On this page various notable individuals of Rambo Nation are mentioned. They can vary from citizens to the monarchy of Rambo Nation, and also include Senators, Ambassadors and more.

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Princess Aleathria

  • Title: Chancellor of the Crown, highest Senatorial Position.
  • Senator of: Capitol of Dinoman82 and Core of the Capitol World.
  • Influance: A lot.

The Legacy Serindia female known as Aleathria is a decended of Ramashe and comes from the The Legacy Era where she was a member of the Aurilithiae Order.

Legacy History
In her time she was the last of the Royal Bloodline of Rambo Nation. She was born and lived most of her life on the USS Voyager, an Intrepid Class V2 which Housed the last Serindia alive in the known universe. Upon her reaching the rank of captain she continued there search for a way home. After 5 years of travelling through space, with no one encountering the Serindia believed the Galaxy was empty, yet as they approached Quadrant 82 they were faced by a Visaria War fleet and they explained the situation to her. She then decided that the Serindia were to join the Aurilithiae Order and all members accepted. They became the 3rd species of the New Order and the remaining Serindia became known as wise and excellent Shipmasters. Aleathria was happy with this fact, as she soon ordered the construction of various Rambo ships and soon the Constitution Refit Class V2 was launched. Though her time was short there, as a war with the future Hutters took place her planet was destroyed and she was saved by Captain Rambam whom commanded the USS Venture and brought her and many more of her time back to Quadrant 82 where they were allowed to join the Rambo Nation society.

Aleathria arrives at Väeressëa

Rambo Nation History

Upon her joining to Rambo Nation, she was asked by Empress Ramashe to become her Chancellor of the Crown, ruling the Ramboidae Senate and she even accepted her as Royalty. She ofcourse complied and now she happily executes her function in the politics of Rambo Nation.

She is loved by the citizens of Rambo Nation and she is proud and a nice sight, yet she can also be stubborn and sometimes talks when shouldn't. She guided the Senate fine but was troubled by Ramashe her decision to attack the Confederacy, but none the less followed her command. She brought the subject on to the Senate and with it, Senator Lord Adar, whom constantly wanted to declare war on the Confederacy got what he wanted, the Senate agreed with the attack and the declaration of war to the Confederacy. Aleathria knew this declaration would mean a lot of work for the Senate, as it was her responsibility to inform the public of the progress and state of the war.

Troopers are being introduced to the Senate

When Rambo Nation lost the battles of Yadumarth, she grew worried but was assured by Rambo Command when they declared they already had a back up plan in motion. Rambo Command introduced the first wave of troopers to the senate, base troopers, capture troopers, handy man troopers, grenadier troopers and snipers. Aleahtria, together with Ramlindia and Chuinaylia first saw them and approved them. She then filled in a report to the Empress, though she began wondering if something was wrong with the Empress. She seemed to have a more militairy look at things, and she wasn't seen in public that often nor did she intervere with the Senate, something which she did before.

Later on, Aleathria gre worried when the Confederacy increased their attacks at Rambo Nation, with a bold attack at Fornaeria. Luckily Vice-Admiral Ramcard managed to save the planet from occupation. When Karzhamahri-Nui was under attack the Confederacy, she was in meeting with the Empress, about aiding the DCP helping the Asgord (who were in fact attacking the Asgord), which wasn't needed and Aleathria decided not to bring the Asgord problems to the Senate.

A secret meeting about the Typhon Class

Yet this meeting meant she wasn't informed that Karzhamahri Nui had fallen in Confederate hands. After learning this information she was furious, and ordered increased security measures at Rametru Nui and Rambo Prime.

Shorlty after, in the fifth month of the Quadrantia Disorder she locked down her office for a secret meeting with Senator Aviataryal, Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal and the Diva Bettie Governor about the new Typhon Class of Rambo Nation. The Typhon Class holds the ability to fire a beam of energy, capable of pushing objects form the time continuum. Yet such a large ship (1550 meters) would need secrecy before her completement. Agreeing with Ram'Thrandeal for a cover up would be made so the ship could travel to Nertharia. Arriving there it would recieve internal and external weaponry and defense. Through this plan, the class would remain classified for time being. When in 05 AQF in the sixth month the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an emergency session was held to inform the entire senate. Aleathria herself was unsure what direction to take, to ally the new Empire or to simply stay neutral with them. They are, or were still friends.

Proconsul Apollo speaking before the Rambo Senate.

Upon Rambo Nation becoming a protectrate of the Empire and the signing of the Concordat Aleathria accepted the term though vowed to protect the citizens of Rambo Nation if the Empire would show hostile means.

In 02 NE she allowed senator Chuinaylia and other senators to bring a vote on the table, which allowed the shipyards of Rowar to produce Rambo vessels again, something that was forbidden earlier on by the Grand Mandator.

In the fourth month of 06 AQF/03 NE, Aleathria was present when proconsul Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic made a pledge for an alliance of old between the Rambo and the New Republic. As Chancellor of the Royal Crown she doubted her decision a lot, but due to her knowing how much her own Monarch trusted him, it pained her to see that the senate was so devided about accepting the alliance. She eventually gave her vote in favor of considering the "sister-state" alliance still intact after Chuinaylia proposed it. Afterwards she returned to the Rambo Capital.

Axkva Leela

Axkva Leela, often called just Leela is an Amriaeria who is a part of the Asdran'Ari, a Cult dedicated to Essence. With enchanced abilities in reflexes and speed, this young yet impulsive girl is a valuable member of the Asdran'Ar. Her appearance is impressive, with decorated cloathes and helmet she sends a signal of respect to others. Also her length (she is quite long for an Amiaeria, which she used in her former carreer as a model of Rambo Nation).

Though young, she nows very well to keep her mouth in conversation with the other Five. Coming from a wealthy family, she hopes to use her wealth to increase the Asdran'Ar influance within Rambo Nation! She settled herself down at Matakoro and soon she had various Serindia followers in the religion of the Asdran'Ari. Though she must be careful as the Asdran'Ari religion is listed as a Cult, and those are forbidden in public. Leela wears a non traditional robes and helmet, with yellow colors instead to the often black robes of the Asdran'Ari.

Captain Chiakian

A Chianawkya Captain whom commands the Chianawkya Cruiser "Intolerate". He became part of the Chinawkya Fleet of Unification and his first battle in service of that fleet was during the Battle of Fornaeria. Though reckless, bold and very loyal, Chiakian is a promising Chinawkya Captain. . Upon the joining of the Chinawkya into the Rambo Nation society, he went to the Rambo Acadamy for a few days to learn various Rambo Nation tactics and information about other species.

He choose to remain the captain of the Chinawkya Cruiser Intolerate and not to became a captain in service of Rambo Nation, he often patrols borders and hunts down pirates and other criminal persons like smugglers. Near the end of 03 AQF he was seen transporting Serindia Mobile Suite Droids to New Ramirith, located in the Tigris Galaxy.

The Intolerate

The Chinawkya Cruiser Intolerate is based upon the famous URC Hunter Class. With powerful shields, weapons and hangars this ship often acts as the secondary fleet or back up fleet for Rambo Nation and can be found in Rambo Nation Task Forces when there is a need for heavy support or troop landing. The ship can also land at the surface if that is needed.

