations as the Imperials left it abandoned.

Now, with minor updates the stations once again act as trading posts, and also in secret as listening posts.


Yarchiada is the capital colony of the Yunilliage Sector and home to most of the Yunilliage and the Quadrantia Zazane. This planet is located in the north west of Rambo Nation her territories within Quadrant 82. Long stayed out of conflicts, due to her remote position, the planet is fully dependant of trade with the other colonial sectors and as such is quite vulnrable for wars or conflicts. As the sector doesn't has a fleet to protect her, it relies heavily on defenses by traders in the vicinity as well as on her anti space cannons.

Yarchiada is often seen as a small but peaceful state, and those willing to travel for holidays will find shelter and rest at the small colony.

10:Cyrannus Sector[]

The Cyrannus Sector is located in the Cyrannus Sector, and is one of the none Quadrant 82 Sectors. The United Republic of Cyrannus (URC) allowed Rambo Nation to colonize various planets in the Cyrannus Galaxy, and around 1500 were set up in a matter of years. However, though seen as a sector of Rambo Nation it is more an intergrated area, where both the Rambo Senate and the URC Senate have influance.

The Cyrannus Sector is represented by Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia, a family member of the Royalty of Rambo Nation. Sadly the senator lord was later taken captive by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus who conquered the entire Cyrannian colonial sector after heavy battles at New Ramirith.

Ramaprica, the Capitol Colony of Rambo Nation in the Cyrannus Galaxy

Deep Space Colony 04, better known as Ramaprica is the Capitol Colony of Rambo Nation in the Cyrannus Galaxy and the largest and most wealthiest. Ramaprica was founded around 3 BQF and soon expanded and became bigger than the Rambo authorities first expected. As the Second Galactic War improved there Galactic Relations with the URC, the local Ambassador and URC Ambassador made a new lay out for the colonie, and soon became a mixed colonie, where Rambo and Capricyránae lived happily together.

A lot of houses can be found of the URC and the Rambo, standing next to eachother. The citizens of Ramaprica are friendly and the local Rambo there changed there cloathing, as they feeld more Cyrannus than Quadrantia, so they changed there appearance. Shortly after, skyscraper were build at the colonie and an small airfield for fighters was build.

Destruction of Ramaprica

After the Second Galactic War and during the Intergalactic War Ramaprica became the staging ground for Rambo Nation, where ships could re-supply and recieve badly needed repairs. It also became an epic center for the Rambo in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Although it is officialy a Rambo Colonie, both the URC and the Rambo authorities see it as a mixed colonie, and not under full control by both of them.

The Colony is ruled by Ram'Lendilia, the the Lord Ambassador of the Cyrannus System. However, he himself lives in Capricaerón City. In the tenth month of 04 AQF the colony came under attack by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and after four hours of battle the colony fell into their hands. During the battle many ships stationed at Ramaprica were destroyed by the overwhelming numbers of the Confederacy. A month later the Cyrandia Alliance tried to retake the planet and the space battle was fierce. Sadly during the battle General Zillum arrived at the battle too and used the Malevolent her cannons to destroy Ramaprica, turning seas into lava and leaving the planet lifeless and a cold ball. Thousands of URC and Rambo citizens lives were destroyed, and Ramaprica became a memory for Rambo Nation and the United Republic of Cyrannus.

New Ramhall

New Ramhall was founded in 03 BQF, shortly after construction started at Ramaprica. Soon filled with skyscrapers, appartments and a saloon the colony grew out to a formidible city on the purple planet. The planet, with a swamp nearby the city was filled with blood sucking bats, though the citizens learned to avoid them at all cost.

When in 0 BQF the Second Galactic War started, soon followed by the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War the colony remained out of harms way, and the colony resumed her prosper. And soon the citizens lived in peace and wealth for a long time, not taking notice of the massive wars around them. However that changed when in 04 AQF Ramaprica was destroyed, making New Ramhall the new capital of the Rambo Cyrannus Sector. At that moment the people realised they were in danger, and as such troopers were stationed at the colony. When in 05 AQF the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Rambo Command dispatched the experienced 425th regiment to New Ramhall, to secure the planet from a possible attack from the Empire.

Sadly the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus eventually got the upperhand and defeated the troops and fleet stationed at New Ramirith and conquered the planet. Unable to provide any support the fall of New Ramirth led to the entire fall of the Cyrannus Colonial Sector into Imperial hands. This continued until Rambo Nation was eventually overrun by Imperial troops and was forced to surrender. As such the colonies and planets were "given" back to the Rambo, yet the Cyrannians had supreme rule over them.


Nexios, a former colony of the Trucinex Imperium, though quite small it contains a large docking port for shuttles and has bridges to cross over the various rivers on the hot and temperate planet. Though full of sand and dust, the large Trucinex Tower still stands, even after the Trucinex War.