The Intolerate during the Battle of Karzhamahri-Nui

The ship carries fighters and various shuttles for engagements and exploration. In the year 04 AQF, in the 4th month of the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War Captain Chiakian joined Captain Rambam and Cyrandia Captain Mjärt to defend the Rambo Nation Mid-Colonial colony Karzhamahri-Nui. Engaging the Confederate fleet under command of Admiral Lizconda they gave Mjärt time to deploy the ground troopers. Sadly, the Confederacy had the numbers and after they disabled the USS Venture the Intolerate was taken under heavy fire and became heavily damaged. Unable to deploy the fighters it was forced to withdraw, resulting in the Confederate occupation of Karzhamahri-Nui.

Chinawkya Chairman Chioaik

Chioaik is the Chinawkya Chairman and ruler over Ivalaë. Elderly and wise, sometimes even stubborn, the people still love him and he has good connnections with the Rambo Nation Senate and the URC Senate. He is a fatherly figure to all at Ivalaë, even to those that are not Chinawkya but of other races. He rules Ivalaë for over 50 years and was born around 75 BQF.

He brought peace and wealth to Ivalaë, the small but yet capital planet of the Chinawkya. Upon encountering Rambo Nation he met with Empress Ramashe and talked with her about a possible alliance. Instead the Battle of Fornaeria occured and he send forces to aid Rambo Nation and in grattitude they were allowed to join Rambo Nation as a member. After becoming part of Rambo Nation, the Chairman lives in peace at Ivalaë and seems to mentor Uruviel a bit. Yet at 04 AQF Ivalaë was blockaded by Tukio Nutria and Uruviel came to him asking for special fruit. He knew she was in danger and urged her to leave the planet yes she panicked and left again to find her father. He immediatley contacted a nearby Serindia Officer and ordered them to bring her back as her father was probably killed by Tukio. And indeed he was, when Uruviel was brought to him he send her away with money to leave the planet, promising to find her one day as Tukio was going to hunt her down. He didn't tell her the reason, as that would only frighten her.

Confederate troopers invade Ivalia:e in 04 AQF

He looked sad when Uruviel left, even though she was not a Chinawkya he always saw her as his own granddaughter, one of the reasons he always called her my child.

After the blockade was lifted and driven away by Rambo Nation forces he and Senator Chuinaylia began discussing the event. Afterwards he returned to the daily matters and manners of Ivaliaë and he was happy that the Chinawkya weren't involved in the Great Cyrannus War. Yet at the 12th month of 04 AQF Ivaliaë came under attack by a Confederate fleet, during the battle all defending ships were destroyed by the Confederate fleet. When dropships arrived at the surface Mortalitas troopers broke through the windows and took Chioaik captive. He was brought to the Mortalitan Fist where he met with Captain Mortizavaé, and was forced to surrender himself and his people to Confederate rule. He was later on requed by Senator Chuinaylia and Ktrn, and his beloved planet Ivalaë was liberated by a Rambo Nation fleet.

After the battle he aided his people to rebuild their homes and repair the damage.

Diva Bettie Governor

The Diva Bettie Governor is the director of the factories, oversees matters at Nertharia and represents the colony to the Senators. In fact he rules Nertharia, kind to his people, ruthless to his Heer Stekeveel Slaves.

He has been in his position of power since 48 BQF, and all the Diva Bettie love him as he is loyal to Rambo Nation and expanded the factories a lot, in fact Nertharia became the prime weapon supplier for Rambo Nation, and even was allowed to intergrate weapons on the space ships, in cooperation with the Shipyards of Rowar. The Governor has close relations with Senator Aviaratyal and Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal.

A secret meeting about the Typhon Class

He is careful not to reveal the major Diva Bettie secret, the Heer Stekeveel "employees", whom were in fact enslaved by the Diva Bettie before they joined Rambo Nation. Though the Governor is making plans to try to the Heer Stekeveel to join Rambo Nation, making them citizens of Rambo Nation and preventing a political disaster if the truth was discovered. After smuggler Ramindia of the Calamuendi delivered some date to him, Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal arrived at his office, a secret meeting was held. When two holo transmission by Senator Aviataryal and Chancellor of the Crown Aleathria came online, the four of them discussed the new Typhon Class, a ship with the capability to push objects from the time continuum. When Aleathria approved, the ship could now travel in secret to Nertharia to install internal and external weaponry and defensive systems.


Fro'Zylk and two bodyguards

Fro'Zylk is the Criminal Lord and arc enemy of Moglûkia and his crime empire. Fro'Zylk managed to become Governor of Vietara and managed to keep the current status of that planet unknown to Rambo Command and the Senator of the Badlands Sector. After the Algernon War in 52 BQF the colony of Vietara had her decent due to a problematic overgrown of flora, making some parts of hte city uninhabited. This was the reason Fro'Zylk became the Governor of Vietara and began setting up his crime network, smuggling various things into the Cyrannus Galaxy.

He recieved his nick and crime name by the citizens of Vietara, as he is known as the Toad Man, he likes to smoke, drink and doesn't care about his smugglers and often sentences them to dead after they fail his missions. He is rich, and is alwasy protected by various Kzyrtekz Bodyguards. When the year 04 AQF came by, the ongoing Great Cyrannus War disturbed his criminal network as the Quarantia-Cyrannus Wormhole was protected by both Confederate and Rambo/URC ships. Though troubled, he is confident the war will end soon, especialley now that Rambo Nation is using harsher tactics.

Gorgian Glir'Buko

Gorgian Glir´Buko is a member of the unknown slug like creatures, who became members of Rambo Nation around 06 BQF when they migrated away from Quadrant 21. Settling himself later on at new Ramhall when it was founded, he started his own saloon which soon became very populair.

Yet though a bit of a criminal, which also took place in his saloon he rathers stays out of such things as he is very fond of his own life. Once, when allowing some criminals into his saloon he has lost his eye due to a bar brawl a long time ago, and never grew back ever since. This even made him a bit of a grumpy. When other slug like creatures rose out to higher positions, like Morglûkia and Gorubla he didn't want to have any dealing with them, as he was no family of them and didn't want to be drawn into their criminal network, working for them and taking the blame when something went wrong. As such he remained independant.

During the various wars Gorgian lived in peace at New Ramhall, though when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed in 05 AQF he feared for his saloon and as such agreed if the Empire would take control of the planet he lived on, he would not opposse the Empire.

Governor of Dalbradia

The Governor of Dalbradia is a male Chinawkya, he is fair though sometimes a little bit to much for his own people and always wants the best for his own people. As he like popularity, he sometimes makes decisions which aren't based at economic facts, but instead to remain favored by the citizens of Dalbradia. As such he sometimes makes wrong decisions as he fears a down rate in his popularity.

He became the Governor of Dalbradia around 06 BQF and during his term of office he brought wealth and income to Dalbradia, making her a nice location where the citizens could live in peace and harmony. As such he gained quiete some influance within Rambo Nation authorities and isn't affraid to use them when he needs them. When in 04 AQF the Confederacy of Allied Sytems conquered Ivalaë, the capital of the Chinawkya Sector he became affraid Dalbradia was the next target and assembled a decent fleet of Chinawkya cruisers and battle cruisers to protect the planet. He was aided by various Rambo Nation captains and Dalbradia became the staging area for a possible retrieval attempt.

Something the Governor isn't aware of, is that Dalbradia is build atop the remains of Bufrena.

Governess of Matakoro

The Governess of Matakoro is a Serindia female, from the Legacy Era, after she arrived with Captian Rambam onboard the USS Venture before the start of 04 AQF she followed a special education which introduced her to the ways of living and manners in Rambo Nation. She was pleased by her new life and settled herself at Matakoro, the peaceful and nice colony.

Though having ambitions, she soon went to politics and was assigned to Matakoro as Governess. She now rules over Matakoro and has good connections with citizens of the colony and the employees of the Galactic Net. Though she has enchanced and limited magical abilities she rarely uses them. When the Great Cyrannus War started she managed to have an increase of Rambo Nation ships patrolling the vicinity of Mata Koro. When not in office the Governess enjoys being in the local saloon, where she often plays a game of chess and has a glass of wine to relax.

When in 04 AQF, during the tenth month Matakoro came under attack by the Confederacy. Though Captain Rambam came to aid the citizens and send supplies, she was hurt by the news that he had died, aiding those in need. When the Confederate troops landed, she was forced to sign the surrender of Matakoro. Two month later seh joined in the celebrations after a Rambo fleet liberated her planet from Confederate rule.


Marscalcus X-001

Marscalcus X-001, created at 447 BQF was the first X-Serindia. Loyal to the then Emperor Elgorodaurl, he was appointed to commander of Barâd-Nâzg, a secret bastion of Rambo Nation. He remains that till current days. It was Elgorodaurl himself who discovered Lesrekta, better known as Barâd Nâzg, a large fortress on a remote planet deep in the Metruia Nebula.

Upon his transformation, he lived a quiet live on Lesrekta, though was saddened by the death of his Emperor, Elgorodaurl. The new Emperor, his son Ramulindalë took over the throne. He promoted X-001 to Marscalcus, the highest militairy rank of Rambo Nation. Though he would not be leading or directing fleets or troops into battle (that was for Admirals and Generals), he remained at Barâd-Nâzg, and became a rumor of whisper in the Rambo militairy. It is said his re-appearance is bad news and Rambo Nation would then stand on the brink of destruction. Since 447 BQF, he never appeared nor left Barâd-Nâzg, though all captains and officers know the rumors of him and the bastion. When Dino Le Rambo became Emperor, he trained Ramashe in personal combat and became her mentor. Though he is over 447 years old, he doesn't look like it and is even larger then most Serindia. Around 04 AQF, Ramashe visited the bastion and place a prisoner in a bacta tank, and put a shield in front of it, unable to reach it X-001 wondered who this new prisoner was, but the Empress didn't want to comment on this.

During the third month of the year 04 AQF a transmission was send through to his office.

A meeting with the Empress and the Colonel

It was Ulomio, the leader of the Nigtrion asking for aid in destroying the Shadow Harverster. The Marscalcus simply replied the Rambo would aid the Nigtrion no matter what and deployed 25 ships to their cause under command of Captain Ramuchi of the USS Enterprise-B.

Later on, he discovered something very interessting about the Empress but kept it to himself. During the remaining of the war he oversaw fleet re-organising to protect the borders near Confederate conquered space, but found himself annoyed with the Empress her personal militairy advisor, Colonel Chodecra. When the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui was raging on was in meeting with the Empress and her advisor. When he saw the Empress filled with grieve over the loss of the fleet capain he kept his mouth shut, as he feared her rage upon personal losses. When the three went into discussion over the course to take he advised to send in the Angforst to deal with the Confederacy once and for all. However the Empress had other ideas, something he gladly accepted upon hearing this news. It seemed an artifact was found at Karzamahri Nui.

He remained mostly out of the war against the Confederacy though the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus came to him at a great surprise. When Rambo Nation eventually was defeated above the capital of Rambo Nation the Marscalcus vanished from public sight and went missing in action.

His true fate remains unknown.

Penaeluthia, the Heritic Girl.

Panaeluthia is a young Pantorilisea, born 21 years ago at the Rambo Capitol Planet of Dinoman82. Although she is seen as an odd oneby the Ramboidae, she felt sad about it. The reason for this are her strange markings which she already had with at her birth. Because of this the other Ramboidae saw here as an outcast and she wat treated that way.

However, the Cognatus see her as the Heritic Girl, the Chosen One in locating and opening the Gates to the Realms of the Gods. Born 21 years ago, she was soon raised as an orphan which made her strong willed, and marked her as a stubborn child. Although she finished school and high school, she soon after left the Capitol and began living in the streets of Ramahri Nova, living underneath the bridges she felt herself more at home, although the other Ramboidae still treated her as an outcast due to the markings.

Although beautifull, some of the Ramboidae feared her because of the markings and do not get along with her. Yet the Lord Ambassador of Ramahri Nova, Lord Ram'Arathon gives her food and shelter when she asked him for it. Her powers are weak and not developed because she did not go the the Rambo Acadamy.

Upon one day, at ther 21th birthday a Cognatus Assualt Carrier, the Shadow of Libertay attacked Ramahri Nova and she was taken hostage by the Cognatus Captain Thel 'Vicliquam. A ruthless and cunning Captain, he explained why he had taken her, because of her marking she is highly adored and honred by the Cognatus Alliance (whether this are lies remain to be seen) but due to her harsh life, the Cognatus Captain gained the trust of the young one and gave him any cooperation he wanted.

After she was brought to Pantorilis, she was placed upon the activating device. Thel'Vicliquam, a Cognatus Captain activated the machinery and the girl cried out in pain and pleaded her plea. Rtas'Shagili, an Ultra who became fond of her began doubting his superiors plan but was to late to interact. The portal was opened and the Heritic Girl had vanished.

Lord Ambassador Ram'Arathon

  • Senator of: Quadrant 89 colonial sector.
  • Influance: Low.

Ambassador Ram'Arathon is the Lord Ambassador of Ramahri Nova and the various Rambo Colonie in Quadrant 89. As a former swordsman, he is skilled with the sword and has good relations with the Hutters and the Xiaans.

The people of Ramahri Nova, known as the Bridge Colonie seem him as a fair, loyal, honest and sometimes stubborn lord ambassador. Upon achieving the Lord title by Empress Ramashe, he also kept his rule of Ramahri Nova, as he was the longest staying Ambassador of the Colonie and the people there didn't want to loose him as Ambassador. He was given permission by the Empress to do this, as he was able to combine both duties.

Upon the attack by the Cognatus, he made a deal with the Cognatus Captain, but he later regretted his actions. However he continued his duties and was highly praised by Rambo Command in preventing the certain destruction of Ramahri Nova. When the Second Tigris War broke out, he ordered an increased security at New Ramirith. He was not present when the declaration of war was approved on the Confederacy. When the USS Andracon discovered an unknown alien force near the astroid field of New Ramirith, he wondered whom they were. When the colony came under attack by the Loreatron, Ram'Arathon gave the order to fire and a rain of phaser cannons and torpedos stroke the alien fleet and Ram'Arathon hide in a bunker. Later on, whith aid of both the Nigtrion and the DCP the Loreatron were defeated and Ram'Arathon informed the Senate, a new threat was looming and now it seemed Rambo Nation would have more troubles, with the Imperial Remnant, Vartekian Empire and Confederate threats, the Senator wondered what these Loreatron were planning. When in 05 AQF in the sixth month the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an emergency session was held to inform the entire senate. Ram'Arathon raised his voice to remain neutral, and not to declare on the Empire.