The climate on the colony is rather harsh, located near a river there was plenty of water, luckily for the citizens who can cool off due to the hot temperatures. During the Trucinex War the colony came under attack by Rambo Nation which took over the colony and claimed it as their own. After the Trucinex Imperium was defeated the Rambo refused giving back the planet, as they claimed the return of Nex was enought. As such Rambo Nation settled down at Nexios, and the planet became the furthes outpost of the Cyrannus Sector. Much at the dismay of the Trucinex, who still have anger over this act they eventually seemed to accept it.

Under Rambo rule there didn't change much to the lay out of the city, only that now Rambo Nation citizens live on it, using the colony as a trade outpost with the various Cyrannus Galaxy inhabitants. Though a colony of Rambo Nation, it is considered one of the more poorer colonies. After the fall of New Ramirith in 01 NE none could protect Nexios anymore and the planet was soon put under possesion of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Shrine of Selenyia

This unknown planet was discovered around 01 AQF by Rambo Nation and CSA ships, with Captain Rambas II, Rambam and Admiral Cretaceous leading this mission. Located near the outskirts of a small part of unexplored Cyrannus Galaxy, close to the now Cyrannus Sector of Rambo Nation. When the captains and admiral arrived at the planet it sparked a conflict, the Cognatus, whom saw the others as heretics declared war, and as such this planet became one of the reason the Intergalactic War started.

The USS Hood was destroyed during the battle and her remains are still located at the planet. Yet the Unknown Cognati Captain was captured and they learned more about the Cognatus. Later on, during the war Rambo Nation claimed the planet and assigned it to the Cyrannus Sector, under command of Ram'Lendilia. At first the URC were surprised, but Rambo Nation gave them clearance to enter the planet whenever they wanted as they saw it is a joined planet. None the less, Rambo Nation secured the area and kept her location and mysteries a secret from there own people.

Upon her conquering by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Rambo lost possesion and many of the scientist stationed at the planet were killed by Ekrillium, an Mornûnendur who later killed the Atlantica Selanyia at the Shrine.

Former Colonies.[]

Ramrevera Prime[]

Destruction of Ramrevera

Ramrevera Prime was a Rambo Colonie near the Tri-Hoornbo Empire and consisted out of only 1 planet.

The planet was populated by Noble Alliance members and the Rambo and was seen as a trade port in that sector of Quadrant 82. Ramrevera Prime was known for it's peacefull and relaxing character, and as one of the great vacation places to go. Where Ramrevera Prime had beautifull places to walk, like mouintain routes, forest routes or walking over one of the many lare plains.

When the Imperial Alliance claimed war upon Rambo Nation and the Noble Alliance, Ramrevera was taken over by Imperial Forces under command of Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell and the Colonie took heavy damage, with many of the cities reduced to ashes.

After the truce and the start of the Second Galactic War, Ramrevera Prime was kept in Imperial hands and was soon rebuilded with influances of the Imperial Alliance.

Tigris Galaxy[]

Deep Space Colonie 02[]

DSC 02 lies in the Tigris System and is involved in the Tigris War and the main Capitol of Rambo Nation in that system.

During it's excistence it has once been attacked by the Congregation but they have managed to be driven off.

The Colonie is large, and has a lot of Cities, Space Port, villages and the Rambo Deep Space Colonie 02 Command Center.

The system is guarded by the 25th Fleet under command of Captain Ramtteson and Captain Ramikku and Captain Ramtainus are also part of the fleet.

When the Scourge happened, the colonie was destroyed by Kamik Shi.


Colonie of Ramirith

Ramirith is also a Rambo Colonie in the Tigris System, it is the 2nd importants Colonie of the Rambo in the Tigris System. It lies near the Kingdom of Thelliria and the Saurien Sector Coalition space.

The Colonie was known for it's beauty and important cultural influance. It was also considered the Space Port of the Tigris System where many races met eachother and a large market was stationed here.

During the Tigris War, the Colonie fell due to a bold attack by the Congregation. It was later retaken by the Cianju Alliance after request of the Thellirians. When the Scourge happened the colonie was destroyed by the Evil God, Kamik Shi.


Ramhall was a florishing and small Colonie of Rambo Nation in the Tigris System. During the Tigris War the colonie was taken over twice by the Congregation. The first time it was taken back by Rambo and Cianju forces but the second time the Rambo were unsuccesfull in liberating the planet.

When the Tigris War ended with the Scourge, the planet was destroyed by Kamik Shi.


Another Colonie of Rambo Nation in the Tigris System. It was a medium Colonie which had a strategic position. When the Delpha Coalition of Planets arrived at the Tigris System they used the Colonie as there staging area.

A battle took place here too were the Rambo and the DCP made there stand and were able to hold off the Congregation. The Colonie was later destroyed when Kamik-Shi unleashed the Scourge.

Tircos was the former homeplanet of the Muunilar before it became a Rambo Capitol, which was ofcourse before the Scourge.

Other Deep Space colonies[]

Deep Space Colonie 03[]

DSC 03 lies near a Tralor Empire Colonie and is the prime Colonie of the Rambo in that system.

The Colonie fell into Tralor hands during the Tralor Invasion and when the 8th Fleet under command of Judge Magister Ramhis were unable to take it back, the colonie was destroyed by a planet buster.

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