Sadly the Nation was forced to sign the Concordat- turning Rambo Nation in a protectrate of the Empire. Ram'Arathon told his citizens of his sector and all followed the order of the Empress. Near the end of 01 NE he asked for aid of Rambo Command as the Hutter Kingdom blockaded the Quadrant 82-89 wormhole, preventing cargo vessels to deliver highly needed goods and food. With his people in danger of starvation, he was delighted to see that the new Marscalcus- Kya send new appointed vice-admiral Ramtainus to deal with the situation. With the blockade lifted the sector once again recieved trade and starvation was prevented.

In 02 NE some senators put a vote on the table, wanting to produce Rambo ships again instead of following the Grand Mandator' order of only producing Empire ships. Confident what to do, Ram'Arathon voted in favor of producing Rambo ships again.

In the fourth month of 06 AQF/03 NE, Ram'Arathon was present when proconsul Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic made a pledge for an alliance of old between the Rambo and the New Republic. He remained mostly silent during the debate and eventually voted in favor to consider the URC-Rambo "sister-state" alliance to be still in tact.


Ragnamhat lives on the Rambo planet of Vietara, a former paradise in the Badlands sector. This dangerous looking creature is actually very friendly but isolated, believed to be the last of his kind by Rambo scientists. Some Rambo scientist believe he is a Capricyránae Fantasia, though he never allowed such a classification.

When the Secoolian destroyed large parts of Quadrant 21 Ragnamhat is the sole survivor of his race (or so he believes) and went to Rambo Nation as a refugee years after the disaster. After wandering Quadrant 21 for years in search of his race and former kingdom, he eventually arrived in Quadrant 82 on the planet of Vietara where he settled himself. He revealed to his neighbours that he is over 4000 years old, but when the colony decended when flora overgrew various parts of the city he remained in the abandoned parts, living isolated and in peace with the local fauna.

On rainy days, he often wanders the jungles of Vietara to overthink is thoughts, and had to admit he still misses his former home. His wandering also led to a myth at Vietara, and the children are affraid of the Dragon in the Woods. Secretly Ragnamhat enjoys this title and he studies a lot about recent events within the Quadrants and the Cyrannus Galaxy. It is also said he posseses tremendous physical strength and is quite agile.

Ramaith Tyragnus Le Rambo

Ramaith Tyragnus Le Rambo is the son of Empress Ramashe, born in the 11th month of the year 04 AQF. As his mother was pregnant of the boy, while she didn't have a mate he is seen as a gift of the Gods and is believed to bring eternal peace to the Quadrants. As the first child of Ramashe he is the heir to the throne of Rambo Nation. Shortly after his birth he was allowed some play time and the life of a child, but soon after (as he is half a X-Serindia) he showed impressive skills and magical abilities and was to tutored in his abilities and knowledge about Rambo Nation history.

Funeral of Ramaith

Though is mother, Ramashe is very kind her son is far more ruthless than his mother, and is often very disobedient and troublesome. When Rambo Nation entered the new year 05 AQF he and Ramashe watched the fireworks launched as celebration for the new year. Afterwards he was brought to bed by Ramashe. Ramaith soon grow to already a mid sized Serindia, something scientists and doctors explain due to him being half a Serindia and that he is blessed by the Gods, though the reasons why the doctors cannot officially explain. Ramaith soon also began showing magical abilities which are already quite strong.

Over time Ramaith remained positive and learned more and more about Rambo Nation and his mother. Sadly in the second month of 01 NE Ramaith died due to an unknown virus (the truth is that he was Dhazhrak in disquise and was banished by the Atlantica). The following funeral brought Ramashe in mourning and devastated the Nation, as the heir to the throne had now died and the Nation did not have a direct follow up anymore for the throne of Rambo Nation.

Ramaith only was 1.5 years old upon his death.

Ramidia V'Las

Ramindia V'Las is a stubborn captain of the space freighter Calamuendi, a Gwylliöen Class. Long ago (15 years ago) he left the Space Fleet and went into a live with smuggling and working for the underworld. He mostly works for Crime Lord Morglûkia, smuggeling spice and other matters across the Quadrants and evading Rambo Nation authorities.

The Calamuendi

He lived this live for quiet sometime, and he loves it. Flying his ship alone he became a bit of a loner, but he is very charasmatic and many like him for that. Even Morglûkia, whom sees him as one of his best and claims he is even better then a Syndicate employee. At 04 AQF, deliviring some spice to a Muunilar Trader at Ivalaë he meets Uruviel and after paid 2500 Ramboidae Coins he took the young girl and together they evaded the blockade of Ivalaë, which was in battle with Rambo Nation forces. Unknown to him, meeting Uruviel will change his live forever!

Saving Uruviel

After 5 days of travelling and two days without food, Uruviel and Ramindia finally arrived at Yadumarth where he send Uruviel for food and supplies from S'rine Dromanda, the local supermarket owner and his client for Serindia Wine. However the Confederacy attacked Yadumarth and Uruviel was taken hostage to serve as a slave and servant to an unknown Confederate Captain. He vowed to free her with aid of S'rine and find out whom this captain was and to inform Rambo Nation of the event, so they could take measures or even free the unfortunate people of Yadumarth.

Meeting President Apollo of the URC

He stayed at Yadumarth for a while and during the fifth month he found a way to resque Uruviel from Geldrim. Afterwards, he and his friend S'rinna and Uruviel (now both crewmembers) travelled to Nertharia to deliver information to both the Diva Bettie Governor and to get some data from a Diva Bettie trader. Afterwards they left and headed towards Anummiae.

After various unknown smuggler adventures Ramindia saw a very profitable susiness venture with the current blockade of the URC Core Worlds by the New Basileus Empire. With approval of his master, Morglûkia he was allowed to make a plan with various other smugglers to break the blockade, arming them with weapons. Arriving at the Perlima Run the fleet attacked, though outnumbered aid came from a fleet of URC Star Destroyers and together they managed to drive away the blockade.

Ramindia went to Orbispira and met with President Apollo, who welcomed him as a hero. He was recieved with a lot of wealth, and was allowed by Morglûkia to keep 70%. After such wealth he retired and vanished from sight, he gave his ship and a special jacket to Uruviel.

Ambassador Ramoval

Ramoval is an goverment official of Rambo Nation. Born in the year 86 BQF he witnessed the Algernon War in where he fought as a soldier. After experiencing the horrors of war and the terrible things he saw in the war Ramoval decided to quite the army and studies politics. Graduating years later he became a Goverment Official, inspecting various issues and matters and meeting and chronicling new species of Rambo Nation and those who Rambo Nation met.

After that, Ramoval became such good at intergalactic contacts he wanted to become an ambassador to another empire or nation. He was scheduled to become the new ambassador to the Insector Eldarions, but they were destroyed by the Cult of the Deathmarch before he could get the position. He remained working for the Goverment for a while until Rambo Nation met the Keiternyan Star Empire in the ninth month of the year 04 AQF. He was assigned to become their ambassador, happy and enligthed he packed his bags together with his family and travelled to the Keiternyan homeworld where he was going to settle himself.

He is a nice person, a proud citizen of Rambo Nation who loves his nation. He will do everything to improve galactic relations between the Rambo and Keiternyan. Upon his arrival at capital of the Keiternyan a celebration was held and he felt at home already. When he and his family settled themselves at the planet, he began creating the treaty of Kyeiternyan, which only needed to be signed by the Keiternyan emperor and then the alliance was a fact.

Colonel Ramseph

Colonel Ramseph is one of the children of Captain Ramcard. Though this son commands the Erid Mirith, a Caradhras Class for the militairy and is the commander and superior officer of Zabiela and Claire Rambo. Ruthless and disliked he doesn't hesitate to sacrifice his own troopers.

Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui

Ramseph was born around 85 BQF and when he was old enough he joined the Rambo militairy, and due to his connection with his father soon reached the officer ranks. When he became a Colonel around 04 AQF he was given command over a large regiment of Rambo Troopers, one of them Zabiela and the daughter of Captain Rambo, Sergeant Claire Rambo. Though he and his daughter didn't like eachother, as Claire seemed to care about her troopers, while Ramseph didn't. His first action as commander of the Erid Mirith began when he was assigned to take part during the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui!

During the battle he managed to damage a Mortalitas Dreadnought and later on even managed to break through the Confederate blockade together with the USS Krassio. As he ordered his grew to enter orbit he launched his ground forces and used the Erid Mirith as his main command post. He also gave orders to Claire and Zabiela to hunt down the CAS governor of Karzamahri Nui.

A few days afer Ramseph joined the Second Battle of Nosiso where he managed to break through the enemy blockade and deploy his troopers at the surface. Sadly his ship was damaged and needed a full rotation of Nosiso for repairs as she was unable to exit the planet and go to space. This worried Ramseph a lot as they were now an easy target. Luckily the URC arrived in time and managed to give the Ered Mithrin time to lift off and evacuate her troopers in time. After the battle had ended Ramseph landed once again at the surface and picked up the remaining troopers that were stationed at his ship. When he heard Claire Rambo, one of his most promising sergeants, though also troublesome was missing Ramseph had to admit he felt relieved. As he was always in conclave with her. When she later on saved and returned to the Ered Mithrin Ramseph welcome her back to the ship, as he soon realised she was loved by the troopers.

Ambassador Ramuno

Ramuno was born around 70 BQF, at the Rambo Capital. When he grew older he joined the militairy as a soldier and soon rose to the rank of Sergeant. He fought during the Algernon where he witnessed the hardness of war and fought for his nation. After the war he went to militairy academy. After graduating from a special education he became a militairy advisor to his superiors, which eventually led to his promotion as Goverment Official around 25 BQF. Staying normally at Rambo Command he enjoyed his position for years, until he grew bored of his work as the Nation was involved in many wars, in which he was not to take place anymore.

However in 04 AQF, a new position came free for Ramuno, and he accepted it. He became the ambassador for the Unified Nation of Ottzello (UNO). He now works to improve the galactic relations between the UNO and Rambo and one day hopes to accomplish a joined operation with fleets and militairy, but he knows that will be difficult. None the less he likes staying at the UNO and ejoys there way of living.

Ramuno is friendly and eager to learn more about UNO, and he will do everything to protect his nation and to improve the intergalactic relations with the UNO. He is quite happy with himself, and proud of himself too which sometimes makes him look a bit arrogant.

He is also the Governor of Javan, for more information see: Javan.

Ambassador Ram'Ain

Ambassador Ram'Ain is an elderly Serindia Ambassador and the second known ruler of Rambo Prime. Born over 178 years ago he saw many wars and conflicts but managed to keep Rambo Prime out or harm way, especialley due to the Wormhole Platau nearby, it was surprising how he managed to keep the colonie running and expanding over time, becoming one of the most important colonies for Rambo Nation.

Treaty of Rambo Prime

Due to his directions, Rambo Prime became a well known colonie in Quadrant 82 and made sure the colonie had an economic growth.

Though never encountered any problems around the end of 03 AQF he had difficulties with the Director of the Cooperation, and the two became at dispute due to the taxes they raised. Yet with the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Ram'Ain grew worried. When Ram'Ain refused to obey the Empire when Rambo Nation became a protectrate he began to fear for an invasion as Rambo Prime controlled the Wormhole Plataeu. When in 01 NE Grand Mandator Garlboz himself arrived Ram'Ain was swayed and stopped his resistance to Imperial rule, which effectively gave Garlboz supreme power of Rambo Nation. During this meeting the so called Treaty of Rambo Prime was sign, together by various other officials.

He is a friendly and noble Serindia, who lives for Rambo Nation and his people of Rambo Prime.

Ambassador Ram'Varis

Ambassador Ram'Varis is the rich and well famailair leader of the Rambo Nation colony known as Ramsoria. The Inner Colonie of Ramsaria is very wealthy and many rich citizens live there. Ram'Varis is a middle aged Serindia, over 134 years old he is now ruling the colonie for quite sometime.

During the coming conflicts like the Second Galactic War and the recent Blockade by the ULE, Ram'Varis can be said to hate the Tralor. He even dislikes the Freedom Force and once even raised his voice to capture them all.

He is known for being a snob and rudness to outsiders. Ram'Varis is not a bad leader, just rude.


Master Sergeant Sephis

Master Sergeant Sephis is a militairy officer in charge of the elite 425th regiment of Rambo Nation Troopers. He is known among the troopers of Rambo Nation as ruthless, clever and creepy when he faces a certain defeat or things do not go along his wishes. He is also known to have a weakness for woman and dressed himself in green/black armor.

As a member of the unidentified humanoids, he joined Rambo Nation shortly before the Treaty of Fornaeria and soon joined the militairy where he reached his current position after various promotions. When the Great Cyrannus War began he took command of the 425th regiment, where his troopers soon learned to stay in line and adress him with sir and stand straight. Though strict and arrogant, he managed to gain a reputation of a leader with a minimum of casualties on troopers side.

His first battle was during the Battle of Fornaeria, where he drove away the Confederacy with aid of his troopers. When later on Karzamahri Nui came under attack, he was furious at Rambo Command as he wasn't allowed to join the battle. Later on in the war his troopers aided in liberating Rametru Nui and battled the Confederacy at the bridges of the city. Afterwards he was send to New Ramhall to guard the planet from harm, and heard of the sucess sergeant Claire Rambo had at Karzamahri Nui and Nosiso, and became interessted in her.

Sephis is killed

When she arrived he ordered her and a few of her troopers to patrol the swamp. When the Battle of New Ramhall began, and the Angelic broke through the blockade he ordered Claire to investiage. When her forces were ambushed and defeated, they evacuated to Ramhall City, much to the dismay of Sephis as he claimed they now had a clear line towards the city. Later on Empire troopers managed to assault Ramhall City and defeat Sephis his troopers sationed at New Ramhall. Ordering his troopers to defend the city at all cost Sephis himself ran away, searching for a way off the planet. Sephis already had his story ready, a differant version of what really happened. Unfortunate for Sephis new Galactic Empire troopers captured him and shot him, executing him at orders of Mortikran. His body was dumped into the nearby river, and sank to the buttom.

Veldiaviëa V'irkli Du'lko

Veldiaviëa is the sister of Morglûkia V'irkli Du'lko and is the criminal misstress of the desert Outer Colonie of Ramaakota. She showed up around the same time as her brother and others of her species, around 6 BQF. The reasons for her arrival and wish to join Rambo Nation remain classified, and she doesn't wish to talk about it. Though she is also ruthless, she shows more compassion then her brother, much at his dismay. Also she likes to smoke and likes to drink wine and various other alcoholic consumptions.

Giving Zevracence a new job!

Settling herself at first together with her brother at Anummiae, she soon disliked the Senatorial Moon and upon the destruction of Ramaakota during the Second Galactic War, she saw an oppertunity and with the approval of her brother, Morglûkia she set up her own criminal network on Ramaakota, often keeping herself busy with smuggling and earning a nice profit. She owns the local pub there from which she rules her (expanding) criminal imperium.

She continued to serve under Morglûkia- doing his bidding and slowly building up her own small imperium, gaining a lot of profit from her share in the company that sells Ramaakota Flavor and Swin Ribrack. In the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF, Veldiaviëa gave a new mission to Zevracence and Uruviel a new mission- at behest of Morglûkia who was annoyed by the theft of a Hutter warbird without his permission. The two agreed and Veldiaviëa gave them a free round in her local saloon.

Senator Yunur'Tugal

  • Senator of: Yunilliage Sector.
  • Influance: Low.

A Yunilinage Senator Yunur'Tugal is also an older Senator and quite familair with the political ways of Rambo Nation. She was also a Senator of the Remnant and ocntinued that position upon there return to the Quadrant Galaxies.

Yunur'Tugal is a friendly Yunilinage, and feels most at home near places where water is. She is very kind, although sometimes troubled by her life as slave. She has a beautiful voice and she can dance really good. She is nice and polite in the Senate, and managed to get a law through, any form of slavery is forbidden in Rambo Nation. Later on, when Ramashe ordered to attack Yadumarth she complied with it and as such, her vote made it possible to declare war on the Confederacy.

Rambo Senate proclaims the Shipyards of Rowar as their own again

When the war eventually broke out in 04 AQF she wasn't seen much in public and often stayed in her office. When in 05 AQF in the sixth month the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an emergency session was held to inform the entire senate. Yunu'Tugual remains silent during the session. Now willing to give her opinion on the event.

When the Nation signed the Concordat, the Nation was turned into a protectrate of the Empire. Yunur'Tugal didn't really mind and continued her daily duties. When in 02 NE her vote was needed to start the production of Rambo vessels again she voted no in first instance. She feared the Grand Mandator would punish her as he forbid the construction of Rambo vessels. Though she was convinced by the other senators when they all voted in favor of producing vessels again and as such she also voted in favor. Walking along the halls of the Senatorial Executive Palace, in conversation with Aviaratyal they were faced by the senators who overhanded a Royal parchment to Aviaratyal. Not willing to be involved in the following discussion Yunur'Tugal left for her office.

In the fourth month of 06 AQF/03 NE, Yunur'Tugal was present when proconsul Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic made a pledge for an alliance of old between the Rambo and the New Republic. She remained most of the time ignorant, as the New Cyrannian Republic space was far away from her colonial region- thoug did gave her vote in favor of considering the Rambo-URC "sister-state" alliance to be still in tact. She died in march 08 AQF after the events of the Fury of Galvarus.

Rambo Nation Troopers[]

The Rambo Nation troopers are the main soldiers of Rambo Nation. Cloned from one individual, they are identical in genetics, though in personality and traits they are quite diverse. Though not all are allowed to change their uniform to a personal style (depends on which Sergeant commands them).

Trooper Commanders[]


Mortar, Clone Trooper.png

Mortar started his carreer as a Rambo Trooper Grenadier, though was later promoted to Clone Trooper Commander, which is equal to an army Corporal. He trained his battalion of troopers for quite some time in all kind of weather areas and as such was assigned to the 27th regiment and given the Acclamator-class USS Implacable to command as well as his battalion.


Upon recieving new orders in 06 AQF/03 NE he became part of the Suiliagothrond II her task force and became the commander of Claire her ground forces. In combat he prefers to use his granade launcher and is quite ruthless and shows no mercy for the enemies of the Nation. Sadly he is often at odds with Claire her tactics who wishes to prevent the loss of life as much as possible.

In secret he was given orders that if Claire would show signs of loyalty to the Empire he was to relieve her of command by any means needed. He joined her on the Hunt for the Zevian Skull where he visited both Zevia and Carnthedain. At Carnthedain he aided the Elves in returning to their villages and building up settlement for the troopers who were to stay at Carnthedain to protect them. When Claire and the Suiliagothrond vanished after facing the sorceror of Carnthedain he informed Rambo Command of the event. After that he was informed to take command of the troopers stationed at Carnthedain and Mortar remained there, with the USS Implacable in orbit.


Shooter is a Rambo Space Marine Commander, holding the rank of Trooper Commander.

Arresting the captain of the Senator

Trained at secret facilities and thaught various tactics Shooter proved himself a capable trooper, with an excellent capability at shooting. As such he named hismelf Shooter. His abilities allowed him to reach the rank of Trooper Commander and in grattitude, Shooter was allowed to name himself Shooter. After his training was completed and the troopers became the main military forces of Rambo Nation he was assigned to various ships. He completed his training around 05 BQF.

His first mission was to free Claire Rambo onboard the Mortalitan Bastion, under command of Mortikran. Boarding the ship with his squad of marines he managed to save the girl, though lost quite some marines. Though he didn't care about them at all, they did their service. When the URC was reformed into the Empire, Shooter boarded the Venator Class Star Destroyer Senator under the disguise of an inspection, instead he boarded the ship with an entire regiment of marine troopers and managed to arrest many. Those who resisted where shot down, while Shooter himself managed to arrest the female captain of the Senator.


Troopers are clone troopers that are not commanders, often between the basic troopers and sergeants in rank.


Zabiela is a Rambo Trooper Grenadier, holding the rank of Trooper Sergeant. Trained at secret facilities and thaught various tactics Zabiela proved himself a capable troopers. His abilities allowed him to reach the rank of Trooper Sergeant and in grattitude, Zabiela was allowed to name himself Zabiela. After his training was completed and the troopers became the main military forces of Rambo Nation, Zabiela was assigned to Captain Mjärt of the Cyrandia ship Spirit of the Serindia. At first he disliked his position, as he feared he would see no action on a Cyrandia Ship.

Zabiela is convoy

This all changed when the Confederacy attacked Karzhamahri-Nui, a colony of Rambo Nation in the Mid-Colonial Sector. Mjärt, together with Captain Rambam of the USS Venture headed to the besieged colony and Zabiela was deployed on the surface. His Serindia officer was dumb and not capable in his eyes and Zabiela and forces managed to secure Laioro, a small village after heavy battles. Taking one buggy and two mobile platforms as his convoy he crossed the Karzhamahri-Nui Highway 02 heading toward Ga-Laiquendi. Arriving there they secured the empty city and managed to locate and safe Director Froramsillia of the Cooperation. The next day he drove further and arrived at Arthrastral where they saved Senator Chuinaylia in the brink of time.

Zabiela and his legion defeat Mortalitas troopers at Matakoro

However the capital city fell into Confederate hands and Zabiela and his forces were forced to withdraw to the Spirit of the Serindia. Arriving there with a Mortis Dropship the Cyrandia ship left Karzhamahri-Nui and headed towards the capital planet of Rambo Nation. Months later they arrived with the Caradhras Class Assualt Carrier Ered Mithrin at Matakoro.

Facing Garlboz together with Claire

As the space fleet at defeated the Confederate fleet above Matakoro the Ered Mithrin entered orbit and deployed the ground forces. During the efforst of Zabiela and his legion they managed to defeat the remaining Morotalitas and other Confederate troopers, liberating Matakoro from the Confederacy.

After that the troopers joined in the celebrations of Matakoro's Liberation and remained at Matakoro for a while, aiding the citizens in rebuilding and repairing the damage done by the battles. Later on during the war he was at Karzamahri Nui where he faced the Confederate Governor Gorlbaz inside a house in Ga-Laiquendi, the city they recently liberated. As his squad was killed they faced various Mortalitas soldiers and he managed to kill one of them. When he noticed Galrboz was rasing his sword and Claire was preparing herself for an acrobatic assault at Gorlbaz a huge shockwave send all flying.

Swamp battle at New Ramhall

After waking up agian he and Claire faced Garlboz but they were defeated when the Governor used his magical sword against them. Sending ancient magic against Zabiela he fell unconcious. After waking up he and Claire reported the event and Zabiela returned to the frontlines. After the battle he joined the regiment to fight during the second battle of Nosiso, though face heavy casualties on the desert planet. After that battle was also won he was mourned for the loss of Claire, his beloved sergeant and commander. As he admired her a lot, he found her loss frustrating and even wanted to search for her. Even if it went against the orders of his superiors. Luckily she later was recovered after being tormented by a Mortalitas Commander. Glad she returned, he visited her when she was recovering at the Capital, though didn't agree when she went on a secret mission to Zevia. He wanted to join her, for protection though Rambo Command didn't want it. After that mission Claire once again returned to the regiment and joined her during the battle of New Ramhall. When patrolling at the purple planet, the patrol was ambushed and was forced to retreat. When Claire her commander, Sergeant Master Sephis disagreed with the evacuation he grew to dislike the humanoid.


Dacara, a Rambo base trooper is a skilled pilot of a Mortis Dropship, the Daughter. Dacara was trained at the secret clone facilities of Rambo Nation and was thaught various tactics and other militairy stuff. After his training was complete he was selected to fly Mortis Dropships, and passed the test with decency. As such he was assigned to pilot Mortis Dropships of the Caradhras Class Ered Mithrin. The first battle he fought was during the third battle of Karzamahri Nui where he was assigned under command of pilot Claire Rambo. Together with Zabiela they soon gained Claire her favor, and didn't had to stand in posture when talking to her, compared to other militairy sergeants.

He soon proved himself to be a capable pilot and flew the Daughter to the heavy anti air cannons. After the battle at Karzamahri Nui Claire assigned Dacara to be her personal pilot, and when being dropped to the surface she will not always use the Daughter, together with Zabiela, her second in command of Claire's Regiment. Later he flew Claire and other Rambo troopers during the second battle of Nosiso. When Claire went missing he felt sad, a rare trait for troopers though when he hear she had returned, he was quite happy. Upon her return Claire allowed Dracara to modify his uniform, which made Dacara very proud.

He later joined Claire during the Battle of New Ramhall where he evacuated her, Zabiela and various troopers from an Empire ambush during a fight in the swamp.

Former Characters[]

Judge Magisters[]

The Judge Magisters were elite soldiers of Rambo Nation. Upon the death of Emperor Dino Le Rambo shorlty before the Second Galactic War, Empress Ramashe, his daughter enabled the Judge system taken into notice. Though effective and kept Rambo Nation alive, most of the Judges perished during the Second Galactic War, personalley killed by the Galactic Emperor.

Judge Magister Ramabranth

Not much has been revealed of Ramabranth, but it is known that he worked for the Secret Intelligence Service of Rambo Nation and that after the Fall of the High Council he was promoted to the position of Judge Magister and his former identity and information is now classified. As Judge Magister, Ramabranth is the investigator of the Judge Magisters and gathers intelligence of other Empires, information, tactics etc. Due to this position and duty, he is close to the Empress and frequently reports to her. But he can also be very cruel, though he has great sense of honor and pride.

He died during the Battle for the Rambo Capitol and was severly wounded by the Galactic Emperor himself. After the Second Galactic War had ended, Ramabrant resumed his duties and kept his position as Judge Magister and his secret jobs at Intelligence (this also means vanishing of people and none proven asassinations). However, he also got another job, he became the personall protector of Empress Ramashe and is always near her (even with State Visits) and he is ready to protect her with his life.

However, recent events with sudden discoveries of Ancient Shrines, dedicated to the Rambo Gods troubles his mind, as it attracts attention from many races, not all with good intentions. He often sends his employees to black markets and Space Ports, there is where he can learn the most information and rumors. He perished during the Second Galactic War when he tried to defend the Royal Palace from troopers of the Imperial Alliance. He was personally killed by the Galactic Emperor.

Ramabranth fought with 2 electro swords and had a limited ability of magic he to his disposal.

Judge Magister Ramrace

Not much is known of her former life, only that she was a mentor for Ramashe and her sister in service for the late Emperor. As Judge Magister, Ramrace is the only female Judge Magister and she is the protector of the Empress. She also teaches her the ways of ruling her Nation and introducing her how to deal with the more sensitive and classified information of Rambo Nation.

She is also very protective of the Empress and she acts as the mentor for Ramashe.

She also makes sure that the borders of Rambo Nation are monitored and fleets are ready to deploy at any moment. she vanished during the Battle for the Rambo Capitol and is persumed death. However, after the liberation of the Rambo Capitol she resurfaced and she re-entered the ranks as Judge Magister. Due to the betrayal of Command Ramauron, the Royal Guard was leaderless and Ramrace was appointed as leader of the Royal Guard and tasked with the protection of high officials of Rambo Nation, and visitors of Rambo Nation.

Ramrace her new appearance

Due to her new appointement (she also still keeps her role as mentor to Ramashe) Ramrace changed her appearance to match the Royal Guard more and is often seen at Luthrionicae, the city she is appointed to oversee. When visitors or Royalties want to use the Residential Home Ramrace shall always be present to act as guards together with Swordsman and the Royal Guard.

Lately, she is worried about something bigger which she cannot explain, the sudden discoveries of ancient Rambo Gods Shrines troubles her mind. She later vanished from public sight.

Judge Ramrace fought with one Electro Blade and was the only female Judge. She was very protective and wants to save Rambo Nation from the many wars they are currenlty involved in.

Judge Magister Ramrgan

Not much is known about the personal life of Ramrgan, but it is known that he was a General before being promoted to Judge Magister. Due to this promotion his further history is now classified information. As Judge Magister, Ramrgran is known to be the most ruthless of all and oversees the Military Department. As so, he makes the invasion plans, military tactics etc. With him in this position, the Rambo Military began working closely with the Space Fleet.

He often disagrees with Judge Ramrace plans, finding them to soft or not having enough battle in them. He sees Empress Ramashe as a fitting person on the throne, and believes that thanks to her, the Rambo will rise again to new heights and that she will make sure, that threw the Judge Magisters, the enemies of Rambo Nation will be crushed.

He died during the Battle for the Rambo Capitol and was slain by the Galactic Emperor himself. He was the most feared Judge Magister of all and he fought with one electro blade and one normal blade.

Former High Councillors[]

Former High Coucnillors will be listed below, most are or were influantial and rich people, who were loyal to the late Emperor Dino Le Rambo and whom were considered to be his close round of loyalists. Though the former High Council was loved by the people, some claimed they had a monopoly and did not wish to change the ways of Rambo Nation, keeping themselves to the old constitution and would often make decisions which would beneit themselves.

The entire Old High Council was killed during the attack by the Imperial Alliance along with Emperor Dino Le Rambo. After the death of the entire higher echolon of Rambo Nation, the High Council was replaced by the Judge Magisters, and the Judge Magisters were later replaced again by a smaller High Council, consisting out of three differant people, close and powerful individuals who are advising the Royal Family and the rulers of Rambo Nation. A senate was created to do the jobs the former high council always did, keeping track of internal matters and making decisions for the citizens on political level, while Rambo Command would take upon all militairy functions and roles with the Marscalcus as the highest officer and spokeperson to the Empress, belonging to the High Council.

High Councillor Econo

He was the ruler of the economic center of Rambo Nation, and oversaw buisness and other financial dealings. Econo was respected by the nation, although he is considered by many to be slightly odd.

He is a healthy Rambo citizen and oversees great financial transaction. He also supervises the Nation's budget, carefully keeping it within it's means, although some people of Rambo Nation and the Noble Alliance see him as greedy.

He was given this posistion only 10 years ago, and he already knew more than his precessor and during his command of the economic center, the funding and profit grow more and more and Rambo Nation became the wealthiest Nation in the System.

When the Rambo High Council Building was attacked by the Imperial Alliance, Econo tried to escape the destruction and was unable too. In the halls he met an invading sqaud of Lizardian and he was caugh in between the crossfire and died.

Admiral Ramgorio

He is the Admiral of the Rambo Nation and a member of the Rambo Council. Ramogorio is the commander of the Rambo Space Fleet and creates battleplans with General Rambo II, his good friend. Although considered a brilliant admiral nobody within the Space Fleet understands why he had send the older ship classes to the Outer Colonies. Nor why he sent the Rambo Captain Ramborwski there to command them. It is suspected that the two have a history together which caused the Captain's transfer out. He can be ruthless and doesn't shy away from sacrificing ships to achieve his goals.

He commanded the Rambo Space Fleet for a very long time and directly under him stood high Captain Ramgaarbath. He survived the many wars Rambo Nation was involved in and oversaw the new ships being launched and named. But he never entered the battle field, which made him a little bit unpopulair among some of the Captains.

When the Imperial Alliance attacked the Rambo Capitol, the Admiral was killed during the attack.

Ecchlisarchy Religia

She was a female member of the Great council of Rambo Nation and is highly respected. Religia represents the religious part of the Rambo Nation, friendly but fanatical, she is loved by her people.

She dedicates her life to the 3 Gods of Rambo Nation and sees to it that the people also follow her beliefs. She also oversees the entertaining and art departments of Rambo Nation.

During her reign as Councillor, she witnessed the fate of the Rambo in there Gods and believe that the Ultimate God, Dinoman82 will surely rise again when the Rambo put enough faith in them. She disliked the General and Admiral and all other warfare, as she believed peace and diplomacy were the only ways to achieve peace. The General and Admiral sighted on this, and found her unrealistic.

She also acted as advisor for the late Emperor and during the attack of the Imperial Alliance she was killed.

Former Notable Citizens of Rambo Nation[]

Underneath this section you will find information about former notable citizens of Rambo Nation, whether they are minor or have played a larger role in the history or Rambo Nation.

Senator Muunithrond

  • Senator of: Western Sector (icludes:Muunilar, Kloppig, Plutanios colonies)
  • Influance: Low.

Senator Muunithrond is a older Senator and quite familair with the Senate the diplomatic and political ways of Rambo Nation. First chosen as Senator of the Remnant, he later became a Senator at Ramoredoras and contuined his Senatorial rule over the species listed above. As a Senator, he likes using military might and doesn't shy away to be swayed to vote for a certain matter if the return for it is profitible for himself.

He can be arrogant and doesn't shy away from his opinion and often gives it. Though perswayed by money and profit, he can easily be bribed. When the Confederacy attacked the he wondered what a war with them would provide and how much profit Rambo Nation would earn on a conflict with the Confederacy. When Ramashe declared to attack Yadumarth he agreed with the declaration of war on the Confederacy.

Over the course of the war with the Confederacy he began to dislike Senator Chuinaylia, mainly due to her appearance and already decent amount of influance. He himself was pleased with the war efforts of Rambo Nation, as they mostly took place in the eastern sectors and the mid colonial sector, far away from his own assigned sector.

Muunithrond aids Claire shortly before his demise

In 05 AQF Muunithrond came under pressure by the Confederacy who threatened to unleash the Purity Virus in his sector. Feared he cooperated with the Confederacy and betrayed his sector and the Nation he loves so much. In the fourth month he travelled to Nosiso where his conspiracy was discovered which led to the Second Battle of Nosiso. During the battle he managed to evade captive but upon hearing that the Mortalitas commander Mortikran held Claire Rambo as a hostage, he could stand no more. Confronting the commander he managed to give claire enough time to escape, but was killed by Mortikran who bite his throat.

However shortly before his death he managed to inform Claire that his sector was breached, which meant a Confederate fleet was already stationed in his sector, preparing for an assault at light defended western sectors of Rambo Nation. As such Muunithrond went into the history books of Rambo Nation as a Senator who wanted to protect his Nation, but was forced to betray his nation by doing so.

Ambassador Ram'Tras

Ram'Tras was an elder Ambassador of the Inner Colonie of Ramgotheria, he ruled the colonie for over 85 years and he was seen as a noble and wealthy ambassador whom wanted to make his colonie more wealthier and better. He always stood ready for his people and listened to them. That was one of the reasons for his popularity. Though wanting to set his colonie on the Nation Space Chart, he did it no at the cost of his beloved people.

During the Second Galactic War the colonie came under attack by the Ruin Sector Alliance, and during the first attack he was brutally slaughtered by the Tralor Forces, valiantly defending his beloved colonie.

Uruviel's Foster Father

Uruviel her foster father. He adopted Uruviel after he found her at Ivalaë, deep into the woods. He lost his wife a long time ago to illness, living alone outside the city at a farm he taught Uruviel everything he knows about Rambo Nation and beyond. He learned her to read adn write and het also introduced her to the Chairman, to whom he was a former advisor of. Born at 62 BQF he like Uruviel and felt she was somehow blessed by the Gods, even though she was't a Chinawkya he really saw her as his daughter and raised her very protective.

Yet at 04 BQF, he met with Tukio Nutria, an old friend of his who became blinded by greed. Tukio wanted the map and mysteries of the Forgotten Dark Lord, an ancient myth of Rambo Nation. Tukio claimed Uruviel her father found the location once but he didn't gave up the information. In frustration Tukio killed Uruviel her father and later was forced away from Ivalaë when Rambo Nation attacked his blockade fleet. Uruviel later found her father his body, and she grieved over him. The Chairman later send his daughter away from Ivalaë and the Chairman burried Uruviel her father near the farm and ordered the rebuilding of his farm. In hopes of ever seeing Uruviel again?

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